23 Oct, 2020

News digest for 10/22/2020

Pope Francis declared that people of non-traditional sexual orientation “have the right to a family” and therefore can enter into civil unions. The pontiff expressed this position in the documentary film “Francis” by the American director, a native of Kazan, Yevgeny Afineevsky, which premiered at the Rome Film Festival.

Homosexuals have the right to be in the family. They are children of God and have a right to a family. Nobody should be excluded. What we need to do is pass a civil union law. Thus, homosexuals will enjoy legal protection, – quotes the words of Francis Milanese Corriere della Sera.

PayPal customers will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrency

At the first stage of the launch of the new service, customers will have access to operations with Bitcoin Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin using the PayPal digital wallet. The service will be available to US payment service account holders shortly.

Putin ruled out tough restrictions in Russia due to coronavirus

The Russian authorities do not plan to introduce tough restrictive measures amid the coronavirus pandemic. Vladimir Putin announced this at the congress of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs on Wednesday, October 21.

Former deputy head of Rosgvardia detained

As it became known to Kommersant, the former deputy director of the Rosgvardia, Lieutenant General Sergei Mileiko, was detained on Wednesday by military investigators of the TFR as part of a criminal investigation of a particularly large fraud. According to the investigation, back in 2012, the general’s wife illegally received a non-residential premises at a reduced cost in a house for the military in Balashikha near Moscow, where a hairdressing salon was later opened. At the same time, the general is being tested for involvement in fraud with contracts for the supply of uniforms to the Russian Guard, which he supervised as the department’s chief logistics officer. In the near future, the question of choosing a preventive measure for Mr. Mileiko will be decided.

State Duma deputy who participated in the Sputnik V vaccine test got sick

State Duma Deputy Valery Gartung, who participated in the test of the Russian vaccine against the coronavirus Sputnik V, fell ill with COVID-19. On his Facebook page, the Just Russia member indicated that he had received a positive result the day before. The parliamentarian suggested that he received a placebo, and not the real drug.

Job abolition due to new technologies

Technology has the potential to displace over 80 million jobs from the global labor market, while at the same time creating over 95 million new jobs, according to a study by the World Economic Forum.

By 2025, about 42% of employers are thinking about reducing the number of jobs, 41% are planning to expand the use of contractors to perform specialized work, 34% are planning to expand their staff. The study notes that the coronavirus pandemic and digital technology have created a situation of “double destruction” for workers. Technological transformations in organizations can lead by 2025 to the fact that there will be a change in business objectives, job structure, professional skills

Banksy painting sold at auction

A painting by British street artist Banksy called Show me the Monet was auctioned at Sotheby’s for £ 7.6 million ($ 9.8 million). This was reported on the auction house’s Twitter page.

The work contains a reference to the impressionist Claude Monet’s “Japanese Bridge”, but the natural idyll performed by Banksy is violated by the consumer society – on the canvas it is symbolized by the carts from the supermarket sticking out of the pond, the website aif.ru writes. According to the TV channel “360”, the auction lasted only eight minutes. It is known that the painting was bought by an Asian investor.

The Ministry of Justice of Russia recognized the songs of the ex-participant of DDT as extremist

The songs of ex-DDT member Vadim Kurylev were checked. So, according to information on the official website of the Penza court, back in August of this year, a decision was made to add some of the musician’s compositions to the list of extremist materials.

Aeroflot allowed passengers to be late for flights without fines

Aeroflot has canceled the fee for reissuing economy class tickets for domestic Russian routes. This was reported by the carrier’s press service. The ticket can be exchanged at no additional charge no later than 30 minutes after the flight is sent.

It is clarified that the rule is valid for all tickets purchased from October 16, 2020, with the departure date indicated on the ticket, until March 25, 2021 inclusive. Previously, it was possible to change the date or route of departure for 2,600 rubles, and if the fare is non-refundable, this could not be done in principle.

Cameras were used to identify violators of the mask mode

In Rostov-on-Don, it is customary to use video cameras to identify violators of the mask regime. They are installed on city streets and will ensure that drivers wear face masks regularly. This was reported on October 21 in the press service of the city administration.

Cancellation of the funded part of the pension

The decision to cancel the funded part of the pension could affect almost 76 million people. At present, 4.7 trillion rubles are laid in this system, Andrey Pudov, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation, said on Wednesday.

