28 Oct, 2019

News digest for 10/26-27/2019

Lebanon was on the verge of a popular revolution

One and a half million protesters accuse the current government of corruption and complete disregard for the needs of ordinary people. It all started with a tax on WhatsApp. The Lebanese armed forces said in a special statement that they were siding with the people.

Russia accuses US of smuggling oil from Syria

The Russian Ministry of defense has published images of space exploration, proving the American smuggling of Syrian oil. Photo, according to the Agency, confirm that Syrian oil and before and after the defeat of the terrorists in Zayevfratye under the protection of U.S. troops actively extracted and sent fuel trucks from Syria.

Earlier, Russian defense Ministry spokesman major General Igor Konashenkov said the United States was engaged in “international state banditry” by holding oil fields in Eastern Syria under its control.

Ukrainian expert kicked out of the Studio on the channel ” Russia 1»

The host of the program “60 minutes” on the TV channel “Russia 1” Yevgeny Popov kicked out of the Studio Ukrainian political scientist Vadim Trukhan, who said that Russia and Ukraine have “different national interests”, so it makes no sense to “waste your energy” in the transfer. He added that as soon as his opponents ‘ side runs out of arguments, they will start being rude, like Popov.

“Leave the Studio and think. Get out of the Studio, ” the host told him.

Later on Instagram, Popov explained his act. He called Trukhan “a convinced Bandera” who decided that in”respectable transfer it is possible to carry nonsense”.

“[Truhan] began to forget that he is a guest, that he is a guest expert from Ukraine — a walking and speaking eloquent illustration of the mess in which the brotherly people are forced to exist, ” the presenter concluded.

Chileans took to the streets demanding the resignation of President Sebastian Pinera

The people believe that the package of measures taken is insufficient and accusing it of repression and human rights violations committed by law enforcement agencies against protesters in the previous days of protests.

In response to the protests, the first thing Chilean President Pinera did after apologizing to Chileans for underestimating the crisis:

  • increased salaries and pensions
  • reduced s/p and the number of officials and parliamentarians and the costs of their offices, as well as the possibility of re-election

Zhirinovsky has proposed the creation of shops with the delay

The head of the LDPR faction in the state Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky proposed to create outlets where products with an expiring shelf life will be sold. The politician drew attention to the fact that every year hundreds of tons of expired products are destroyed in Russia.

And people do not like when you create something

In Noyabrsk (Yamal), the road to the new school of arts is laid directly on top of the snow. Asphalt in a snowstorm is laid by the company of local ex-Deputy Anatoly Gampel. Locals joke that the road workers use a special asphalt designed for use in rain and snow.

He answers all questions according to the classics: “We do everything according to technology. And people do not like when you create something»

Photo: telegram-channel “Protest Russia”

Megaproject following the Russia-Africa summit»

According to “Russian monimtor”, the structure of the entrepreneur Yevgeny Prigogine will be engaged in the construction of a transcontinental highway that will cross the African continent from the North-East to the South-West. The route will start on the red sea coast, the city of port Sudan and, passing through the territories of Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Republic of the Congo, will end in Brazzaville, the Congolese Capital. It is also possible that the route will be laid further, in the direction of one of the Atlantic ports of the Republic of Congo.

Experts appreciated the idea to reduce the non-punishable threshold of speeding from 20 to 10 km / h.

The Chairman of the movement of motorists of Russia Viktor Pokhmelkin said that the authorities are taking measures only to collect from drivers as much money as possible.

“There is no evidence that this twenty-kilometer limit, which now exists, affects road safety, no.” This idea was pushed through thanks to the pressure of some bloggers who consider themselves urbanists. They managed to push some of their crazy deputies into the Moscow city Duma.

Pokhmelkin explained that drivers are already accustomed to this backlash, and because of speeding within the limit, nothing catastrophic happens.

Russians began to spend more on car fines

The amount of the fine of Russian motorists on average for the year increased from 496 rubles to 531 rubles. This follows from the results of the study “Yandex.Money”, received in the ” Tape.ru.»

Without Ukraine NATO is frail

NATO sees Ukraine as a partner because it has experience of a five-year war with Russia. This was stated by the head of the defense Ministry Andrei Zagorodnyuk. According to him, the experience of “five years of war with Russia” was obtained ” tragically.” No NATO country has such experience, Zagorodnyuk noted.

“They understand that we can give them no less than they give us,” he said.

