9 Oct, 2019

News digest for 10/08/2019

The Ministry of economic development of Russia proposed to raise taxes on small businesses

The Ministry of economic development proposed to increase taxes for small businesses by 4.9% in 2020, according to the bill published on the portal of draft regulations. In accordance with the Tax code, the Agency annually conducts indexation taking into account changes in consumer prices

Trump has threatened to destroy the Turkish economy

Trump’s threat to affect the Turkish economy came after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara is ready to independently conduct a military operation near its border in northeastern Syria, where Turkey and the United States initially agreed to create a security zone. Erdogan believes that the us authorities have not fulfilled their promise

“As I have firmly stated before, and will only repeat now, if Turkey does anything that, in accordance with my great unsurpassed wisdom, will cross borders, I will completely destroy and destroy the Turkish economy, as I have done before,” trump wrote in his Twitter account

US senators have threatened Turkey with the suspension of NATO membership

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said he was ready to submit a bill on restrictive measures against Turkey and the suspension of its participation in NATO in the event of a military operation in Syria. He noted that he discussed the situation in the SAR with democratic Senator Chris van HOLLEN.

I spoke with Senator Chris van HOLLEN about the situation in Syria. We will present a bipartisan bill on sanctions against Turkey if they invade Syria, and call for the suspension of participation in NATO in the event of an attack on the Kurdish forces that helped the United States in the destruction of the Caliphate of ISIS (a Terrorist organization banned in Russia) – Lindsey Graham, American politician

US prepares plan to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies

The US is considering withdrawing from the open skies Treaty, said Eliot Engel, Chairman of the us house Committee on international Affairs.


Deputy Prime Minister Alexey Gordeev instructed to remove loopholes from the legislation that allow customers to be misled about the properties and origin of products, for example, to write “spring” on the label of water not from a spring


Three oil fields seized in Ecuador

In Ecuador, forced to suspend the work of three oil fields. This is reported by the Ministry of energy and non-renewable resources of the country. The incident occurred in the provinces of Orellana and sukumbios in the Amazon region. Petroamazonas EP has taken such action due to the fact that the attackers seized the enterprises.

“Sea launch” prepared for relocation to Russia

The launch platform of the Sea launch project, owned by the S7 group, was prepared for transportation from the United States to Russia, removing all foreign equipment, two sources in the rocket and space industry and the government told RIA Novosti.

Trump said the development of the US “incredible new weapons»

The US President said that the country is developing ” incredible new weapons.” We are also talking about submarines of the latest model. According to him, soon the United States will demonstrate some of its new weapons system.

Public transport for the service of the Motherland

City buses and intercity buses will be part of the sanitary autorot in the event of a Declaration of martial law. Such plans of the Ministry of defense of Russia shared the newspaper “Izvestia”.

“In peacetime, businesses and municipalities can not worry about their property: the machine will be called up for service only in case of emergency with the payment of compensation from the state,” — said the source of the publication in the Ministry of war.

The order of transportation of wounded by means of civil buses already fulfilled during strategic doctrines “Center-2019”, noted in the Ministry of defence.

The US imposed sanctions against 28 organizations from China

The U.S. Department of Commerce has included in the sanctions list of 28 Chinese organizations involved in the violation of the rights of “Uighurs, Kazakhs and other members of the Muslim minority” in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region (XUAR) of China. The restrictions imposed on the export of goods companies and provide for the possibility of refusal to license supplies.

“These organizations are involved in human rights violations, which China holds against the Uighurs, Kazakhs and other members of the Muslim minority in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region (XUAR),”-said in a document distributed by the Agency and published in the electronic database of the us Federal register.

In China, blocked the animated series ” South Park»

This happened after the appearance of criticism of the local authorities. It is the second episode of the 23rd season, which is called “Gang in China”. In it, the creators ridicule the relationship between Beijing and Hollywood, which is forced to remake its content to circumvent Chinese censorship. After the release of this series, all references and references to the animated series disappeared from Chinese social networks.

Abe: Japan’s sovereignty extends to the ” Northern territories»

Japan’s sovereignty extends to the disputed Kuril Islands, and the government’s position on this issue has not changed. On October 8, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said this during a parliamentary debate with the opposition.

