12 Oct, 2019

News digest for 10/11/2019

In the Samara region deprived of parental rights for the lack of TV

Ivan Sidorov, together with his family, moved to the Samara region three years ago. He thought that with five children to live better in the village and bought a house. Soon divorced, mother with two younger left to Samara, and with it there were three sons.

The conflict began last year. Sidorov works remotely, in a large European company. He brings up his children in a different system of values than in the village. There are no TVs at home, children read books, do housework and housework. Hobby everyone chooses on their own. The middle son, Stepan, likes to crochet. Independently mastered programming. Previously, the family lived in several European countries, so the children speak foreign languages.

And it is all of the above, was the basis to send children to the socio-psychiatric examination and then – in the shelter.

The main theses of Zelensky’s press conference.

believes that Poroshenko wants to become the leader of the new “Maidan” in Kiev;

not afraid of mass protests, ready to leave at any time, ” there will be no bloodshed”;

the introduction of the “Steinmeier formula” will not lead to civil conflict if the situation is not heated;

the law on the special status of Donbass will not provide autonomy for the region;

Ukraine will not return Kolomoisky PrivatBank;

there will be no martial law;

Ministers have a trial period until the end of the year, there will be no results – they will be fired;

does not exclude dissolution of Rada in a year.

October 7. Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak: You can forget about oil for $ 100 per barrel

October 10. The Russian government presented the “energy Strategy-2035”, which laid the growth to exactly $ 100 per barrel. According to the document, excerpts from which leads “Interfax”, the Russian authorities hope that the era of cheap oil will end in about 7 years.

“The level of world prices for Urals oil until 2020 will be in the range of 40 to 50-65 dollars per barrel (in 2014 dollars), followed by an increase by 2025 to 80-100 dollars per barrel,” the Agency quotes the strategy.

The main cause of accidents at hazardous production facilities

The interdepartmental Commission of the Russian security Council on security in the economic and social sphere concluded that the main cause of accidents at hazardous production facilities was the use of old equipment.

“The analysis of the situation shows that the main factor affecting the accident rate is the increase in the number of industrial facilities whose assigned resource operation is close to the limit or completely exhausted,” – said in the conclusions of the Commission.

Earlier, the head of “Roscosmos” Dmitry Rogozin estimated the share of modern production equipment at the enterprises of the Corporation only 13%.

Metallurgists and miners have created a petition asking to restore serfdom

In the Chelyabinsk region, young metallurgists and miners created a petition asking to restore serfdom and advertised it with a video. The aim is to draw attention to the plight of working people, explained “URA.RU” flashmob authors

“Our master thinks only of us! And what he just does not do for us — and a ticket to a children’s camp will be allocated for a fee, and the salary for three years will be indexed by two percent. And that same we for native Mr. — Yes nothing!

Belts from Gucci can not already keep falling from the weight of money pants from Brioni. So let’s help our oligarchs and chip in our “labor ruble” to them on suspenders! So to speak, to support the pants!»

Scientists have developed a drug only for a single patient.

The drug is called “Milesin”, in honor of the only patient who ever will take it. Mila Makovets, now 8 years old, lives with her mother Julia Vitarello in Longmont, Colorado. Mila has a rapidly progressive neurological disorder that is fatal. The diagnosis was made in 2016 – batten’s disease.

In the US, Boeing 737 NG planes are being massively inspected.

Boeing has discovered a serious defect in dozens of operated Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft — one of the most massive series of civil Airliners of this manufacturer. During a joint inspection with airlines and the Federal aviation administration (FAA), the manufacturer found in every twentieth liner cracks in the part that is responsible for the reliability of the wing attachment to the fuselage. So far, out of 686 aircraft, the defect was found in 36. In total, Boeing has produced more than 7 thousand such Airliners — this is one of the most massive civil aircraft in the world.

Norway has banned its companies from exporting weapons to Turkey.

Norway has said it is suspending all new arms exports to Turkey after Ankara launched a military offensive against Kurdish forces in Northern Syria. This is reported by “European truth” with reference to AFP.

“Given that the situation is complex and changing rapidly, the Ministry of foreign Affairs as a preventive measure will not work with any new requirements for the export of defense materials or multi – purpose materials to Turkey,” said Norwegian foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Soreide.

