31 Oct, 2019

News digest for 10/30/2019

The US adopted a resolution on the recognition of the Armenian Genocide

405 members of the chamber voted for the resolution, 11 voted against it. Congressmen recognize that the accelerated consideration of the resolution is caused by the crisis in relations with Ankara because of the Turkish operation in Northern Syria. Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu called the decision of the us congressmen an attempt to ” use history to achieve political goals”

I welcome the historic vote of the us Congress recognizing the Armenian genocide. Resolution 296 is a bold step towards the service of truth and historical justice, which will also bring comfort to the millions of descendants of Armenians who survived the genocide. – Nikol Pashinyan, Armenian politician

Turkey summons U.S. Ambassador over Armenian genocide recognition resolution

The U.S. Ambassador to Ankara Setterfield summoned to the foreign Ministry in connection with the bill, for which the U.S. house of representatives voted, — – said in a statement.

Recommendations of the Ministry of education of Russia

The Ministry of education has issued guidelines for schools to hold a thematic lesson on 10 November to mark the centenary of the birth of gunsmith Mikhail Kalashnikov. The document notes that abroad Kalashnikov called “the most famous Russian.”

The all-Russian thematic lesson, according to the Department, should foster a sense of patriotism, form the Russian identity of schoolchildren, help them understand the value of protecting the Fatherland and military duty, as well as warm up interest in serving in the Armed forces.

14 highest peaks of the world in six months

Climber from Nepal Nirmal Purya set a record-he conquered the 14 highest mountains in the world in 189 days. The peaks of each of them are located above eight thousand meters above sea level. This height is called the “death zone” because there is not enough oxygen to breathe.

The last speed record was set in 2013 by South Korean climber Kim Chang Ho (he died in 2018 in a snow storm in the Himalayas) and was seven years, 10 months and six days.


In Mexico, deputies overwhelmingly supported the reform of the Constitution, allowing the President to be tried for corruption and serious crimes.


Mobile operators asked the state for subsidies

Telecom operators MTS, VimpelCom, MegaFon and Rostelecom asked the government to subsidize their costs for the purchase of equipment for the implementation of the “Spring law”. This is reported by Reuters and “Kommersant” with reference to the text of the letter sent to the Ministry of industry and communications. According to their estimates, the purchase of the necessary equipment requires 10-20% of the total cost of support and development of communication networks within five years.

The court recovered from Pavel Grudinin billion rubles

The arbitration court of the Moscow region recovered 1 billion 66 million 219 thousand rubles from the Director of JSC “State farm named after Lenin” Pavel Grudinin in favor of this enterprise. The claim was partially satisfied-the total amount of claims was 2.1 billion rubles.

Pavel Grudinin told Forbes that he has no funds to pay the claim: “I do not have a billion or a hundred million.” He believes that the shareholders of the “Lenin state Farm”, who filed a lawsuit, are trying to withdraw his shares to seize the enterprise.

MSU students claim that they are threatened by the leadership of the University

Two students of the faculty of journalism of MSU claim that the leadership of the University threatened them with problems with retaking exams because of the collection of signatures in support of Azat Miftakhov. This was reported by the telegram channel “MSU Initiative group”, Dudarova confirmed this information to “Rain”.

After the break of dams in the Krasnoyarsk territory

In Roshydromet reported that after the break of the dams in the Krasnoyarsk region were recorded extreme excess of harmful substances in the water.

Thus, the MPC (maximum permissible concentration) of copper in the Sisim river was exceeded more than 200 times!! The water also contained 19 times more zinc ions and five times more lead than norms suggest. Samples were taken immediately after the accident, on October 19, and the next day.

Omsk tank Institute presented relics of saints

Representatives of the Omsk Orthodox Church presented a marching ark with the relics of the patron saints of the Russian army to the armored engineering Institute.

“so that our future soldiers, defenders of the Fatherland, knowing the exploits of these great saints, could also imitate them, pray and realize that without the help of God, especially in the feat of arms, it is difficult to achieve anything,” the website of the Omsk diocese says.

Protests around the world



How much the average American saves each year.

According to the BLS, one U.S. citizen earns about $ 78,635 a year, or about $ 67,241 after taxes. Total annual expenses are about $ 61,224. That means it saves $ 6,017 annually.

