8 Oct, 2019

News digest for 10/07/2019

The US refused to support the Turkish operation in Syria

The Pentagon will not participate in the military operation, which Ankara intends to carry out in Northern Syria, this is stated in the release of the White house, published after a telephone conversation between US and Turkish presidents Donald trump and Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Donald Tump accused of treason speaker of the house of representatives

President Donald Trump has accused the speaker of the United States house of representatives Nancy Pelosi and Chairman of the house of representatives intelligence Committee Adam Schiff of treason and called for their impeachment. It is reported by RIA “Novosti”.

A non-aggression Pact with Arab States of the Persian Gulf

Israeli Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz confirmed the information that Jerusalem has taken the initiative to sign a non-aggression Pact with the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf.

“Recently, with the support of the United States, I have been promoting a political initiative to sign a non-aggression Treaty with the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf. The historic move will put an end to the conflict and promote civil cooperation until peace agreements are signed»

The Israeli media reported yesterday that Jerusalem was working on the signing of such an agreement. According to them, it refers to the promotion of common interests in the context of the threat posed by Iran. In addition, it spelled out the possibility of cooperation in the fight against terrorism and the promotion of economic interests.

Six elephants died trying to save a drowning baby elephant

The incident occurred in the Hao Yai national Park in southern Thailand. Employees heard the roar of elephants and rushed to find out what happened. In a local stream they found a drowned elephant and two adult animals who were trying to pull his body out of the water and looked pretty tired. Going down to the bottom of the waterfall, people found the bodies of five drowned elephants. Survivors a few hours later managed to rescue with the help of ropes.

Source: Bangkok Post

In the village of Talda of the Altai Republic fired the only coach in Sambo. The reason was that the man at his own expense drove the children to the competition on a personal car. The initiative with the dismissal was supported by the head of the region Oleg Khorokhordin

Extremists in some regions will receive less

Russian citizens who are included in the” list of terrorists and extremists”, will not receive a fixed 10 thousand rubles per month from the salary received, and the amount corresponding to the regional subsistence minimum. Such changes were made by the Federal service for financial monitoring (Rosfinmonitoring).

Russian billionaire explained why he threw into the crowd 20 thousand dollars

Russian billionaire Igor Rybakov made a money rain at the Synergy Global forum in St. Petersburg on Friday, and later explained his act. As the billionaire said, as a child he received a gift of one dollar, his father advised him to multiply and share with others, now this wish has come true.

For an hour of his speech Rybakov earned 200 thousand dollars, and 20 thousand, dropped from the ceiling, he called “cashback” for the audience.

Russia has problems with the supply of military equipment

Argentina, as the largest potential buyer, postponed the purchase of Russian MiG-29 fighters in connection with the upcoming presidential elections. Presidential elections in Argentina are scheduled for October 27.

“They have elections ahead of them, so it is premature to talk about promotion today. So far, they’ve expressed interest. They have stalled and cannot move forward because they understand that today’s agreements may not be implemented further. Well, it is quite logical”-told RIA Novosti Deputy Director of the Russian Federal service for military-technical cooperation Anatoly Punchuk.

Argentina planned to purchase more than 15 Russian MiG-29. At the same time, Russia received a corresponding commercial offer from Buenos Aires.

Airlines are asking for money from the budget

The Association of air transport operators appealed to the Russian government with a request for budgetary funds to prevent a sharp rise in the price of air tickets.

Sources report that one of the proposals concerns the allocation of 8-9 billion rubles from the budget within the damper-a new compensation mechanism in case of sharp jumps in the cost of kerosene. Airlines offer to reduce the damper bar from 48.3 thousand to 40 thousand rubles per ton. The Ministry of transport supported the idea.

Another proposal concerns a one-time allocation of 23 billion rubles.Carriers explain that for the six months of 2019, the operating losses of airlines amounted to 51.9 billion rubles. against about 50 billion rubles. for the whole of last year. The most expensive article, which is about a third of the cost of the ticket, they call jet fuel. According to statistics from the air transport operators Association, the increase in kerosene prices over the past year exceeded 30%. 23 billion rubles will partially compensate for last year’s losses.

