2 Nov, 2019

News digest for 11/01/2019

The Ministry of health recorded a reduction in the number of doctors in 54 regions of Russia”

Last year, the number of doctors decreased in 54 regions of Russia. According to RBC, this is stated in the certificate of the Ministry of health on the state of health in the regions.

The most negative dynamics of the number of doctors at the end of 2018 showed Buryatia. In the Republic, the number of doctors decreased by 59% – from 3673 to 1499. In second place Novosibirsk region with 58%, there are 11 thousand doctors remained 4613. Also in the top 5 regions with negative dynamics were Tomsk (reduction by 18%) and Kemerovo (reduction by 17.3%) regions and Yakutia (reduction by 17.2%).

Student medical teams

Putin at a meeting with public figures in Kaliningrad proposed to form student medical teams that will travel to the regions and provide advice to the population.

“I now, know, what in head thought came? And medical students could organize the type of student construction teams”, – quotes the head of state “Interfax”.

The idea itself is very beautiful ….

The rector “the Second honey” rnsmu. Pirogov Sergei Lukyanov puzzled by the idea of President Putin to form medical students student teams that will travel to the regions and treat the inhabitants of the hinterland.

“The idea is very beautiful. But our students do not have accreditation, the legal side of the issue is not clear to me. It should be worked out, consult with the Ministry of health, which is our founder — this is not a question of the University, ” Lukyanov told Open media.

The problem is that medicine is primarily a responsibility, and students who have not yet graduated from medical school cannot be responsible for their own incorrect medical actions and prescriptions, explains the rector.

In Moscow, run a night train, which can turn into a hotel on wheels.

The train will depart at 20.30 from the Kiev railway station, and in the morning arrive at Paveletsky. The ring route will pass through Kaluga, Novomoskovsk and other cities. Initially, this was done so that residents of medium-remote settlements could go home in the evening and get to the capital in the morning. But some passengers are already eyeing the route as an option for spending the night on the train. The reserved seat costs less than a thousand rubles, the coupe is around 1200, and the SV is about 2200. A great option to fall asleep and Wake up in the center of Moscow.

Disposal of portraits of Dmitry Medvedev was estimated at 633 rubles

The administration of the Nadym district of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district placed an order on October 21 for the disposal of “two portraits of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev”. They are mentioned in the list of office equipment and furniture to be disposed of, “Open media” found on the public procurement website. Just in the list of several dozen items, among them-four cabinets, paperweight and fireproof Cabinet. There are no other portraits in the list.

Disposal of portraits of the former President of Russia and other property of the administration of the Nadym district is carried out in the framework of the program “Improvement of municipal management”, follows from the draft contract. The maximum price of the contract will be 256.2 thousand rubles. Thus utilization of portraits of Medvedev officials of the Nadymsky area estimated in 1200 rubles, on 633 rubles on everyone. This is 3 rubles more than, for example, the average price of recycling a vacuum cleaner (630 rubles), specified in the same documentation.

In St. Petersburg, the cost of public transport will rise several times.

The intention to raise tariffs was expressed by Governor Alexander Beglov during the presentation of the 2020 budget in the Legislative Assembly.

“The increase in transport tariffs is necessary. First of all-on a one-time tariff. We have a huge number of visitors and tourists in the city, the majority of citizens buy travel cards, ” Governor Beglov added.

In many regions of Russia began interruptions with insulin.

As it became known to “Open media”, across the country, public procurement of foreign insulin is disrupted, because of the lack of drugs, diabetics throw desperate complaints to the Prosecutor’s office.

Patients persistently offer a new Russian drug which produces a single firm. Its owner is the son of a former top Manager of Gazprom, and Putin himself was at the opening of its plant. Naturally, the firm is out of competition at state tenders. And the market volume is 50 billion rubles.


Consideration of the complaint in the case of inaction of the investigation in the process of journalist “Medusa” Ivan Golunov court postponed until November 11, reports the correspondent of “Open media” from the courtroom. No cases have yet been filed against the police officers who detained Ivan Golunov, Golunov’s lawyer Sergei badamshin said.


It is better to return to those guys who built the plant initially

The group of companies “Metprom” will complete the steel plant in Nigeria Ajaokuta Steel with funds raised in the Russian export center and the African export-import Bank (which credits Russia), announced the Minister of development of mining and metallurgy of Nigeria Olamilekana Adegbite.

“We realized that it would be better to go back to the guys who built the plant initially»

Russia has already spent $8 billion on the construction of the plant with a capacity of 3 million tons per year, which began in 1979 with the assistance of the Soviet Union, but it failed to start production, despite repeated attempts by the Nigerian authorities to find an investor for it.

Countries that recognized the Armenian genocide by the Ottoman Empire



In new York, banned the sale of foie Gras

The new York city Council has banned the sale of foie Gras from 2022. For violation of this rule, a fine of $2000 is provided. This decision was made, because this delicacy is prepared from the liver of a goose or duck, which is overfed. To increase the liver of birds, they are force-fed through tubes. Such treatment is cruel, animal advocates say. The sale or production of foie Gras is restricted in India, Israel, the UK and other countries.