Earlier, the FNPR sent a letter to Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin with a proposal to exclude the funded component from the state compulsory pension insurance system. In early October, the Cabinet of Ministers submitted to the State Duma a bill extending the freeze of the funded part of the pension for another year – until the end of 2023.

A tourist route to Cape Chirikov opened in Magadan

There is a stand at the starting point of the hiking route, where, in addition to visual information about the Northern Way, there is a QR code, by reading which you can get an electronic track of the path along the tundra to Cape Chirikov. The length of the developed route to the Sea of ​​Okhotsk is 20 kilometers

A third of all accidents in Russia are associated with collisions with pedestrians

The head of the traffic police of Russia Mikhail Chernikov said that more than 30% of all road accidents in the country are associated with pedestrian collisions. Moreover, it is these accidents that most often occur in regional centers. A significant part of them occurs at unregulated pedestrian crossings.

Fines for average speed were proposed to be introduced throughout Russia

The Association of Manufacturers and Operators of Photo and Video Recording Systems has proposed expanding the practice of punishing drivers for exceeding the average speed throughout the country, writes Rossiyskaya Gazeta. The association claims that such systems help to reduce the accident rate, but the very concept of “average speed” is not in the traffic rules or in the Administrative Code.

Goa – preparing to implement a new tourism development strategy.

Goa’s new tourism development program is a 25-year program aimed at making the state the preferred destination for tourists with the “highest spending”. That is, “budget” tourists who have flooded the state in recent years (including from Russia), as well as drug lovers, will be swept out of Goa. According to Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar, the image of the resort with a free attitude to drugs and “penniless” party-goers spoil tourism in Goa. It is expected that the new tourist vector should replace the old one by 2024

US lists six Chinese media outlets for foreign missions

Six media outlets in China are included in the list of foreign missions in the United States. This was announced during a press conference by the head of the State Department, Mike Pompeo. The head of American diplomacy said that the representations of these media have no restrictions on the publication of certain materials.

The decision to grant the status of foreign missions is due to the fact that the Americans must distinguish between the press, which is free from state interference, and the Chinese press, which is heavily dependent on the policies of the Communist Party. Pompeo added that the Chinese media in the United States are mainly engaged in promoting the values ​​of their country’s authorities.

Parkons began to fine for driving on the side of the Moscow Ring Road

Mobile complexes for photo and video recording of violations (“Parkons”) began to be used to issue fines for driving on the side of the Moscow Ring Road, according to the Moscow Department of Transport

A new theory of the appearance of consciousness in humans

British professor Jonjo McFadden presented to the world a new theory about the formation of consciousness and thinking in humans. He published his research in the journal Neuroscience of Consciousness. The scientist’s new theory is called “The theory of the seven-field”.

McFadden believes that the formation of consciousness is primarily influenced by the electromagnetic fields of the brain, which are able to encode conscious information in themselves. Spatial integration allows a person to combine textures, lines, colors, sounds and movements into one visual image. In the future, this understanding may help in the creation of artificial consciousness, which can lead to the emergence of lucid machines.

Electronic Arts is sued in Canada

The accusation is related to the so-called loot boxes (loot boxes) and other random monetization mechanics. The Patch Notes reports that a certain Mark Sutherland in the Madden NFL game purchased the same “loot boxes”, and Sean Moore, in turn, decided to try his luck and bought similar boxes in another EA NHL simulator. So, according to the plaintiffs, the Criminal Code of Canada prohibits gambling, to which they attributed those same loot boxes, well, they reinforced all this by stating that while Electronic Arts does not have a special license, they are not allowed to provide this kind of services in Canada.

I would like to clarify that more than 60 projects fell under the application, according to the claims of the plaintiffs, it is necessary to remove the loot boxes. Some of them are Battlefield, Mass Effect, Need for Speed, Dragon Age, Plants vs Zombies, FIFA, NHL, and Madden NFL.

DPRK fears a dust storm from China that could bring coronavirus

The Protocol Department of the DPRK Foreign Ministry notified the embassies and representative offices of international organizations in Pyongyang about the approach of a dust storm, which, according to the North Korean side, could bring the coronavirus into the republic, the Russian embassy in Pyongyang reported on Facebook.

The age at which brain activity reaches its peak.

Previously, it was believed that intellectual activity begins to decline with the onset of old age. However, as experts from the University of Munich managed to find out, this is not entirely true. Researchers analyzed thousands of chess games to determine when cognitive development is declining. It is worth noting that grandmasters train their intellect almost their entire life.

