17 Oct, 2019

News digest for 10/16/2019

Life by special laws

The Ministry of Finance proposed to allocate Russian companies and businessmen included in the sanctions lists in a special category and apply to them “special provisions of the legislation”. The relevant document is published on the portal of draft regulations.

It is assumed that special rules in the field of currency regulation and control, as well as information disclosure will apply to persons involved in the sanctions lists.

The interior Ministry offered to sell “beautiful” rooms through the portal of public services

The Ministry suggests that on the website of public services it was possible to choose “beautiful” numbers with repeated numbers, letters and any other available numbers. The interior Ministry proposes to charge a higher fee for the choice of rooms, said the head of the Supervisory activities of the state traffic Inspectorate of the interior Ministry of Russia Roman Mishurov.

The Ministry of economic development has previously proposed that “beautiful” numbers sold at auctions on the Internet. The interior Ministry opposes this.

“We must start with the fact that it did not turn out that some quick Vasya bought everything, and then quickly sold it 10-40 times more expensive,” said Roman Mishurov.

Journalists “Project,” reported the threats after publishing articles about Russian mercenaries

Roman badanin, the editor-in-chief of the Project, said that the journalists of the publication were threatened because of articles about Russian mercenaries and political strategists allegedly connected with Yevgeny Prigozhin. Their accounts in social networks are trying to hack, some are being watched. Representatives of Prigogine invited journalists to contact the police

Petersburgers complained to the police about inappropriate curtains hanging in the apartment of neighbors

Vigilant citizens saw the propaganda of homosexuality in the multicolored curtains hanging in the children’s room. The police, who carried out the inspection, issued a warning to the owners of the apartment.

Nine years lived in the basement, waiting for the end of the world

Police in the Netherlands have discovered a family who have been living in a basement on an isolated farm for at least nine years, waiting for the end of the world. The 58-year-old man and five people aged between 18 and 25 were found in the house, located near the village of Reinerwold in the province of Drenthe in the North-East of the country. People who were on the farm had no contact with the outside world and ate food grown in the garden. There was also a goat on the farm.

The family, who live in the basement, became aware after one of the occupants of the house, a 25-year-old man, came to a bar in Reinerwold, ordered five Beers and asked for help and that he did not want to continue living as he is now. Then the police arrived at the scene, which took the visitor.

Ukraine is ready to fulfill the political part of the Minsk agreements

Ukraine is ready to fulfill the political part of the Minsk agreements only after the dissolution of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics and the withdrawal of troops on the contact line in the Donbass, said the press Secretary of the representative of Kiev in the contact group on Donbass Leonid Kuchma Daria olifer.

To implement the” political bloc ” of the Minsk agreements, it is also necessary to completely stop the shootings, provide the OSCE SMM with conditions for monitoring throughout Ukraine, as well as the withdrawal of “armed formations of foreign troops and military equipment”from the country.

Europe began through its satellites to disable equipment sold to Russia.

Gazprom has faced a forced shutdown of Austrian LMF compressors. They were turned off “remotely”, and now these compressors “are dead weight, do not work until now.” “Remotely via satellite is disabled, just turned into scrap metal,” Gazprom said.

Now instead of foreign it is planned to buy mobile modular compressor stations of the Russian production which as the Deputy Chairman of Board of “Gazprom” Vitaly Markelov declared surpass all foreign analogs in everything, judging by the provided information of the Kazan plant. He added that the Russian sample can be adopted to replace the LMF installation.

The head of Novocherkassk was arrested on suspicion of taking a bribe

Igor Zyuzin was sent to jail for three days. Previously appears the amount of bribes 2.6 million rubles. In custody is the first Deputy city Manager Sergei Basakevich, dismissed from office in connection with the loss of confidence, because he was also caught on a bribe. Earlier Zyuzin held a post of the mayor of Zverevo where the ex-Deputy head of administration also went on trial for a bribe more than 2 million rubles.