China wants to narrow the agenda of trade talks with the US

Beijing intends to narrow the agenda of trade talks with Washington. According to Bloomberg, he intends to exclude from it issues related to the reform of Chinese industrial policy and industrial subsidies.

“This proposal removes from the agenda one of the main requirements of the trump administration,” the Agency emphasizes.

Turkish troops launched an artillery strike on the Kurds in Syria

Turkish artillery on the evening of October 7 struck the positions of Kurdish units of the coalition “Forces of democratic Syria” (SDS) in the border area in the North of raqqa province, according to Syrian radio station Sham FM. The position of the Kurds East of the town of tel Abyad came under artillery fire.

State tests of bombs “Drill” delayed

Most likely, the state tests of the Russian air bomb “Drill” will not be completed until the end of 2019. Information received from the head of the concern “Techmash” Vladimir Lepin. Bad weather conditions are cited as the reason.

And then-only worse, “- said Lepin, answering the question whether the state tests will be completed” Drill”, as planned, in 2019.

The launch of freight trains on the Crimean bridge was postponed

The beginning of the movement of freight trains on the Crimean bridge was postponed due to the discovery of an archaeological monument, RIA “Novosti”. According to the Ministry of transport, freight traffic on the bridge will begin in June 2020.

In Russia, the insurance may be significantly more expensive

According to “Izvestia”, insurance companies will be able to decide to set the CTP tariff for motorists, if they refuse to install in their own cars the elements of” smart ” insurance — a telematic sensor that informs insurers about the speed and geography of the client’s movement. With the help of information obtained from the sensor, merchants want to determine the individual tariff for Russians. At the same time, it is proposed to expand the CTP tariff corridor next year: in rich Moscow, insurance will become cheaper, and in small cities it will be 82% more expensive. The tightening of the insurance fees hurt the owners, say experts and deputies.

The average premium on CTP decreased in 77 regions

At the end of three quarters, the average premium for CTP decreased by 5% compared to the same period last year. This trend is observed in 77 regions of the Russian Federation, which is home to 95.9% of car owners, said the President of the Russian Union of motor insurers (RSA) Igor Jurgens.

From the cancer center named after Blokhin intend to resign 50 nurses

As the former Deputy Director of the cancer center Maxim Rykov, from NMITS them. Blokhin can leave about 50 nurses, reports “Interfax”. He also said that he became the fifth dismissed doctor, taking his employment record.

Chukotka became the leader in mortality from alcohol among the regions

In the Magadan region, ten people per 10 thousand living died from alcohol, that is, one out of every 11 who died in 2018. At the same time, no cases of fatal alcohol poisoning were recorded in Chukotka and the Magadan region

Workers of defense plants in Primorye will come to rallies

In Primorsky Krai, more than two thousand employees of the Progress aircraft plant in Arsenyev and several hundred workers of the Zvezda shipyard in Bolshoy Kamen took to rallies against the cuts, PrimaMedia reported.

In Russia may appear smart ” speed bumps»

Smart artificial road bumps (“speed bumps”) with a system of photo or video fixation, independently determining whether to raise the barrier or not, may appear in Russia in 2021. The cost of the project is about 8 million rubles, the representative of NTI “AutoNet” Yaroslav Fedoseev told TASS.

NASA is working on electric planes

Representatives of NASA began testing its first electric aircraft, called the X-57 Mod II. The prototype of the latter arrived at the center of the Agency, located in California, USA. NASA uses X-type vehicles to test and evaluate the technologies being developed.

AvtoVAZ recalls in Russia almost four thousand Lada Granta

The company “AVTOVAZ” recalls almost four thousand cars Lada Granta, sold from August to October 7, 2019, the press service of Rosstandart. Cars are recalled to check the performance of the vacuum amplifier.

Iveco released brutal truck Daily 4×4 for Apocalypse

The new extreme SUV from Iveco looks extremely brutal. The Daily 4×4 truck boasts excellent entry angles, steep front and rear overhangs, specially tuned suspension to conquer serious off-road terrain, a transfer case and all-wheel drive.



Regardie of Russia showed a sample of tokens for their employees

Regardie published a draft order of the head of the service Viktor Zolotov, which approves the sample and description of the badge of the national guard. The document is posted on the portal of normative legal acts.

