21 Oct, 2019

News digest for 10/19-20/2019

Macron announces meeting of EU leaders with Turkish President

The failure of NATO to respond to the offensive of Turkish troops on Kurdish positions in Northern Syria, is a “serious mistake” of the Alliance and the entire Western world, announced French President Emmanuel macron.

“This undermines our ability to find partners who can take our side, knowing that they are protected in the long term, and therefore creates questions about how NATO functions»

According to the French President, he learned about the US decision to withdraw its troops from Northern Syria from Twitter. Macron complained that the combination with Turkey’s unilateral offensive turns Europe into a Junior partner in the middle East.

Macron announced a meeting of the leaders of France, Britain and Germany with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in one of the coming weeks

Residential skyscrapers will be built under the renovation program

The first residential building of 72 floors with a height of 255 m is included in the renovation project in the 3rd microdistrict Pokrovsky-Streshnev in Moscow. In this area, it is planned to demolish 11 houses with an area of 52.8 thousand square meters, instead they want to build a multi-storey complex with sections from 12 to 25 floors and a 72-storey tower. At the same time, residents of houses that will fall under demolition will not settle in a new high-rise. The skyscraper will become an elite building for individual Muscovites.

Initially, the program included more than 5.1 thousand houses, mostly five-storey “Khrushchev”. Representative moskomarhitektury Sergei Glubokin at the start said that three-quarters of the houses built under the program will not exceed 14 floors.

Lukashenko accused Russia of holding back Belarusian goods within the EAC

Lukashenka blamed Russia and said that it was not possible to overcome the barriers that were planned to be eliminated during the creation of the EAEU. According to him, Russia “began to appear certain deterrent measures, for example, in relation to Belarusian food.” The Belarusian leader reminded that the EAEU was created “on the basis of freedom of movement of goods, capital and labor”.

“This is not the case in any of the directions today,” Lukashenka said. “And you know where the brake came from.” And you probably hear when I’m at the meetings almost in the open, without diplomatic language begin to call the perpetrators, ” – he added.

Siluanov said about the possible refusal of Russia in the loan for Belarus

The decision on the $600 million state loan, which Russia and Belarus have been discussing for a long time, has not yet been made. This was stated by first Deputy Prime Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov. Perhaps the loan will not be issued, reports “Interfax”.

Cities in Europe with the highest number of surveillance cameras

London is the most visited city in Europe. About 630,000 cameras monitor 9.6 million residents of the capital, the UK-68.4 cameras per 1,000 Londoners.

Berlin, in second place, is far from London’s surveillance machine – the German capital has 11.2 cameras per 1,000 inhabitants.

The first thread of the “Turkish stream” began to fill with gas

The filling of the first line of the offshore section of the Turkish stream gas pipeline with gas has begun, this is the last stage of testing before commissioning, the project operator said.

Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the establishment of a Military construction company

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the creation of a Military construction company with a budget of a trillion rubles. It will be engaged in military construction instead of “Spetsstroy”, whose activities ended with the loss of 12 billion and a hundred criminal cases.

Under the control of VSK will pass construction organizations, manufacturers of building materials, structures and products for the defense Ministry, which, according to Putin’s decree, on behalf of the state will perform the functions and powers of the founder of the implementation of military construction and execute contracts for the state defense order.

The organizational status-a public law company-gives VSK a number of advantages: it can not be declared bankrupt, its property can not be levied. Its leadership will be appointed by the decision of the government.

“The main task is to withdraw the military construction from the commercial sector, so that under the influence of some external circumstances or unfair competition it was impossible to bankrupt this company or impose any encumbrances on it,” Deputy defense Minister Timur Ivanov explained the need for a new structure.

The court in new York postponed the claim of the American exchange regulator to Telegram

A Federal court in new York has postponed the U.S. exchange regulator’s lawsuit against Telegram until February, the court order said. In addition, judge Kevin Castel upheld a temporary ban on Telegram launching the Gram cryptocurrency and the TON blockchain platform, which the regulator sought. The meeting will be held on February 18-19, 2020.

Pavel Durov’s Telegram company previously said that it agreed to postpone operations on the Gram cryptocurrency and the TON blockchain platform until the trial in the United States is completed. At the same time, Telegram considered the temporary injunction unnecessary and tried to challenge it, but to no avail.

