12 Oct, 2020

News digest for 10/10-11/2020

Toxic algae are considered as the main version of the ecological emergency in the Avacha Bay in the Kamchatka Territory. This was stated by Alexey Ozerov, director of the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The option that it is toxic algae comes out on top. Further, one of the main tasks is to conduct sea expeditions. And to figure out what can bring these algae into such an active state that we have red tides. A red tide does not mean that the water is red. This is the general name for the phenomenon when strong toxins are released. They can affect benthic organisms, fish and, in many cases, humans. If they are in the water, and it falls on you, you can get burned, ”the website of the regional government quotes Ozerov as saying.

The satellite recorded a ship dumping waste off the coast of Kamchatka

The satellite recorded a ship dumping waste off the coast of Kamchatka. The violation was registered in the water area of ​​Avacha Bay on September 23. The Governor of Kamchatka, Vladimir Solodov, told about this in a video message that appeared on his Instagram page. However, the head of the region noted that the volume of discharged water was insignificant and could not lead to pollution of the Avacha Bay water area.


Mishustin allocated funds to ensure water supply in Crimea

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has allocated three orders to improve water supply in the Crimean peninsula. 4.95 billion rubles will be allocated to the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol for the creation of new water supply facilities. Subdivisions of the Ministry of Defense will be engaged in their construction.

Russia will introduce a fine for stopping on the islands of safety

For stopping / parking on the safety islands, the driver will face a warning or a fine of 500 rubles. The same fine awaits drivers passing along the markings – this is a violation of the rules for positioning on the carriageway, or a violation of the rules for marking, the islets must be bypassed on the right, without running over them.

You can call in and stop at the “islets” only in case of a forced stop or emergency. If there is an accident, in which there are no casualties, it is prohibited to stop at the “islands”. The driver must remove the car as soon as possible so as not to create accidents.

For the first time force was used against participants of the rally in Khabarovsk

For the first time, force was used against participants in a rally in support of former governor Sergei Furgal in Khabarovsk. According to the local portal Dvnovosti.ru, riot militiamen came out to the square near the government building where the people had come and forcibly took the people to the paddy wagons. The newspaper notes that people were beaten with truncheons and pushed roughly.

The situation has now calmed down, but there are a lot of detainees. They took away including a minor. The dispersal of the rally itself looked scary, the newspaper notes.

Actions in Khabarovsk take place every day, starting from July 11. People took to the streets after the news of the arrest of the former governor of the region Sergei Furgal – now he is in a pre-trial detention center in Moscow, he is suspected of organizing the murders of entrepreneurs and attempted murder. The protesters claim that what is happening is a falsification, and demand the release of Furgal. Actions are held not only in Khabarovsk, but also in other cities of the region.

Former Interior Ministry employee threw out his awards on the square in Khabarovsk

“It’s simple. Today the riot police crossed the line. It pissed me off. I’m not a hero. I just took an oath in 2009 to serve the people, not thieves, “- said Roman Timirov in an interview with the” Rise “publication

The young man left the gratitude of the Minister of Internal Affairs and his badge on the pavement in front of the Government House of the region. The protesters called the young man a hero.

Central Bank told about capital outflow from Russia in January-September

Net capital outflow in January-September 2020, according to preliminary data, increased by 65.9% in annual terms – up to $ 35.5 billion, follows from the message of the Bank of Russia.

Unlike last year’s dynamics, when banks’ operations to reduce external debt and build up foreign assets were decisive, in the current period the key role was played by the reduction in liabilities to non-residents, both banks and other sectors, “the statement says.

Fish scale materials

Scientists at the Universities of London and Stuttgart believe that it is necessary to introduce components made from materials using fish scales into the aircraft technology. Research has shown that fish scales are an excellent tool for improving aerodynamic performance. The components create a striped flow that neutralizes vibrations, and also reduces resistance by 25 percent through zigzag movements.

Physicists have determined the maximum speed of sound

The maximum speed of sound, according to physicists, is 36 kilometers per second. This indicator is about 2 times higher than the speed of sound in the hardest material on earth – diamond. The speed of sound depends on the elasticity and density of the medium, that is, for example, the indicator is less in gases and liquids, and more in solids.

Scientists were able to reproduce the anti-reflective coating of insect eyes

A team of scientists from FEFU, the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne, as well as the Swiss Higher Technical School of Zurich conducted an interdisciplinary study, which resulted in an accurate reproduction of the nanocoating of the cornea of ​​fruit flies, which protects the eyes of insects from the smallest dust particles and nullifies the reflection of light.

