1 Nov, 2019

News digest for 10/31/2019

Residence permit in Russia becomes indefinite

On November 1, the law comes into force, according to which the residence permit in Russia becomes indefinite (under the old rules it was issued for five years with the possibility of extension). The residence permit will be issued and replaced three times – in 14, 20 and 45 years.

The us Congress adopted a resolution against the inclusion of Russia in the G7

The foreign Affairs Committee of the house of representatives in the us Congress unanimously adopted a resolution against Russia’s participation in the G7 summit.

“Today, the foreign Affairs Committee of the lower house unanimously adopted a resolution supported by both parties against Russia’s participation in future G7 meetings as long as it does not respect the territorial integrity of its neighbors and adhere to the standards of democratic societies,” said a statement on the website of Congressman Albio Sireis

Chilean authorities canceled the APEC summit

Chilean authorities have canceled the Asia-Pacific economic cooperation (APEC) summit, 24 Horas reported, citing President Sebastian Pinera.

U.S. house of representatives approves sanctions against Turkey

The house of representatives of the us Congress by an absolute majority approved a resolution calling on President Donald trump to impose sanctions against Turkey. The reason was Ankara’s military operation against the Syrian Kurds.

To achieve the support of the majority of Republicans managed after long discussions on how justified were the actions of Ankara against the Kurds, who were considered allies of the United States in the fight against the “Islamic state” (a terrorist organization banned in Russia).

A separate item in the resolution is additional sanctions against Turkey in connection with Ankara’s decision to purchase s-400 air defense systems from Russia.

The Russian government approved the growth of utility tariffs for 2020

The government has determined the indices of increase in utility bills in 2020 on average in the Russian regions. Tariff changes will begin in the second half of the year. In Moscow, the amount of payment will grow by 5%, in St. Petersburg-by 3.8%.
The Chechen Republic — 6,5%;
Kabardino-Balkar Republic-5,4%;
Republic Of Dagestan-5.2%;
Republic Of Ingushetia-5.1%;
Republic Of Buryatia -5%;
Republic Of Sakha (Yakutia) – 5%;
Omsk region — 5%.
Nenets Autonomous Okrug-2.4%
Murmansk region— 3%
Perm region — 3%

400 million rubles from the budget to teach children to play football

The government will allocate 400 million rubles from the budget to the Russian football Union to teach children to play football at the former training grounds of the 2018 world Cup, Open media found. Thanks to this money, the number of young players should grow one and a half times, officials hope

Israel extradites Russian Alexei Burkov to the United States.

Justice Minister Amir Ohana signed the decision.

“The decision was made after detailed consultations with various parties, taking into account political and legal factors,” the Israeli justice Ministry said in a statement.

Burkov was arrested in tel Aviv in 2015 at the request of the United States. He is suspected of cybercrime.

“Human life for me is not an empty word»

The person involved in the” Moscow case ” Samariddin Rajabov is accused of throwing a plastic bottle at the police at the protest on July 27. One of these policemen, Vitaly Maksidov, refused to admit himself a victim — and resigned from the interior Ministry.

The noise around the whole situation [with the refusal to admit to being a victim] is incomprehensible to me. I didn’t do anything to get that reaction — of course I’m surprised. It’s a simple human act. I feel sorry for the guy-I hope the court will make a fair decision. I read somewhere that all this [my decision] does not matter, since there are three more victims. But I hope that at least something will be taken into account.

Vitaly explained that he wrote the statement even before meetings, but criminal case because of a throw of a bottle he considers ridiculous.

“Well, now that I’m no longer a police officer, I can say that I’m against not letting people Express an opinion.”

Putin urged to reset mutual claims of Russia and Ukraine on gas

Russia and Ukraine need to reset mutual claims on the gas dispute, while Gazprom is ready to supply gas to the Ukrainian side at a much lower price than it is paying now on the “false” reverse. Russian President Vladimir Putin said this at a press conference following talks with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Interrupted an interview about Bashirova with Petrov, the dictatorship and pacnews at RT



Russia in 2019 increased the supply of new banknotes of the Central Bank of Eastern Libya.

From February to June, Russia sent nearly 4.5 billion Libyan dinars ($3.22 billion) to Eastern Libya. On the website of the Russian “Goznak”, engaged in the manufacture of banknotes, there is information that the company is engaged in the manufacture of banknotes for different countries, including cooperating with the Central Banks of Lebanon, Yemen, Guatemala, as well as with the Central banks of the CIS countries, Asia and Africa.

