8 Oct, 2020

News digest for 10/07/2020

Leaders of several opposition parties in Kyrgyzstan created the people’s coordination Council — the second in a row. This is reported by 24.kg with reference to the leader of the Chon kazat party, Maksat Mamytkanov.

International payment systems stopped working in Kyrgyzstan

The national Bank of Kyrgyzstan has suspended the operation of national and international payment systems that allow cross-border payments. The Bank said that the SWIFT system was suspended to prevent capital outflow from Kyrgyzstan. This was done “in order to ensure the security of the financial and banking sector” and “until the political situation in the country stabilizes”.

Navalny called on Europe to impose sanctions against Putin’s entourage

Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny has called on Europe to impose sanctions on oligarchs and President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle, rather than the entire country. According to Mr. Navalny, it is ineffective to introduce restrictive measures against the entire state.

Kiev expressed its readiness to join the sanctions over Navalny

Ukraine will be ready to join possible sanctions against Russia due to the situation with the founder of the anti-corruption Fund (FBK) Alexey Navalny. This was stated by President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky at a press conference during the Ukraine-EU summit in Brussels, TASS reports.

According to the head of state, Kiev needs to get acquainted with the final conclusions of the German side, after which the country will be ready to impose sanctions against Moscow. The Ukrainian leader added that so far “I haven’t seen the details of this case.”

Results of the third quarter in the market of new buildings in the mass segment of Moscow

Metrium analysts summed up the results of the third quarter in the Moscow market of mass-market new buildings. The supply volume decreased by 10.1%. The average price per square meter increased 4.5% in the quarter and 8.7% since the beginning of the year, amounting to 190,035 rubles


The Belarusian foreign Ministry said that it may not accredit a foreign media outlet in the country where restrictions were applied against Belarusian media


2020 Nobel laureates create genetic scissors

Emmanuel Charpentier (51) is a Professor from France. She discovered a previously unknown molecule – part of the ancient immune system of bacteria that neutralizes viruses by removing part of their DNA. Charpentier published her research on this topic in 2011.

After the publication of the work, the Professor began working together with an experienced American biochemist Jennifer Dudna (56 years old). Together, they were able to recreate the “genetic scissors” observed in bacteria, which allow them to cut “wrong” genes from DNA and reprogram them for more efficient use.

This technology has the potential to increase the resilience of agricultural crops to drought and pests and has opened up opportunities for innovative cancer treatments. This method of genetic editing can also help fight previously incurable inherited diseases.

Charpentier now works at the max Planck Institute in Germany, and Dudna at The University of Berkeley in the United States.

What are genetic scissors?

for which the Nobel prize in chemistry was awarded? Explains the Director Of the Institute of functional genomics of Moscow state University Peter Sergiev:

The CRISPR/Cas9 mechanism, discovered by the laureates, is a tool for science. Now it is much easier than before to study the functional role of different genes in living organisms.

all the mechanisms of functioning of organisms are embedded in genes. But the functions of many of them are still unclear – and now it is much easier to fill in these “white spots”

Now you can do this on model animals. The tool created by the winners makes it much easier to create genetically modified mice. They simulate the process of a particular disease, and then test drugs and vaccines.


The Russian foreign Ministry commented on the conclusions of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons that Alexey Navalny was poisoned with a substance of the Novichok group. The Agency predictably accused the OPCW of bias and links with the military-political structures of the Euro-Atlantic community


The Pussy Riot group held a rally on Vladimir Putin’s birthday

Activists hung rainbow flags on the FSB building on Lubyanka, the presidential administration on Staraya Ploshchad, the Supreme court, the Ministry of culture and the police Department in the Basmanny district. They demand, in particular, to investigate the murders and kidnappings of gay, lesbian, transgender and queer people in Chechnya, legalize same-sex partnerships and stop the persecution of same-sex families and the removal of their children

Svetlana Tikhonovskaya was put on the wanted list in Russia.

According to the telegram channel BAZA, its data is easily broken through by a regular search on the website of the Ministry of internal Affairs. At home, in Belarus, Svetlana is charged under article 361″Calls to actions aimed at harming national security”. Tikhonovskaya herself has been hiding from the persecution of the Belarusian authorities in Europe for several months. Yesterday she met with Angela Merkel in Berlin

New species of microbes discovered in Antarctic lake

In ice samples from the subglacial Antarctic lake Vostok, biologists have discovered a fourth type of bacteria that has lived in isolation for several million years. This was told by head of the laboratory of cryostability Petersburg nuclear physics Institute Sergey Bulat.