The coating can be applied to any three-dimensional structure for a wide variety of applications. Depending on the tasks, it can be given anti-glare, antibacterial and hydrophobic properties, including the ability to self-cleaning

A way to create a magnetic field as powerful as a black hole

Japanese scientists have figured out how to create magnetic fields comparable in strength to those of stars and black holes. Employees of Osaka University were able to prove this possibility using the proposed mathematical model

To achieve this result, it was required to direct high-intensity laser pulses through special tubes. This will activate the electrons and lead to the release of energy, as a result of which a powerful magnetic field is formed, which will last no more than 10 ns. This amount of time will be enough for experiments. Nation News reports on this.

The universal law of touch

Scientists at the University of Birmingham used Rayleigh wave research to discover the first law of touch sensitivity. The results are published in Science Advanced.

Experts have determined that when touched, waves travel through the dermis, muscle fibers, bone tissue and reach receptors. For this discovery, scientists applied knowledge based on the principles of earthquake modeling more than a century ago. One of the co-authors of the discovery explained that the principles identified help to understand how touch is felt by different types of animals.

Super-heavy rocket “Yenisei-1” will cost Russia 1 trillion rubles

This information was shared by Dmitry Rogozin, CEO of Roscosmos. According to him, the development of the rocket and its tests will not be cheap for Russia. It is emphasized that the power of this missile will be fifteen times higher than the power of medium-class missiles of the Soyuz type. At the same time, it will be necessary to create a launch complex at the Vostochny. Earlier, the head of the Russian state signed a decree according to which the launch vehicle will go into outer space in 2028.

The US called the idea of ​​”Roscosmos” crazy

The creation of the super-heavy Yenisei rocket by Roscosmos is a crazy idea, Ars Technica journalist Eric Berger writes on Twitter. In a tweet, the author notes that the carrying capacity of the named carrier will be comparable to that of the American super-heavy rocket Space Launch System (SLS) Block 1. It also states that work on the Yenisei, for which there are no tasks yet, will cost the state corporation five of its annual budgets …

Ukraine withdrew from the agreements of the CIS countries on combating illegal migration

Ukraine is no longer a party to the agreements of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) to combat illegal migration. The decision is reportedly made by the government.

The document was signed in 1998 and laid the legal foundations for interaction between the CIS countries in the field of illegal migration control. Cooperation meant the registration of foreign citizens who are illegally staying in the territories of states, the development of a deportation mechanism, as well as the harmonization of national legislation and the exchange of information on illegal movement

There were other universes before the Big Bang

Before the Big Bang, when our Universe gained the ability to expand rapidly, other Universes could exist. So says Roger Penrose, a physicist at Oxford University. Just the other day, he won the Nobel Prize for his work in the study of black holes. It was he who first suggested that our Universe took the place of another, which could have existed before the Big Bang.

Hidden functions of the Bluetooth system identified

Experts have revealed several hidden system features found in Bluetooth. As reported by ToDay News Ufa, starting in 2019, this technology has been equipped with a new feature. It can be used to locate the device.

YouTube began testing the technology of direct selling goods from video

Video hosting YouTube has started testing a function that will allow users to buy products directly from the videos. Bloomberg reported about this on Friday, October 9, citing sources.

Google Introduces New Notification Feature For Deaf Users

Google has introduced a new feature for Android devices that notifies deaf users of danger, for example, if a fire alarm is triggered. Users can be notified of “critical” sounds via push notifications, vibration on the phone, or flash of camera light.

Sanctions against a Chinese company reached Russia

Residents of Russia who buy new models of Huawei smartphones cannot install services from the Google Play market: Chrome browser, Gmail, Google Pay, Google Maps and music service ….. They have to do this either using the web version or hand over the phone … This means that the US sanctions against the Chinese company have reached the Russian Federation.

Google Voice Assistant adds Automotive Mode

The company first announced this a year ago during the Google I / O conference, but now the Google Assistant Driving Mode option is close to widespread launch, writes the online publication iXBT. So far, the Driving Mode for the Google Assistant has become available as a preview. in the new beta version of the Google app.

Teaser of the new season of the TV series “Through the Snow” was released

The network posted a trailer for the second season of “Through the Snow”. The announcement announced the date of the return of the project – January 25 next year. The series is based on the 2013 comic strip and film.