According to Reuters, three batches of banknotes in denominations of 20 and 50 dinars worth approximately 1 billion dinars each passed Russian customs in February, March and June 2019. The fourth batch of 50 Dinar banknotes worth 1.45 billion dinars was sent at the end of June.

State and state-guaranteed debt of Ukraine

The state and state-guaranteed debt of Ukraine by the end of September amounted to $82.95 billion. of this amount, the external debt amounted to $48.16 billion or 58.06%, and the internal debt – $34.79 billion or 41.94%.

The Ministry of Finance said that during September, the state and state-guaranteed debt decreased in hryvnia equivalent by 69.44 billion hryvnia, and in dollar terms — increased by $1.02 billion.

Russian authorities are outraged by the new part of the computer game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, in which the action takes place in a country very similar to Syria. Positive characters in the game-American and British soldiers and Syrian rebels, negative-Russian soldiers and terrorists

Russia is concerned about the number of us satellites in space

Andrei Belousov, Deputy permanent representative of Russia to the UN office in Geneva, said during his speech at the first Committee of the UN General ASSEMBLY that Russia is concerned about the number of American satellites in space. He noted that the grouping of us satellites ” has more than a thousand units, that is, in its number is comparable to the space grouping of satellites of all other States.” At the same time, according to him, the purpose of these satellites is unknown, “since all of them are somehow registered as meteorological or telecommunications.”

Facebook announced the removal of” associated ” with Russia accounts

Facebook has reported an investigation into another case of ” foreign interference.” As a result, three networks of accounts, which, according to representatives of the company, are connected with Russia, were blocked. It is reported that the blocked accounts had an impact on a number of countries in Africa.

Details of the operation to destroy al-Baghdadi

The Pentagon released the first video and photo of the operation to eliminate the leader of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (a Terrorist organization banned in Russia) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and revealed its details.

“Here we see an object, … where Baghdadi was hiding. As I noted earlier, this isolated facility was in Idlib province in northwestern Syria, ” General Kenneth Mackenzie, commander of the U.S. Central command, told reporters.



The Pentagon has signed a contract for almost 500 of the latest f-35 fighter jets

The Pentagon has signed a contract with Lockheed Martin to build 478 fifth-generation f-35 fighter-bombers worth $ 34 billion. This was reported on Tuesday at a briefing for journalists, Deputy Secretary of defense for procurement and logistics Ellen Lord, reports TASS

Apple’s quarterly revenue reached $64 billion

Apple’s revenue in the second quarter reached $58 billion, down 5% from the same period last year. Net income per share for the quarter was $2.46, down 10%. International sales accounted for 61% of Apple’s quarterly revenue.

For the military will create a system of energy transmission from space

The us air force research laboratory has signed a contract with the American company Northrop Grumman to conduct research and develop equipment that will allow the implementation of a system of wireless transmission of energy from spacecraft

Veterinary certification for all dairy products

From November 1, the electronic veterinary certification system “mercury” will include all dairy products (previously, the requirements applied to raw milk, as well as condensed milk, cheeses and butter). Now the list of controlled goods will include all finished products, including ice cream (except for fruit ice).

In Russia, the concept of “pilgrim” and “pilgrimage” is enshrined in law»

On November 1, the amendments that legislate the concepts of “pilgrim” and “pilgrimage”come into force. Pilgrims will not be subject to the law “on the basics of tourist activities”. Pilgrimage trips can be made both independently and in an organized way — only religious organizations will be able to prepare and accompany such trips. The order of visiting places of pilgrimage by ordinary tourists will also be regulated: travelers must comply with the requirements for appearance and the established religious order.

Matkapital offered to spend on buying a car

The state Duma introduced a bill by the introduction of which it is planned to allow Russians to spend matkapital to buy a car. This initiative was made by the deputies of the faction “Fair Russia” headed by its leader Sergei Mironov.Read the source

I believe that it is necessary to return to the issue of support for at least large families and families with disabled children. – Yaroslav Nilov, Russian politician

Ban on loans secured by housing

From November 1, microfinance organizations will be prohibited from issuing loans to citizens secured by housing. The ban will affect credits granted with the purposes not connected with entrepreneurial activity. Also, the rule will not affect MFIs, the founder or participant of which is the Russian Federation, a subject of the Federation or a municipal entity.

The Russians considered a decent pension of 40 thousand rubles

Residents of Russia aged 24 to 45 years consider” worthy “pension of 40 thousand rubles. this result was shown by a survey of the job search service Superjob, reports” Kommersant”

The Finance Ministry proposed to introduce a tax for the self-employed in 19 regions

The Russian Finance Ministry has proposed extending the tax regime for the self-employed to 19 more regions from 2020. The draft amendments to the current law are published on the Federal portal of draft regulations.

