10 Oct, 2019

News digest for 10/09/2019

The law on blocking of e-mail of Russians is prepared

Members of the Federation Council submitted to the state Duma a bill to block users of email services and messengers that distribute information prohibited by Russian legislation.

The bill concerns the dissemination of all information prohibited in the Russian Federation, but is mainly directed against information about false mining. – Lyudmila Bokova, Deputy

The staff of the Dzerzhinsky plant is going to rally

In Perm, the staff of the Dzerzhinsky plant (Zida) plans to go to a rally to draw the attention of the authorities to the situation at the plant. The public event is planned to be held on October 18 in Dzerzhinsky square, the notification to the city administration has already been filed.

“There is no defense order at the moment for 2020, people risk being on the street and without money, — the Chairman of the trade Union Committee rim Galimzyanov told the journalist of Kommersant-Prikamye. The plant believes that if the contract with the main partner of the plant — Kirov “Avitek” will not be concluded, then 75% of employees may remain unemployed.

Johnson & Johnson will pay the American $ 8 billion

A Philadelphia court has ordered the us company Johnson&Johnson to pay eight billion dollars to Nicholas Murray as compensation for the side effect of taking an antipsychotic drug. This is reported by Reuters.

The state Duma reduces the age for retirement

The bill establishes that citizens will be able to retire at 55 years for women and 60 years for men, while the exit to the insurance (normal) pension will remain unchanged after its increase from January 1, 2019-60 and 65 years, respectively

The Ministry of Finance opposed the Amnesty of consumer loans

Today, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov spoke during a meeting of the Communist party faction, where one of the deputies expressed support for the idea to hold an Amnesty for consumer lending in Russia.

The national debt of Latvia is one third of GDP and continues to grow

The total public debt of Latvia at the time of autumn 2019 is 35% of the total GDP and continues to grow. Information about this was provided by the portal Skaties.lv. it is Reported that at the moment the financial debt of the Baltic state is 10.8 billion euros.


On October 9, 2019, on the basis of the Federal law “on non-profit organizations”, the non-Profit organization “anti-corruption Fund” was included by the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation in the register of non-profit organizations acting as a foreign agent.


The attitude of Russians to the sentences in the ” Moscow case»

“Levada center” conducted a survey on the attitude of Russians to the sentences in the “Moscow case”. 38% of respondents consider the sentences unfair and politically motivated, 28% have not heard anything about the “Moscow case” and 24% called the sentences fair.

Russian state Duma deputies refused to travel to the United States

State Duma deputies refused to travel to the United States in connection with the interrogation of Yumasheva by the FBI. This was reported by the adviser to the speaker of the state Duma. The visit of the head of the Committee on the financial market Aksakov has already been canceled. The state Duma said it would wait for explanations and apologies from the United States on the situation with Yumasheva.

Deputy Irina Rodnina, whose daughter lives in the United States, is not happy with the decision of the Duma 

Deputy Chairman of the Committee on international Affairs of the state Duma Irina Rodnina, who has lived in the United States for 12 years, believes that the story with the Deputy Inga Yumasheva, who was questioned at the airport in new York, is overblown, but will obey the decision of the majority

“That we such kipish raised? There every person is asked, if he is not a citizen of America, on what occasion he arrives, for what time, who gave him a visa. This is a normal process, ” Rodnina told Open media.

China will teach Roskomnadzor how to block the Internet

Roskomnadzor and the Chinese cyberspace Administration will sign a bilateral agreement on cooperation in countering the spread of prohibited information. .The document is already being agreed by the Chinese side. Its signing is scheduled for October 20 at the sixth world Internet conference in the Chinese city of Wuzhen

Perm region is waiting for new debts of 100 billion rubles

The Perm region can attract loans worth more than 100 billion rubles within three years. This is necessary to ensure the balance of the regional budget, stated in the explanatory note to the draft law ” on the budget of the Perm region for 2020 and the planning period of 2021 and 2022″

Russia and Turkey agreed on calculations in national currencies

The Ministry of Finance of Russia and the Ministry of Treasury and Finance of Turkey signed an agreement on settlements and payments in national currencies, according to the website of the Russian Ministry.

Illegal taxi market grew in Russia by 35% in two years

As a result, about 6 billion rubles of taxes are not received by the Treasury every year. Since 2017, the volume of the illegal taxi market in monetary terms increased by 35% from 75 billion rubles to 101 billion rubles this year.

OFZ yield approached 7% per annum

This week, the yield on ten-year Federal loan bonds (OFZ) approached 7% per annum, which is the lowest in 15 months. This is reported by “Kommersant”.

