4 Oct, 2019

News digest for 10/03/2019

Vladimir Putin’s speech at Russian energy week

About the relationship with trump:

“We have never had any intimacy, it is not now. We have a business, good, in my opinion, quite stable trust relationship, but the proximity of relations between me and President trump did not affect the domestic political squabbles in the United States <…> All these scandals within the United States arose before we met trump, what is the proximity here?”.

On the investigation of attacks on objects of Saudi Arabia:

“The us intelligence services serve the current policy of this country. But they have not yet presented any evidence. And we talked with the leadership of Saudi Arabia, I personally talked with the crown Prince. And I so understood the interlocutor as Saudi Arabia seeks to receive irrefutable proofs concerning participation of this or that country in these events. But so far no one has presented this evidence.”

On the impact of instability in the world on the energy market:

“We see how, together with the increase in the scale and interconnectedness of the world energy, its sensitivity increases. As instability in certain regions affects the global level of supply and demand. We have just discussed this with the OPEC Secretary-General. In these circumstances, it is extremely important to use all mechanisms to balance the market, taking into account the interests of all countries to find mutually acceptable solutions.”

Talks with Ukraine on gas:

“Ukraine is trying to implement the energy legislation of Europe. And if she can do it before the end of the year… we will be ready to work within the framework of European legislation and will sign a transit agreement with Ukraine in accordance with European legislation. If it fails to do so, which is quite likely – there are internal Ukrainian legislative and political procedures that Ukrainian partners still need to go through, it will not be very easy to do – then we are simply ready to extend for some time, say, for a year, the existing contract for pumping.”

On the use of political instruments in the world economy:

“The use of political instruments in the economy, especially in the world, in the energy sector , is extremely dangerous and harmful things.”
The Russian President also stressed that the pressure from the United States leads to the destruction of Euro-Atlantic solidarity and is “a mistake on the part of our American partners.”

About Greta Thunberg:

“I am sure that Greta is a kind girl and very sincere. But adults should do everything not to start teenagers and children in extreme situations.”

Deputy head of Aeroflot Vladimir Alexandrov was sent to jail for 2 months

Deputy head of” Aeroflot ” Alexandrov organized the conclusion of contracts with outside lawyers, but all work on them was performed by lawyers of the company, according to the Investigative Committee of Russia

The investigation asked to arrest the top Manager, including because he used to work in law enforcement and, using his position, can make sure that the testimony of employees of “Aeroflot” were given in his favor.

The dirtiest cities of Russia

Pilot burned in Sheremetyevo “Superjet” charged

The investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) charged the commander of the crew of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 Aeroflot Denis Evdokimov in the case of the disaster at Sheremetyevo airport, which occurred in may this year. He is charged under the article on violation of safety rules.

In June, the interstate aviation Committee (IAC) published a preliminary report on the crash. The report showed that the wreck of the liner were found damage characteristic of traces of exposure to lightning. After a lightning strike, the autopilot shut down and the aircraft systems switched to manual control. Despite communication problems and loss of automatic control, the aircraft commander assessed the situation as normal, the report said. The IAC report did not contain direct indications of pilot error as the causes of the accident

A homeless immigrant from Russia performed Opera roles in the Los Angeles metro.

Police filmed her performance on Instagram and launched a fundraiser for housing for the woman. She was put up in a hotel for a while and had already found a job. The woman was also invited to speak at the opening of the Italian festival.

Reporters Los Angeles channel NBC found homeless. The woman said that her name is Emily Zamourka( Emily Zamourka), now she is 52 years old. She grew up in Russia, moved to the US at 24. She has no vocal education, and she learned to sing, imitating the performers from the TV. Local residents told the ABC that before Samorka played the cello and performed in front of shopping centers. She was soon robbed of a ten-thousand-dollar instrument. The woman fell ill, lost the ability to pay for housing and was forced to live on the streets.

In Sberbank said about the leakage of customer data

The newspaper “Kommersant” writes that the network got information about 60 million credit cards, including 18 million-acting. In the list of merged data-name, card and phone numbers, information about financial transactions.

