18 Oct, 2019

News digest for 10/17/2019

Turkey and the US have agreed to suspend military operations in Syria for 120 hours.

Pence said that the talks in Turkey reached important agreements on Syria:

  • Turkey to halt military operation to allow Kurdish YPG forces access to safe zone within 120 hours;
  • Turkey will finally complete the military operation after the withdrawal of Kurdish formations, which the United States will contribute to;
  • The US and Turkey agreed to coordinate the work of the centers where the detained is militants are located;
  • Trump is ready to withdraw economic sanctions imposed on Ankara as the cease-fire continues.

Free democratic forces commander Mazlum Abdi said the Kurds would accept the terms of the ceasefire

“Roscosmos” tightened the rules of travel of employees abroad

Heads of structural divisions of the companies entering “Roscosmos” will have to inform employees who have no access to state secrets that they are obliged to notify about time of the departure, the purpose of a trip, etc.

Employees will have to take a receipt that they have read the requirements. Before traveling abroad, employees will also have to read the recommendations on security measures (a list of recommendations is available to the publication). The newspaper gives several examples:

  • refrain from drinking alcohol in transport,
  • do not talk about the purpose of the trip to your fellow travelers,
  • try not to get into arguments about politics and religion,
  • do not conduct confidential work conversations in hotel rooms and restaurants,
  • do not make appointments in sparsely populated and remote places.

If there are “disturbing circumstances,” it will need to be reported to work immediately. The state Corporation advises to pay attention to the strange behavior of the hotel staff (for example, refusal to fix the TV), as it may indicate that you are listening. Before leaving the hotel, the employee should not inform the receptionist about where he is going and what time he will return. If, after returning, he found the room staff, it may indicate the interest of the security services.

Tyumen city hall is looking for American ” bugs»

Tyumen city hall will spend 238 thousand rubles to search for American “bugs” in lamps and refrigerators. Under the terms of the contract, the contractor will have to check the equipment for the presence of so-called “American bugs”in them. In the list of checked equipment, in addition to phones and computers and printers were: table lamps, spotlights, microwave, air conditioning, refrigerator, computer mice and wall clocks-a total of 30 items.


The Federation Council did not support the carbon tax bill

According to the senators, the new tax, which is called the “Chubais tax”, can negatively affect the dynamics of economic growth. The RSPP, in turn, noted that the introduction of the fee will provoke an increase in tariffs for the population and accelerate inflation and will lead to higher prices for the products of the metallurgical complex and transport.

First of all, the carbon tax will affect the fuel and energy complex, the RSPB noted. Since heat is a fully chargeable type of energy, after the introduction of the new tax, tariffs for the population will increase. According to the forecast of the Ministry of energy, each ruble of the carbon tax will increase the utility tariff by 1.2 rubles.. The senators noted that first it is necessary to assess the volume of emissions and only then amend the bill.

Venezuelan authorities rush to sell PDVSA to Russian Rosneft»

Venezuelan authorities are considering the option of transferring control over the country’s main oil company PDVSA to Russian Rosneft. In exchange, Caracas is counting on debt relief from Moscow. Sources said that the Venezuelan government is counting on the most expeditious conclusion of the agreement, since the authorities do not have their own funds for the development of PDVSA. Now the level of oil production has fallen to 640 thousand barrels.

Russian representatives are considering the proposal of the Venezuelan government, trying to understand the real state of the company on the spot. The main problem now is connected with the fact that at PDVSA now 140 thousand people really work, and for successful development of the company significant reductions are necessary. In addition, there is a question in the format of the transaction, since it will not be framed as a transfer of the company into private hands.

Putin allowed the police to announce warnings to citizens

President Vladimir Putin has signed a law that gives the police the right to issue official warnings to citizens, the execution of which is mandatory.

This may refer to actions that create the conditions for crimes and administrative offenses under the jurisdiction of the police, or to anti-social behavior.

The interior Ministry will have to determine the order of the warning announcement, as well as the categories of those who can announce it.

Basmanny court of Moscow arrested new defendants ” Moscow case»

After Vladimir Emelyanov in jail for 2 months sent 3 new defendants in the “Moscow case” – Andrei Barshay, Yegor Forest, Maxim Martintsov. “Sorry” only the father of three young children Alexander Mylnikov-he was put under house arrest.

All those arrested are accused of using violence against authorities: pushing, kicking, grabbing clothes, knocking down police officers and employees of the Federal Guard service, obstructing their work.


In Yakutia, the Deputy received a fine of 30 000 rubles for beating a policeman with a SHOVEL


The person involved in the “Moscow case” Aydar Gubaidulin left Russia

“I love all of you, I love Moscow and Russia, and anyone who knows me will say that I have always been a patriot. I want to say a big thank you to all of you for everything you’ve done. Russia will definitely be free, and I will make every effort to do so, ” wrote the accused of attempted violence against a police officer at a rally on July 27 because of an empty plastic bottle that he threw in the direction of the security forces.

The investigative Committee of Russia called the cause of death of passengers SuperJet in Sheremetyevo.

According to investigators, most died from poisoning hazardous substances when burning plastic trim of the cabin. This was reported by the head of the state forensic Investigative Committee Sigmund Lojis.