Security systems of modern cars recognized ineffective

The American automobile Association reported on an experiment in which it found that modern car systems designed to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of all road users, almost do not work.

The experiment was conducted on four different cars: Chevrolet Malibu, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and Tesla Model 3. What is important, the speed of movement of the car during testing did not exceed 30-40 km/h, but even at such small values, security systems were almost useless.

Retailers have asked for the concessions for the distribution of products to charity

The Association of retail companies (ACORT) proposed not to charge VAT and income tax on products that expire if the food products were donated to charity.

Production of craft beer may stop in Russia.

As stated RT in Rosstandart, this may happen when 2021 will come into force a new regulation of the Eurasian economic Union on the safety of alcoholic beverages.

Since the production of craft beer is not legalized by any documents, some varieties of this drink can be attributed to counterfeit, according to Rosstandart. Craft beer is a craft beer that is produced by private companies (Breweries) according to their recipes

In the Russian Arctic recorded the release of methane record amount

An unusually large release of methane gas has been detected in a section of the East Siberian sea. The discovery was made by scientists from Tomsk University, together with researchers from a number of research centers. Now researchers are arriving in the seas of the Eastern Arctic in a scientific expedition.

New buildings in Russia rose by almost 12% for the year

From August 2018 to September 2019, the average cost of new buildings in Russian cities increased by 11.9% to 72.8 thousand rubles per 1 sq.m. this was reported to Izvestia in the analytical center Avito real Estate.

The Ministry of industry and trade suggested automakers to increase the load on imports

As learned “Kommersant”, the Ministry of industry and trade abandoned the idea of differentiation of industrial subsidies, offering local industries a guarantee of full compensation of scrap. Instead, officials propose to increase the burden on imports, and to direct additional revenues to stimulate localization. From such a scheme, theoretically, only imports will suffer, but in reality, as Kommersant sources say, it is imports that allows concerns to earn in Russia and balance losses from local production.

The United States and Japan signed a trade agreement

Representatives of the United States and Japan at a ceremony in the White house signed a trade agreement, the Hill newspaper reported. President Donald trump, who was present at the event, called the agreement “very strong and stunning.”

The Russians are buying more and more Chinese cars

In September 2019, 3,553 new Chinese cars were sold in Russia, which is 18.2% more than a year earlier. About it on October 7 reports analytical Agency “AUTOSTAT”.

Fined for spreading fake news

Two residents of the Amur region were fined 15 thousand rubles for spreading fake news on WhatsApp at the time of an emergency. The identity of the two residents of the Amur region was established by employees of the regional Department of the FSB. Security officials did not disclose details of the investigation.

Released the trailer for the new season of ” Vikings»

It is known that one of the main roles will be played by Russian actor Danila Kozlovsky. European channel published on the popular video hosting YouTube trailer of the sixth season of the historical series “Vikings”.



Moscow will host the exhibition “Impressionism and Spanish art»

From October 10 to January 26, the Moscow Museum of Russian impressionism will host the exhibition “Impressionism and Spanish art”. This is the largest exhibition of Spanish art in Russia at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. This is the official website of the Museum.

Inclusive festival “Accessible Museum” opened at the Pushkin Museum

The international inclusive festival and conference “Accessible Museum” opened at the Pushkin state Museum of fine arts.

According to the Director of the Museum Marina Loshak, the best specialists from the world’s leading museums came to the festival. Among the participants of the festival are artists, curators, art therapists and Museum staff from different countries. The festival will last until October 13. The program will include activities designed for children and adults, including those with disabilities.

The interior Ministry demanded money for the work of the police at two protests in Moscow

The main Department of the interior Ministry in Moscow on September 30 filed two lawsuits against Alexei Navalny and other opposition figures for a total of almost 18 million rubles. About it reports “Kommersant” with reference to a press-service of Simonovsky district court of Moscow.

The police are asking for compensation for “damage caused in connection with the involvement of forces and funds to ensure public order” at two uncoordinated protests held on July 27 and August 3. For the first action, the police asked to reimburse 8.5 million rubles, for the second-9.4 million rubles.

Regional banks of Russia leave the market

Regional banks are very poorly involved in financing the economy of their regions. In 37 regions, there are no own banks or their share in lending to customers is less than 1% — they will prefer to take licenses themselves, rather than wait for the Central Bank to withdraw them, according to the review of the Agency “National Credit Ratings” (NKR).

