1 Oct, 2019

News digest for 10/30/2019

Iran will return to nuclear deal subject to damage compensation from sanctions

“If the Americans want to restore the deal, they should not return to it themselves, but also to pay at least $50 billion in compensation” – said the Secretary of the Council of political expediency of the country (Advisory body to the Supreme leader of Iran) Mohsen Rezayi. – “According to the Americans, the boycott of imports and exports was to interrupt Iran’s trade and put Iran on a one hundred percent blockade. From the very beginning, we said that these actions will not go unanswered, ” Rezayi added.

Earlier, I Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that his country will not conduct any negotiations with the United States under pressure. The next day, he announced Tehran’s readiness to sit down at the negotiating table on a nuclear deal in the “5 + 1” format (the US, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany).

Opened in Kaluga industrial complex of the “Manufacture Bosco»

Bosco garment factory opened in Kaluga on September 29, according to TASS. When the manufactory reaches its full capacity, the company will employ 900 people in two shifts. According to the investor, the owner of Bosco di Ciliegi Mikhail Kusnirovich, the garment factory invested 2.5 billion rubles.

Tenants leave premises on shopping streets in Central Moscow

According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, the share of empty premises here exceeded 6% in the third quarter. One of the reasons was the reluctance of the owners of the premises to make concessions. With pedestrian traffic conversion and consumer activity deteriorating, rental rates on key Central streets are proving too high. Tenants are no longer willing to pay just for a downtown storefront. The trend has already spread to St. Petersburg, and in Moscow will increase, experts believe.

The pace of commissioning of new shopping centers increased six times

The pace of commissioning of new shopping centers in Russia for the first nine months of the year increased six times, reports “Kommersant”. In just the first three quarters of 2019 in Russia has introduced 14 new shopping centres with a total area of 315 thousand sq. m. compared to the same period in 2018, this figure rose six-fold.

Almost half (47,5%), this proposal fell on Moscow, where over three quarters of introduced 150 thousand sq m In the first nine months of 2018 in the capital have not opened any new shopping centre.

In the US, the trading network Forever 21 declared bankruptcy

The American chain of clothing stores and accessories Forever 21 filed documents with a request to declare it bankrupt. This is stated in a statement published on Sunday on the company’s website. According to the document, some of its stores in the United States will close.

Democrats in the US want to achieve the publication of conversations trump with Putin

Democrats in the house of representatives of the US Congress intend to seek the release of recordings of conversations of us President Donald trump with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, said on Sunday the Chairman of the intelligence Committee of the lower house Adam Schiff.

“The paramount need is to ensure US national security and to find out during conversations with other leaders, especially Putin, whether the President also undermined our security, hoping to benefit personally for his campaign,” he said on NBC

Putin signed a law on increasing excise taxes on wine from 2020

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on increasing wine excise duties from 2020. The document is published on the official portal of legal information. We are talking about amendments to the Tax code of Russia.

In October 2019 in Russia comes into force a lot of laws and innovations

From October 1, it is planned to increase the salaries of public sector employees, not affected by the may decrees, by at least 4.3%

On October 1, comes into force a government decree prohibiting the use of open fire on the balconies and loggias of apartments.

From October 1, the VAT rate for the sale of palm oil is increased-20% instead of 10%. A tax on the sale of fruits and berries, including grapes, will be reduced to 10%

From October 1, when issuing loans, the indicator of the maximum debt load of individuals will be calculated (PD-the ratio of monthly payments on the loan to the monthly income of the borrower).

On October 1, nine cassation, five appeal and two military courts will start their work. The law on the introduction of the principle of continuous cassation in the courts of General jurisdiction will also come into force, which provides for collegial consideration of complaints in court without any preliminary selection.

From October 1, banks are required to connect to the system of fast payments

Since October 1, all hostels and hotels located on the territory of residential buildings must be closed. Now it is possible to open hotels and hostels in the room only after its transfer to non-residential Fund.

On October 14, the transition to digital television is fully completed. It will be connected in 21 regions, including St. Petersburg, Leningrad and Kaluga regions. Regional TV channels and channels not included in the multiplexes will continue broadcasting in the same mode.

