19 Oct, 2019

News digest for 10/18/2019

The turnover of the Russian medical market according to their data in 2018 increased to 3 trillion rubles

According to the Agency Businessstat, in General, domestic medicine increased revenues by 11.6%, and commercial-by 10.8%, to 483 billion rubles. The largest private medical companies have a much higher rate. Twenty companies rating Forbes increased total revenue by 22% to 99.4 billion rubles.

Execution of the national projects budget for October 1, 2019

The leader in execution was the national project “Culture” – 70.68%. In second place, the national project “health” – 67.47%. In the top five “successful” in bringing funds to the recipients of national projects “science” – 66.21%, “Demography” – 65.86%, “Education” – 59.12%. The Ministry of natural resources used only 20% of the funds provided in the budget. Ministry of transport 40,29% of the amount of 370 billion rubles.

The disappointment of the year can already be called the national project “Digital economy”. The Ministry of digital development of Konstantin Noskov for the month was able to increase the cash performance by only 1.7% – up to 12.32% of the allocated 108 billion rubles. Complete failure.

The rest of the national projects as a whole are “average”, but the execution of some Federal projects that are part of them does not exceed 10%.

Vietnam does not accept grain from Russia

Rosselkhoznadzor has suspended the issuance of certificates for wheat for supplies to Vietnam,” Kommersant ” said a major exporter. The measures are related to claims to the quality of grain: Vietnam reported the detection of Thistle seeds in a batch of Russian wheat.

The Ministry of agriculture confirmed to Kommersant that the issuance of phytosanitary certificates was suspended at the request of Vietnam.

Deputy chief of the General staff of the armed forces accused of major fraud

Deputy chief of the General staff of the Russian armed forces Colonel-General Khalil Arslanov brought to criminal responsibility in the case of “Voentelecom”. He is suspected of complicity in the theft of more than 2 billion rubles in public procurement

“Arslanov was charged under part 4. article 159 of the criminal code (“Fraud on a large scale”), he pleaded not guilty. He elected a preventive measure in the form of a recognizance not to leave, ” – this TASS said a source in law enforcement.

The court in Kemerovo released four defendants in the case of “Winter cherry”.

Released from prison Igor Polozenko (head of company, engaged in maintenance of fire alarm systems), Alexander Nikitin (employee of the supplier of fire safety systems), Sergei Genin (chief fire executives, putting out the fire) and Andrew Burkina (leader of the fire group). Another four defendants in the case of arrest extended for three months.


The Azerbaijani Embassy in Moscow stated that Russians with Armenian surnames should notify about their plans to visit the Republic.


UK and EU reach agreement on Brexit

“This is a fair and balanced agreement for the EU and the UK, and it shows our commitment to finding solutions,” said European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the agreement a ” remarkable new deal.” According to him, Parliament must now approve it.

Guide OMVD Dorogomilovo was detained by the FSB.

In the hands of intelligence officers were: Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Smirnov-chief of police Department and Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Ustinov-Deputy chief of police. In addition to the interrogation sent to the chief of one of the investigative parts of UVD po ZAO (the one, remember Golunova?). According to sources, all of the top managers suspected of fraud with apartments. Dorogomilovo Department, among other things, is responsible for the territory of Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Moscow.

Summer residents equated to the owners of apartments

Horticultural associations will now be able to collect the debts of summer residents by sending an application to the magistrates court for a court order. After issuing the relevant order, the applicant sends it to the Bank, which, in turn, writes off the amount of debt from the card or Bank account of the debtor.

World rice exports

The highest indicator for certain countries
1.India – made 8 205 309 $;
2. Thailand – $ 6 507 473 $;
3. Vietnam – made 3 673 654 $.

The lowest rate for certain countries:
1. Sweden – $ 1,000;
2. Denmark – $ 1,000;
3-Estonia-amounted to $ 1,000.



“Kind and friendly” face for robot

London-based engineering company Geomiq has announced that it is looking for the perfect face for the rights to which it is ready to pay handsomely. The company is looking for a “kind and friendly” face for the robot to be a friend to the elderly. It will receive thousands of robots around the world. The price of the transaction is 100 thousand pounds sterling, or about 8 million rubles, for the transfer of lifetime rights.

