20 Oct, 2020

News digest for 10/19/2020

The North Korean hacker group Kimsuky attacked military and industrial organizations in Russia several times this spring. This is reported by “Kommersant” with reference to cybersecurity experts.

Anastasia Tikhonova, head of the sophisticated threats research department at Group-IB, said that hackers sought to gain possession of confidential information from aerospace companies by spreading malicious mailings, including through social networks.

Kimsuky, also known as Velvet Chollima and Black Banshee, is a cyber espionage practitioner. According to Tikhonova, earlier hackers from the DPRK carried out attacks on objects in South Korea, but then took up enterprises in the production of artillery equipment and armored vehicles in Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia and Turkey, using fraudulent mailings.

Erdogan accused Russia, France and the United States of supplying weapons to Armenia

Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan is sure that the Minsk Group co-chairs provide Armenia not only with political and moral support. In addition, they regularly organize the supply of weapons to increase the chances of the Transcaucasian state to win the war with Azerbaijan.

Maduro announced the supply of thousands of doses of drugs for COVID-19 from Russia

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that thousands of doses of drugs for a new type of coronavirus infection were delivered to the country, RIA Novosti reports. According to him, we are talking about “Favipiravir”.

Belarusian opposition leaders nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2021

Geir Toskedal, a member of the Norwegian parliament from the Christian Democratic Party, proposed nominating Belarusian oppositionists Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, Maria Kolesnikova and Veronica Tsepkalo for the Nobel Peace Prize-2021. His words are quoted by the Vart Land edition.

It became known about the number of Turkish troops in Karabakh

According to a Kommersant source, in mid-July a significant group of Turkish military was delivered to the territory of Azerbaijan. The official reason for the transfer of Turkish military forces was the holding of military exercises, but after the end of the maneuvers, the soldiers did not leave the base.

We are talking about 600 servicemen, including a battalion tactical group of 200 people, 50 instructors in Nakhichevan, 90 military advisers in Baku (they provided a liaison in the conduct of hostilities in the brigade-corps-general staff chain); 120 flight personnel at the Gabala airbase; 20 drone operators at Dallar airfield, 50 instructors at Yevlakh airfield, 50 instructors in the 4th Army Corps (Pirekeshkul) and 20 people at the naval base and at the Heydar Aliyev Military School in Baku. This grouping allegedly included 18 BMPs, one multiple launch rocket system, ten vehicles and up to 34 aircraft (including 6 aircraft, 8 helicopters, up to 20 drones), which provided military intelligence both in the Karabakh region and in Armenia. …

Police opened fire at a protest action in Minsk

In Minsk, police opened fire with rubber bullets at a protest action. RIA Novosti writes about this with reference to Roman Lashkevich, a spokesman for the Minsk city executive committee’s police department. It is noted that during the protest action, sounds were also heard from the explosions of stun grenades. They began to be used after a column of many thousands of protesters on Partizansky Prospekt approached the cordon of riot police and police.

Concept design of reusable LNG rocket started in Russia

In Russia, the preliminary design of a reusable liquefied natural gas rocket has begun. This work is carried out by the Samara Rocket and Space Center “Progress”. This was announced on October 19 by the general director of the enterprise Dmitry Baranov

Aeroflot Group Reduced Passenger Carriage

Aeroflot Group transported 23.06 million people from January to September, which is 50.7% less than last year. Passenger traffic by Aeroflot fell 59.1% to 11.62 million, according to the company’s report.

Foreign business complained about frequent changes in laws in Russia

International companies operating in Russia consider too frequent changes in legislation to be one of the main problems of the Russian legal field. Among other shortcomings, they highlighted the inconsistency of legislation with the prevailing conditions and selective application of laws.

