26 Oct, 2019

News digest for 10/25/2019

In Chile, the protesters got their way

President Sebastian Pinera announced pension increases, lower electricity tariffs, partial coverage of health care costs, lower drug prices and a minimum guaranteed income for workers.

$ 2.5 billion for three African countries

The international Agency for sovereign development (IASD), headed by Konstantin Malofeev, head of the Tsargrad group of companies, will raise $ 2.5 billion for the three African countries. This is reported by RBC with reference to the press release of the Agency.

The investment will go to the construction of an oil pipeline in Niger, as well as the development of transport infrastructure and Railways in Guinea and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In a conversation with RBC Malofeev refused to disclose the sources of funds to Finance the announced projects. At the same time, he noted that in the near future the list OF iasd client countries will expand.


On the first channel told about the action “give firewood”!!! Lonely pensioners collect money to prepare firewood for the winter!


How to double the total GDP of African countries

The head of the Supervisory Board Of the international Agency for sovereign development (MASR) businessman Konstantin Malofeev, during his speech at the forum “Russia — Africa” urged Africa to reduce its dependence on Western financial institutions, including the International monetary Fund (IMF). This, in his opinion, will double the total GDP of African countries.

The state Duma of Russia extended the “freeze” of the funded pension until 2022

Now the freeze of the funded part of the pension is valid until 2021. According to the government, the extension will increase the budget revenues of the Pension Fund of Russia by 634.8 billion rubles. these funds are planned to be used for current payments of insurance pensions.

Eagle from Khakassia ruined ornithologists

A steppe eagle named Min has ravaged Russian ornithologists who track the eagles ‘ routes with SMS-alert transmitters. Min flew to Iran and sends hundreds of texts from there with her coordinates. Each such message costs 49 rubles! Min spent the entire budget on SMS alerts, designed for 13 eagles. Ornithologists announced the action ” Throw the eagle on the mobile!”which will help the birds stay connected.

Twitter reports quarterly revenue growth

Twitter released a report on the company’s financial results in the third quarter of 2019. Compared to the same period last year, profit fell from 789 to 37 million dollars, and revenue rose from 758 to 824 million. At the same time, analysts expected to see revenue of 876 million, writes Bloomberg. Twitter’s management attributed the company’s financial results to errors made when placing ads, CNBC said.

The consequences of working in the office for 20 years have clearly shown

Scientists from the UK have demonstrated the consequences of prolonged sedentary work, creating a wax figure of a woman named Emma



Medvedev urged Russian universities to train more foreigners

The government will increase spending on the program to improve the position of our universities in the world rankings. 30 Russian universities will participate in the project “5-100″ (the state program, according to which by 2020 at least five Russian universities should enter the world TOP 100). About 70 billion rubles have already been allocated from the Treasury to support the universities participating in the project and funding will increase.

Medvedev also said that Russian universities could train many more foreigners. In 2012, almost 165 thousand foreigners studied under the bachelor, specialist and master programs in Russia. Last year-already 280 thousand.

But these figures are still quite modest. Our education is able to teach more foreigners, ” Medvedev said.

The FSB will be able to disconnect communication with countries caught in telephone terrorism

To combat telephone terrorism, the FSB will be able to disconnect communication with entire countries for up to six months. The initiative was developed on behalf of the security Council. But it is not clear whether to block only the “voice” or together with the Network

The court in the Hague will consider the collective statement of residents of Kuzbass on genocide

According to the newspaper “Lampshade”, residents of Kemerovo Kiselevsk received a response from the International criminal court (“Hague Tribunal”), where they appealed to the genocide by coal mining companies. The applicants were informed that the application had been accepted by the office and would be considered in accordance with the provisions of the Rome Statute of the International criminal court.

The statement said that they could not live near coal enterprises that produce coal in an open way and are engaged in its processing. Local residents drew attention to the increase in the growth of cancer in both adults and children

Jeff Bezos lost about $7 billion in a day

The richest man in the world, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has lost about $7 billion in the last day, according to CNBC. On Thursday, October 24, Amazon reported a profit in the third quarter. The results disappointed investors, which led to a 6.6% drop in the company’s quotes.

Officials agree on benefits for the Arctic

The Russian government has agreed on the parameters of benefits for Arctic oil and gas projects. It is reported by “Kommersant” with reference to Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev.

Special tax on additional income and zeroing of the mineral extraction tax for 12 years from the moment of reaching the depletion of reserves of 1%, after which the met will grow for five years. Only the Payakhskoye field of Neftegazholding, the West Irkinskoye field of Rosneft and perhaps someone else will be able to take advantage of the privilege.