8.4 billion rubles for the functioning of the city video surveillance system

Moscow city hall will spend 8.4 billion rubles in 2020 on the functioning of the city’s video surveillance system, according to the capital’s program ” development of the digital environment and innovation.” From the same program, it follows that Moscow will spend 26.5 billion rubles on innovations in 2020-that is, a third of this budget will be spent on monitoring Muscovites.

In total, over three years, in 2020-2022, Moscow will spend 26.1 billion rubles on street cameras. All these figures in his speech at the forum “Digitalization-2019” led the Deputy Chairman of the Moscow city Duma Stepan Orlov, the correspondent of “Open media”.

In Yekaterinburg, residents of the house rallied against the disabled

According to Telegram-channel ” Readovka – and this is our life!”, neighbors from the Yekaterinburg elite complex “Moscow quarter” was outraged that the tenant with a disability group was provided with round-the-clock Parking in the yard, where others can leave the car for no more than two hours to load or unload things (in such LCD, the idea of an “eco-yard” is practiced-Parking is provided only in underground Parking lots).

Residents gathered to arrange a flash mob-to take in the yard all the places for cars to deprive the disabled person of the opportunity to Park, as well as register in their apartments grandparents disabled, too, to be able to leave the car around the clock under the Windows. In addition, they are going to demand a recalculation, so as not to pay for the protection of his property.

Sales of road construction and special equipment in Russia for the third quarter increased

Sales of road construction and special equipment in Russia for the third quarter increased by 13% compared to the same period last year — up to 3412 units, according to the Association of European business.

According to the AEB, sales of backhoe loaders for the third quarter increased by 59% to 987 pieces, crawler excavators — by 9% to 1110 pieces, skid steer loaders — by 11% to 304 pieces. At the same time, sales of wheel loaders decreased by 20%, to 267 pieces, tracked tractors-by 10%, to 275 pieces.

Contribution of the service sector to the European economy.

More and more countries are focusing on services in their economies. In Europe, in countries such as Britain, Holland and Sweden, the contribution of the service sector is at the level of 80% or more percent. Other EU countries, as well as Ukraine and Russia, are also following suit, rebuilding the economy. The least influence of the service sector is manifested in the economies of countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic and Turkey.

The rating of quality of roads in the regions of Russia

The rating of Russian regions with public roads of regional or intermunicipal importance that meet regulatory requirements was headed by Moscow, according to the Rosstat study. Thus, the share of quality roads in the Russian capital at the end of 2018 amounted to 97%.

In the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, this figure was 84.5%, followed by Stavropol Krai, where the share of quality roads was equal to 74.9%, Krasnoyarsk Krai (71.4%) and Ingushetia (70.4%).

The regions of the Russian Federation in which the roads least comply with regulatory requirements include the Republic of Mari El (1.4%), Saratov region (9.9%), Kalmykia (11.8%), Arkhangelsk (15.1%) and Magadan regions (17%).

In total, in the country in 2018, only 42.4% could be attributed to quality roads. And since 2008 this figure has increased by only 5%

The Prosecutor General’s office proposed to change the Criminal procedure code

The Prosecutor General’s office proposed to make amendments to the Criminal procedure code (CPC), providing for special agreements between law enforcement agencies and defendants in criminal cases on “economic articles”, writes RBC with reference to the letter of Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor grin business Ombudsman Boris Titov on October 15.

Russians should receive free of charge all medicines for which they were prescribed.

The proposal was made by the researcher of the Institute of social analysis and forecasting Ranhigs Nikolai avksentiev and Director of Fri of Ministry of Finance Vladimir Nazarov in an article published in the “Monitoring of Ranepa,” reports owned by the family Demyan Kudryavtsev, the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

Scientists believe that instead of centralized public procurement of medicines, it is necessary to reimburse citizens for the cost of medicines or to lay the cost of drugs in the financing of polyclinics. This encourages doctors to use drugs more rationally.

Large deposits of methane and oil were found at the bottom of lake Baikal

Deposits of gas hydrates and oil have been discovered at the bottom of the world’s deepest freshwater lake Baikal. This was told by the designer and pilot of deep-sea vehicles “Mir”, head of the laboratory Of the Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Anatoly Sagalevich in an interview with “Arguments and facts”. According to him, during the dive to the bottom of lake Baikal, it turned out that it is dotted with huge bitumen hills. He stressed that drilling oil wells there could lead to an environmental disaster.

Greta Thunberg refused the Northern Council award in the field of ecology

Swedish eco-activist Greta Thunberg refused to receive the award in the field of environmental protection and ecology, which was appointed to her by the Northern Council. This was reported by RIA “Novosti” from the awards ceremony in Stockholm.

