30 Oct, 2020

News digest for 10/29/2020

According to the Belarus 1 TV channel, the Prosecutor General of Belarus Andrei Shved announced data on the number of criminal cases initiated in the country against the background of mass protests after the elections in the country

As of mid-October, more than 657 criminal cases were initiated on the facts of mass riots, violent actions against law enforcement officers, officials, some of which will be qualified as terrorism, he said.

Lukashenka fired Interior Minister Karaev

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko dismissed Yuri Karaev from the post of head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and appointed Ivan Kubrakov, who had previously headed the Main Internal Affairs Directorate of Minsk, in his place. BelTA news agency reported

The State Duma abandoned the idea to purchase gilded dishes

The State Duma of the Russian Federation has abandoned the idea of ​​purchasing gilded sets of dishes and caviar. This is evidenced by the data in the “Planning” section on the public procurement website. At the moment, next to the order “the right to conclude a contract for the supply of souvenir products made in the technique” Zlatoust engraving “” is marked “Invalid.”

Initially, it was planned to carry out the purchase by the end of 2020. The list of required delivery items included the Dogs hunting set with a flask and three glasses and two Black Coffee sets, consisting of two coffee pairs, a tray and spoons. The list also included two caviar bowls, six bowls, two saucers and a goblet.

Floating Spaceport City to be built in Japan

According to the architects’ plan, the spaceport will be built on an island in Tokyo Bay, behind which the skyscrapers of the Japanese capital can be seen. It is designed to launch tourists on day trips into space.

Noiz architects, who developed the concept in collaboration with communications firm Dentsu, designers Canaria and the non-profit organization Spaceport Japan, hope that next-generation spaceports will be built in the coming years as integral urban infrastructure.

A group of NATO warships entered the Black Sea

Four NATO warships entered the Black Sea. The forces of the Russian Black Sea Fleet have established surveillance over them, the National Defense Control Center of the Russian Federation reported on Thursday, October 29.

We are talking about the universal transport ship “Aliakmon” of the Greek Navy, the minesweeper-finder of mines “Orion” of the French Navy, the sea minesweeper “Alghero” of the Italian Navy and the base minesweeper “Duero” of the Spanish Navy.

F-35 fighters built for Turkey will be sold to Greece

The Greek Armed Forces will have six American F-35 fighters at their disposal. These aircraft were intended for Turkey, however, as previously reported, it was excluded from the production program.

The US is trying to get NATO to keep Turkey in the West

The United States declared that they are seeking from all NATO members to keep Turkey in the West. Clark Cooper, Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs, announced this during an Internet briefing. The official noted that Washington is not satisfied with certain decisions on the part of Ankara, which create “challenges” for maintaining transatlantic unity.

KGB Spy Museum closes in Manhattan

The KGB Espionage Museum, which opened in New York about two years ago, will be closed forever and its exhibits will be sold out. This was reported on Wednesday by The New York Times with reference to the organizer of this institution – a native of Lithuania Julius Urbaitis

The exposition, deployed in a building on 14th Street, contains about 3,500 Soviet-era exhibits related to the period 1917-1995, including the Violet encryption machine capable of creating 590 quadrillion combinations, a camera mounted in a purse a prison door, listening equipment and radio transmitters disguised as packs of cigarettes, a table lamp allegedly belonging to Joseph Stalin and a pistol disguised as a tube of lipstick.

The Russian Embassy received the rights to the grave of Richard Sorge in Japan

The Russian Embassy in 2020 received the rights to the grave of the legendary Soviet intelligence officer Richard Sorge buried in Japan, said Sergei Shashkov, the Russian military attaché in Tokyo.

US elections set to cost record $ 14 billion

The spending on the current US election race will reach $ 14 billion and double that of the previous 2016 election cycle. These are the data of the non-profit organization Center for Responsive Politics.

It is noted that the $ 14 billion includes campaign expenditures for presidential candidates, congressional candidates for seats in the House of Representatives and Senate, Republican and Democratic national committees, and political action committees supporting various candidates.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, US presidential candidates will spend $ 6.6 billion this year (2016: $ 2.4 billion)

US arms sales hit records

For 9 months of 2020, the Americans purchased 15.1 million weapons. This is 91% more than in the corresponding period last year. There has been a noticeable increase in the number of those who buy their first weapon. Women and blacks began to buy weapons more often. According to the Axios network resource, there are 120.5 weapons for every 100 inhabitants in the United States.