Boris Johnson offered his terms on Brexit

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his proposals on the terms of the country’s exit from the European Union, which is to be held on October 31. They relate in particular to the border between Northern Ireland, part of the UK, and the rest of Ireland, part of the EU

According to Johnson’s proposals, the rules governing goods in Northern Ireland will remain the same as in the rest of Ireland, and thus throughout the European Union, at least until 2025. At the same time, along with the rest of the UK, it will leave the European customs Union

The candidate in US presidents Bernie Sanders was admitted to the hospital

Senator from Vermont and a contender for the nomination for President of the United States Bernie Sanders hospitalized because of a blockage of the artery. It is reported by The New York Times, citing a statement by the assistant politician Jeff weaver. He was found to have a blockage in one of the arteries and underwent a procedure to install two stents

“Senator Sanders is talking and in a good mood. He will rest for the next few days. We are cancelling his speeches until further notice, ” the policy aide said.

Microsoft introduced a folding tablet with two screens.

Microsoft Corporation at the presentation in new York introduced the Surface Neo tablet with two screens. The size of each screen is nine inches, and when folded, it looks like a large metal Moleskine notebook, the Verge notes. Neo runs on Windows 10X, a dedicated operating system for devices of the future. It will be sold only at the end of 2020



Instead of washing irradiated with light

According to the staff of the University of Melbourne (Australia), in a few years it will be possible instead of washing clothes to hang out in the sun and in half an hour to remove it already clean.

A group of chemists has developed special nanostructures of silver and copper, which cover textiles. When irradiated with light (not necessarily solar), this nanopowder emits free electrons, which in a few minutes decompose any contamination. Self-cleaning fabrics are tested on stains from various paints, inks, wine and sauces.

In the cafe at the Technical University of the Dutch city of Eindhoven drinks on the tables carries drone. It was created by a group of University students. The development cost 2000 euros.

Alexander Novak announced additional income

Additional revenues of the Russian budget from the OPEC + agreement on limiting oil production will amount to about 2 trillion rubles in 2019, Minister Alexander Novak announced.

“In July 2019, it was decided to extend the agreement on limiting oil production in the OPEC+ format until April 1, 2020. As a result, for the current year, additional budget revenues will amount to about 2 trillion rubles”

The Minister added that the restriction of production is not permanent and will be used only in situations where it is “necessary for Russia or, at least, does not contradict its interests in the world market.”

The US announced new duties on European goods

They will be 10% for aircraft from the EU and 25% for agricultural and industrial products
It’s a big win for the US, isn’t it? Under past presidents, this was not the case. Since I became President, we have many victories in the WTO. Seven billion dollars is not bad. – Donald Trump

Inter RAO has announced the resumption of electricity supplies to Ukraine.

On October 2, Ukrenergo reported on the resumption of commercial electricity supplies from Russia. This happened after the Verkhovna Rada allowed to import electricity from Russia and Belarus under bilateral agreements.

“We confirm the resumption of deliveries, they are conducted in a pilot mode and only on an advance payment»

Kiev imported electricity because of the shortage of its own, but in 2015 refused to do so, because it filled the deficit. The source indicates that Ukraine is now experiencing problems with coal for thermal power plants.

The state Duma proposed to create a new preferential category

The Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee on education and science Boris Chernyshov called for the creation of a new preferential category — “victims of perestroika”. The MP sent a letter with the initiative to the head of the Ministry of labor Maxim Topilin

Malysheva urged to further increase the retirement age for women

According to the presenter, women live longer thanks to vaccines and antibiotics, and these years are worth spending on work. TV presenter Elena Malysheva believes that women in Russia live long and work little. The culprit is antibiotics and vaccines – they increase life expectancy.

Deceived shareholders in Ufa wrote a letter to the Pope

Shareholders of the residential complex “Lemonary” in Ufa sent an official letter to the Vatican to Pope Francis. The appeal was sent in Russian and English. The text was published by shareholders in “Vkontakte”.