Before the age of 20, the brain’s abilities develop rapidly. The peak falls at 35 years old. Then there is a gradual decline, – the authors of the study found out.

In the Netherlands, hugging a cow is suggested to relieve stress

Originally in the Netherlands, the practice of hugging cows (“koe knuffelen”) is gaining popularity. According to the BBC Russian service, this activity is good for mental health.

“Hug a Dutch cow – and your state of mind will begin to change, you will feel serene and peaceful,” say the practitioners.

Germany approved surveillance of correspondence in instant messengers

The German government has agreed on a bill that will allow the country’s special services the right to control conversations and read correspondence in online messengers, said the representative of the German Cabinet of Ministers Ulrike Demmer. However, Demmer clarified that interception of communications would require permission from the relevant competent authority.

Turkey named the conditions for peace in Karabakh

Ibrahim Kalyn, the press secretary of the Turkish president, is confident that peace will return to Nagorno-Karabakh after the region is liberated from the occupation of Armenians.

Turkey zeroed customs duties

Turkey has zeroed customs duties on imports of wheat, barley and corn until January 1, 2021. The corresponding decree of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan was published on Thursday in the official government gazette Resmi Gazeta.

The trailer for the new film by David Fincher “Munk” has been released.

The film tells the story of the popular screenwriter of early Hollywood Herman J. Mankiewicz, who suffered from alcohol and gambling addiction. The main character works with Orson Welles on the script for Citizen Kane

Disney will create a playable version of the animated series “Chip and Dale”

According to preliminary data, viewers will be able to see the tape in 2022 According to the publication “The DisInsider”, in the spring of 2021 in Los Angeles, work will begin on a remake of the animated series “Chip and Dale Rush to the Rescue”. The project will be released immediately on the Disney + streaming service, bypassing cinemas.

Paul McCartney to release new album

The release of the album is scheduled for December 11 this year. The album will be released under the name “McCartney III”. The album was completely recorded and produced by Paul McCartney.

Samsung has developed a smartphone with a flexible screen and acoustic camera

Samsung is working on a smartphone that will have a bendable display that, when pulled out, will create a space between the case and the display, which serves to increase the sound quality as well as its volume. In addition to the speakers located at the top of the phone, the design should have a cooling system. The screen will have support for stylus control

Grammy to be awarded on January 31, 2021

The next American Music Grammy Awards ceremony will take place on January 31 next year. This is stated in a message posted on Wednesday on the website of the National Academy of Arts and Recording Technique, which awards the prestigious award. The number of Grammy nominations this time will be 84.

International Conservatory Week

From October 24 to November 2, the St. Petersburg State Conservatory named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov will host the 20th anniversary festival International Conservatory Week. The annual music festival was established by the St. Petersburg Conservatory in 2001

Nokia introduced two push-button phones with 4G support

A new model of an inexpensive push-button telephone, Nokia 215 4G, was presented to the Russian market, which has an LTE module, which allows you to transmit high-definition voice.

World’s largest solar farm to be built in Australia

The AU $ 20 billion 10-gigawatt array is the heart of an ambitious power grid called Australia-ASEAN Power Link. It will be built at a remote livestock station in the Northern Territory, about halfway between Darwin and Alice Springs.

The first unmanned taxi with self-driving technology was tested in St. Petersburg

The first unmanned taxi with a new approach to self-driving technology was tested in St. Petersburg. This was reported to TASS by the company-developer of artificial intelligence for the Ralient drone.

The new drone system does not use HD maps – accurate street models in 3D space – but conventional ones. Also, drones do not use lidars to search and recognize objects. The developers abandoned them, because they do not work in snow, rain and at temperatures from minus 15. Lidars were replaced with a three-dimensional recognition module. This will make cars cheaper. In the future, the maximum speed of an unmanned taxi will reach 110 km / h.

Apple will use more American components

Apple has relied on in-house processors to create mobile devices since 2010, but they are manufactured by Taiwanese company TSMC. Now the “apple giant” is lobbying for new tax preferences to increase the share of components produced in the United States.

Facebook announced the launch of a dating service in Europe

Facebook is launching dating service Dating in 32 European countries, according to the company’s blog. Facebook noted that the app will help “more people make meaningful connections, including through shared interests, events and groups.”