During his visit to NATO headquarters in Brussels, Zagorodnyuk took part in a meeting of defense Ministers on the Alliance’s operation in Afghanistan. In addition, the Minister met with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, as well as with representatives of the United States, Canada, great Britain, Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, France, Italy and Georgia. During the visit, according to Zagorodnyuk, “all countries” expressed support for Ukraine.

Large-scale sanctions if Turkey starts shelling Kurdish troops

Us President Donald trump has threatened to impose wide-ranging sanctions if Turkey starts shelling Kurdish troops leaving the zone of military operations in Syria.

“Turkey fully understands that it should not shoot at Kurds leaving the territory, which will be called a security zone, and the surrounding areas. I must not repeat that large-scale sanctions will be imposed for violations, “he said, noting that at the moment” everything is going well.”

In St. Petersburg launched a military icebreaker ” Ivan Papanin»

In St. Petersburg at the shipbuilding enterprise “Admiralty shipyards” on Friday, October 25, the ceremony of launching the patrol ship of the ice class “Ivan Papanin”, built for the Navy of the Russian Federation, took place.

Microsoft received a ten-year contract from the Pentagon

Microsoft will build a cloud storage infrastructure for the United States Department of defense. The American Corporation received a contract worth $10 billion from the Pentagon according to the results of the competition, according to Reuters, citing the press service of the US defense Ministry. It is reported that according to the results of the competition, Microsoft managed to beat its rival-another American IT giant Amazon

The JEDI system will store and process vast amounts of classified data, allowing the US armed forces to use artificial intelligence to accelerate military planning and combat capabilities.

In Russia offered to pay for travel empty bottles

The Ministry of transport of Russia proposed to install fandomats at metro stations and railway platforms, where it will be possible to hand over bottles and aluminum cans. This will allow Russians to receive money for a transport card or points to pay for Parking.

In Russia for the year closed almost 700 thousand enterprises

Over the past year, due to the deterioration of economic conditions in Russia, 668 thousand legal entities were closed. the press service of the Ministry of economic development told Izvestia about this. In particular, the increase in VAT, the end of the reduced rates of insurance premiums for payers of a number of taxes and the introduction of cash registers negatively affected enterprises. The Ministry does not rule out that the business will continue to close when the single tax on imputed income is abolished.

Russia will give money to Africa after debt cancellation

Russia and a number of African countries during the Russia — Africa summit signed an agreement on the establishment of a trade support Fund between the countries, the press service of The Russian export center (REC) reports.

This agreement is reportedly concluded between JSC “Russian export center”, VEB. Of the Russian Federation, PJSC “Sberbank” and Gemcorp Capital LLP.

The Fund will amount to $5 billion. the Countries believe that this amount is enough to meet the needs of the Russian and African sides for joint solutions to various financial issues.

The us budget deficit amounted to almost $1 trillion

At the end of 2019, the us budget deficit amounted to $984 billion, which is $205 billion more than last year, but still better than forecasts, according to a statement by the head of the Treasury Department Steven Mnuchin, which is published on the website of the Department.

Yandex’s consolidated revenue grew by 38%

Yandex’s consolidated revenue in the third quarter of 2019 increased by 38% compared to the same period last year, the company said.

In Moscow disappear cheap apartments

For two years in Moscow twice (by 61%) decreased the supply of inexpensive apartments: from 13.1 thousand to 5.1 thousand lots. We are talking about apartments worth less than 7 million rubles, analysts found the company “ABC Housing”.

Banks increased lending to the population before the introduction of restrictions of the Central Bank

The share of loans to the population in the total portfolio of Russian banks in September reached 25.8% – the highest since the beginning of 2019, according to the calculations of the National rating Agency (NRA) on the basis of materials of the Central Bank. Credit institutions themselves deny this, explaining the increase in seasonality and lower rates.

The launch of the bond Fund, the BRICS postponed indefinitely

According to the first Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Ksenia Yudaeva, the practical launch of THE BRICs bond Fund in national currencies is shifted from 2019 for an indefinite time, TASS writes.

It is necessary to create legal conditions in all countries for the respective funds to work in each country. As Yudaeva explained, the problem of the Russian side is that the Central Bank is also a market regulator.

Barclays 9 month net profit up 4%

Barclays ‘ nine-month net operating income fell 2 percent to 14.942 billion pounds ($19.3 billion). In the third quarter, the Bank recorded a six-fold drop in pre-tax profits to 246 million pounds ($317 million).