Mansion on the land allocated for the sanatorium

The son of the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, Sergei, in may 2019 bought 5 hectares of land in the village of Sunny on the Gulf of Finland. It is reported by Baza. According to the publication, the area and the building built on it, cost Sergei Matvienko at a price below market.

Baza writes that the village of Sunny is considered ” Barvikha in St. Petersburg.” The publication gives an extract from the Federal register, from which it follows that a two-storey hotel and health complex was built on the territory.

The first trailer for” birds of Prey ” with Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

The YouTube channel WBRussia presented the first trailer for the film “birds of Prey: the Amazing story of Harley Quinn.” And fragments with the participation of Harley Quinn in the video chickens do not bite-angles for every taste, while the rest of the superwoman squad” birds of Prey ” there go see

Siemens to build 250 MW power plant in Tatarstan

Siemens and Kazanorgsintez will build a 250 MW combined cycle power plant in Tatarstan. The object will be introduced in 2023. The total value of the contracts is 290 million euros, including two service contracts.

The Finance Ministry has proposed a change in the approach to taxation of Google and Facebook

The Ministry of Finance in search of new sources of replenishment of the Treasury began to work out options for tightening the tax burden on global digital service providers. The Agency wants to change the approaches to taxation so that digital corporations like Google, Facebook and Apple share revenues from the Russian audience with the Russian budget, and do not pay income tax only at the place of registration of the head office. This provision appeared in the new draft “Main directions of budget, tax and customs tariff policy for 2020 and the planning period of 2021 and 2022”, published this week.


North Korea confirmed that it successfully conducted a test launch of a new type of missile from a submarine


The Prosecutor’s office of Buryatia revealed mass violations in preparation for winter

An official of the company was brought to administrative responsibility. For violation of term of the beginning of a heating season in the Muysky area two cases of an administrative offense concerning the resursosnabzhayushchy organizations of settlements Taksimo and Severomuisk are brought

For 8 months the number of tourists in Turkey increased by 15%

The tourist flow from Russia is the leader in the total number of arrivals in January-August 2019, more than 4.8 million tourists (4 million 831 thousand 341) rested in Turkish resorts, which is 15.4% more than in the same period of 2018, the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) reported.

In Crimea since the beginning of the year rested 6.6 million tourists

Most tourists (45,2%) rested on the southern coast of Crimea, resorts in the West of the Peninsula visited 26,8% of guests in the East – 16,3%. Vacation in other places of the Crimea-in Simferopol and Bakhchisaray district spent 11.7% of tourists. Last year 6.8 million people rested in Crimea.

Russia will issue a record amount of loans

The Ministry of Finance dramatically increases the program of issuing interstate loans. In the next three years, Russia will lend more than 1 trillion rubles ( $15.5 billion) to foreign governments and organizations, according to materials to the draft budget for 2020-2022, which Izvestia analyzed. This is more than in the previous 5 years. The Agency did not disclose the list of major recipients of loans, but according to experts, they will include Turkey, India and Iran.

The Finance Ministry is going to introduce three new taxes for Russians

The Russian Finance Ministry plans to include three new levies in the Tax code. We are talking about recycling and resort fees, as well as deductions of public service operators

Russian Railways laid in the investment program the construction of a bridge to Sakhalin

Russian Railways laid the possibility of building the “Selikhin-Nysh railway line with the transition of the Nevelsky Strait”, namely the bridge to Sakhalin, in the draft of its investment program for 2020-2022. This follows from the explanatory note to the document, a copy of which was read by RBC.

A new trailer and poster for “King’s Man: the Beginning” have been published»

The network posted a new trailer and poster of the upcoming action Comedy ” King’s Man: the Beginning.” The video was posted on September 30 on the YouTube channel 20th Century Fox. The action of the third picture of the franchise will unfold during the First world war

The Russians took out of the largest banks almost $1 billion

In August 2019, the volume of foreign currency deposits and accounts in the five largest banks in Russia decreased by $905 million, according to Forbes, citing data from the Agency Frank RG. The largest outflow came from PJSC “Sberbank of Russia” – $416 million

Scientists have come up with an alternative to dental implants

A few years ago, Chinese researchers at the Institute of Biomedicine and health in Guangzhou isolated induced pluripotent stem cells that can transform into any type of tissue, mixed them with biomaterials and injected them into the body of experimental mice. As a result, rodents appeared structures similar to teeth.

