24 Oct, 2019

News digest for 10/23/2019

Phone scammers have come up with a new way to steal money

Earlier, the Central Bank reported that Bank fraudsters using the technology of substitution of telephone numbers began to impersonate employees of financial institutions, under the guise of blocking suspicious transactions to steal customer funds.

The new criminal scheme is connected with an attempt to force Bank customers to install a remote access program on a smartphone and steal money. The average monthly amount of damage for this type of fraud for a large Bank can be from six to ten million rubles. – Ilya Sachkov, Russian entrepreneur

Former head of “Resorts of the North Caucasus” Bilalov detained in the United States

Former head of the company “Resorts of the North Caucasus” and former Vice-President of the Russian Olympic Committee Ahmed Bilalov detained in the us state of Florida. It is reported by the Miami Herald. The newspaper said that Bilalov’s home was visited by U.S. immigration and customs enforcement officers.

In April 2013, the former head of the Board of Directors of JSC “Resorts of the North Caucasus” Ahmed Bilalov was prosecuted for abuse of power. He is suspected of overspending the company’s money when traveling abroad. At the moment, Ahmed Bilalov, like his brother Magomed, is abroad. The brothers left the country in March 2013 amid criticism of their activities by Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the head of the investigative group on the “Moscow case” senior investigator on particularly important cases Rustam Gabdulin medal of the order “for services to the Fatherland” of the first degree.


Doctors of the Irkutsk region deprived of the salary put by Putin’s decrees

Almost half of the doctors of the Irkutsk region in 2018 did not receive a salary corresponding to the may decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was stated by the Director General of SPC “state Accounting” Roman Yerzhenin, Babr24 reports.

At the same time, according to the SPC “state Accounting”, the minimum level of average salary of doctors in the Irkutsk region is 34.4 thousand rubles, the maximum-106 thousand rubles.

China moves to all-inclusive system»

Hotels popular among Russian tourists Chinese resort Hainan decided to attract tourists system all inclusive (“all inclusive”), which is practiced in Turkey, this was announced by the President of the Board of Directors of the international tourist service of Sanya Wang Dong Chin, his words leads the website of the Association of tour operators of Russia.

The Governor of the Tyumen region raised the salaries of heads of cities in the region

According to the resolution, the head of Tobolsk will receive almost 100 thousand rubles a month, Tyumen-153 thousand rubles a month. A little more than 62 thousand rubles will be the salary for the heads of cities with a population of 40 thousand people. Salaries of heads of districts have also been increased, 100 thousand rubles a month will be received by those who work in municipalities with a population of 100 thousand people.

13 new regions will be connected to the experiment with the self-employed

In the new year, it is planned to connect 13 new regions to the experiment with a special tax regime for the self-employed. This was announced on the air of “channel One” in the program “Right to justice” Finance Minister Anton Siluanov

Kiev obliged “Naftogaz” to supply gas to LDNR without taking into account debts

The government of Ukraine obliged the state company “Naftagaz” to supply fuel to heat producers on the territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions not controlled by Kiev, without taking into account the existing debts that have arisen since 2014.

Kim Jong-UN ordered to demolish the South Korean facilities at mount MT.

“The respected Supreme leader noted that we must completely dismantle the facilities of the South side, which are even disgusting to look at, after consulting with the relevant industry of the South side, and anew, in our opinion, to build modern institutions of consumer services, in harmony with the beautiful natural landscape of mount kymgansan,” – reports the North Korean Agency KCNA

Since 2002, a special regime has been introduced in the tourist zone of Kym gansan, which allows to receive tourists from South Korea more actively. However, after the murder of a South Korean tourist in 2008, South Korea stopped organizing tourist trips to the area, and then North Korea in 2010 announced that it would henceforth develop the area on its own, without the help of the South.

11 municipal districts of Kuzbass will receive a new status

11 municipal districts of Kuzbass plan to change their statuses and names-to become districts. As told in the press service of the administration of the Kemerovo region, such an initiative was made by Izhmorsky, Kemerovo, krapivinsky, Leninsk-Kuznetsky, prokopyevsky, Promyshlennovsky, tyazhinsky, Chebulinsky, Yurginsky, Yaysky and Yashkin districts.

