29 Oct, 2019

News digest for 10/28/2019

Died Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky

Soviet dissident and writer Vladimir Bukovsky has died at the age of 76. This was reported on the website of the political activist.

“At a time when many young Russians were nostalgic for Joseph Stalin’s iron fist, Bukovsky was a role model for a new generation of dissenters in his home country,” the report said.

Vladimir Bukovsky was one of the participants of the dissident movement in the USSR. In 1963, he was arrested for the production of banned literature, after which he was sent for compulsory treatment in a mental hospital. In total in prisons and on compulsory treatment spent about 12 years. In 1976, Bukowski was traded for Chilean Communist leader Luis Corvalan. After that he lived in the UK.

Why debts were written off to Africa, and not to poor regions of the Russian Federation

Former Russian Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin believes the right decision of the country’s leadership to write off debts of $ 20 billion to African countries. He argued that Africans still have nothing to pay. But good relations with this continent can later bring Russia serious dividends.

As for the poor Russian regions, which also need debt relief, Sergei Stepashin said that their problems are associated with inefficient spending of allocated funds. The former Prime Minister believes that it is impossible to talk about the bad economic situation in Russia, when there is a budget with a large surplus.

Half of Russian motorists drive old cars

Basically, on the roads of our country go cars, the age of which is more than 11 years. According to experts, this share accounts for more than 20 million vehicles. The age category of 11-year-olds is about half of the total domestic fleet.

The United States denied Russia the transfer of the pilot Yaroshenko

Washington refused a request to transfer the pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko to Russia to serve his sentence. About it writes the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to the head of the Department of international translations Paula wolf in the Ministry of justice of Russia.


About 5000 thousand people rallied in Elista(Kalmykia) against the appointment of an official from the “DNR” Trapeznikov as mayor


The head of the Philippines allowed citizens to shoot at officials demanding bribes

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte allowed citizens to shoot officials demanding bribes, but not to kill them and shoot corrupt officials in the legs to avoid later imprisonment, the Manila Bulletin newspaper reported.

“If you pay taxes, fees, customs duties and so on, and these fools demand a bribe, hit them. If you have a gun, you can shoot them, but do not kill them, because otherwise you may not get a pardon as a result of the proceedings, ” said Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

The President of Argentina admitted defeat in the elections

Incumbent Argentine President Mauricio Macri congratulated his opponent, opposition candidate Alberto Fernandez on winning the presidential election, La Nacion reported.

I want to congratulate President-elect Alberto Fernandez, I just spoke to him, I invited him to Breakfast because he has to start a process of orderly transition that will bring calm to all Argentines. The main thing is the welfare of Argentines. – Mauricio Macri

The EU agrees to extend the Brexit deadline until January 31.

EU leaders have agreed to approve the request of the British authorities for another delay in the country’s exit from the EU. Recall that on October 24, Johnson called for early parliamentary elections in the event that the EU agrees to postpone Brexit until January 31, 2020.

Novak reported on the construction of “Turkish stream»

According to the Minister, the pipeline will be delivered on time. On the eve of the District court of Amsterdam seized 100% of the shares of South Stream Transport B. V. the Company is engaged in the construction of the marine part of the “Turkish stream”. The arrest was imposed on the claim of “Naftogaz” on October 23.

Baku is hosting the summit of non-aligned Movement

The XVIII summit of the non-aligned Movement begins its work in Baku on Friday, October 25. The two-day summit is attended by heads of state and government of more than 60 countries, as well as representatives of international organizations, representatives of countries and organizations invited as special guests.
The non-aligned movement is an international organization that unites 120 countries of the world on the principles of non-participation in military blocs. It was officially created by 25 States at the Belgrade conference in September 1961.

Israel intends to speedily consider the request of Russians for asylum

“In recent years, we have seen such a phenomenon as “refugee tourism”. Thousands of people from different countries come to Israel and immediately upon arrival ask for asylum in order to obtain the legal right to work… while their request is considered, ” RIA Novosti quoted the statement of the Ministry.

In this regard, the office that deals with asylum issues is under heavy pressure and delays the procedure for processing requests. Therefore, the Israeli Ministry decided to consider such requests under an accelerated procedure, including for the Russians.

