5 Oct, 2019

News digest for 10/04/2019

Rostelecom to buy tablets for population census for 11.5 billion rubles

Tablets and software for the all-Russian population census will be purchased for 11.5 billion rubles, information about this appeared on the public procurement portal.

Growth of the secondary market of mobile phones in Russia

The supply of mobile phones has increased in all major Russian cities compared to the third quarter of 2018. The average price of a mobile phone for secondary use in the third quarter of 2019 amounted to 12,346 rubles, an increase of 8% compared to the same period in 2018 and 6% — compared to the second quarter of 2019.

Poland called the timing of the complete abandonment of Russian gas

Poland plans to completely abandon Russian gas by the end of 2022. This was stated by the Commissioner of the government of the Republic for strategic energy infrastructure Peter Naimsky, reports PolskieRadio.

Melinda gates will spend a billion dollars to protect women’s rights

Bill gates ‘ wife Melinda will spend a billion dollars to achieve gender equality in the United States within 10 years. She said in a column for Time magazine

A painting by street artist Banksy ridiculing the United Kingdom Parliament went under the hammer on Thursday for a record £9.9 million ($12 million).

Foreign Ministry of Ukraine announced a new exchange of prisoners

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim pristayko announced a large-scale exchange of prisoners with Russia, which will be held next week. He announced the corresponding statement on Thursday evening on the air of the program “Right to power” of the Ukrainian TV channel 1+1.

Airlines require compensation for losses from the closure of Georgia

Russian airlines are trying to remind the government of the promise to compensate for the losses from the closure of air links with Georgia at the end of June, when Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov promised to compensate carriers for the losses. According to Kommersant, such a letter to the Ministry of transport was prepared by Pobeda, and in General, the industry’s lost profits due to restrictive measures exceed 1 billion rubles.the White house promises to return to the issue after the Ministry of transport will prepare a methodology for calculating the losses of airlines by mid-October. Prior to the termination of air traffic, Aeroflot, its subsidiary low-cost airline Pobeda, S7, Ural airlines, Red Wings and Smartavia operated flights to Georgia.

Italy has threatened retaliation for US duties

Italy threatened the United States with a backlash against the imposition of duties on goods from Europe. It is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the head of the Italian foreign Ministry Luigi Di Mayo.

Russians called necessary for “complete happiness” salary

To feel happy, a man needs a salary of 181 thousand rubles, and a woman-138 thousand, according to the results of the survey. At the same time, respondents under 24 years old will be satisfied with an income of 118 thousand rubles, but the older the Russians, the more money they need to be happy.

Pensioners of the Crimea raised the cost of living

The decision to raise the subsistence minimum for pensioners of the Republic was adopted at an extraordinary session of the Crimean Parliament. The subsistence minimum of pensioners on the Peninsula increased by 542 rubles and reached 8912 rubles.

Russian Railways modernize Railways of Cuba

RZD, RZD international (“daughter” of RZD) and the Union of Railways”Railways of Cuba” signed a contract on the restoration and modernization of the railway network of Cuba, the correspondent of “Interfax”. The contract price is 1.88 billion euros, it is designed for ten years.

In St. Petersburg metro station flooded with rain on the opening day

At the metro station “Danube” in St. Petersburg after the opening ceremony, which was attended by the Governor of the city Alexander Beglov, there was a leak.

“I can confirm that at the station” Danube “there was a leak, at the moment the problem is engaged in” Metrostroy”, — said the press Secretary of the St. Petersburg metro Julia chavel

According to Rosbalt, rainwater seeped through the ceiling and flooded the escalator. Sorrel told the newspaper that the station continued to operate. In “Metrostroy”, which was engaged in the construction of the station, told” Fontanka ” that they are dealing with the problem.

The average scholarship in Russia will grow by 90 rubles

The average size of the state academic scholarship in Russia in 2020 will grow by 3%, or 90 rubles. It is reported by “Interfax” with reference to the Ministry of education.

