10 Oct, 2020

News digest for 10/09/2020

No toxins, no chemicals, or even traces of nicotine were found in the students of the school in Velikiye Luki, who were hospitalized due to malaise on the ruler, the Pskov Governor said

Unknown person impersonated Tikhonovskaya at an online meeting with a Committee of the Danish Parliament

At the beginning of the conference, representatives of the allegedly Belarusian side told the organizers about problems with the video camera, so no one saw the speaker herself. The meeting lasted about 40 minutes, after which those present noticed that “something was wrong.” As reported in the Danish Parliament, the headquarters of the Tikhanovski confirmed that she was a different person.

France and Germany are forming a new sanctions list against the Russian Federation

France and Germany have included the names of nine Russians in the draft of the new sanctions list against the Russian Federation, Le Monde newspaper claims, citing sources. According to this publication, the list contains the names of presumably employees from the presidential administration and a number of security agencies. The sanctions are also likely to affect the State research Institute of organic chemistry and technology (FSUE Gosniioht). Sanctions over the incident with Navalny will be discussed at the EU summit on October 12

School in Ishim was fined for violating the rights of students

school in Tyumen Ishim, where at the beginning of the school year at the lesson of OBZH staged a “hostage-Taking”, fined 50 thousand rubles.for violating the rights of students. During the “experiment” that was put on fifth-graders during a class on combating terrorism, one of the children became ill. The Director after the incident stated that the parents distorted information about what happened to the students. The Prosecutor’s office of the Tyumen region punished four people for this lesson, including the Director and his Deputy, and the presentation was also made to the head of the city.

The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate was announced in Stockholm.

The prestigious award was given to the World Food Program (WFP) – the largest humanitarian organization in the world, according to the Nobel Committee

Russia completely blocked the Kerch Strait and the Black Sea coast

The Russian Ministry of Defense has decided to close access to ships in the Kerch Strait and the entire part of the Russian Black Sea coast. According to Avia.pro, the zones previously designated by the defense department will be controlled by the ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and, most likely, by means of military aviation in the coming days.

Lukashenka promised to deal with rectors after protests in universities

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the rectors of universities were inadequate, promising to deal with this issue in the near future. This is reported by Tut.by in its Telegram channel.

The behavior of some of the students shows their, to put it mildly, a careless attitude towards higher education. This can lead to the loss of its value as a significant social stage, ”Lukashenka said shortly after students and teachers of a number of universities took part in the protests.

Ukraine and Great Britain signed a cooperation agreement

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed a new bilateral agreement on strategic partnership, political cooperation and free trade


Fake cheese and butter were delivered to schools and hospitals in the Bryansk region for a year and a half – in packages of well-known brands, the OTR TV channel reports


In the Moscow region, a police officer sent his wife for a bribe

Maxim Korsun, an employee of the Department of economic security, discovered the illegal development of a sand pit in Balashikha. And then he came up with the idea to earn extra money: together with colleagues, they seized the equipment and offered the owners to “buy” it back — for six million rubles.

Korsun took the first part of the bribe himself. And for the rest of the money, I sent my wife to BMW.

The owners of the quarry put the lady in the glove compartment five Lam ₽ (most of the bills were fake). At this moment, the FSB officers descended. As a result, the woman faces up to 12 years in prison for mediation in bribery on a particularly large scale. And the “authors of the idea” — three policemen led by Korsun — are up to 15 years old.

Rosprirodnadzor published the results of samples from the contaminated water area of Kamchatka.

In the area of the Avacha Bay, the excess of phosphate ions was recorded by 10.8 times, iron-by 6.7 times, and phenol — by 2.9 times. Excess of norms of harmful substances, among other things, was recorded in the Mutnushka river, which flows near the Kozelsky landfill, in the Halaktyrka river near the treatment facilities of the Kamchatka CHPP-2 and on lake Halaktyrskoye near the outlet of the Kamchatka water utility

Vasilyeva became an honorary academician of the Academy of arts

figurant “Oboronservice” and the wife of former defense Minister Serdyukov is now officially listed on the Academy’s website as an artist. Yevgenia Vasilyeva received the status of honorary academician of the Russian Academy of arts.