Goals to combat illegal alcohol are unattainable

The Russian government considered that it will not be possible to achieve the stated indicators for reducing the consumption of illegal alcohol in 2020-2022, and proposed to lower the bar. According to RBC, this is stated in the analytical material of the accounts chamber on the state program ” public Finance Management and regulation of financial markets.”

In Solikamsk tried to commit suicide for the second day prisoner

To commit suicide in the colony of colony number 9 Solikamsk in the Perm region tried prisoner Fistov, who, according to the human rights activist, had previously been subjected to violent acts.

“He tried to give evidence about what was happening, but he was quickly isolated in the cell of the punishment cell,” said the founder of the human rights project Gulagu.net Vladimir Osechkin

Now the victim is in intensive care, the human rights activist noted. The source of the Perm edition 59.ru confirmed this information. The regional Department of the Federal penitentiary service did not comment on this.


Putin increased the staff of the Central office of the Ministry of emergency situations more than twice: from 996 people to 1796


The traffic police has introduced a new device to control the speed of the car

The head of the traffic police Mikhail Chernikov at the exhibition “Road-2019″ in Yekaterinburg presented new automatic devices ” Cordon.Pro-M”, these complexes of automatic photo-video fixation will be the first Russian devices that allow you to record speeding from the side of a moving car. The error of the device will be 1 km/h, and the maximum recorded speed — 300 km/h.

“The replacement of mobile complexes with those that fix the speed in the traffic flow directly from the patrol cars of the traffic police will increase efficiency and minimize the distrust of the population to mobile complexes,” Chernikov said.

A contract was signed to create an aircraft to replace the An-2

The Ministry of industry and trade and” Baikal-Engineering ” signed a contract to develop a new light multi-purpose aircraft to replace the An-2, RIA Novosti reported in the press service of the Ministry.

“Yandex” threatens underdevelopment in case of adoption of the law on significant sites

General Director of the Internet Corporation “Yandex” Elena Bunina said that changes in the shareholder structure of the company in the event that Russia will adopt a bill on significant information resources, will lead to the fact that “Yandex” will be forced to stop developing experimental services.

In July, the state Duma amended the “significant information resources on the Internet”, which require foreigners to own no more than 20% in companies that own such resources.

Rogozin called the myth of the high accident rate of the Russian space Agency

According to the head of Roscosmos, in the Russian space industry, an accident happens about once a year. In 2017, the launch of the Angolan satellite into orbit ended in failure, in 2016-the cargo ship “Progress”.

According to Rogozin, problems with the launch of space technology have always existed, just before they were not talked about. As an example, he cited data according to which the USSR carried out 54 launches to the moon, but only 17 of them were successful.

The Ministry of health reported an increase in life expectancy in Russia

Russian health Minister Veronika Skvortsova reported an increase in the average life expectancy of Russians for the eight months of 2019 to 73.6 years. Also in the country, the total mortality rate per thousand people decreased by 3.1%.

According to the data published by the Federal state statistics service, for the 8 months of this year, an increase in life expectancy to 73.6 years on average, that is, by 0.7 years, compared with the indicator of 2018. – Veronika Skvortsova, Russian politician

The tour of the summer cruise along the Yenisei

Vodohod company has published a price list of summer excursions on the ship “Maxim Gorky”, which will start on may 18, 2020.on this day, the ship will depart from Krasnoyarsk to the village of Vorogovo. The captain will show tourists Yeniseisk, Nikulino, Yartsevo and Galanino.

Now the tour package in Vorogovo is the cheapest. A 10-day trip to Vorogovo and back will cost a tourist 328 thousand rubles in a 2-bed cabin. For comparison, on the same dates you can fly to Bali for 53 thousand rubles., and not once.

According to “KP Krasnoyarsk”, the most expensive tour starts on June 6. Travel from Krasnoyarsk to Dudinka for 11 days costs from 356 to 901 thousand rubles per person. The price includes a helicopter ride on the Putorana plateau. Also, tourists will need to buy a plane ticket from Norilsk (“Maxim Gorky” will deliver passengers only in one direction).

Mass dismissal in another Russian hospital

A new wave of layoffs began in the city hospital No. 6 of Chelyabinsk. This is reported by the portal 74.RU. according to one of the doctors of the institution, there was a trauma center without specialized specialists-three doctors wrote applications at once, and two doctors in the pre-retirement age remained in the daytime. At the same time for a year and a half left the hospital for five traumatologists.

In the Russian polyclinics there are not enough more than 25 thousand doctors, from which traumatologists-orthopedists-more than 600, about 130 thousand nurses and other physicians.

The deadly disease of vapers received the official name

Smokers of electronic cigarettes are affected by the disease, which the US Department of health has assigned the name EVALI (e-cigarette, or vaping, product use associated lung injury), which translates as “lung injury associated with the use of electronic cigarettes or vaping,” reports MTV.ONLINE with reference to RTVI.

E-cigarettes may be considered less harmful

Manufacturers of all types of electronic cigarettes may have the right to write on the packaging of their products about the advantages over conventional tobacco products. A similar proposal was developed by the Eurasian economic Commission.