Almost a third of the Russian population participates in the shadow labor market

The share of Russians employed in the shadow economy has declined over the past two years, a study by Ranepa showed.

According to the study, if in 2017 the share of Russians employed in various forms in the labor market informally for one year was 44.8%, in 2019 it fell to 32.5%. According to Ranepa, now “in the shadows” work about 25 million people.

In the Tula city Duma Deputy from United Russia officially opened the dryer

“Tula asked the Deputy to assist in the organization of a platform for drying clothes. The wish was fulfilled in a short time: with the assistance of Oleg Pogorelov, two sets of special equipment, so necessary for the residents of the first floors, were manufactured and installed.”

“two sets of special equipment” are two ordinary pieces of iron

Residents of Novoaltaysk rallied against the closure of the only maternity hospital in the city

Hundreds of people attended the rally in Novoaltaysk. The organizers opposed the closure of the city’s only maternity hospital and said that now “we should expect the collapse of the education system, “write” Siberia.Realities.» One of the organizers of the protest, local MP Dmitry Grishin said that residents believe the closure of the hospital targeted the destruction of the health care system of the city.

Slavery in the world

In the world, approximately 40.3 million men, women and children are victims of modern slavery.
The governments most active in combating modern slavery are the Netherlands, the United States and the United Kingdom. North Korea, Libya and Eritrea are taking the least action.

“Brotherly friendship” – Russia and Ukraine

As the joint study of the Russian “Levada center” and the Ukrainian KIIS shows.

Russians have improved their attitude to Ukrainians over the year: 56% claim that they treat the residents of Ukraine well and even very well (maximum since 2014), against 34% a year earlier. Those, on the contrary, began to treat neighbors worse,

Ukrainians to the Russians is not much, but cooled: 54% declared a good and very good attitude against 57% in 2018.

In Russia, significantly – from 55% to 31% – decreased the number of those who are bad about Ukraine, there it grew from 27% to 35%.

“Volkswagen” produces not only cars

The German firm “Volkswagen” is known mainly for its cars, but few people know that they are not quantitatively the largest part of its products. After the Second world war, Volkswagen built a pig-breeding complex to feed its employees, where sausages and sausages were made.

And so far, the company produces 6.3 million sausages and 1.5 million sausages a year, which are sold to employees of its factories, but also delivered to 11 countries (car production-about 6.2 million per year).

Pobeda raises the prices of flights to Russia by an average of 40%

Tickets for flights of the low-cost airline Pobeda from foreign airports to Russia will rise in price by 25 euros. This will happen from the beginning of winter navigation on October 28, 2019, said the representative of “Victory” Elena Selivanova. The carrier is forced to include in the ticket price the cost of registering customers at foreign airports, she added. 25 euros at the rate of the Central Bank on October 16 are approximately 1800 rubles. “Victory” executes the decision of the Moscow city court, continues Selivanova.

The average price of a one-way ticket On international lines last winter season was 4,500 rubles, she continues. Thus, tickets will rise in price by an average of 40% – this is an unprecedented high one-time growth.

Named regions of Russia with the highest prices for bread

The highest prices for bread in Russia are recorded in St. Petersburg, and the lowest-in Perm and Nizhny Novgorod. This is reported in the study of the IT company “Evotor”.

In addition, experts said that in the period from September 2018 to September 2019, rye bread rose the most: by 20% at an average price of 36 rubles. The average price of wheat bread for the same period decreased by 4% – to 27 rubles.

In August, Rosstat reported that in the first seven months of 2019, the cost of bread and bakery products in Russia increased by 7.7% compared to the same period in 2018.

In Russia will be banned to drive new cars without numbers

Drivers of new cars in Russia from 2020 will be obliged to install a license plate on the day of purchase. This was reported by the head of the Department of supervision of the state traffic Inspectorate of the Ministry of internal Affairs Roman Mishurov. According to him, the Federal law “on state registration of vehicles”comes into force on January 1.