Among these achievements are 15 monographs, several exhibitions, including the exhibition held in 2020 at the Moscow Museum of modern art, which is headed by Vasily Tsereteli — the son of the President of the Academy of arts Zurab Tsereteli. By the way, Tsereteli Jr. was one of the initiators of Vasilyeva’s nomination to honorary academicians

She also helped various charitable foundations a lot, Shagulashvili says.

The case of Oboronservice, which involved Vasilyeva and Serdyukov, was widely publicized in 2012. Then Vasilyeva held a chair on the Board of Directors of the company – she and other employees were detained on suspicion of organized theft of state property for 350 million rubles. Vasilyeva’s trial lasted 10 months. Vasilyeva was found guilty and sentenced to five years in prison, but a month later was released on parole for damages to the injured party. After her release Vasilyeva entered the master’s program at the faculty of arts of Moscow state University

Reconstruction of the estate under a branch of the Yeltsin centre in Moscow has risen

The cost of reconstruction of the historic manor of counts Bobrinsky in the center of Moscow, where the Moscow branch of the Yeltsin center, has already grown to 2 billion rubles, found “Open media”.

The US Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on Iranian banks

18 financial institutions of the Islamic Republic were blacklisted. The sanctions affected banks Amin Investment Bank, Bank Keshavarzi Iran, Iran Zamin Bank and others.

“The Treasury Department has taken further action to isolate the Iranian economy from the global financial system,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said. Tehran is using the financial sector to carry out its “malicious actions,” Mnuchin said.

The sanctions regime against Iran will continue until the Islamic Republic “stops supporting terrorist activities” and curtails its nuclear program, he said.

The most socialist countries according to Americans

The Nobel prize in literature was awarded to Louise Gluck

The award was given for “an unmistakable poetic voice that, with its austere beauty, makes individual existence universal.” Gluck is the winner of numerous literary awards, including the Pulitzer prize for the Collection “wild iris”. It is noted that Gluck draws inspiration from ancient myths and classic stories. The Central themes in her work are childhood and family life, relationships with parents, brothers and sisters.

Louise Gluck was born in 1943 in new York city, the daughter of descendants of Hungarian Jews who emigrated to the United States. She began writing poetry at school age, and attended a poetry Studio while studying at Columbia University. Her first poetry collection “Firstborn” (“Firstborn») it was published in 1968. Shortly after its release Gluck was recognized as an outstanding American poet

Humans have genes to regenerate their eyes

Scientists have found that, like some species of fish and lizards, humans also have the ability to regenerate damaged senses such as the eyes, but somewhere along our evolutionary path, the gene responsible for this has been turned off. Seth Blackshaw, a neuroscientist from Johns Hopkins University, who led the research group, told about this.

American mathematicians managed to solve a problem of 90 years old

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have found a solution to the final part of the hypothesis formulated by the German mathematician Eduard Otg-Heinrich Keller in 1930. American scientists succeeded in solving the hypothesis of covering a seven-dimensional space with tiles of the same size. According to mathematicians, the results of their work can help in creating systems to speed up the transfer of data on the Internet.

Magnetic field enhanced the Thomson effect

For the first time, Japanese material scientists discovered the magneto-Thomson effect in a plate made of an alloy of bismuth and antimony: the magnetic field increased the released Thomson heat by 90 percent when the current flowed through the region with a temperature gradient. The method that made it possible to study this, the authors plan to apply to other thermoelectric and thermospin phenomena of a higher order. The work was published in the journal Physical Review Letters.

Scientists from the United States have created a high-speed robot squid

In the laboratories of the California University (San Diego, USA), a soft robot was created that can move under water much faster than its counterparts. The robot uses jet propulsion to move, just like ocean squids do.