Later, scientists from the United States came up with a method that does not require the allocation of pluripotent stem cells, and the body eventually grows a new tooth. A 3D-printed frame made of polymers and hydroxyapatite is installed at the site of the installation.

Great Wall has introduced a frame Haval H9 for extreme off-road

The Great Wall company began sales of the updated flagship SUV Haval H9 in August of this year, and now the manufacturer has presented a version of the novelty for extreme off-road. Frame SUV significantly modified.

Scientists have figured out how to make a person immune to radiation

Employees of the University of California in San Diego said that they were able to clarify the mechanism of the protein found in the slow-moving. It is assumed that this protein will protect DNA from radiation.

Chinese Fund can buy ” Intourist»

The largest deal in recent years could happen in the Russian tourism market: the Chinese investment Fund Fosun is considering the purchase of Intourist, three sources familiar with the situation told Izvestia. Earlier, the Fund planned to acquire a stake in the parent organization — the international travel group Thomas Cook, the bankruptcy of which became known last week. After its collapse, Fosun switched to individual assets of the holding, in particular to Intourist, Izvestia’s interlocutors explained. For the Chinese Fund, buying a tour operator could be the key to a sharp increase in inbound tourism to Russia.

In St. Petersburg will show the Chinese play ” Tea»

Russian viewers will be shown for the first time the play of Chinese Director Meng Jinghui “Tea”. It is based on the play of the Chinese outstanding writer Lao she. The show will be held in St. Petersburg

China is developing a new spacecraft to fly to the moon

A new generation spacecraft designed for manned missions to the moon and deep space is being developed in China. This was announced on Wednesday by the Internet portal Space.com with reference to the photos distributed by the Academy of space technologies of China.

Banksy announced the opening of its own showroom

Known anonymous artist of our time, known as Banksy, announced the opening of its own online store. He posted the corresponding post in Instagram. Shop with things decorated with famous works of the artist, located in London.

Netflix has published the trailer for the new Michael Bay movie

The writers are the authors who worked on the two parts of “Deadpool” Rhett Reese and Paul Wernicke. The film tells the story of six billionaires who faked their deaths. Once “invisible” to the world, they begin to administer justice and fight criminals.

Media reported the death of mercenaries in Libya from Russia

In Russia began to deliver the bodies of soldiers killed in Libya private military company (PMCs) Wagner, according to “Medusa”, citing sources and friends of the victims. The total number of victims of air strikes inflicted on those who fought on the side of the army supported by the Russian field Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot mercenaries planes opposing him in the national consensus Government, according to sources, could reach a few dozen.

“A total of [Sverdlovsk] region [killed] 15 people, and from all over the country, we were told, 35, “- told” Medusa ” a friend of several victims from Yekaterinburg.

The FBI has launched a Facebook advertising in Russian for “the recruitment of spies»

Russian Facebook messages were posted by the FBI with an offer to help American intelligence agencies. According to CNN, a total of three such ads were published. The text part of these messages in English offered to share important information with the FBI.

Us senators demand sanctions for persecution of the opposition in Russia

A group of us senators from two parties led by lawmakers Marco Rubio and Ben Kardin called on Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to impose sanctions against Russian officials responsible, in their opinion, for human rights violations in Russia.

“We appeal to you to take action in response to the ongoing actions of the Russian government against dissidents and opposition leaders, including the politically motivated imprisonment of many Russian citizens,” the senators said in a letter posted on Rubio’s website.

Turkey tested laser weapons of its own production

In Turkey, successfully completed tests of laser weapons ARMAL domestic production, said the Turkish Minister of industry and technology Mustafa Varank.

“The ARMOL laser weapon of domestic production developed by the tübitak BILGEM scientific and technical center has successfully passed tests. The armed forces of Turkey will receive a new laser weapon, ” Varank informed, Anadolu Agency reports.