China withdrew $2.83 billion from its financial market

China’s Central Bank withdrew 20 billion yuan ($2.83 billion) from the financial system, Xinhua reported on October 9.

The share of the ruble in foreign assets of banks rose to a five-year record

For the second quarter of 2019, the share of the ruble in foreign assets of the Russian banking sector increased by 0.7 percentage points and reached a record level of 13.4% since the third quarter of 2014, according to statistics of the Central Bank.

Execution of Federal expenditures on national projects in 2019.

The execution of Federal spending on national projects in 2019 showed which areas are in priority. Areas such as demographics, health and backbone infrastructure were the most funded. It is also expected that many areas will receive funding before the end of the year, and those listed above will receive the remainder of their funds in the amount of the portion received before that.



“Pole” translated ruble bonds in dollars

PJSC Polyus concluded cross-currency swap deals with banks to convert the issue of ten-year bonds worth 20 billion rubles into fixed-rate dollar liabilities, the company said. The rate was set at 3.23%.

On the shelf of the Crimea plan to increase gas production

In Crimea, they want to increase gas production. This was stated by the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov on his page in the social network Facebook. He said that the annual volume of gas production by 2025 will increase to 1.7 billion cubic meters.

Iran offers India to jointly develop Farzad-B oil site

Iran is interested in developing the Farzad-B oil field jointly with Indian companies and has already sent a formal proposal, but in case of refusal will develop the project on its own, Iranian oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh said.

Gazprom has initiated the creation of a Russian analogue of the American API

The Russian Institute in June 2019 at SPIEF PJSC Gazprom, PJSC Gazprom Neft and PJSC SIBUR holding signed a Memorandum of intent to establish an Autonomous non-profit organization for standardization and conformity assessment in the oil and gas sector.

Bloomberg: Russian LNG tanker heading for Puerto Rico

According to Bloomberg, the tanker Catalunya Spirit with Russian liquefied gas (LNG) on Board will approach the coast of Puerto Rico on October 30. It is specified that the gas came from the Yamal LNG terminal, which belongs to NOVATEK, later it was transshipped in the Belgian port of Zeebrugge

NYT told about the special forces of the GRU to ” destabilize Europe»

The new York Times, citing data from Western intelligence services, reported that the West came to the conclusion that behind various actions to destabilize the situation in Europe is a secret special unit of the General staff (former GRU). According to Western intelligence agencies, the existence of this unit, most likely, do not know even other employees of the GRU.

The white house refused to participate in the process of impeachment of trump

Press Secretary of the President of the United States Stephanie Grisham said that the White house refuses to participate in the process of impeachment of the American head of Donald trump. This is reported by RIA “Novosti”.

Democratic house speaker Nancy Pelosi warned the White house that refusing to testify as part of President Donald trump’s impeachment proceedings would be seen as obstructing the investigation.

Putin gave a year to create proposals for a new system of salaries of doctors

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government until September 20, 2020 to come up with proposals on the timing of the introduction of the system of payment for medical workers in the country. This is stated in the document published on the website of the Kremlin.


«Нова газета» обнаружила второй несуществующий газопровод, который #Газпром признал построенным и выплатил подрядчику 1,6 млрд рублей


China condemned the introduction of U.S. visa restrictions for the authorities of the country

The visa restrictions imposed by the us administration on representatives of the Chinese authorities, who, according to Washington, are involved in human rights violations in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region (XUAR) of China, seriously violate the basic rules governing international relations and are interference in the internal Affairs of the country.

The state Duma approved compensation to members of HBC in the bankruptcy of the developer

According to the document, citizens whose claims were previously entered in the register from construction participants in the bankruptcy case of the developer will be able to receive compensation.It is assumed that the money to the members of the HBC, created before July 1 of the current year, will be paid at the market value of housing from the Fund for the protection of the rights of citizens — participants of shared construction.

In the Crimea will build a radar station “Voronezh»

The Voronezh radar station, which is part of the Russian missile warning system, will be built in Sevastopol in 2024. This is with reference to the Deputy commander of the Space forces, major General Igor Morozov, the media reported

The defense Ministry will close the Crimea heavy-duty radars ” Niobium-SV»

“New radars, which will be placed in the Crimea and in the South of the country, are needed for defense — the creation and maintenance of the radar field, “— said” Izvestia ” former head of the international Treaty Department of the defense Ministry, Lieutenant General Eugene Buzhinsky.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet will receive NFC module

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has two versions: with and without NFC module, with the first version only available for Chinese users. In countries outside China, only the version without NFC support is available. Now, according to the publication TizenHelp, NFC support will now be on the international market.