As Yuri Trutnev said, the falling budget revenues from the provision of benefits to Vostok oil will amount to 60-70 billion rubles a year. It is noted that Rosneft sought benefits for 80-90 billion rubles.

On the feasibility of the return of the fines for speeding

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the interior Ministry and other “interested authorities” to consider whether to return fines for speeding. This was reported by the newspaper “Kommersant” on Friday, October 25. We are talking about exceeding the permissible speed by 10-20 kilometers per hour

The number of budget places will increase in medical universities of Russia

The head of the Ministry of health Veronika Skvortsova proposed to solve the personnel shortage of doctors by increasing the budget places in universities. In medical higher education institutions of the country on a budgetary basis will be able to enter 3-8 thousand people more, the head of Department believes.

Sukhoi has agreed to sell 40 Superjet low-cost airline from Norway

Manufacturer Sukhoi Superjet signed a Memorandum with Norwegian Air on the supply of 40 aircraft, the newspaper RBC. In exchange, the Norwegians offer to open the TRANS-Siberian route for flights from Europe to Asia and give a discount on the payment of flights

The Norwegian low-cost airline has denied reports about the purchase of the SSJ-100

Norwegian low-cost airline Norwegian Air Shuttle has not signed agreements to supply Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ-100) aircraft. This was reported by TASS on Friday, the press service of the company.

“We can confirm that we have held meetings with the Russian authorities and the SSJ manufacturer, but have not signed any agreements,” company spokeswoman Astrid Mannion – Gibson said.

FSB officers seized documents in the Ministry of forestry of the Krasnoyarsk territory

This was reported by the press center of the Federal forestry Agency, adding that the reason for this was the results of the inspection of the regional Ministry, which in mid-October, held the Ministry of natural resources, Federal forestry Agency as well as law enforcement agencies — the FSB, MVD and the Prosecutor’s office.

In Russia will create a secret credit Bureau for the military and security forces

Promsvyazbank intends to create a separate credit Bureau (BCI) for the Russian military and security forces. About it on October 25 report “Izvestia” with reference to the head of Department of strategy and projects of development of Bank Boris Yaryshevsky

The increase in the retirement age was recognized as inevitable

The change in retirement age worldwide is inevitable, this trend is associated with an increase in life expectancy. This was stated by the Director of the development of social protection of the International Association of social security (ISSA) Dominique La Salle, RIA Novosti reported

“Nord stream-2” stopped at the economic zone of Denmark

The pipe-laying vessel Solitaire of Allseas laid the 2nd line of the Nord stream-2 gas pipeline to the economic zone of Denmark in the Baltic sea, put a plug and went to the Estonian port of Muuga. Today, this fact was confirmed by the press service of the operator of the Nord Stream 2 AG project

Yarovaya proposed to allow the Russians to sell mortgage housing

People should have the opportunity to sell taken out a mortgage property without bidding and the requirement for performance fees. This was at a meeting of the Presidium of the Council of legislators said the Deputy speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya, reports “Interfax”. Now the mechanism of realization of such housing is unprofitable to the burdened with the credit in case of refusal of the further mortgage contract, Yarovaya noted.

“The property is sold at auction, and additional services are paid in a high percentage. The cost of selling the property is much lower, and the person actually loses all the funds that were previously paid under the loan agreement, ” she explained.

Minsk no longer requests $600 million state loan from Moscow

“We do not consider as a source of financing the loan of the government of the Russian Federation and, in fact, do not negotiate about this loan. We did not provide requests to the Russian side. We do not expect to receive a Russian loan, ” Belarusian Finance Minister Maxim Yermolovich said, BelTA reports

According to him, Belarus is provided with sources of financing in 2019 and “there is a clear understanding of these sources for 2020”.

“Therefore, there is absolutely no need for any political credits,” he added.

Danone abandoned the experiment on the labeling of dairy products

French group Danone, the largest milk processor in Russia, refused to participate in the pilot project on labeling of dairy products, which was agreed last year. This was told RBC CEO of the Russian office of Danone Charlie Cappetti.

Residents of the Bryansk region have explained about what is solid waste

Solid household waste includes only those that are formed in residential areas in the process of consumption. In addition, it is possible to enroll goods that have lost consumer properties, as well as garbage generated in the course of activities of firms, enterprises and individual entrepreneurs. Explanations were given in the Ministry of natural resources and ecology.