Pure unearthly organic matter found in the meteorite

A meteorite fell into a body of water located in Michigan in 2018. Scientists found the car and took it to the laboratory for further study. During the study, a substance was found inside that belongs to a rare type of chondrite type H4. Experts continued their research and identified organics that did not collapse when dropped. Scientists can now compile a list of organic molecules possibly found in the primordial matter of the solar system.

Turkey rebuilt Chora monastery in Istanbul

Archpriest Nikolai Balashov, deputy head of the Synodal Department for External Church Relations, posted on his Facebook two photographs of the monastery – until August this year, when the monastery still had the status of a museum, and the current one, after the monastery was turned into a mosque by the decision of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Judging by the photographs, during the conversion of the monastery into a mosque, the ceilings of the monastery became two to three times lower: they were covered with drywall, roughly painted with white paint. As a result, the tall painted arches, mosaics and a dome with window openings were completely hidden from view.

Clinton joins the electoral college

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton became a member of the Electoral College in New York State. She announced this on October 28 in an interview with Sirius XM radio station. Electoral status will allow her to support the candidate for the presidency of the United States, for whom the majority of the state’s residents will vote.

Turkey proposed to create a military bloc near the southern borders of the Russian Federation

Recently, Turkish experts and the media have been actively discussing a project to create an “army of Turan”, which will be a bloc of Turkic countries intending to act as a unified force. Experts from Turkey do not hide that such an alliance will remain under the control of their state.

This idea has become especially popular in light of the resumption of the Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, where, as is known, Ankara is on the side of Baku.

Mosquitoes appear on King George Island in Antarctica

On the popular tourist territory of the coldest continent in the world – King George Island, ordinary mosquitoes have appeared. This was announced by the head of the Russian Antarctic Expedition Alexander Klepikov. Until recently, Antarctica was the only continent on the planet where there were no ordinary mosquitoes.

The Incas had their own measurement system

The Incas had their own elbow-measuring system during the construction of buildings, says Polish architect Anna Kubicka of the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. And for the houses in which the representatives of the highest nobility lived, a different standard size was used, the royal elbow, the length of which was 54 cm, and the length of the usual elbow was 42 cm.

A new method of deposition of thin atomic layers has been developed in the USA

Scientists from the American University of Alabama have developed a new method of applying thin layers of an atom to the surface of materials, the Hightech portal reports on October 27. According to the report, the spraying is carried out at a temperature close to room temperature. To deposit a layer of atoms, ultrasonic atomization technology is used, which vaporizes the chemicals used in atomic layer deposition.

The technology uses an ultrasonic transducer placed in a liquid chemical precursor. The transducer vibrates several times per second and creates a mist from the precursor. In fog, liquid droplets evaporate under special conditions, after which an even atomic layer remains.

Superactive hydrocarbon molecules found in Titan’s atmosphere

For the first time, astronomers have discovered in the atmosphere of Saturn’s moon Titan the molecules of cyclopropenylidene (C3H2), a very unstable hydrocarbon that can be converted into more complex organic substances. An article describing the find was published by the Astronomical Journal.

Americans and Ukrainians made a rocket at Yuzhmash

The Americans and Ukrainians, within the framework of the joint project Firefly Aerospace, are going to launch into space a new light launch vehicle Alpha by the end of the year, which is designed to launch up to a ton of payload into low orbit, while the launch cost is estimated at $ 15 million. make both the Beta medium rocket, as well as an orbiting vehicle (OTV) and even a Genesis lunar lander for NASA.

According to Defense Express, 340 specialists are involved in the Dnieper. It is planned that the Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant named after A.M. Makarova will supply combustion chambers, automation units and turbopump units for the rocket

Catalan authorities announced plans to create a separate space agency

A separate space agency from Spain is planning to create the authorities of the autonomous community of Catalonia, according to the website of the Catalan government. The new structure will work on preparations for launching two nanosatellites into space in the first half of 2021. In total, six vehicles should be launched into orbit by 2023. It is planned to spend € 18 million on this.