Negotiations between Ukraine and the IMF are fast and productive

Negotiations between Ukraine and the International monetary Fund on a new program of cooperation are fast and productive, said Finance Minister Oksana Markarova.

“It will be a long-term program. We are discussing a period of three years. Discussions on this programme are moving faster than last year or three years ago. These discussions are productive”

Petro Poroshenko and his team illegally appropriated $1.5 billion

Advisor to the President of the United States Sam Kislin said that the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and his team illegally appropriated $1.5 billion received during the confiscation of his predecessor Viktor Yanukovych’s confidants. The American businessman told about it at a briefing in Kiev.

Kislin pointed out that the funds were withdrawn to return to the budget of Ukraine, but they did not get there. The American adviser indicated that $503 million was received from the former Deputy Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleg Gladkovsky in favor of Poroshenko, a $300 million transferred to the former public Prosecutor Yury Lutsenko and another $20 million, ex — Secretary of the NSDC Oleksandr Turchynov. Kislin assured that the documents confirming these transfers are in his hands.

Russian banks will be obliged to check customers by phone number

The Russian Cabinet proposed to oblige banks to check customers by phone number. The head of the state Duma Committee on the financial market Anatoly Aksakov told “Izvestia”. The relevant bill will be considered in November in the second reading.

Boris Johnson asked Brussels to postpone Brexit deadline

In his official letter to the EU, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked Brussels to postpone the Brexit deadline from October 31 to January 31, 2020, as required by law.

“If the parties are able to ratify the agreement to leave the EU before this date, the deadline for postponing Brexit will end earlier,” the letter says. The message concludes with the caption: “yours Sincerely, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland.” At the same time it does not contain Johnson’s name and his personal signature

Patriarch Kirill: Russian Orthodox Church does not have enough material means to create spiritual defense

“We are asked to stand firm, not to falter, to continue this independent line of preserving the unity of universal Orthodoxy, and most importantly-the preservation of the spiritual independence of the Russian Orthodox Church from all centers of world influence. Believe me, this is a very difficult task. The Church has no army, the Church does not even have enough material resources to ( … ) create spiritual defense. That is why we call on all the people to be with our Church.”

The market of school textbooks of Russia

Rustitaninvest, a company close to businessman Arkady Rotenberg, bought the Russian textbook publishing group, which is considered one of the largest publishers of educational literature

Altai complained to Roscosmos

The Ministry of ecology and tourism of the Altai Republic complained about Roscosmos, which does not take out the spent parts of launch vehicles that fall in the region after the launch from the Baikonur cosmodrome. The agreement on the removal of debris local authorities and” Roscosmos ” concluded almost twenty years ago.

“With the Republic of Altai and other regions, we are working in the normal mode, all issues are resolved in the working order” retorted in Roscosmos.

The robot assembled the Rubik’s Cube with one hand.

The system, developed by experts from the company OpenAI, learned to perform a difficult task-to collect a Rubik’s Cube with a robotic hand. This was another significant step forward in the field of robotics research.

Human waste can tell us about income, diet and health

The University of Queensland laboratory stores unusual samples: human waste from about one-fifth of Australia’s population. In higher socioeconomic areas, fiber, citrus and caffeine consumption was higher. The researchers came to the conclusion: the richer a society is, the healthier his food. And all this information is encrypted in our waste.

Russia will have the means to fulfill its obligations

Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that in the event of falling oil prices, Russia will have the means to fulfill its obligations thanks to gold reserves. According to him, low oil prices affect the development of the Russian economy, as it is largely associated with the production and processing of oil.

“Thus, our task is to try to reduce dependence on world energy prices,” he said.

Siluanov explained that for this reason, the budget is based on budget rules that set prices at $42 per barrel.

“And regardless of what happens to prices, we will have the means to fulfill our obligations, because we have accumulated large gold reserves — 7% of GDP»

According to him, even if oil prices fall to $20-30 per barrel, the state will be able to fulfill its obligations for three years without any shocks to the budget.


After the disaster in the Krasnoyarsk region, the authorities were quick to say that they knew nothing about the illegal dam. In fact, as “Open media” found out, only last year the gold mining enterprise was twice checked by Rosprirodnadzor, which did not notice any violations. And one more check had to pass till October 21


Rosstandart will be given the right to control purchases for underutilization of fuel

This” Russian newspaper ” told the head of the Department Alexei Abramov. According to him, a new method of checking petrol stations for underutilization is being developed: not a specific column will be checked, but its operation as a system, including its connection with the operator behind the cash register.