Playing with dolls develops empathy and social skills in children

Researchers from Cardiff University have found that playing with dolls activates brain regions that allow children to develop empathy and social information processing skills, even when they are playing alone. This study is published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

The dog’s brain doesn’t distinguish the human face from the back of the head

Scientists from Hungary and Mexico found that the visual cortex of the canine brain can’t distinguish the back of the head from the face of both humans and other dogs. To do this, they conducted an fMRI study involving 20 dogs and 30 human volunteers: despite the fact that the visual cortex of the canine brain could recognize other dogs and distinguish them from humans, facial recognition-specific activity was observed only in the human visual cortex. The article is published in The Journal of Neuroscience.

The isthmus of Panama led to the extinction of animals in South America

Half of all South American animals migrated from North America, and the reverse migration is not so significant. North American lands are home to only 10% of the fauna that originated in South America. This uneven distribution is related to the extinction of animals, but it was not due to climate change, but because of the great competition that South American mammals could not resist.

The work, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, aimed to study the process of uplift of the isthmus of Panama, which will allow animals from the two continents to mix safely to a new land

Archaeologists have revealed the secret of the treatment of ancient stone tools

Discovered in Israel stone tools, which are about 300 thousand years, were subjected to fire hardening at a controlled temperature. This conclusion, according to the RIA Novosti news Agency, was reached by researchers from Israel, who published a scientific paper in the publication Nature Human Behavior

The amount of micro-plastic on the bottom of the ocean

There are at least 14 million tons of plastic waste at the bottom of the World’s oceans. This conclusion was made by Australian scientists, the results of the study were published in the scientific journal Frontiers in Marine Science

Plastic that gets into the ocean doesn’t always stay on the surface. Gradually, it collapses and settles to the bottom, turning into a so-called microplastic. Our study is the first to provide a global assessment of the volume of various plastics that are found on the bottom Of the world’s oceans and pollute it, ” said Justine Barrett, one of the authors of the work, an employee of the CSIRO’s Department of ocean and atmospheric research.

Dust from Africa affects the melting of snow in the Himalayas

Dust from Africa and Asia spreads over vast distances and settles on the tops of the Himalayas. Dust particles absorb sunlight, which causes the surface to heat up and snow to melt. This is the conclusion reached by a group of Indian and Chinese scientists.

The Himalayas, in addition to the Arctic and Antarctic, contain the largest mass of snow and ice on Earth. Ultimately, this may affect the climate, which is getting warmer, and move the boundaries of permafrost, writes “Naked Science”.

Google’s Office has been rebranded

Google’s office app group received a large price variation and was renamed Google Workspace, on October 6, CNBC reported. According to the company’s idea, the changes should help increase revenue and allow it to compete with Microsoft, whose solutions dominate the market.

Micron accused the Chinese memory manufacturer of stealing patents

concern about patent infringement by the Chinese company CnagXin Memory Technologies (CXMT) was expressed by Micron Technology, October 6, according to Digitimes. The us company said that DRAM modules made by CXMT may infringe its patents.

Dell has expanded its range of monitors

Dell has expanded its range of UltraSharp series monitors with the new UltraSharp 32 HDR PremierColor Monitor, UltraSharp 24 USB-C Monitor, and UltraSharp 34 Curved USB-C Hub Monitor models. All new products are intended for professional users.

The manufacturer estimated the UltraSharp 32 HDR Premier Color Monitor (UP3221Q) at $5000.
Model UltraSharp 34 Curved USB-C Hub Monitor (U3421WE) the manufacturer valued at $1200
UltraSharp 24 USB-C Monitor (U2421E) is already on sale for $450

Samsung launches open testing of Android 11

Samsung Electronics has launched an open beta testing of the proprietary One UI 3.0 shell based on the Android 11 operating system for ordinary users. Previously, the system was tested by developers, and regular users were not allowed to use the beta version. The first region to launch the program was South Korea, and the first series with access to it was the spring line of Galaxy S20 flagships.

In the near future, the open beta version of Samsung One UI 3.0 with Android 11 is also expected in some other regions, including the US, UK, Poland, Germany, China and India. Also, the testing program will soon be available for the Galaxy Note20 series of smartphones. The exact list of changes to Samsung One UI 3.0 is still unknown.

The AOC 16T2 touch screen monitor is equipped with a built-in battery

AOC has introduced a 15.6-inch portable touchscreen monitor. The AOC 16T2 provides a wide range of applications. The monitor can be used as an additional monitor by connecting it to a laptop, desktop computer, or smartphone. The connection is made using two USB-C ports and a Micro HDMI connector. The AOC 16T2 monitor will go on sale from October this year at a price of 25.929 rubles.