A mug that creates shapes on the surface of a liquid

Japanese engineers have invented a mug that creates on the surface of the liquid shapes of bubbles. For example, it is able to show a time or a short word on a drink. At its bottom there are 100 electrodes that split water into oxygen and hydrogen, which then rise to the surface and create the desired pattern.

Pink color of the Flamingo does not receive from birth?

Chicks are born grayish-white and remain so until they begin to eat algae and seafood rich in carotenoid. With a lack of this substance, flamingos can “turn white”, and to prevent this from happening, in some zoos, birds are fed carrots.

Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky proposes to legalize corruption

He invited foreign participants of the forum of media companies Key Buyers Event to distribute Russian cinema in the world in order to receive “good earnings”. In some cases, foreign producers will be able to reimburse from 30 to 40% of the costs when working with Russian companies. The Minister told the participants of the forum that his Department is also engaged in the issuance of grants.

“We would like that with your help our production dispersed all over the world, gave pleasure to citizens of many countries»

The relevant proposals will be included in the resolution on the introduction of a system of rebates in Russia, which in the coming days should be signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Now “schemes of kickbacks” in all areas of the Russian reality are illegal

Gazprom has extended gas transit through Ukraine to Turkey until the end of the year

The transit of Russian gas through Ukraine to Turkey via the TRANS-Balkan gas pipeline has been extended until the end of 2019. This is reported by the Romanian “Transgaz”.

The coal industry of Europe has recognized unprofitable

Four out of five coal-fired power plants in the European Union are unprofitable. In 2019, utilities could lose almost 6.6 billion euros. Such data are contained in the report of the analytical organization Carbon Tracker Initiative, published on October 24.

Flights to Cuba from the United States will be possible only in Havana

American authorities said that after 45 days to fly to Cuba will be possible only in the capital Havana. The decision was made by the Department of transportation after a letter sent to the head of the Department, Helen Chao, by Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

The foreign Minister argued his position by the fact that the Cuban authorities continue the policy of repression against its own population, as well as providing support to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

The ban will affect American Airlines and JetBlue, planes that fly to camaguay, Holguin and Santa Clara. Thus, those wishing to get to the Central and Eastern part of the country will have to get there from Havana, which is located in the West of the island.

Turkey is preparing to sweep the Northern part of Syria

If the terrorist Kurdish formations of the people’s self-defense Unit (YPG) and the Kurdistan Workers ‘ party (PKK) do not leave the Northern part of Syria in 150 hours, Ankara will be ready to clear the region itself, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced.

“We are working to create a safe zone in Syria to prevent attacks by the PKK, YPG and is. If in 150 hours terrorists remain, we will take control of the region and independently we will clear out them from the territory»

After debt cancellation with Russia, the first non-refundable investments will start

Russian Railways under the Memorandum of cooperation with the Democratic Republic of the Congo can conclude a contract for $500 million, but this country has no money. Therefore, Russia will first have to issue a new loan.

Notably, in 2018, the world Bank completed a program aimed at restoring the country’s National railway company (SNCC). He spent about $380 million on it, Although it is recognized that this program failed.

The world Bank said the SNCC is “even further from a sustainable financial and operational path than in 2010.” According to the Bank, the company accumulates about $30 million in debt annually.

Georgia’s budget loses $ 350 million after canceling flights with Russia

Georgia’s budget lost $ 350 million after Russia cancelled air links between the two countries in early July. This was stated by the Prime Minister of the Republic Georgy Gakharia.

“The Russians canceled flights in July, August, September, October, November — during these five months, the country’s budget lost $ 350 million. Today, tourism revenues in Georgia exceed $2 billion. This is real money,” he said.

“Kommersant”: private from Transbaikalia could be bullied because of nationality

Private from the Transbaikalian military unit Ramil Shamsutdinov, according to preliminary data, opened fire on colleagues because of hazing. “Kommersant” writes that this version appears in the report of the leadership of the military unit to the higher command. On the consideration of this version and said the source of RIA Novosti.

Dmitry Kiselyov headed the Union of winemakers of Russia

TV presenter, CEO of MIA “Russia today” Dmitry Kiselev was elected Chairman of the Union of winegrowers and winemakers of Russia. This decision was unanimously adopted at the annual meeting of the organization, writes RIA Novosti.

“In terms of creating the industry on new principles, this is a very responsible business for me. The idea-a continuation of the line of Prince Lev Sergeyevich Golitsyn-to offer Russia and the world from our vineyards, as the Prince said, “pure wine”, – said Kiselyov.