Social network Facebook will allow users to write posts only for neighbors

Facebook is testing a new Neighborhoods feature, which will allow users to share news only with neighbors in the house or neighborhood, Theverge.com reports on October 21, citing company spokesman Matt Navarra

Scientists create radiation-cooled paint that repels light

Scientists have developed a white paint that cools below ambient temperature even in direct sunlight. The study is published in the journal Cell Reports Physical Science.

Commercial “heat-repellent paints” currently on the market reflect only 80–90% of solar radiation and cannot reach temperatures below ambient. Radiation cooling technology, which can be used in commercial paints, can be less costly to manufacture and passively reflects 95.5% of sunlight

Scientists have grown new cartilage using a magnetic field and a hydrogel

Using magnetic fields and hydrogels, a team of researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania has demonstrated a new possible way to repair complex body tissues that can lead to longer treatment for common injuries such as cartilage degeneration.

A new exhaust gas cleaning system proposed in the USA

Scientists, which are made up of chemists and automotive engineers, have proposed a new system for cleaning car exhaust gases. Its peculiarity lies in the absence of expensive materials for catalysts and moving parts. Anodized alumina membrane is installed as catalyst. Passing through it, the smoke from the exhaust gases becomes safer for the environment. The efficiency of the catalyst is not lower than that of existing expensive analogs.

Found underground heat source that stabilizes continents

By studying geological samples from the Rio Grande continental rift, scientists have found out how the continents of our planet have been stable for billions of years. A study on the topic was published by employees of the University of Pennsylvania (USA).

According to lead author of the study, graduate student of geosciences Jacob Sipar, the project focused on the study of processes that occur about thirty kilometers below the surface. Here lies the source of heat that keeps the continents stable.

Geologists have discovered an ancient tectonic plate under Canada

Geologists at the University of Houston College of Science and Mathematics have discovered an ancient tectonic plate beneath Canada. Experts believe that the object could have plunged into the Earth’s mantle on the outskirts of the Pacific Ocean between 40 and 60 million years ago.

Rosneft has created a unit for the production of synthetic oil

Scientists at the RN-TsIR Research Center have created a laboratory unit that converts methane into synthetic liquid hydrocarbons. Rosneft’s technology has already passed a series of examinations, including international ones. The innovation was called a high-tech modern solution.

Lukashenko thanked the head of Russian intelligence for cooperation with Belarus

At the beginning of a meeting with the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service Sergei Naryshkin, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the situation around the Union State today is “difficult.” Lukashenko also thanked the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation for the information that the Russian intelligence service “regularly brings” to the Belarusian special services and to him as well.

Naryshkin is on a visit to Minsk that day, earlier he arrived at the Palace of Independence for talks with Lukashenka.

Detailed conversation with Alexander Lukashenko

A thorough conversation took place with Alyaksandr Lukashenka concerning allied relations, concentration of efforts on security issues, said SVR head Sergei Naryshkin. Strengthening cooperation in various fields, not only through the special services, was also discussed.

Increase the transparency of the reporting of the placement of funds

Based on the results of the audit, the department concluded that access to the fund’s reporting is limited, which does not allow making objective conclusions about the quality of managing funds from it. The Accounts Chamber proposed to revise the conditions for placing funds of the NWF, as well as to increase the transparency of reporting on the placement and use of these funds.

The interaction of the special services is not connected with the events in the republic

The interaction of the special services of Russia and Belarus is not connected with the events in the republic after the elections and continues constantly through the Union State. This was announced to reporters on Thursday by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov

In Kiev, announced the relocation of IT companies to Ukraine from Belarus

Dozens of Belarusian IT companies have moved to Ukraine thanks to the support program adopted by Kiev against the background of the situation in Belarus, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation Alexander Bornyakov said on his Facebook page on October 21

Dozens of Belarusian IT companies have already moved to Ukraine thanks to the IT Relocate Belarus project … We created IT Relocate for those who want to relocate themselves or move their team from Belarus to Ukraine, and are ready to provide support further, Bornyakov wrote.

Lukashenka announced a change in tactics of fighting protesters

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced a change in tactics of fighting the protesters in the republic, citizens, BelTA informs. The head of state recalled responsibility for illegal actions and promised that the authorities “will find everyone in a calm regime.”

Modern means allow us to do this, which, by the way, we are doing. And everyone will be responsible for their deeds. I’m not threatening here. We are working in this direction. And this has a certain effect, – he pointed out.