Officials of Chuvashia will be insured at the state expense

The head of Chuvashia Mikhail Ignatiev signed the law on compulsory insurance of civil servants in case of death, injury and disability. Now on this deal from budget will allocate on two million annually!


According to Rosstat cash income jumped in the 3rd quarter by 7.8% yoy (!) This is higher than the average salary increased during this period. Rosstat this year launched a new method of calculating income


The program of localization of production of engines for shipbuilding stands still

“Localization issues, which are currently marking time. We have a construction that is like the old joke: “What comes of a horse in case of compromise? Camel, ” USC CEO Alexei Rakhmanov said in a statement.

The government has been developing a resolution for several years to gradually increase the level of localization of shipbuilding. In April 2019, the Ministry of industry and trade made changes, tightening the rules by which products can be considered Russian. But domestic analogues of materials and equipment are either much more expensive than imported ones, or they are not available at all.

Rospotrebnadzor intends to ban plastic bags

Rospotrebnadzor is preparing a bill that involves the gradual abandonment of plastic bags for shops, after which they do want to ban. Thus, the country wants to reduce the harmful impact on the environment and its pollution with plastic.

Rosstat reported a decrease in the population of Russia in 2019

From January to August 2019, the population of Russia decreased by 52.5 thousand people, taking into account the natural loss of population and growth due to migrants, Interfax reported on October 17, citing data from Rosstat.

Compared to the same period of 2018, the number of births in Russia in January–August 2019 decreased to 994.3 thousand people from 1 million 78.1 thousand. the Number of deaths in January-August 2019 decreased to 1 million 213.5 thousand people from 1 million 247.2 thousand people in January-August 2018.

Thus, for this period of 2019, a natural population decline of 219.2 thousand people was recorded in comparison with 169.1 thousand people in January-August 2018

Published ranking of the most expensive brands in the world

Consulting Agency Interbrand based on its own research published the rating of the most expensive brands in the world Best Global Brands 2019. As expected, the most successful brands were recognized as Apple, Google and Amazon. Following the leaders in the Interbrand ranking are Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Toyota, Mercedes, McDonald’s and Disney.

The Paris zoo presented a creature with no brain, with 720 of flooring

Director of the Paris Museum of natural history Bruno David called the unusual creature a mystery of nature. Despite the lack of a brain, a slime mold has a memory.

“If you put it in a maze, it will find the best way out to get to the food, — the scientist was quoted by Reuters as saying.

In the Arctic found a barrel of coffee, left there in 1902

Explorer Leonid Kruglov said that during research in the Arctic, representatives of the Russian geographical society found a barrel of coffee beans left on the basis of the American expedition of Evelyn Baldwin in 1902.

The remains of the winter quarters of Baldwin’s 1902 polar expedition. The sea gradually destroys the shore and soon these unique buildings may disappear. We made a lot of interesting finds here. – Leonid Kruglov, photographer

Architectural festival “Zodchestvo” opened in Moscow

The XXVII international architectural festival “Zodchestvo 19” started its work in Gostiny Dvor in Moscow. about 20 special projects from different regions of the country were presented at the event

The Russian government proposed to introduce minimum prices for sugar

The Eurasian economic Commission (EEC) recommended that the countries of the Eurasian economic Union — Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan — consider the possibility of “setting a minimum price for sugar”, which makes its production profitable.

The Prosecutor asked for 4.5 to 8 years for the police officers who tortured the teenager

At a meeting in the Supreme court of Buryatia, the Prosecutor requested from 4.5 to 8 years in a penal colony for four police officers accused of the death of 17-year-old teenager Nikita Kobelev in the police Department. This is reported by the “Zone of law”.

The investigation found that in the summer of 2016 in the basement of the police Department, the officers under torture tried to get the teenager to confess to theft. They put him on a bench, wrapped him in a blanket, and taped his body. Then on Kobelev put on a gas mask and began to beat him. Then the policeman sat on the young man and squeezed the air intake tube. According to investigators, at this point Kobelev vomited, but the vomit could not come out of the gas mask, so the teenager inhaled it and suffocated.

Goldman Sachs changes business structure in Russia

Investment group Goldman Sachs has decided to close a separate brokerage company in Russia, its functions will be carried out by the Bank. Goldman Sachs LLC is responsible for brokerage activities of the group, and Goldman Sachs Bank LLC is responsible for banking activities. Dmitry Sedov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Goldman Sachs, announced the reorganization of RBC.