Moscow ranked second in Europe for the cost of renting in expensive shopping centers

According to the consulting company CBRE, the maximum Moscow rental rates are second only to London, where the most expensive premises are rented on average for 3900 euros. The 3rd and 4th places are in Paris and Helsinki, where premium shopping centers rent at an average rate of 2750 and 1800 euros per 1 sq. m per year.

Which premium shopping centers CBRE analyzed, its representative does not say, but explains that we are talking about separate premises with an area of 100-150 square meters on the first floors of the most commercially successful objects in Moscow with a rentable area of 27,000 to 63,000 square meters near the Garden ring.

Rental rates in Russia are growing

In the country, the average rental rate of one-bedroom apartments reached a record level since December 2014 – 16,046 thousand rubles per month. The increase affected 69 regions, and only nine showed a slight decrease. The maximum growth was recorded in the Primorsky territory and the Vologda region — by 6%. In Moscow, rates rose by only 0.5%, in St. Petersburg-by 4.9%.


Khabarovsk officials sold the hostel to a local businessman along with people


The son-in-law of the head of ROS guard was engaged in garbage.

42-year-old producer and businessman Yuri Chechikhin received 25% in the company “Big three”, who won state contracts for 1 billion rubles, found “Open media”.

More than half of this money the company will receive for the modernization of the state system for the accounting of waste. Already, the “Big three” — the largest supplier of systems that allow you to track the movement of household garbage in Russia

The Ministry of transport of Russia recognized the subway unprofitable 

First Deputy Minister of transport of the Russian Federation Innokenty Alafinov said that the metro is economically profitable only in Moscow. He believes that in the regions it is necessary to develop ground public transport, including mass launch of high-speed trams

The facial recognition system tested on buses in Izhevsk

Izhevsk buses will soon be equipped with cameras capable of recognizing the faces of passengers. You can pay for travel in the future by looking at the camera. As have informed in a press-service IPOPT, currently the system has already started testing in urban transport

New exams for obtaining rights will be introduced from October 1, 2020

First, in a closed area, drivers will demonstrate the ability to call in the box, perform parallel Parking, turn in a limited space, stop and start the movement on the rise and descent, and professional drivers will have to clutch and uncouple trailers with tractors.

If successful, drivers will immediately take to public roads. There the inspector will check the passages controlled intersections, transportation uncontrolled intersection equal and unequal roads, left and right turns, u-turns at the intersection and outside of crossroads, driveways railway crossing, lane change, overtaking and an advancing, driving with legal speed limit and crosswalks intersections and bus stops.

The list of fined errors will be processed, but it will not change critically: for example, drivers will still be punished if the car stalls or rolls off the hill, and so on. Having made several such mistakes, the driver will go to retake.

In addition, from next year, the ban on driving on motorways is lifted.

Leading developers of St. Petersburg reported for three quarters

For 9 months of the current year, sales of the Setl Group holding in monetary terms increased by 47.8% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 79.3 billion rubles.

House prices are gradually rising. At “Etalon” for the III quarter the price of 1 m2 of housing in St. Petersburg decreased by 1% and amounted to 107.5 thousand rubles, in Russia the growth was 15% (125 thousand per 1 m2). In the “LSR Group” for 3 quarters, the all-Russian price increase amounted to 17% (114 thousand rubles), from July to September, the price increased by 15% (115 thousand rubles). For the III quarter, price growth in the city on the Neva amounted to 11% (102 thousand rubles)

The government of St. Petersburg will not be able to report on water treatment

The document ” on amendments to the Law of St. Petersburg “on the delimitation of powers of public authorities of St. Petersburg in the field of water supply and sanitation”, introduced by Governor Alexander Beglov, proposes to exclude the powers of the government of St. Petersburg to place information on wastewater treatment in connection with the relevant provisions of Federal legislation.

Parliamentarians supported the bill, 38 deputies voted for it, 3 spoke against. The draft was adopted as a basis, the deadline for submitting amendments was 2 weeks.

Patriarch Kirill called liberalism sinful

The liberal idea, as Patriarch Kirill noted, is to put oneself at the center of life and not God. It involves giving up authority and power.

“In a sense, this is a sinful idea, because putting yourself at the center of life is falling away from God. God should be at the center of life, ” the Patriarch said.

Vladimir Putin called for diversification of defense enterprises

The organizations of the military-industrial complex have a task to produce demanded civilian products, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a meeting on the program of financial recovery of the industry. This task became urgent after the peak of arms deliveries within the framework of the state defense order was passed.

“And now the defense industry organizations in addition to profile work, creating groundwork for new generations of equipment are large— scale tasks to increase the production of civilian, and high-tech, products in demand, competitive both in our country and in the world markets,” – said Vladimir Putin (quoted on the Kremlin website).

Russia has increased investments in US government securities

In August, Russia increased investments in U.S. government securities from $8.5 billion to $9.3 billion, according to the materials of the U.S. Department of Finance.

The most suitable places in Thailand for a secluded holiday

Thailand News reports that experts have named the best places in Thailand, located away from the influx of tourists

The list of such places includes the island of Koh Tarutao, located in the southern part of the country, near the border with Malaysia. There you can camp and stay for a certain time. Also on this island you can walk through the jungle. Note that this island is part of the Park, which is under protection. The easiest way to get to the island is by boat.

