22 Oct, 2019

News digest for 10/21/2019

A wave of protests swept around the world.

Spain, Chile, Lebanon, United Kingdom. Tens of thousands of people take to the streets against tax increases and official corruption.

In Beirut, it all started with a tax on calls in the WhatsApp messenger, in Santiago-because of the increase in prices for subway travel. In Barcelona, fighting for the independence of Catalonia, and in London against Brexit.

Democracy from the outside leads to the spread of terrorism

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said in his speech that the imposition of models of democracy from the outside in Africa or the middle East leads to the spread of terrorism.

“The imposition of well-known models from the outside, the explanation of what democracy should look like in a country in Africa or the middle East, creates chaos in the vast territories»

The Prime Minister added that this leads to the destruction of States and ” the total spread of terrorism in the world.”

In Russia there will be mass reductions

In 2020, Russians will be massively fired in almost every tenth company, write “Izvestia” with reference to The Headhunter study. According to available data, about 19% of employers have already reduced the number of employees. Next year will also not be able to avoid layoffs, but overall the forecasts are good.

First, the rate of planned layoffs decreased compared to last year by 12%. Secondly, 62% of companies want to increase the number of staff.

The Ministry of economic development said that in 2020 the authorities expect to increase wages by an average of 2%.

The Russian labor Ministry has responded to HeadHunter’s warning of massive cuts.

In 2020, unemployment rates will remain at the current level. “HeadHunter is not familiar with the research methodology, so it is not possible to comment,” the Ministry said.

Pre-retirees in Russia can not find any work

In this regard, the FIU announced that Russians of pre-retirement age have the opportunity to retire earlier than the deadline, if they can not find a job.

“Confirmation that a person can not find a job, gives the employment center»

If a Russian can not find any work, then he has the right to retire two years ahead of schedule. The publication notes that, as of July 1, 23.5 thousand people took advantage of this opportunity since the beginning of the year.

The FIU reported that budgeted for the year 2020 of 4.4 billion rubles for early payment of pensions. For 2021, the Fund has provided 5.6 billion rubles, and for 2022-6.4 billion rubles.

In 2019 and 2020, women will retire at 55.5 years and men at 60.5 years.

Burned Superjet 100 congratulated on the day of air traffic controller

A photo of the SSJ100 plane that crashed in Sheremetyevo in may this year appeared in the congratulations on the professional holiday from the air traffic controllers ‘ Union-it is celebrated around the world on October 20. As found out “Open media”, the Union of air traffic controllers posted this picture on its website and in social networks. Surely no one would have paid attention to this, if the designer had guessed to retouch the aircraft’s side number. Or just took a picture of any other aircraft.


Activist Olga Misik was detained on red Square for raising an empty sheet of paper.


Every fourth Russian called himself a ” victim of perestroika»

According to a sociological study, 25% of Russians consider themselves “victims of perestroika”, 70% hold the opposite view, and 5% – found it difficult to answer. The most common” victim of perestroika ” call themselves respondents 60 years and older (37%), and less often – young people 18-24 years (8%).

20 million Instagram users ‘ data leaked to the Internet

On the Internet, sell a database in which there were data of 20 million users of the social network Instagram. The attackers want to help out for this 2.8 bitcoin (22 thousand dollars). In the hands of scammers were e-mail addresses, mobile phones and real usernames.

Sechin company is closer to receiving benefits for the development of the Arctic

As found “Kommersant”, the Ministry has made the White house a package of bills, one of which involves the support of the Arctic cluster of these companies by 2.6 trillion rubles, the Project made differences with the Finance Ministry, which is the main opponent of granting exemptions.

The Ministry of natural resources will forbid to throw out batteries in garbage pipelines

The Ministry of natural resources proposes that used batteries should be collected and disposed of by special operators with a license. Citizens, individual entrepreneurs and legal entities, as a result of which waste batteries and accumulators are formed, will be obliged to transfer such waste to operators or to shops where they sell batteries. We will add that the document also prescribes sanctions for violation of the treatment of such waste, writes “parliamentary newspaper”.

