4 Dec, 2019

News digest for 12/03/2019

Vladimir Putin signed a law amending the state budget

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law amending the state budget for 2019 and the planning period of 2020 and 2021.

In 2020, budget revenues will amount to 20.38 trillion rubles, in 2021-21, 25 trillion rubles, in 2022-22.6 trillion rubles. In 2020, the projected volume of oil and gas revenues will be 7.48 trillion rubles, in 2021-7.68 trillion rubles, in 2022 — 7.73 trillion rubles, respectively

The parameters were calculated on the basis of the projected GDP of 112.863 trillion rubles and with inflation not exceeding 3% in 2020, in 2021 and 2020 — 120, 364 trillion rubles and 128,508 trillion rubles with a maximum annual inflation of 4%.

In the courts of Russia will be banned to come in clothes with unwanted inscriptions

According to the draft, which was at the disposal of “Open media”, paragraph 2.12 of the draft rules provides that the basis for refusal to enter the court may be ” appearance that offends human dignity and public morality.” It is a question, as it is specified in the document, not only about untidy appearance, but also about the clothes “having the inscriptions testifying to obvious disrespect to society, the state and authorities”.

Recently, many activists who come to the criminal trials of the opposition, wear t-shirts or hoodies with the appropriate slogans, for example: “Shame”, “Freedom”, as well as the popular expression ” I/We-the name of the defendant in the case.”

Moscow city hall doubled the amount of subsidies for ” Evening Moscow»

Moscow city hall has decided to double the volume of the largest target subsidy for the media in 2020 to a record 1.8 billion rubles, learned “Open media”. This is an annual subsidy from the city budget, and since 2011 the newspaper “Vechernaya Moskva” receives it every time: from year to year only it submits an application. However, previously the size of the subsidy never exceeded 1 billion rubles, and this year the authorities decided to allocate more than 1.8 billion rubles.

Vladimir Putin signed several important decrees

  • Nazi symbols were allowed to be used for educational purposes on condition of condemnation of Nazism;
  • the list of media that can be recognized as foreign agents has been expanded;
  • ACTING heads of Russian regions will be able to appoint new senators;
  • security forces allowed to shoot down drones over correctional facilities;
  • transport security services were allowed to use tasers;
  • manufacturers of smartphones and computers should install Russian SOFTWARE on their equipment;
  • for storing personal data of Russians abroad will be fined;
  • for lawyers will now introduce a ” success fee»;
  • parents of those killed at work will receive insurance payment;
  • siblings should be given priority to be enrolled in the same school or kindergarten together

UN special envoy on climate and Finance appointed head of the Bank of England

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has appointed Bank of England Governor Mark Carney as his special envoy for climate and Finance. The report indicates that as special envoy, one of Carney’s key tasks will be to attract private investment needed to meet the goals of the Paris agreement on climate change.

According to Guterres, the Bank of England, the UK government and the country’s financial sector can play a leading role in implementing the requirements of the climate agreement.

The report notes that Carney will become a UN special envoy after the end of his term at the Bank of England in January 2020. Before him, the position was held by former new York mayor Michael Bloomberg, who left the post in order to focus on participating in the presidential election race in the United States. He announced his decision to fight for the White house in early November.

Vekselberg company will pay “how much you need»

Liwet Holding, a company linked to Russian businessman Viktor Vekselberg, has promised to invest in Swiss steelmaker Schmolz + Bickenbach “as long as it takes” to keep the firm from going bankrupt. In a statement, Liwet said that the company is ready to invest in Schmolz only if the shareholder structure of the Swiss concern does not change. Thus, the structure of Viktor Vekselberg tries to prevent the transition of control over Schmolz + Bickenbach to the Swiss billionaire Martin Hefner. Earlier, oligarchs in Russia were again exempted from liability for non-payment of taxes and withdrawal of capital.

Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister Valeria Simeonova on Patriarch Kirill

The statement of the Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria Valery Simeonov addressed to Patriarch Kirill (Gundyaev), caused a great scandal. An apology was demanded. however, Valery Simeonov said he was not going to apologize for his words.


In the Church of St. John the Evangelist, which is located in the Swedish city of Malmo, appeared the first in the history of LGBT altar. Instead of Adam and eve – comopare. In fact, this painting is called “Paradise”, by photographer and artist Elizabeth Olson Vallin


FAS banned the use of female Breasts in real estate advertising.

In Khabarovsk, the Antimonopoly authorities recognized obscene and offensive advertising of apartments with the image of a half-naked bust of a woman. This is reported on the website of the regional office of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS). The advertising banner was placed on Pacific street in the regional center. The slogan “Big apartments, not prices” the developer illustrated a picture of a half-naked chest.