A dense halo discovered around the Milky Way

Astronomers from the University of Iowa, USA, led by Professor of the Department of Physics and Astronomy Philip Kaaret (Philip Kaaret) determined that our Galaxy is surrounded by a massive halo of hot gases, which is constantly fueled by material erupted as a result of the birth or death of stars. This incandescent halo, called the circumgalactic medium (CGM), was the birthplace of our Milky Way about 10 billion years ago, and may contain the missing baryonic matter of the universe

Hackers gained access to surveillance cameras in Moscow

There are at least 15,000 compromised private cameras in Moscow, a source in hacker circles told Izvestia. These are devices in apartments, shops, banks, shopping centers and other private organizations. There is no talk of the city video surveillance system, the leaks from which were previously reported by a number of federal media.

Attackers plan to use access to 15 thousand cameras to create an alternative face recognition system, said a source from hacker circles. Vulnerable private cameras can be found by the search engine Shodan. A hacker, using a search engine tip, can gain access to cameras, explained Oleg Bakhtadze-Karnaukhov, an independent darknet researcher.

Microsoft will block Internet Explorer earlier than promised

The changes will be implemented in November with the release of the 87th version of the newer web browser. The owner of the device with Internet access will receive an alert warning that the site is incompatible with Internet Explorer. After that, the user will be prompted to transfer data to Edge. This includes passwords, open tabs, bookmarks, search engines and other information. It was previously planned to block the browser in the summer of 2021.

Microsoft developers explain this decision by the fact that the named browser is not compatible with the design of many modern sites. We intend to fix the situation by redirecting from Internet Explorer to Edge. The list of incompatible virtual resources includes Google Drive, YouTube, Microsoft Teams, ESPN and others. The list contains 1,156 sites that will be blocked from access through Internet Explorer. When you go to the specified resources, the transfer to Edge will happen automatically.

US allows companies to supply chips for Huawei

The smartphone business that has been the most profitable for Huawei now has a chance of recovery. The US is ready to issue licenses for the supply of Huawei chipsets, but only if they do not support 5G.

Introduced a smartphone with three operating systems

The new F (x) tec Pro1-X smartphone with 66-key QWERTY keyboard works out of the box with three operating systems – Android, LineageOS and Ubuntu Touch. The device is available for pre-order on Indiegogo. The F (x) tec Pro1-X will retail for next March with an MSRP of $ 899.

Windows 10 update removes Adobe Flash Player

Microsoft intends to remove Adobe Flash Player not only from Windows 10, but also from Windows 8.1. In addition, support for Internet Explorer 11 and older versions of Edge will be discontinued next year.

Youtube mobile application got new functions

Youtube has updated its mobile app, The Verge. We are talking about new gestures that will make it easier to view and control videos. In addition, the application has received a number of additional functions and new player controls.

Viber launches payments in chat bots

The Viber messenger announced the launch of the Chatbot Payments function in Ukraine. As reported by “Prime” with reference to the message of the company. Now users will be able to buy goods and services through the app.

New pen lets you draw in 3D using metal and wood

3Doodler’s 3D printing pens are designed for students and professionals – from artists to engineers. The dual drive system allows 3D printing not only from conventional plastic, but also from bronze, copper, nylon and wood. Engineers note that this pen can be used for architecture, design, or even renovation planning.

WhatsApp messenger has become a full-fledged trading platform

The American company Facebook decided to make it so that users can buy goods directly in the WhatsApp messenger. The principle of the function is as follows: the user sends a message to the company, and she sends him a link to the catalog so that he can select the product of interest. Further, the purchase is carried out inside the application. Presumably, the Facebook Pay payment system will be used to pay for the goods, tests of which have already begun earlier this year in the UK. In the future, they want to introduce the payment system all over the world.

WhatsApp will add face recognition to smartphones on Android

Mobile messenger WhatsApp will add face unlock feature to smartphones with Android operating system. The innovation was announced by the MSPowerUser portal. The ability to unlock an application using your face is one of the innovations that modern smartphones are equipped with for security purposes.

Vimeo has created an extension for recording video messages for Google Chrome

Vimeo has released extensions for video messaging, the company’s press service reported on October 27. The extension was named Vimeo Record, it is available for use in the Google Chrome browser

New video AC / DC for the song “Shot in the dark”

Legendary rock band AC / DC have released a video for the song “Shot in the dark”. The video was published on the band’s YouTube channel. It has already received over 4 million views.