State Duma Deputy proposed to create a professional standard for coaches

Deputy Viktor Zubarev sent a letter to the Ministry of labor, which proposes to develop standards to exclude from the sphere of non-professionals, nicknamed “infotsyganami”, according to “Izvestia”. Currently, only three thousand coaches are certified in Russia.

On the market of biometrics can come cheap, but low-quality goods

The Ministry of digital development and communications of Russia has issued a new Order authorizing the reduction of the sensitivity of microphones to collect biometrics by 30 times, and there is no indication to use Russian developments! At the same time, most banks have already purchased Russian equipment with higher characteristics, which have no direct analogues.

What’s the meaning of that? And the fact that the market of biometrics can go cheap, but low-quality goods, that is, everything is going to reduce the security of the system associated with access to personal data and finances of citizens.

A native of Chechnya beat a journalist in Simferopol

Motorcyclists regularly spend time in the center of the pedestrian zone in the center of Simferopol. The day before, one of them almost ran over an elderly man with a small child. The correspondent of TV channel “Crimea 24” Nikolay Uvarov who passed by, made to the violator the remark. In response, the biker began to beat the man. The source of “Rise” in the regional Ministry of internal Affairs reports that the journalist is in hospital with a broken jaw. The journalist filed a police report, but the attacker was never arrested or interviewed..

According to the interlocutor of the edition, the group of motorcyclists of the Chechen nationality usually gathers in the center of a pedestrian zone, but the police doesn’t pay attention to them though young people are armed with rubber truncheons and behave very aggressively.

The tax demanded the bankruptcy of the Novosibirsk medical Technopark

Inspection of the Federal tax service in the Central district of Novosibirsk appealed to the court to declare bankrupt JSC “Innovative medical technology center Medical Technopark”. As follows from the materials on the website of the court, the amount of debt amounted to 2.3 million rubles.

At the beginning of the year, nine residents work in the medical technology Park. According to “SPARK-Interfax”, co-owners of JSC “Innovative medical-technological center” LLC “Inkor” and tekhinkom, OOO. Revenue in 2018 — 19.3 million rubles, profit-131 thousand rubles.

The first stage of the Novosibirsk medical technology Park was launched in 2016. Investments amounted to 250 million rubles. the Project was implemented under the first Federal concession agreement in the social sphere with the Ministry of health of Russia.

Medvedev said that the Russian economy is all right

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting of the Advisory Council on foreign investment (FII) said that the Russian economy as a whole “everything is in order.”

“The volume of industrial production is increasing, trade turnover, macroeconomic indicators in Russia, as you also know, are at a very good level, inflation is low, we try to participate in all sorts of systems and ratings.” – Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of Russia

He noted that the interest of foreign investors in Russia has not weakened even after the introduction of sanctions.

In Russia will close stores of the American brand Under Armour

About the closure of Russian stores Under Armour “Vedomosti” told two consultants in the real estate market, working with shopping centers, two top managers of two large Moscow shopping centers, which were or are now working points of this brand, and two top managers of large chains of sportswear and footwear-competitors Under Armour.

Titov reported an increase in the number of Russians working in the shadow business

Difficult economic conditions force entrepreneurs to avoid paying taxes, today in the country in the shadow business employs more than 20 million people, told reporters on Friday, the Commissioner for the rights of entrepreneurs Boris Titov

Dmitry Peskov: there is no Ban on Telegram

Telegram messenger is not banned in Russia, and blocking the IP addresses used by it has become an incentive for the development of technologies and startups in this area. This was stated by the special representative of the President on digital and technological development Dmitry Peskov, reports TASS

“First, Telegram is not banned in Russia,” Peskov said. He said that he himself uses the messenger, and in Russia, in addition, there is “a network that is built on [the basis of] 150+ Russian universities.” Telegram channels are used to manage it.