The Netherlands accused Russia of refusing to extradite the suspect

Russia allowed the suspect in the case of the crash of flight MH17 Vladimir Tsemakh to leave the country, thus not fulfilling the request of the Netherlands for his arrest and extradition. This is reported by the Prosecutor General of the Netherlands. The Ministry noted that Russia was obliged to extradite Tsemakh in accordance with the European Convention on extradition.

“The events related to Tsemakh will not affect the beginning of the court hearings on the mh17 disaster,” the Prosecutor’s office said. – They will begin on March 9, 2020 in the Legal complex Schiphol, the Netherlands.”

It was decided to focus on social problems

The fact that at the December annual meeting of the members of the presidential Council on human rights with Vladimir Putin, the speakers will not talk about the scandals in the autumn Moscow elections (when most independent candidates were denied registration), “Open media” reported three interlocutors in the HRC. According to them, this became finally clear last week, when the topics of the reports were agreed at a closed meeting of the members of the Presidium of the Council with the first Deputy head of the Kremlin administration Sergei Kiriyenko.

According to one of the participants of the conversation with Kiriyenko, it lasted more than two hours. There were no official reports about it, but after consultations with Kiriyenko, Fadeev’s statement was posted on the HRC website that “on the agenda is a wide range of topics related to political, social, economic rights of citizens, development of civil society»

The US failed to disrupt oil supplies from Iran.

This was stated by first Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri. According to him, despite all the sanctions measures, the Americans ‘ plans failed. The Vice President also added that the Iranians had resisted economic pressure and “got back on their feet.”

“Despite the maximum economic and psychological pressure, the U.S. has not been able to reduce Iranian oil exports to zero, and we sell it by other methods,” Jahangiri said.

The US renewed anti-Iranian sanctions after Washington withdrew from the Joint comprehensive plan of action in 2018. The White house stated its intention to reduce the import of Iranian oil to a minimum due to restrictions. On November 1, the US imposed sanctions on Iran’s construction sector, and on November 19, reinstated sanctions against Iran’s Uranium enrichment plant at Fordo.

Named the culprit of the disaster SSJ-100 in Sheremetyevo

As it became known “Kommersant”, the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) in record time completed the investigation of the criminal case of the crash of the aircraft SSJ 100 in may this year, when an emergency landing at the capital’s Sheremetyevo airport killed 41 people. Without waiting for the final conclusions of the Interstate aviation Committee (IAC), the investigation called the culprit of the crash crew commander Denis Evdokimov. Victims of his actions recognized 77 people, including co-pilot Maxim Kuznetsov. Mr. Evdokimov does not admit guilt in the crash and in the deaths of passengers.

Most Russians will not live to retirement age

Most Russian citizens will not be able to live up to the new retirement age approved by the government. This conclusion was reached by experts of the publication “Free press”, reports PRIMPRESS. According to experts, now the average life expectancy of Russian men is only 66 years.

Rosatom will become a co-owner of the Delo group that bought TransContainer»

In “Rosatom” and the group “Business” declined to comment. Less than a week has passed since Shishkarev significantly scaled his business — on November 27, during the auction, he purchased 50% plus two shares of TransContainer, the largest railway container operator in Russia

Brent oil production deadline set

The most famous oil and gas field — the basis of the global benchmark — has dried up, writes the Wall Street Journal. Soon, the popular price benchmark Brent oil of the same name will not be included. Royal Dutch Shell is expected to mothball the last Brent-branded oil wells in 2020.

A new way to help United Russia in the state Duma elections

The presidential administration is discussing the idea of allowing a large number of small parties to the state Duma elections in 2021, so that United Russia will receive additional mandates on party lists by redistributing the votes of parties that have not overcome the 5% barrier. This “Vedomosti” told three people close to the internal political bloc of the Kremlin: this idea is discussed at meetings with the head of the presidential administration to ensure the activities of the state Council Alexander Harichev.

The Kremlin denied reports about the admission of small parties to the state Duma

There are no innovations related to the admission of more small parties in the elections to the state Duma in 2021. On December 3, said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

“I have nothing to say. I can’t comment. There are no innovations in this regard, ” Peskov said.

Traffic police intends to exclude “platform” from the exam for the right

The traffic police expects that drivers will cease to take the “platform” to obtain the rights from October 1, 2020, said the head of the examination Department of the Department of supervision GUOBDD MIA Nikolai Gilyakov

The state Duma adopted the law on the electronic employment record books

A package of laws on the beginning of the use of electronic workbooks in Russia from January 2020, the state Duma adopted in the third, final reading, the correspondent of IA REGNUM on December 3.

