21 Oct, 2020

News digest for 10/20/2020

According to preliminary data from the United Credit Bureau (OKB), the issuance of mortgage loans set a new historical record in September. The last record was set in August 2020, when banks issued 146,000 mortgage loans. In September, issuances increased by another 16% and amounted to almost 170 thousand loans. Compared to September 2019, the issue has increased by 65%.

In the III quarter. In 2020, 455 thousand mortgage loans were issued, which is 52% more than in the third quarter. 2019. In January – September 2020, banks issued just over 1 million loans, which is 27% more than in the same period last year.

Among the 30 regions leading in terms of the number of new mortgage loans, the largest growth in loans issued in annual terms (September 2020 against September 2019) was in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra (+ 92%), Moscow (+ 82%), Krasnoyarsk Territory , Perm Territory, Chuvashia (in all + 80%). The smallest growth was in St. Petersburg (+ 52%), Novosibirsk region (+ 51%), Omsk and Orenburg regions (+ 50%) and the Udmurt Republic (+ 48%).

Sberbank will create a service with information about spending and movement of Russians

Sberbank is developing a pilot geoanalytics service that will collect information about the spending and movements of Russians. Stanislav Kartashov, Vice President, Director of the Corporate Clients 360 Division of the Corporate and Investment Business Block of Sberbank, told RBC about this.

Moscow authorities plan to monitor passengers via smartphones

The Center for Traffic Management (TSODD) of Moscow will send 155.2 million rubles. on the system for monitoring passenger traffic using smartphones, follows from the data of the public procurement portal. According to the published documents, we are talking about the supply of 220 hardware and software systems and software for them. It is planned to install the equipment at stops and pedestrian stelae; it must collect MAC addresses from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices – numbers that are assigned to each device during production – within a radius of 50 m.

The monitoring system will have to generate reports on the movement of a person for the day, week, month and year. It will work together with surveillance cameras, which also transmit data on passenger traffic.

Tuva is completely de-energized due to an accident on the networks

An emergency power outage of the entire Tuva occurred on Tuesday afternoon, the press service of the Kyzyl mayor’s office reports.

Due to an emergency shutdown on the high side of 220 kV, the entire republic is de-energized. They are switching to the second line through Abaza Ak-Dovurak-Chadan-Kyzyl. All consumers must be turned on within an hour! Please stay calm! – the message says.

Closing alternative gas supplies to Ukrainian territory

The media have obtained documents proving that the Russian Federation is building the Bulgarian section. At the same time, the Russian side decided to use the Saudi consortium Arkad for cover.

Saudi Arabia is building a gas pipeline only on paper, while workers from the Russian Federation are assembling the pipe. If this is true, then due to the substitution, a ban on completion may follow. The Bulgarian side believes that the goal is to close Bulgaria as a transit territory for alternative gas supplies to Ukrainian territory.

Shopping center closes in Kazan due to difficult economic situation

The Mebelgrad shopping center will close in the near future. The main reason is the difficult economic situation. According to Realnoe Vremya, the main tenants will leave the premises of the center by November 12.

Citizens should have fun at home

In St. Petersburg, there may be restrictions on the opening hours of restaurants until 23:00. According to Vice Governor Yelin, during a pandemic, citizens should have fun at home, since restaurants not only feed and entertain visitors, but also contribute to the spread of a dangerous virus. It is expected that a final decision on this issue will be made by the end of this week.

USA accused 10 people of smuggling electronics into Russia

The US authorities have accused a group of ten of illegally smuggling electronic devices, including Apple products, from the United States to Russia using couriers, many of whom are current and former employees of Aeroflot, according to the website of the Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York. As a result of the investigation, the State Department revoked about 113 visas of Aeroflot employees for their participation in the illegal scheme.

