15 Oct, 2019

News digest for 10/14/2019

The Kurds made a deal with the Syrian government.

According to Reuters, the Kurds reached an agreement with the Syrian government in talks, which were held with the support of Russia, on joint opposition to the Turkish military operation “Source of peace”. This is reported by “al-Jazeera” with reference to the statement of the Kurdish Autonomous administration.

Sana news Agency writes that the Syrian government has sent troops to the North of the country to ” resist Turkish aggression.” Lebanese TV channel “al-Mayadin”, citing a Kurdish source, reports that the Kurds have opened all the checkpoints to advance the Syrian army.

Turkey has not ruled out a clash between the Turkish army and the Syrian

“If the Syrian army, which has so far failed to overcome the terrorist (in Turkey – ed.) organization YPG, seeking to divide Syria and create a separatist state, is preparing to fight with the Turkish army and is capable of it – then please,” – said Erdogan’s adviser Yasin Aktay.

Merkel’s successor made a statement about Crimea and Russia

The head of the Christian democratic Union (CDU) Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said that Germany wants to be in good neighborly relations with Russia, but in the situation with the entry of Crimea into the Russian Federation there are signs of violation of international law.

“Germany simply cannot remain silent. The violation remains a violation, and we should call it so, ” the politician said during a speech at the Congress of the Youth Union of Germany

Assistance to Syria to protect ethnic and religious minorities

President Donald Trump has ordered $ 50 million in stabilization aid to Syria to protect ethnic and religious minorities as well as protect human rights, the White house said in a statement.

“These funds will provide emergency financial assistance to Syrian human rights defenders, civil society organizations and will contribute to reconciliation efforts that directly support ethnic and religious victims of the conflict»

According to trump, the funds will also go to mine clearance and public safety. As indicated in the statement, Washington hopes that regional and international partners will also continue to contribute.

In Kursk dismantled ironic sculpture “Modern entrepreneur”.

The composition, on which the bronze entrepreneur is drawn to a bright future, which is hampered by a whole load of age-old problems: “Bureaucracy”, “Taxes”, “Loans”, “Approvals”, “Licenses”, “Corruption”, managed to gain popularity among kurians and guests of the region.

The mayor’s office explained that the sculptor interferes with the events.This case with a modern sculpture, previously installed in coordination with the administration, perhaps the first in Russia.



Israeli President Putin with a request to release Naama Issachar

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin via Twitter appealed to Vladimir Putin to release convicted of smuggling compatriot Naama Issachar.

“Naama made a huge mistake and repented of what she had done. But on the life of a girl without a criminal past, such a serious sentence will have a devastating impact.”

25-year-old Israeli woman was detained in the spring of this year in the transit zone of Sheremetyevo airport. The girl, who was flying from new Delhi to tel Aviv, had 9.6 grams of hashish with her. She was found guilty of drug smuggling and sentenced to seven and a half years in prison.


At an open day at Moscow state University, several students asked rector Sadovnichy why he did not comment on the high-profile case of graduate student Miftakhov. The students were escorted out of the hall by security. The detainees were taken to the MSU police Department, where they were released a few minutes later. They did not draw up protocols.


In London, protests by environmental activists.

Sit-ins. Police are making arrests. Finds out the identity of the detainees. One of those trapped in the police van is Belgian Princess Esmeralda. She participated in a sit-in of environmentalists in Trafalgar square. According to the Telegraph newspaper, the 63-year-old woman spent five hours in a police van. She was then released without charge.

Since the beginning of the year, Russia’s foreign debt has increased by $16.9 billion

Russia’s foreign debt in the 3rd quarter fell by $ 8.3 billion (-1.7%) to $472 billion.Since the beginning of the year, Russia’s foreign debt has increased by $16.9 billion (+3.7%). In real terms, the debt amounted to 29% of GDP vs. 28% of GDP at the end of 2018.

The main contribution to the reduction of external debt in the 3rd quarter was made by banks that reduced debt to the outside world by $6.6 billion (-8.2%). Since the beginning of the year, banks ‘ external debt has fallen by $ 10.5 billion (-12.4%). The corporate sector in the 3rd quarter also reduced debt: – $1.7 billion (-0.5%), since the beginning of the year the external debt of companies in the black: + $7.8 billion (+2.5%).

The main contribution to the growth of external debt this year continues to make the government, increased liabilities to non-residents by $19.6 billion (+32.2%), the bulk of this increase fell on OFZ.