The Russian Ambassador urged caution of Russians in the United States

Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov advised Russians to be careful when visiting the United States. This warning he made on the program “Big game” on the First channel on Sunday.

“As for coming here [to the US], of course, every Russian, I have to say this, should be extremely careful when he goes to the United States of America,” he said.

Antonov noted that one of the priorities of the Russian Embassy in the United States is “the protection of 100 Russians in American prisons.”

Shoigu told where the terrorists fleeing Syria are in a hurry

Southeast Asian countries have become the main refuge of Islamists after the failure in Syria, said Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, October 27, RIA Novosti reported.

Among the States where Islamists return, Shoigu noted Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and, in part, Thailand. He is sure that they are moving back to their homeland, gaining combat experience, to establish a new pseudo-Caliphate.

An alleged Russian spy has been detained in Poland.

The internal security Agency reported that the suspect served in the structure of this organization and cooperated with Russian intelligence. As specified by “Interfax”, he was arrested for three months. He is also accused of illegal possession of weapons and the use of forged documents.

Oreshkin suggested to Kudrin to look for intelligence agents in the accounting chamber

The head of the Ministry of economic development complained that a huge number of requests from the Supervisory authority prevents his Department from working, and recalled that this is how the Soviet agent Kim Philby paralyzed the work of British intelligence

“Employees sit, write, write, write, send. Not only the accounts chamber, it is also the government apparatus, it is the Prosecutor’s office, that is, a number of departments that collect this reporting-and [we] dig in, ” Oreshkin said, referring to the head of the accounts chamber Alexei Kudrin (quoted by TASS).

Ivan Golunov’s lawyer complained to the court about the investigator

Lawyer Sergei badamshin, representing the interests of the correspondent of “Medusa” Ivan Golunov, filed a complaint with the court against the inaction of the investigator in connection with the investigation of the actions of police officers. Badamshin recalled that the investigators in the Golunov case were sent to investigate the “Moscow case”. In the result the criminal proceedings against the police officers has not been instituted. Badamshin does not give the name of the head of the investigation team against whom the complaint was filed. He asked to recognize the inaction of the investigation illegal and oblige the IC to eliminate

Russians who escaped from the Syrian camp asked to return them home

Russian women who escaped from a camp in Syria have recorded audio messages to the Russian authorities. In them, they asked for help in returning home. Women were held in Northern Syria in a camp for family members of captured militants. The audio recordings were provided by Heda Saratova, a member of the human rights Council under the head of the Chechen Republic.

The Ministry of economic development has prepared a new list of regions of the Far North

The Ministry of economic development of Russia has developed a draft resolution of the government of Russia, which will approve a new list of regions of the Far North and equated areas. The document is necessary to provide guarantees and compensation to persons working and living in these territories, writes BNK.

Serbia would very much like to get a Russian S-400

“If we had two such divisions, no one would ever RAID Serbia. When people ask if we would like [the S-400], we would like it right now, only if the Russians would leave [it] for us. We cannot afford the S-400 in any other way, ” Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said after attending the Slavonic shield 2019 exercise»

The Kurds have fled the Syrian-Turkish border

Kurdish units of the Syrian democratic forces (SDF) finally withdrew their troops from the Syrian-Turkish border. This is reported by the press service of the SDF, writes RIA Novosti.

Russia has reduced investments in the us national debt

The us Treasury has released another monthly report on capital flows-Treasury International Capital (TIC), from which it follows that Russia reduced investments in the us national debt in July by another $2.3 billion, to $8.501 billion.

New case of abuse of power

This time against the Yekaterinburg journalist and political scientist Fedor Krasheninnikov for his post in the telegram about the arrest of opposition leader Leonid Volkov. The interior Ministry believes that the author of the post in an insulting manner appeals to all Russian judges, he Krasheninnikov with this interpretation do not agree:

“It was about a specific sentence to a specific person. If I wanted to write about the whole system, I would, I assure you, and wrote.”

In the village of Krasnoyarsk region increased the heating fee almost 10 times.

Residents of the village of Berezovsky complain about the huge bills for utilities-for apartments of 42 square meters. m have to give 4-5 thousand rubles. Recently, they came recalculation for heating-50-60 thousand rubles. from the apartment. In the village live some pensioners who do not understand where such sums came from and how to pay them.