The telescope returned a mirror 1979 release

The large azimuth telescope (BTA) of the Special astrophysical Observatory (Sao) of the Russian Academy of Sciences is again observing the stars. In 2018, the Observatory replaced the main element of the telescope-a mirror with a diameter of 6 m for 250 million rubles, but it was unsuitable for full operation. The telescope returned a mirror 1979 release

The market of luxury housing in St. Petersburg has decreased three times

For the third quarter of 2019 in St. Petersburg did not put into operation any object of elite housing. These are the data of the analytical company Knight Frank St Petersburg, according to Stroygazeta.

In just three years, the share of apartments in the segment decreased by 2.3 times. The average area of luxury apartments is 125 square meters.

In Krasnoyarsk will block the center because of the procession

October 9, Wednesday in Krasnoyarsk will block several Central streets. This time the movement will be limited for the procession in honor of the feast of the Apostle John The Evangelist.

Residents of Tomsk village live without electricity for several days

The villagers Ketiga verkhneketsky district of the Tomsk region, the fifth day of living without electricity. The reason is the failure of the diesel generator. As specified by the editors of the site tvtomsk.ru the head of the Kataiga rural settlement Ivan Nosonov, there is no light in Kataiga since October 3.

Tourist flow is growing in Tuva

The results in the tourism sector since the beginning of this year were summed up. It turned out that from January to August, the total tourist flow was more than 89.5 thousand people. This is 23% more than was recorded for the same period in 2018.

Natural population growth will begin in Russia

Natural population growth will begin in Russia not earlier than 2024, reports TASS with reference to the forecast of socio-economic development of the country for 2020-2022, prepared by the Ministry of economic development. The forecast itself has been submitted by the government to The state Duma.

Russia will adopt a regulatory framework for the development of private pensions

The creation and adoption of a regulatory framework for the development of non-state pensions in Russia is planned to be completed within a year. This work in the plan for 2019-2020 years on Wednesday at a meeting of the working group of the state Duma on legislative support of the pension system are going to make deputies.

About payment of taxes at transfer from the card to the card

As the head of Sberbank German Gref noted, currently the Tax code or other laws do not establish the obligation of the Bank to automatically collect taxes when transferring from card to card.

“We are not aware of the state’s intentions to make changes to the regulation of personal payments, and no changes in the Bank’s policy in this area are planned,” Gref said.

Thus, Sberbank, like any other Bank, currently can not write off taxes when transferring from card to card. He has no such rights. However, this does not mean that the Bank can not write off taxes at the behest of the tax service. Below we will lay out all the rules of paying taxes when transferring from card to card, and in the table we will give answers to popular questions of our readers.

The Finance Ministry predicted the growth of real incomes of Russians

According to ToDay News Ufa with reference to the TV channel “360”, the Ministry of Finance reports that at the end of 2019, the real growth of accrued wages will be about 1.5%.

The Finance Ministry predicts a drop in income of Russians

Real incomes of Russians will continue to fall in 2019, in particular, due to the need to pay interest on loans, despite the growth of wages, according to the materials of the Ministry of Finance to the draft budget for the period 2020-2022, which the government submitted to the state Duma.

Pensioner in Moscow did not sell bread because of the dime coins

The pensioner was not sold bread in one of the supermarkets of the capital. The incident occurred in a shop on Broad street. According to eyewitnesses, the cashier did not sell the bread because the man wanted to pay in dime coins.

China grows pigs the size of polar bears

A pig that weighs as much as a polar bear lives on a farm deep in the southern region of China. It is reported by Bloomberg. The 500kg animal is part of a herd whose owner deliberately breeds large pigs. The trend is not limited to small farms. Major meat producers in China say they are trying to increase the average weight of their pigs.

It is noted that when slaughtering some pigs will be able to sell for $1400, which is three times higher than the monthly income in Guangxi province, where the farm is located.