Again, the United States launched Intercontinental ballistic missile

The US conducted another launch of Intercontinental ballistic missiles Minuteman III (“Minuteman-3”). It is capable of carrying multiple nuclear warheads

According to “Interfax” with reference to the command of the us air force, the missile was launched at night at a base in California. Its head unit without weapons hit a conditional target of the enemy in the Pacific ocean. The purpose of the tests is to verify the effectiveness and accuracy of this type of weapon.

Artist sells unusual AR poster with more than 100 characters

A crowdfunding company started on Kikstarter, which was opened by Ukrainian artist Yegor Klyuchnik, who created a poster with more than 100 characters from various comics, movies, books and video games. The image was named AD 2222.

It is worth noting that the poster got more than 175 characters and 43 items from the fan culture, in addition, the project also implemented augmented reality (AR) technology, downloading the application Zappar, poster owners can use a smartphone or tablet to see additional elements

The first trailer of guy Ritchie’s Comedy “Gentlemen»

The Network has the first trailer for guy Ritchie’s crime Comedy ” Gentlemen.” The video is published on the official YouTube channel STX Entertainment.

“Gogol center” went on tour in Seoul

Moscow theater “Gogol center” under the direction of Kirill Serebrennikov first went on tour in South Korea. The troupe will perform on October 3 and 4 in Seoul at the Arko Arts Theater, where Kirill Serebrennikov’s performance “Kafka” will be shown at the Seoul Performing Arts Festival (SPAF), the press service of the Gogol center told TASS on Wednesday.

“Russian theater rarely travels to this side of the world. For us, it is an incredible joy to play the play “Kafka” (one of our most difficult performances) in South Korea, in Seoul, ” Serebrennikov was quoted as saying in the press service.

Mariinsky ballet opens month-long us tour

The Mariinsky ballet company is starting a long tour in the United States this week. Russian artists will perform in the framework of a total of five venues in the East and West of the United States

Garmin launches Marq Commander smartwatch

Garmin has its niche in the smartwatch market for people who really care about the data the device collects — distance, altitude, pace, etc.so the company puts a lot of effort into its premium products, such as the MARQ range and its latest model called the MARQ Commander.

Linux 5.4 will get kernel lock function from modifications

Linus Torvalds has approved a security feature for the Linux kernel called “lockdown”. It will appear in version 5.4. The new feature is, in fact, a system to protect the kernel from hacking and modifications. The idea is to reduce the interaction between the kernel and processes running in the user environment.

In Google maps appeared incognito mode

When using Google maps in incognito mode, the information will not be stored in the account, it will not be analyzed in the preparation of recommendations. On Android devices, incognito mode in maps will start working in the coming weeks, later it will also appear on iOS.

Google will warn about compromised passwords

Google’s built-in chrome and Android password Manager will have a new security feature. “Password verification” will analyze logins and warn if one of them is lit up in one of the many massive leaks of user data.

Logins and passwords will correlate to hundreds of millions of records in databases of known hacks and leaks. Moreover, Google says that limited monitor in search of illuminated passwords even darkweb.

Snake-like robot will help treat stroke

American experts have created a miniature robot, which is designed to clean the vessels of the brain. Scientists noted that the device was compared to a snake, because the movement of the device is similar to the movement of reptiles. According to the researchers, the robot is designed to be implanted in the human brain, so that the medical device struggled with the consequences of stroke, and also with its severe forms

Created a “smart shirt” that measures the respiratory rate

The” smart shirt ” called Hexoskin is much more convenient than traditional breathing rate measuring equipment. It can be used to monitor lung disease and other respiratory diseases. Readings that are stored in the mobile app can be quickly sent to the doctor via the Internet. This means that if there are any problems, the specialist will be able to notice them faster and begin treatment. The development was presented at the international Congress of the European respiratory society (ERS). The news appeared on the ERS website.

A list of the safest countries in the event of a global pandemic

Australia took first place with a safety factor of 0.71. The top three also included New Zealand with 0.68 and Iceland with 0.64 points. Their remoteness and the availability of emergency measures during the disaster can help revive humanity, if necessary. Promising “bunkers” were also the Islands of Japan, Barbados, Cuba, Fiji and Jamaica, which did not exceed 0.50. Such data can be useful in the case of other global threats.