The US air force armed with a drone for reconnaissance in closed areas

The us air force has adopted a classified unmanned aerial vehicle RQ-180, designed for reconnaissance flights in areas with restricted and prohibited access and maneuver (A2/AD). According to Aviation Week, the devices are assigned to the 472nd reconnaissance squadron of the US air force at Beale air force base in California. In total, the military received seven new drones.

Zones A2 / AD American military called, including, airspace, in which it is extremely difficult or impossible to work modern military aviation. It is not only about countering enemy air defense systems and aircraft, as well as constant satellite surveillance and conditions under which the supply of spare parts and provisions is significantly difficult or impossible.

American spaceplane X-37B returned from a secret mission

An unmanned X-37B spacecraft has landed at the Kennedy space center in Florida, the US air force said on Twitter

X-37B’s secret mission ended after 780 days in earth orbit. The previous spaceplane record was 718 days. According to the us air force, the next (sixth) launch of this unmanned vehicle is planned for 2020

Japan to create a system for safe navigation in the Arctic

The Japanese government plans to create a system for safe navigation in the Arctic ocean. As writes TASS on Monday, October 28 with reference to the newspaper Yomiuri, in the future Tokyo plans to use this route for transportation of goods.

Zelensky in Japan has agreed to buy Brazilian attack aircraft

Ukraine will acquire for its air force a popular Brazilian light attack turboprop aircraft Super Tucano. This was announced on Twitter by the President of the “country of carnivals” Jair Bolsonaro after a meeting in Japan with Vladimir Zelensky.

Military Sweden, Denmark and Norway will make observation flights over the Russian Federation

Sweden, Denmark and Norway will make observation flights over Russian territory in the framework of the Treaty on open skies, and Russia in turn will hold them over the territory of Latvia, reports the newspaper “Red star”.

Trump intends to withdraw from the open skies Treaty

Us President Donald trump has signed a document on the intention of the US to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies. The Wall Street Journal reports. According to sources, a final decision has not yet been made.

NATO will have a new command from the EU

Hungary will be the Chairman of the command, Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia have also signed a Memorandum of understanding. The Association will become operational in January 2021, and will reach full combat readiness by the end of 2024, according to the NATO website.

For NATO and the US the Baltic region becomes its own

NATO and US troops feel at home in the Baltic region. This was stated by Lithuanian defense Minister Raimundas Karoblis, reports Delfi.lt. at the end of October, tanks and combat vehicles from the United States arrived in the neighboring Republic, as well as bomber exercises were held

The US has commissioned a new warship coastal zone Indianapolis

The US Navy has commissioned a new coastal warship USS Indianapolis (LCS 17), according to the us Navy. The ship’s commissioning ceremony was held in burns Harbor, Indiana.

“Intrepid” guardsman will return to service in a year

The Baltic fleet’s guard ship undaunted will return to duty after a lengthy overhaul in mid-2020. This was reported by the representative of the Baltic shipyard “Yantar” Sergey Mikhailov.

The media learned about the plans of the Ministry of defense to protect soldiers from overwork

Inspections conducted by the military Department revealed that sometimes processing reached 7 hours per day. Meetings and conferences were held on holidays and weekends, and the prescribed time off for personnel was not provided and even forced to spend vacation, as they sadly joke in the army, “at the part”.

The duration and intensity of the exercises in the strategic missile forces have increased significantly

The duration and intensity of maneuvers in strategic Missile forces (strategic missile forces) has increased significantly in recent years. This was reported in an interview with the radio station “Echo of Moscow” commander of The bologovsky connection RVSN, major General Maxim Ryabchenko.

Became known fare on the highway Moscow-St. Petersburg

It became known the cost of future travel by car on the entire route M-11 Moscow-St. Petersburg, which is planned to pass in November. The trip will cost an average of 1.3 – 2 thousand rubles, follows from the draft order of “Avtodor”.

Russian cosmonauts will wear American spacesuits

Russian cosmonauts Nikolai Tikhonov and Anatoly Ivanishin in 2020 may become the first Russians in 13 years who may have the opportunity to work in outer space in American EMU suits, told RIA Novosti in the cosmonaut training Center.