Iraqi authorities turned off the Internet in 75% of the country

Iraqi authorities have shut down the Internet in 75% of the country, including Baghdad. This was reported by the non-governmental organization NetBlocks, which monitors the blocking of the Internet in different countries. The Internet blackout in Iraq is linked to protests against unemployment and corruption. The protests began in Baghdad on October 1 and spread to other cities, in some of which protesters clashed with police.

Russia helps China to create a missile DEFENSE system

Russia is helping China to create a missile warning system (SPRn), President Vladimir Putin said at the plenary session of the Valdai club.

“I don’t know, I probably won’t open a big secret, it will become clear all the same. We are now helping our Chinese partners to create a system of early warning system – a missile attack. This is a very serious thing that will radically increase China’s defense capability. Because now only the US and Russia have such a system, ” he said.

Fines for dog owners in Russia

Dog handlers have prepared a list of punishments for dog owners. The appeal to the authorities is ready: if the list is adopted, those who throw dogs will face a fine of 15,000 rubles.

A fine of 3 000 to 5 000 rubles offer to punish dog owners who rush to passers-by. If it heard the command “Fetch!”, the fine immediately increases to 30 000 rubles. Moreover, for it can arrest for 15 days.

From 500 to 2 000 rubles will be needed for the illegal sale of animals.

Also, the authors of the initiative propose to ban private mobile circuses and contact zoos, according to REN TV.

The trailer for Clint Eastwood’s new film is out.

The film tells the real story of American Richard Jewell, who worked as a security guard at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Jewell found a backpack with a bomb in the Olympic Park and got most of the people out. At first journalists called the security guard the hero, but then the consequence suspected him of a bomb laying, and he underwent persecution in mass media. Jewell was never charged, and in 2005 another man confessed to preparing the bombing.



MGM Resorts to pay compensation to victims of the shooting in Las Vegas

According to the MGM Resorts website, the owner of the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas will pay up to $ 800 million in claims from the families of those killed and injured in the shooting, which was opened from the hotel window on October 1, 2017. Then 58 people were killed and more than 500 were injured. It was the most mass murder in modern U.S. history.

Hong Kong authorities banned the wearing of masks at protests

Authorities in the Chinese city of Hong Kong have banned the wearing of masks during the protests, said October 4, the head of the local administration Carrie Lam.

“We cannot allow the escalation of violence, and we are looking for ways to prevent it,” South China Morning quoted her as saying.

Johnson received an invitation to the Victory parade in Moscow

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was invited to the parade in Moscow on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Victory, the decision will be made later, said British Ambassador to Russia Laurie Bristow.

Naturally, the achievements of the wartime allies are very important to the United Kingdom, the sacrifices made by this generation are very important to us. – Laurie Bristow, British diploma


A resident of Tatarstan sent a statement to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin and Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika demanding to open a criminal case on radio and TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov for extremism


India stole the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi

The incident occurred on the day of Gandhi’s 150th birthday celebration on 2 October. Vandals wrote at the entrance to the memorial complex “traitor to the nation.” The urn was kept in a memorial complex in Madhya Pradesh.

In Yakutia have found a unique diamond-doll

“ALROSA” found in Yakutia a unique diamond-matryoshka-inside the stone, another one moves freely. According to experts, this is the first such diamond in the history of world diamond mining.

The age of the stone can be more than 800 million years. Despite its complex structure, it weighs only 0.62 carats (0.124 grams) and measures 4.8×4.9×2.8 millimeters. The scientists concluded that the inner diamond first appeared, and the outer diamond was formed during the subsequent stages of crystal growth.

In the Kuban attempted raider seizure of the plant “Kuban delicacies”.

Eight armed invaders broke into the territory of the plant in the Slavyansk district of the region, shot the guards and tried to take control of the enterprise, the source said. The victims were hospitalized. The invaders tried to take the people at the plant hostage, but later released them and barricaded themselves inside the plant. The police arrived at the scene.

Police detained seven people. TASS reported in the district Department of the interior Ministry. After the incident, three people were eventually hospitalized, they received minor injuries.

Youth unemployment.