In particular, the experiment wants to connect St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Volgograd, Leningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Rostov, Samara, Sakhalin, Sverdlovsk, Tyumen and Chelyabinsk regions.

Russians began to refuse services of self-employed citizens

Residents of Russia began to pay less for services provided by self-employed citizens. The average amount spent on the purchase of such services fell by almost 40%. This was reported by the newspaper “Izvestia»

Sovereign Runet come into force norms

On November 1, the rules known as the “sovereign Runet law”come into force. In accordance with it, Russia should create a backup infrastructure for the smooth operation of the Internet. In case of threats, Roskomnadzor will be able to manage traffic routes with the help of equipment installed by operators. The government will determine the list of threats. This equipment will also be able to control traffic, blocking access to prohibited sites.

Texas in the ranking of the size of economies would beat Russia

Speaking at the Future Investment Initiative (FII) forum in Riyadh, us energy Secretary Rick Perry said that if Texas were independent, the state’s economy would become the twelfth largest in the world, surpassing the Russian Federation in this indicator. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

Named the timing of the construction of the bridge to Sakhalin

The head of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov called the possible timing of the construction of the bridge to Sakhalin. The selikhin – Nysh railway line through the Nevelsky Strait can be built before the end of 2035. According to Belozerov, the feasibility study will be ready within three weeks.

The security forces must offer ways to protect business from the arbitrariness of the security forces.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the interior Ministry, the Investigative Committee, the Prosecutor General’s office, the Supreme court and the Ministry of economic development of Russia until December 16 to submit measures to increase confidence in law enforcement and courts by business. The corresponding list of instructions is published on the website of the Cabinet.

Twitter to ban political ads

Twitter will ban all political advertising from November 22. This was written by CEO Jack Dorsey. Twitter, Dorsey said, believes that “the reach of the political message should be earned” by retweets and account subscriptions, “not bought.”

The accounting chamber found the withdrawal of money for state support of cinema in offshore

Questions from the inspectors caused the work of expert councils, the objectivity of their decisions, the criteria by which applications are evaluated, as well as the further use of the allocated funds. The entire procedure for selecting projects and issuing subsidies requires adjustments, the accounts chamber concluded.

Who work the happiest Russians

The happiest people work in Russia in medicine, pharmaceuticals and civil service, and the most unhappy were specialists in the automotive business and representatives of the working professions. This is stated in the study of the employment company Headhunter, which is prepared for TASS

Russia and Egypt discuss delivery of 15 SSJ 100 aircraft

Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov said that Russia and Egypt are negotiating the supply of 15 SSJ 100 aircraft. According to him, the discussion is in the context of the resumption of Charter flights with Egyptian resorts.

In Krasnoyarsk region will create a tourism cluster “Arctic»

Norilsk development Agency, regional business development Agency (ARB) and investors signed a cooperation Agreement on the formation and development of the tourist and recreational cluster “Arctic”.

Flights from Tokyo to Vladivostok

Japanese airline All Nippon Airways (ANA) announced the beginning of flights from Tokyo’s Narita airport to Vladivostok from March 16, 2020, the press service of the carrier.

“Vladivostok is the first city in Russia where the airline will fly. Flights from Tokyo to Vladivostok will start on March 16, 2020. The capital of Primorye is the gateway between Eurasia and the Pacific ocean. It is also the “nearest Europe”, which can be reached from Japan in about 2.5 hours, ” the press service said.

As noted in ANA, flights will be operated on Airbus a320neo twice a week-on Mondays and Fridays.

The US Federal reserve cut the rate for the third time in a row

The Federal reserve system (FRS) of the United States, acting as the Central Bank of the country, for the third time in a row reduced the benchmark interest rate by 25 bps – from 1.75-2 to 1.5-1.75%, according to published materials of the Department

Demand for cash currency in Russia fell in August 4 times

The net demand of Russian citizens for foreign currency in August has decreased by four times and amounted to 0.3 billion dollars. Which was the lowest value since may 2016. Such estimates are given by the CBR.

“The decline in net demand was noted for both the us dollar and the European currency,” the Central Bank added.

In Russia, the average size of consumer credit has increased

In Russia, the average size of consumer credit rose to 182 thousand rubles. Such data for the third quarter resulted in the National Bureau of credit histories, reports OTR.

According to the NBCI, the largest average size of consumer loans issued in the regions of the Russian Federation was noted in Moscow (416,2 thousand rubles), St. Petersburg (310,8 thousand rubles), the Moscow region (299,3 thousand rubles), Khanty-Mansiysk JSC (266,7 thousand rubles) and the Leningrad region (216,5 thousand rubles).