The ratio of external debt to Central Bank reserves fell to a new historical low – 0.89.

Business grandmother of Russia

As found “Base”, according to the business registry ” Contour. Focus”, in August, the namesake of the mother of the head of the Department of transport of Moscow Maxim Liksutova, Nina Liksutova together with a certain Elena Tyurina established a company for the sale of products and tobacco “R. A. D. Group”.

Just a month before the registration of “R. A. D. Group”, on July 16, the pensioner received 33% in the clothing trading company “S. A.”. The share in this company was sold to her by entrepreneur Sergey Alexandrov, whose main business is in the field of IT-technologies. Before the transfer of shares NIN Listovoi he was the only owner of the company.

Sergey Alexandrov is the founder of the group of companies “Software product”, which makes software for the state Duma, the government and law enforcement agencies. Alexandrov’s “software product” is also one of the major contractors Of the Department of transport and its subordinate structures: since 2017, the company has received contracts for 1.25 billion rubles from the institutions supervised by Maxim Liksutov

The overall budget for the development of the “Digital economy” of Russia

It became known that the total budget for the development of technologies of the national program “Digital economy” is 1.118 trillion rubles. in Total, seven “roadmaps” have been developed»:

  • “Virtual reality technologies”, which will require 66.295 billion rubles, including 28.255 billion – from the Federal budget;
  • “Neurotechnologies and artificial intelligence” — 391.7 billion rubles, including 56.8 billion from the budget;
  • “Quantum technologies” — 51,13 billion rubles, including from the budget — 41,099 billion;
  • “New production technologies” — 145,343 billion rubles, including from the budget-68,935 billion;
  • “Components of robotics and sensors” 137.65 billion rubles, including from the budget-28.825 billion;
  • “Distributed registry systems” — 82.07 billion rubles, including from the budget-23.1 billion;
  • “Wireless communication technologies” — 244.16 billion rubles, including from the budget — 36 billion rubles.

Sanctions cut trade by $4 billion a month

Sanctions imposed on Russia by Western countries reduce trade by $4 billion a month, with almost half of the losses coming from those countries that have imposed these sanctions. This information is contained in the data of the study “Friendly fire: the Impact on trade of anti-Russian sanctions and counter-sanctions”, the authors of which are Matthieu Crozet of Linnan University in Hong Kong and Julian Hinz of the Kiel Institute of world economy.

Catalan leaders received 9 to 13 years in the case of independence of the region.

The Supreme court of Spain has sentenced nine Catalan leaders in connection with the organization of a referendum on the independence of the region in 2017. They were found guilty of mutiny and embezzlement.

The maximum 13 years in prison was received by the former Deputy head of the government of Catalonia Oriol Junqueras. Three more received 12 years, one-11.5, two-10.5 and two-nine years. The three defendants each received a year and eight months ‘ ban from certain activities.

The court’s decision stresses that Catalan leaders did not call for or participate in violent attempts to secede from Catalonia, but were aware that their actions could lead to clashes.

The mayor’s office rents office 17 times lower than the market price

The Central Cossack army (CCV), famous for the participation of its fighters in the dispersal of rallies, pays the Moscow city hall for the rent of half of the three-storey building in the center of the capital 783 rubles per square meter per year, found “Open media” from the documents of the Moscow arbitration court.

The minimum rental rate for non-residential premises owned by the city in Moscow is 3500 rubles per 1 sq. m. per year. Such rent can be paid, for example, by medical or educational institutions. For non-state museums, galleries, libraries, as well as religious organizations, the minimum preferential rate is 4500 rubles per square meter.

Far East fails social development plans

The far Eastern regions reported on the implementation of works on the “Single subsidy” for the first 9 months of 2019, failures of delivery are already available for 35 objects, according to DEITA. EN according to the materials of Ministry.

“Not all regions were ready for the fact that construction or reconstruction would begin in their territories at the same time. Often they do not have time to win back contracts, contractors fail, objects are not handed over in time,” commented the head of the Ministry of regional Development Alexander Kozlov.

In Rostrud told about the double payment of work on holidays

Pieceworkers for going to work on holidays should be paid at least double the rates, and for employees whose work is paid at tariffs – at least double the tariff rate. The employee at will can take instead of payment an extra day of rest. Russia’s place in the world in terms of reserves of certain types of natural resources.