Belarusian opposition reveals action plan in case of Lukashenka’s refusal to leave office

Opponents of the incumbent President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko do not intend to “tear him to pieces” if the opposition comes to power. Such plans were denied by a member of the Presidium of the Coordination Council of the Belarusian opposition Pavel Latushko during an online conference, RIA Novosti reports. He assured that the protesters are not aiming at total lustration.

Everything will happen according to the law: if an official has committed a criminal offense, the procedures of inquiry and investigation will be carried out accordingly, if the investigation comes to the conclusion that it is necessary to present an indictment – accordingly, the court, – Latushko explained, adding that only the court establishes degree of human responsibility

Turkey confirms readiness to send its military to Azerbaijan

Vice President of Turkey Fuat Oktay confirmed Ankara’s readiness to send military to Azerbaijan to support the Karabakh conflict. According to TASS, Oktay informed the world community that Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan announced this from the very first day of the resumption of hostilities between Baku and Yerevan and does not hesitate on this issue.

The State Duma admitted the possibility of a landing operation of Russia in Karabakh

First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots, Deputy Konstantin Zatulin said that he was not sure how Moscow should act in the conflict on the territory of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. However, he admitted the possibility of a Russian landing operation. He voiced this opinion in an interview with NSN. According to him, Azerbaijan and Turkey have become the instigators of exacerbation in the region. Zatulin believes that they need to be reminded which country dominates the post-Soviet space.

In the form of a demonstrative strengthening of the military potential of Armenia. In the form of an appeal to the CSTO because of the need to take measures to protect the Armenian – not Nagorno-Karabakh, but the Armenian territory through a landing operation. By opening the air blockade, he listed possible ways for Moscow to intervene.

Statements of the President of Azerbaijan

  • Aliyev stated that he does not exclude the cultural autonomy of Armenians in Karabakh
  • Turkey should be involved in the Karabakh settlement.
  • The rights and safety of the Armenians living in Karabakh will be fully respected.
  • All regions of Azerbaijan must be liberated, absolutely everything

In St. Petersburg, cafes and restaurants were banned from working at night

In St. Petersburg, the work of catering establishments will be suspended at night (from 23:00 to 06:00) from October 26 to November 29, with the exception of establishments at train stations, at the airport and at gas stations.

The European Parliament awards the Sakharov Prize to the Belarusian opposition

In 2020, the Belarusian opposition became the laureate of the Andrei Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, established by the European Parliament.

It is a great honor for me to announce that women and men of the democratic opposition of Belarus have become laureates of the 2020 Sakharov Prize, ” President of the European Parliament David Sassoli tweeted. “On their side is that which cannot be defeated by brute force: the truth. Don’t give up in your struggle. We are on your side.

Airlines asked the government for more

The Association of Air Transport Operators, which includes all the largest Russian airlines, asked the government for another 50 billion rubles. Airlines have already requested about 30 billion rubles in the fourth quarter of 2020 and another 20 billion in the first quarter of 2021

Three-quarters of Russians are afraid of losing their jobs within the next year

With a world average of 54% of people who fear losing their jobs in the next 12 months (a fairly high figure, by the way), in Russia there are 75%. Spain is in second place (73%), in third place is Malaysia (71%).

With a global average of 67% of people who believe their current employer can provide them with the education and training they need to “work the future,” we have only 48%. Only in Japan (45%) and Sweden (46%).

And in terms of the difference between these two indicators (-27%), we are also in last place in the world. The second from the end of Malaysia has -12%.

Export of Russian timber to China reaches a new record

Russia has dramatically increased the export of timber for export, said Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko, speaking at the Federation Council. Over the past five years, annual timber sales abroad have jumped 20%, from 34 to 41.2 million tonnes. In terms of volume, this is 50 million cubic meters, or 200 standard Olympic pools. China remains the leader in purchases, whose share reaches 42% (17.2 million tons) and is several times higher than the indicators of other large clients, Abramchenko said.

No change at Vostochny, this time the damage exceeded half a billion rubles.

As it became known, despite all the measures taken by the authorities, large-scale theft and machinations continue during the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome and its facilities.

The Investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case on the abuse of the Chief Inspector of the 119th Department of State Architectural and Construction Supervision (GASN) of the Ministry of Defense Dmitry Fomintsev, who, as the investigation believes, for moving with his wife to a higher-paid job in the Amur branch of the Center for Operation of Ground-Based Space Infrastructure Objects (JSC TSENKI) turned a blind eye to three unfinished objects of the cosmodrome. The estimated damage exceeded half a billion rubles.