Koh Adang is an uninhabited island that has excellent conditions for snorkeling. There, travelers can set up their own camp, or pay for accommodation in small houses under the supervision of Park Rangers.

On the island of Phayam to enjoy deserted beaches and kite surfing. On the island you can find shops and restaurants located in a small village. The easiest way to get to the island by boat.

Note that there are excellent secluded places in Thailand, located near popular resorts. Great beaches can be found near the resort of Joaquin. Also near the island of Koh Samui is an atmospheric place where tourists can relax in a cozy atmosphere.

The Central Bank wanted to block accounts before the court decision

The Bank of Russia expects to create a new legal mechanism through which the regulator will be able to block the accounts of persons controlling financial institutions even before the court decides to recover losses from them, the Vedomosti newspaper reports, citing a representative of the Central Bank.

Sberbank has provided a platform for knowdledge

On crowdlanding platforms, an investor (in the case of Sberbank, an individual) can lend money to a borrower (a legal entity from the segment of small and medium-sized businesses) at a certain percentage, depending on the project.

In Russia will reduce the rates on deposits in rubles

Until the end of this year, rates on ruble deposits may be reduced to 6% per annum. Every month, credit institutions allow the reduction of interest rates on deposits in rubles. Since the beginning of October, rates have been reduced by 0.14% and currently stand at 6.48% per annum
The Ministry of Finance saw in the refinancing of Russians signs of a pyramid

Re-crediting of Russians is a pyramid, as people take new loans not only for the amount of principal on old loans, but also for the accumulated interest, Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev told reporters.

What is refinancing? Refinancing is a pyramid scheme. Because people were re-credited not only for the principal amount, but also for the accumulated interest, as a rule. Therefore, sooner or later it will lead to bankruptcy. – Alexey Moiseev, Russian actor

The market capitalization of the currency

The market capitalization of currencies indicates the value of the volume of a particular currency in the market (in us dollars). The three leaders in this parameter are as follows: the Chinese yuan – 28 billion dollars, the US dollar-14.5 billion, the Euro-13.2 billion. Gold and bitcoin have 7.5 and 183 billion each. The Russian ruble has 693 billion and is in the middle of the rating


Business hardly has not accrued additional hundreds of billions of rubles of the tax to property

As found “Kommersant”, a curious amendment to the Tax code, adopted at the end of September, almost cost Russian business hundreds of billions of rubles in additional payments on property tax. The head of the RSPP Alexander Shokhin urgently complained to the Ministry of Finance that the amendment coming into force in 2020 allows you to levy a tax on the cadastral value of virtually any real estate companies, including production facilities. The Ministry acknowledged the “inaccuracy” and is working on amending the adopted law to avoid its unclear interpretation.

The city hall of Yekaterinburg offered deputies to increase taxes for residents

The head of Yekaterinburg Alexander Vysokinsky introduced to the Duma a draft of a new tax on the property of individuals. The document proposes to charge payments for real estate based on its cadastral value (close to the market), and introduces a new system of differentiated tax rates.

The state Duma approved the increase in the minimum wage in 2020

In September, the government introduced a bill to raise the minimum wage in 2020 by 7.5%. The new minimum wage will be 12,130 rubles, the minimum wage in 2019 was 11,280 rubles.

The government will capitalize Promsvyazbank for 10 billion rubles

In December 2019, Promsvyazbank will be recapitalized by 10 billion rubles, Deputy head of the Ministry of Finance Alexei Moiseev said

“We plan to recapitalize in December by 10 billion rubles, if (amendments to the budget. – Ed.) will be accepted in this form. But now the budget process is in full swing, ” Moiseev said.

Ural manufacturer will sew clothes for Decathlon

The manufacturer will produce gloves, tracksuits and caps for 1 billion rubles for the sports retailer. To do this, RAY will need to increase production by 5 times.

In Russia summed up the results of auctions to catch crab

Russian Russian crab group (daughter Of Russian fishing company Gleb Frank) won 12 of the 24 state auctions for the distribution of quotas for crab fishing, reports “Kommersant” with reference to sources familiar with the results of the auction.the state has sold most of the quotas for crab fishing with an initial price of more than 125 billion rubles.

Russians have become more likely to issue credit cards

Russian banks issued 8.6 million new credit cards in the first nine months of this year. According to analysts, this is 16% more than in the same period last year. Credit cards are provided for a total of almost 470 billion rubles. This amount is 33% more than a year ago.

In Russia, the quality of retail loans is deteriorating

Two rating agencies came to such conclusions at once: Fitch Ratings and ACRA. Fitch analysts point to “greater use of credit cards to purchase food.”

In Ukraine gas for the population fell by 4.9%

Naftogaz has reduced the price of natural gas for the population by 4.9%, the Ukrainian news Agency Reported on October 16. The price was reduced under the provisions on the imposition of special obligations (PSO) to the level of UAH 4272.76 per thousand cubic meters of gas.

LUKOIL receives 5% of oil and gas field in UAE

LUKOIL co-owner Vagit Alekperov has signed documents to close the deal to acquire 5% in the concession to develop the offshore project gasha (Ghasha). Participation in the concession cost LUKOIL $190 million, the UAE state oil and gas concern said in a statement.