The government proposed to change the bill on significant sites

The government has prepared a response to the draft law on significant Internet resources, which provides for limiting the share of ownership in them by foreign investors to 20%, a source familiar with the contents of the document told RBC, and confirmed a source close to the government. The Cabinet is ready to support the document, if it will be amended-foreign participation in Internet resources in respect of voting shares should be allowed at the level of 50% minus one share, indicate both interlocutors RBC. In addition, the draft law should have clear criteria for classifying an information resource as significant in order to avoid “evaluative influence”.

Russia wants to ban plastic bags

A complete ban on the sale of plastic bags can be introduced in Russia, writes on October 18, the newspaper “Izvestia”. The relevant bill is being prepared by Rospotrebnadzor. First, their sale will be gradually reduced, and then, as noted, and will be banned altogether.

GAZ group postponed the transition to a four-day working week

Gorky automobile plant because of the implementation of the state order for school buses and ambulances postponed the transition to a four-day working week. In August, Gas employees were notified about the possible transition to a reduced mode of operation in the period from October 21 to April 20, 2020.

In Russia will change the order of verification of meters

In Russia, the order of verification of meters will change – now paper documents will become a thing of the past, and only the entry in the special electronic database of Rosstandart will have legal significance. This was reported by the head of the Department Alexei Abramov ” Rossiyskaya Gazeta»

New law on pensions of Russians

In Russia, non-state pension funds will be able to become part of state corporations. The new system will allow large state corporations, such as rostec or Rosatom, to create their own pension funds. It is noted that until recently, the founders of the NPF could only be individuals or legal entities

The height of the building of the National space center will be 200 meters

The height of the building of the National space center on the basis of the Khrunichev plant will be about 200 meters, said the Deputy mayor of Moscow for urban policy and construction Marat Khusnullin.

The Ministry of Finance refused to allocate 44 billion rubles for narrow sections of the Central ring road

According to “Kommersant”, the Ministry of Finance refused the Ministry of transport to allocate an additional 44 billion rubles for the construction of the Central ring road. The money, according to “Avtodor”, is needed to solve the problems of “bottlenecks” found after the start of implementation

Funding for garbage reform from the budget will be reduced

The national project “Ecology” was the only one whose funding from the Federal budget will be reduced in the next three years. The state program “environmental Protection”, through which the national project is financed, was approved on Thursday by the state Duma Committee on the budget.

First of all, the government intends to save on the reform of waste management, it follows from the explanatory note to the draft budget, namely on investments in the construction of processing facilities

Siluanov promised a” more ambitious ” privatization program

The Russian government will soon begin preparing a” more ambitious ” privatization plan.

We are a little relaxed, because we do not need money, and the ministries all sit on their even small stakes in companies and all want to manage them, — first Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov told reporters on the sidelines of the meeting of the International monetary Fund (IMF) and the world Bank.

According to him, the government needs to once again make a list of state assets in which the Russian Federation does not necessarily remain.

The list of investments which are not key for our country, I mean as, maybe, oil and gas or banking sector, – he specified.

Housing without the right of residence flooded the real estate market in Moscow

According to the results of the third quarter of 2019, the volume of apartments in Moscow increased by 11.5 percent. This is stated in the material of the investment and real estate company Est-a-Tet, received at the disposal of “Tape.ru»

Apartments-real estate, formally intended for living, but legally having non-residential status-occupy 22 percent of the total area of all new buildings of the capital (706 thousand square meters). The majority of the premises (38.7 percent) are business class.

Lots of jobs and lots of income, “for our friends in Serbia»

Russia and Serbia will continue to develop energy projects, as they have invested a lot of money, said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, October 19, RIA Novosti reported.

The Russian Prime Minister stressed that “we are all waiting for the launch of the Turkish stream,” and expressed confidence that this project will work. He also added that ” there are small works left.” Medvedev pointed out that this project will create many jobs, as well as-a lot of income, “including for our friends in Serbia.”

Russian Railways will help Serbia to upgrade the railway to Montenegro

The head of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov and Serbian transport Minister Zoran Mikhailovich signed a cooperation agreement, during which the Russian company will help Belgrade implement a project to modernize the railway to Montenegro.