The European Parliament has made a picture that clearly demonstrates how difficult it is for young people in Europe to find work. Blue color shows prosperous countries (Germany and neighbors, Finland). The redder the color, the worse the situation (Spain, Greece).

Do we need parks and gardens?

Deputy of the city Duma of Yekaterinburg Alexander Kolesnikov, at a meeting of the budget Commission was outraged by the huge spending of budget money on landscaping

“I am categorically against spending money on parks and squares. Because it is a hotbed of drug addiction and crime! Ask for police statistics to make sure. And we know about these criminal cases from the press. In the same square on Drama constantly people zapinyvayut scum. In the square near the railway Office – thank God it was knocked out – there was a huge number of murders, rapes and robberies. In the Green Grove murders and all sorts of exhibitionists,” – said Kolesnikov.

Moscow will be patrolled by drones

As telegram channel “Baza” found out, at the end of September, Moscow officials announced a tender for video monitoring of Moscow with the help of drones.

Russian journalist detained in Iran

Iranian authorities detained Russian journalist Yulia Yuzik in Tehran, accusing her of working for Israeli intelligence. This was reported to the correspondent of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” by the press attache of the Russian Embassy in Iran Andrei Ganenko. According to him, now representatives of the Russian diplomatic mission establish circumstances of detention of the citizen of the Russian Federation.

Raiffeisenbank will close a quarter of branches in Russia

Raiffeisenbank plans to close about a quarter of its branches in Russia, Chairman of the Board Sergey Monin told Vedomosti. According to him, the organization will abandon 44 of the 174 branches.

Apple will not release its cryptocurrency

Apple will not issue its own cryptocurrency, because it is the prerogative of the state, says CEO Tim cook. In his opinion, there are duties that should be performed by elected representatives, not private companies, writes Les Echos

“The Europlan” has placed exchange bonds for 5 billion rubles

“Europlan” placed exchange bonds for 5 billion rubles at face value, the organization said. The Issuer sold 5 million bonds of the BO-03 series with a nominal value of 1000 rubles each under an open subscription. The term of circulation of securities-10 years, exposed 3-year offer.


The Moscow city court has left without change a sentence to Vladislav Tits. For a tweet about the children of the security forces, he will spend 5 years in prison.


In China, began laying tracks for trains that will accelerate to 1000 km / h

Using the force of magnetic levitation will allow trains to accelerate to 600-1000 km / h, reports asiatimes.com. magnetic levitation Tracks will reduce the trip length of 2.2 thousand kilometers to two hours. Experimental routes will be laid in the Central province of China in early 2020.

Peskov on the award Chemezov: such a decree was not published

This was stated by the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. “No such decree has been published,” he stressed, adding that this is all he can say on the issue.

No such decree has been published – that’s the only thing I can tell you. – Dmitry Peskov,

Bear gets out of the den and rushes to the aid of Africa

Mining company Lobaye Invest, which is associated with Eugene Prigozhin, sponsored the video for the inhabitants of the Central African Republic.

In the three-minute cartoon called “lion and bear” hyenas attack peaceful animals that are engaged in farming and trying to take away the harvest. A lion comes to help the animals, but there are too many hyenas, and he is forced to call for help from a Russian bear.

Bear gets out of the den and rushes to help in Africa, after his appearance hyenas flee in fear. At the end of the cartoon Russian bear reconciles animals, and hyenas begin to engage in agriculture. The last frames of the video mention Lobaye Invest, which assisted in the creation of the cartoon.



Montenegro: obtaining citizenship through investment

The government has started accepting applications for the citizenship by investment program. Thus, the country joined the club of States with “gold” passports.

In accordance with the rules of the program, citizenship will be granted to persons who have invested at least €450 thousand in projects in the coastal or Metropolitan region of the country or €365 thousand in projects located in the Central part of the country or in the North. In addition, there are additional payments. They include a mandatory contribution to the Fund created under the program (€100 thousand) and a fee for obtaining citizenship (€15 thousand for himself, €10 thousand for three family members and €50 thousand for each additional family member).