Profit of “NOVATEK” has grown almost in 7 times

The company’s net profit for January-September amounted to 820.9 billion rubles, which is almost 7 times higher than the results of the same period in 2018. As noted in the release of NOVATEK, the main role in the growth of profits was played by the sale of shares in Arctic LNG 2»

Hainan authorities offer special tourist routes in winter

The authorities of the southern Chinese province of Hainan have developed 10 special routes to local attractions to increase the attractiveness of the island for tourists in winter. The presentation of the routes took place in Shanghai, according to local information resource Shine.

VEB. RF will sell “eurodon” at a discount

The Supervisory Board of VEB. RF decided to sell GC “eurodon”, once Russia’s largest Turkey producer, at a discount to a strategic investor, TASS reported, citing the head of the state Corporation Igor Shuvalov.

“The decision of the Supervisory Board is to sell at a discount to the nominal price of the debt. So we believe that, although with a loss for VEB, but with a good financial result, we will sell this asset and fulfill our development function, since this asset goes to a strategic investor, ” Shuvalov added

Svetlakov announced the closure of “projectorperishilton” because of censorship

The humorous program “projectorperishilton”, aired on “channel One” from 2008 to 2012, was closed because of the format of the channel, which does not allow jokes on topics that are absent in mainstream media.

“Transneft” has started to pay compensation for dirty oil

Hungarian oil and gas company MOL has agreed with Russian companies LUKOIL and Transneft to compensate for the damage caused in the spring by falling into the Russian export pipeline “Druzhba” contaminated with organochlorine compounds oil. The three companies signed the agreement on October 30, mol reported.

What will be the amount of compensation, in the message MOL is not specified, Alekperov refused to specify it. Tokarev also did not disclose the ” commercial aspects of the story.” Representatives of MOL, Transneft and LUKOIL did not answer Vedomosti’s questions.

Earlier, only one shipper managed to agree on compensation – Kazakhstan’s KazTransOil, its representative said

European rules will make gas transit through Ukraine auction

The new European norms suggest a different approach to Ukraine’s gas transit. The operator justifies its costs for pumping and says, for example, that it is ready to sell lots within a year from 10 billion cubic meters, after which an auction is arranged, where all interested companies come and bargain for lots, explains the expert of the fneb, a teacher of the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation Igor Yushkov.

World’s solar generation to double in six years

Most of the new green capacity will come from solar generation (from 700 to 880 GW), so its capacity will increase by more than 2 times (in 2018 there were 500 GW of solar stations in the world). The capacity of wind farms will increase by 309-377 GW.

Pakistan to start shale gas production in December

Pakistan’s Oil and gas development company limited said it will start producing shale gas and oil in Sindh province with confirmed reserves of 283 billion cubic meters as early as December this year. As noted in the company, despite the difficult production process, the work on the extraction of shale gas is likely to bring a large profit. Pakistan is heavily dependent on external energy sources, particularly liquefied natural gas supplies from Qatar.

Created a quantum battery that is almost impossible to discharge

While this year’s Nobel prize in chemistry was awarded for developments related to lithium-ion batteries, humanity has stepped even further. Developed in the bowels of the University of Alberta and Toronto in Canada, a new quantum battery is able to change the idea of mankind about the storage of energy.

The mechanism of human protection against Staphylococcus aureus has been studied

Swedish researchers analyzed existing data on Staphylococcus aureus to understand how human skin resists it. Staphylococcus aureus is one of the ten most dangerous microbes for humanity.

Announced the finalists of the Kandinsky Prize

The works of the Kandinsky Prize nominees are presented at the exhibition at the Moscow Museum of modern art, where the awarding ceremony will be held on November 13. The finalists of the Kandinsky Prize were nine artists and art critics, whose works and books were chosen by an international jury.

Emir Kusturica filmed a video for the Hatters

Russian folk group The Hatters released a video for the song “All at once”, the video was directed by Emir Kusturica



Voronezh animators received 660 million rubles from the cinema Fund

The cinema Fund allocated 660 million rubles to Voronezh animators. The money went to the company Wizart Animation on the support of their animated films. According to the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to the report of the film Fund, the organization has allocated 360 million rubles irrevocably and 300 million of returnable funds

Apple bought the brand of the Russian company

The essence of the deal the Russian group of companies ISBC sold Apple its trademark AIRTAG, told RBC a source familiar with the details of the transaction.