In April 2018, the Tagansky district court granted Roskomnadzor’s request to block Telegram in Russia. The reason for it was the refusal of the messenger to provide encryption keys of correspondence at the request of the Federal security service (FSB). The secret service insisted that it needed the keys to track the actions of terrorists.

INTECO and Sberbank signed a deal on project financing

The amount of the signed agreement amounted to more than 3 billion rubles. According to Alexey Sidorov, General Director of Sz kkpd-invest, thanks to cooperation with Sberbank, INTECO became one of the first companies in Rostov to receive project financing using escrow account mechanisms.

Number of private investors of the Moscow exchange

On the Moscow exchange, the number of unique customers exceeded 3 million people, and the balances on their accounts exceed 1 trillion rubles, writes Kommersant.

Banks transferred to collectors half a billion debts of Russians

More than 450 billion rubles of overdue debts were transferred for 9 months by banks to collectors. This is 10% more than last year for the same period. The Russians are reduced debt on consumer loans, but growing on car and credit cards, writes October 21, ” Kommersant»

The state Duma announced the growth of “gray” tourism from China

Deputies of the state Duma of the Russian Federation are concerned about the growth of “gray” inbound tourism from China. Because of this, the state budget annually receives billions of rubles. Between Russia and China there is a visa-free regime for tour groups.

The Ministry of health has prepared a memo for people in need of unregistered medicines

The Ministry of health of Russia has published a memo for parents whose children need unregistered in Russia psychotropic drugs. The memo consists of two sections: for parents whose children have already received the conclusion of the medical Commission on the need to prescribe such drugs, and for those who do not have such a conclusion yet.

Mari El reduced the national debt by 1 billion rubles, returning the budget loan

At the end of September, Mari El reduced the public debt by 1,192 billion rubles. As of October 1, 2019, the national debt of the Republic is 12.389 billion rubles, the correspondent of IA REGNUM reports, citing data from the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

Net profit of Promsvyazbank in the first nine months

Promsvyazbank’s net profit for the first nine months of 2019 amounted to 19.1 billion rubles against 12.7 billion rubles of losses for the same period last year. These are the Bank’s RAS reporting data

In Russia, by 2022, they plan to make a number of changes to the rules of the road.

This is reported By the Agency “Moscow” with reference to the Vice-President of NP “GLONASS” technology Eugene Belyanko, according to which, innovations are necessary because of the increase in traffic of unmanned vehicles on public roads.

Representatives of the traffic police have already stated that the population needs to be prepared for the integration of unmanned vehicles in the capital’s traffic. The exact list of changes, taking into account the movement of drones on public roads, should be ready by 2022

Court refuses to block BlaBlaCar in Russia

The arbitration court of Moscow rejected the claim of the Astrakhan carrier company “TRANS Line”, which insisted on blocking the service for fellow travelers BlaBlaCar in Russia by analogy with the messenger Telegram. This is reported by RIA “Novosti”.

The impact of social media on young people

It turns out that Instagram is a social media platform that most negatively affects the psychological state of young people. On the other hand, YouTube is considered the most positive network in the field and the only one in the study that is considered to have a “net positive” impact. To establish this ranking, 14 factors were taken into account, such as anxiety, depression, loneliness, self-esteem, harassment, and the ability to Express yourself.

The government and the Central Bank of Russia are looking for a compromise on the dividends of Sberbank

The Russian government is trying to find a solution to the issue of permanent transfers of Sberbank dividends to the Federal budget that suits the Central Bank. Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said this on the sidelines of the meeting of the IMF and the world Bank

We are in dialogue with the Central Bank, we hear it, but, on the other hand, we see that these resources are taken into account in the budget. Therefore, we are looking for a solution that would allow us to satisfy the position of the Central Bank on the one hand, and on the other hand, and not to lose money, ” TASS quoted Siluanov.