The world’s largest oil producing countries in 2018

Saudi Arabia is the world’s second-largest oil producer, accounting for 13 percent of all production in 2018. In addition, the country is the largest exporter of crude oil.

Duty-free regime for goods of Ukraine

Us President Donald trump has decided to return the duty-free regime for a number of goods produced in Ukraine. The report indicates that in December 2017, the effect of preferences was suspended because Ukraine, according to trump, did not provide enough protection of intellectual property. Now Washington believes that Kiev has made some progress on this issue.

The U.S. trade mission said that the goods in question were about a third of the $36-million trade turnover between the two countries.


In Riga unknown put on a monument to Soviet soldiers the inscription “invaders” in Latvian


This year Halloween is especially dangerous

In Chelyabinsk, the clergy appealed to local residents with a request to protect teenagers from celebrating Halloween because of the danger of the recently released film “the Joker”. This is stated in the appeal of the missionary Department of the Chelyabinsk diocese, published on the website of the Chelyabinsk Metropolis.

“In American culture, largely shaped by the influence of Hollywood cinema, the figure of the Joker symbolizes personal protest, rebellion against the realities of bourgeois society,” – said in a statement. The clergy of Chelyabinsk are concerned that young people will celebrate Halloween in Joker costumes, because for Russia such a protest implies the destruction of “Russian statehood” and “spiritual identity”.

The Pentagon reported on the elimination of the leader of the IG al-Baghdadi

The us military conducted a special operation in the province of Ildib in North-Western Syria, during which they killed 48-year-old leader of the “Islamic state” (IG, a terrorist organization banned in Russia) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, reports Newsweek.

The Eurasian economic Union and Serbia signed a free trade agreement

The countries of the Eurasian economic Union and the Republic of Serbia signed a free trade agreement. The agreement was signed at the meeting of the Eurasian intergovernmental Council

In Ryazan, a priest beat his wife and frightened children

Relatives of the wife of the priest of the Kazan convent Vladimir Pokrovsky reported that the priest in Ryazan beat his wife. About it write local mass media. Currently, the Ryazan diocese is investigating the incident.

As it became known, after beating at the woman revealed a nose fracture, a concussion, and also hematomas on all body. Pokrovsky himself called the injuries accidental and denied the information about the beatings. He said that the woman was injured after falling in the entrance.

The release date of the feature film about ” Tom and Jerry»

American Studio Warner Bros postponed the premiere of the feature film about “Tom and Jerry” on December 23, 2020.

The shooting of the new James bond film has been completed

Completed filming of the new 25th James bond film “No time to die” with Daniel Craig, according to Twitter project.

The writer of the new “Pirates of the Caribbean” was the Creator of ” Chernobyl»

Studio Disney invited the writer of the series “Chernobyl” Craig Mazin to develop a story for a new film about “Pirates of the Caribbean”, reports THR

Disney began working on a relaunch of “Pirates of the Caribbean” late last year. Then to write the script hired the authors of both parts of “Deadpool” Rhett Reese and Paul Wernicke, but they left the project at the beginning of this year.

Taylor swift and Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote the song for the film ” Cats»

Taylor swift along with legendary composer Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote the song for the film adaptation of the show “Cats”, reports the Guardian. The American singer became the author of the lyrics for the song Beautiful Ghosts, and Webber-melodies.

Us mobile operators will replace SMS with RCS

In the US, the four largest mobile operators have agreed to introduce a new standard that should replace SMS messages. The new way of messaging will be called RCS.

As CCMI Manager Doug garland told The Verge, the new messenger will support all key RCS features, including a typing indicator, multimedia attachments and group chats.

Microsoft’s Windows 10X is coming to laptops soon

The Network reports that Microsoft will soon release a special version of Windows 10. “OSes” will be equipped with a module that can adapt the system for laptops. The novelty will be named “Windows 10X”.

Tesla has introduced a new version of solar panels for roofs of houses

Tesla has unveiled a new generation of solar panels designed to be mounted on rooftops. The message says about the company’s intention to organize mass production of these panels, which, according to Elon Musk (Elon Musk), will be cheaper than a conventional roof, which is installed on standard solar panels.

The scientist spoke about the” personality ” of artificial intelligence

As artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning continue to affect many areas of human activity, scientist Hui Chia continues to explore the capabilities of robots to find out if understanding the “personality” in an algorithm can make people trust AI more.

Scientists have discovered a substance that prevents cancer and aging

French researchers from the French Pasteur Institute found that the protein GDF11 helps in the fight against aging and protects the body from cancer, according to the portal MedicalXpress