Gasha is a project combining nine shallow-water gas, oil and gas condensate fields in the Persian Gulf West of Abu Dhabi. The operator and owner of the controlling stake in the project is ADNOC. In addition, the project participants are Italian Eni (25%), German Wintershall (10%) and Austrian OMV (5%).

Russia has increased LNG supplies to the UK

The Department of business, energy and industrial strategy of the UK government has published a report on gas imports to the country in the first half of the year. The document says that due to planned repairs, gas imports through gas pipelines have significantly decreased. From Belgium-90%, from the Netherlands-38%, and from Norway-18%. As a result, pipeline gas supplies fell from 25.9 billion cubic meters to 18.5 billion cubic meters compared to the first half of last year.

The drop in volumes was offset by an increase in LNG supplies. Qatar remained the main exporter of liquefied gas to the UK, according to a report by the British government. It accounted for 59% of all LNG supplies in the first six months of 2019 — 5.9 billion cubic meters. Imports of liquefied gas from the Yamal LNG project amounted to 1.8 billion cubic meters. The volume of deliveries from the United States amounted to 700 million cubic meters

The military of the US coalition bombed a warehouse in Syria

The American coalition destroyed its own ammunition depot left in Syria during the retreat, Colonel miles Caggins tweeted.

“On October 16, after all personnel and tactical equipment had departed, two coalition F-15 aircraft carried out a successful, pre-planned airstrike on the Lafarge cement plant to destroy an ammunition depot,” he wrote on Twitter.

Trump imposed anti-Turkish sanctions because of the operation in Syria

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that President Donald trump signed a decree on sanctions against Turkey because of the military operation in Syria. The head of the state Department said that the decree is intended to put pressure on the Turkish authorities to stop the military operation in Syria.

Turkey’s President insulted the Prime Minister of Germany

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ridiculed Berlin’s plans for arms exports, and also called Maas the head of German diplomacy Heiko Maas, who made a statement about limiting the supply of weapons, a layman and a man who has no sense of proportion.

“If you understood something about politics, you wouldn’t say that,” Bild quoted the Turkish President as saying. Erdogan stressed that this step will not lose Turkey, and the Meuse and Germany.

VEB. Russia has attracted new lobbyists in the United States to protect against sanctions

The possibility of imposing new sanctions against Russia is spelled out in the draft us defense budget (not yet adopted) and several bills prepared by congressmen. Acting on behalf of VEB. RF ICPZ has already signed a contract with another lobbyist-Matthew J. Lauer, according to the Fara database.

In the center of Barcelona protesters burn cars and build barricades

In Barcelona, the rally turned into another riot. Radical protesters set fire to cars and garbage containers, and build barricades in front of the Council of internal Affairs of Catalonia, according to TV channel 24 Horas.

The leader of Catalonia called for a new vote

The head of the government of Catalonia Kim Torra believes that it is necessary to hold a new referendum on the independence of the region. He made the corresponding statement on Thursday, speaking in the Parliament of Catalonia.

“If because of the ballot boxes we were sentenced to 100 years in prison, the answer is obvious: we need to put the ballot boxes back on [the issue of] self-determination,” he said. At the same time, Torra stressed that ” the court will not prevent the leader of Catalonia from continuing to promote initiatives that relate to its right to self-determination.”

Kim Torra also noted that in the spring of 2020, a draft Constitution of Catalonia will be proposed.

These analogies were created the skeleton of the Runet

We did everything according to American patterns. “Rambler” we tried to do as Yahoo, the Creator Mail.ru Zhenya Goland copied Hotmail, Vkontakte copied Facebook. Yura Milner was making a Hammer.ru by analogy with Ebay, our online store Ozon – like Amazon. In this regard, America as the Creator of new ideas, technological and communication, really set the tone, looked at it, and on these analogies, and the skeleton of the Runet was created – Sergey Vasiliev, entrepreneur, co-owner of Rambler in 1999-2003

Turkish hotels stopped accepting Russian tourists

Hotels in the Turkish region of Antalya stopped selling tours. Russian tourists have booked all rooms until the end of autumn.

CNN: trump sent a letter to Erdogan on the day of the start of the operation in Syria

US President Donald trump sent on October 9, the day of the beginning of the Turkish operation in Syria, a letter to President Tayyip Erdogan with a request “not to fool around” and “not to let the whole world” with his military operation in Syria, CNN reports, citing the document.

The Turkish President did not like the letter, in which Donald trump advised him “not to build a tough and not to be a fool.” According to sources ” BBC ” in the Turkish government, Erdogan threw the letter in the trash.

U.S. Senate confirms Barbara Barrett as Secretary of the air force

The U.S. Senate approved the nomination of Barbara Barrett as Minister of the air force of the United States. The meeting at which the decision was made was broadcast by C-Span. It is noted that 85 senators voted for the appointment of Barrett, seven voted against.

Putin instructed the government to investigate the behavior of young people on the Internet

Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the government to regularly conduct research on the preferences and behavior of young people on the Internet, according to the Kremlin website. This is necessary in order to raise awareness of government agencies and specialized organizations “on the impact of the information environment on the formation of views of the younger generation,” the document says.

Vladimir Putin also instructed to create a coordination center that will organize the production of content aimed at ” spiritual and moral education of young people.” These materials will be distributed on the Internet in the future.