Bach’s music will sound in the Moscow Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

The maestro will perform works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Leon Boelmann, Cesar Franck and Louis Vierne at the evening. The second concert will combine the music of Bach and the works of the greatest French organ composers of the romantic school: Cesar Franck, Léon Boelmann and Louis Vierne

The court in Transbaikalia began the selection of the jury in the Shamsutdinov case

The Second Eastern District Military Court has begun jury selection in the case of conscript Ramil Shamsutdinov, who in the fall of 2019 shot his colleagues in a military unit in the Trans-Baikal Territory, lawyer Ravil Tugushev said

Sberbank gained control over Eurocement

The largest cement producer in Russia, owned by Filaret Galchev, went to Sberbank for debts. This allowed the bank to reduce the share of impaired loans. Now he is looking for buyers for Eurocement

Aeroexpress warned of loss of revenue

According to the results of the year, revenue from the transportation of Aeroexpress passengers will decrease by 60% compared to last year – from 5.1 billion to about 2.1 billion rubles, said Alina Bisembaeva, CEO of the company. She sent a letter to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin with a request to zero the rate for using the Russian Railways infrastructure and subsidize train leasing.

Samsung Electronics Q3 Net Profit

Sales of South Korean Samsung Electronics products in the third quarter of 2020 reached a record 67 trillion won ($ 59 billion), an increase of 8% year-on-year. This was reported on October 29 by the Yonhap agency.

Apartments in Russian new buildings

Nikita Belousov, deputy head of the DOM.RF analytical center, noted that prices for new buildings in Russia since the beginning of this year have increased on average by 10.5%. The expert, in particular, noted that the total cumulative growth was 10.5%, of which 5.6% falls on the period from May to September

AMD buys processor maker Xilinx

American processor and electronics manufacturer AMD has announced the purchase of chip maker Xilinx. The company said the deal was worth $ 35 billion. The company will pay off with its shares.

Every fifth company in Russia has lost the ability to pay taxes

About nineteen percent of companies in the country will not be able to pay taxes in the near future. This information was shared at the Center for Strategic Research. Analysts also noted that the majority of Russian companies faced delays in payments from their counterparties.

Total demand for gold in the world

Overall global demand for gold in the third quarter of this year fell to its lowest quarterly indicators more than a decade ago. According to a report by the World Gold Council (WGC), the decline was 19 percent, to 892 tons.

Living standards in Russia according to IMF forecasts

The standard of living in Russia continues to fall rapidly. In 2020, the country will take 68th place in the world in terms of GDP per capita, the IMF predicts. One Russian will have only 9.97 thousand dollars of gross domestic product. A year ago, this figure was higher by 1.6 thousand dollars, or 14%. At the moment, Russia lags behind developed countries in terms of living standards by 4.5 times, or 46.35 thousand dollars of GDP

Russia will provide financial assistance to Moldova

The decision on the allocation of funds was adopted at a meeting of the Russian government on Wednesday 28 October. According to the document, assistance intended to support Moldovan farmers affected by the drought and pandemic COVID-19 will amount to 275 million rubles.

Efremov refused to go to the Chuvash colony

Actor Mikhail Efremov refused to go to the Chuvash colony to serve his sentence for a fatal accident, deciding to remain in a pre-trial detention center in Moscow. This “Moskovsky Komsomolets” was informed by his lawyer Vladimir Vasilyev.

According to Vasiliev, the artist fears for his health after a difficult stage. He has chronic illnesses that can be aggravated by the cold carriages in which prisoners are transported. Efremov will remain in the Vodnik pre-trial detention center and will serve his sentence in the same cell in which he is now.

Can only afford food and clothing

Almost two thirds (64%) of young families in Russia can only afford food and clothing, they have no opportunity to provide themselves with durable goods. This follows from the survey data of the Federal State Statistics Service. As noted by RBC, in the same period last year, this category of households was considered the most prosperous. Then 50.3% stated that they had enough money for other goods.

The number of non-working pensioners who can only buy food and clothing for themselves has increased: this year there were 62.4% of such families, last year – 58.8%.

Buying durable goods is difficult for 50.5% of large families, in 2019 there were more than 60% of them.

In general, the share of Russian families who can only afford clothes and food increased to 49.9% from 49.4%.