Spending on the state Duma and the Federation Council will increase dramatically

In the next two years, the cost of maintaining the state Duma and the Federation Council will increase by 20%. This follows from the draft budget for 2020-2022, the conclusion of which was presented by the accounts chamber. The money will mainly go to indexation of salaries.

In 2018, 10.213 billion rubles were spent on the lower house of Parliament. In 2019, this amount will increase to 11.028 billion, and in 2021 it will reach 13.119 billion rubles. Thus, in two years, the content will grow by 19 percent. In comparison with 2018, it can be concluded that in three years the growth will reach 28 percent.

The Federation Council in 2018 received 5,352 billion rubles; in 2019 it will receive 5,852 billion; in 2020-6,288 billion; and in 2021 — 7,194 billion. Growth in the period up to 2021 would amount to 23 percent and from 2018 — 34 percent.

Just over a third of Russians believe in national unity.

Just over a third of Russians surveyed (37%) believe that there is popular unity in Russia, while more than half of respondents (54%) hold the opposite view. This is evidenced by the results of a study published on the website of VTSIOM, conducted on the eve of the day of national unity.

Respondents who feel national unity explain their point of view by the fact that in difficult moments Russia unites (12%), people try to help each other (11%), unity is inherent in the mentality of Russians, culture, education and history (11%), all Nations peacefully get along with each other (9%).

According to Russians, who stated the lack of national unity in the country, this is due to the fact that everyone thinks only about themselves (30%), the people live in poverty (21%), there is no single goal, idea, patriotism, cohesion (10%).

Ukraine intends to oblige Russia to pay for the restoration of Donbass

Russia after the end of the conflict in the Donbass should pay reparations to Ukraine, said the Ukrainian Minister of infrastructure Vladislav Krikliy.

The court recognized the legal inclusion of FBK in the list of foreign agents

The Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow recognized the actions of the Ministry of justice, which made the anti — corruption Fund* (FBK) in the register of non-profit organizations-foreign agents.

Businessmen asked for Amnesty to all coming out of the ” shadow»

Public organization “Business Russia” proposes to legislate guarantees for companies that have decided to stop evading taxes and start working “white”. For them, a mechanism of rehabilitation from tax and criminal liability for the periods before the “whitewash”should be provided.

Azur Air refused to register the aircraft in Russia

The Charter carrier Azur Air transferred from the foreign register to the Russian only one plane out of 29, said the Deputy Director of the airline Pavel Tereshchenko. In March 2018, the Federal air transport Agency announced that the carrier has committed to register a significant part of its fleet in Russia.

The Ministry of transport has prepared rules and road signs for gyroscooters

The Ministry of transport of Russia has prepared draft rules for the movement of electric scooters, gyroscooters, motor wheels and Segways, and also proposes to introduce new road signs for them, follows from the project on the relevant gosportal.

Banks and FEC want to oblige to use the Russian equipment and software

State bodies, banks, as well as enterprises of the defense industry, energy, fuel and nuclear industry plan to oblige to use only Russian equipment and software.

According to the initiators of the bill, the use of domestic software will improve security, as well as help Russian developers to increase their share in the public procurement market.

Alternative meat from the USA

In Russia on November 5 in retail there will be vegetable meat of production of the American company Beyond Meat. It will be sold in 29 Moscow stores “Azbuka Vkusa”, write “Vedomosti” with reference to the retailer and the exclusive distributor of Beyond Meat – ” Alianta Group”

Zarubezhneft asked for privileges to develop a field in Cuba

Zarubezhneft and Cuban state-owned company CubaPetroleo (Cupet) plan to produce 2 million tons of oil per year at The Boca de haruco field for ten years, investing about €100 million in the project, but under current tax conditions, the project will be unprofitable, Deputy General Director Denis Ulitin told RBC.

“With the 30 wells required for drilling and the application of enhanced oil recovery methods to increase oil production NPV (Net present value, net present value. – RBC) of the project will be minus €10.2 million In this scenario, the company’s participation in the project will be questionable, ” Ulitin said.

The fastest growing companies in Russia according to RBC

Oil and gas company “Yargeo” topped the ranking of the fastest growing enterprises in Russia in 2019 according to RBC. In the second place of the rating was NIPI NG “PETON”, which is engaged in the construction of infrastructure; closes the top three metallurgical company PG “Uralvtormet”.

As the newspaper notes, among the industries the leader in growth remains retail. So, the network “Vkusville” takes the 11th place in the list, “Red & White” – the 25th, the chain of shops of walking distance “Brighter” is on the 21st position in the list

The Russian foreign Ministry said the lack of time to develop a new start Treaty

Deputy Director of the Department for nonproliferation and arms control of the Russian foreign Ministry Vladimir Leontiev said that in the time remaining before the expiration of the Russian-American Treaty on strategic arms reduction (start — 3), it will not be possible to develop a new document.

“It is obvious that for the remaining time-the contract expires on February 5, 2021 — we will not be able to develop any full-fledged document to replace”, – said Leontiev during a speech at the discussion in the club “Valdai”.