The instructions must be fulfilled by December 1, 2019.

Kaczynski’s party won the elections in Poland

Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s Law and justice party, which has ruled in Poland for more than three years, won the election with 43.6% of the vote. It holds the leading position in the number of seats in the state Parliament. This is reported by TASS with reference to preliminary exit polls.

Russia may introduce visa-free regime with Saudi Arabia

Visa-free regime between Russia and Saudi Arabia may be introduced in 2020, said TASS adviser to the head of the Federal Agency for tourism (Rosturizm) Natalia Osipova during the 2nd International tourism Congress in Makhachkala.

“I think it’s 2020. There is an understanding on the introduction of electronic visas, all agreements have been reached, so I think that in 2020 [a visa-free regime will be introduced],” Osipova said.

Textron has revealed a robotic tank for the US army

The Ripsaw M5 RCV has a top speed of up to 65 km / h and is capable of moving silently. Also, the new complex is adapted for transportation by military transport aircraft. All details about the Ripsaw M5 RCV are due in 2020

The Kurds have suspended anti-terrorist operations

The leader of the radical Syrian democratic forces (SDF) said that all actions against the terrorists of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) are suspended. This was informed by the Kurdish TV channel Ronahi TV

In Venezuela crashed su-30

In the Venezuelan media said that the su-30MK2 combat aircraft during takeoff and climb simply exploded for unknown reasons. Thus, the crew members of the combat vehicle did not have a chance to survive. It is also reported that Brigadier General Virgilio Marquez Morillo was on the plane.

The Turkish army attacked the positions of the Kurds in the city of RAS al-ain in Syria

The Turkish army has launched a full-scale offensive on the town of RAS al-ain in Northern Syria. The attack is part of Ankara’s anti-terrorist operation called “the Source of peace” aimed at fighting Kurdish radicals.


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will arrive in Sochi on October 22, where he will hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Interfax reports citing Dmitry Peskov


Israel took advantage of the Turkish offensive in Syria

Military columnist and journalist Babak Tagway reported that Israeli aircraft took advantage of the escalation of the conflict in Syria to covertly strike on the territory of the country.

The chaos in northeastern Syria provided an excellent opportunity for the Israeli air force to secretly launch airstrikes against targets associated with the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps in Syria, he wrote on Twitter.

Neil Patrick Harris will play in the new ” Matrix»

The search for actors for the fourth part of “the Matrix” is in full swing, and on the eve of the casting of the film was joined by Neil Patrick Harris-the star of the series “How I met your mother” and ” Lemony Snicket: 33 misfortunes.”

The network has images of the updated Sonic

Photos of low quality with allegedly new design of Sonic from the upcoming Paramount movie were scattered on the network. In may, the company moved the release date of the picture after criticism of users of social networks, which ridiculed the “realistic” design of the blue hedgehog. The Director of the film Jeff Fowler in his Twitter wrote that the design will still work

The Network has a trailer for the film “Ice-2” with Petrov and Tarasova

After the restrained success of the melodrama ” ice ” in 2018, the filmmakers shot the second part. 16 October in Networks emerged trailer movie “Ice 2” with Alexander Petrov in the main role. The first part, we will remind, told about the capable figure skater who was injured because of the partner.



Online cinema Okko presented its own series

Okko Studios presented at the presentation in Cannes the first own series “Survivors”. The plot of the project is dedicated to the Apocalypse.

“We have been working since the first quarter of 2020,” said Sofia Kvashilava, General producer of Okko Entertainment and Director of content at Rambler Group.

According to her, there will be 8 series, and they will come out in blocks. But before that Okko will release six short series about one big universe, the length of the series will be 7-10 minutes.

Muscovites will be introduced to the modern art of the Caucasus

From 25 to 31 October, the Biennale “in search of identity”will be presented at the ARTPLAY design center. The exhibition includes the works of more than 100 natives of the Caucasus, living both in their homeland and abroad. In General, art lovers will have the opportunity to enjoy more than 500 works of art. Visitors will also be offered an interesting music program and various master classes.

Pago Libre Quartet to perform at Zaryadye

October 28 in the Small hall “Zaryadya” will be the only concert of the legendary Quartet Pago Libre-one of the best European ensembles playing improvisational music.

The festival of puppet theaters “Shombai-fest” will be held in Kazan»

The festival of puppet theatres “Shombai-fest”will be held in Kazan from 23 to 28 October. Famous teams from France, Italy, Belarus, Bashkortostan, Khakassia, Karelia, as well as puppeteers from Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Belgorod, Kursk, Orenburg and others will present their best performances. The festival will open with a parade of dolls on one of the Central streets of the city, the Ministry of culture of Tatarstan reports.

Armin van Buren releases “Balance” album and opens questrum

Both will appear on October 25, and the release will be, of course, the label Armada Music, created by Armin 16 years ago. “Balance” — seventh album at all and the first after “Embrace”, released almost 4 years ago. As is clear from the list of singles, all this time Armin did not rest.

Katy Perry unveils new Harleys in Hawaii clip



The Vatican presented a “smart” beads with a cross

Erosary beads are able to work with devices running Android and iOS systems through the application “Click to Pray” (Click to Pray). To activate the rosary, the user must cross himself. The cost of eRosary is 99 euros (about 7000 rubles).