In Russia, the maximum Deposit rate decreased

The maximum interest rate on ruble deposits of ten banks, which attract the largest volume of deposits of individuals, in the third decade of September decreased by 0.13 p. p. compared to the previous decade — to 6.62%, follows from the message of the Bank of Russia.

Pay for unused power grid capacity

The Ministry of energy submitted to the government a draft resolution on the introduction of a fee for the reserve of power grid capacity. Now, according to the Ministry of energy, the power system does not use up to 65% of the capacity of networks more than 100 GW. Consumers estimate their additional expenses in the most pessimistic variant of 342 billion rubles per year. They are asked to provide a transition period to give up excess capacity. But the disputes over the document are even wider: critical disagreements from the FAS, the Ministry of economy and the Ministry of construction have not been removed.

In August, Russian banks issued 7% more consumer loans

Russian banks issued consumer loans in August by 7% more than in the same period in 2018, TASS reported, citing the credit Bureau “Equifax”. So, in August of this year, 1.5 million loans were issued against 1.4 million in August 2018.

Medvedev launched the drilling of wells in the oil field in Cuba

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has launched the drilling of the first horizontal well in the Cuban oil field “Boca de Haruko”, which is jointly operated by Russian” Zarubezhneft ” and Cuban Cupet.

China’s CNPC refused to develop a gas project in Iran

The head of the Iranian Ministry of energy Bizhan Zanganeh announced the refusal of the Chinese oil and gas company CNPC to participate in the development of the gas project “South Pars 11”.

The US air force created the office for the development of the sixth generation fighter

The command of the US air force initiated the creation of the office for the development of the sixth generation fighter. This is with reference to its own source in the Pentagon reported by journalists of the information portal Defense News.

In the United States started the festival of Aeronautics.

More than 500 aeronauts from different countries came to steam over the mountain scenery. At the festival you could see the balls in the form of Smurfs, turtles, penguins, domes in the box and stripes. The festival will last until October 13.

AP reported on attempts from the United States to change the leadership of ” Naftogaz»

A group of American entrepreneurs associated with US President Donald trump and his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, tried to influence the appointment of members of the Board of the Ukrainian oil company “Naftogaz”, reports the Associated Press, citing sources. Similar attempts, according to the Agency, were made last spring.

In the United States has developed a plan for “containment” of Russia in the Black sea

American government think tank RAND Corporation published a report on the strategy of” containment ” of Russia in the black sea region

According to experts of the center, in order to counteract the “growing Russian influence” in the region, it is necessary to deploy air defense systems and coastal missile systems in Romania and Bulgaria. Other measures include expanding NATO exercises and helping to develop the defence capabilities of Ukraine and Georgia.

The second batch of Russian weapons delivered to the CAR

The Central African Republic (CAR) received from Russia machine guns, Kalashnikov rifles and Mosin model 1944, said the TV channel “Russia-1”. As previously stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, two batches of Russian weapons have been delivered for the needs of the CAR army free of charge.

“Now we have received 14 aircraft. This is the second shipment of equipment. We are grateful for the cooperation,” the representative of the CAR authorities told Russian journalists.

American ICBM “Trident II” 10 times more reliable ” Mace»

The Chinese edition of Sohu compared the Trident II ICBMs, which are carried by the Ohio submarines, with the Russian Mace, the carrier of which is the Borey submarine project.

Trident II has the advantage, because this ICBM is capable of carrying at least 8 nuclear units weighing 2.7 tons, and its range can guarantee 11,000 kilometers, while the “Mace” is equipped with 8 units and has a maximum range of 8000 kilometers.

Sohu stressed that the “Mace” tests were carried out 19 times – and only 11 of them were successful.

Irkutsk customs opened a case on the fact of timber smuggling

Irkutsk customs opened a criminal case on the fact of timber smuggling to Afghanistan. It is reported by TASS with reference to the press service of the Department.
The Network has a trailer for the fourth season of ” Rick and Morty»

Date of release of the first series is not yet known. American channel Cartoon Network presented the trailer for the fourth season of the animated series “Rick and Morty”. The two-minute video was posted on the YouTube channel Adult Swim the day before

Disney will make a new film based on the animated series ” Inspector Gadget»

The world-famous Disney Studio will shoot a new feature film based on the animated series “Inspector Gadget”, American media reported. According to journalists, the producers will be Jonathan eyrich and Dan Lin, who were responsible for the acclaimed remake of “Aladdin”.