Life in small towns and villages should be comfortable, meet modern standards and people’s needs. In a year, we will sum up the first results in the territories that have become districts, we will compare them with other municipalities. I am sure that the effect of the transformation of districts into districts will justify all forecasts — – said Sergey Tsivilev.

Russian Railways evaluated the high-speed highway from St. Petersburg to Nizhny Novgorod

According to estimates of Russian Railways, of almost 2.3 trillion rubles. total project cost 1.59 trillion cost of land Petersburg—Moscow length of 659 km, another 530 billion roubles will cost the section Moscow—Nizhny Novgorod, the length of which will be 421 km 30.6 bn RUB. will be the cost of designing the St Petersburg area.

Everything is in order in the Russian economy

This was stated by Dmitry Medvedev, addressing foreign investors. According to the Prime Minister, industrial production and trade turnover are growing in the country. And interest in domestic assets is not falling, despite sanctions and international pressure.

One of the challenges for the labor market today is robotics

Low-skilled labor, in the end, should go to the robots, while people should think creatively and quickly decide, said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“The second challenge is the transformation of the labor market in connection with robotics. Everything new always causes, as we know, anxiety. Let me remind you that the fear of competition with machines, even in the 17-18 centuries led to what? Workers just tried to destroy these machines, so as not to create a competitor,” Medvedev said, speaking at the plenary session of the Moscow international forum “Open innovations”.

In St. Petersburg Industrialists ask Smolny 2 billion rubles

Industrialists of St. Petersburg will not be able to re-equip their enterprises without state support, where more than 50% of the equipment has been used for 50 years. This was stated by the President of the Association of industrial enterprises of St. Petersburg Valery Radchenkov, the correspondent of IA REGNUM.

The main Altai industrialist told about the threatening deterioration of equipment

Wear of the main equipment at the Altai industrial enterprises is 70%. This was told by Viktor Herman, Chairman of the Board of the industry Union. This figure he called threatening.

Chubais called the level of the Russian economy a dream for other countries

There are many achievements in the Russian economy that other countries could only dream of. This opinion was expressed by the head of “RUSNANO” Anatoly Chubais on the sidelines of the forum “Open innovations”, reports “Vesti Ekonomika”.

At the same time, he made a reservation that there are other factors that negate the positive results. What factors we have in mind, Chubais did not elaborate.

Businessmen deprived Russian shareholders of tens of billions of rubles

The Fund for the protection of the rights of shareholders, which should accumulate funds to help defrauded citizens and the completion of the construction of troubled long-term buildings, may have missed 54 billion rubles: these funds were simply not transferred to the organization by Russian insurance companies. This is evidenced by the data of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and state Duma deputies.

The number of dollar millionaires in Russia increased by 43% for the year.

By mid-2019, there were 246,000 dollar millionaires in Russia, up from 172,000 a year ago. According to Credit Suisse, the 10% of the richest Russians account for 83% of the total personal wealth of the country’s residents.

QIWI founder invested $17 million in Pavel Durov’s cryptocurrency

The founder of Qiwi Sergey Solonin invested $17 million in the cryptocurrency messenger telegram Pavel Durov, reports October 23, the newspaper “Izvestia”.

Net profit of X5 Retail Group in the third quarter fell by 3.5 times

On October 17, X5 reported that in the third quarter net retail sales of “Carousel” decreased by 2.6% due to a decrease in retail space of the network by 4.1% as a result of the transfer of three stores under the management of “Crossroads” in the first half of 2019 and the closure of one store as part of the transformation of the network.

Us companies invested five times as much in Russia as Asian companies

This is evidenced by the results of the EY survey received by RBC for the Advisory Council on foreign investment (FII), in which the heads of major international corporations participate.

  • Each us company has invested an average of $224 million in Russia
  • European business — just over $90 million
  • Companies from Asia — about $40 million

The US is also the leader in the number of investment projects in Russia — 16% of the total. In 2018, Americans increased the number of projects in Russia by almost 74% — from 19 to 33, EY found earlier.