Analysts have revealed the cost of the new iPhone

The retail price of the new smartphone Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is 1249 dollars in the United States or 131,9 thousand rubles in Russia. However, as analysts from the company TechInsights found out, the real price of the gadget is two times lower.

So, the total cost of all components of the iPhone 11 Pro Max with 512 gigabytes is only $ 490. The most expensive part of the smartphone was the camera, its cost is 73.5 us dollars. Slightly cheaper is the display-66.5 dollars, and the processor A13 Bionic cost Apple 64 dollars.

Experts note that their research took into account only the cost of components, and not the cost of development and Assembly of the device. According To Daily Mail.

Xiaomi has released its first monitors

We are talking about two models-conventional and curved. The usual one is called Mi Display 23.8. with a 24-inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, HDMI port and cylindrical stand with the ability to adjust the angle. The price of this model in the Chinese market is 98 dollars (about 6 200 rubles).

Monitor Xiaomi Mi Surface Display 34 equipped with a 34-inch curved (radius of curvature – 1500R) screen manufactured by Samsung with a resolution of 3440 x 1440, a scan frequency of 144 Hz and coverage of 121% of the space sRGB. The model supports AMD freesync frame synchronization technology. The monitor is attached to the stand with a magnet. The price of Mi Surface Display in China is about 350 dollars (22 300 rubles). On pre-order the model can be taken for 280 (about 17 900 rubles).

Drones in shipping containers

The American company Kratos has introduced a system to launch unmanned aerial vehicles XQ-58A Valkyrie, which can be placed inside a standard marine cargo container. According to the Drive, this option of transportation and placement of the drone will significantly expand the possibilities of its application, as well as secretly transport such devices.

Ulefone has introduced a protected smartphone Armor X5 for 100 dollars

More recently, The company ulefone introduced a budget protected entry-level phone called Ulefone Armor X3, now the manufacturer has rolled out to the public another affordable novelty-Ulefone Armor X5. The price of new items is only 100 dollars

A large Chinese company TCL has released a smartphone for Russia

Sales of the smartphone in Russia will begin on October 25, 2019, it will be possible to buy it for 19 thousand 990 rubles. TCL is a Chinese company specializing in the production of smartphones, home appliances, telecommunications equipment and other devices

Developed an application that counts calories in food by photo

The startup Foodvisor is based on deep learning technologies and is able to recognize food and its calories. According to the technology portal TechCrunch, a “smart” neural network thanks to the camera’s autofocus is able to calculate the mass of food on a plate and disassemble it by type of food.

A new trailer for the movie “Outpost” appeared in the Network

The Network has a new trailer for the sci-Fi Thriller “Outpost”. It is known that one of the main roles will be played by Russian actor Alexei Chadov. A new trailer for the fantastic Russian film “Outpost” appeared on the popular video hosting on YouTube.



Instagram introduces the ability to manage third-party services

Now it is enough to go to the application settings and select “Security”, then in the “Applications and services” tab you can remove any third-party services that you no longer want to connect to your page. These sites will lose access to new publications and account data. This was reported in the company’s blog

Kettle with water inlet without opening the lid

In Russia there was an electric kettle Polaris PWK 1759CGL with a new patented technology of water Bay WaterWayPro. European engineers Polaris developed a kettle lid with a valve of the upper water inlet.

In the Sahara found the world’s fastest ants

The Saharan silver ant is an inhabitant of the desert, surprising with its ability to tolerate high temperatures. In the heat of the day, the sand can reach 60°C. on the sand of such a temperature, ants move at a speed approaching 1 m/s. This world’s fastest ant is among those creatures who top the list of the fastest runners on the planet, such as Australian horses and California ticks.

Bacteria were able to change shape, avoiding antibiotics

Bacteria are able to acquire resistance to antibiotics using a variety of strategies. In some cases, they can change the target on which the drug affects, in others they stop growing and dividing, and then freeze until the danger passes. Sometimes the microbe gets a gene that allows you to synthesize a substance that neutralizes the antibiotic. Now, scientists have investigated another poorly understood way for bacteria to escape the threat — changing the shape of cells. They presented the results in a paper published in the journal Nature.

A new virus that itself can not penetrate into living cells has been discovered

A team of researchers led by Japanese scientists has identified a new virus that itself can not penetrate into a living host cell and infect it: it needs the help of other viruses, reports the portal EurekAlert! with reference to the website of the Tokyo University of agriculture and technology. A detailed description of the new type appeared in the journal Infection, Genetics and Evolution.

Acoustic system for monitoring the respiration of infants

American engineers have developed a device that uses white noise to control the breathing and movement of babies as they sleep. According to scientists, the device has an intelligent speaker that will tell parents or doctors if the child wakes up.

On the lake found fossils of tropical Borodulikha

On the lake found fossils Borodulina age 16-18 million years. These birds now live in tropical climates, but apparently in the warm Miocene climate their range was much larger.

Scientists discover new radiation-resistant compounds

Compounds of rare earth metals, which have an increased ability to absorb radiation, discovered a group of scientists from Nizhny Novgorod. The results of their study were published on September 16 by the journal Scientific Reports.

In the Internet appeared the video, how whales use bubbles to catch fish and krill.