Toyota has introduced a new off-road minivan Granace

Toyota Motor has announced plans to release its new Granace model in 2019. The official presentation of the new Toyota Granace will be held at the Toyota Auto Body booth at the 46th Tokyo motor show in a few days. Recall that the international exhibition in Japan will open its doors on October 24.

The us Central Bank announced a return to asset purchases

In a speech at the national Association for business Economics (NABE) meeting in Denver, Powell said that “recent technical problems” have made the fed think about “buying [short-term] Treasury bills” to resolve them.

On crypto exchanges Tether and Bitfinex filed a lawsuit

Five individuals have filed a class-action lawsuit against U.S. crypto exchanges Tether and Bitfinex in Federal district court for the southern district of new York for $ 1.4 trillion, the court said. Exchanges are accused of using cryptocurrency transactions to deceive investors and manipulate markets. The details of the financial damage were not disclosed.

Bitfinex crypto exchange, was founded in 2012 and is one of the largest exchanges in the field of cryptocurrency trading. Tether Limited owns the eponymous cryptocurrency, which the company says is backed by actual assets held in the platform’s reserve account.

Aeroflot flight attendants took to single pickets at Sheremetyevo airport

According to the head of the Sheremetyevo Union of flight attendants Ilona Borisova, five single pickets are planned for today, which will also take place near the buildings of the Federal air transport Agency, the Ministry of transport and the Aeroflot office.

  • There is no discrimination against members of independent trade unions.
  • There is no punitive environment in Aeroflot — it is a threat to flight safety.
  • Stop bullying members of air crews.
  • Change the management of Doba (on-Board service Department) and DPP (flight operations Department).

Faberge products will be shown at the jewelry exhibition in Moscow

New exhibition ” Jewelry. Traditions and modernity ” appeared in Moscow. It will officially open on October 9. Many masterpieces of art, which came from the funds of Gokhran, can be seen for the first time. The exhibition will be available until October 20 this year. …

In the first hall, visitors will be able to look at products from the companies of Carl Faberge, Pavel Ovchinnikov, Ivan Khlebnikov. They are presented to the public for the first time.

In the second hall you can see beautiful products created in the technique of hot enamel from Russian jewelry houses. In addition, you can also look at jewelry made of Damascus steel, Bulat and titanium of domestic masters, beautiful watches from famous authors.

The third room shows a collection of holograms from the Diamond Fund of the country, which can not get out of the Moscow Kremlin.

Exhibition of works by Spanish sculptor of Berruguete in Washington

Exhibition of works by Spanish sculptor and painter of the Renaissance Alonso Berruguete opens for the first time outside the Iberian Peninsula in Washington. It is held by the national art gallery of the USA with the support of the Spanish Embassy in Washington and a number of European and American museums and private collectors. It is planned that the exhibition will open to the public on October 13 and will work in the American capital until February 17 next year.

Netflix has unveiled a trailer for the post-apocalyptic series ” Dawn»

On the official YouTube channel Netflix published a trailer for the new post-apocalyptic series “Dawn” (Daybreak), the plot of which is based on the eponymous comic book by Brian Ralph. It tells the story of young bullies who survive in California after the Apocalypse.



Tretyakov gallery represents all Vasily Polenov

The exhibition claims the same status and scope as the previous big personal show in the Tretyakov gallery-Ilya Repin, a fellow student of Polenov at the Academy of arts.

Sting will release a live version of the album My Songs

British rock musician sting is going to release a live version of the latest album My Songs, according to Billboard. The album is scheduled for release on November 8, 2019.

Roskomnadzor called the term blocking Telegram

The head of Roskomnadzor noted that the current system of blocking through IP in Russia has proved to be ineffective, as the service is ” motivated to bypass the blocking.”

We are well aware that, having tools that block prohibited information on IP-protocols, we will not be able to achieve results now. This works when the service is not motivated to bypass the lock. – Alexander Zharov, head of Roskomnadzor.

Roskomnadzor is creating a new system to counter the spread of prohibited information, which will help to completely block the telegram messenger in Russia.