The Seoul Philharmonic orchestra will make a tour of Russia

According to sources, the first performance of the orchestra will take place on October 4 at the St. Petersburg Academic Philharmonic named after D. D. Shostakovich. Subsequent performances will take place in the Sverdlovsk state Philharmonic of Yekaterinburg (7.10) and the Moscow concert hall “Zaryadye” (8.10).

It is known that Marcus Stenz will act as a conductor. Also announced in the program are lead pianist Im Dong Hyuk and lead singer Kim UN-Sik.

Festival “on the Islands of miracles” opened on Sakhalin

For 10 days, the islanders will evaluate performances from 27 puppet theaters in the world. The program includes performances of Russia, Argentina, France, Turkey, Spain, Georgia, Iran, Romania, Moldova and Belarus

World Congress on information technologies opens in Armenia

The world Congress on information technologies (WCIT) opened on Sunday in the Armenian capital with a concert at which the anthem of the organization created by artificial intelligence was performed. It is reported by the correspondent of TASS from the scene.

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera to appear in new bond film

As reported in his Twitter British brand, in the 25th picture of bond will star supercar DBS Superleggera. Earlier in Aston Martin officially confirmed that in the film “No time to die”, which will be released in 2020, there will be a classic DB5, V8 Vantage coupe and hypercar Valhalla.

“Beeline” reported a data leak of 9 million customers in the network

Turns out the leak happened two years ago. Then, we identified all the perpetrators and punished. The company said that most of the data is outdated information.

ZTE received a patent for a smartphone with a touch-sensitive rotating unit

On the website of the world intellectual property organization appeared the first information about the smartphone with a rotating module. According to the idea of ZTE developers, there is a rotating module in the upper part of the case. One side of this device contains sensors, camera and speaker, the second-an auxiliary display. The functionality is obvious: in the normal state, the entire front panel is occupied by the display, on the reverse side there is a camera, speaker and sensors

For a total ban on facial recognition technology

Muscovite Alyona Popova in Savelovsky court challenged the legality of the use of facial recognition technology in the city’s video surveillance system. She believes that the processing of biometrics without the written consent of citizens violates their right to privacy, as well as the law on personal data, roskomsvoboda lawyer Sarkis Darbinyan told Vedomosti. He represents the interests of Popova in court.

The Russian authorities have actually extended the system of constant direct control of telephone conversations to all Internet communications, sarxis Darbinyan reminded the newspaper. According to him, if video surveillance is added to this control, the government will get total control over society. Roskomsvoboda began collecting signatures for a complete legislative or judicial ban on facial recognition technology.

The Kremlin responded to the lawsuit Muscovites because of the facial recognition system

Facial recognition technology is now widely used in the vast majority of countries… This is a system that has proven itself in terms of ensuring security, catching criminals, preventing terrorist acts and so on. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

China will build 1586 km of Railways in just a year

Beijing plans to build 127 key specialized railway lines by 2020, the national development and reform Commission of China reported. These special lines with a total length of 1,586 km are expected to reduce the number of short Shuttle trips, improve transport efficiency, and bring a number of economic and social benefits.


In the Saratov region banned the construction of houses above ten floors

In the Saratov region came into force new town-planning rules prohibiting the construction of buildings above ten floors. The restriction applies to residential, social, social, religious and industrial facilities.

50 000 rubles for the absence of tachograph

If there is no tachograph in the car, the fine from November 1 will be 50 000 rubles. These are the requirements of the new Federal law. The list of cars in which the tachograph is necessary, is published in the order of the Ministry of transport.

Tachograph — a control device, installed on Board of vehicles. It is intended for registration of speed, mode of work, rest of drivers and crew members (source — Wikipedia).