The use of humpback whales unusual way of foraging near Alaska filmed experts at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Whales gained weight in these places to go for breeding to Hawaii



Two new species of porcelain crabs found

Researchers from the Smithsonian tropical research Institute have found two new species of porcelain crab-Polyonyx socialis, found in the South China sea of Vietnam, and Petrolisthes virgilius from the Caribbean. An article about the new species is published in the journal ZooKeys.

Launched by a Russian cosmonaut nanosatellite descended from orbit

Russian technological nanosatellite TNS-0 number 2 entered The earth’s atmosphere and ceased to exist. This follows from the data on the specialized website of the US air force space-track.org. it was put into orbit by cosmonaut Sergei Ryazansky from the International space station (ISS) in August 2017

The first space Elevator will appear by 2050

The space Elevator, invented by employees of Cambridge and Columbia universities, looks a little different from what is usually imagined.

“We are talking about a line that will transport goods between the Earth and the Moon. One end of the line will be attached to the moon and the other will orbit the Earth in a geostationary orbit. This concept allows you to reduce the fuel consumption required for lunar travel, about three times, ” says Emily Sandford, one of the authors of the idea

The technologies necessary for the construction of such an Elevator, humanity has now.

Volvo has unveiled its first production electric car

Volvo’s first all-electric crossover was called the XC40 Recharge. It received an electric power plant with all-wheel drive (408 horsepower), Autonomous mileage of over 400 kilometers. In 40 minutes, the car can charge 80%.

Hyundai and Kia will give a lifetime warranty on the engines

South Korean Hyundai and Kia cars with Theta II engines have demonstrated the possibility of spontaneous combustion in more than three thousand cases. At the same time, the manufacturer announced the forced recall of more than 4 million cars of these brands. The official service centers intend to upgrade the software used, eliminating in the future such methods of failure, as happened in many cases. While the amount of compensation to owners of the burned cars is not specified.

In the future, they promised that the new equipment will be provided with a lifetime warranty of performance. Recall, we are talking about 2.0-and 2.4-liter units, which were used in models from 2011 to 2018.

Genesis introduced the updated Genesis G70 sedan

The company Genesis (premium brand Hyundai) introduced an updated sedan G70 2020 model year. Retaining its former appearance, the car has become safer, smarter and more interesting in terms of personalization of elements for each specific owner

In Russia all UAZ models have risen in price

According to the website “Price of Cars”, obtained by its experts on the results of comprehensive monitoring of prices for new cars in Russia, most of the most affordable SUV UAZ “hunter” rose by 5-10 thousand rubles, UAZ “Patriot” – 10-10, 9 thousand rubles, and all versions of the Ulyanovsk pickup received a maximum increase of 20 thousand rubles.

Ford has patented a drone for the car

The U.S. patent and trademark office has received an application for a mobile drone for cars. The innovation was offered by Ford. So, the quadcopter can be programmed to track a particular car as it moves along the road, and in the event of an accident or breakdown, the drone will report the location of the vehicle to the emergency services. At the same time, the drone can be stored in the Luggage compartment of the car.

By 2021 Toyota and Lexus will release three new electric vehicles

Japanese Corporation Toyota Motor together with its sub-brand Lexus, which specializes in the production of premium cars, plan to release three new electric vehicles by 2021.

Lamborghini sales in Kuban increased by 300%

In the Krasnodar region in January-September 2019, four Lamborghini cars were sold, which is 300% more than in the same period of 2018, according to the study “AUTOSTAT info”. In terms of market volume of such machines Kuban ranked fourth among the regions of Russia.

Porsche to make Macan electric

Porsche has confirmed the information that its legendary sports car Porsche Macan will receive a version with an electric drive, media reported, citing the Director of the Department for the development of crossovers Porsche Julian Baumann.

Toyota is preparing an ultra-compact electric car

Toyota’s ultra-compact electric car will be on display at the FUTURE EXPO special exhibition at the Tokyo international auto show, which will be held from October 24 to November 4, along with the “super-Compact BEV Concept model for business”, presented on June 7, 2019

Russian company “Monarch” is preparing to release electric cars.

According to the company “Monarch”, it is planned to release six different models, which will be based on two different platforms. On one base will be built sedans, liftbacks and crossovers, the cost of which will be from 1.5 to 2.5 million rubles. The second platform will be used to create flagship machines worth about 4 million rubles. Power cars, depending on the modification and model will be from 136 to 816 HP electric Cars will be able to pass on a single charge up to 500 kilometers.

Monarch is expected to present two prototypes by the end of 2019. A world tour is also planned in 2020, and by 2021 electric vehicles equipped with autopilot and artificial intelligence will go into mass production.

The basic version of the Porsche Taycan electric car is presented

Porsche has unveiled a basic version of its first electric car, the Taycan. This is a variant of the 4S, which features a smaller capacity battery and, accordingly, less power and range. The standard for the Porsche Taycan 4S is a 79.2 kWh battery.

Published pictures Nissan X-Trail new generation

No sooner did the updated Japanese SUV appear in our country, than fresh spy shots of the next generation of the Nissan X-Trail appeared in the Network. The popular Japanese crossover will soon undergo a large-scale restyling. Judging by the pictures, the exterior of the car will become more prominent.