14 Oct, 2020

News digest for 10/13/2020

Scientists have recorded a flash of light emitted by a star when it is absorbed by a black hole. This astronomical event is unique. According to RIA Novosti, the outbreak was recorded by the VLT (Very Large Telescope) and NTT (New Technology Telescope) telescopes of the European Southern Observatory (ESO). It originated in a spiral galaxy from the constellation Eridani. It is located just over 215 million light years from Earth.

How to build cities on the moon to avoid radiation

A Japanese scientist at the Institute for Radiological Research, Satoshi Kodaira, and a group of colleagues conducted a study, as a result of which it was found that material formed after ancient volcanic eruptions in the bowels of the Moon can protect people from radiation and meteorites.

Lava tunnels are almost vertical channels. Their width is at least 100 meters, and their depth can reach 50 kilometers. The temperature in them hardly changes. According to Japanese scientists, it will be in the lava tunnels that it will be possible to equip bases for a long stay of people.

Samsung has officially unveiled the full specifications of the Galaxy A42 5G

The company has released an official image detailing the full specs of a future affordable 5G device. The Galaxy A52 5G features a 6.6-inch HD + AMOLED Infinity U display with a 20MP selfie camera on the front. On the back, you can find a four-camera setup with a 48MP main module. The performance of the smartphone will be responsible for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G processor paired with 4/6/8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of ROM. The Galaxy A42 5G is powered by a 5000 mAh battery with 15W fast charging support.

The Galaxy A52 5G also has a built-in fingerprint scanner and will come in multiple color options including Prism Dot Black, Prism Dot White and Prism Dot Gray. The company has yet to announce an official launch date and price for the device.

FRG urged Lukashenka to communicate with the opposition not in jail

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko urged the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to start an open dialogue with the opposition outside the walls of the pre-trial detention center, official representative of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, Steffen Seibert

The Lukashenka regime must renounce any manifestation of violence, release the detainees and in fact begin a dialogue with the Belarusian society.

Saturday’s meeting cannot be called a dialogue

The ex-contender for the presidency of Belarus, the former head of Belgazprombank Viktor Babariko, said that there were no agreements at a meeting with Alyaksandr Lukashenka in the KGB detention center on October 10.

“The meeting that took place on Saturday, according to Babariko, cannot be called a dialogue. First of all, because the dialogue implies the equality of the participants in terms of being at large. In this case, this was not the case: Babariko himself and other participants in the meeting are in jail.” , – said in a statement by Babariko’s lawyers.

The daughter of “Rostec” decided to buy a Maybach for 10 million rubles

The subsidiary of Rostec, which employs 12 people, decided to acquire a luxurious Maybach for 10 million rubles for corporate needs, noted Open Media. The company bought the previous Maybach just three years ago.

This company is called Soyuzkhimexport, and what it is doing now is not really known. It has existed since the times of the USSR, and then Soyuzkhimexport sold to foreigners the Chypre cologne and perfumes Red Moscow and Fragrant tobacco produced in the Soviet Union.

Lavrov threatened to break off the dialogue with the European Union.

If people who are responsible for foreign policy in the West do not understand the need for mutually respectful conversation, then perhaps we should stop communicating with them for a while, he said at a meeting of the Valdai Club. Moreover, the head of the European Commission declares that geopolitical partnership is not working with the current Russian government. So be it, Lavrov added.

The foreign minister’s discontent was, among others, caused by the EU’s reaction to the poisoning of Navalny. The European Union intends to impose new sanctions against Russian officials, including employees of the presidential administration and high-ranking security officials

Norway will put the old submarine base at the disposal of the United States

Norway intends to provide a nuclear submarine base, built by NATO decision in the 1960s, 350 km from the Russian border, to house American submarines, NRK reports. The corresponding decision was made by the Norwegian authorities last week.

British pubs offer to use their premises as offices

Pubs in the UK offer visitors to work on their premises for a small fee: bars provide a workplace, stable internet access, hot food and drinks, writes Business Insider.

Traffic police explained fines for violations of drivers at pedestrian crossings

The head of the department sent instructions for inspectors to the regions, since traffic police officers sometimes understand traffic rules in their own way and write out incorrect fines for drivers. A copy of this document, signed by the head of the department, Mikhail Chernikov, had previously appeared on Telegram channels, and the Interior Ministry confirmed its authenticity to Kommersant.

“If the driver by his actions does not force the pedestrian, who has an advantage over him, to change the direction of movement or speed, the driver’s actions do not constitute an offense,” writes the head of the traffic police.

However, when detecting such violations, inspectors are advised to use video recordings or testimonies of pedestrians in order to “form an irrefutable evidence base,” Chernikov stressed.

Budgets of Russian regions for 2020-2021

Taking into account the support of the federal center, the revenues of the consolidated budgets of the regions will amount to 13.7 trillion rubles, which is 1% higher than last year. The forecast for expenditures for 2020 is 14.5 trillion rubles, or plus 7% compared to last year. The deficit, therefore, by the end of 2020 will amount to approximately 0.7 trillion rubles, in 2021 – 0.5 trillion. Such assessments were given in an interview to Izvestia by the First Deputy Minister of Finance Leonid Gornin

Share prices of all companies

The value of the entire Chinese stock market has surpassed the $ 10 trillion mark. This happened for the first time since 2015, when China’s stock market crashed, Bloomberg reports. According to the agency, in the period from March 2020, the Chinese stock market “went up” by $ 3.3 trillion

Kolesnikova refused to meet with Lukashenko in the KGB jail

Member of the Belarusian opposition Maria Kolesnikova was offered to take part in a meeting with President Alexander Lukashenko, which he held in the KGB pre-trial detention center. Kolesnikova refused, her lawyer Alexander Pylchenko said on the air of Ekho Moskvy

Karachentsov’s widow shared her retirement plans

The widow of actor Nikolai Karachentsov, Honored Artist of Russia Lyudmila Porgina said that she could travel around Europe if she received a pension of 150 thousand rubles. She shared her plans with “Interlocutor”, explaining that such a size of payments would be acceptable. The actress lamented that she was receiving an increase in her pension in the amount of 30 thousand rubles: “What to do if we have such a country”.