“[The system] is based on DPI technology. I think that within a year we will achieve a certain result, “- said the head of” Roskomnadzor ” Alexander Zharov

Experts have given advice on expanding memory on Android smartphones

Internal memory can be expanded by SD-card, if it is provided by the design of Android-gadget. If the card can not be added, you should free up megabytes on the built – in memory of the smartphone. There are several ways to do this, the first of which involves transferring applications to the SD card. It is worth remembering that not all programs are available to move. You can also clear the cache and delete unnecessary files. Another option to free up space on the phone says about the use of cloud services, where some files are transferred. There is also a temporary solution consisting of connecting an OTG drive to a smartphone.

Rwanda starts producing Africa’s first smartphone

Rwandan company Mara Phones has started production of the first in Africa smartphone of its own design. This was reported by the local newspaper The New Times.

According to the publication, the serial production of two models of new items-Mara X and Mara Z. They use the Android operating system and will cost the buyer 175.7 thousand and 120.2 thousand Rwandan francs ($190 and $130), respectively. According to the developers, their new product will be able to compete with similar products Samsung.

“We were the first [in Africa] to embark on a full production cycle, including motherboards and smaller components. In total, the Assembly of one smartphone requires more than a thousand parts, ” – said the CEO of the company Ashisha Thakkar

Apple has released a new version of macOS Catalina

The American Corporation Apple has released a new version of the operating system macOS Catalina for personal computers and servers, according to the company’s website. The system will provide users with access to the Apple Arcade service, where new computer games are presented.

CIAM in secrecy builds a stand on the ” Elbrus»

As CNews found out, the Central Institute of aviation engine building. P. I. Baranova (CIAM) intends to acquire an experimental stand on the basis of a heterogeneous computing platform using Intel and Elbrus processors. For these purposes, the Institute, positioning itself as the main scientific organization of the Russian aircraft engine industry, will spend 126 million rubles.

Encryption has stopped protecting traffic from hackers

Kaspersky Lab experts have discovered that hackers have learned to track encrypted traffic. They do this with the help of vulnerabilities in the browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The standard HTTP Protocol does not protect data that is transmitted, for example, between a computer and a server. Therefore, if there is a vulnerability in any of the transmission nodes, attackers can easily access information that is not intended for them.

Google will ban the release of smartphones on the ninth version of Android

American Corporation Google January 31, 2020 will cease to certify devices running on Android 9.0 Pie, and will switch to the latest version of Android 10. Support for the ninth version will cease in mid-2020 with the release of Android 11, writes XDA Developers.

Telegram told about the rules of using the Gram wallet

The terms of use of the Gram wallet were published on the official website of Telegram. The company reserves the right at any time and for any reason to disable or freeze the user account and block access to all services

Telegram also assumes no responsibility for the use of third-party services, loss of personal data and direct, special, incidental or consequential damages of any kind. The use of the wallet is possible only after the age of 18 and exclusively for legitimate purposes.

Acer introduced in Russia laptop ConceptD 7

Acer introduced the ConceptD 7 laptop in Russia. Officially, it was presented in may, but he got to Russia only now. ConceptD 7 is primarily a laptop for work.

Microsoft has patented a vibrating Mat for VR

Therefore, there are chances to encounter furniture or interior items. And because Microsoft has patented a special floor Mat that will warn the user about the possibility of a collision

In the USA from genetically edited bull calves without horns were born

Researchers at the University of California are monitoring the offspring of a unique bull. He was born as a result of gene editing. For two years, scientists have observed it and its development. And today they are watching his offspring. “Edited” the bull was the father of six calves. They were all born without horns. That’s exactly what was supposed to happen.

Physicists made the molecule be in two places at the same time

Quantum superposition is a phenomenon in which objects can be in two places at the same time. Scientists have detailed this theory based on several facts. Every particle, molecule, bacterium, human and even planet is a wave. The wave occupies several places in space. Thus, any part of matter can also occupy two places at the same time.

Researchers from the University of Vienna conducted an experiment with giant molecules. The larger the object, the harder it is to create interference and cause the molecule to be in two places at the same time. Scientists had to take into account the influence of the earth’s rotation and the gravitational attraction of the atoms themselves. Still, they managed to capture the phenomenon for only seven milliseconds.

A new antibiotic has been found in the soil of Mexico’s rainforest

Scientists from Rutgers University, as well as scientists from France and Russia have discovered a new antibiotic produced by soil bacteria from the Mexican tropical jungle, informs the publication Nature Communications.

The bacterium that produces phasolycin turned out to be a previously unknown species of Rhizobium. Colonies of bacteria provide plants with nitrogen, contributing to their increased growth, and also “protect” them from dangerous pests and microorganisms.