Two Russian MMA fighters support the man who killed the French teacher

UFC fighter from Chechnya Zelim Imadayev considers the guy who killed the school teacher Samuel Pati in the suburbs of Paris to be the hero. In his Instagram story, Imadayev called Anzorov a “hero of Islam.” Another MMA fighter, Albert Duraev, wrote that “in France, freedom of speech has lost its origin.” Now their posts on Instagram have already been deleted, but the media managed to track them.

A book of religious cartoons to be released in France

In France, they offered to publish a book with political and religious cartoons after the murder of teacher Samuel Pati in the suburbs of Paris. RIA Novosti reports this with reference to AFP. This idea was put forward by the leaders of 13 French regions

Renaud Muselier, chairman of the association of heads of French regions, stressed that “blasphemy is not a crime” in France and “revelry of obscurantism” does not take place on its territory. “When it comes to humor, our right to defend exaggeration and parody,” he said.

French teacher to be posthumously awarded the Legion of Honor

According to the Minister of Education of France Jean-Michel Blanker, the deceased teacher Samuel Pati will be posthumously presented to the highest award of the country – the Order of the Legion of Honor. Jean-Michel Blanquer added that the teacher who died will also be awarded the Order of the Academic Palms, an award given to teachers and others in the world of education.

Belarusian court found the Telegram channel “NEXTA-Live” and the NEXTA logo extremist

The Belarusian authorities will punish those who find a NEXTA subscription on their phones. The press service of the Supreme Court of the country told the publication “Podyem” that such actions would be regarded as the distribution of extremist materials.

We, as representatives of the court, cannot assess the legal consequences of certain actions. But according to general practice, distribution is active action, so reposting, sending to each other – yes, this is distribution. If there is a subscription to the NEXTA channel on your phone, you send each other, then yes, you are a distributor of extremist materials. Therefore, be careful about what you repost

Russian State Duma postponed bill on punishing officials for rudeness

The new bill provides for fines for officials of up to 150 thousand rubles for insulting people. The authors of the amendments to the Administrative Offenses Code – Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy Alexander Khinshtein and Vice Speaker of the Federation Council Andrey Turchak – proposed to amend Articles 3.5 and 5.61 of the Code of Administrative Offenses. They note that employees of various government bodies often allow themselves to offend people, and even do it in public, without punishment.

Zelensky announced the start of construction of two naval bases in the Black Sea

Ukraine has begun construction of two new bases to protect the Black Sea region, President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a message to the Verkhovna Rada. The broadcast was conducted by the press service of the Office of the Head of State.

We are starting to build two state Ukrainian naval bases to protect the Black Sea region, Zelensky said.

Tikhanovskaya promised the security officials to refuse lustration. But on one condition

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya promised law enforcement officers to release them from lustration in the future if they go over to the side of the people. She also promised that only those who committed crimes will be held accountable, and that “there will be no general lustration.”

The people’s ultimatum is your chance to side with the Belarusians. If you do not agree to carry out criminal orders – do not do it, – Tikhanovskaya addressed in the Telegram channel.

New Kyrgyz authorities ask EU for financial support

Kyrgyz Foreign Minister Ruslan Kazakbaev, during a telephone conversation with the European Union’s Special Representative for Central Asia Peter Burian, asked the EU for financial assistance to cover budget expenditures. During the conversation Kazakbaev told Burian that the internal political situation in Kyrgyzstan has stabilized.

“A request was expressed to consider the possibility of providing assistance to support the budget of the Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyz Republic),” the ministry said in a statement, writes TASS.

Iranian authorities refuse to allow Russian military aircraft to Armenia

According to the head of the Defense Ministry of Tehran, the country did not open air state borders for the transfer of Russian weapons to Yerevan. The official said this in an interview with the Arab TV channel “Al-Jazeera”

Israel and UAE signed visa-free agreement

Israel and the UAE signed agreements on air travel, visa-free travel, investment protection and cooperation in science and technology during the visit of a delegation from the United Arab Emirates to Tel Aviv.