Ministry of communications against limiting the share of foreigners in large Internet resources

The Ministry of communications opposed the adoption of a bill to limit the share of foreigners in large Internet resources, said at a hearing in the state Duma, the representative of the Ministry. The government should consider the negative review prepared by it next week, the official of the Ministry of communications told “Open media”.

If the bill is passed, will suffer not only “Yandex”, but also Sberbank — it is also an it company, almost half of the shares of which are owned by foreigners, said at these hearings, CEO of “Yandex” Elena Bunina

The Prosecutor’s office demanded to arrest Navalny’s apartment

The Moscow Prosecutor’s office appealed to the court with the requirement to arrest the apartment of the politician Alexei Navalny as an interim measure for the claim for 4.9 million rubles because of the summer protest in Moscow. Navalny said in instagram that the Prosecutor demands to arrest his “only substantial object of property” – an apartment in Marino with an area of 78.5 square meters

The Prosecutor’s office filed two lawsuits against the opposition for 2.5 and 2.4 million rubles because of the participation of “additional forces and means” of the national guard in rallies, as well as spending on “fuel and lubricants”. Navalny writes.

There is no money for knowledge in Russia

For every Russian, $240 a year of public money is spent on education, analysts at the online school Skyeng estimate. According to this indicator, Russia is next to countries such as South Africa ($290 per person) and Colombia ($236 per person).

The highest spending of the state on the education of its citizens in Norway ($4.6 thousand per person per year), Switzerland ($3.65 thousand), Denmark ($3.3 thousand). Among the leaders are also Luxembourg and Iceland, where the state spends $3.17 thousand and $2.9 thousand respectively on the education of each resident.

The largest share of private education funding is in Chile (36%), Australia (34%) and the United States (32%). In Russia, the ratio of public and private financing is 84% and 16%, respectively.

According to Skyeng, private market spending on education in the US is $1.1 thousand per person per year, in Australia-the same, in the UK – $830, in Canada and New Zealand — $665 and $608, respectively. For example, in Greece this figure is $57 per person per year, in Russia – $47. The least private sector spending on education in Indonesia is $13 per capita per year.

The debt of the billionaire Gutseriev’s family reached a trillion rubles

The total debt of companies associated with the family of businessman Mikhail Gutseriev and his nephew Mikail Shishkhanov is almost 1 trillion rubles ($15 billion), according to Forbes, citing two sources.

Among the largest creditors of the businessman’s family are the trust Bank, to which, according to sources, Gutseriev’s nephew owes 320 billion rubles, and Sberbank, to which the family owes $5 billion (325 billion rubles). Afipsky refinery bought by Gutseriev owes Sberbank more than 170 billion rubles, RBC wrote. In addition, RussNeft, controlled by the family, owes VTB 77 billion rubles. also, the businessman’s companies owe several banks, but the amount of each of these loans does not exceed 10 billion rubles.

Putin announced the development of new missiles in response to the United States

Russia will work on the creation of medium-range missiles, as they already have the United States, said Russian President Vladimir Putin. Speaking at the Council of CIS heads of state in Ashgabat, he said that he had already sent a corresponding appeal to “the heads of many countries”.

“We have stated that we are not going to deploy medium-range missiles if we have them, and now, of course, we will work on it, because the Americans have them,” the Russian President said (quoted by Interfax).

Turkey announced the elimination of ” 342 terrorists»

The corresponding statement was published on the page of the defense Department on Twitter. Earlier, the Turkish defense Ministry reported the elimination of “277 terrorists” in Syria. Also in Turkey reported the death of the first Turkish soldier during operation “Source of peace”.

“Helicopters of Russia” are preparing a merger of the Kamov design Bureau and Mil

Russian Helicopters holding (part of rostec) will unite two leading design bureaus-Mil and Kamov, Vedomosti reported, citing Deputy CEO Mikhail Korotkevich.

Russia supplied Nigeria with six Mi-35M attack helicopters

Ambassador of Nigeria to Russia Steve Davis Ugba said that his country is interested in updating its fleet. The Nigerian air force received six Russian mi-35M attack helicopters, with as many more to be delivered.