85% of Russian families make homemade blanks

According to a survey conducted by VTSIOM, 85% of Russian families are engaged in harvesting homemade pickles, and in the villages their share reaches 93%. Home preparations are subsequently consumed by about 90% of the inhabitants of Russia. It is noteworthy that more than half of the respondents (52%) are engaged in rolling cans themselves. Only 9% of our citizens do not eat homemade preparations.

Among the reasons that force them to stock up on pickles for the winter, they call: it is tasty (38%), economical (35%), better than the blanks from the store (32%), useful (31%).

More than half of the respondents-64% claim that they use vegetables and fruits grown independently for home preparations. The most popular plants for creating home preparations were: tomatoes (73%), cucumbers (70%), cabbage (32%) and berries (24%).

Fictitious replacement of the overpass on Rublevka cost 1 billion rubles

More than a billion rubles was spent by the Moscow government on the fictitious replacement of the overpass in may-June 2019 on the Rublevsky highway, October 12, according to the website of the Unified information system “public Procurement” (EIS).

Almost half of uralians live without Central heating

Almost half of the residents of the Ural Federal district live in houses without Central heating. Such results are published by the Public opinion Foundation based on the results of its own survey. According to FOM, in the Ural Federal district, 54% of respondents have Central heating in their homes.

Putin instructed to compensate airlines for fuel costs

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to compensate airlines for kerosene because of the growing cost of jet fuel, it is said on the official website of the President. It is noted that Putin instructed to allocate funds from the reserve Fund of the government for compensation until November 1, 2019.

“To ensure the allocation in 2019 from the reserve Fund of the government of the Russian Federation of funds to compensate for the costs of airlines in connection with the increase in the cost of aviation fuel in 2018, — – stated in the order on the website of the Kremlin

The us military has patented a compact fusion reactor

Salvatore Cesar Pais, an engineer who had already patented superconductors and other inventions for the U.S. Navy, received a patent for a compact fusion reactor. With dimensions ranging from 0.3 to 2 meters in diameter it can generate 1 billion to 1 trillion watts

UK to implement Brexit on October 31

British Queen Elizabeth II on Monday, October 14, confirmed that the UK government will implement Brexit on October 31 and plans to develop a new partnership scheme with the European Union.

In Russia will allow the sale of prescription drugs over the Internet

This was told by a member of the state Duma Committee on health protection Alexander Petrov during the press conference “Medicines online: a vital option in the conditions of digitalization” held on October 10 in the press center of MIA “Russia today”. According to the Deputy, the law on regulation of trade in medicines through the Internet can be adopted in the autumn session.

The Ministry of health of Russia reported a reduction in passive Smoking by 40%

The share of passive Smoking in Russia has decreased by almost 40% due to the adopted anti-Smoking legislation. On October 13, Deputy Minister of health of the Russian Federation Oleg Salagay said on the radio station “Says Moscow”.

The government will oblige to open cellars for homeless animals

In autumn and winter Pets will not stay on the street. The Russian government will oblige to open basements of houses for homeless animals, it was reported in TASS with reference to the Cabinet of Ministers. According to the publication, the law will prescribe to leave open air vents (holes of natural ventilation).

The Ministry of Finance of Russia intends to simplify the lives of migrants

The Russian Finance Ministry plans to conduct an experiment through which citizens of Ukraine, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Moldova and Azerbaijan will be able to test the tax regime of the self-employed, Izvestia writes. Preferential tax (4-6%) can be useful to many migrant workers, because it will be more profitable for them than a fixed fee for a patent (about 4 thousand rubles each month).

Russia plans to raise taxes on small businesses

According to the draft law of the Ministry of economic development of Russia, the deflator coefficient for calculating the UTII can be increased from 1,915 to 2,009. The indicator for the trade fee is expected to increase from 1,317 to 1,382, and in the case of the patent system, it will increase from 1,518 to 1,592, RIA Novosti reported. At the same time, the coefficient 1.813 instead of 1.729 will be used in the calculation of personal income tax. In total, all coefficients will increase by 4.9%.

Food factories in Russia are recognized as the most harmful

Food companies were included in the list of the Ministry of natural resources, in which the Department indicated the enterprises that affect the environment most negatively. Because of this, producers of meat, dairy products, sugar, edible oils and fats can suffer multibillion-dollar losses.