The us army decided to change the caliber of ammunition

The us military is developing cartridges of 6.8 mm caliber to replace the popular 5.56 mm bullets in NATO, writes Popular Mechanics. According to the publication, the US armed forces has already selected three candidates-General Dynamics/True Velocity, Textron or Sig Sauer-for the production of new larger cartridges. New cartridges will receive weapons that will replace the M4A1 machine gun and M249 machine gun.

“The us army believes that the 5.56 mm caliber is gradually becoming obsolete. Today’s m855a1 bullets are designed to penetrate body armor and cause injuries. The military believes that the 5.56 caliber is exhausted and requires improvements to surpass future body armor, ” the material said.

Trump changed his residence from new York to Florida

President of the United States Donald Trump changed his permanent residence from new York to the city of palm beach in Florida. The head of the White house said this on his official Twitter page. According to trump, he and his family intend to make palm beach their permanent residence.

The US state Department said the involvement of the Russians to foment controversy in Chile

The US state Department said that it recorded attempts by “Russian trolls” to influence the political situation in Chile, covered by protests, reports Reuters

“As for Russia, we see clear signs of how people are taking advantage of this debate and distorting it with the abuse of trolling on social media, seeking to exacerbate the split, ignite the conflict, — he was quoted as saying by TASS

Rosoboronexport has delivered weapons to 43 countries since the beginning of the year

Rosoboronexport supplied weapons to 43 countries during 2019. The total cost of deliveries amounted to more than $11 billion, according to a press release of the state company for the year.

US imposes new sanctions on Iran

The US has expanded sanctions against Iran, adding to the restrictive lists of the construction sector of the Islamic Republic and imposing a ban on the supply of a number of materials that can be used for nuclear and missile programs, the state Department said

The us military will get robots-porters

The U.S. army has summed up the results of the tender SMET (Squad Multipurpose Equipment Transport, multi-purpose transport of equipment for the Department) for the development and supply of ground robots to the troops, which can be used to transport weapons, ammunition, provisions and equipment. According to Defense News, the winner of the competition was the company General Dynamics Land Systems, which offered the military wheeled robot MUTT (Multi-Utility Tactical Transport, multi-functional tactical transport).

The 60th anniversary international film festival opened in Thessaloniki.

258 films, including those from Russia, will be shown during 11 days at the largest film forum in the Balkans.

The first showed the melodrama Noah Baumbach “Marriage story” with Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver in the lead roles. The premiere of this film was a success in August at the Venice film festival. The winners will receive the main prizes – “Gold and Silver Alexandra”, as well as a number of other awards.

The category “virtual reality Films”, which viewers will watch in special VR-glasses, remains competitive.

Marselle has released the video for “Mars Forever»

Russian band Marselle presented a video for the track “Mars Forever”. Marselle is a group of Levan Gorozia, now without the pseudonym L’one, and Igor Kestelnikov (Nel), created in the noughties.



Shortparis presented the album ” so tempered steel»

Group Shortparis presented the second Russian-language album ” so tempered steel.” Just in disc matter nine compositions, among which have become hits songs “Shame” and ” Frightening.” The album “so tempered steel” is available on all official online music platforms.

The band My Chemical Romance reunited

American band My Chemical Romance announced their first performance for the first time since 2013, when the band broke up. The show, titled “Return,” will be held in Los Angeles on December 20.

Russia will create its own satellite telephone system

This was announced by the first Deputy General Director of the company “Gonets” (the single operator of Roscosmos for communication systems, broadcasting and retransmission) Oleg Himochko.

According to him, the first Deputy General Director of the company “Gonets” (the single operator of Roscosmos for communication systems, broadcasting and retransmission) Oleg Himochko, the corresponding services will be provided by the satellite system “Gonets” of the second generation, the deployment of which will begin in 2024. In an interview with RIA Novosti, Himochko said that the orbital group will have a total of 28 satellites.

“Given that today the Russian market of satellite telephony is mainly represented by foreign companies such as Iridium, Globalstar, Inmarsat and Thuraya, the solution of this problem is considered very important and timely,” — said Himochko.

Apple video service launched in Russia

On November 1, Russian users became available video service Apple TV+, which presents the original content of the company, follows from the information on the official website of the service.

In Russia launched a cloud-based facial recognition service

Cloud video surveillance and video Analytics service Ivideon, which in 2018 attracted $8 million of investments from the funds Rusnano Sistema SICAR and Skolkovo Ventures, the first in Russia launched a cloud solution for facial recognition Ivideon Faces, said on Friday the press service Of the group “RUSNANO”.

WhatsApp for Android has received support for fingerprint login

It should be noted that such an opportunity has been available to Telegram users for quite a long time, both in the Android and iOS versions.

Microsoft github blocks Catalan protest app

Tsunami Democratic used GitHub to develop tools to coordinate protest actions, including an encrypted communications application. The group helped organize Pro-independence rallies at Barcelona airport, where dozens of flights were canceled.