Hyundai released a miniature computer

In the network, the announcement of a new miniature computer from Hyundai was quite unnoticed. The device is powered by an Intel processor, and its price is 169 dollars or 13 thousand rubles. Hyundai Mini PC 2020 Model is powered by a Celeron N4000 processor, and a passive cooling system is responsible for regulating its temperature. At the factory, the computer is equipped with 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM and 64 GB of permanent SSD memory. The device has several USB ports, one USB-C connector, and two video outputs — VGA and HDMI. Thanks to the latter, by the way, the computer is able to output an image in 4K. The device is running Windows 10 Pro

The Iranian film won at the film festival in San Francisco

The Iranian short documentary “Gelak” directed by Sirus Kaffash won the best documentary award at the 13th Iranian film festival in San Francisco (USA). This was reported by the Iranian Mehr News Agency on October 6.

The Iran film festival (IFF), the first independent Iranian film festival outside of Iran, started in 2008, is an annual event showcasing independent feature short films.

The fourth reactor of the Takahama nuclear power plant was shut down in Japan

Japanese energy company Kansai Electric Power on Wednesday made the forced decision to shut down the fourth reactor at the Takahama nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture, of which it operates. Kyodo agency informs about it.

The US Congress accused Internet companies of monopolizing the market

The House judiciary Committee’s antitrust policy Subcommittee released a 449-page report on Tuesday following a 16-month investigation that concluded that Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google are using monopolistic tactics in the market, thereby undermining competition.

The US has tightened the rules for issuing work visas

The United States Department of homeland security has again complicated the system for issuing H-1B work visas, RIA Novosti reports. In particular, we are talking about reducing the number of “special professions” that can be used to hire a foreign employee.

It will also increase control over companies that rely on outsourcing in other countries for their core business and employ a minimal number of employees from the United States. In addition, companies will be obliged to increase the salary of foreign employees, which, according to the Department, will reduce the attractiveness of the work visa program for employers and will not allow foreigners with low qualifications to “take away” jobs from Americans.

European Commission report: Turkey is moving away from the EU

Negotiations with Turkey on joining the EU are at an impasse, according to the European Commission’s annual report on EU enlargement policy published on October 6. The report notes that Turkey has recently experienced “a serious setback in the areas of democracy, the rule of law, fundamental rights and the independence of the judiciary.” During the reporting period, as in the previous 2 years, there was no progress in the negotiations on Turkey’s accession to the

Gazprom considers construction of two gas pipelines to China

Gazprom is considering the possible construction of two gas pipelines through China, as well as through Mongolia. As, “we are considering the possibility of building a pipeline with a design capacity of up to thirty billion cubic meters per year from our fields in Western Siberia to the Western part of the Russian-Chinese border. We are currently negotiating the terms of the purchase and sale agreement with CNPC,” Gazprom said, according to Prime

In addition, the company said it is also considering building a gas pipeline from Western Siberia to China via Mongolia with a design capacity of up to fifty billion cubic meters of gas each year. Alexey Miller, Gazprom’s Chairman of the management Board, said in the spring that design and survey work on the pipeline had already begun.

This year, the company was going to deliver up to five billion cubic meters of gas to China, and next year — up to ten billion. In two more years, it was planned to deliver up to fifteen billion. In five years, the company wants to reach a capacity of thirty-eight billion cubic meters.

Named the average price of a private home in the United States

The average price of a private home in the United States set a record for the most expensive in history and reached almost 320 thousand dollars (25 million rubles). Compared to 2019, the cost increased by 14 percent, which was also a record growth rate since 2013. This is reported by Mansion Global with reference to the real estate company Redfin.

Japan has allowed the construction of a nuclear fuel plant

The Japanese nuclear energy regulator has actually approved the construction of the country’s first commercial plant for the production of nuclear MOX fuel, created from recycled waste nuclear fuel, NHK reported. Construction of the plant from spent plutonium at the nuclear power plant is due to be completed in the village of rokkase in Northern Aomori Prefecture in 2022.

Tikhanovskaya was given a piece of the Berlin wall

In Berlin, according to the press service of Tikhanovskaya, a briefing was held with the leadership of Merkel’s party — the Christian democratic Union (CDU), as well as with representatives of the Christian social Union in Bavaria. Policy gave Tikhanovski a fragment of the Berlin wall that was torn down during the reunification of Germany 30 years ago. The former presidential candidate accepted the offering with the words: “You gave me a piece of freedom.”

The Central Bank of China made operations in digital yuan

The people’s Bank of China processed more than three million transactions worth 1.1 billion yuan (162 million USD) as part of the DCEP (Digital Currency, Electronic Payment) trial, a pilot project of the Central Bank’s digital currency (CBDC), according to Decrypt.

Sberbank in September faced an outflow of foreign currency savings of customers

Funds of individuals in foreign currency decreased by $377.2 million (-1.2%), BKF Bank analyst Maxim Osadchy told RBC. At the same time, foreign currency account balances increased by $76.8 million. However, customers withdrew $441.8 million from deposits, which is significantly more than in previous months