The government can increase the number of national projects

The Russian government may expand the number of national projects from 12 to 15. In particular, there may be a separate program for the development of the Far East, Deputy Finance Minister Leonid Gornin said in an interview with Izvestia newspaper. A separate project may appear in the field of agriculture, the Deputy Minister added

“There is an idea to increase the number of projects, perhaps even to 14 or 15. But they will not be called national projects, although in essence they are very similar to them. For example, the national program of social and economic development of the Far East can be allocated, ” he said.

In Russia came into force tax benefits for summer residents

Russian summer residents were provided with significant benefits. So, from today, on October 29, the law which exempts contributions of owners of garden or garden land plots which are not members of partnership, from the income tax came into force.

Envoy to the far Eastern Federal district Yuri Trutnev against “flat” tariffs shift workers

“Flat” tariffs for air travel should be maintained for residents of the far Eastern regions, but not for shift workers, who are carried by enterprises, said on Wednesday at a meeting in Magadan, the presidential Plenipotentiary representative to the far Eastern Federal district Yuri Trutnev.

Part of Aeroflot tickets to the far East may rise in price

The Ministry of transport is working on a model of Aeroflot’s transportation between Moscow and the cities of the Far East, in which the carrier will be able to sell part of the tickets at a commercially reasonable tariff.

British firm has opened a job traveler for £25 thousand

The British company Wowcher opened a vacancy for a traveler with a salary of £25 thousand (more than 2 million rubles) per year. Among the requirements for candidates-the age of majority, the presence of a valid passport, love to travel and create unique content

Putin signed a decree awarding Archbishop Ezras the order of Honor

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree awarding a state award to the Archbishop of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church. The decree was published on the official portal of legal information.

Change in the number of small enterprises in Russia for the year

Comparing the official data for the first half of 2018 and 2019, we see that the growth in the number of small enterprises is only in 5 regions: Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, Buryatia and the Altai Republic. In Moscow for the year was 4 thousand small businesses less in St. Petersburg-almost 2 thousand.

“Power machines” has filed a lawsuit against Vietnam

The company” Power machines “Alexei Mordashov sued Vietnam with the requirement to return spent on the creation of TPP” long Fu-1 ” $250 million, RBC reported, citing two sources.

The TPP project was halted due to US sanctions against “Power machines”. The company filed a lawsuit with the Singapore international arbitration center. According to one of the sources, the legal claim to the customer of the construction of the thermal power plant, state-owned company Petrovietnam, was sent in August after the Vietnamese side ignored the proposal of the Ministry of economy to negotiations at the level of governments.

Non-oil exports from Russia decreased

This is stated in the report of the Ministry of economic development. In the first half of 2019, NNE fell by 4.7% and amounted to $ 67.1 billion, while the efforts of the Russian export center and the implementation of the profile national project, providing for an increase in the volume of deliveries of such products abroad to $250 billion by the end of 2024, did not help to change the negative trend.

Exports of wheat, semi-finished steel products, ferrous metal products and aircraft fell the most. Platinum, raw aluminum, weapons and ammunition showed growth.

Medvedev instructed to prepare a bill to reduce personal income tax for non-residents

The Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of economic development, the Ministry of labor and the Ministry of internal Affairs to prepare by March 12, 2020 a bill to reduce the rate of personal income tax (pit) for tax non-residents. We are talking about a sharp reduction in the personal income tax rate — from 30% to 13%, follows from the list of instructions posted on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers.

In Moscow the average salary of officials will grow by 43%

Salaries of Moscow officials next year will increase by 43%, reported the publication “Open media”, citing its own calculations. Thus, the average salary of an official of the city hall will grow to 121 thousand rubles per month.

The plant “Angstrem-T” was declared bankrupt

ASGM satisfied the application of the state Corporation “VEB. RF” and declared bankrupt Zelenograd microelectronics plant “Agnstrom-T”, transmit “Vedomosti”.

In 2008, VEB provided “Angstrom-T” 815 million euros in credit. The money was given to buy equipment for the company-manufacturer of microprocessors AMD and the construction of a chip factory. The company could not repay the debt. In early 2019, the state Corporation received 100% of Angstrom-T and filed for bankruptcy of the debtor. In March, he introduced a surveillance procedure against Angstrom-T.