“Last year showed that the shareholders of even strong regional banks are open to offers to buy their business, provided an adequate price»

Since the beginning of 2019, 31 banks have left the Russian market, only 11 of them were liquidated voluntarily, without Supervisory actions by the Central Bank. In 2018, 18 organizations themselves passed licenses.

In Yakutsk, a very large emergency in the detention center.

One of the defendants in the high-profile criminal case of the accident at the Mir mine committed suicide. The body of the former head of the underground mine ” Mir ” Alexei Burkser found the prison guards. The man killed himself with a clothes hanger and a rubber band from his pants.

Burkser was on a high-profile case of an accident at the mine-then due to flooding killed 8 workers. Burkser was charged under the article ” Violation of safety rules in the conduct of work, which resulted in the death of people by negligence»

Eric Clapton to perform in Russia

In June 2020, British guitarist Eric Clapton will perform in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Concerts will be held on June 27 in St. Petersburg, June 29 and 30 in Moscow.

Eric Clapton is a 23-time Grammy award winner. He is a living legend and one of the most influential rock musicians in history, write the organizers of the Moscow concert. He was the only musician to be inducted into the rock and roll Hall of fame three times. In 2011, Rolling Stone magazine ranked Clapton second on the list of the greatest guitarists of all time — just behind Jimi Hendrix.

Group Bring Me the Horizon will give a concert in St. Petersburg

October 7 has opened the sale of tickets to the concert of Bring Me the Horizon. The rock band will visit St. Petersburg on February 6. Already known, that they will bring its sixth Studio album Amo, which according to his fans and music critics differs unusual ease of sounding. The concert will be held as part of a world tour.

Russian rock band Lumen filmed a video for the song “Fear”



One of the largest jazz conferences in Europe will be held in St. Petersburg

After the international jazz day in 2018, the Russian jazz community continues to grow rapidly thanks To the international forum-fest Jazz Across Borders (JAB) – one of the largest European jazz conferences, which will be held in St. Petersburg this year on 15 and 16 November, the press service of the Cultural forum.

Opus unveils first off-road trailer with large open kitchen

The guys from Opus built 400-watt solar cells from the Nissan Leaf electric car into the roofs of their trailers and I must say that thanks to this, the battery of these trailers could work without recharging for seven days.

In China showed the Wuling Hong Guang Plus

A joint venture of American concern General Motors and local manufacturer SAIC Motor presented a new wagon Wuling Hong Guang Plus. The novelty has a strict design, a spacious three-row cabin, as well as a wide list of additional equipment. The basis is an outdated cargo platform Hong Guang Plus with a 1.5-liter turbo engine at 147 horsepower and 245 Nm of torque. It will be paired with a six-speed manual transmission.

Volvo and Geely will have a joint engine plant

The plant’s product line will include ice, electric motors and hybrid power plants. Swedish automaker Volvo and China’s Geely plan to build a new plant for the development and production of new generation engines.

Aston Martin introduced the two most expensive cars in its history

As part of a special event in Rhode island, Aston Martin showed two of the most expensive cars in its history: a modern replica of the vintage sports car DB4 Zagato and 770-horsepower supercar DBS GT Zagato.

Is the conflict in Donbas a conflict between Russia and Ukraine

“Medusa”: President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that it is not necessary to be hypocritical and it is necessary to understand that the conflict in the Donbas is a conflict between Russia and Ukraine. How does the Kremlin assess this statement?

full quote Lukashenko on TASS:

“Do not say after me that this is not a conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Yes, do not ignore the leaders of the LPR and DPR-unrecognized. Yes, unrecognized, but they are, they also can not be avoided. This is a matter of agreement. The main thing is that the main parties (Ukraine and Russia) get involved in the consideration of this conflict and make decisions»

Dmitry Peskov: we have not seen such a statement by Lukashenka. We’ll check it out.

UNIAN: He said this at a conference in Minsk today.

Peskov: Here we can only disagree with this thesis, because the conflict in the Donbas is an internal Ukrainian conflict. And Russia in no way was, is not and will not be a party to this conflict.