“Mechel” asks to help return the money for the lost plant in Donetsk

“Mechel” Igor Zyuzin appealed to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak with a letter in which the company asks to assist it in the return of 50% of the funds invested by the company in the Donetsk electrometallurgical plant (DEMZ), appealing to the fact that the asset was lost due to the beginning of the armed conflict in the East of Ukraine.

In 2016, the company came under the control of the DPR administration. Zyuzin asks Kozak to help return 50% of the invested funds-18 billion rubles. Mechel plans to use the received money to repay the Bank debt.

Fed begins forced weakening of the us dollar

The Federal reserve of the United States began to buy assets and cut rates, but now there is only one condition-the weakening of the dollar. Moreover, the fed has already begun to make attempts to reduce its cost.

U.S. duties on goods from the European Union came into force

U.S. duties on 150 types of goods from the European Union have come into force, which will affect exports worth $7.5 billion, Reuters reported, citing the U.S. trade mission.

At the headquarters of the UN disabled escalators due to lack of money

The UN is experiencing serious difficulties due to the lack of funds for the operation, in connection with which the leadership of the organization began to take austerity measures. In particular, at the headquarters of the organization in new York, the escalators were turned off.

Turkey threatens Syria with war to protect Kurds

If the Syrian regime wants to enter Manbij, ain El-Arab, Qamishli in order to provide protection to the Kurdish people’s self – defense units, it is considered a Declaration of war against Turkey, they are waiting for a proportionate response-said Aktay.

The us Congress demanded to recognize “Azov” as a terrorist organization

The volunteer battalion “Azov” of the National guard of Ukraine can be recognized in the United States as a terrorist organization – 39 members of Congress, headed by the Chairman of the Committee on combating terrorism max Rose, appealed to the state Department with a corresponding petition.

Chilean authorities have mobilized the army to fight the protesters

In Chile, riots continue for several days, which began because of the increase in subway fares in Santiago — the fare increased by an average of 30 pesos (about three rubles).

Three people were killed, more than 150 injured, more than 300 participants in the pogroms were arrested. The authorities imposed a curfew in Santiago and threw the army to suppress the riots. Tariff increases have been frozen.

The Chilean authorities have mobilized the army to fight against protesters against the increase in prices for travel in the subway. Protesters set fire to the symbol of Santiago-the office of the energy company ENEL-a huge skyscraper building in flames completely. Mayor sharp is on the side of the protesters.

“The responsibility for the escalation of violence and repression lies entirely with our authoritarian government,” he said, calling the events the agony of democracy

Putin and Merkel discussed the situation in Syria

Russian leader Vladimir Putin in a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that in the process of political settlement of the situation in Syria, the interests of all ethnic groups of the Syrian people should be taken into account.

“The Russian President stressed that the achievement of long — term and sustainable stabilization in the Syrian Arab Republic is possible only on the basis of respect for the principles of unity and territorial integrity of the country,” the Kremlin press service reported.

Putin and Merkel also noted the importance of the first meeting of the constitutional Committee of the SAR scheduled for the end of October.

Russian Marines will be prepared for foreign expeditions

As explained in the Ministry of defense, the officer of the marine corps will not only be able to competently conduct combat operations, but also have the skills of a diplomat and speak foreign languages to conduct Russian policy in the point of the world where he will be sent to solve problems.

Ukrainians and Belarusians are recognized as native speakers of Russian without exams

Citizens of Ukraine and Belarus will be able to obtain the status of native speakers of Russian without an interview. The proposal was approved by the Russian government, according to the website of the Cabinet.

Russian Russian— speaking citizens of the Republic of Belarus and citizens of Ukraine, who are fluent in Russian, can be recognized by the Commission as native speakers of the Russian language without passing the above-mentioned interview, the press service of the government reports.

Us military evacuation convoy arrives in Syria

The American transport convoy entered from Northern Iraq into Syria. According to TASS, she arrived for the evacuation of American troops. The convoy entered Syria and headed towards the town of al-Qamishli in the North-East of the country

Ukraine has created a weapon capable of repulsing the Russian army

Director of information and consulting company Defense Express Sergey Zgurets said that Ukraine is developing weapons that can give a powerful rebuff to Russian troops in the Donbass. This is reported by the Ukrainian media. We are talking about a rocket ” Typhoon-1″

NATO has created an expert headquarters on the Turkish operation in Syria

NATO has set up a crisis headquarters to assess Ankara’s operation in Syria, the Welt am Sonntag newspaper reported. It included military experts, security experts and political consultants. Headquarters will assess the possible consequences of the operation.