World wealth breaks record in 2019

From July 2018 to the end of June 2019, the total wealth of the world’s population reached a record level-360.6 trillion dollars. This was reported by “Interfax” with reference to the data of the annual Global Wealth Report of the Swiss Bank Credit Suisse.

Due to the fact that wealth increased faster than population growth, the indicator per adult grew by 1.2% and reached a record level of $70,849 thousand. Switzerland once again became the world leader in this category ($564,65 thousand), and Hong Kong came in second place ($489,26 thousand). Followed by the United States ($432.37 thousand) and Australia ($386.06 thousand), which a year earlier occupied the second position.

In Germany proposed to raise the retirement age to 69 years

The Federal Bank of Germany (Bundesbank) made a proposal to raise the retirement age for citizens of the country to 69.3 years. This is reported by RIA “Novosti”. It is noted that if the initiative is implemented, these changes will affect those born in 2001.

Iinvestors will not require a refund

Russian investors invested in the blockchain platform TON, will not require a refund from its Creator Pavel Durov because of the postponement of the launch of the project, writes Forbes.

Earlier, Telegram, working on the TON platform with its own cryptocurrency Gram, sent a letter to investors-it offered to either agree to postpone the launch of the platform until April 30, 2020, or get back 77% of the invested money. It is necessary to decide on the choice until October 23.

Riot police brutally beat fans of “Alice” right at the concert

“Fans of the band know that lighting “fires” at our concerts is a common practice. No threat to others: the guys create a circle of safety and extinguish the fire themselves. Here immediately ran riot police and began to grab people. Frankly, it’s just some kind of wildness-so treat people in the XXI century. Such cases were on our concerts in the early “zero”, when concerts still not guarded “chopovtsy.” But now long already riot Police and close on concerts there is no. For us, what happened in Cherepovets is certainly not an ordinary and unpleasant situation»

Ban theaters and English 

Russian politician, member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation Pavel Pozhigailo made a number of high-profile statements in the program “Russian dream” TV channel “Tsargrad”.

The politician saw the study of English in Russian schools as an early diversion for young people who starting to learn the basics of another language potentially become citizens of another country. In this case, the British, and most importantly — begins to think in the Western manner. The language itself is a weapon of mass destruction for Pavel Pozhigailo.

After that, we talked about contemporary art. Here the politician also did not stand on ceremony in terms and offered the option to ban all theaters, including to stop the activities of the Ministry of culture. According to Pavel Pozhigailo, theaters replace churches in the country. And it is also a deliberate systemic diversion.

The publicity distracts deputies from work

From now on, photo and video shooting at the meetings of the Legislative Duma of the Khabarovsk territory is prohibited to journalists. The press service of the Parliament told the media that the cameras … DISTRACT deputies from work!

The initiator of the changes is the head of the Parliament’s staff, former United Russia MP Yegor Kalinin. At the time, he was suspected of bribing members of the competition Commission, when he tried to be elected to the post of head of Khabarovsk.

The largest contributors to China’s GDP

Despite the fact that GDP growth has slowed recently, China still publishes figures that other countries in the world would consider quite solid. In the second quarter of 2019, the Chinese economy grew by 6.2 percent – still the fastest growth rate in the world. In 2018, it brought in 90 trillion yuan (us $ 14 trillion).


Test runs of freight trains were held on the Crimean bridge

Acceptance tests of the bridge will be held at the end of the year and will precede the launch of trains, writes RT. October 7, the Ministry of transport reported that the full movement of freight trains on the Crimean bridge will be launched in June 2020

Vorkuta residents began to give their apartments to the authorities

Residents of Vorkuta began to regularly donate their property to the city, because they can not sell them. The authorities are relocating people from emergency houses to such apartments, RIA Novosti writes .

“We can not say that this is a mass phenomenon, but on average once or twice a month private apartments are transferred to the authorities under a donation agreement. We use them for the needs of “emergency workers”, which today more than 300 people, ” – told the Agency the representative of the city administration.

The number of housing accepted as a gift is not specified. It is known that the city authorities accept as a gift apartments only in proper sanitary condition.