Shoigu spoke about the forces that impose alien values on Russians

Shoigu did not specify what forces are in question. The Minister stressed that in these conditions, “it is especially important not only to increase military and technical potential, but also to educate a strong-minded warrior, a professional capable of resisting attempts to influence the mind”

Russian government plans rapid growth of investments

Working parents in Russia want to deprive child benefits

The Ministry of labor believes that if the guardian at part-time spends more time at work than with the child, then he should not receive benefits. As follows from the draft amendments, “if another person takes care of the child during the period of work of the insured person on a part-time basis, the right of the insured person to a monthly allowance for the care of the child is terminated”.

The Ministry has already prepared a draft of amendments to the laws on social insurance. The initiative is aimed at abuse of the right to benefits, explained RBC in the Ministry.

The largest “business center” in Moscow

The largest number of firms in Moscow is registered in a residential building at 24 Vernadsky Avenue. Mass check revealed the automatic check “Taxcom Dossier” (analyzes registries from EGRUL and egrip), the results of the study have with RBC. If on September 24 at this address 522 organizations were registered, by October 10 their number doubled.

“The inhabitants of Khrushchev on Vernadskogo are not even aware that living in the biggest business center of Moscow,” notes “Taxco”.

For comparison, in the 60-storey tower “Empire” in “Moscow city” issued 366 legal entities.

The Russians have reduced the daily expenditure

“In September, the Russians continued last year’s trend and reduced their daily expenses by 3.6%, reaching the April value, “RIA Novosti reported, citing a study by ROMIR holding.

Almost half of Russians save due to lack of money

Due to rising prices for goods and services, 46% of Russians are forced to save on vacation, this is 3% more than a year earlier, according to a survey conducted by the analytical center NAFI.

According to the study, 29% of respondents refuse to visit theaters and movies in order to save money, 27% save on treatment and health, 21% spend less on clothes and household items. In addition, the number of Russians who save on education for children and adult family members has increased significantly – 10% and 9%, respectively.

According to NAFI, 76% of Russians noted an increase in prices for goods and services. At the same time, more than a third of Russians (36%) reported a significant increase in prices over the past two months. 40% identified the growth as “moderate.” One in five (18%) reported that growth in goods and services has recently been negligible.

The queue of orphans for housing continues to grow.

During the year, the number of waiting increased by 12 thousand people, the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to the data of the accounting chamber. The press service of the Ministry reported that in 2019 in the queue are 270 thousand orphans

Ranepa teachers appealed to the rector because of low salaries

More than a hundred teachers of the Siberian Institute of management (SIU) – a branch of the Russian Academy of national economy and public administration under the President of the Russian Federation (Ranepa) supported the appeal of employees sent to the rector of the Academy because of low salaries in the institution. Writes about this TASS with reference to the Chairman of the trade Union Committee of employees of the SIOUX Galina Pleasely.

Banks will pay for imposing insurance on lending

The Ministry of Finance proposes to legislate a ban for lenders to condition the receipt of a loan by citizens by purchasing additional services, as well as oblige the borrower to pay for insurance immediately for the entire term of the loan.

The Ministry of Finance of Belarus called the loss of the tax maneuver of the Russian Federation in 2020

The tax maneuver in the Russian oil industry will result in a loss of $400 million for Belarus in 2020, Belarusian Finance Minister Maxim Yermolovich said on October 10, BelTA reports.

1.45 billion rubles will be spent on the Kurils in 2020

The total amount of subsidies for the activities of the Federal target program (FTP) “Socio-economic development of the Kuril Islands (Sakhalin region) for 2016-2025” in 2020 will be 1.45 billion rubles. This was reported on Friday by TASS in the government of the island region.

“In the framework of the Federal targeted investment programme [to be issued] 260 million rubles, in the framework of a single subsidy among Russian – 1.19 billion rubles, the source is withdrawn before the proceeds of realisation “Sakhalin-2″ (oil and gas project – approx. TASS), ” the source said.

Residents of the Russian offshore companies hide data about the owners

The Ministry of economic development has prepared amendments that allow not to disclose data on participants of companies registered in special administrative regions (SAR) in the Kaliningrad region and Primorsky Krai, as well as in the territories of advanced development (TOP).