Mutations in mitochondria caused premature aging of mice

Finnish biologists have found that mutations in mitochondria caused breakdowns in the cell nucleus and premature aging of mice. According to scientists, in rodents, DNA mutators in mitochondria mutate at a higher rate than usual.

Scientists have tamed Josephson’s vortices

Physicists from MIPT showed the possibility of local control of Josephson vortices. The discovery may be in demand in superconducting devices of quantum electronics, in future quantum processors. The work is published in the scientific journal Nature Communications.

A new source of terahertz radiation was created

Employees Of the Institute of radio engineering and electronics named After V. A. Kotelnikov created a source of terahertz radiation on the Josephson contact. It will find application in space research, Radiophysics and medicine.

Scientists have developed a method of collecting drinking water from the desert air

American researchers assembled the device, which is a porous framework of metal and organic matter. The device is powered by environmentally friendly solar energy, writes portal “Media stream”.

The new method of collecting water works on the principle of a sponge. The device sucks in air from the outside, releases water vapor from it, then condenses it as a liquid. Due to the fact that the new filling of the device began to be made on the basis of aluminum, the cost of the device decreased.

A new technology for cooling buildings without electricity has been created

Passive cooling technology based on polydimethylsiloxane film structure. Can provide an inexpensive and more environmentally friendly solution for cooling buildings in an urban environment. It can be manufactured on a large scale, contributing to the potential commercialization of new cooling technology.

Scientists destroyed bacteria graphene filter

The device, described in the journal of the American chemical society ACS Nano, traps bacteria, fungi, spores, prions, endotoxins and other biological contaminants carried by droplets, aerosols and particulate matter

The filter prevents the proliferation of microbes and other contaminants by periodically heating them to 350 °C, which is enough to destroy pathogens and their toxic by-products. The filter consumes little energy, heats up and cools down within a few seconds

“Roscosmos” has patented a disguised spacecraft

State Corporation “Roscosmos” has received a patent for a spacecraft that when approaching a foreign spy satellite is able to disguise itself by changing its shape.

The idea is to create solar panels capable of transforming from a flat state to a hemisphere, which reduces the reflective surface area and overall visibility of the spacecraft

Curiosity has discovered the remains of a salt lake on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity Rover has detected high levels of sulfate salts in the rocks of Gale crater on Mars.

Indian lunar probe chandrayan-2 began to receive scientific data

India’s second lunar Orbiter arrived on the moon just over a month ago, and the probe’s instruments have already begun transmitting scientific data to earth. The Orbiter contains eight different instruments – and Indian scientists are already studying some of the very first scientific data obtained. The Orbiter has two cameras, both of which were constantly in operation.

Astronomers observed the explosion of a star

Experts in the field of astronomy thanks to the American satellite TESS were able to observe a black hole that tore to shreds the star. It is known that black holes can absorb objects in different ways

The interstellar comet was poisonous

During observations of comet C / 2019 Q4 (Borisov), which was discovered on August 30, 2019, it was found that the nucleus of the comet has the largest size somewhere between 1.4 and 6.6 km. This estimate may vary, because the gas part of the nucleus is large and under the influence of sunlight, it evaporates intensively. But the most interesting was another discovery. It turned out that the tail of the comet clearly contains cyanide-cyanide ion CN+. About its number, scientists do not report, but emphasize that the comet will not fly to the Earth — the closest point to us in its path is in the orbit of Mars.

NASA showed a prototype robot consisting of two drones

NASA is developing machines that would be able to study distant worlds in the future, in particular one of Saturn’s moons — Titan. One of these concepts is the robot Shapeshifter; experts have already created a prototype of it-when folded, the device has the shape of a wheel (and moves, rolling on the surface), but it consists of two parts-drones that can disconnect and work in the air.



GAC GS8 will appear on the Russian market in December

GAC Motor will enter the Russian market in the last month of the current year. Russian customers will initially be offered only one model-SUV GS8. Note that initially it was assumed that the start of sales of the Chinese brand will take place in August, and the lineup will include three models.

Volkswagen Teramont will receive a shortened version of the Cross Sport

The concept of a large coupe-crossover Volkswagen Atlas Sport (Atlas is Teramont in the United States), presented in 2018 at the new York auto show, will be serial. The novelty together with the “charged” version of the R-Line will debut this week, October 11.

Haval launches its own lending program in Russia

In Russia, the Haval Finance program began to operate, using which you can buy new crossovers and SUVs of the Chinese automaker on credit on special conditions at a reduced interest rate. Haval Finance is a zero down payment and a minimum rate of 0.01 %.