Toyota is testing a solar-powered electric car

With the support of the Japanese government, Toyota, Sharp and NEDO brought to the test hybrid Prius, equipped with ultra-thin solar panels, which were designed to supply energy to orbiting satellites.

NASA plans to send a werewolf robot to Titan

NASA experts are developing a multifunctional machine-werewolf, consisting of many small robots. The universal device is planned to be sent into space to explore Jupiter’s moon Titan. The machine was called Shapeshirter

NASA plans to study asteroids – “centaurs” between Jupiter and Neptune

It is assumed that closer to the mid-2020s NASA will send to such asteroids a special apparatus that will help to collect new information.

Facebook received a fine for the leakage of data of Turkish users

The Turkish data protection authority (KVKK) said Thursday it fined Facebook 1.6 million Turkish liras (about $ 282,000) for violating the privacy of users ‘ personal data.

It is noted that the violation occurred last year and affected more than 280 thousand users. Their personal data, including names, dates of birth, location, became available due to leakage to third parties.

Proposals for the humanization of prisons

Experts of the all-Russian civil forum (FMG) released a report entitled “Crime and punishment: what to do with Russian prisons?”(Vedomosti has it), it presents proposals for the humanization of correctional institutions in Russia. The author of the report-an employee Of the center for advanced management decisions Olga Shepeleva.

Much attention is paid in the document to the social adaptation of convicts, which in Russia, according to human rights activists, is fragmentary and covers only a small proportion of the released persons.

Russians warned of rising food prices

The Association of retail companies (ACORT) warned Russians about the rise in food prices, write “Izvestia”. By the end of this year,products will rise in price by 3-3.5 percent. Most notably, prices will rise for eggs, sugar and poultry meat, the newspaper writes.

ALROSA reduced dividends on shares for six months by 2 billion rubles

The extraordinary meeting of shareholders of ALROSA on September 30 approved dividends for the past six months in the amount of 3 rubles 84 kopecks per share, the correspondent of IA REGNUM. 28.281 billion rubles are planned to pay dividends, which is equivalent to 100% free cash flow for the period.

For the second half of 2018, ALROSA calculated dividends at 4.11 rubles per share, and in total paid 30.3 billion rubles. Thus, dividends for the 1st half of 2019 are less by 2.1 billion rubles.

Russian President Vladimir Putin predicted the collapse of the dollar

The US is “destroying the dollar with its own hands” by imposing sanctions and limiting dollar settlements, which is why even Washington’s allies lose confidence in the us currency and get rid of it. On Wednesday, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the forum “Russian energy week”, reports KONKURENT.RU Hm.

The Ministry of Finance of Russia will increase purchases of foreign currency

The Finance Ministry in October will slightly increase planned purchases of foreign currency in reserves under the budget rule. 212.7 billion rubles will be allocated for these purposes, according to the materials on the website of the Ministry. Currency purchase transactions will be conducted between October 7 and November 7, 2019.

Wealthy Italians will pay more than the poor

Italian authorities intend to differentiate the costs of citizens of the country on the so-called “health tickets”, reports Il Messaggero on Wednesday, October 2, citing a statement by health Minister Roberto Speranza

1 billion rubles for the development of hydrocarbon deposits

State enterprise “Chernomorneftegaz” is looking for a contractor for the development of hydrocarbon deposits in the Crimea. The relevant information was published on the public procurement website, Interfax reports. According to the website, the state enterprise will hold an auction with an initial (maximum) contract price of 1.082 billion rubles.

Roskomnadzor reported on the execution of the law on the insult of state symbols

Since the beginning of the law on insulting state symbols, Roskomnadzor has received 45 demands from the Prosecutor General’s office for 85 web pages. At the same time, 70% of the requirements related to materials insulting the flag and coat of arms of the Russian Federation, Roskomnadzor reported. In three cases, the case concerned insults to the anthem, in 60-the flag and emblem, 15 insults to the President of the Russian Federation and 7 offensive materials about the Constitution were also recorded. Most (79) “sinned” sites have already complied with the requirements of the law and removed illegal content. It is expected to remove the information from two resources, blocked four.