Electronic cigarettes will make more attractive for Russians

Manufacturers of e-cigarettes, vapes and tobacco heating systems may be given the right to write on the packaging about the advantages of their products over tobacco products. That is, to indicate that it is less harmful than cigarettes. A similar proposal was developed by the Eurasian economic Commission.

Emergency medical care is planned to be provided without the consent of the patient

It is noted that this will only require the approval of a senior doctor. If the bill is adopted, the list of persons who decide on medical intervention without the consent of the citizen, will include a medical worker appointed by the senior visiting ambulance crew.

In the explanatory note to the document, it is noted that in the conditions of emergency medical care, it is difficult to determine the degree of the patient’s ability to understand and realize the significance of his actions, including the refusal to intervene

Chuvashia will add 10 billion rubles to solve acute economic problems

As part of the implementation of the individual program for the development of Chuvashia in the next five years, the Federal budget is expected to allocate an additional 10 billion rubles to solve the “most acute problems”.

Experts have calculated the damage from non-compliance with labor standards

Due to non-compliance with labor protection standards, the Russian economy lost 1.67 trillion rubles, or 1.6% of GDP, by the end of 2018. Such data are presented in the materials of the Institute of labor, which were reviewed by “Izvestia”.

A journalist from Tokyo urged Russia to recognize the defeat of Japan in 1945 as a mistake

In August-early September 1945 was held Manchurian strategic offensive operation of Soviet troops to defeat the Japanese Kwantung army, the liberation of North‑Eastern and Northern provinces of China (Manchuria and Inner Mongolia), the Liaodong Peninsula, Korea, the liquidation of the bridgehead of aggression and a major military and economic base of Japan on the Asian continent.

Trump’s rival accused the US of using ” al-Qaeda»*

Democratic presidential contender Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard said that the country’s authorities are using the terrorist group “al-Qaeda” * (*- banned in Russia) in the fight against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The US can not take out nuclear bombs from Turkey because of the war in Syria

The US is having difficulty removing 50 B61 thermonuclear bombs from Turkey’s Incirlik air base. The threat of weapons falling into the” wrong hands “is minimal, but heavy C-17 transport planes cannot fly in”unstable regions” according to instructions. The bombs became known as ” Erdogan’s hostages.”

Turkish army launched an offensive on the Syrian Manbij

The Turkish army, with the support of loyalist forces launched an offensive on the Syrian town of Manbij. The town is a key settlement controlled by Kurdish radicals, A Haber TV reported.

Syrian army comes under air attack near Manbij

In the suburbs of Manbij, warplanes attacked and completely destroyed a convoy of military equipment of government troops. The National coalition of opposition and revolutionary forces (NCORC) noted that the affiliation of the fighters could not be established, Bloomberg reported.

The military police of the Russian Federation conducted its first patrols in Manbij

Russian military police conducted patrols in Manbij for the first time. On the eve of the Syrian army took control of the city. Detour of streets carried out on the armored car “Tiger”.

Putin invited Erdogan to Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a telephone conversation invited to Russia Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan, the press service of the Kremlin

“Putin invited Erdogan to visit Russia in the coming days with a working visit. The invitation has been accepted, ” the statement reads.

Erdogan said about alternatives to f-35 fighters

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara receives proposals for the supply of military aircraft instead of American fifth-generation f-35 fighters. In addition, Turkey has the opportunity now to buy alternative aircraft, he told reporters on the plane, returning from a working trip to Azerbaijan.

“We have ready alternatives. There are places where we can already buy now and offers are still coming, ” NTV quoted Mr Erdogan as saying.

The us house of representatives supported the protesters in Hong Kong

The us house of representatives has passed resolutions aimed at supporting protesters in Hong Kong. This was reported on the page of the chamber on Twitter.