The number of participants is limited to 2 thousand people. A prerequisite for obtaining a passport is the successful passage of the security check: the current Montenegrin authorities seek membership in the EU and NATO.

The decline in middle class incomes in Russia dragged on for five years

The middle class of modern Russia has 38.2% of the population, but its internal composition is heterogeneous and absolutely all the characteristics of the middle class correspond to only 7% of the population. The real incomes of the middle class have been declining since 2014 — half of them (50.6%) have had their real purchasing power reduced over the past five years, according to her report to the Higher school of Economics at the Russian-French conference “Dynamics of the middle classes: between expansion and uncertainty.”

The Kremlin commented on the data on the fall of middle class incomes

The Kremlin is attentive to various kinds of research, the relevant departments and ministries will take them into account in their work, said October 4, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

Krasnoyarsk city hall will issue another loan for 2.5 billion rubles

Municipal contracts will be signed with PJSC ” Sberbank “in the amount of 1.5 billion rubles and a rate of 7.3 – 8.45% per annum, with PJSC” ROSBANK ” in the amount of 500 million rubles and a rate of 8.35% per annum, the press service of the city administration. The third creditor is PJSC Bank “left-Bank”. The funds raised will be used to replace existing loans and credit lines of the city budget with a higher interest rate: 8.67% – 8.22% per annum

“Gazprom” called the consequences of a sharp reduction in CO2 emissions

Reduce to zero carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere is impossible, it will lead to the collapse of the world economy and the emergence of hundreds of millions of unemployed, said Deputy Chairman of the Board of “Gazprom” Elena Burmistrova.

For the transfer of all export contracts “Rosneft” on the Euro

The main currency in all Rosneft’s export contracts — for the supply of oil, petroleum products, liquefied gas (LPG), etc. — was the Euro, Reuters reported, citing information from traders. According to the Agency, the transition to the Euro occurred in September

Russia is able to train oil and gas industry specialists for Lebanon

Russian universities are able to prepare oil and gas specialists for Lebanon in connection with the development of new fields in the territorial waters of the Republic, said RIA Novosti the head of the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo in Lebanon Vadim Zaichikov.

South Sudan invites China to produce oil

South Sudan and China intend to strengthen cooperation in the oil sector in order to increase production in the oil industry in Africa, reported October 3, Xinhua news Agency.

“We intend to be friends with Chinese companies so that they produce oil, and oil is beneficial to all of us,” Deputy oil Minister Mayen WOL said, speaking on South Sudan state radio SSBC

The Ministry of energy admits unprofitability of deposits on the Arctic shelf

Development of fields on the Arctic shelf, located in the sea of Okhotsk, Yamal and the Kara sea can be profitable even at the current oil price, Deputy energy Minister Pavel Sorokin told reporters on the sidelines of the Russian energy week.

Zelensky reacted to the rallies because of the ” Steinmeier formula»

The Ukrainian leader expressed his opinion on this issue in an address to the nation, a record of which was published on YouTube. Zelensky stressed that he respects the right of Ukrainians to protest

“I hear you, and believe me, I will never surrender Ukraine,” he said.

The Ukrainian leader also urged citizens not to succumb to the manipulations and provocations of some politicians, who, he said, want to use the protests to “return to robbery, not to become victims of political persecution and avoid criminal responsibility.”

Japan wants to take peace Treaty negotiations to a new level

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that the Japanese government intends to bring negotiations with Russia on a peace Treaty to a new level in order to resolve the territorial issue.

“Having resolved the territorial problem, we will conclude a peace Treaty,” TASS quoted him as saying

Russian-speaking schools of Ukraine in 2020 will be translated into Ukrainian

From September 2020, all Russian-language schools in Ukraine will move to teaching in the Ukrainian language, said the Minister of education and science of Ukraine Anna Novosad, said October 3, TV channel “Direct”.

On the nuclear icebreaker “Arktika” has launched nuclear reactors

The launch of the reactor plant took place on the nuclear icebreaker “Arctic”, which is considered the most powerful in the world. This was reported in the state Corporation “Rosatom”, RIA Novosti reported. At the moment, the reactors are brought to the minimum power level, which is sufficient to control the reaction.