Russia to discuss possibility of external loans in Euro and yuan

In 2020, Russia may refuse foreign loans in dollars. Authorities are considering switching to the Euro and yuan. This was stated on Saturday, the first Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov on the sidelines of the meeting of the IMF and the world Bank, reports “RIA Novosti”.

Business in Siberia will face the sharpest rise in energy prices

In 2020, electricity in Siberia will rise in price by 3.3%, and capacity-by almost 12%, according to the calculations of the “market Council”. The regulator explains the forecast by rising fuel prices for power plants and the introduction of new generation.

In the first price zone (the European part of Russia and the Urals), electricity on average will rise in price by 1.6% (up to 1.3 thousand rubles per 1 MW / h), capacity-by 9.3% (up to 859.2 thousand rubles per 1 MW).

In the second price zone (Siberia), the cost of electricity will increase by 3.3% (to 929 rubles per 1 MW / h), and capacity-by 11.6% (to 683 thousand rubles per 1 MW). According to the annual reports of the “market Council”, this is the biggest increase in energy and capacity prices for Siberia since 2017.

Turkey has set an ultimatum to the US military operation in Syria

Ankara’s military operation in Syria will continue if the US fails to meet its obligations to withdraw Kurdish forces from the security zone after 120 hours of ceasefire, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday. Broadcast speech policy led TV channel NTV.

Erdogan and Johnson discussed the situation in Northern Syria

During a telephone conversation devoted to the implementation of the Turkish-American ceasefire agreements in Northern Syria, Erdogan noted that Ankara is closely watching the withdrawal of members of the “terrorist group” Kurdistan workers ‘party / Kurdish self-defense forces “” from the safe zone, as well as how it surrenders heavy weapons and destroys defensive fortifications.

Chinese defense Minister said the highest level of trust with Russia

Chinese defense Minister Wei Fenghe said that the relations between Beijing and Moscow in the field of defense are characterized by the highest level of mutual trust.

“In China’s defense relations with foreign countries, Russian-Chinese military relations are characterized by the highest level of mutual trust, strategic coordination and practical cooperation and a good momentum of development is maintained. This is a model of cooperation in the sphere, ” RIA “Novosti” reports the words of the Chinese defense Minister at the Xiangshan security forum.

In Germany thought about the construction of the spaceport

Earlier, the Union made a proposal to build the first spaceport in Germany. The media wrote that Germany can build a spaceport. It is expected to appear in Lower Saxony or Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Presentation of the Russian lunar module will be held in the United States

The demonstration of the space module project will be held at the 70th International Astronautical Congress in Washington. It will be held from 21 to 25 October 2019.

“The report presents a segment concept for the lunar orbital station. The main purpose of the segment is to support and supply missions on the surface of the moon, ” said a press release From the rocket and space Corporation (RSC) Energia.

The Spanish Prosecutor’s office did not demand a measure of restraint for Friedman

Anti-corruption Prosecutor Jose Grinda did not ask for any restrictive measures for the co-owner of Alfa group, Mikhail Fridman, who testified in the bankruptcy case of the technology company Zed WorldWide.

In New York will close the largest prison in the world

The largest correctional facility in the world, Rikers prison, will be eliminated. The plan to close Rikers was approved by the new York city Council, the New York Times reported. The prison complex is located on the island of the same name in the East river Strait.

EU to impose retaliatory duties on us goods in Airbus case

The European Union will impose its own tariffs “in due course” after the US imposed duties on 150 types of goods from the European Union in the Airbus case. This was stated by the European Commissioner for trade Cecilia Malmstrom, reports Reuters.

Czech counterintelligence reported the disclosure of the Russian intelligence network

Director of the security And information service of the Czech Republic Michal Koudelka said about the disclosure in 2018 in the country of the Russian agent network. According to him, it was connected with structures of FSB.

“The network was discovered and eliminated thanks to cooperation with the National center for combating organized crime. The investigation is ongoing, ” Mr. Koudelka said in the Chamber of deputies of the Republic (quoted by Mlada fronta Dnes).