The family of Patriarch Kirill found property

Patriarch Kirill and his relatives own real estate worth 225 million rubles. This was found out by the “Project” edition during the investigation. As it turned out, the family of Patriarch Kirill has seven apartments, a house and a share in non-residential premises. The patriarch himself owns three apartments. The rest of the property is assigned to the patriarch’s second cousins ​​- Elena Kholodova and Lydia Leonova.

In October, a business jet was put up for sale, on which Patriarch Kirill flew. It can cost the buyer 15-20 million dollars. In the spring it became known that the reconstruction of the “residence” of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church has grown by half a billion rubles.

Rules for using beaches approved in Russia

The Ministry of Emergency Situations approved uniform rules for the use of beaches on the territory of Russia, which will come into force from January 2021. Among other things, beach visitors will not be allowed to swim on objects not intended for this purpose (for example, boards, logs and sun beds), as well as to bring animals to the beaches, with the exception of guide dogs

The trial of the accused in the Golunov case will be held in open mode

The case of the police officers accused in the Golunov case will be considered openly – although the prosecutor’s office asked to close the process. Hearings on the merits will begin on November 11.

At all stages of the criminal case, I advocated the maximum openness of the process for society. I am glad that the court supported us. Such cases should be considered publicly, – Golunov commented on the court decision.

A terrorist attacked people with a knife in the Notre Dame Basilica in Nice.

According to BFMTV, citing police sources, three people were killed (according to Nice-Matin, one woman was beheaded), several more were injured. According to Le Figaro, one woman was killed in the basilica itself, another – in a cafe next to her, where she tried to hide from the criminal. The third victim was a man. The attacker was detained by the police, he was wounded and is now in the hospital. The attack on a church in Nice was carried out by a radicalized Muslim, said the city’s mayor, Christian Estrosi.

He shouted “Allahu Akbar” even when he received medical assistance after his arrest … We need to eradicate Islamic fascism throughout the country at any cost, “he said.

The world is divided into democracies and authoritarian countries

US National Security Assistant Robert O’Brien expressed the opinion that the world is currently divided into democracies led by Washington and authoritarian countries. At the same time, O’Brien assigned Russia, Iran and China to the second group, without explaining what distribution criterion he was guided by.

Ex-head of Rostekhnadzor Slabikov was released on a written undertaking not to leave

The St. Petersburg court changed the measure of restraint for the former head of the Rostekhnadzor department for the North-Western Federal District Grigory Slabikov, accused of major fraud, from house arrest to a written not to leave.

Recall that, as the investigation believes, in the period from December 2009 to November 2017, Slabikov, his daughter Elena and other persons, having deceived the heads of several self-regulatory organizations, stole funds from compensation funds and membership fees of these companies in the amount of more than 5.6 billion rubles. … In February of last year, during searches in the apartment and in the backyard, the heads of the Northern-Western Administration of the Industrial Surveillance in Grigopia

Siluanov opposed the indexation of pensions for working pensioners

The Russian Ministry of Finance opposes the indexation of pensions for working pensioners. This was stated by the head of the department Anton Siluanov at a plenary meeting in the State Duma. The broadcast was conducted on the website of the lower chamber.

A pension is compensation for lost earnings, and if a pensioner who receives a pension is still working, then the earnings are not lost, ”Siluanov explained.

Lukashenka instructed to arm the people’s squads

Alexander Lukashenko said about the need to strengthen the activities of the people’s guards to ensure law and order by attracting former servicemen to their ranks and providing them with weapons. Lukashenka said this on Thursday when making personnel decisions.

Look how many appeals from these former military personnel, Afghans. How many men, and women … even more than men … Why not involve us, even arming, in these flying detachments of former military personnel? They can help us a lot.

Protests continue in Poland against almost complete ban on abortion

Last week, the Constitutional Court outlawed serious medical abortion. The mayor of Warsaw also criticized the government ban on mass actions and street demonstrations under the pretext of a pandemic

Lukashenka calls elections in Poland rigged

Duda won in Poland by rigging elections. There was not even a percentage advantage there. Falsified, – Lukashenka said. – They wanted to arrange a revolution with us, not even a revolution, but a rebellion, but they got it themselves. The situation there is not easy, and it just won’t come out. It was not the scumbags who rose there, but the women, and it is clear why they rose. The peasants have risen there, and they know what they have risen for. There workers have risen, they know why, civil servants, – he said. – Women got up and started protesting not because only abortions (banned. – IF.). It was the trigger. “