A remake of the film “Toy” will be shot in France

French director James Ute will direct a remake of the 1976 film Toy. Reported by Premiere magazine. The publication notes that not too much is known about the new project.

Amazon showed the first trailer of the new season of the TV series “Space”

The TV series “Space” tells about the future life of humanity, which colonized the solar system. This happens several hundred years from our time, but, of course, everything could not be simple … The conspiracy to be uncovered threatens the security of the world!

The first three seasons were shown on Syfy, but then the series was closed and Amazon began to talk about the continuation. The project, obviously, was considered promising, so the creators announced the release of the fourth season, and even before the premiere of new episodes, the series was immediately renewed for the fifth.

The trailer for the third season of “American Gods”

The trailer for the third season of the hit series American Gods, based on the novel by Neil Gaiman, was shown on the sidelines of the New York Comic-Con event. The video was later published by IGN on its YouTube channel.

The collection of the best songs of John Lennon “Gimme Some Truth” has been released

A collection of songs by John Lennon entitled “Gimme Some Truth” was released on October 9, 2020, the musician’s eightieth birthday. The album includes 36 tracks from Lennon, covering all stages of his solo career – including hits such as “Instant Karma! (We All Shine On) ”,“ Imagine ”,“ Jealous Guy ”,“ Woman ”,“ Happy Xmas (War Is Over) ”,“ Give Peace A Chance ”and others. All compositions have undergone special remixing, which has improved their sound.

Shishkin and Roerich’s paintings were put up for auction in London

The British auction house MacDougall’s will hold an auction on October 15 in works of Russian art, including paintings by Ivan Shishkin and Nicholas Roerich, TASS reports. In total, the auction will present a collection of Russian works of 200 lots – from icon painting to contemporary art.

Shnit Worldwide shortfilmfestival

From 15 to 25 October Moscow will host the shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival. The program will include over a hundred films shot in different countries of the world. The venues will be the Garage Screen cinemas of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, the Moschino and Illusion chains

Facebook Blocked Onion Ads For Being Overly Sexual

Facebook blocked an ad for Walla Walla onions hosted by the St. John’s Farm, Canada. Social network algorithms considered the photo too sexy.

A manager hired by Gaze Seed, which owns the rights to the image, called the situation funny. He believes that to find even a hint of sexuality in the frame, you need to have a very vivid imagination. The incident drew consumers’ attention to the farm’s produce, where more onions were sold in a few days than in a five-year period.

The Central Bank of Japan announced testing of the digital national currency in 2021

According to the regulator, the appearance of a digital national currency will not have a significant impact on the circulation of cash. The Central Bank explains that digital currency is necessary to enhance the stability and efficiency of the payment system and the settlement system as a whole

Grateful German people will erect another monument to Gorbachev

They want to erect a monument to Gorbachev in Berlin, make a film about his life and name the street in honor of the former president of the USSR. A monument to the first president of the USSR has already appeared in the city of Dessau-Roslau in the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt.

White House is preparing measures to support the US economy

The American edition of The Wall Street Journal, citing its sources, reports that the current administration of the President of the United States is preparing a new plan to rescue the country’s financial system. It is noted that the White House estimated measures to stimulate its own economy at $ 1.8 trillion.

H&M presented a machine for recycling old things into new ones

H&M introduced a garment textile recycling machine and installed it in one of its stores in Stockholm, Fast Company writes. Customers of the store can return their old clothes and get a new scarf, sweater or baby blanket in 5 hours. The machine was named Looop

According to Pascal Brun, head of sustainability at H&M, Loop was not created to recycle garments on an industrial scale, but to show customers the recycling process and encourage them to donate old clothing to stores. Thus, the company’s employees want to draw the attention of customers to environmental problems.

At a military parade in the DPRK showed a new ballistic missile

North Korean authorities unveiled a new intercontinental ballistic missile during a military parade to mark the 75th anniversary of the Korean Workers’ Party (WPK). This was reported on October 10 by the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (CTAC).

Lukashenka came to a meeting in a pre-trial detention center

Alyaksandr Lukashenka met with detained members of the Constitutional Court of the Belarusian opposition in the KGB pre-trial detention center, “Pool of the First” reports. According to the channel, Lukashenka came to the detainees to “hear the opinions of everyone.” The channel does not specify with whom the president met. However, based on a snapshot from the meeting, Tut.by writes that Lukashenko spoke with Viktor and Eduard Babariko, Lilia Vlasova, Yuri Voskresensky and Vitaly Shklyar

By his meeting with the arrested oppositionists, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko admitted the existence of political prisoners, “whom he used to call criminals,” said former presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. Her words were published by the Telegram channel of her press service.