He also said that the network planned to operate in other European countries. Its financing, including the Russian Embassy was engaged.

The Embassy denies this information.

“The report that the Russian Embassy in the Czech Republic allegedly financed a network has nothing to do with reality, “the Embassy told RIA Novosti.

Leading countries in Internet governance opportunities

As follows from the report “the development of the Internet in the world-2019”, distributed at the world conference on Internet governance in Wuzheng (China).

The first place was taken by the United States with 9.5 points, reports TASS. China, Japan, great Britain, France and Germany were on the second line of the rating-8.55 points. Third place was shared by Canada, Estonia and Russia. The fourth and fifth places were taken by South Korea and Singapore, respectively.

A large tectonic fault has been activated in California

In California, a series of earthquakes were recorded, which caused strong seismic activity. The great Garlock tectonic fault was activated for the first time in 500 years.

The us Navy ship will install the first combat laser

The United States intends to soon install on the Navy ship USS Portland (LPD-27) the first combat laser system, according to the portal Drive. It is specified that it has already been delivered to a military base in San Diego

British Parliament votes to delay Brexit»

In the UK, The house of Commons actually blocked the new agreement on the country’s exit from the European Union, reports OTR. To do this, the deputies adopted an amendment to postpone Brexit.

Huawei acknowledged the negative consequences of us sanctions

Huawei has admitted that it is experiencing difficulties in connection with the us sanctions imposed against it, according to the Financial Times.

“After being blacklisted, we were able to find some alternative solutions. The hardest part is the services provided by Google. We can continue to use the Android platform because it is open source, but we can’t use services that help apps run on it,” said joy Teng, the company’s Vice President of public relations in the United States.

It became known about the failure of the missile on the exercises of the nuclear triad of Russia

During the strategic command and staff exercise “Thunder-2019”, the final stage of which was led personally by Russian President Vladimir Putin, there was an emergency situation, told “Vedomosti” two people close to the defense Ministry

The nuclear submarine K-44 “Ryazan” made only one launch of the Intercontinental ballistic missile R-29R, and not two, as originally planned. The submarine returned to base with an unguarded missile. According to the interlocutor of the publication, the failure occurred due to the failure of some systems of the submarine, which transmit the launch command. The exact reasons will find out a special Commission, which includes representatives of the command of the Pacific fleet, the General staff of the Navy and the defense industry.

The media will pay for breaking the day of silence

For violation of the day of silence during the elections in Russia, foreign media will give 4% of the turnover or pay a fine of 2.3 to 3.5 million rubles. Such amendments to the legislation have been prepared in the state Duma. Now there is no separate punishment for foreign publications.

The Russian military will conduct observation flights over the United States and Poland

In October, the Russian military will conduct observation flights over the territory of Poland and the United States. According to the newspaper “Red star”, these flights will be carried out under the Treaty on open skies. The flight over the territory of Poland will be held from 21 to 25 October on the an-30B aircraft.

New evidence of belonging of the Russian Federation Arctic shelf

The Ministry of defense has received new evidence of Russian ownership of the Arctic ocean shelf. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov at a meeting of the Maritime Board. The Ministry of defense conducted additional research.

The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation has carried out additional bathymetric and gravimetric studies, and acoustic profiling. I believe that they will be sufficient for an exhaustive justification of our application at the meeting of the Commission, the session of which will be held in February 2020-Yuri Borisov, Russian politician

VIN Diesel announced the teaser of ” Bloodshot”

The lead actor in the comic book-based sci-Fi Thriller “Bloodshot” VIN Diesel announced the premiere of the first commercial. As evidenced by a short teaser posted on the social network Instagram, viewers will be able to evaluate it on October 21, 2019.

Disney invited Robert Zemeckis to shoot ” Pinocchio»

American Director Robert Zemeckis began negotiations with Disney about the film adaptation of the 1940 cartoon “Pinocchio”. This was reported by Variety.