In Chelyabinsk found the virus of African swine fever in a lot of sausages

The African swine fever virus (ASF) was detected in the sausage received at the warehouse of the Chelyabinsk enterprise “Yuzhural-Torg”. This is reported on the website of the Rosselkhoznadzor region.

Children of repressed Muscovites count on the constitutional court

The constitutional court of Russia at a meeting on Tuesday considered the case on the constitutionality of provisions that do not allow people to get housing in Moscow, whose parents were victims of Soviet political repression.

According to local laws, it is possible to apply for this only on General grounds – that is, having lived in Moscow for at least 10 years, being poor and if the applicant and each family member have a housing area of less than the accounting norm

Nobel laureate in Economics called a myth the benefits of tax cuts

Abhijit Banerjee received an Economics award for seeking scientifically proven measures to combat poverty. In an interview with Bloomberg, he noted that business has invented the myth of the need for tax cuts to stimulate investment and growth. According to the economist, the reduction in fees “gives an incentive only to the rich, who are already sitting on a ton of cash.” Banerjee believes that it is necessary to raise taxes for rich people and “distribute money” to people so they can spend it, and this, in turn, will increase investment.

In Russia will raise taxes for employers

The Federal tax service (FTS) from 2020 will oblige companies to pay insurance premiums and personal income tax for the self-employed, whose work is used instead of regular workers and, thus, try to avoid these payments, said the first Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov at a meeting of the state Duma

The Minister Siluanov found a penthouse for half a billion rubles

Finance Minister Anton Siluanov owns a pentahus on the 2nd Frunzenskaya street in Moscow, the cost of which is estimated at half a billion rubles, according to the publication “Broom” with reference to the data of the Federal register. The anti-corruption Fund, founded by opposition leader Alexei Navalny, drew attention to this.

LUKOIL withdraws from Saudi Aramco project in Saudi Arabia

LUKOIL is in the process of withdrawing from a joint project with Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia, Interfax reports, citing a statement by Russian NK President Vagit Alekperov.

The Federal tax service of the Omsk region published a rating of the largest taxpayers in the region

According to the results of 9 months of 2019, the total amount of revenues from all organizations amounted to about 63 billion rubles. The Federal Treasury spent 37 billion (76.4% of all taxes), the regional Treasury – 13.7 billion rubles (34.6%), the budget of the city of Omka – 600 million (12.4%).

The largest taxpayers of the regional budget were: JSC “San InBev”, PJSC “Sberbank of Russia”, PJSC “Gazprom Neft”, as well as 7 Omsk companies.

Leaders in contributions to the budget of Omsk were 10 organizations. Among them: the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in the city of Omsk, JSC “omsktransmash”, JSC “RZD”.

Aksenov announced the creation of the Crimea development Fund

The development Fund of Crimea will be created on the basis of the Russian national commercial Bank (rnkb), said the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov.

The creation of a new financial instrument – the Crimea development Fund-on the basis of the rnkb will help to implement measures to support the industry. Until January 1, the Russian government will make a decision on this issue. – Sergey Aksenov

Norilsk Nickel placed Eurobonds worth $ 750 million

Norilsk Nickel closed the book of placement of five-year Eurobonds of $750 million, the coupon was 3.375%. This was reported by TASS head of debt capital markets VTB Capital Andrey Solovyov.

Britain opposed Assange’s questioning in Spanish court

Britain opposed the questioning of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in a Spanish court as a witness in the case of wiretaps in the building of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, writes the newspaper Pais. According to the newspaper, the British side has previously rejected the request of the Spanish court.

Bulgaria began to build a new section of the ” Turkish stream»

Bulgaria has started construction of a new section of the Turkish stream gas pipeline and plans to complete it by the end of this year. The project was discussed at talks in Moscow by the heads of the Russian and Bulgarian foreign Ministries Sergey Lavrov and Ekaterina zakharieva

NATO troops will go on the compass and map because of the vulnerability of GPS

Soldiers of the Belgian army, which participates in NATO missions, will have to again learn the basics of using topographic maps and compasses because of fears that GPS signals may be violated, for example, by the Russian Federation, reported on Tuesday the publication De Morgen, citing sources.