TV channels will change the principle of advertising sales

The single seller of television advertising, the national advertising Alliance (NRA), has decided to change the principle of sales from 2020. Now the advertiser on TV will pay for all viewers who saw his video, writes RBC with reference to the statement of the General Director of the NRA Alexei Tolstogan.

The state Duma amended the punishment for illegal lending

Earlier, the head of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina proposed to introduce criminal liability for the creation of illegal microfinance and credit institutions. The idea of introducing criminal liability for illegal creditors was also supported by the Ministry of Finance.

Check tachographs will be mandatory for inspection from November 1

The government has changed the rules of procedure. Amendments to the procedure of technical inspection will be effective from November 1, 2019. It will be mandatory to check the availability of a working tachograph or a “European” control device for registering the mode of work and rest of drivers

The cost of renting apartments in Russia has reached a record level

For the first time since December 2014, the average cost of living in odnushka reached 16 046 rubles per month. And prices rose immediately in 69 regions, and only 9 slightly decreased. As noted by experts, the last breakthrough to the record occurred in the 3rd quarter of this year, when prices soared by a slight 1.2% (compared to the 2nd quarter). The maximum rise in the last almost 5 years, analysts noted in Primorsky Krai and Vologda region — by 6%. Slightly less – by 4.9% – prices rose in St. Petersburg.

FAS suspected energy in price collusion

According to “Kommersant”, the FAS suspected the generating company in overstating prices on the market for days forward (the main sector of energy trade), which triggered a sharp rise in the cost of energy in the first half. In the European part of the Russian Federation and the Urals, it amounted to 10.2%, in Siberia-11.3%, and overpayment of industry and government agencies reached 60 billion rubles. If the collusion of power engineers can be proved, they face fines of up to 15% of annual revenue.

Pension benefits will cost the Russian budget 10 billion rubles

In 10 billion rubles will cost the budget tax breaks, which are planned to provide citizens and employers in the new pension reform. About it “Izvestia” was told by two sources close to preparation of the project of the Guaranteed pension plan (GPP).

Russian budget revenues from the tax maneuver estimated at 2 trillion rubles

Additional revenues of the Russian budget from the implementation of the tax maneuver in the oil industry will amount to 2 trillion rubles for four years at an oil price of $ 40 per barrel, said the head Of the Department of tax and customs policy of the Ministry of Finance of Russia Alexey Sazanov.

“Surgutneftegaz” has risen on the seventh place in terms of market capitalization

“Surgutneftegaz” took the seventh place in the rating of Russian companies by market capitalization, its values reached 1,984 trillion rubles. according to Mosbirzhi, the capitalization of the company is 1,677 trillion rubles

In Altai prices for buckwheat and other cereals rose

In connection with the reduction of areas for various crops, in one of the centers of food production in Siberia, in the Altai, in September, a sharp jump in prices for cereals and grain was registered.

According to Altaykraystat, the cost of a ton of buckwheat increased compared to September 2018 by almost 180%, and the cost of a ton of millet increased by almost 200%. Prices for sunflower seeds, peas, rye and barley are also rising. We are talking about purchase prices, which, apparently, in the near future will affect consumer prices for these popular products.

Sunlight is good for the intestines

The participants of the experiment during the week had three sessions of one minute of UV irradiation of the whole body. Before and after the study, the composition of intestinal bacteria and vitamin D levels in the blood were analyzed in all participants. Under the influence of ultraviolet light microbial diversity has increased significantly, which in turn improves the protective properties of the body.

Tax increases have killed small and medium-sized businesses in Russia

From August 2018 to August 2019, 667.9 thousand enterprises from the category of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) were closed in Russia. Most often this was due to the growth of the tax burden, write “Izvestia” with reference to the data of the Ministry of economic development.

The increase in the tax burden implies an increase in VAT from 18 percent to 20, the refusal of reduced rates of insurance premiums for those who chose a simplified tax system, a patent system or a single imputed income tax (UTII)

The Ministry of Finance will prepare an ” ambitious privatization plan»

Finance Minister Anton Siluanov instructed the Ministry of economic development to develop an ambitious plan for the privatization of state property. According to the Minister, the government should once again make a list of state assets in which Russia does not have to stay. Siluanov stressed that the new wave of privatization is needed to reduce the share of the state in the Russian economy, and not to fill the budget.

“Instructed, the Ministry is working, — the Minister told reporters on the sidelines of the “International customs forum”, quoted by TASS.