Ringo Star releases new album with unreleased John Lennon song

Ringo Starr’s new album what’s my name features a previously unreleased song by John Lennon. The track was accidentally found on the demo of Lennon’s latest album Double Fantasy. A few days after its release, the musician was killed.

Leader Rammstein released a video for a new song of the solo project

The frontman of the German band Rammstein till Lindemann pleased fans with the video for the new single of his solo project. The video for the song Ich weiss nicht (“I don’t know”) appeared Online.



Apple developers working on smart ring

Apple decided to create a smart ring-iRing. Such a patent with the principle of operation of the smart ring was discovered in the American Bureau. According to the idea of Apple developers, the smart ring will work in tandem with another, more functional device. With iRing, its owner will be able to control certain functions of the main device.

In Russia, presented the messenger “Seraphim” for fast payments

In Sochi, at the VII annual all-Russian forum “a Look into the digital future”, a messenger on the domestic platform “Seraphim” was presented, the organizers of the event told “Afisha Daily”. The developers demonstrated a built-in messenger system of fast payments (SBP), announced in August.

Created a case of “skin” to control the smartphone strokes

Engineers from France have developed an I / o device that looks like a piece of human skin. From this interface, you can make a case for a smartphone. Then the device can be controlled by pinching and stroking.

Huawei in talks to license 5G in US

Huawei is in talks with some U.S. telecommunications companies to license their 5G network technologies, Reuters reported in an exclusive article, citing a company spokesman.

Huawei to release tablet similar to iPad Pro

The network leaked official images of the yet-to-be-unveiled Huawei tablet, which is expected to be released on the market under the name MediaPad M7. The device is made in an aluminum case and can be equipped with a cover-keyboard.

Android.Click subscribes users to paid services

Experts of the company “Doctor Web” found in the official catalog of Android applications Trojan-clicker, which is able to automatically subscribe users to paid services. After contacting Google, the detected malicious applications were removed from Google Play.

IOS update broke sending files to iPhone

Owners of new iPhones have complained of problems after IOS 13.1.3 and iOS 13.2 beta 3 updates. In particular, they relate to sending files via AirDrop. Users report an Ultra Wideband Update Failed error. Because of it, people can’t send files using AirDrop.

GoPro unveils dual action camera

The Hero 8 Black is based on the action camera of the previous generation, which has improved video stabilization, sound recording and image detail. The camera records 4K60 + 1080p240 video, takes 12 MP photos in RAW, and allows you to shoot in timelapse mode in 4K, 2.7 K 4:3, 1440p or 1080p.

Yandex-translator has learned to translate the dialogues

Yandex has introduced a new feature of its translator — dialogue mode. Now users can conduct a conversation in two different languages: the service will recognize replicas, translate and voice each of them, as well as save the dialogue on the screen for the convenience of the speakers.

Scientists have found that a large number of thoughts shortens life

Scientists from Harvard conducted a study and found that the one who thinks a lot, shortens life expectancy. According to the German publication Focus, the results of the work of experts showed that weak neural activity, apparently, helps a person to live longer.

Scientists have learned to catch harmful parts of sulfur dioxide

The new material could help reduce sulphur dioxide emissions into the environment by trapping molecules in specially designed cells. The captured toxic gas can be safely released to participate in useful industrial products and processes.

Dreams can serve the brain as a means of forgetting unnecessary experiences

Dreams visit us during periods of “fast” or “paradoxical” sleep: its phases last for 10-15 minutes, alternating with about 1.5 hours of longer and calmer “slow” sleep.

The world’s first spacesuit for space tourism has been created

Presented “uniforms” space company Virgin Galactic and American sportswear brand Under Armour, which announced the creation of “the world’s first spacesuit for space tourism»

The “space suit” includes upper space equipment, special shoes and functional underwear for astronauts. All this is made of innovative materials and has a number of functional features. Tencel Luxe, SpinIt and NomexFuture fabrics provide control of body temperature and sweating.