“The licenses of these two legal entities largely duplicate each other, as our Bank can also provide brokerage services and carry out dealer activities—” Mr. Sedov told the newspaper.— At the same time, for each of these two companies, it is necessary to prepare separate reports for the Central Bank, the tax Inspectorate and other government agencies.”

China’s GDP growth for the first three quarters of 2019 was 6.2 percent

“According to preliminary estimates, China’s GDP growth in annual terms for the first three quarters of 2019 amounted to 69.779 trillion yuan (about 9.8 trillion dollars), an annual growth of 6.2%,” the report said.

Military spending in Russia will be recalculated under the new system

In 2018, Russia ranked fifth in the world in adjusted defense spending. Russia’s defense spending for 2018, translated by purchasing power parity (PPP), amounted to $159 billion, which is two and a half times more than the average annual market rate of the dollar against the ruble ($61 billion). This assessment was given by a researcher at the University of Birmingham, co-Director of the Center for Russian, European and Eurasian studies Richard Connolly. Thus, the ruble can buy more goods and services in Russia than follows from the dollar to the ruble. This difference, and allows to detect PPP

Earlier, American military expert Michael Coffman expressed the opinion that Russia’s military budget exceeds the expenses of most European countries combined, and several times exceeds the official $61.4 billion

The Ministry of energy proposed to create a state-owned company to invest in LNG projects

Energy Minister Alexander Novak proposed to Vladimir Putin to create a state public law company, which “could act as a co-investor in the ongoing projects for the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and participate in the development and construction of infrastructure»

Soyuzmultfilm started creating educational programs for kindergartens and schools

Soyuzmultfilm started creating additional education programs for kindergartens and schools with the characters of its cartoons. This” Kommersant ” told the Chairman of the Board of the Studio Juliana slashcheva. According to her, the Studio has already developed two educational programs

When banks can demand early repayment of the loan

The Central Bank explained to banks in which cases they have the right to demand from the borrower early repayment of consumer credit, according to the website of the regulator. In the letter sent to banks it is noted that the creditor can demand early return of all remaining sum of a loan together with percent for actual term of crediting if the borrower violates term of repayment of a debt and percent, more than 30 calendar days does not fulfill obligations on loan insurance, violates obligations of target use of the credit provided by the agreement.

Credit history of a million Russians were in the public domain

Credit histories of more than a million Russians with data from mobile operators, obtained from the credit history Bureau (BCI), at least at the end of August were in the public domain. According to Kommersant, it was first discovered on October 10 by an independent cybersecurity researcher Bob Dyachenko. According to him, he reported the problem to the BCI, after which the database was closed.

Strengthening of the hryvnia reduced the national debt by $4 billion

The strengthening of the hryvnia contributed to the reduction of the estimated total amount of state and state-guaranteed debt of Ukraine for January-August by more than $ 4 billion, said the Chairman of the accounts chamber (SP) of the country Valery Patskan.


According to research conducted by two major recording companies, the tempo of the performance of the famous Bach Concerto for two violins in d minor increases over the years —every 10 years the work is reduced by a minute.


Central banks expect the dollar to remain the main reserve currency

Approximately 66% of experts surveyed say that the us dollar will remain the main reserve currency in the next 25 years. According to the International monetary Fund, in September, 62% of the world’s reserves by the Central Bank were denominated in the us currency

The us Secretary of energy resigned

The President of the United States Donald trump confirmed that the Minister of energy Rick Perry filed his resignation. The American leader called the work done by the politician in the energy sector fantastic, but added that three years as Minister is a lot. The President of the United States said he had already chosen a new candidate, but did not disclose the name. It is specified that Perry will hold the position of Minister until the end of 2019.

US imposes duties on European goods

On Monday, the dispute resolution Body at the WTO allowed the United States to impose duties of almost $ 7.5 billion a year on goods and services of EU countries that violated WTO rules while subsidizing the aviation Corporation Airbus, reports TASS.

Mutations in the gene affect sleep duration

American scientists have learned that some people can get enough sleep in just four, not eight hours of sleep. According to the researchers, the reason is a mutation of the gene ADRB1, responsible for the quality and duration of sleep. Brain cells that are associated with ADRB1 are inactive during sleep and active during wakefulness.