Denmark approved the construction of the competitor “Nord stream-2»

Denmark has approved the construction of the offshore section of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline, which will supply Norwegian gas to Poland. This is reported by the website of the Polish gas transport operator Gaz-System.

“On October 25, the Danish Ministry of climate, energy and utilities made two decisions regarding the location of the offshore section of the pipeline: one for GAZ-SYSTEM SA, the operator of the Polish gas transmission system, the other for Energinet, the Danish national operator of gas and electricity transportation,” the statement said.

“Silmash” will be the only participant in the competition for high-power turbines

“Power machines” Alexey Mordashov became the only participant in the government competition for a subsidy for the development of pilot samples of domestic high-power gas turbines (GTBM). About it on Monday reports the edition “Kommersant” with reference to sources.

Hotels in Turkey will impose a ” tax on accommodation»

Amendments to the law developed the Ministry of Finance. The tax will be paid by hotels, motels, apartments, campsites and guest houses. Its amount will be calculated both from the price of accommodation and from the cost of food, pool services, etc.

The United States tightened the rules for trade in humanitarian goods with Iran

Washington is imposing tougher rules on trade in humanitarian goods with Iran, which will apply to all participants in trade with Tehran. Information about this was distributed by the us Treasury.

What can a German afford on an average pension

In Germany, the average pensioner receives a pension of 1441 euros per month -102 thousand 311 rubles. As conveyed in Kaliningrad from Berlin own correspondent IA Frankly RU, on prices Berlin on this money, separately, can be:

  • pay utilities for the apartment for six months;
  • buy in the store 1847 liters of milk;
  • buy 847 liters of beer;
  • buy 196 kilograms of chicken meat;
  • buy 126 kilograms of beef;
  • buy 167, 5 kilograms of cheese;
  • buy 558 kilograms of bread;
  • buy 673 kilograms of apples;
  • buy 1007 kilograms of bananas;
  • afford 36 dinners in a restaurant;
  • order 533 cups of cappuccino;
  • 144 times to go to the movies;
  • buy 225 packs of cigarettes;
  • buy 1000 liters of gasoline;
  • purchase 50 gym memberships

There is no money for indexation of payments to working pensioners

The head of the Pension Fund of Russia Anton Drozdov said that the resumption of indexation of payments to working pensioners in 2020 will require 368 billion rubles, but the Fund does not have such money. It is reported argumenti.ru.

Indexation of pensions of working pensioners has been suspended since 2016. According to the FIU, as of January 1, 2019, the total number of pensioners in Russia was 43.8 million people, of whom 9.6 million are working.

Insurance pensions for non-working pensioners will be indexed in 2020 by 6.6%, in 2021-by 6.3%, in 2022-by 5.9%. Rana Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova reported that in 2023

According to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, the average pension in the whole of the Russian Federation as of January 1, 2019 amounted to 14,825. 95 rubles. At the same time, its largest size is noted in the far Eastern Federal district (16,534.81 rubles), the smallest — in the southern (13,564. 48 rubles) and North Caucasus (12,865. 41 rubles) Federal districts.

The reason why China does not want to buy Russian S-500

According to the publication “Sina”, this is due to misleading potential buyers about the capabilities of Russian systems.

“As for the hypersonic missile, which, as indicated, the S-500 can intercept at a speed of MACH 20 – it is absolute nonsense. The reason is very simple. The system can intercept targets with a speed of less than 5 km\s, but only if we are talking about conventional medium-range ballistic missiles. The trajectory of such targets is relatively fixed, and the missile is relatively easy to intercept. Hypersonic missiles have combat maneuvering units whose maneuverability is much better than that of conventional ballistic missiles. To intercept such targets, the interceptor missile must be twice as fast as the target itself, and maneuverability must be two or three times higher to ensure success. It is obvious that the S-500 can not do this, ” – the newspaper notes

Director David Lynch received an honorary Oscar»

Director David Lynch received an honorary Oscar for his contribution to cinema, according to a message on the Twitter account of the American film Academy, also the honorary award was awarded to Italian Director Lina wertmuller and American actor Wes Studi.