Branches, foliage, tree residues, crop waste – all this is not TKO, according to Law No. 89, because it is not formed in residential areas. To take out such garbage, it is necessary to conclude the contract

Russian military base may appear in Central African Republic

CAR President Faustin-Arcange Tuadera said that the Central African Republic is considering the possibility of establishing a Russian military base in the country.

“We continue to work with the national defense Ministry and with the Russian defense Ministry on this issue to explore opportunities,” he said.

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry said it was ready for talks on the return of Crimea

Press Secretary of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine Ekaterina Zelenko said about the readiness of Kiev to negotiate “the restoration of Ukrainian sovereignty” over the Crimea.

“We are ready for negotiations in any format, the main goal of which will be the restoration of Ukraine’s sovereignty over the Russian — occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol,” Zelenko was quoted as saying by Interfax-Ukraine.

She said she was ready for talks in the Normandy format aimed at restoring the country’s sovereignty over the ” Russian-occupied parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.”

In Germany, MPs called for the withdrawal of American troops from the country

In Germany, deputies of the Left party sent an appeal to the German government, which called for the withdrawal of United States troops from the country. About it on October 25 reports RT with reference to the document.

Japan’s economy Minister resigns over scandal

Japan’s economy, trade and industry Minister Issy Sugawara, who also oversees the development of economic relations with Russia, resigned on Friday over a voter bribery scandal. About it journalists were reported by Sugawara.

“I have submitted my resignation to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Today, the work of the budget Commission in the Parliament begins, and its work should not slow down because of the discussion of my situation, ” he stressed.

Earlier this month, the weekly Shukan Bunxiong reported that Sugawara’s headquarters during election campaigns presented small offerings – melons, Smoking sticks and flowers used in funeral ceremonies-to residents of the capital district from which the politician was elected to Parliament.

The US has clarified plans for a military presence in Syria

The US is considering the possibility of maintaining a military contingent of 500 people in North-Eastern Syria in Syria. This is reported by the Wall Street Journal, citing a source in the us administration.

In addition, it is planned to send several dozen tanks and other equipment to Syria to protect soldiers. The decision is due to Washington’s desire to protect the oil fields located there from the militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG, banned in Russia).

Launch investigation against Chinese app TikTok

Two us senators have proposed launching an investigation against the Chinese app TikTok, which they believe threatens US national security.

Republican Tim cotton and Democrat Chuck Schumer stressed that when using the application, it is necessary to transfer personal data, including the IP address of the user, data on his location and others. Despite the fact that the Chinese company ByteDance said that the data of Americans is stored and used on the territory of the United States, it still needs to adhere to the laws of the PRC and transmit information to the government on request, according to the senators.

This is expansion into world and African markets

By writing off more than $ 20 billion in debt to African countries, Russia has opened the way for its companies to operate on the continent. This was stated by the press Secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov. He explained that Africa’s debts were ephemeral and irrevocable, but now there are many new opportunities for Russia.

“Our companies have the opportunity to work on a mutually beneficial basis, earn money, increase trade, pay high taxes, including to the Russian budget, this is a great employment, this is expansion to the world and African markets,” Peskov said.

Lebedev urged to write off the debts of the poorest regions of Russia

“If we can afford to write off tens of billions of dollars to other countries, we can certainly write off the debts of the poorest regions of Russia. It’s time to start thinking about their”, – said Deputy speaker of the state Duma Igor Lebedev (LDPR). “Maybe it’s time to think. In many Russian regions and republics, a significant share of the regional budget is spent on servicing debts accumulated over many years, ” he stressed.

This money could be spent on development, on medicine and education, but instead goes to banks and the Ministry of Finance, he said.

4.5 billion rubles for the realization of the summit “Russia — Africa»

The Russian authorities spent almost 4.5 billion rubles on holding the Russia — Africa summit in Sochi in October. This is reported by RBC with reference to the materials of public procurement.

The Ministry of Finance signed two contracts with The roscongress Fund for 291 million rubles and four billion rubles. In addition, RBC points out, another 128 million rubles were spent on the summit by the electric grid company Kubanenergo.

Three Russian RD-180 rocket engines are preparing to be sent to the United States

It is noted that now the engines are being prepared for shipment to the States. In early summer, in June, Energomash sent three more RD-180s to the United States. To date, 86 flights of American Atlas-3 and Atlas-5 launch vehicles on RD-180 engines have been performed.