In one of the resolutions, the congressmen call for a ban on the issuance of licenses for the export of some military products and services to various security agencies in Hong Kong, such as the police, the Department of corrections and the flight service of the island government.

The second resolution condemns Chinese interference in Hong Kong Affairs and supports the right of the people of the region to protest, and recognizes bilateral relations between the United States and Hong Kong.

According to the third resolution, the US Secretary of state will be required to annually assess the special status of Hong Kong, as well as to check whether China used the status of the region in order to circumvent export controls and us sanctions.

I erected a monument to myself …

According to the telegram channel “Protest Russia”, Pavel Gorchakov was a major chief in the interior Ministry. Now-Deputy of the legislative Assembly of the Vologda region from the party “United Russia”. A couple of days ago in the presence of the guard of honor and the priest he solemnly opened the plaque to himself


Basmanny district court of Moscow arrested for two months a new person involved in the “Moscow case” Vladimir Emelyanov, who is accused of using violence against a police officer (part 1 of article 318 of the criminal code).


Rosneft will borrow 15 billion rubles to pay interest on debts.

On Thursday, October 17, Russia’s largest mining company will offer investors 10-year bonds of the 002P-09 series worth at least 15 billion rubles, a source in the financial market told Interfax. Applications will be collected from 11.00 to 15.00 Moscow time. The company focuses potential buyers on the yield not higher than 7.15% per annum (the rate of the first coupon).

As during the previous July bond offering, Rosneft needed the money on the eve of large debt payments. On October 21, the company must repay interest payments on 10 bond issues totaling 10.2 billion rubles, according to the Moscow Exchange. On October 31, it is necessary to pay another tranche of coupons for 1.72 billion rubles.

UAE entered into the share capital of the manufacturer Aurus

“We welcome the entry of our Emirati friends into the share capital of the company-manufacturer of Executive cars Aurus”, – said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

At the end of August, the head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov said that the Ministry is negotiating the possibility of organizing the Assembly of Aurus SUVs in the UAE at the turn of 2021-2022 with the aim of their further distribution in the region.

The BBC has compiled an annual list of the one hundred most influential women in the world

The British media Corporation ” BBC ” has compiled an annual list of one hundred most influential women in the world. It included FBK lawyer Lyubov Sobol and Swedish eco-activist Greta Thunberg. The list of the most influential women also included, in particular, 13 athletes, 18 scientists, 17 women from the field of art, 14 people whose activities are somehow connected with the protection of the environment. There are 14 American and 11 British women on the list. More than half of the women in it are from Asia and Africa.

The Ministry of education and science has come up with new disciplines

Officials proposed to completely rewrite the list of scientific specialties in which degrees are awarded. The representative of the academic “July 1 Club “told” Open media ” that the new classification is made completely unprofessional-even in the Middle ages it would have been laughed at.

Astronomy and geography disappeared as separate Sciences from the classifier. At the same time, “Theology”is taken to a higher level, which generalizes the different directions of science. In addition, officials came up with new types of Sciences: “telecommunications” (referred to as natural Sciences) and “medical services”. According to him, the main problem is that “the division was made, but it was not discussed with anyone, including the Presidium of the RAS”.

“We wrote only about those disciplines that we noticed by studying on the go. If more professionals were watching, it would probably have more questions emerged,” — the expert adds.

Scientists say that because of changes in the classifier, forgotten areas of science may begin to have problems with funding

Number of security forces in Russia

The maintenance of law enforcement agencies in Russia takes 30% of budget expenditures ~ 5390 billion rubles. In Russia, 6.5 million people are associated with law enforcement agencies, plus another 2 million work in security companies, which totals 11% of the economically active population.


The UN special Rapporteur declared on psychological torture against Assange

According to Melzer, who visited Assange with medics in a British prison in may this year, the Wikileaks founder has been subjected to “psychological torture” for a long time, and under the Convention against torture, the countries that have been responsible for his fate in recent years should conduct an investigation.