“Flash light Capital” filed another claim for bankruptcy Utair

The company “Flash light Capital” filed for bankruptcy Utair airlines in the amount of 307.8 thousand rubles. The application was registered in the Arbitration court of KHMAO on September 27.

Rosstat proposed to abolish all statistical reporting by 2024

The Presidium of the government Commission on digital development approved at the meeting the concept of creating a Digital analytical platform (DAC) by 2024 prepared by Rosstat. The proposal includes the complete abolition of statistical reporting forms and the consolidation of the statistical collection system.

VEB’s subsidiary Bank set an anti-record

Despite the fact that the reorganization of Svyaz-Bank de jure completed, de facto before the transaction on the balance sheet of the credit institution found another problem assets in the tens of billions of rubles, from which the Bank had to be cleared. As a result, the Bank in August increased the loss by 7.8 billion rubles, according to financial statements published at the end of last week on the website of the Central Bank. This was an absolute anti-record among all disclosed banks. Loss Svyaz-Bank from the beginning of the year 18.3 billion rubles.


The Cabinet of Ministers of Russia will place 200 billion rubles on Deposit in VEB for five years


Saudi Arabia has restored oil production

Saudi Aramco has reached almost 10 million barrels per day – at this level it was on the eve of the attacks on September 14. Then two major oil refineries were attacked

Putin signed a law on increasing excise taxes on motor fuel

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on excise duties on gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel from 2020 to 2022. The relevant document is published on the official portal of legal information.

China’s PetroChina discovered a new oil field

Chinese energy giant PetroChina, a subsidiary of the national oil and gas Corporation CNPC, discovered a large oil field in the Ordos basin in the North-West of the country with reserves of more than 1 billion tons, according to a message on the company’s website.

It is expected that this year the field will produce about 640 thousand tons of oil, and in the near future the annual production will reach 3 million tons.

In addition, the company reported the discovery of a shale gas field in the Sichuan oil and gas basin. Geological reserves of 740.9 billion cubic meters of shale gas were discovered in Changning and Weiyuan counties. The company plans to produce 7.7 billion cubic meters of shale gas this year.

Saudi Arabia plans to invest $100 billion in India

The Saudi authorities plan to invest $100 billion in the Indian economy, according to the Indian edition of the Economic Times. The funds can be used for infrastructure development, for mining, as well as for use in the petrochemical industry.

The migrants raised a revolt on Lesbos

Athens sent special forces to the Greek island of Lesbos, where migrants staged a riot at the reception and identification center “Moria”, media reported. In recent weeks, the flow of migrants from the coast of Turkey has increased. The camp gathered 12.5 thousand people, although it is designed for 3 thousand.

Us intelligence simplified requirements for whistleblower complaints

U.S. intelligence has removed the requirement that whistleblowers must disclose first-hand information in their complaints. The new application form was uploaded to the head of National intelligence’s website on September 24. Thus marking on the document says that changes to the form were made in August of the current year.

Saudi Prince explained why the air defense of the country did not reflect the attack on the refinery

Saudi crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman al Saud on CBS explained why the country’s air defenses failed to repel attacks on Saudi oil facilities.

“Saudi Arabia is almost the size of a continent, it is larger than the whole of Western Europe. We have threats from all sides. It is difficult to cover all this completely, ” the Prince replied to the relevant question.

Asked what the strategic purpose of the attack was, Mohammed bin Salman al Saud said he thought it was “nonsense.”

“The only strategic goal is to prove that they are stupid, which is what they did,” he added.

Ukraine has approved a bill on the legalization of gambling

The government of Ukraine has approved a number of bills, including a document on the legalization of gambling in the country. This is stated on the website of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers. It is noted that the draft law provides that gambling will be conducted exclusively on the territory of hotels.

Lutsenko said the pressure from the lawyer trump

Former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that he repeatedly refused to open a case against former us Vice President Joe Biden and his son, despite pressure from Rudy Giuliani — Donald trump’s personal lawyer.