Previously unknown species of toothless dinosaur discovered in the Gobi desert

The remains of a dinosaur with only two fingers, with plumage and no teeth were found by researchers from the University of Edinburgh (UK). Excavations were carried out in the Gobi Desert. According to preliminary data, these creatures lived on Earth 68 million years ago. We are talking about some kind of transitional form, scientists say.

Physicists have found a way to model hyperbolic spaces

In a new paper published in the journal Physical Review A, the University of Maryland isics presented new mathematical tools to better model hyperbolic spaces. The study builds on previous experiments in which researchers simulated ordered grids in hyperbolic space using microwave radiation.

Bone implants created from shells and rice hulls

Specialists from NUST MISIS have developed a technology that is capable of converting eggshells, rice husks and many other agricultural waste into budget and fairly durable bioceramics. Scientists plan to use the development to create bone implants.

People continue to evolve rapidly

The prevalence of people with a median artery has tripled in the past hundred years, Phys.org reported Oct. 7. The median artery is the main vessel that supplies blood to the forearm and hand of the embryo. But it disappears after birth as the other two parallel arteries develop. And in adults, there are basically two arteries. But currently, about a third of people have retained their median artery throughout their lives, in addition to the other two arteries.

Dr. Tehan Lucas of Flinders University says, This intergenerational study of artery prevalence shows that modern humans are developing faster than at any time in the past 250 years.” You can give other examples of changes in human anatomy, which are recorded by scientists.

Paleontologists discover a new fossil marine reptile

Paleontologists have discovered a new fossil marine reptile. This was reported by Canadian scientists from the University of Alberta for the Journal of Systematic Palaeontology. The new species of mosasaurus was named Gavialimimus almaghribensis. These creatures were the pinnacle of the world’s oceans’ food chain. Now science knows about more than ten species of mosasaurs. They lived on the territory of modern Morocco about 70 million years ago. Their height reached 17 meters.

Human cells can squeeze through very tight spaces

The cells that make up the human body are soft structures that can stretch and deform to overcome incredibly narrow spaces. Cell deformation was studied by biophysicists from the University of Strasbourg.

Released the trailer for the comedy “Hunt for Santa” with Mel Gibson

The first trailer for the comedy “The Hunt for Santa” has appeared online. The video was published on the Saban Films YouTube channel. The film will appear in Russian cinemas on January 7, 2021

Exhibition of Faberge and Rückert enamels opened at the Kremlin Museums

The exhibition “Carl Faberge and Fyodor Rückert. Masterpieces of Russian Enamel” has opened in the exhibition halls of the Assumption Belfry and the Patriarchal Palace of the Moscow Kremlin Museums. Presented about four hundred works of precious metal with enamel made by Russian jewelry firms of the 19th – early 20th centuries from public and private collections in Russia and Great Britain

The book Egor Letov. My defense

The AST publishing house has published a book by the music journalist Alexei Kolobov Yegor Letov. My defense.  The publishing house notes that this is the first attempt to trace the life and creative path of a musician and a rebel. Yegor Letov, leader of the Civil Defense group, died on February 19, 2008

AC / DC released the single Short in the dark

According to NME, guitarist Angus Young, vocalist Brian Johnson, bassist Cliff Williams, drummer Phil Rudd and guitarist Stevie Young helped record the new song. The band is confident that the new composition will capture the audience. Also it became known about the release of the new album “Power Up”, which will include 12 tracks.

Polish regulator fined Gazprom

The Polish regulator fined Gazprom 7.6 billion rubles. It is reported that the violations consist in the signing of an agreement on the financing of the project without the consent of the Polish antimonopoly authority. It is noted that the entrepreneurs deliberately violated the law. In addition to Gazprom, 5 more European companies cooperating with a Russian organization received fines. In addition to Gazprom, 5 more European companies cooperating with a Russian organization received fines.