The Central Bank noted the low demand for housing

The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) said low demand for housing among Russians. Despite the high demand for better housing conditions, the population is constrained from buying real estate by the low level of mortgage availability, declining incomes and the difficult demographic situation.

The Russian government has set quotas for the employment of migrants

The government has determined the allowable share of foreign workers in certain sectors of the economy for 2020, the corresponding resolution was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. In some areas, the authorities have retained the norms established for 2019.

Migrants will not be able to engage in retail trade in non-stationary shopping facilities, pharmacies, markets, as well as other trade outside shops, tents and markets

Russia intends to capture the world coal market

The plans of the Russian authorities include the capture of a quarter of the world coal market. Russia plans to increase coal production tremendously by 2035. Izvestia writes about this, referring to the strategic energy project until 2035.

Renaissance is getting rid of its shopping malls

Renaissance Development leaves the Russian market of retail real estate and sells the Aura trading centers in Yaroslavl and Surgut to the developer MallTech. The deal will allow the Turkish company to focus on the implementation of business centers and apartments: in particular, Renaissance Development is building a 79-storey skyscraper in Moscow city.

China increases gold reserves

Since the beginning of the year, the Central Bank of China has purchased 3.08 million ounces of gold (95.79 tons). September was the tenth consecutive month of replenishment. The Bank resumed official purchases of metal for reserves in December last year after more than a two-year hiatus

Sberbank’s net profit reached 665.4 billion rubles

Profit before income tax compared to 9 months of 2018 increased by 10.8% to 834.0 billion rubles. Net interest income amounted to 929.2 billion rubles. (-1%). Fee and Commission income growth accelerated to 13.7%. Transactional business is the main driver of growth

Novak promised to continue to develop oil and gas fields of Crimea

The current decline in production will not prevent Russia from continuing to develop oil and gas fields in the Crimea in the long term. The head of the Ministry of energy Alexander Novak told students and young professionals at the Russian energy week, reports TASS.

Prague terminates partnership agreement with Beijing

The city Council of Prague, the highest body of municipal self-government, on Monday decided to terminate the partnership agreement with Beijing because of the reluctance of the authorities of the Chinese capital to exclude from it the provision on the policy of “one China”. This was reported by the press service of the mayor’s office of the Czech capital.

Russia offered the United States to exchange guarantees of non-intervention

At the forum “dialogue Fort Ross” Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov recalled that Moscow offers Washington to exchange guarantees of non-interference in the internal Affairs of each other, but from the American side “positive reaction” to the Russian proposal was not followed, RIA “Novosti”. Antonov also reiterated the proposal to create a bilateral group on cybersecurity.

Kiev postponed the withdrawal of forces and means in the Donbass

Agreed and scheduled for October 7, the withdrawal of forces and means in the Gold and Petrovsky in the Donbass was postponed by the authorities of Ukraine. As the Minister of foreign Affairs of the country Vadim Pristayko declared, the shelling of two these settlements which occurred a few days ago became the reason of it.

The taxi driver refused to carry Poroshenko from meeting on the Maidan

In social networks and the Ukrainian mass media there was a video from the center of Kiev where after meeting on Independence square the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko wanted to take a taxi, however the driver refused to provide such service ex-to the head of state.

Putin said he was not interested in the situation Zelensky

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was not interested in the situation in which his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky found himself. He said this in response to a question from American journalist NBC News Kier Simmons.

“I don’t know, I’m not interested. What to say about it. You should ask him about it, ” Putin said.

The new stealth ship became part of the us Navy

The United States Navy included a new coastal stealth warship LCS 20 USS Cincinnati (“Cincinnati”). The ceremony was held at Mississippi Golf Port.

According to the US Navy, the ship will carry out patrol duty, protect the fleet from attacks by small surface ships and submarines of the enemy, conduct mine action and reconnaissance, as well as participate in special operations. The ship is equipped with a 30 mm anti-aircraft artillery system and a launcher for 11 Evolved SeaRAM missiles. Also on Board are two MH-60R/S “Seahawk” helicopters and drones

Teenagers burned, and police were filming and laughing

In Irkutsk, two teenagers (16 and 17 years old) were burned in a police car, and security forces instead of helping young people filmed, writes Taiga.info.