“I told him that I can not start an investigation only out of the interest of an American official,” – said the former attorney General in an interview with the Los Angeles Times

The second protest rally was held in Ulan-Ude

On Sunday, September 29, in Ulan-Ude Park “Jubilee” was the second agreed protest rally, under the slogan ” Against police lawlessness.” As reported by “Baikal-Daily”, the participants of the first meeting were the head of Buryatia Alexey Tsydenov and the leader of Communists of Republic Vyacheslav markhayev

Bloomberg: Russian scientists held a secret meeting about DNA editing.

Russian geneticists and health officials held a private meeting to discuss DNA editing. The event was attended by endocrinologist Maria Vorontsova, who, according to some media, is allegedly the daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russia to build laser range

According to TASS citing a source in the Russian defense industry, the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation and as yet unknown, the company signed a contract for the development and introduction of a set of laser simulators of fire, capable of spetspoligone simultaneous preparation of two brigades of the armed forces of Russia.

Russia has tested a missile previously banned by the INF

With the withdrawal from the Treaty on intermediate-range missiles of the United States, Russia began to test its own missile systems, which were previously banned by the Treaty reports the website http://avia.pro

We are talking about the onyx missile, recently tested by the Russian military in the Chukchi sea near the us borders, which, despite the fact that the missile is a means of countering enemy ships, it can successfully strike at ground targets.

Russian banks are testing a new payment method

Large banks are massively testing the technology that makes contactless transactions possible using smartphones and tablets, according to ” Izvestia”

To pay for purchases using a smartphone or tablet, you must install the application listed on the Bank’s website. Before that, you will have to send an application to the Bank and conclude an acquiring agreement with it.

When paying for the goods, the seller opens the application and enters the required amount, after which the buyer applies to the smartphone a contactless card or NFC-device that supports Apple Pay or Samsung and Google Pay.

Fraudsters used the police to Rob the Russians

Fraudsters use the database of traffic police, Federal registration service and Parking operators in order to make calls to customers of banks. It is reported by RIA Novosti, citing a source in banking circles.

Moscow city court overturned the sentence to Pavel Ustinov

However, to fully justify Ustinov, allegedly in detention dislocated shoulder resguardar, the court did not and replaced the real period of 1 year conditionally. Ustinov himself said that he was not satisfied with the court’s decision, because he had not committed any illegal actions and would appeal the verdict.

Center of Kazakh culture opened in Baku

The center of Kazakhstan culture presented the books of the first President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, as well as the works of Kazakh authors. According to IA REGNUM, at the end of December 2018 in the National library of Romania in Bucharest opened the center of Kazakh culture.

There is new information about the film Quentin Tarantino ” Star trek»

According to the portal We Got this Covered with reference to insiders, the project team “will return to the past”, the film will be “revised” the events of the previous two feature films, the original series, as well as its reboot. It is noted that the main characters face some ” familiar faces “that fans of” Star trek ” will be happy to see on the screen.

Was completed in Yaroslavl Volkov festival

XX international Volkov festival ended yesterday in Yaroslavl performance “Woe from wit” Novosibirsk city drama theater under the direction of honored artist of the Russian Federation Sergei Afanasyev, who became the winner of the government award named after Fyodor Volkov this year.

Released a new trailer for the action movie ” King’s man: the Beginning»

The Network has a second trailer for the action Comedy “King’s man: the Beginning” directed by Matthew Vaughn. The new film tells about the origin of the secret service superspies, which was discussed in the film “Kingsman: Secret service” (2015).

In Khakassia children made a film about teenage problems

The film, created by the children’s film Studio of Khakassia, will be shown to a wide audience. Today, the Republican Museum and cultural center will premiere the film “flash Drive”. This is a movie made by students of the local video Studio “Sparrow” – children 7-13 years.

Gruppa Chvrches recorded track to Death Stranding

Scottish Synthpop band Chvrches (Miracle, Never Say Die, The Mother We Share) recorded the track for Death Stranding. The song will be released on October 1. Trio Major Lazer (Lean On, Light It Up) and singer Khalid (Love Lies, Young Dumb & Broke) also recorded to play the song Trigger.