British parliament accused Huawei of collusion with the Chinese authorities

The Defense Committee of the UK House of Commons in its study of 5G security issues found “clear evidence of collusion” between the telecommunications company Huawei and the “apparatus of the Chinese Communist Party”, reports Reuters

Orange will replace Huawei equipment with Nokia products in Belgium

Telecom operators Orange Belgium and Proximus have decided to gradually replace equipment for cellular networks manufactured by Huawei in Belgium and Luxembourg with Nokia equipment, informed sources told Reuters.

In the Czech Republic, to combat the pandemic, they will turn off free Wi-Fi in a cafe

During a press conference, Czech Health Minister Roman Primula said that among the measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic, free Wi-Fi will be disabled in cafes, restaurants and bars. This, according to the minister, will reduce the time spent by citizens there.

Cyprus will deprive Russians of citizenship due to false data

This was stated by the official representative of the Council of Ministers Kyriakos Kousios. According to him, seven people will lose the citizenship obtained in exchange for investment. According to the publication Politis, two of them are former top managers of Eurofinance Mosnarbank, Russians Alexander Bondarenko and Vladimir Stolyarenko. In Russia, they were arrested in absentia and put on the international wanted list in a criminal case of embezzlement of almost 500 million rubles. It is noted that not only they, but also their family members will be deprived of citizenship

Tesla Model Y will receive 650 km range

After the appearance of the new Tesla 4680 battery cells and the words of Elon Musk that the Model Y, built in Germany, will receive these batteries, it seems realistic that the updated model will run 650 km on a single charge. European-made Model Y will use new 4680 cells, Musk said

Russian Ministry of Finance has placed federal loan bonds

At an auction on Wednesday, the Ministry of Finance placed federal loan bonds of 29013 (floaters maturing in 2030) for 315.7 billion rubles with demand in the amount of 316.3 billion rubles and a cut-off price of 95.2% of par.

Federation Council of Russia approved amendments to increase tobacco excise taxes

The Federation Council approved a draft law on a 20% increase in excise taxes on tobacco in 2021, and in 2022-2023 – by the inflation rate in relation to the previous year. The excise tax rate for cigarettes in 2021 will be 2359 rubles per thousand pieces, for electronic cigarettes – 60 rubles. a piece.

In the Khabarovsk Territory, the extraction of precious metals has decreased

The volume of gold production in the Khabarovsk Territory for eight months was 96.5% of the level of last year, the regional Ministry of Nature said on October 9, the press service of the regional administration reported. The department clarified that in just eight months, 16 tons of gold and 19 tons of silver were mined in the region.

Gazprom refused to sell gas to Ukraine at a reduced price

Ukraine received a refusal from Gazprom to sell gas to it at a lower price than the country buys in Europe, according to FBA “Economics Today”

In principle, Gazprom is not going to cooperate with Ukrainian suppliers, initially indicating the price higher than in Europe. Therefore, contracts with the possibility of supplying a Russian resource at a lower price are currently not realizable, said Valentin Zemlyansky, a Kiev energy expert.

Belarus began delivering fuel to Russia through the exchange

Belarusian refineries began delivering fuel to Russia through trading at the St. Petersburg International Commodity Exchange (SPIMEX) on October 1 and are discussing the development of relations with the exchange. This was announced during the press conference by the head of the exchange Alexey Rybnikov

Dutch bank ING reduced lending to coal energy

The Dutch credit bank ING INGA.AS during 2019 reduced financing of the coal industry by 22%. According to Reuters, at the same time ING has increased its participation in the production of renewable energy – last year in this area was invested 1.9 billion euros.

ING is part of a group of banks working to preserve the climate and achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. In addition to ING, the group includes the Spanish BBVA, French BNP Paribas and Societe General, British Standard Chartered. ING worked with them to develop scientific methods and tools to help assess environmental impacts and make lending decisions to a particular company.

Saudi Arabia Raises Oil Prices For Asian Buyers

Saudi Aramco has raised the price of Arab Light crude for November for its largest market, Asia. Small increase of 10 cents a barrel, 40 cents below the benchmark