In Rome, the premiere of a new film by Andrei Konchalovsky

The film ” Sin ” was shown on October 27, the closing day of the XIV Rome film festival. The film tells about several years of the life of the artist, sculptor and thinker Michelangelo Buonarroti. It is known that the film was created by a group of Russian-Italian filmmakers.

Makoto Shinkai named the release date of the next film

Japanese Director and animator Makoto Shinkai has promised to release a new film in 2022. Shinkai spoke about his creative plans in an interview with TASS.

“To release a film every three years would be just wonderful, so I want to build further work so that (with the release of a new film) to focus on 2022,” Shinkai said

Gosfilmofond of Russia transferred 17 Georgian films to Tbilisi

Among the paintings returned to their homeland is the work of Mikhail Kalatozishvili “Their Kingdom” (1928). The transferred works were removed in 1926-1930. In total, in the 1920s, about 200 feature and historical films were created in Georgia, of which 54 are in the film Depository of the Russian Federation, 51 tapes have already been returned.

Opening in Moscow all-Russian theater festival “Armillaria – children»

The Union of theatre workers (STD) of Russia with the support of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation presents the all – Russian theatre festival “Artmigration for children”within the year of theatre. It will be held for the second time in Moscow from October 28 to November 3

Post Malone was the leader of the American Music Awards 2019

On October 24, 2019, the nominees for the annual the American Music Awards (AMAs) were announced. This year, the title of artist of the year is claimed by rapper Drake( Drake), singer Ariana Grande, Holzie, Taylor swift and hip-hop artist Post Malone (Post Malone).

The American Music Awards will be held on November 24 at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles. Anyone can determine the winner by voting for their favorite artist on the award website.

Little Big released a music video for the song Rock-Paper-Scissors

St. Petersburg band Little Big released a new video for Rock-Paper-Scissors (“Rock-paper-scissors”). The video appeared on the musicians ‘ YouTube channel. In the story, a pack of stray dogs from the garbage arranges brawls, attacking people.



Leonard Cohen reincarnated as a monk in a new music video

Leonard Cohen’s song and music video “Happens To The Heart” premiered in the United States as the second single from the artist’s posthumous album “Thanks for the Dance”. It is reported that this album will be released on November 22, 2019.

In Russia created disposable tableware from starch

From ordinary starch, potato or grain, scientists have created a fully biodegradable plastic that does not harm nature when disposed of. The disposable tableware made of it is so harmless that it can even be eaten after use if desired, Izvestia reports. Natural material is treated with ultrasound. The result is cavitation pressure, allowing additives to build into the material and change its properties.

Xiaomi introduced the smartphone Redmi Note 8 Pro Terminator Edition

Stylized smartphone can be ordered by residents of Spain, there have already begun to collect pre-orders. The redmi Note 8 Pro Terminator Edition will be available on October 29. The cost of Redmi Note 8 Pro Terminator Edition on the first day of sales will be 229 euros, and after the price will rise to 249 euros

Intel has already conducted the first tests of its discrete Xe graphics card

Intel’s discrete Xe graphics card should be unveiled sometime in the middle of next year. It is known that the GPU will be produced by 10-nanometer process technology. A representative of Intel recently said that the company recently conducted the first tests of the graphics card, that is, Intel already has prototypes.

A million glass beads could stop melting in the Arctic

The nonprofit organization Ice911 proposes covering parts of the Arctic with millions of hollow glass microspheres to form a protective layer that reflects sunlight and insulates melting ice.

These tiny spheres are more like grains of sand than balls. They are made of silica, a compound made of silicon and oxygen. The choice fell on him because of the fact that the material is a lot in nature and it is harmless to humans and animals. In a way, it looks like snow. Reflective beads stick when in contact with ice and water, and their chemical composition ensures that they do not attract oil-based contaminants.

Lenovo has released an external battery for laptops

The battery has one USB-C port, actually for charging computers, and two USB-A for smartphones. The first provides a maximum power of 50 watts. The device is also compatible with USB PD2. 0, QC 2.0/ 3.0. It has protection against overvoltage, overheating and short circuit.

The battery comes in two colors: black and red. It costs $43 (about 2750 rubles). There is also a special version with a Slim Tip connector, at a price of $57 (about 3645 rubles). The device is already available for pre-order

Facebook taught to fight facial recognition on video

Facebook has already stopped using facial recognition technology by default. What’s more, users may now have a way to completely avoid identifying appearances. So, the company’s researchers have trained artificial intelligence to hide the appearance of a person in real time.