At the end of may, VEB Chairman Igor Shuvalov said that the government will allocate 21 billion rubles to support Angstrom-T. the Money will be allocated from the Federal budget, the Supervisory Board recognized the plant as having national importance.

AMD reported for the third quarter of 2019

AMD has published a report for the third quarter of 2019. During the reporting period, it received revenue of $ 1.80 billion. In the previous quarter, this figure was equal to 1.53 billion dollars, and in the third quarter of this year-1.65 billion dollars.

The Ministry of economy has proposed to increase the number of exporting Russian liquefied gas

The Ministry of economic development proposed to expand the number of projects that are allowed to export LNG from Russia, at the expense of the Arctic. Now only Gazprom, NOVATEK and Rosneft have the right to export LNG.

Medvedev instructed to enable banks to find out the income of borrowers

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the ministries and the Federal tax service (FNS) with the participation of the Bank of Russia to April 1, 2020 to provide the possibility to get credit institutions information to verify the income of borrowers of public services through the site, to the instructions issued by the government.

The Cabinet will put up for auction a large gas field in the Arctic

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed an order to hold an auction in 2019 for the Bukharin subsoil plot in the Arctic with a starting payment of 2,133 billion rubles. The document is posted on the website of the Cabinet.

Gazprom has completed filling the Power of Siberia gas pipeline with gas»

Gazprom has fully completed filling the gas export pipeline to China “power of Siberia”, according to the information Department of the Russian concern

China is rapidly developing “green” energy

In China, at the end of September 2019, an 11 percent increase in electricity generation due to renewable energy sources (RES) in annual terms, which is 1.44 trillion kWh, Xinhua reported on October 29, citing a statement by the state administration of China for energy Affairs (GUE)

Bus drivers began a strike in Voronezh

Bus drivers began a strike in Voronezh, October 30, reports “Vesti Voronezh”. In the strike involved the drivers of routes No. 15 and No. 6 working in the company “Voronezhavtotrans”. Basically, the work refused to go to drivers whose buses are privately owned.

KhMAO deposits may receive tax benefits

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation proposes to provide benefits for deposits of a number of districts of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, according to the draft amendments to the tax code. It is proposed to compensate for the lost budget revenues by setting the met rate for associated gas produced in Russia at the level of 385 rubles per 1 thousand cubic meters

This is a deduction for the extraction tax for projects licensed before the beginning of 2018, and whose initial recoverable reserves as of January 1, 2018 are 450-500 million tons of oil. Preferences should be granted for the period from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2029.

Oil field with reserves of 10 million tons opened in Uzbekistan

Epsilon Development Company reported that as a result of exploration and evaluation drilling, it opened a new oil and gas condensate field in the South of Uzbekistan. According to estimates, the field has reserves of 10 million tons of oil and 7 billion cubic meters of gas.

The Israeli Embassy in Russia suspended work

The Israeli Embassy in Moscow temporarily stopped working, according to the page of the diplomatic mission in Facebook. It is noted that the entrance to the Embassy is closed, and services to visitors will not be provided.

This situation has developed because of the decision of the Israeli Ministry of Finance to reduce the cost of maintaining diplomats, in particular-to collect a tax on entertainment expenses, not supported by receipts. Offices are closing all over the world.

Demonstrators celebrate the resignation of the Prime Minister of Lebanon

Peaceful demonstrators in Central Beirut celebrate the resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, RIA Novosti reported. Hariri himself formally submitted to the President of the country a petition for the resignation of the government.

Iraqi shepherds find $ 25 million treasure trove

Shepherds in Iraq found in the West of the country in the desert treasure DAESH (Arabic name banned in the Russian Federation group “LIH”). It is noted that the cache contains gold, silver and dollars worth $ 25 million.

The DAESH leadership hid looted treasures in the al-Anbar desert, al-Arabiya TV channel reports. According to Mohammed Ali Sajet, one of the closest associates of the slain DAESH leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, some of the treasures were lost.

Norway announced large-scale underwater exercises of the Russian Federation in the North Atlantic

Representatives of the Norwegian intelligence service said that the Russian Federation is currently conducting the largest operation since the Cold war with the participation of almost all submarines of the Northern fleet

The submarine “Prince Vladimir” for the first time made the launch of ” Bulava»

The Borey – A project submarine is expected to join the Russian Navy by the end of the year. Strategic submarine “Prince Vladimir” project “Borey-A” for the first time launched a ballistic missile “Bulava”. According to the Russian defense Ministry, the launch occurred during tests of the submarine in the White sea.