Ankara announced plans to place refugees on the Syrian border

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants Syrian government forces to withdraw from the Syrian-Turkish border so that Ankara can accommodate refugees who are now in Turkey. A spokesman for the Turkish leader Ibrahim Kalyn told the Associated Press.

At the summit Russia — Africa will present samples of new military equipment

Almaz-Antey aerospace defense concern will present a range of new models of military and civil equipment at the Russia — Africa summit. Among other things, the summit will demonstrate long-range anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 “Triumph” and “Antey-2500”.

Environmentalists proposed to ban the extraction of loose gold

According to environmentalist Alexander Kolotov from the coalition “Rivers without borders”, the extraction of loose gold, causing damage to nature, many times greater than the economic benefit, is already banned in many countries, for example, in China and Mongolia.

The trailer for the film rapper Kanye West published Online

A trailer for rap artist Kanye West’s Jesus Is King has appeared Online. The video is available on YouTube. Jesus Is King is dedicated to the album of the same name by the American artist



The film “Once upon a time in Hollywood” from Tarantino banned in China

In China, canceled the release of the film directed by Quentin Tarantino “Once upon a time in Hollywood” because of the complaint of the daughter of Bruce Lee-Shannon emery, reports Variety. The premiere of the tape was planned on October 25, but the State administration for cinematography received a complaint from the daughter of the Hong Kong actor.

I welcome Quentin Tarantino’s refusal to remake his film under Chinese censorship. Inalienable rights, such as freedom of speech, should not be sold. – Mike Pompeo, American politician

The cast of the drama “the Northerner” by Robert Eggers is named

Robert Eggers, known as the author of “the Witch” and “the lighthouse,” will direct the drama ” the Northerner.” The main roles in the film will play Alexander Skarsgard, Nicole Kidman, Anya Taylor-joy, Willem Defoe and bill Skarsgard. The events of the film will unfold in the XX century in Iceland.

Disney called the release date of the series of the show “Mandalorian” on ” Star wars»

Disney has published information about the release dates of the upcoming series “Mandalorian” in the universe of “Star wars”. This was reported on October 18 portal Comicbook. The very first episode of the show will be released on the launch day of the disney + streaming platform-November 12, 2019.

An unreleased version of Prince’s song has been released

On the eve of the 40th anniversary of the second album of the American singer Prince was released unreleased version of the song I Feel For You, according to CNN. You can get acquainted with the acoustic demo of the song on several streaming platforms

The band Lindemann presented a new song Ich weiß es nicht

Musicians from the metal band Lindemann till Lindemann and Peter Tagtgren presented a new song Ich weiß es nicht (“I don’t know”), the recording of which was published on YouTube. The song was the second single from the band’s new album F&M, which is scheduled for release on November 22.

Marilyn Manson has released a music video for a folk song about sinners

50-year-old American rock singer Marilyn Manson posted a video for the traditional song God’s Gonna Cut You Down. The composition is dedicated to warning sinners of imminent punishment. The action in the black-and-white video takes place in a hotel room, where the performer is holding a rifle, a guitar.



Russia will release its own SSD drives

The Russian company Kraftway has developed a disk controller chip and a prototype SSD. The chip will be manufactured in Taiwan at TSMC factory for now. The first batch will be released in early December. It will use memory from Misgop and Toshiba. The project was implemented with the money received under the state contract with the Ministry of industry and trade.

Wing drones for the first time began to deliver parcels to the home in the United States

The company Wing, part of Alphabet holding, began to deliver goods to the house. Residents of Chrischenberg, Virginia, will be able to order food, sweets and over-the-counter drugs from pharmacies for delivery by drone, also the drone will bring small mailings

The new NVIDIA Shield TV Pro player will still be released

NVIDIA Shield TV Pro will be equipped with a new update that will speed up the media player by more than 25% compared to previous models. Acceleration of NVIDIA Shield TV Pro functionality is achieved thanks to the new NVIDIA Tegra x1 processor+

Sales of Nokia 110 push-button phone started in Russia

Nokia push-button phone from HMD Global has reached the Russian market. The device has a simple design and basic features. Nokia 110 is equipped with a 1.7-inch display with a resolution of 160 x 120 pixels and an 800 mAh battery.