Cyprus to suspend citizenship in exchange for investment program

The Cypriot government will suspend the current citizenship program in exchange for investments in the island’s economy from November 1. This was stated by the official representative of the government of Cyprus Kyriakos Kousios, according to Reuters.

The court dismissed the case against the deceased Irina Slavina

In Nizhny Novgorod, the regional court dismissed the case on the dissemination of fake news (part 9 of article 13.15 of the Administrative Code), initiated in the summer against the editor of the online edition KozaPress Irina Slavina, who died in early October after self-immolation. Pavel Chikov, head of the Agora association, writes about this in his telegram channel. According to the lawyer of “Agora” Yevgeny Gubin, the case was dropped due to the death of Slavina.

The news, which became the subject of the lawsuit, was posted on the KozaPress website on March 24. The article was about the first person with coronavirus infection in the city of Kstovo. In June, the police opened an administrative case on fake news against Slavina, and in August the magistrate fined Slavina 65 thousand rubles.

“The facts of infection of residents of Kstov with coronavirus were subsequently officially confirmed by the authorities, but the court did not take this into account,” the message says.

Mishustin awarded Alexey Kudrin with Stolypin medal

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin awarded the II degree Stolypin medal to the head of the Accounts Chamber, Alexei Kudrin. He was honored for his great contribution to strengthening the system of state financial control and many years of diligent work, the government decree says.

Theft of money from the accounts of Russians doubled in 2020

Every fifth fact of theft in Russia is associated with the theft of funds from a bank account, follows from the data of the General Prosecutor’s Office, which Izvestia got acquainted with. In total, according to the results of January-August 2020, 107.2 thousand such incidents were detected, which is twice as much as last year’s figures.

Lukashenka called protesters “mordovorotov” who are paid for rallies

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko called the protesters in Minsk “mordovorotami” who are paid money for participating in rallies, they walk around to work it out, and then go to spend in a restaurant.

Minsk residents take to the streets after dispersal of pensioners’ march

Residents of Minsk came out to protest actions on the evening of October 12, they line up in a chain of solidarity. The portals Tut.by and Onliner report this. Earlier in the afternoon, a march of pensioners took place in the capital of Belarus, which was dispersed by security forces using flash and noise cartridges and tear gas.

EU agreed on a unified system of movement across borders within Schengen

The EU countries have agreed on a unified system for organizing the movement of people across borders within the Schengen area, based on the common European classification of the sanitary situation in all European countries, TASS reports, referring to the statement of the EU Council on general issues

The Belarusian opposition presented new demands to the authorities.

“In conditions when the regime is trying to split the Belarusian society,” the headquarters of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, Valery Tsepkalo and Viktor Babariko, the Coordination Council, and the BySol Solidarity Fund held an “emergency working meeting,” the press service of the Coordination Council (CC) said.

It is reported that the parties “agreed on a format for joint work to achieve all popular demands.”

“1. Conduct new open elections. 2. Investigate crimes of violence against peaceful Belarusians. 3. To release political prisoners, ”the opposition’s demands say.

Moscow will purchase one hundred new special vehicles for detainees

The Moscow Mayor’s Office will buy one hundred new transport vehicles worth 491 million rubles, the relevant documents are published on the government procurement website. Attention was drawn to them by MBH Media and Open Media. Customer – Traffic Management Center (DPC).

As follows from the tender documentation, it is planned to buy 35 vehicles designed for 20 detainees, the same amount – for 15, and another 30 vehicles for six detainees. At the same time, seven policemen should also fit in a car for 20 people; in a paddy wagon for 15 and six places – 12 and seven employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, respectively.

All paddy wagons should have video recorders and cameras inside – “for” monitoring police officers and detainees. ” The auction must be held on October 22nd, the winner must submit all cars by the end of 2020

The founder of the Dovgan brand was detained in the USA

American authorities have detained businessman German Lillevali, who is suspected in Russia of creating a financial pyramid. In the summer in Florida, a group of defrauded investors has already sued an entrepreneur for more than $ 32 million.

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya announced an ultimatum to Alexander Lukashenko

“The regime has 13 days to meet three mandatory requirements:

1. Lukashenka must announce his resignation.
2. Street violence must stop completely.
3. All political prisoners must be released, “says her Telegram channel.

“If our demands are not met by October 25, the whole country will peacefully take to the streets with the People’s Ultimatum. And on October 26, a national strike of all enterprises will begin, all roads will be blocked, sales in state stores will collapse. You have 13 days to fulfill three conditions. “, added Tihanovskaya.

Mitigate sentences for economic crimes

The Supreme Court of Russia proposed to mitigate punishment for 121 offenses, for which 85,219 people were involved last year. The corresponding draft amendments to the Criminal Code were approved by the plenum of the Supreme Court on October 13, the correspondent of Open Media reports.

The Supreme Court wants to introduce the institution of criminal misconduct and extend it to economic crimes of small and medium gravity. A misdemeanor is a new type of punishable act, an intermediate between a crime and an administrative offense. It is assumed that the court will be able to re-qualify crimes of medium gravity as misdemeanors and terminate the criminal case by imposing a fine or compulsory work, and the person involved in the case will avoid a mark of a criminal record in the biography