Actors and athletes will not be allowed to the State Duma-2021

“United Russia” refuses to nominate artists, athletes and musicians to the State Duma. The ruling party will rely on people with “professional competencies” who can bring “practical benefits,” said URA.RU, Deputy Head of the United Russia General Council, Senator Sergei Perminov.

Lukashenka fired university rectors whose students took part in protests

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko replaced the rectors of three universities, whose students took part in the protests. The personnel reshuffle is reported by the Telegram channel “Pool of the First”, which is close to the press service of the head of state. It was reported that personnel decisions were made with the aim of “putting things in order”.

Natalya Lapteva was appointed rector of the Minsk State Linguistic University (MSLU) (before that she headed the faculty of the German language), the Belarusian State University of Culture and Art (BSUKI) – Natalya Karchevskaya (was the first deputy minister of culture), Brest State Technical University – ex-vice-rector for academic affairs Alexander Bakhanovich.

Scientists have been able to increase the speed of nerve recovery

Researchers at the University of South Carolina have been able to improve the speed and efficiency of repairing damaged nerves. The results of the experiment are published in Current Biology.

A coating was created that accelerates the flow of viscous liquids a thousand times

Scientists from Aalto University (Finland) were able to make viscous liquids such as honey move in capillaries at a speed increased a thousand times. The news portal TNV.ru learned about this from a study published in the journal Science Advances.

In particular, the materials of the work say that scientists managed to achieve this by covering the capillaries with a superhydrophobic film, which, due to its microstructure, is not wetted by a liquid. The drop does not spread, but easily rolls over this film. Moreover, the higher the viscosity of the liquid, the faster it flows down.

Lignin-based asphalt is being tested in Sweden

As part of the experiment, part of the petroleum-based binder in the pavement was replaced with a natural binder – Lineo lignin from Stora Enso. Test trials involve laying asphalt on a 15-kilometer stretch of track between Sandbrink and Gnesta.

New weirdness of the quantum world that occurs when information is erased

After analyzing Landauer’s Principle from a quantum computing perspective, a group of physicists in Ireland discovered that the quantum nature of erasable information can generate significantly more heat than the Landauer’s principle, which is the basis of computational thermodynamics, allows. This discovery may be of great importance, at least in the development of thermal protection of chips for quantum computers.

Sleeping mice accidentally cured of diabetes with a magnet

A team of scientists led by Calvin Carter and Sunny Huang managed to increase insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels in diabetic mice in a month by exposing them to an electromagnetic field while the animals slept. The article was published in the journal Cell Metabolism.

Voyager 2 reports space change outside the solar system

The Voyager-2 spacecraft, which left the solar system in November 2018 and entered interstellar space, continues to transmit scientific information to Earth. According to the latest data, as it moves further and further from the Sun, the surrounding space becomes denser, Science Alert reports.

Voyager 1, which entered interstellar space in 2012, also transmitted information about the increased density of space, but only in one local place. It has now become known that this feature may have a global scale.

Exhibition on British advertising at the turn of the 20th century

The exhibition “Advertising as an art. British poster of the late 19th – early 20th century from the collection of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts” opens at the Pushkin Museum The exposition, which will be available until January 31, brings together about 150 works. Among them are works by English artists and designers – Aubrey Beardsley, The Brothers Baggarstaff, Edward McKnight Coffer, Tom Purvis, Edward Bowden, Austin Cooper and others.

Apple launches round-the-clock music streaming

Apple launched a 24/7 streaming of music content called Apple Music TV on October 19. The service will show the latest music videos, concerts, and make charts. On the first day of the broadcast, more than one hundred of the most popular songs in the United States in the history of Apple Music were presented to users. In the United States, the stream is available completely free of charge.