S-400 complexes were transferred to Serbia for maneuvers

The anti-aircraft missile division of S-400 systems and the battery of Pantsir-S complexes have been transferred to Serbia, where they will be involved for the first time in the international exercise Slavonic shield on October 23-29. This was reported in the defense Ministry

Uzbekistan air defense forces to test Chinese SAM missiles for first time

“The test of an anti-aircraft missile of the type FD-2000, aimed at ensuring the security of the airspace of our country, will be made in our country for the first time,” – said in a statement.

Uzbekistan’s air defense forces are armed with FD-2000 anti-aircraft missile systems recently purchased from China

In London, sold a bottle of old whiskey for 1.9 million dollars

A bottle of whiskey Macallan 60-year-old vintage 1926 sold at auction in London. The price of the lot was £1.5 million (about $1.9 million), setting a new world record. Previously, the achievement belonged to a bottle of the same brand, hand-painted by artist Michael Dillon

Netflix has posted the final trailer for “the King” with Shalame and Pattinson

Netflix has released the final trailer for the upcoming movie “the King” starring Timothy Shalame and Robert Pattinson. The video was published on October 24 on The YouTube channel of the streaming service. The film is based on the historical Chronicles of William Shakespeare.



Jason Momoa spoke about the continuation of ” Aquaman»

“There’s a lot more to come than what we showed in the first movie,” Jason Momoa said. – There will be a lot of events, much more. I’m excited about the fan base and how the film turned out. I went to Warner Bros studios in Washington and said I had some ideas about a sequel. And they accepted what I said and were happy to start preparing to shoot another Aquaman»

Festival of chamber performance “Northern Lira”

The international festival of chamber performance “Northern Lira” will open for the tenth time in St. Petersburg on October 25. It will be attended by ensembles and soloists from ten countries in Europe, Asia and America.

The Chinese authorities left the citizens without the “Joker”

Chinese authorities have decided not to release Todd Phillips ‘ film the Joker. The official reason for the refusal was the General tone of the picture, as well as the violence shown in it.

A classic of Russian photography and contemporary German photography in MAMMA

Multimedia Art Museum Moscow opens three new exhibitions. One of them introduces the work of the classic Russian photography Boris Ignatovich. Two other exhibition in MAMM is dedicated to German photographers Sebastian Vicarate and to Heiko Schaefer.

Google has created the world’s first quantum supercomputer

Google has created the world’s first quantum supercomputer. This is reported by RIA “Novosti”. The machine has already managed to perform some calculations that are not under the power of conventional computers. It is noted that the calculation, to perform which the device from IBM requires 10 thousand years, the computer from Google made in 200 seconds. Google developers call their invention “an important milestone on the way to a full-scale quantum computing process.”

Rostec presented a prototype of a lightweight tablet

Demonstrated by “Rostec” at the exhibition “Interpolitech-2019” device belongs to the class of lightweight, since its weight does not exceed one kilogram.

It is known that the basis of the lightweight tablet was the processor “Elbrus-1C +” in which the 3D graphics core is integrated. The device also has wireless interfaces and a GPS/GLONASS receiver. It is noted that at this stage, the development has not yet been completed, and engineers are making adjustments to the design, improving it.

In the United States created a camera the size of a grain of sand

Needless to say, the novelty from OmniVision is not designed for use in smartphones. According to the available information, the camera was developed for further use in the medical field — the device is perfect for embedding in surgical instruments.

Started selling smart watches Huawei Watch GT 2 in Russia

Huawei has started selling new smart watches Huawei Watch GT 2 in Russia. So far, only the older version with a 46 mm body is offered, and the 42 model with a new frameless design is not yet available. The 46 mm model became the direct heir of last year’s Watch GT.

FSB allowed virtual operator to sell eSim

Virtual operator Easy4 (LLC “sonnet”) received permission from the FSB to sell communication services using eSim, as well as to identify subscribers by electronic signature through public services.

Google offers “paper phone” as an alternative to smartphones

“Paper phone” from Google will help users to use a smartphone less during the day. It is part of the company’s digital wellbeing project.

The paper Phone announcement took place in early October. Thanks to this solution, users will be able to choose the most important applications and tasks from their smartphone, and then print them on a sheet of paper.

Thanks to this solution, users will be able to choose the most important applications and tasks from their smartphone, and then print them on a sheet of paper. The latter is able to contain graphs, important contacts and a number of other information, which is enough to ensure that a person throughout the day less likely to seek help from a smartphone.