Delinquency from the shops offered to give the poor for benefits

The Association of retail companies (ACORT) has proposed legalizing the free distribution of expired products. In return, retailers want to get VAT and VAT exemption on such goods. ACORT sent its appeal to the parliamentarians.

The Ministry of Finance and Kozak can not agree on the protection of investments in Russia.

The main focus of Kozak’s bill is on publicity when providing support: state contracts cannot be classified as a trade secret. For all investment projects, it is necessary to have a financial and economic justification and the availability of estimates from the government on the need for costs. The version of the Ministry of Finance provides only audit of the business plan.

Kozak also proposes to make the procedure of access to state support public. The Ministry of Finance is against publicity.

The value of the largest Russian companies by capitalization.

National strategy for the development of artificial intelligence until 2030

Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the national strategy for the development of artificial intelligence until 2030, the corresponding decree was published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

“In order to ensure the accelerated development of artificial intelligence in the Russian Federation, conducting research in the field of artificial intelligence, increasing the availability of information and computing resources for users, improving the training system in this area, I decide to approve the attached National strategy for the development of artificial intelligence for the period up to 2030,” the document says.

18-carat gold Bank card

The Royal mint of great Britain issued the first Bank payment card made of pure gold. The owner of such a payment instrument, made of 18-carat precious metal, can be anyone who is able to pay £18,75 thousand ($23 thousand). Custom design will cost even more.

The name and signature of the cardholder, developed in conjunction with us company Mastercard and technology company Accomplish Financial, will be engraved. Its owner is not charged fees for current account transactions, as well as currency exchange. In the package of benefits and complimentary Concierge service while traveling.

Entrepreneurs of Dagestan revenue is three times higher than in Moscow

Individual entrepreneurs from Dagestan were the leaders in terms of revenue, according to statistics of Rosstat. In 2018, the income of one Dagestan individual entrepreneur amounted to an average of 19.6 million rubles, while Moscow-only 6.4 million rubles.

Transit of Russian oil through Ukraine in September increased by 14%

Transit of Russian oil through Ukraine increased in September 2019 by 13.5% compared to the same period last year – up to 1.345 million tons, according to the “Ukrtransnafta”.

China presented a combat ” flying saucer»

At the China Helicopter exhibition 2019, which takes place in Tianjin, a model of the device resembling a “flying saucer” in shape was presented. On October 11, reports the portal the Drive.

In China, built a” headless ” submarine

In 2018, China launched a submarine, the upper part of which is missing the cabin. It is believed to be the largest Autonomous uninhabited submarine in the world. In China, a submarine was created, in the upper part of which the captain’s cabin is not visible, Forbes reports

Dyson abandoned the idea of producing electric cars

British consumer electronics manufacturer Dyson, which announced two years ago its intention to start producing its own electric vehicles, abandoned this venture.

In the United States, the incidence of congenital syphilis has tripled

The incidence of congenital syphilis in the United States has almost tripled in recent years, and the incidence of other sexually transmitted infections has also increased.

150 billion rubles since 1991 due to the Maritime border with Alaska

The all-Russian Association of fisheries enterprises, entrepreneurs and exporters (VARPE) said that the fishing industry lost more than 150 billion rubles due to the Maritime border established in 1991 between the USSR and the United States. The President of the organization German Zverev sent the calculations in a letter to the Chairman of the Federation Council (SF) Valentina Matvienko, reports RBC with reference to the document.

The Maritime border between Alaska and Chukotka and Kamchatka was established by Soviet foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze and U.S. Secretary of state James Baker. Because of this, the area for fishing decreased by 77.7 thousand square kilometers. the United States ratified the agreement in 1991, and the USSR and Russia have not approved it until now.

Samsung invests $11 billion in next-generation displays

South Korean company Samsung Display Co. announced the construction of a new production of quantum dot displays in Asan city with an investment of 13.1 trillion won ($11 billion). This is reported by Bloomberg.

The development and production of Samsung’s next-generation displays will be supported by the South Korean government, which for its part is investing about 400 billion won in such developments, South Korean President moon Jae-In said.

Norway has abandoned NATO’s anti-missile system.