In the Crimea and in Kaliningrad will form a new division

A new division will be deployed on the Crimean Peninsula, including regiments consisting of, among others, su-24, An-26, su-30SM, Be-12 and Ka-29 and Ka-27 helicopters.
The 132nd mixed division has already begun to be manned in the Kaliningrad region. At the first stage, its air regiments will include su-30SM, su-24, and in the future it will also include su-35S and su-27SM.

Facebook accused Israeli firm of spying on WhatsApp users

The American company Facebook has filed a lawsuit against the Israeli firm NSO Group. The company was accused of using the WhatsApp application for surveillance. The electronic database of the Federal court of the Northern district of California received the relevant documents.

Turkey refused to buy Russian su-35

Turkish defense Minister Hulusi Akar said Ankara has no plans to buy su-35 fighters from Russia. This is reported by TASS. Akar stressed that Turkey will remain a partner of the United States in the program of fighter-bombers of the fifth generation F-35, and the allegations about the acquisition of Russian aircraft are not true.

The US has promised not to allow Russia to Syrian oil fields

The US will not allow oil fields in Northern Syria to be under the control of Russia, Iran or the current authorities in Damascus. This statement was made by Vice President of the United States Mike Pence.

Russia handed over military equipment and weapons to Tajikistan

The Russian side donated a consignment of military equipment and weapons worth 320 million rubles to the Tajik army. This was reported by the press service of the Central military district (CVO).

Fired for photos of FSB officers with bandits

Police captain from Novosibirsk Stanislav Kulkov was fired from the criminal investigation Department for combating ethnic crime for photos of FSB officers with representatives of a criminal group. This is reported by ” Taiga.info»

According to the newspaper, the police officer photographed a meeting of gang members with police officers and employees of special services. He found out about her by talking to the victim of a suspected extortion ring. Thus he discovered a possible connection between the criminals and the FSB.

Game designer Super Mario is recognized as an honored worker of culture of Japan

Previously, the title of honored worker of culture received outstanding scientists, writers, athletes, actors and composers from Japan. Miyamoto was the first game developer to earn this award.

In Moscow began shooting the film Serebrennikov “Petrov the flu»

In Moscow, began shooting the film by Kirill Serebrennikov “Petrov the flu.” The plot of the film is based on the book of Yekaterinburg writer Alexei Salnikov. This is reported by TASS, referring to the press service of the film company Hype Film

The CW is preparing a series about Superman and his beloved Lois lane

The project, called ” Superman and Lois “(“Superman & Lois”) will tell about the famous couple, and the main roles will be played by Tyler Hacklin and Bitsy Tulloch, playing the same characters in the series “Arrow”, “Flash”, “Supergirl” and “Legends of tomorrow”. According to Deadline, the Executive producers of the project are Todd Helbing, Greg Berlanti and Warner Bros. TV. The writer of the series is Todd Helbing.

Based on the DC characters created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster – the world’s most famous superhero and journalist, who had an affair and got married – as the publication writes, in the series they will have to ” face the stress, pressure and difficulties that haunt working parents in modern society.” Each series will last for an hour, the date of the premiere of the series has not yet been reported.

HBO has named the launch date of its streaming service

Hbo called the approximate date of the launch of its own stream service. HBO Max will launch in may 2020. The cost of a monthly subscription in the US will be almost $ 15.

Carlos Santana goes on an anniversary tour of Europe

Carlos Santana has announced a world tour of “Miraculous”. It will be dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the creative activity of the world-famous guitarist (counting from the release of the album “Abraxas” in 1970) and the 20th anniversary of one of his most successful records “Supernatural”.

Okhlobystin told about the new series ” Polar»

Ivan Okhlobystin, known to the General public on the series “Interns”, told about the new TNT project, the series “Polar”. In the center of the plot is a story about the criminal authority of the 90s. Vita Butcher. He has long retired from dirty business and is now engaged in legal business in Moscow.

There was a trailer for the new version of the horror ” Curse»

Sony Pictures has released a trailer for the new version of the legendary Japanese horror “the Curse”. The filmmakers insisted that this is not a remake or sequel



Karamora is the hero of Maxim Gorky’s short story of the same name.