Russian guard armed with lie detectors

As it became known “Kommersant”, deputies of the state Duma together with representatives of Rosgvardiya prepared a bill, according to which its powers in the field of ensuring its own security are significantly expanded. The Agency will hire only after testing candidates with a polygraph, and the order and forms of internal inspections will be determined by the head of Rosgvardiya Viktor Zolotov.

The us Congress postponed the vote on the impeachment of trump

The speaker of the house of representatives of the us Congress Nancy Pelosi said that Democrats are delaying a vote to allow the impeachment procedure of us President Donald Trump

The Kremlin is discussing the creation of a “green” party

The Russian presidential administration is discussing the possibility of creating a “green” party to work with the environmental agenda, RBC reports, citing sources. The option of involving parliamentary parties — in particular, United Russia or Just Russia-in this topic is also being considered»

The US was intercepted by Turkish fighter jets over Syria

According to him, the incident occurred due to the fact that the Turkish planes involved in the operation “Source of peace” in Northern Syria, too close to the US military, which are located in this part of the country. After that the Turkish fighters left the zone of deployment of the American military

The defense Ministry will collect from the pilot 12 million rubles for the broken old plane

The Russian defense Ministry wants to receive from the captain of the air force compensation for the accident of the military transport aircraft An-26. The fault of the flight technician-instructor put that he did not control the action of the cadet practicing landing, whose mistake led to the destruction of the aircraft during landing.

With claims to the instructor, the war Ministry appealed to the Saratov garrison military court. The damage from the accident of an-26, which collapsed when landing at the Balashov airfield on may 30, 2017, the plaintiffs estimated at 12.2 million rubles.

The first batch of new “Buk-M3” entered service with the CVO troops

“The first complexes” Buk-M3″ entered service with the air defense forces of the district, ” – said the commander of the Central military DISTRICT Colonel-General Alexander Lapin

The American destroyer “porter” entered the Black sea

It is known that the destroyer sailed through the southern part of the black sea to the base in Spain. The ship was returning from a routine operation in Turkey and Bulgaria. This was told by the commander of the sixth us fleet Lisa Franchetti.

“The destroyer demonstrates our commitment to freedom of navigation and to NATO allies and partners in the Black sea,” said commander Vice Admiral Lisa Franchetti.

In Russia began the exercises of Regardie

“In accordance with the plan of training of troops, in the period from 15 to 17 October, under the leadership of the commander-in-chief of the national guard of the Russian Federation, army General Viktor Zolotov, an operational and tactical exercise will be held,”the source said.

During the exercise resguardar will work out the issues of ensuring public and state security, as well as the problem of dealing with illegal armed groups and terrorist groups.

Rallies against “foreign occupation” held in Syria»

In the city of raqqa and a number of settlements of the province of Deir ez-Zor rallies were held “against foreign occupation”. This was announced by the head Of the center for reconciliation of the warring parties in the SAR, major General Alexei Bakin.

The trailer for the new “Dr. Doolittle” with Robert Downey Jr.

Published the first trailer for the new film about Dr. Doolittle, the role of which is played by the star of” the Avengers ” Robert Downey Jr. The film, called “the Amazing story of Dr. Doolittle,” tells the story of a doctor who treated animals and understood their language



Natalie Portman to be Thor in new Marvel trilogy

American actress Natalie Portman will play Thor in the film” Thor: Love and thunder ” marvel universe. Portman’s character named Jane foster in the first films was an astrophysicist. In the new film, she will gain the powers of the thunder God and be able to lift his hammer Mjolnir, Variety reports.

“Brothers in arms” and “Pacific” will have a sequel

Following the hbo miniseries “Brothers in arms” (2001) and “Pacific” (2010), the star Duo will produce a new TV show, which will be called” Masters of the Air ” (Masters of the Air).