The US has begun consultations with Japan on the deployment of medium-range missiles

The United States has begun consultations with Tokyo on the deployment of medium-range missiles in Japan after Washington’s withdrawal from the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range missiles (INF), reported the publication “Asahi”.

Tankers for Yamal LNG plant freed from us sanctions

Yamal LNG, controlled by NOVATEK, Russia’s largest private gas producer, has been notified by TC LNG Shipping that it is no longer subject to us Treasury sanctions imposed in September against one of Its owners, China’s Cosco.

The us military transferred from Syria to Iraq will leave the country in a month

The Minister of defence of Iraq-Najah, and al-Shamari said that American soldiers redeployed from the North-Eastern areas of Syria, to leave Iraqi territory for four weeks. About it on October 23 reports TASS.

Lukashenko instructed to work out a response to the deployment of us tanks in Lithuania

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko instructed the Secretary of state of the security Council and the Minister of defense to develop and submit a plan to respond to the deployment of American tanks in the immediate vicinity of the state border.

As stated by the Secretary of state of the security Council of Belarus Stanislav Zas, the location of arriving in Lithuania units of the United States selected range Pabrade “literally 15 km” from the border with Belarus.

Germany refused to recognize the Ukrainian “Holodomor” genocide

The German government does not believe that the famine in Ukraine and other territories of the former Soviet Union in the early 1930s can be called genocide of the Ukrainian people, said German foreign Minister Michael Roth.

So he responded to a petition asking the Bundestag to recognize ” the Holodomor in Ukraine in 1932-1933 genocide of the Ukrainian people caused by the actions of the Soviet regime, “RIA”Novosti”.

Russia and Turkey discuss additional supplies of S-400

The head of Rosoboronexport Alexander Mikheev confirmed the discussion between Russia and Turkey of new supplies of S-400. According to him, now the countries are discussing ” the option, the financial model, the timing of deliveries, as well as additional deliveries.” It is specified that the localization program ends, Interfax writes.

Fast and Furious 9 will star singers Cardi B and Osuna

The action movie “fast and furious 9” by Justin Lin will star singers Cardi B and Osuna. The film is scheduled to premiere on may 22, 2020. Cardi Bi debuted as an actress in the movie “Strippers”.

St. Petersburg hosts the all-Russian theater marathon

From 23 to 25 October in the “looking glass” will tour the Karelian drama Theater “Creative workshop”, the press service of the Committee on culture. The program includes three performances: “Vassa” by Sergei Steblyuk, “About my mother and about me” by Vadim Miroshnichenko and ” Love. Letters ” staged by Boris Zeitlin.

The next all-Russian theatrical marathon will take Pskov. The troupe of the St. Petersburg academic Comedy theatre named after N. p. Akimov will perform there.

VII Open international theatre festival named after Anatoly Papanov

October 29-31 in Vyazma will be VII Open international theater festival named after Anatoly Papanov. Since 2012, the days of memory of Anatoly Papanov are held in Vyazma. Among the main events is the international theatre festival, the key objective of which is to support, promote and develop the activities of Amateur theatres.

Christie’s will sell ” Lady for manicure”

In London, the auction house Christie’s November 25 will be held auction of Russian art. The main lot will be ” Lady for manicure. Portrait of Mademoiselle Irma” Nicholas Feshin. Experts of the auction house estimated the cost of the painting at 2.6-3.8 million dollars.

205 years of Europe’s first plastic surgery

The first plastic surgery in Europe was designed to repair faces damaged in battles. At the same time, the British surgeon and anatomist Joseph Constantine Carpew did not invent anything new – he only used a method that was developed and described in Ancient India. Even then, doctors were engaged in noses, ears and lips. In the 16th century, the Italian Gaspar Tagliacozzi tried to introduce this method, but was condemned by his contemporaries for a crime against nature.

Exhibition of Russian avant-garde in the Tretyakov gallery

The Tretyakov gallery will show “List number 1”: the opening of the exhibition is preparing Russian avant-garde. It is dedicated to the centenary Of the Museum of picturesque culture, which then became part of the Tretyakov gallery. It was the world’s first collection of contemporary art. Then the gallery received more than 700 works of painting, graphics and sculpture. Some of them can be seen at the exhibition together with archival documents. The exhibition features 250 paintings, as well as sculptures and works of graphic art.