The US and Turkey announced progress in security in Syria

Pentagon chief mark Esper and Turkish defense Minister Hulusi Akar held a telephone conversation during which they discussed the situation in Syria. In August, Ankara and Washington agreed to create a security zone in Northern Syria, a month later they conducted its first joint patrol.

The death toll from Smoking electronic cigarettes in the United States rose to 18

Already 18 deaths from diseases caused by Smoking vapes, confirmed in the United States, the press service of the Center for disease control and prevention under the U.S. government. According to the latest data of the center, 18 people died in 15 American States as a result of Smoking electronic cigarettes

The delegation of the DPRK flew to talks with the United States

The delegation will spend more than four hours on the flight from Beijing to Stockholm. Representatives of the United States are also preparing to fly to the talks. It will be headed by us special representative for North Korea Stephen Bigan.

Trump proposed to create a new media for foreign broadcasting because of CNN

Us President Donald trump criticized CNN and other American media for providing information about the States and proposed to create a new media for foreign broadcasting. In his opinion, “Radio Liberty” and “Voice of America” can not cope, follows from the transcript of trump, published on the website of the White house.

The requirement to remove tinting from cars must be made in writing

Traffic police officers may require removal of tinting from the car at the place of detention of the vehicle only through a written document, according to the responses of the traffic police and the Prosecutor General’s office to the request of the Chairman of the Duma Committee on labor and social policy Yaroslav Nilov.

“According to the head of the traffic police Mikhail Chernikov, the relevant requirements in relation to drivers should be in writing and contain a reasonable period (at least a day), during which such a requirement is subject to implementation”, – quotes the response of the Department TASS with reference to the press service of the Deputy.

The Russian Museum opened an exhibition of works by Ilya Repin

In the Case of Benois Russian Museum opened an exhibition of more than 250 works by Ilya Repin. The exhibition is held in conjunction with the Tretyakov gallery, which provided the Russian Museum several dozen works by Ilya Repin. It is dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the artist’s birth

NVIDIA has launched a game streaming service GeForce Now in Russia

Russia was the first country in which NVIDIA launched its gaming service GeForce Now. The cloud service will be available only by subscription, you will not be able to rent games. 1 month subscription will cost users 999 rubles.

Instagram launched a messenger for ” close friends»

Instagram has officially launched worldwide a separate messaging app Threads. It is possible to communicate only with the list of”close friends”. The app also allows you to create group chats and statuses.

Xiaomi introduced an external battery with a full outlet

Xiaomi has announced its new multifunctional development in the field of chargers. Thus, the company has created a power supply, charger and socket in one gadget at the same time.

The novelty is equipped with a USB Type-C port with a power of 18 watts, two USB-A ports, as well as a standard outlet that connects electrical appliances of different types. It is noted that in the absence of outlets xiaomi novelty can operate in power Bank mode, because it has a built-in battery capacity of 5000 mAh.

Microsoft announced paid support for Windows 7

Windows 7 ESU will be available for companies of any size — you just need to pay Microsoft in a timely manner to continue to use computers based on Windows 7 and not worry about security breaches in devices. The start of sales of the service is scheduled for December 1, 2019.

In WhatsApp found a way to read other people’s correspondence

The vulnerability was found in the mechanism of creating previews in the gallery for images and GIF files of the messenger. Potential hacking affected devices running the Android operating system versions 8.1 and 9.0

Which smartphone apps collect your data the most

The bell has studied the first hundred smartphone apps from the Russian Google Play Store to find out which apps collect the most user data

Most of the recipients for data transmission in the application “Read for free”, it transmits 31 stream of information. Next comes the job search app hh.ru with 30 streams, in third place — “Backgammon”, they transmit 23 streams. Also in the top ten there are applications “Yandex”, ” Yandex.Trains”, “first channel”, ” Auto.ru”, ” ivi “and”Rutube”.