In Russia, the demand for the purchase of catering premises has grown over the year

According to the results of the third quarter of 2020, the demand for the purchase of premises for catering establishments in Russia increased by 14% compared to the same period last year. Such data were given to Izvestia in Avito Real Estate on Monday, October 19

State Commission approved the project of the mining and metallurgical plant in the Arctic

The State Commission for the Development of the Arctic supported the creation of a project for the development of a platinum group deposit. The mining and metallurgical plant will be built in the Murmansk region. There will also be two open pit mines. The combine will produce copper-nickel concentrate and will be able to process almost 16 million tons of ore per year.

US Congress urged to exclude Turkey from NATO

A resolution calling for Turkey’s exclusion from NATO has been submitted to the US House of Representatives. As reported by the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), the draft resolution was put forward by a member of the lower house of Congress Tulsi Gabbard (US Democratic Party).

The document notes that Turkey provides open support to Azerbaijan in the hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh. It is also indicated that Ankara has attracted militants of the “Islamic State” (IS, ISIS or Daesh – prohibited in Russia) and other terrorist groups in the fighting in the Karabakh conflict zone.

Air taxi Volocopter tested in Germany as an ambulance

German non-profit rescue service ADAC Luftrettung has carried out large-scale tests of the Volocopter electric air taxi as an ambulance. According to Aviation Week, the tests were carried out over the past year and a half. Based on the results of the inspections, the service specialists came to the conclusion that electric air taxi can be used as an ambulance on a par with traditional medical helicopters.

World’s largest sailing ship to be built in Sweden

The largest sailing vessel to date has been developed in Sweden, according to the press service of the developer company Wallenius Marine. The company presented a project for a vessel called Oceanbird. This is a cargo ship that will transport cars.

German residents return government money

The citizens of Germany are returning to the state the money that the authorities gave out during the spring crisis, which began due to the COVID pandemic. Business FM reports.

In the spring, the German government began to transfer money to the accounts of the Germans. This happened as part of the support of the population, and billions of euros were allocated from the budget. There were no serious checks on the recipients of funds.

Not all residents of Germany who received the “coronavirus” money were entitled to them. As a result, the Germans themselves began to return the money to the government out of fear of tax audits. They managed to return 567 million euros from the previously listed 13.8 billion euros.

Concert in plastic bubbles

Members of The Flaming Lips and viewers are trapped in plastic bubbles during a strange socially distanced show. In total, there were 100 large balls with people inside in the hall in Oklahoma City. The event was announced as a trial version of future concerts

Energy from carbon dioxide exhaled by humans

Finnish scientists have learned how to get energy directly from the carbon dioxide exhaled by humans. So, experts have developed a unique machine that absorbs CO2 and produces methane fuel. The device is two meters high, five meters long and one wide. The device processes about three cubic meters of air per second

The mechanism of the technology is based on the passage of air through the chamber, which is filled with large granules, which contain compounds capable of interacting with carbon dioxide molecules. These granules are heated up to 120 degrees, thereby releasing the absorbed CO2. The machine is also equipped with an electrolyser, thanks to which hydrogen is obtained from ordinary water. At the last stage, water and carbon dioxide combine in the reactor to produce pure methane gas.

It was revealed why ants are so strong

An international team of scientists took X-rays of the ants’ thorax, analyzing their muscles and internal skeleton. As a result, the researchers found that the strength of these insects is associated with the loss of the ability to fly. The work was published in the journal Frontiers in Zoology and on the official website of the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, University of Graduate Studies (OIST).

Controlled membrane for removing carbon dioxide from exhaust gases

The new system, developed by chemical engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, could provide a way to continuously remove carbon dioxide from a waste gas stream or even air. The work carried out by the scientists was described in the journal Science Advances.

A key component of this invention is an electrochemically actuated membrane, the permeability of which can be turned on and off as desired without the use of moving parts and relatively little energy. The membranes themselves, made from anodized alumina, have a honeycomb structure made up of hexagonal holes that allow gas molecules to enter and exit when open.

Ruins of an ancient temple, 2400 years old, discovered off the coast of Bulgaria

According to the Regional Historical Museum of the Black Sea city of Burgas, the temple was found on the island of St. Peter. It is noted that the area of ​​the tiny island is only 15 hectares. Experts conducted a study, during which they identified two embankments in the east of St. Peter’s Island.