The brain stored the learned information in different ways

The activity of the brain in processing information depends on how it was obtained in the learning process. This was found by British scientists in an experiment in which participants had to memorize sequences that were either associated with a particular reward or not. The presence of different independent pathways can ensure the normal functioning of the processes of memory and memory work even in the case of violations of some brain structures, according to the article published in the journal Nature Communications.

A new type of amyloid was found in the mammary gland of rats

Japanese scientists have discovered in the mammary gland of rats previously unknown species of amyloid. It is unusually needle-shaped and built from a protein that was not previously suspected of being able to form aggregates. It is a lipopolysaccharide-binding protein, a participant in the immune response, and it also occurs in humans. The work is published in the journal Amyloid.

NASA’s Curiosity Rover took a selfie in Gale crater

NASA’s Curiosity Rover sent a selfie to Earth taken on October 8, the 2553rd Martian day, or Sol, of its mission. In the background: about 300 meters behind the Rover rises the ridge of Vera Rubin



Immunity edits the brain in sleep

It is known that in sleep, the brain works with memory: important information goes from short-term memory, where it will soon be forgotten, in the long-term, where it can be stored for a very, very long time.

Researchers at the University of Rochester write in Nature Neuroscience that microglial cells become particularly active during sleep. The reformatting of memory is obviously accompanied by the editing of neural circuits, in which microglia is actively involved. Perhaps memory problems arise in part because the microglia is too active – or, conversely, too weak – during sleep; in this case, memory could be improved by acting on the cells of the microglia with norepinephrine or its analogues.

Biodegradable implant with HIV drugs tested on mice

American scientists have developed the first biodegradable implant with HIV drugs and tested it on mice. The implant must be injected in liquid form under the skin, where it solidifies with the drug inside, and then slowly decomposes and releases the drug into the blood.

Russia has created a new material for aerospace technology

Scientists from nust MISIS together with colleagues from the joint Institute of high temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences for the first time received a 3D composite based on aluminum, the strength of which is 20% higher than that used in aerospace powder materials. An article about this is published in the journal Materials.

The computer has learned to find damage in DNA

An international team of scientists has found that neural networks can be used to search for DNA damage caused by ultraviolet radiation. The researchers said that to date, it is not completely clear exactly how ultraviolet radiation damages the structure of DNA.

Cancer cells survive chemotherapy by absorbing other cells

Specialists of the medical school of Tulane University of Louisiana conducted a study of the mechanisms of recurrence of tumors after chemotherapy. The results of the scientific work were published in the Journal of Cell Biology.

Repeated development of malignant neoplasms, that is, remission, occur due to LCC-cells (latent cancer cells) – latent cancer cells. During chemotherapy, they are able to “hide”, but after a while they go into an active state and provoke a relapse.

Scientists have decided to find out how these cells remain viable and where they get food. As it turned out, LCC absorb and digest intact tumor cells, which gives the “sleeping” tumor cells a supply of nutrients and energy needed for the subsequent transition to an active state.

Created a gel to prevent forest fires

To improve the efficiency of fire fighting and extend the evaporation time of water from the gels, a team of scientists from Stanford University has created a gel-like substance based on cellulose. It remains on the surface for a long time after application, even in spite of rain and wind.

The material created by scientists was tested on grass and shrub species Adenostoma fasciculatum. It was found that the gel continues to protect the vegetation from the action of fire even after the fall of one and a half centimeters of precipitation, while the substances used today are washed off the leaves almost completely. The developed gel contains only non-toxic substances that are not dangerous for plants, animals and people.

The CPC told about the nutrition of astronauts during the flight to the moon and Mars

The power system of astronauts during prospective flights to the moon and Mars will not change. This was reported by senior researcher of the 1st laboratory of the 41st Department of the cosmonaut training Center (CPC) Andrey Balandin. According to him, the astronauts will eat freeze-dried foods.

Media learned the date of the next tests of the engines of the ship Crew Dragon

The us company SpaceX plans to conduct fire tests of the engines of the manned Crew Dragon spacecraft on November 2. This is reported by CNBC, citing sources familiar with the plans of the company.