“Since January 1, 2024, many large producers of dairy, meat, oil and fat products, sugar factories should be assigned to the first category in terms of negative impact. This will oblige the company, in particular, to pay a 100 percent rate of payment for negative impact when exceeding standards, “the newspaper” Kommersant ” reports.

Trade between Russia and China for nine months increased by 3.7%

Trade turnover between Russia and China in 2016 increased by 2.2% year-on-year and reached 69.52 billion dollars. In 2017, this figure increased by 20.8% to 84.07 billion dollars, in 2018-by 27.1%, exceeding 107 billion dollars.

Oreshkin spoke about the de dollarization of Russia’s trade with the EU

Russian Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin advocated the use of settlements in rubles and euros for transactions in the oil and gas sector. He said this in an interview with the Financial Times on Sunday.

“We have a very good currency. She’s stable. Why not use it for global transactions?”- said Oreshkin.

The Minister said that the popularity of Russian domestic bonds among foreign investors contributes to the implementation of the idea of energy exports in rubles.

Rich Russians have increased investments in the us national debt

Wealthy clients of the Russian “Citibank” increased investments in the US national debt, according to Bloomberg.

“Before, there was no demand for us government bonds at all, but now we see that people want to buy them in different forms,” Mikhail Znamensky, head of the Bank’s investment products and financial Advisory division, told the Agency.

The government is preparing a program to help the poorest regions of Russia

The government instructed Federal agencies to allocate the most important national projects in 10 lagging regions, to solve the most acute problems they will be allocated an additional 100 billion rubles for the next five years.

VTB will introduce fees for legal entities accounts in euros

VTB will not introduce commissions for servicing accounts in euros for individuals, but will introduce them for legal entities, first Deputy Chairman of the Board of VTB Dmitry Olyunin told reporters at the forum “Finopolis”, RBC reports. October 8 VTB announced the refusal to accept deposits in euros

China began to fulfill the terms of the trade deal

China has begun to comply with the terms of the new trade deal. This was written on Twitter by the President of the United States Donald trump. According to the head of the White house, Beijing has started purchasing American agricultural products.

China has already begun to buy agricultural products from our great Patriotic farmers. — Donald trump, 45th President of the United States

Russia to sign deal with Saudi Arabia on air travel

One of the biggest deals signed by Russia and Saudi Arabia during Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Riyadh on Monday will be in the field of aviation. The deal will amount to $ 700 million, the head of The Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF) Kirill Dmitriev told reporters.

Earlier, Denis Manturov, Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation, spoke about the interest in promoting the Sukhoi Superjet 100, MS-21 airliner and Be-200 amphibious aircraft to the UAE market.

Saudi Arabia opens the program ” Culture of Russia in Riyadh»

A number of exhibitions, concerts and screenings are timed to coincide with the beginning of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is reported on the website of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation.

In Yekaterinburg, migrants attacked the world champion in karate

In Yekaterinburg, four southerners tried to beat multiple world champion in karate Denis Kukharev and his colleague Alexei Kokovin. They insulted, blocked the way, offering to “talk”.

“We just wanted to leave. We are after two days of training, tired, after a hearty dinner. We were not up to showdowns, ” – said the karate.

In the end, the athletes quickly overpowered the attackers and handed them over to the police….

In the case of SB-Bank revealed multibillion-dollar fraud

As it became known to “Kommersant”, in the criminal case of embezzlement of funds from the Shipbuilding Bank (SB-Bank), a new episode appeared, the damage on which is almost 6 billion rubles. His defendant may be a former shareholder of this credit institution Andrei Vovchenko, who now lives in Canada. According to the investigation, it was on his instructions on the eve of revocation of the Bank’s license that fictitious transactions on alienation of assets of SB-Bank were carried out. In total, the debt of the credit institution to customers is more than 35 billion rubles.

Moscow authorities have suspended the issuance of land under reclamation “Sound»

The Ministry of housing and communal services of Moscow region has opposed the allocation of land to reclaim a “Sound”. Earlier, the court arrested the property of the operator of the landfill, and one of the owners of the landfill was a relative of the Director of the FSB of Russia. This follows from the minutes of the meeting held on September 13 in the Ministry of property relations of the Moscow region, which was reviewed by RBC.

The Russian foreign Ministry blamed the United States for the UN financial crisis

The Russian foreign Ministry accused the US of undermining the work of the United Nations (UN). Russian diplomats have called America’s main defaulter of the dues. This is stated on the website of the Department.