In Moscow, the ballet theater La Classique will present the ballet ” Giselle»

The Moscow ballet theater of classical choreography La Classique will perform on Sunday on the stage of the Moscow Crocus city hall ballet “Giselle” accompanied by an orchestra conducted by Yaroslav Tkalenko, according to the official website of the concert venue.

The Korean production of the play “the lower depths” Gorky, will open the festival

The performance based on Maxim Gorky’s play “at the bottom” of the Korean theater “Mulkel” will open the IX theater festival. M. Gorky reports 14 October correspondent IA Red Spring.

Ferris wheel engineer Ferris released ” Partykiller»

The album, which includes 10 tracks, was released on October 13, 2019. The presentation of the record will take place on October 25 on the veranda of the club “Chinese pilot jao Da”. This evening the team will not only present “Partykiller”, but also celebrate its 12th birthday.

Published the second trailer for the remake of ” Lady and Vagrants»

American film Studio Disney showed the second trailer of the new game remake of the cartoon “Lady and the Tramp”. It is reported that the premiere of the expected picture will be held on November 12. But you can only watch it on Disney’s streaming platform



An exhibition of works by Yoko Ono opens in Moscow

See the works of the Japanese artist for 60 years of work can be in the Moscow Museum of modern art from October 15, reports “Russia 24”. The famous “Instructions”, which throughout her life was the artist, occupy a large part of the exhibition

The Saratov Conservatory will play a day without a break

For Saratov residents will perform: pop Symphony orchestra “Bright Light”, ensemble of ancient music “Eleanor”, Brandt Brass ensemble, Symphony orchestra of the Conservatory, percussion ensemble Crash-band, folk instruments ensemble “LEL”, folk choir and folk orchestra, as well as the bishops ‘ men’s choir of the Saratov Metropolis and the Volga chamber orchestra.

The Rasmus will celebrate the 15th anniversary of the album Dead Letters tour

In 2019, the Rasmus will embark on a European anniversary tour to mark the 15th anniversary of the album’s release.

The Italian project of Bad Sector

Italian sound experimenter Massimo Magrini returns to St. Petersburg with his project Bad Sector. The performance will be held on October 18 at the MOD club



Sberbank and Microsoft will train robots for the banking sector

Sberbank and the research division of Microsoft Research launched a program of joint research in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics. Partners using AI will train robots to help workers in the banking sector, the companies said.

Razer unveils first Blade 15 laptop with optical keyboard

Among the new technologies that were used in the Razer Blade 15 laptop was a keyboard with optical keys. The optical keyboard captures the keystroke through an infrared sensor, while retaining mechanical parts that provide tactile feedback.

As for the Razer Blade 15 laptop, it will be offered with an Intel Core i7-9750H processor, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 video card and 16 GB of RAM. SSD drive will install 512 GB. The 15.6-inch display in the new product has a Full HD resolution and a refresh rate of 240 Hz. The cost of the Razer Blade 15 is 2 649 dollars. The company said that in 2020, the optical keyboard will receive other models of laptops

LG launched the sale of IPS-monitor LG Ultra Gear 27GL850

27-inch ultragear monitor with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology supports HDR10. The refresh rate of the novelty is 144 Hz with the possibility of overclocking up to 175 Hz, and the screen resolution is QHD (2560 x 1440). Model 27GL850 received 2 HDMI ports, one DP and three USB 3.0.

The startup introduced a gadget to replace the keyboard and mouse

Tap introduced a device called Tap Strap 2, which is a series of rubber rings with sensors. With its help, the user can send commands and control any digital devices with gestures, reports “high-Tech”.

Now Tap Strap 2 can be integrated with devices that run on iOS, Windows, Android and Linux. Connection to the basic equipment is via Bluetooth.

In Windows 10, you can no longer remove the branded browser

Microsoft removed from the Windows 10 operating system the ability to remove the Edge browser based on the chromium engine. It is reported that the ability to delete the browser disappeared in Windows 10 version 1903 with the number 18362.418

China increases censorship: face ID will be needed to access the Internet

Users who have not passed the test will not be able to use the Internet. At the moment, there are 854,000,000 people in China. China will be the first country to need face ID to make calls and surf cyberspace.