The Norwegian authorities decided that they would not join NATO’s missile shield, and also refused to purchase and integrate appropriate military equipment into their defense system, TV2 reported.

According to the country’s leadership, the purchase of BMD (ballistic missile defense or anti-missile shield) Alliance can provoke complications in relations with Moscow. As explained by the Norwegian expert Julie Vilhelmsen, this decision will prevent the escalation of tensions.

The US has taken out of Syria two of the most dangerous militants

Us President Donald trump has confirmed that the United States has removed from Syria two particularly dangerous militants banned in Russia terrorist group “Islamic state”, which are associated with executions in Syria. At the moment, they are placed in a protected and controlled by the United States place, the President said.

The President explained Washington’s actions to evacuate two particularly dangerous criminals known as “Beatles” from Syria by saying that it was done in case the Kurds or Turks lose control of the situation.

Russia has proposed an alternative to the death penalty

Elena sutormina, Chairman of the Commission for the development of public diplomacy, humanitarian cooperation and preservation of traditional values of the Public chamber of Russia, said that in Russia, an alternative to capital punishment for those sentenced to death can be complete and lifelong isolation from the outside world.

Miguel Diaz-canel became the first President of Cuba

The post of Vice President of Cuba on the results of the vote took Salvador Valdez Mesa, previously he was the first Deputy of Diaz-Canel in the state Council. In addition to the presidential and Vice-presidential nominations, deputies voted on many other key positions.

North Korea called a provocation missile tests the United States

The foreign Ministry stressed that North Korea can give a symmetrical response, but will refrain from doing so. This is a serious provocation — ” the North Korean foreign Ministry quoted TASS as saying. As wrote News.ru, on October 2, the United States and North Korea conducted ballistic missile tests.

The soldier will pay more than 25 million rubles for the broken artillery installation

The serviceman Nikita Proskurin has to pay to the Ministry of defence of 25,4 million rubles-cost of self-propelled artillery installation 2S7 “Peony” which broke on its fault at transportation, the Nalchik garrison court made such decision.

The accident with the” Peony ” occurred in March on an unregulated circle at the exit of Magas in Ingushetia. The driver of the tractor Proskurin badly fixed the art installation “Peony”, and then braked sharply, as a result the gun overturned on the road, writes “Kommersant” with reference to the case materials.

Bilan wants to go to Eurovision for the third time

Singer Dima Bilan is thinking about participating in the Eurovision song contest 2020, according to FAN. The competition will be held in Rotterdam in may next year. Bilan noted that the performance of Sergey Lazarev, who participated last year, was ” awesome.”

Exhibition “Impressionism and Spanish art” opens in Moscow

The exhibition “Impressionism and Spanish art”, which brought together the work of 18 Spanish artists, opens at the Museum of Russian impressionism on Thursday. The exhibition will present both works known to the Russian audience and never exhibited in Russia, the organizers told reporters.

The first trailer for the cartoon “Forward” from Pixar appeared in the Network



The Days of the Hermitage will be held in Kaliningrad

The Kaliningrad Museum of fine arts will present about 60 exhibits from the state Hermitage collection related to the historic meeting in Prussia of the Russian and French emperors on June 25 (July 7), 1807

Patented new technology for heating and cooling seats from Tesla

Tesla engineers have patented a technology that allows you to heat and cool the chair circulating liquid. Employees of the company decided to combine the existing cooling and heating systems of seats. This will allow to refuse from the blowing fan and the heating of metal filaments.

On the territory of Russia start selling a new device from Samsung.

The South Korean company brought new flagship TVs 8K, the cost of which will be almost 250 thousand rubles. For the first time, the 55-inch Samsung QLED 8K was demonstrated during the IFA 2019 exhibition in Berlin.

Engineers have developed a wireless way to charge electric vehicle batteries

A team of engineers of the Sevastopol state Institute of Radioelectronics and information security managed to assemble a working prototype of a wireless power transmission device for recharging electric vehicle drives.

Smartphone with two 48 MP sensors and a 3D screen

Phones company Elephone, which was formed in 2006, do not show record sales, but are successful, especially in the Asian region.