In “United Russia” allowed the merger with other political forces

“United Russia” allowed the possibility of creating a coalition with a new political force in the state Duma after the elections in 2021. This was told to journalists by a source in the leadership of the party.

Russia may revive production of nuclear train ” Barguzin»

Russia’s response to the us withdrawal from the INF TREATY and the possible deployment of medium-range missiles in Europe may be the restart of the project combat rail missile system (bzhrk) and strengthening aerospace defense on the Western borders of the country, said RIA Novosti on Friday, a military expert, editor-in-chief of the magazine “national defense” Igor Korotchenko.

Frigate of the French Navy to the shores of Cyprus

The frigate of the French Navy follows in the seventh sector of the gas field on the Cyprus shelf, where the Turkish drilling vessel “Yavuz”is conducting hydrocarbon exploration under the protection of Turkish warships. This was reported by the newspaper Cyprus Mail, citing the words of the Minister of national defense of Greece Nikos Panayotopoulos.

In September this year, the government of the Republic of Cyprus signed an agreement with the French company Total and the Italian company Eni on the development of the seventh sector of the field on the island’s shelf. However, in early October, Turkey sent its own drilling vessel to the sector, accompanied by warships.

Turkish air force RAID in Syria kills three foreign journalists

Planes attacked a convoy of cars near the town of RAS al-ain. In total, more than 11 civilians were killed and about a hundred people were injured. About it reports TV channel Al Mayadeen. According to him, the killed reporters represented English and French publications, they were sent to the war zone in the North-East of the Arab Republic.

New figures of the “Moscow case»

Investigators have come to new defendants in the so-called “Moscow case”, dedicated to a series of protests in the capital this summer. Searches took place at the Muscovite Danny Kulinich-his friend reports about it. Also investigators came with searches to 20-year-old Vladimir Emelyanov, 27-year-old Maxim Martintsev and 34-year-old Yegor Forest.

The last three, according to sources, are suspected of using force against police officers and the Federal Guard on Rozhdestvenka street during one of the actions. Immediately after the search, the new defendants were taken for questioning to the Investigative Committee.

Cashless transactions

Experts named the countries that will be the first to get rid of cash. Russia ranks 7th in this ranking.


Changing oxygen levels will help in the fight against cancer

The Nobel prize in physiology or medicine in 2019 was awarded to William Kelin, Gregg Semenza and sir Peter Ratcliffe. They were investigating how cells adapt to lack of oxygen.

According to Dmitry Zharkov, head of the laboratory of genomic and protein engineering of the Institute of chemical biology and fundamental medicine of the SB RAS, if you learn to regulate the amount of oxygen, you can fight different diseases.

“When oxygen is unevenly distributed throughout the body, it is extremely important to regulate the processes that use it, “Zharkov was quoted as saying by Science in Siberia.

According to him, when the oxygen content in mammals is low, the kidneys release erythropoietin into the blood — a hormone that stimulates the production of new red blood cells to transport oxygen. But exactly how cells feel the abundance of oxygen has long been unknown.

Russia and China celebrated the 70th anniversary of relations with an international ball in Beijing

Representatives of diplomatic and political circles, business and the General public of Russia and China celebrated the 70th anniversary of the establishment of official bilateral relations (October 2) and the 70th anniversary of China (October 1) by holding a Grand international ball.

GeForce now streaming games are now available on Android

GeForce Now is designed to provide a rich gaming environment for one billion computers that do not have enough power to run games locally. The new initiative significantly expands the target audience thanks to the emergence of support for flagship smartphones running Android.

Huawei has set another record for the speed of commercial networks 5G

According to sources, Huawei recently conducted a 5g network speed test in Zurich. The result was a record for commercial networks of the fifth generation-3.67 Gbit / s. the Operator in this case is the company Sunrise.

The Communist party of China was convicted of hacking the phones of 100 million users

The Chinese Patriotic app “Study a great nation”, installed on the phones of more than 100 million residents of the country, was accused of secretly spying on users. It is reported by the Washington Post.

Found a link between slow walking and early aging of the brain

Researchers at Duke University in North Carolina said that slow walking is associated with impaired brain function and early degradation, usually seen in aging

CRISPR will be used to fight viruses

American researchers have programmed CRISPR to destroy human RNA viruses. The new method was given the name CARVER, the main purpose of which is the diagnosis and treatment of existing and emerging new viral infections

Carbon dioxide reduces productivity

The loss of productivity, according to experts, will lead to extremely high temperatures caused by carbon dioxide emissions.