Danila Kozlovsky started shooting the film “Karamora” – such a revolutionary nickname was taken by the hero of the eponymous story of Maxim Gorky

The film is set in Russia in the early twentieth century. A young anarchist Karamora discovers a monstrous thing. It turns out that the Romanov dynasty for 300 years keeps a secret order of vampires! The battle with the evil mistress dies of Caramori – Alina. The anarchist vows revenge and, gathering like-minded people, declares war on vampires. Thus he provokes the beginning of the First world war, and then the revolution of 1917.

The beginning of work on the film and the announcement of its release in wide release on November 19 2020 caused a negative reaction of the Russian Orthodox Church

Apple forces iPhone 5 owners to upgrade

Apple has warned owners of the iPhone 5 about the imminent limitation of the functionality of the smartphone. Users with outdated iOS need to upgrade to version 10.3.4 before November 3 to avoid unpleasant consequences.

An explanation on Apple’s official website States that iOS 10.3.4 supports the updated time setting format, which is automatically configured via GPS

Nvidia introduced the set top box Shield TV and Shield TV Pro

The main feature of the devices was the built-in technology of ” smart video resolution increase in 720p/1080p to 4K at a frequency of 30 frames / s”. Both models are powered by the Tegra X1+ with 256 graphics cores and 3/2 GB of RAM. At the same time, Android 9.0 Pie with built-in Chromecast 4K technology acts as the OS. it is also worth noting the presence of a Gigabit Ethernet port in both versions.

Set top boxes Shield TV and Shield TV Pro have already gone on sale at a price of 13 990 and 17 590 rubles respectively

Presented 3D-card Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super

We are talking about the model Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super. The basis of the new card is the same 12-nanometer graphics processor Turing TU116-300, which is used in the model GeForce GTX 1660.

Samsung, Apple and Huawei smartphones break more often than others

Analysts of the insurance company “AlfaStrakhovanie” has published statistics on losses associated with damage to the insured smartphones. It is reported by iXBT.

Most often, the owners of Samsung gadgets (26.2%), the second place was taken by users of Apple smartphones (20.2%), the Chinese company Huawei closes the top three (14.4%). The fourth line belongs to Xiaomi (7.2%), the fifth – ASUS (6%

Japan has developed a mobile home for Antarctica

The house was presented by the staff of the State Institute of polar research of Japan in Tachikawa-a suburb of Tokyo. The mobile home is a cubic container-type structure of two blocks measuring approximately three by six meters. The structure moves with the help of a tracked all-terrain vehicle thanks to a sledge. The area of the house was 33 square meters.

The walls are made of wood and Galvalume coating, which can withstand temperatures up to -45.3 degrees and wind speed of 61.2 meters per second. Energy and heat are accumulated through solar photovoltaic ” PV ” panels. The house will be tested in February 2020 at the Japanese station “Seva” in Antarctica.

In the human brain found areas responsible for faith and forgiveness

American scientists have discovered areas in the human brain that are responsible for understanding abstract concepts such as justice, spirituality and ethics. In this they were helped by machine learning systems. The findings of neurophysiologists published in the scientific journal Cerebral Cortex.

The representation of bright objects in the head is enough to change the size of the pupils

It turned out that the mere imagination of bright objects is enough to change the size of the pupils, even if in reality there is nothing nearby to which the eyes could react. Our pupils dilate in the dark to gather as much light as possible

Water was found in the tail of the first interstellar comet

The first interstellar comet 2I / Borisov was rich in water – this conclusion was made by an international group of astronomers, studying the composition of its ” tail»

NASA to send fire-resistant spacecraft to Venus

The development of Venus is complicated by extreme conditions on the planet-the temperature on its surface reaches unprecedented levels, while the pressure can destroy even sufficiently strong structures. Ordinary earth spacecraft can not be on it for a long time. For this reason, NASA plans to create a high-security device that will work for at least 60 days. The project was named LLISSE

There was speculation that there was something else before the Big Bang

Physicists believe that shortly before the Big Bang launched the universe on its ever-expanding course, there was another, more explosive phase of the early universe: cosmic inflation, which lasted less than a trillionth of a second. During this period, matter experienced a cold homogeneous cycle and rapidly expanded before the Big Bang processes took effect. But these two processes are so radically different from each other that scientists for several years could not understand how one followed the other.

Now, a team of physicists from mit, Kenyon College and elsewhere have modeled in detail the intermediate phase of the early universe that could connect cosmic inflation to the Big Bang. This phase, known as” warming up, ” occurred at the end of cosmic inflation and involved processes that countered the cold, homogeneous matter inflation that took place at the beginning of the Big Bang.

The findings were published in Physical Review.