Tesla allowed to assemble electric cars in China

Initially, the Assembly line of the company will begin to descend sedans Tesla Model 3 and new crossovers Tesla Model Y. it is Expected that the Assembly of the first electric cars will begin at the end of this year. Thanks to the plant, the American company will be able to sell its products in China without paying a tariff of 25%.

In the United States are preparing a supergun with a range of 1800 km

The us army is implementing bold new proposals. Another unusual project involves the development of a supergun with a range of at least 1,000 miles. Such a weapon together with hypersonic systems will be responsible for the defeat of remote targets that are not available for other weapons of the army.

Reef shark swallows a relative at Antwerp zoo

A reef shark has eaten its smaller relative in Antwerp zoo in front of visitors. The zoo, commenting on the incident, said that the fish got along together for a long time. After the incident, the second bull shark was placed in another aquarium. In nature, both of these species live in the waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Putin offered to refuse one of the international contributions of Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to refuse to recognize the activities of the Commission to investigate violations of humanitarian law in armed conflicts, in which there is no Russian representative. Also in the explanatory note to the draft law it is specified that today there is a probability of abuse of powers of the Commission for the political purposes.

In Belarus allowed the rejection of the Union state with Russia

The fate of the Union state of Russia and Belarus depends on the wishes of the citizens of the Republic, says the head of the Belarusian foreign Ministry Vladimir Makei. According to him, if the society considers the existence of any agreement inexpedient, it has the right to raise the issue “before the leadership of the state”, which takes into account the relevant opinion.

Makei also stressed that it is too early for Minsk and Moscow to talk about the creation of a single Central Bank, which is the crown of economic integration. First, it is necessary to achieve a normal level of economic development. In addition, countries will have to solve problems related to the cost of oil, gas and tax maneuver. In addition, it is necessary to deal with the supply of agricultural and industrial products.

According to Euroradio, while residents are in favor of integration. At the same time, Belarusian citizens are more concerned about employment and wages.

Damascus sees no reason to grant autonomy to the Kurds

Syrian presidential adviser for political Affairs Buseina Shaaban said that Damascus is not considering the possibility of granting autonomy to the Kurds, as there is no reason for this. This writes the Federal news Agency.

Launched Russian satellite divided into parts

In early July, the Russian defense Ministry satellites Kosmos-2535 and Kosmos-2536 were put into orbit. From the first already disconnected four objects of unknown nature. This was reported by the North American aerospace defense Command. As there were these objects, it is not yet clear: either disconnected from the main unit intentionally, or it just collapsed. Journalists note that on August 1, the Ministry of defense of Russia reported on the successful tests of the spacecraft “Kosmos-2535” and “Kosmos-2536”.

Protecting the borders of Russia ships were immobilized

In 2018-2019, the far Eastern patrol boats of the border Service of the Federal security service (FSB) several times there were engine stops, mil reported.Press FlotProm source in the industry circles. According to the interlocutor, incidents are provoked by malfunctions in electronic management of accumulator system of fuel supply Common Rail (CR) of ship diesel engines

The government of Ecuador declared a “Russian trace” in the protests in the country

Ecuador’s interior Minister, Maria Paulo Romo, said in an interview with El Comercio that foreign sources may have been involved in the recent protests that swept the country over the abolition of fuel subsidies. According to her, there is information that for posting anti-government statements on the Internet, in particular, IP addresses from Russia were used.

The state Duma proposed to combine the powers of the Governor and Senator

In the state Duma proposed to combine the powers of the Governor and Senator state Duma Deputy from the LDPR Sergei Ivanov proposed to allow the combination of the posts of Governor or speaker of the regional Parliament with the powers of a member of the Federation Council.

Sikorsky presented a prototype of a high-speed reconnaissance helicopter

The American company Sikorsky presented a prototype of its new development. The project of the high-speed helicopter-developer was created on the basis of the previously manufactured S-97.

World distribution of the Buryat film will provide Hollywood

As it became known, the Hollywood film company “Paramount Pictures Corporation” will make its changes to the film of the TRANS-Baikal famous Director Solbon Lygdenov “321-I Siberian” and will bring the picture to the world rental. This was reported by the author of the film in his video message Vkontakte.