Artificial intelligence will help Russian oil companies

By 2020, NVI-Solutions will develop software based on artificial intelligence technologies for use in the Russian oil industry. The Cyclops program will use artificial intelligence and machine vision technologies to control production processes. In particular, the system will be able to identify cases of safety violations, as well as monitor the quality of work.

Google Maps users will be able to report traffic accidents

In the past, Google Maps users on Android could only report traffic “jams,” and now it’s possible to report a wide range of traffic accidents. You can cancel an incident message within a short period of time, similar to Gmail’s Undo send feature.

Mozilla Firefox browser was named ” the most secure»

Representatives of the office tested four browsers, among which were: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer from Microsoft and Edge From the same Microsoft.

Facebook develops measures to protect children in the social network

Recently, the head of security of the social network Antigone Davis noted that in recent years, the company has developed a strong protection of minors on Facebook platforms. According to the Financial Times, now in the social network all suspicious accounts will be warned.

The Nobel prize was awarded for the study of children’s saliva

The winners of the Nobel prize became known. This year’s awards were awarded to Japanese chemists led by Seiji Igarashi. Their study was to determine the amount of saliva that a 5-year-old child emits daily.

The effects of chemotherapy and mechanisms of tumor recurrence were studied

Experts from Louisiana Tulane University school of Medicine studied the effects of chemotherapy and the mechanisms of tumor recurrence.

The re-development of tumors after chemotherapy treatment is caused by the presence of cells, which are called dormant tumor. They have a slow metabolism, do not divide and therefore are not sensitive to chemotherapy. These cells can also evade the immune response. In the study, they found that these cells are not completely inactive and can absorb competitors, the Journal of Cell Biology reported.

For the first time a stable compound of pentavalent plutonium was obtained

An international team of scientists, which includes members of the Department of radiochemistry of the faculty of chemistry of Moscow state University, discovered a never-before-seen compound of pentavalent plutonium.

Milton’s handwriting was found in the margin of Shakespeare’s works

A scholar from the University of Cambridge reported that the author of the handwritten notes on the margins of the pages of the First folio of William Shakespeare from the collections of the Public library of Philadelphia is the English poet John Milton.

In Congo found a unique Supermicro

Biologists from Antwerp studied samples of Salmonella taken from patients in three different cities of the Republic of Congo. In 51 samples were found bacteria that were not previously known to science. During the analysis of the detected bacteria, it turned out that the bacteria are a new species of the genus Salmonella. It is assumed that these super-microbes appeared in the Congo in 2004.

People old and young have different perceptions of the light from led lamps

The excess of violet and blue radiation in the spectrum of led white lamps causes the eyes of older and younger people to perceive their light differently. The first it seems almost green, and the second-almost pink, physicists write in the journal Optics Express.

NASA: an asteroid is approaching Earth

Experts say that the asteroid will approach the Earth on October 25 at 20: 21.

Asteroid 162082 (1998 HL1) measuring between 400 meters and one kilometer will approach Earth on October 25, according to NASA’s center for near-earth object research. According to NASA, the object will approach the Earth at a minimum distance of 16 distances to the moon on October 25 at 20: 21 GMT. The asteroid is from the Apollo group, containing more than five thousand objects.

NASA has revealed a galaxy similar to a portal to another dimension

NASA has released a picture of the spiral galaxy NGC 4380. It is located in the constellation Virgo and was discovered in March 1826. This galaxy is very much like a portal to another dimension. Spiral galaxies of this kind are quite widespread in the Universe.

Rocket Lab launches ninth Electron rocket

Rocket Lab launched its Electron rocket with its ninth mission since its debut in 2017 and fifth mission for 2019. The payload consisted of a single satellite provided by California-based Astro Digital

China has formed a scientific team of the manned space program

The scientific Director of the space manned program was a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences GU yidong. The team also included China’s first cosmonaut Yang Liwei and seven other space industry experts.

Robot “Fedor” performed secret operations on the ISS

The robot “Fedor” said that during his stay on the ISS performed a number of secret tasks, but only the Director General of Roscosmos knows about them, reports TASS. According to the robot, he carried out an operation to simulate the locking, docking and undocking plug connectors