The fortune of billionaires has grown throughout the world during the pandemic

The billionaires from the USA and China added the most, about half a trillion dollars both there and there (a little more in the US, a little less in China). The combined fortune of US billionaires rose to $ 3.61 trillion, and China to $ 1.68 trillion.

In other countries, the results are more modest, but the base is also lower. 150 billion were added by German billionaires (total fortune – 595 billion), 80 – Russian billionaires (in the amount of 468 billion – the fourth place in the world! There is something to be proud of)

T-14 “Armata” tanks spotted in service with the DPRK army

In service with the army of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), tanks have been seen with their outlines very similar to the most modern Russian T-14 “Armata”. Today, with reference to a photo in the American media, some of which claim that these are Russian vehicles, the publication Voennoye Obozreniye (VO) reported this today.

Former President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev has been detained.

“Atambayev has been detained, the question of a measure of restraint against the ex-president is currently being decided,” the headquarters of the Social Democratic Party said.

Earlier, the media wrote that special forces entered the territory of Atambayev’s mansion. The Bishkek commandant’s office has decided to introduce a curfew from today, as well as to ban the holding of rallies. The day before, a decree of President Sooronbai Jeenbekov on the introduction of a state of emergency in the capital from the evening of October 9 to the morning of October 21 came into force in Kyrgyzstan.

It’s impossible to check anything

Soloviev refused to apologize for the demonstration of footage from a computer game under the guise of military action in Karabakh. The TV presenter told the “Rise” edition that he took a video from a telegram channel covering the conflict in the unrecognized republic.

“I said in the program that a lot is going on, that everything needs to be verified, but nothing can be verified. Now the peculiarity is that there is no way to confirm anything. As I understand it, the video was posted by the guys who are there. Well, if someone wants to do this, look for something – but in half.

To whom to apologize? I’ll deal with my viewers myself. Anyone who works live knows that there can be anything. Name me a person who writes about this, let’s check his biography: who is he, whether he made any inaccuracies. And so the sea of ​​smart people. ”

Schoolchildren from Velikiye Luki were diagnosed

Thirteen schoolchildren from Velikiye Luki who fainted were diagnosed with autonomic dysfunction syndrome. There were no signs of poisoning among pupils of school No. 7, said Anton Dobrokhotov, senior assistant to the head of the SUSK RF for the Pskov region.

“At this stage, there were no signs of poisoning in children, and a chemical-toxicological study for the presence of narcotic and psychotropic substances in the body gave a negative result. Today all children are at home, they were discharged with a preliminary diagnosis of autonomic dysfunction syndrome, which was made taking into account the complex of complaints at the time of admission. “

Protesters detained in Minsk

Several dozen protesters were detained in Minsk, said the official representative of the police department Natalya Ganusevich. According to the information of the human rights center “Viasna”, at least 92 people were detained, “Interfax”, citing eyewitnesses, reports that the number of those detained exceeded 100.

The police use water cannons with tinted water and flash and noise grenades to disperse the demonstrators. The media report on victims of the actions of the security forces, they are assisted by volunteers.

More than 20 journalists detained at Sunday protests in Belarus

17 reporters were taken to the police department in Minsk, 4 – in Grodno and Vitebsk, 1 – in Mogilev. This was reported by the Telegram channel of the Belarusian Association of Journalists. It is clarified that among the detainees there are representatives of Belarusian and foreign media, including Russian.

Residents of Tomsk complained about the dismantling of a new sports ground

According to them, the horizontal bars were demonstratively installed before the elections to the City Duma, and a month later they suddenly decided to remove them. Contractor’s representative Andrei Panov said that the elections had nothing to do with it, and the people who drank alcohol there were to blame.

“The site had to be dismantled for two reasons: technical and the human factor also played a role. Some vandals began to break it, believing that they could drink alcohol there. It only stood for a month. “

The mayor of the city, Ivan Klein, denied the dismantling of the site to the “Rise” publication altogether.

“This is all chatter. We have this program [for installing TRP sites], in general, has been working for 10 years. They don’t dismantle anything. Photos can do anything. We don’t have such a thing. “

Later, according to local residents, the contractor promised to return the horizontal bars to the site after “revision”.