UNIAN: How is it that there is always a different interpretation about Russia? Many countries, including close allies of the Russian Federation as Belarus believe that Russia is a party to the conflict. And Ukraine including. Russia is not. How to find the same approach in this matter?

Peskov: Here it is necessary not to look for an approach in this matter, it does not matter who considers whom. It is important who is ready to fulfill their obligations, and who is not ready. The main thing: it is important to help Ukraine cope with this vital problem for it — I mean the problem of the South-East — to help Ukraine solve this problem.

Belarus refuses to cancel roaming with Russia.

To cancel roaming, it is necessary to reduce the rate of interconnect in Belarus, that is, the amount that one operator pays another for every minute of a subscriber’s conversation outside its network. Now the rate of interconnect in Belarus is the highest in the CIS and is $0.30 per minute. The rate of Russian operators is much lower – from $0.14 to $0.19 per minute.

“The abolition of roaming without equalizing rates on interconnect will lead to a decrease in revenue and direct economic losses of each Russian operator from 1.5 billion to 2 billion rubles annually.”

More than half of Russians save on electricity and gas

More than half of Russian residents are forced to save on energy consumption, sociologists found VTsIOM. The consumption of electricity, gas, heat and hot water is the focus of 57% of Russians. In 2016, this figure did not exceed 30-42%. According to the Ministry of construction, the debt for housing services exceeded half a trillion rubles.

From 2020 toilets at Russian railway stations will be free

From January 1, toilets at stations where long-distance trains run, will be free for everyone, RIA Novosti reported in the press service of the Directorate of railway stations. They explained that the reason for this decision was the regular complaints of citizens about the cost of toilet services.

Russian Railways has prepared a financial model of the Moscow — St. Petersburg VSM

Open joint stock company “Russian Railways” has developed a financial model of high-speed railway (HSR) St. Petersburg-Moscow. This was announced by the head of the center for organization of high-speed Railways Dmitry Katzin at meeting of temporary Commission of the Federation Council.

He said that Russian Railways together with the Ministry of transport came to an agreement and consider it as a common project: VSM St. Petersburg-Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod, consisting of two sections. The weighted average tariff for this high-speed line will be 3416 rubles in 2018 prices.

The state Duma proposed to introduce a new system of age marking of books

The new version of the bill will remain marking 18+, which will mark works of literature and art, but will disappear such intermediate markings as 0+, 6+, and others. MPs suggest introducing more General wording such as “for family reading” or ” for preschoolers.” According to the Agency “RIA Novosti” with reference to the text of the bill, it will save cultural institutions and event organizers from “excessive intermediate marking”.

The Federal tax service found a high level of shadow wages in Russia

The Federal tax service (FTS) found a significant discrepancy between the official income of Russians and their expenses. This indicates a high level of shadow wages in the country, said Deputy head of Department Svetlana Bondarchuk. According to the official, the difference is significant, even if you take into account the debt, reports “RIA Novosti”. Thus, in Tatarstan in 2017, expenditures exceeded revenues by 44.8%.

Among residents of large cities most often agree to “gray” earnings in Kirov (52%), Voronezh and Ulyanovsk (51% each), and to “black” — in Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk and Khabarovsk (50% each). In Moscow and St. Petersburg, 39% of respondents are ready to agree to an unofficial salary.

Record number of migrants to come to Russia

According to Elena Egorova, a researcher at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, referring to Rosstat data, almost twice as many migrants will arrive in Russia by the end of this year than last year. Egorova noted that this figure was the highest in the last 10 years.

In the third quarter Samsung’s profit fell by 56%

Recall that the launch of the devices took place on August 23. At the same time, consolidated sales for the three months amounted to 62 trillion won, which is 5.3% less than a year ago. It is likely to be the third consecutive quarter in which Samsung’s operating profit more than halved year – on-year.

Norway launches production at Johan Sverdrup field

Two months ahead of schedule, production began at the large Johan Sverdrup field in the North sea. Its recoverable reserves are 2.7 billion barrels of oil equivalent and it will account for a third of all oil production in Norway — 660 thousand barrels per day.

Johan Sverdrup is the largest field discovered and developed in Norway in the last 40 years.

The Kremlin began searching for candidates for the state Duma of the VIII convocation

The presidential administration, “United Russia” “ “all-Russian popular front” and the regions began to search for potential candidates for deputies of the state Duma of the VIII convocation. The bet is on recognizable people with an impeccable reputation, who have no ties to the non-systemic opposition, RBC writes on October 8, 2019, citing its sources.