Undetectable virus infected more than 45 thousand Android-devices

Experts have named a new undetectable Trojan called xHelper. For the first time its activity was recorded in March of this year, and it quickly managed to spread to more than 32 thousand devices on the Android system

In Omsk created a mobile radio station for the Arctic

Scientists of Omsk state technical University have developed a mobile radio to work in the Far North. Tests have shown that it can spread for hundreds of kilometers. Mobile radio station “Noema-SV” with a capacity of 100 watts operates in the medium-wave range

New iPhones will be equipped with Qualcomm’s 5G chip for the first time

Media reported that the iPhone, which Apple will release in 2020, will receive a 5g chip from Qualcomm. This is still the most advanced solution on the market. Information is shared by the Nikkei.

CAT introduced the cat S52 smartphone

The company CAT, specializing in the production of construction and mining equipment, suddenly released a smartphone CAT S52. This model belongs to the class of super-protected models. In particular, the CAT S52 is protected against water and dust at IP68, and complies with the mil SPEC-810G standard.

Netflix has allowed users to change the speed of watching movies

Robinson noted that in the short term, the company does not plan to launch a new feature and its future depends on what feedback viewers will give. So far, according to a top Netflix Executive, the testing has caused a mixed reaction from users

Became known release date of “smart” watches Honor Magic Watch 2

Chinese brand Honor will launch sales of a new version of the “smart” watch Magic Watch until the end of 2019.

Developed a way to install Android 10 on almost any smartphone

The entire system developed is based on Project Treble, and this platform was introduced in 2017 and is supported by almost all smartphones running Android 9 and Android 8. If the user has a desire, and the bootloader is unlocked on the smartphone, then first he needs to install the Treble Info app from Google Play

Xiaomi will release a full-fledged smart watch

Xiaomi, apparently, has big plans for the presentation, which will be held on November 5. The official account of the company in Weibo distributed a video with a working smart watch Mi Watch

Google decided to expand the capabilities of the domain .new

The company has opened the reception of applications for registration of addresses in the domain zone .new, with which you can simplify access to services or functions of services.

Facebook has launched a service to help take care of health

Facebook has launched a new service that will allow users to take better care of their health. The company announced this on October 28 in its blog. The service is called Preventive Health, it is available in the mobile application Facebook

The new soft robot can catch a fly

Researchers at Purdue University (USA) have developed a new class of soft robots and actuators that, with the help of stored elastic energy, can catch an insect in just 120 milliseconds. The robot acts as fast as a chameleon’s biting tongue, according to the Purdue University press office.

Physics explained metachronal waves in the array of microtubules

Physicists from the United States have theoretically explained why metachronal waves occur in an array of microtubules immersed in a solution of kinesin and ATP. The model built by scientists clearly takes into account the forces acting on the tubes, and is consistent with the results of previous experiments. In General, waves arise due to hydrodynamic effects linking the motion of adjacent tubes. Article published in Physical Review Fluids

Physicists have discovered a new magic number for neutrons

A large international collaboration of scientists from Hong Kong, Japan, France and other countries conducted large-scale work on the basis of the Institute of physical and chemical research in Japan (RIKEN). In their new experiment, the results of which are described in the physical Review Letters, physicists studied an isotope of calcium called calcium-54 (54Ca).

According to the researchers, the results reliably indicate that calcium-54 all shells are filled, and 34-a new magic number for neutrons (since that is how many neutrons are located in the nucleus of the studied isotope of calcium). Accordingly, the isotopes with the same number of neutrons should be more stable.

Huntington’s disease proposed to be treated with autophagy

Scientists have proposed a new method to combat Huntington’s disease. They found several molecules that bind simultaneously to the mutant protein huntingtin and proteins in the autophagosomes, thus directing the protein to cleave. These substances have been shown to be effective on cells, flies and mice, inhibiting the formation of lumps of the mutant protein and reducing symptoms of the disease. The study was published in the journal Nature.

New batteries will charge the electric car in 10 minutes

Scientists have developed batteries capable of charging electric vehicles in extremely fast time. At the same time they can withstand about 800 thousand kilometers of mileage

The essence of the new technology is that the device contains a thin Nickel foil attached on one side to the negative pole of the battery, and on the other – creating a third pole outside the cell. The temperature sensor closes the circuit and the current begins to go, heating the foil first, and then the battery itself. After reaching 60 degrees Celsius, it begins to cool down on its own.

How are chemical elements forged in the Universe

Astronomers have found traces of one of the very first molecules to appear in the Universe in the first fraction of a second after the Big Bang — helium hydrate. It was possible to prove for the first time on the example of strontium that heavy elements are synthesized by the merger of two neutron stars. The discovery was made during a re-analysis of data obtained by the VLT telescope while tracking the kilonova, according to the website of the European southern Observatory.