Astrakhan will host a traditional jazz festival

From 11 to 14 October, the Astrakhan Opera and ballet theatre will host the 4th international festival “Delta jazz»

As told in the regional Ministry of culture, this year on stage band, ramberto ciammarughi Trio (Italy), jazz ensemble Elijah Jamal Balbed (USA), ensemble “FM JAZZ BAND” (Azerbaijan), as well as the “big bend” of the Astrakhan Philharmonic under Yevgeny Yakushkin, instrumental ensemble Yuri Elperin and ensemble “Chameleon” under the baton of Mikhail Geyfman. Source: astrakhanfm.ru


Large-scale concert on five continents at the same time

A large-scale concert with the participation of many stars will be held on five continents simultaneously on September 26, 2020. The event will last 10 hours and will be broadcast in real time, in its framework at different venues will perform artists such as Alicia keys, Billy Ailish, Cindy loper, Eddie Vedder, Janelle Monet, Miley Cyrus, Ozzy Osbourne, Pharrell Williams, Sean Mendes, usher, Hugh Jackman, Idris Elba, Katie Holmes, Rachel Brosnahan, Trevor Noah, Coldplay, Metallica (pictured), Muse, Red hot chili peppers and many others. A detailed timetable will be made public at a later date.

The concert will be the culmination of a global campaign called “Global Goal Live: The Possible Dream” launched by Global Citizen. The project aims to end poverty, climate change and reduce inequality by 2030. The authors of the initiative calculated that the 59 poorest countries in the world will need at least $ 350 billion a year to achieve these goals, and expressed the hope that governments and philanthropists will not remain aloof from the problem.

BBC to release mini-series on wells ‘novel” War of the worlds»

TV channel ” BBC “presented the trailer of the series, filmed on the book by H. G. wells “War of the worlds”, reports Variety. The three-part show is set in Edwardian England. The main roles were played by Rafe spall, Eleanor Tomlinson, Rupert graves. In the story, the inhabitants of the Earth panic after a meteorite on the planet fly representatives of another civilization.

Huawei has released its flagship tablet

The device was introduced in the summer, the tablet was equipped with the flagship single-chip system Huawei Kirin 980, buyers were offered versions with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of flash memory, as well as 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of flash memory. The company later added 6GB versions with Wi-Fi and LTE, both coming with 128GB of memory.

At the airport “Domodedovo” earned a new slot system

A new information system “Slot-Coordination” has been launched at Domodedovo airport. It is a specialized system designed to automate the process of matching slots requested by airlines. IA REGNUM reported about it on September 30 in a press-service of the airport.

Apple will move iPad Pro and MacBook Pro to brand new screens

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo) in his new note reports that Apple plans to release several top-end devices with Mini-LED screens. To be more precise, we are talking about the flagship iPad Pro tablets and MacBook Pro laptops, which will be released in the period from the end of 2020 to mid-2021.

Found a way to hack millions of iPhones on the hardware level

One of the developers discovered bootrom-a vulnerability that can be used to hack almost any iPhone at the hardware level.

The Xbox One has a voice assistant Google Assistant

Microsoft recently announced the launch of a public beta of Google Assistant on the Xbox One. The company’s engineers will add support for the voice assistant with the help of a software update that has already begun to spread.

Leica started making cameras for Yuneec drones

Leica Camera AG and Yuneec, a small aircraft electronics manufacturer, have announced a strategic technology partnership agreement. As part of the announcement, the first joint development was presented — the ION L1 Pro camera, which will be equipped with Yuneec’s Typhoon H3 multicopter. Leica participated in the design and development of the new camera’s hardware components as well as image processing software.

Huawei in Russia started selling laptop MateBook D

Huawei MateBook D will be supplied with licensed operating system Windows 10 Home. The model has a 15.6-inch IPS-matrix with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The laptop is based on the processor Intel Core i5-8250U, RAM installed 8 GB (DDR4 2400 MHz). The younger version is estimated at 51 990 rubles, and the older can be bought for 57 990 rubles. MateBook D available in the colors “space gray” and “mystic silver”.