Man transplanted the skin of a genetically modified pig

In the United States of America, in the burn center at the Massachusetts hospital, specialists for the first time carried out a successful operation on a new method of treating burns in humans. During the experimental operation, the patient was transplanted skin from a pig in which genes were edited.

Artificial intelligence has developed a new material

A team of scientists at the California Institute of technology has created artificial intelligence that uses machine learning to predict the properties of future materials and program their structure. As the authors explain, the most important aspect of their research was not the specific material created, but the possibility of reaching previously unchanged areas of materials science with the help of machine learning.

The mechanism of the explosion of lithium batteries managed to suppress

Chemists from the United States have found out how inside lithium batteries there are so-called “whiskers” – microscopic threads of lithium metal that cause short circuits and provoke the explosion of the battery. This will help create completely safe batteries, the scientists write in the journal Nature Nanotechnology.

“We did not just want to suppress the growth of individual “whiskers”, but to understand what exactly generates them, and eliminate the common cause of their appearance. I hope that our discovery will force the whole community to look at this problem differently and find new ways to deal with it, ” said one of the authors of the work, Chunmin Wang from the northwestern National laboratory in Richland (USA).

Scientists have discovered the secret ability of mucus to kill bacteria.

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology have discovered the secret ability of mucus. According to biophysicist Katarina Ribbeck, the human body is able to allocate about a liter of mucus per day. For a long time, scientists believed that mucus is not needed by the human body. But it is this material that resists dangerous microorganisms. Sugars, which are in its composition, are able to suppress antagonistic microbial manifestations. Thanks to the mucus lubricates the esophagus, sperm can penetrate the cervix, and the tissues of the nose are protected.

NASA has presented spacesuits for flights to the moon and Mars

The new spacesuit for going outside the ship does not have the lightning and cables that astronauts have previously complained about. It is also better protected from radiation and lunar dust, RIA Novosti quoted the head of NASA Jim Brandenstein

SpaceX is going to place in orbit 30 thousand satellites

The American company SpaceX intends to place an additional 30 thousand satellites in the orbit of the Earth as part of the Starlink project. The relevant information was published on the portal SpaceNews with reference to the words of the representative of the International telecommunication Union, reports TASS.

Scientists have grown crops on the “Martian” and “lunar” soil

Researchers from Wageningen University in the Netherlands seeded ten different crops with samples of the model soil of Mars and the moon developed by NASA. An article about this was published in the journal Open Agriculture. The colonization of Mars and the moon is becoming increasingly real.

Relativity Space plans to print rockets directly on Mars

The main task of Relativity Space is to automate and reduce the cost of rocket production. To do this, the startup uses 3D printers working with metal.

Scientists have established the age of the oldest glaciers on the moon

Planetary scientists at brown University in Providence conducted a so-called census of craters at the moon’s South pole. This helped scientists determine the age of the ice, which is hidden in the dark corners of the moon. According to experts, the oldest water on the moon may be about 4 billion years old.

The flowering of life on Earth was associated with a giant asteroid

Astronomers from Lund University in Sweden have found traces of a space disaster that caused an ice age on Earth 470 million years ago. Climate change has led to the flowering of new species of living creatures, according to Science Advances.

According to scientists, at that time in the Solar system there was a giant asteroid, three thousand times larger than the one that destroyed the dinosaurs. Approaching the orbit of Mars, it crashed into another cosmic body, causing huge clouds of dust. They were so large that they reached the Ground and shielded it from the sunlight.

First known exoplanet with rain and water clouds discovered

Water vapor in the atmosphere of planet K2 18b has been detected by both space telescopes and simulations, and it may be the first planet orbiting a distant star with liquid water necessary for life in our view.