A new teaser of the series from Netflix “the Witcher” appeared in the Network

The Italian division of Netflix presented on the popular video hosting a new teaser for the first season of the series ” the Witcher”



In the sequel” venoma ” will appear supervillain Squeal

According to sources familiar with the project, the plot of “venom 2” added a new marvel comics character-supervillain Squeal. She is due to appear on screen alongside Carnage, who is supposed to be the main villain of the sequel

Group “Bread” presented the album ” Stars»

The group “Bread” has published a new Studio album “Stars”. The album includes 11 tracks, including the previously presented single “Ebobo”.

The clip rappers Earthgang on the track “Up»

The clip is made as a short film, the plot of which a schoolboy, strayed from his tour group, touches the picture that fascinated him and is transferred to a fictional world. In it, he meets revived Museum exhibits, aliens and other strange creatures.



Beck released two songs from the new album

The release will take place on November 22, 2019. On the same day, the musician released two new singles from his 14th Studio album: the 100-second track “Hyperlife” and “Uneventful Days”, on which Pharrell Williams participated.

Us nuclear shield lost 8-inch floppy disks

The report stated that the nuclear force control system still runs on legacy IMB Series/1 computers and uses 8-inch floppy disks to transmit commands and programs. SACCS became operational in January 1968

VIN Diesel will lead the Inhumans in the series about Miss marvel

According to the portal Geeks World Wide, became known the names of two actors who have a chance to get key roles in the upcoming series. The first of them is VIN Diesel, he is considered a top contender for the role of the Black Thunder, king of the Inhumans.

Service of electronic registered letters appeared in the application of the Russian Post

This method allows you to instantly receive traffic fines, orders from the Federal bailiff service, summonses from magistrates, other agencies and legal entities in electronic form, not on paper. In the near future it is planned to launch the function of sending through the mobile application. While the function of sending letters is available in your account.

Released a trailer for the cartoon ” Peter Rabbit 2»

In the Russian box office, the film will be released in the spring of 2020. The network has the first trailer for the cartoon “Peter Rabbit 2”. The film continues the story of a small and restless rabbit, whose family began a quiet and measured life in the country. However, Peter does not like it at all.



Google introduced a new smartphone

Google introduced on Tuesday a new smartphone Pixel 4, equipped with a motion sensor and an improved camera, the novelty will be available on October 24 at a starting price of $ 799. The presentation takes place in new York and is broadcast on the Internet.

Google has withdrawn smart camera Clips from sale

Google has withdrawn from the sale of the camera with artificial intelligence Clips. The device was not as successful as the developers expected, according to October 17 TV channel “360”. Buyers have been waiting for the Clips wide-angle camera to appear on the market.

“VKontakte” has changed the design of the mobile application

October 17, it became known that “Vkontakte” has updated the design of its mobile application for the first time in two years. While the novelty is not available for everyone. To access it, you need to scan the QR code on advertising banners that have already appeared on the streets of St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Unmanned ship will be sent on a journey across the Atlantic ocean

IBM has begun developing an unmanned Mayflower ship that will embark on a 400-year journey across the Atlantic ocean. The launch is scheduled for September next year. According to experts, the ship will be able to change course and independently prevent collisions

Xiaomi plans to become an expensive brand

The new development plans of the company decided to apply in India, as for the Chinese manufacturer is one of the key markets. For this market, Xiaomi intends to release several models of expensive smartphones and TVs. In addition, more than ten thousand retail stores will be opened in the country.

Huawei Watch GT 2 arrived in Russia

Huawei has announced the start of pre-orders for smart watches Huawei Watch GT 2, the sale of which will start in Russia on October 24. The device was presented in Berlin on September 19 simultaneously with the announcement of the flagship smartphones Mate 30.

Apple started producing iPhone XR in India

Apple has launched production of the iPhone XR at the Foxconn plant, which is located in India. The devices will be designed not only for stores in India, but also in Europe.

Master Dynamic MW07 Go wireless in-ear headphones cost $200

Master & Dynamic has announced fully wireless headphones MW07 Go, which boast a long battery life. The kit includes in-ear modules for the left and right ear. And between them there is no wired connection.

Artificial intelligence taught to “see the thoughts” of man

Researchers from Russia have learned to recreate the images that a person sees at the moment, the electrical activity of the brain. This achievement will allow the creation of devices that can be controlled using brain signals.