Exhibition “Federico Fellini: 100”

The exhibition “Federico Fellini: 100”, dedicated to the great Italian filmmaker, opened on Tuesday and will run until November 18 at the Theater Museum of St. Petersburg, the press service of the museum told RIA Novosti

The exhibition will feature over 120 exhibits, including famous and rare photographs of Fellini, his family, friends and colleagues, actors on the set, movie posters, costumes, Fellini’s love letters to his wife and muse Juliet Mazina, as well as the director’s drawings – cartoons on film characters and actors, sketches of dreams, erotic fantasies.

Justin Bieber on the difficulties on his road to fame

Canadian singer Justin Bieber has released a video for the song Lonely. The video was published on his YouTube channel. The composition is dedicated to the difficulties that he had to face as a teenager on the way to world fame.

Sweden bans its carriers from using Huawei 5G equipment

Companies that intend to use equipment from sanctioned Chinese Huawei and ZTE to build 5G networks will not be allowed to bid for radio frequencies, the Swedish Communications and Telecommunications Agency said on October 20 via its press office.

Chinese fighters have an extremely low level of stealth

According to Indian journalists, the J-20 fighters of the Chinese Air Force currently have an extremely low level of stealth, which does not allow them to remain unnoticed by the radars of ground-based air defense systems and Indian aviation. Experts name Russian Al-31F engines as the main reason for such stealth of the latest fighters from China. It is noted that in the afterburner mode, the aircraft begins to consume a huge amount of fuel, thereby significantly reducing the radius of its action and becoming noticeable to the radars of a conventional enemy.

Auchan sells majority stake in China hypermarket chain to Alibaba

Alibaba Group acquires from the French retailer Auchan 70.94% of shares in Sun Art Retail Group, which operates the Chinese network of stores RT-Mart (develops 481 hypermarkets and three supermarkets in the country).

US imposed sanctions on Chinese companies for helping Iran

The US authorities have imposed sanctions against six companies and two individuals in China for providing assistance to official Tehran. This is stated in a statement by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

We repeat the warning to all actors around the world: if you do business with the Iranian maritime fleet, you risk US sanctions, Pompeo quoted RIA Novosti as saying.

According to him, companies and individuals who were blacklisted by the United States helped Iran to deliver various cargoes by sea, which were associated with military programs, in particular, with the program to create ballistic missiles.

British company Vanwall announced its desire to return to motorsport

According to PistonHeads, the company will release six replica racing cars that will be exact replicas of the original 1957-1958 Vanwall cars. Vanwall will be assisted by representatives from Hall and Hall, which specializes in the restoration of racing cars.

Five of these six cars will be put up for sale, their price will exceed $ 2 million. Each car will be equipped with a Vanwall engine. The sixth car is expected to be used in the racing of historic cars. In addition, the company intends to establish the production of road cars and return to racing in the future.

Vanwall is the first ever constructors’ Cup winner – the team won it in the 1958 season, when the team score was introduced in Formula 1. The team included such pilots as Stirling Moss, Maurice Trintignan, Mike Hawthorne, Peter Collins, Tony Brooks, Stuart Lewis-Evans and others.

The US Federal Reserve has not made a decision on digital currency

The main US banking regulator, the Federal Reserve System (FRS), has not yet made a decision on the introduction of a digital currency in the country, said FRS Chairman Jerome Powell. during a conference organized by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), he declared that it is more important for Washington to do everything right than to be

The US Federal Reserve has not made a decision on digital currency

The main US banking regulator, the Federal Reserve System (FRS), has not yet made a decision on the introduction of a digital currency in the country, said FRS Chairman Jerome Powell. during the conference, organized by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), he said that it is more important for Washington to do everything right, and not to be the first in this matter.

Germany plans to build a NATO space center

NATO defense ministers will announce on Thursday plans to build a new space center at Germany’s Ramstein Air Base. This is reported by the German edition of the Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

Sberbank to pay record dividends for the Russian stock market

Sberbank will pay dividends to shareholders for 2019 unprecedented in the history of the Russian stock market – 422.4 billion rubles, according to the company’s website. For the first time, half of the company’s net profit under IFRS will be used to pay them.