The most popular line is Elephone U, which will soon be released a unique smartphone. Its main feature will be the presence in the main camera of two image sensors with a resolution of 48 MP, which is not yet in any other smartphone, including the leaders of the DxOMark rating, that is, Huawei Mate 30 Pro and others.

Google prepares to unveil its first 5G smartphone

The device could be officially unveiled as early as next week as part of a Google event scheduled for October 15. The report said that at the Google event, in addition to the expected Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, there may be announcements of a smart watch, a laptop and a 5G smartphone.

Boston Dynamics has started to supply robops

Recently, Boston Dynamics released a robot Spot, similar to a dog. Many immediately wondered what, in fact, do you need this robot.

Employees of the Verge see great potential of the device in the entertainment sphere. It can be programmed to dance to the rhythm of a particular song, as shown in the video.

Representatives of Boston Dynamics noted that they are not interested in selling the robot to military companies for use as a weapon.

“We fundamentally don’t want to see Spot harm people, even if not for real,” said Michael Perry, Vice President of business at Boston Dynamics. The company is considering using the device in police departments, but with restrictions.

To buy a robot a couple of clicks on the Internet will not work, the creators will consider each application individually

Rostec Corporation has developed a station to detect miniature drones

Russia has developed a radar station to detect small-sized drones. Distance – up to seven and a half kilometers. The equipment is completely made on the domestic electronic component base.

Lenovo has brought to Russia flagship yoga laptops with a large screen

Lenovo has brought to Russia a new flagship laptop Lenovo Yoga S740, which the company first showed at the exhibition IFA 2019, held in Berlin in September this year. The laptop is available in two versions: 14 and 15.6 inches.

Created a post-apocalyptic OS that will run even on a calculator

Virgil Dupras developed an operating system for post-Apocalypse conditions. Collapse OS can function with the use of Z80 microcontrollers. Virgil Dupras notes that the main problem for users in the post-Apocalypse may be the search for new controllers.

Dying corals were able to revive

Corals are living organisms that are sensitive to temperature changes, and during the rise they begin to die off. Scientists have observed the recovery of corals in the sea for the first time. It used to be considered impossible! A number of studies have shown that it was the old corals that recovered, not the new ones that emerged after the temperature rise. Scientists believe that the Great Barrier reef in Australia will also recover later.

American researchers have developed a method of treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Scientists have created a device to treat carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning and demonstrated its effectiveness in rats. The action of the new device is based on the fact that the connection of hemoglobin with CO breaks down in light. The new technique, described in Science Translational Medicine, can accelerate the release of CO from the blood several times.

Scientists coaxed the stem cells from the bone marrow viagra

Scientists have proposed to increase the number of blood stem cells, not stimulating their reproduction, as they do now, and expelling them from the red bone marrow. To do this, they suggest using two drugs that are already used in medicine: the first — AMD3100, which prevents cells from returning to the bone marrow, the second-sildenafil (the active substance of drugs to combat erectile dysfunction). This combination has already been tested in mice: with its help, it is possible to obtain not much less cells than standard methods, and the side effects of this procedure should be much milder. The work is published in the journal Stem Cell Reports.

The speed of sound in the heliospheric mantle

Two Voyager spacecraft have detected plasma pressure and sound velocity in the heliospheric mantle, where the solar wind gradually slows down and interacts with the interstellar medium. And they were helped to do so by a shock wave created by solar activity that passed through the entire Solar system, according to NASA’s website.

In the cartilage of adults found signs of regeneration

American researchers have found traces of tissue renewal in the joints of the legs in humans. They measured the age of extracellular proteins in articular cartilage and noticed that the farther a joint is from the spine, the more young, newly formed proteins there are. In addition, in the renewing tissue, the scientists found increased expression of microRNAs, which are found in animals capable of regeneration — for example, axolotls. The study is published in the journal Science Advances.

Scientists have told, which killed cancer cells

Scientists from the London cancer Institute have suggested that disruption of the process of division of cancer cells may contribute to stopping the development of tumors. This, in their opinion, can help a substance that accelerates the division of cancer cells.

Left handedness is inherited

Oxford University scientists have explained the nature of left-handedness. They studied the genomes of about 400 thousand people from the British Biobank and came to the conclusion that in 25% of cases, lefties acquired their feature by inheritance. The scientific work is published in the journal Brain.