Families of young people appealed to the children’s Ombudsman for the Irkutsk region Svetlana Semenova. At the end of September, applications were submitted to the investigative Committee and the Department of internal security of the interior Ministry. The incident occurred on September 18, but the victims have not yet been called for questioning.

Despite dissatisfaction with the “Superjet»

Russian “Aeroflot” continues to complain about the usual “Superjet” – a high percentage of breakdowns, poor quality and other domestic aircraft. However, despite this suffering, in the near future the airline is going to take another 100 of the same aircraft. Sukhoi Superjet 100-the main project of the Russian aircraft industry

To stop the underfunding of science required scientists in Tomsk

Scientists of the Tomsk scientific center of SB RAS demanded to improve the financing of science on October 7 at a picket in Tomsk, the correspondent of IA Krasnaya Vesna reports.

“The purpose of our picket was to draw the attention of the government to the problems of financing science. According to the Russian Academy of Sciences, at the moment it is at least 3 times underfunded,” — said the Chairman of the trade Union organization of the Tomsk scientific center Georgy Ivlev.

The Ministry of natural resources called the culprits of smog in Omsk calm and summer residents

The Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Omsk region made a comment about the smog and the smell of burning, covering the territory of not only the whole of Omsk, but also its surroundings:

Since October 6 in the city there were adverse weather conditions. Fgbi “Ob-Irtysh UGMS” from 22:00 announced the NMU regime for enterprises of the South-Eastern industrial site. The lack of wind resulted in the accumulation of harmful impurity in a ground layer, including products of combustion of crop residues in horticultural associations located within and near the city.

Banks are illegally searching for customers

In the three quarters of 2019, the Central Bank fined credit institutions 47 times for illegal credit history requests they make in order to offer their services. This is stated in the information on the website of the regulator, which was analyzed by Izvestia. Most of the violations recorded in the “Discovery” and ” URALSIB»

Sberbank has created a company to sell cars

Sberbank through LLC” Digital assets “became the sole owner of the company” Beber.Auto”, follows from the data of SPARK. The company with a minimum authorized capital of 10 thousand rubles. was registered on October 2 in Moscow. Its founder is the structure “Digital assets”, which is controlled by the state Bank.

The main activity of “Sberbank.Auto ” – development of computer software. However, the firm can work in communications, it, data processing, and support activities in financial services. A spokesman for Sberbank declined to comment.

The national debt of the Novosibirsk region increased by 5 billion rubles

The national debt of the Novosibirsk region increased by 5 billion rubles, according to the website of the Ministry of Finance of the region. The structure of the region’s debt consists of bonds issued in the amount of 16.75 billion rubles and budget loans – their volume is 23.35 billion rubles.

The Moscow city court upheld the verdict Danilo Fugitive

Earlier, on September 3, the Tverskoy court of Moscow sentenced the Fugitive to two years in a penal colony. The court found that the Fugitive grabbed the hand of a policeman Nikitin than caused harm to his health. The fugitive at the stage of the investigation admitted his guilt, his case was considered in a special order without examination of evidence

Conditional term for withdrawal abroad 1.13 billion rubles

In St. Petersburg, the Smolninsky court gave a suspended sentence to the General Director of the company “Prostor” Alexander Bulatov, who is in the case of the withdrawal abroad of 1.13 billion rubles on forged documents. He was sentenced to five years probation with a probation period of four years, said the joint press service of the city courts.

Former orphan got time for stealing chocolates

The industrial district court of Samara sentenced to two years and seven months in a penal colony former pupil of the orphanage Igor Shamin for stealing chocolates for 1.6 thousand rubles, said Thursday RIA Novosti Shamin defender, head of the NGO “House of childhood” Anton Rubin

Alexander Ovechkin congratulated the President of Russia on his birthday

“I wish all of us that you remain at the helm as long as possible, inspiring new achievements, achievements and development. So that you remain in history as a person who changed the course of events for the better. I wish prosperity to you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, and the country,” Ovechkin said.