Fujifilm unveils x-Pro3 camera capable of shooting in total darkness

In the description of the novelty, the manufacturer notes a durable case with external elements made of titanium. The camera uses an image sensor that the manufacturer calls ” x-Trans CMOS 4 backlit.” Its format is APS-C, the resolution is 26.1 MP. X-Processor 4 is engaged in data processing. According to the manufacturer, the phase autofocus system works in light up to -6 EV. Photosensitivity values in the ISO 160-12800 range are available to the photographer, which can be extended to ISO 80-51200.

On sale, the camera should appear in late November at a recommended price of $ 1800 for the black variant and $ 2000 for the Dr Black and DR Silver variants. In Russia, these prices are approximately equal to 133 000 and 147 000 rubles, respectively. Additionally will be offered a case of genuine leather and a patch handle MHG-XPRO3

Flips and outstretched legs helped the fly to sit on the ceiling

American physicists have described in detail a new way of landing flies on the ceiling. It turned out that the black-headed blue fly (Calliphora vomitoria) lands upside down in four stages, one of which is a coup in the air. The insect chooses the moment of the beginning of the revolution on the basis of visual stimuli, and then with the help of them adjusts the length of the necessary pacing or turning after landing, scientists write in Science Advances.

China to build high-altitude Observatory to “catch” cosmic rays

In China, the construction of an Observatory to observe cosmic rays has begun. It will be located at an altitude of more than four kilometers. According to Xinhua news Agency, the construction of the Observatory is in the Daocheng desert in Sichuan province in southwestern China.

The average cost of a car up to three years has increased in Russia to 878 thousand rubles

Compared to last year, in 2019, the average cost of a car under the age of three years increased by 9% and amounted to 878 000 rubles. At the same time, the structure of the sales market has changed slightly: the share of category b cars decreased by 2% in favor of the crossover segment (SUV).

Volkswagen introduced the eighth generation Golf

The eighth generation Volkswagen Golf has finally made its debut. The German hatchback received all the advanced technologies of the brand, and its production starts in December. The new Golf looks recognizable, but the exterior of the model has become more refined and has a better coefficient of drag-0,275.

Porsche came up with a chair-bed for the driver

The world intellectual property organization (WIPO) has registered a patent of Porsche for the use of a folding chair. In the normal position, it does not differ from the traditional driver’s seat, and in the unfolded state forms a bed

In Tokyo presented a compact hatchback Honda Fit

Japanese car company Honda held the premiere of the compact hybrid hatchback Honda Fit fourth generation at the Tokyo motor show. This is reported by the press service of the Japanese company. In Europe, the novelty will be sold under the name Jazz.

Yamaha refused to develop their own car

Yamaha decided to abandon the development of its own car, including due to very high competition in the market. As stated by the head of Yamaha Yoshihiro Hidaka, in the near future they will not be able to create a competitive car, although fans of the brand were waiting for a sports car

Lexus introduced the LF-30 electric concept

Lexus has set a vector in the electrification of its lineup, presenting the concept car Lexus LF-30 Electrified. The world premiere of new items was held at the Tokyo motor show



Nissan Leaf electric car received all-wheel drive

The basis of the test car was the Nissan Leaf e + electric car, which received two electric motors — one for each axle. Thanks to a combination of Nissan’s own chassis control, a brand new all-wheel drive is implemented.

Compact cars are becoming the new Lexus trend

Buoyed by the fact that people have started paying more money for smaller cars, Lexus is now “having fun” with the idea of launching such a product. No decision has been made yet, but, the company’s Executive Vice President koji Sato spoke about such a possible approach on the sidelines of the Tokyo motor show in 2019.

“Less doesn’t always mean cheaper now, so trends are changing. I can’t say clearly that’s what we’re going to do, but we’re looking at all the possibilities of the car, ” Sato said.

Electric SUVs Bollinger were more expensive ” Gelendvagen»

Michigan startup Bollinger announced the price list for electric SUVs B1 and B2. On the American car market, these models will appear at a price of at least 125 000 dollars. By comparison, buying a Mercedes-Benz G-Class in the US costs $ 124,500.

BYD E3 electric car sales start in China

Sales of the BYD E3 electric sedan have been launched in the Chinese car market. One of the modifications of this vehicle is equipped with an electric unit, the power level of which is 94 horsepower

Presented a new crossover Suzuki Hustler

At the 2019 Tokyo motor show (Tokyo Motor Show), the official premiere of Suzuki’s new crossover called the Hustler took place.

Ford announced a teaser for the premiere date of the crossover in the style of the Mustang

The name of the car was not disclosed, but there had previously been speculation that it would be called the Mustang Mach-E or Maverick. After the online presentation on November 17, the crossover will be shown at the Los Angeles auto show.