Selena Gomez presented the clip, completely filmed on a smartphone

27-year-old American singer and actress Selena Gomez presented in his Instagram fragment of a new video for the song, which is sung about love and loss. Curious is the fact that this clip is completely shot on a smartphone. Frames are made in black and white image



Miley Cyrus releases album about herself

Miley Cyrus has announced the release date for her new album, “She Is Miley Cyrus.” The release will take place on November 23, 2019. The singer also unveiled a track listing of 13 songs

  1. «Sagitarius»
  2. «Mother’s Daughter»
  3. «Slide Away»
  4. «Party Up The Street»
  5. «American Dream»
  6. «Naked» ft. Cardi B
  7. «Golden G String»
  8. «Mary Jane»
  9. «Victoria»
  10. «Cattitude»
  11. «Bad Karma»
  12. «Play With Fire» ft. Shawn Mendes
  13. «Coldblood»

The festival of ethnic music “Mokh” will be held in Surgut»

The result of creative collaboration of artists will be shown in Surgut for the first time. October 27 at 19:00 will perform the project “Sage” (Yekaterinburg) – headliner of Russian and world music festivals.

Baikal electronics presented the be-M1000 processor

The Baikal electronics company at the Moscow international forum “Open innovations” in SKOLKOVO for the first time presented its new processor BE-M1000. It is designed for a wide range of consumer devices and B2B market segments

Huawei Mate X flexible smartphone launched in China

Chinese company Huawei today, October 23, on the territory of China officially presented its folding smartphone Huawei Mate X. Previously, due to numerous improvements, the presentation of gadgets was postponed several times.

The version of the smartphone with the Kirin 980 processor will cost buyers 1427 dollars. However, the manufacturer estimated this modification at 2400 dollars. The version with Kirin 980 and balong 5000 modem with 5G support will be much more expensive. Its price remains unknown, as sales will start only in March 2020. The younger version of the smartphone with a flexible display in China will be sold from November 15, reports “Astera”.

WhatsApp has a new important feature

Users in beta already can edit the security settings of the chat. To do this, the user needs to go to WhatsApp settings, select account management and go to the “security” section. It added a new item “groups”. It has a “black list”, and through it you can select people who will not be able to add a user to groups.There are also settings in the list that allow you to add only users from the contact list to groups. While the update is being tested in India, but it should soon appear in other countries.

Smartphone iPhone SE 2 will begin to collect in January 2020

The new generation iPhone mini smartphone will get a new antenna. It will improve data transmission in cellular networks. As for other characteristics, the new miniature smartphone can get an Apple A13 Bionics processor and 3 gigabytes of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy A51 with Exynos 9611 processor

In Geekbench smartphone Samsung Galaxy A51 lit up in the version with the processor Exynos 9611. RAM specified 4 GB, but as the operating system will be the tenth version of Android.

SWIFT launches next-generation private cloud platform

As part of the Cloud Connect initiative, SWIFT will develop network architecture and automation templates for its customers to facilitate their transition to “hyperscale” open cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

New Firefox will tell users who and how to follow them

Mozilla releases the next version of Firefox-at number 70 – for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. The browser now protects against advertising tracking through social networks, makes a report on all surveillance attempts and at the same time, according to the developers, it works faster.

Natural GMO plants recognized cranberries, tea and peanuts

During the scientific work, the scientists studied the genomes and transcriptomes of more than 630 species of plants. According to experts, fragments of transgender DNA were found in the material of plants that are the closest relatives of crops such as peanuts, cranberries, walnuts and tea.

Scientists have taught rats to drive small cars

Scientists took advantage of the chassis with the motor from the toy car, hoisting it on the cabin, made of a plastic bottle, which housed the contacts for control. By pressing the paws of one or another contact strip, the rat could move in the direction chosen by it.

Crabs can memorize their way through the maze

For the work, a specially designed maze was created, which helped to assess the ability of crabs to navigate in space. This is an important ability in animals on which the survival of the species depends. At the end of the maze, food awaited the crabs.