Fitness bracelet Honor Band 5 received a new feature

After the release of the popular fitness bracelet Honor Band 5, many users asked the developers to add useful functions to control the camera and music player. At least the latter, judging by the teaser picture published on the Network, appeared in the device.

The noise of the city defended crickets from parasites

The noise of urban transport, as well as the noise of the ocean can protect crickets Gryllus lineaticeps from their main enemies-parasitic flies Ormia ochracea, because it does not allow them to find victims by ear, found American scientists.

The experiment revealed the mystery of the emergence of life on Earth

A group of researchers from Japan conducted an experiment in which they were able to prove that the main components of life on planet Earth could originate in huge clouds of gas. These clouds, the study authors claim, are scattered between stars in space

Russian private company wants to develop a cheap spacecraft

Russian private company ” International transport space systems “(mtks), organized by immigrants from S7 Space (a subsidiary of the S7 group), plans to develop a cheap transport ship to supply cargo to the International space station

“The reusable cargo ship will be created in close cooperation with the enterprises of the state corporations Roscosmos, Rosatom and rostec,” the mtks said.

The ship was named “Argo” in honor of the ship on which the Argonauts went in search of the Golden fleece in ancient Greek mythology.

Americans have experienced water-plasma engine

Representatives of the American company Momentus said that their orbital tests showed that the technology of the water-plasma engine can be very useful and even in demand.

Published renderings of the revived ” Oka»

Designers have worked hard on the appearance of the new “Oka”, publishing render images of the model in the original X-style of the brand. The interior of the car is not shown, but it is expected that ” Oka ” can get a direct cabin with a minimum optional set consisting of air conditioning and multimedia system. At the same time, it is assumed that the novelty can get an automatic transmission.

Suzuki has developed a super-cheap crossover

Experts suggest that the S-Presso built on the platform of Heartect on which are based all the latest models from Suzuki. Presumably, under the hood of the S-Presso will be a three-cylinder gasoline unit k10b volume of 1.0 liters. The power plant has 68 HP and a torque of 90 Nm. As the transmission will be offered 5-speed manual transmission or robotic transmission. Drive only the front uncontested. The base price of S-Presso in India will be about 330 000 rupees, which at the current rate is 297 000 rubles

The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class will receive technology from the S-Class

The next generation Mercedes-Benz C-Class has been redesigned and equipped with high-performance new hybrid powerplants, as well as innovative Autonomous piloting technology, which should be its key advantages. Mercedes-Benz will provide models of the fifth generation of many developments, preparing for the new S-Class.

The motor range for the new C-Class will be represented by four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines with a choice of soft hybrid functions EQ Boost and EQ Power in combination with a starter-generator, as well as a geared electric motor

Police officers accused of disobeying orders

Against 13 employees of a separate battalion of PPP on the border Sunzhensky district of the Republic of Ingushetia opened a criminal case for the fact that they refused to obey the orders of the authorities during the dispersal of the rally in Magas.

Earlier in Ingushetia disbanded PPP battalion, which during the rally in Magas did not disperse the protesters, and tried to prevent violence. About 17 police officers were dismissed at the time.

Serious revenue growth announced the head of the Ministry of economic development Maxim Oreshkin

Real disposable income of Russians in the second half of 2019 will grow by 1% in annual terms, announced the head of the Ministry of economic development Maxim Oreshkin.

“We have now sharply reduced inflation, so this component is reduced, plus, as an effect, real wages are seriously rising»

According to him, in the plans and forecasts of the Department, the growth rate should be at least 2% per year. I.


International human rights group “Agora “has prepared a report on how the law” on disrespect for power on the Internet ” was applied — six months have passed since its entry into force.


Smartphone taught to determine the nutritional value of food from photos

Canadian developers have created an application for a smartphone capable of real-time recognition in the frame of dishes and their components and show the user nutritional value: calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Processing of a frame by a neural network takes several tens of milliseconds. To do this, the authors used the Nutritionix database, which contains more data on more than 700 thousand dishes. It is worth noting that the application calculates the parameters based on the size of the average portion.