“Genomic immunity” was discovered thanks to a virus infecting koalas

Scientists from China, Australia and the United States report the discovery of a “second immune system” – a mechanism that suppresses the development of retroviruses. Although it has only been found in koalas so far, researchers believe that “genomic immunity” should occur in all mammals. In the distant future, an open system of “genomic immunity” may become the basis for the creation of new means of combating HIV.

Moonlight to immobilize the victim

As Swiss researchers were able to establish, thanks to the dazzling white feathers on the chest and the moonlight that is reflected from them at night, barn owls manage to neutralize a potential victim, driving her into a stupor. Mice are frightened by huge white birds and freeze, making them easy prey.

Memory allows women to win arguments with men

Scientists believe that women defeat men in disputes due to better episodic memory. This feature allows ladies to remember small details, and then masterfully operate them during discussions.

Left-handedness has been linked to differences in the genome and brain structures

Akira Wiberg of Oxford University and his colleagues conducted the first large-scale study of left-handedness. As it turned out, left-handers have a much stronger connection between the speech centers of different hemispheres, this is typical for people with schizophrenia, and those who suffer from auditory hallucinations. Also, scientists have found that left-handedness can be inherited.

Daytime sleep leads to reduced risk of disease

Researchers have found that a NAP at the weekend reduces the risk of heart attack in half. In the course of a new large-scale scientific work, the scientists analyzed the data that had accumulated as a result of a large project on factors of cardiovascular diseases.

NASA engineer came up with an engine for interstellar travel

Engineer David burns of the space flight Center. NASA’s Marshall offered a creative alternative to the classic liquid-fuel engines. Its development is a massive engine in the form of a spiral driven by a particle accelerator. Burns calls this device a ” spiral motor.” The idea presented in the slide series can be found on the Agency’s technical reports server.

“This space engine could be used for long missions of satellite stations without refueling. It can also move spacecraft to interstellar distances at near-light speeds, ” burns says in his proposal

Russian heavy lunar Rover will be created digitally for the first time

The Russian heavy lunar Rover, which is planned to be sent closer to 2030, will be created not only in “iron”, but also in digital form-its digital model will be built, the press service of the developer of the Rover NPO Lavochkin told RIA Novosti.

NASA announces next-generation spacesuit for Artemis missions

The plan is to send American astronauts to the moon by 2024 as part of the Artemis program, so the space Agency is developing a more advanced space suit for the next generation of landing missions.

Flash in the center of the black hole system are presented in a new video

An international team of astronomers using state-of-the-art cameras has created a high-frame-rate video showing the growing black hole system with unprecedented levels of detail.



Hubble caught the milky Way in the theft of intergalactic gas

It is assumed that the gas can come from the intergalactic environment: in particular, the milky Way can take away from its satellite galaxies gas reserves, using its gravitational field.

Black holes inhibit the growth of dwarf galaxies

Astronomers at the University of California, riverside have found that powerful winds driven by supermassive black holes in the centers of dwarf galaxies have a significant impact on the evolution of these galaxies, suppressing the formation of stars

NASA reported the approach of eight asteroids to Earth

Eight asteroids, one of which has a diameter of about 140 meters, will fly near our planet over the next four days. This is reported by The center for the study of near-earth objects (CNEOS). The largest celestial body will approach Earth at a distance of 6.8 million kilometers on Thursday at 23: 07 (GMT).

Porsche to release electric Macan on Taycan platform

Porsche will release an electric version of the Macan model using the Taycan platform and technology. This is reported by the media with reference to the top Manager of the company Julian Baumann

Bentley made a presentation of the new specification Flying Spur

The last version of the model was called Black Line. This specification is a styling package that is available on other models belonging to this brand. Sedan version of the Blackline acquired wheels made of light alloys, equipped with three spokes and having a diameter of 21 inches. In addition, a number of components were made with dimming. In particular, the dark tones differ radiator grille, rear-view mirrors on the sides and the traditional statuette, characteristic of this brand

Track electric Roadster without roof and doors

Kinetik Automotive company from Bulgaria presented its first model-electric Speedster Kinetik 07, built on Caterham chassis. The presentation of the new product was held at a special event in the capital of Bulgaria Sofia