LG TVs began to be blocked in Russia

In Russia, LG began to fight TVs that were unofficially imported into the country. It is reported by Popular Mechanics. Earlier, a message appeared on the consumer support page of the Russian website of the company with a request to refrain from buying “gray” TVs

Amazon caught in a major deception

Amazon released the CloudWatch Synthetics Recorder browser extension for its cloud service and passed it off as a completely proprietary product. In fact, she stole his code from programmer Tim Nolet and did not even put his name on the list of developers. At the same time, the company managed not to break a single law.

Google will make corporate messenger free

Google has announced plans to make Chat, an enterprise instant messenger with collaboration features, free for all users. Previously, only subscribers to the online office suite Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) could access it.

For regular users, the Chat will open in the first half of 2021, the company’s blog says. It will be available both inside the Gmail mail service and as a standalone application.

The VGIK International Student Film Festival opens

From 19 to 30 October, the first stage of the VGIK student film festival will take place online. The second stage is scheduled for November 16-20. For viewers, the films will be shown in Moscow cinemas from October 28 to 29, as well as published on the festival’s official website.

Workshops of Sergei Soloviev, Vladimir Khotinenko, Vadim Abdrashitov, Vladimir Menshov, Alexey Uchitel and other masters of Russian cinema, faculties, departments, Higher Courses of VGIK and the College of Cinema, branches of the institute in Irkutsk, Sergiev Posad, Rostov-on-Don will participate in the competition. A total of 173 works were announced.

Bruce Willis returns to the role of “Die Hard”

A commercial for DieHard car batteries featuring Bruce Willis was shown during the American football match between the Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco Forty Niners. In the video, the actor returns to the role of John McClane and goes on a dangerous mission in order to get a new battery for his car.

Werner Herzog talks about meteorites

The trailer for the documentary about meteorites “Fireball: Visitors From Darker Worlds” has published the Apple TV + service. The project was directed by Werner Herzog, he also wrote the script and acted as the narrator.

Joaquin Phoenix will play Napoleon in Ridley Scott’s new film

The film, on which Phoenix and director Ridley Scott will work together, will be titled Satchel. Thus, the actor and director will continue the collaboration that began 20 years ago on the set of Gladiator. The script for the film about the famous French commander will be written by David Scarpe.

The premiere of the first Russian production of the musical “Chess” took place in Moscow

The theater of the Moscow Youth Palace (MDM) hosted the premiere of the Russian version of the musical “Chess”. The play took place on Saturday 17 October. The 12th world chess champion Anatoly Karpov became one of the prototypes of the main one. Karpov noted that he liked the production.

Chess was created in 1984 by British playwright Tim Rice and ABBA founders Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus. The world premiere took place in London in 1986.

Opera marathon will be held in St. Petersburg

The International Competition of Media Artists and Multimedia Directors “Digital OPERA Performance” will be held in St. Petersburg. The event will take place at the Cinema and Concert Hall of the Institute of Film and Television on October 24. The organizers report that on October 24, filming and recording of the concert for the jury will take place, as well as the contestants will show their projects.

On October 25, the final show will be held with the announcement of the results and the awarding of the winners. An online broadcast will also be organized. The concert will consist of arias / duets from Russian operas. The organizers note that the scenography includes a unique multimedia solution.

Large pollution in Usinsk in the north of Komi

Oil leaked from the neighboring Nenets Autonomous Okrug into the Kolva River. An emergency regime was introduced in the city, and the authorities said that the cause of the leak at the Kharyaga field was the depressurization of an inoperative pipeline.

Initially, Lukoil, which owns the pipeline, reported a leak of only 0.9 cubic meters of oil, but the figure may be underestimated. The head of the Komi Ministry of Natural Resources, Roman Polshvedkin, did not name the specific volume of leaked oil products, adding that this story “has enough”, so the Ministry of Natural Resources will soon tell about the incident in detail, “to remove all the gossip.”