Prerequisites for lifting sanctions against Russia yet

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, commenting on the results of negotiations of the contact group on settling the situation in Ukraine and Kyiv signed the “formula Steinmeier”, said that the preconditions for lifting the sanctions against Russia yet, and in the Ukrainian settlement have to perform a lot more steps.

American Bell introduced the helicopter ” future»

The us company Bell unveiled on Tuesday the design developed by its efforts of the future strike reconnaissance helicopter of the US army (FARA), which can be controlled by unmanned means.

The US army has abolished the camouflage unmasking

The US military is now required to wear only the greenish-brown OCP (Operational Camouflage Pattern) uniform. Outdated lighter camouflage UCP (Universal Camouflage Pattern) from October 1 canceled, writes “Military review”.

Tesla plant starts operating in China

The construction of the plant cost Tesla $2 billion, it is the first plant of the company outside the United States. In China, demand for Tesla Model 3 cars increased by 98% in the first seven months of this year

Mitsubishi has created a hybrid crossover with a gas turbine engine

The car is driven by a hybrid power plant consisting of four electric motors and a compact gas turbine engine acting as a generator. Electric motors are installed in pairs on each axle to ensure optimal torque distribution between the wheels

Audi has introduced a restyled station wagon Audi RS4 Avant

The novelty received a technical update of MMI, the power remains the same. We’ve been watching Audi flaunt prototype test cars for months, but today the camouflage on the updated RS4 Avant is finally being removed. Wagon refreshed and received updated technology inside

The court did not consider the complaint against the verdict threw the urn to the police

The Moscow city court dismissed the complaint against the verdict of the participant of the unauthorized action on July 27, Yevgeny Kovalenko, who received 3.5 years in prison for throwing a garbage can in the direction of the police, the correspondent of RIA Novosti from the courtroom

Recognized victim guardian of the law explained in court that the impact of the urn and fall from the push he experienced “severe physical pain in the lower back.” Kovalenko doesn’t recognize guilty, says that wanted to help other protesters to be released from rigid detention, and an urn threw from-for disappointment.

The media learned about the resignation of three Moscow judges for violations

Several judges who worked in the Solntsevo district court of Moscow were dismissed in September. According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, it was done on the proposal of the head of the Moscow city court Olga Egorova. It is alleged that it was decided to dismiss the judges after an audit, during which gross violations in their work were revealed.

Lost their jobs, judge Anna Egorova, Andrey Kurapov and Tatiana Kislyakova, and the Chairman of the solntsevsky regional court Sergey Potapenko has been demoted.

Payments on europrotocol increased to 400 thousand rubles

Drivers across the country from October 1 will be able to receive the maximum payment on CTP-400 thousand rubles, having issued road accident on evroprotokol, without a call of employees of traffic police. Previously, such payments when making europrotocol could count only in Moscow, St. Petersburg and their regions.

Director Jordan Peele has signed an exclusive deal with Universal

Director and producer Jordan Peele has signed a five-year exclusive contract with Universal Pictures. As part of the agreement, Peel will write the script for two new films and will act as Director and producer in each of these film projects. In addition, Peel together with VIN Rosenfeld (Studio Monkeypaw) will produce pictures of other Directors.

In the network appeared the clip XXXTentacion “Royalty»

On the YouTube channel of American rapper XXXTentacion published a video for the track “Royalty”. Bob Marley’s son Ki-money Marley, British rap artist Stefflon don and Jamaican musician Vibes Cartel took part in the “Royalty” rendition.

Catwoman in the new “Batman” will play a black actress

The filmmakers are in no hurry to comment. Meanwhile, fans of “Batman” every day generate only more rumors about the upcoming picture.

Durov sent investors TON keys to the new cryptocurrency Gram

Investors blockchain TON will distribute cryptocurrency. Pavel Durov’s team has already sent them a letter describing the process of obtaining digital funds. The platform itself will be launched in the planned juices.