Japanese scientists have found that cows with Zebra color are less likely to be bitten by insects.

The researchers conducted an experiment and counted the number of bites. It turned out that the color of the Zebra reduces the risk of bites in half.

A new species of giant predatory dinosaur has been discovered in Thailand

Researchers have described a previously unknown species of giant carnivorous dinosaur, the remains of which were found in Thailand. According to scientists, the fossils date back to the early Cretaceous period.

Specifics of choosing a partner in different countries

Scientists from TSU together with foreign colleagues called the specifics of choosing a romantic partner in different countries. It turned out that the process depends on the degree of development of a particular society.

It turned out that in a less developed society, the choice of a partner is based on smell, physique, height and other biological parameters. In advanced countries, the basis is taken speech, demeanor, clothing and style.

The sun can decompose plastic in 10 years

Scientists from the Oceanographic Institute in woods hole and the Massachusetts Institute of technology have shown that polystyrene — one of the world’s most common types of plastics-can break down when exposed to sunlight for decades or centuries, rather than thousands of years, as previously thought. An article about this is published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology Letters.

Biologists explained the strength of the nutshell

The authors of the new paper, published in the journal Advanced Science, studied walnut shells and found a unique, previously unknown type of cell. They are Packed so closely together and so “intertwined” that it was not easy to distinguish the individual cells. Only by soaking the samples in a solution that removes the main polymer of the wood-lignin-could the scientists examine them under an electron microscope.

Notburga Gierlinger and her colleagues at the Vienna University of natural resources and applied Sciences (BOKU) named these cells polylobate sclereid.

In the sea of Okhotsk found a new species of whales

A group of Japanese and American scientists have established that the whales, which whalers from the Japanese island of Hokkaido called Kurotsuchikujira, belong to an unknown species of science from the genus of floaters. The new species belongs to the order Cetacea and the suborder of toothed whales.

Russia is working on the technology of flights between cities through space

According to Pavel Pushkin, General Director of Kosmokurs, which is developing a suborbital tourist system for space flights, the achievements can be used for organizing high-speed flights to remote regions. For example, from Moscow to Vladivostok can be reached in this way for half an hour.

The ISS printed E. coli on a 3D printer

The main goal of the experiment on 3D printing of bacteria on the International space station is to obtain data for the development of new types of antibiotics to fight resistant bacteria on Earth, reports “Hightech”.

As a second, longer-term goal, it was named the study of new diseases that can occur in astronauts when traveling in deep space.

“The cells with bacteria are now at the Gamalei Institute, where our colleagues are analyzing the results. We look at how aggressive and antibiotic resistant they became in space, ” said Youssef Hesuani, managing partner at 3D Bioprinting Solutions

Toyota introduced a hydrogen sedan Mirai new generation

The Japanese automaker has revealed a new generation of hydrogen Toyota Mirai. The public premiere of the model will be held at the Tokyo motor show. The fuel cell (FCEV) electric vehicle received a new platform, a different design, and increased in size

The first Aston Martin crossover will be available in Russia

Aston Martin is scheduled to enter the market in 2020, and now the dealer has received 30 pre-orders for the crossover. “Thanks to the release of the first Aston Martin DBX SUV, we expect an increase in interest in the brand in Russia,” said Thomas Kisel, President of Aston Martin’s European office.

Lexus shared a teaser of the electric concept

Recall that from 23 to 4 November 2019 Toki will host the international motor show, in which the company Lexus will present its first electric car. The concept car has not yet received a name, but it is known that it combines advanced technology.

Retro cars can get perks

According to the new state standard, which will mark the criteria of belonging to the vehicle classic or rare, owners will receive certain benefits, including insurance, will be exempt from paying vehicle tax and will be able to pass inspection under the old rules.

Classic car will be recognized, preserved or restored to the original factory condition, and rare-a car that has preserved the original power unit, body and frame.

Manturov spoke about the high demand for Russian cars Aurus

Aurus has collected more than 600 pre-orders, active sales of cars will begin in 2021, said the head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov in an interview with the TV channel “Russia 24”.