Deputies of the state Duma for a year almost did not vote ” against»

Not a place for discussion the state Duma of the VII convocation in the vast majority of cases voted for the bills under discussion, deputies from representatives of citizens turned into “assurances”, experts of the center for political conjuncture led by Alexei Chesnakov conclude in the report “Inactive state Duma”, which RBC has read.

Mini is developing a compact crossover based on the BMW X3

The representative of the company Mini at the Frankfurt motor show spoke about the strategy of development of the model line in the coming years. At the moment, designers are already developing a compact crossover based on the BMW X3. The brand is going not only to update existing models, but also to add new ones.

Instagram removed the ability to follow the likes and subscriptions of friends

Instagram closed “Subscriptions” in the activity section, which was visible to other people’s likes, comments and subscriptions. Now follow up on this social. network for someone who did, and who liked it will become impossible.

FKA Twigs has released a music video for the song “Home With You»

British singer FKA Twigs shot a video for the track “Home with You”. The clip was directed by the singer herself.



CaliBurger taught kitchen robot Flippy how to cook French fries

American fast food chain CaliBurger has announced the launch of a new restaurant “CaliBurger 2.0” with a kitchen robot Flippy, which can cook French fries and biometric self-service terminals for ordering and paying for meals.

Plants can warn each other about the threat of pests

It turned out that these components are not only created by “green” organisms, but also captured by them. Thanks to this, said scientist Andre Kessler, plants can warn each other about the dangers, in particular, the threat of insect pests.

Monkeys have a ” theory of mind»

The theory of mind is also called the model of the human psyche. Its possessor is capable of perceiving both his own experiences and those of others: this allows him to explain and predict their behavior. In other words, a person or animal with a theory of mind can put himself in the place of another and understand that his experiences are different from those of other individuals. Until now, it was not clear whether other animals besides humans had similar behaviors. This view was confirmed by scientists from Kyoto University in Japan and the University of St Andrews in the UK

Scientists have identified in the turtles of sea snakes holes that serve as gills

We are talking about some of the inhabitants of the Pacific and Indian oceans, namely sea snakes swallowtail (Hydrophis), which, as experts know, never crawl out on land, and live exclusively in the aquatic environment.

Scientists have explained what caused the left-handed

Scientists from the University of Oxford confirmed an earlier hypothesis that 25% of cases of left-handedness are due to heredity. To do this, experts analyzed the genetic set of about 400 thousand people from the British Biobank, 39 thousand of whom are left-handed

“Of the four genetic regions that were identified, three were associated with proteins involved in the development and structure of the brain,” notes the portal “Around the world.”

The study found that the” left-handed ” people language areas of both hemispheres operate more smoothly, and therefore, it can be assumed that left-handed people better than others cope with verbal tasks.

Traces of the most ancient and mass extinction have been found

The most recent major extinction occurred 65 million years ago, resulting in the extinction of the dinosaurs. But the new study, which is based on an analysis of ancient fossil rocks, shows that the most mass extinction occurred among single-celled organisms more than two billion years ago.

The cause of mammoth extinction

The last great ice age came to an end about 14,000 years ago. Glaciers that covered the surface of Asia, Europe and North America for thousands of years, began to gradually melt. It lasted about 1200 years, but then just as suddenly ended. The sudden and dramatic drop in temperature, which lasted about 1200 years, destroyed mammoths and many other animals.

What exactly caused this drop in temperature? Some scientists tend to believe that the reason lies in a large flow of fresh water, which was formed due to the melting of a giant glacier, and then, once in the ocean, significantly changed the flow, but to prove it is not yet possible.

Scientists have developed a replacement for antibiotics for use in surgery

Scientists from Russia together with colleagues from the United States and the Czech Republic have developed a replacement for antibiotics for use in surgery. They have created a new material for implants that can significantly reduce the likelihood of developing dangerous bacteria.

Experts have proposed the use of microbes to colonize Mars

Scientists have proposed using microbes as” pioneers ” in colonizing Mars. According to the media, microbiologists believe that bacteria are the most effective and useful “colonizers” of the surface of the red planet.