The changes will affect about 60 million employees and 8.4 million economic entities, including entrepreneurs without a legal entity. It is important that the transition to electronic workbooks will be voluntary and gradual. – Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian politician

In Russia, waste incineration want to equate to recycling

The amendments replace these norms with vague wording on spending “in the manner prescribed by the budget legislation of the Russian Federation”. Experts of the publication believe that with the help of such changes, the Ministry of natural resources is trying to fulfill the goals of the national project and ensure that 36% of waste is sent for disposal.

The government of Russia takes loads from Latvia to the ports

From the statement of the Director of the Latvian state railway administration Juris Iesalnieks it became known that the largest Russian shippers signed with the government of the Russian Federation the schedule of reduction of cargo flows through the Latvian ports.

From infectious diseases hospital Novocherkassk resigned all doctors

In the hospital infectious diseases hospital Novocherkassk (Rostov region) were only nurses, all doctors pouvolnyalis. About it writes ” KP ” with reference to the city health service. Whether doctors resigned because of low salaries, heavy workload or other reasons, the publication does not report. Patients with infectious diseases in connection with this situation will be hospitalized in medical institutions Aksay and Rostov-on-don.

45 billion rubles to regions with effective authorities

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on the distribution of 45 billion rubles of grants between 50 Russian regions with the most effective leaders and Executive authorities. The relevant document is published on the website of the government.

Russian billionaires since the beginning of the year got rich by 38.4 billion dollars

For 11 months of 2019, the total wealth of the richest Russians grew by 38 billion 413 million dollars, according to the data of the Bloomberg Billionaires Index (BBI). The index is calculated based on the value of the shares of companies in which billionaires have shares.

Putin postponed the full compensation of Soviet deposits for a year

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that suspends for another year – until January 1, 2023 – the beginning of the law on full compensation of pre-reform deposits of citizens in Sberbank. The text of the law appeared on the official Internet portal of legal information

The share of bad loans in Russia fell to the lowest in 5 years

The Central Bank of Russia notes that against the background of the measures taken by the regulator, there has been a slowdown in unsecured consumer lending: the annual growth rate fell to 23.5% on October 1, 2019, compared with a maximum of 25.3% on may 1.

Rambler Group bought shares from ERA Capital

The repurchased share will be used by Rambler Group for General corporate purposes, including a program to motivate top management and key employees. Upon completion of the transaction, A&NN and Sberbank will hold equal shares in the group’s capital and maintain parity in corporate governance

In Russia, reduced gasoline production

Gasoline production in Russia in November 2019 decreased by 3.1% compared to the same period last year – to 3.28 million tons. At the end of January – November, refineries increased gasoline production by 2.4%, to 36.6 million tons, according to the materials of the Central dispatch Department (CDU) of the fuel and energy complex.

Gold output in Russia has increased by more than ten percent since the beginning of the year

According to preliminary results of January-September 2019, Russian enterprises produced 268,638 tons of gold extracted and obtained as a result of associated production, including processing of scrap and waste, as well as in concentrates – this is 10.92% more than in the same period of 2018, according to the materials of the Union of gold producers of Russia.

The Creator of the site ” Banks.ru ” complained about the investor

The Creator of the financial supermarket (banking portal) ” Banks.ru ” Philip Ilyin-Adaev complained about the investor of his project, which turned out to be the investment Fund Russia Partners, which is a subsidiary of the Fund Siguler Guff (Siguler Guff and its affiliates manage assets worth $13 billion).

“An entrepreneur who has ventured to create his own business is methodically inspired with the idea that he just needs to let an investor into the capital… But there is a small remark: with the advent of the investor it is no longer YOUR company, “- wrote the founder of the project ” Banks.ru ” Philip Ilyin-Adaev December 2 in his Facebook

Pakistan will return Russia’s debt to the USSR

According to the agreement, Islamabad will return $ 93.5 million to Moscow. The agreement was signed by Russian Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak and Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Pakistan to Russia Kazi Khalilullah. Russia repaid the last external debt of the USSR in August 2017

In November, us industrial activity declined

The employment indicator fell to 46.6 points from 47.7 points. Meanwhile, a similar index of industrial activity PMI, calculated by IHS Markit, in November increased to the highest level in the last seven months-52.6 points against 51.3 points in October.

Chilean authorities will invest $5.5 billion in the creation of new jobs

Chile’s Central Bank earlier reported a 3.4% drop in October economic activity, the worst result since July 2009. The situation is complicated by protests that have not stopped in the country for more than a month, thefts and attacks on commercial facilities.

“We expect that the November figures will also be negative.. This suggests that thousands of businesses are at risk… Therefore, the main task now is to support employment, ” the Minister, whose statement was broadcast by channel 24 Horas, told reporters. – “Our social agenda is estimated at 5.5 billion dollars… We expect that this will lead to the creation of 100 thousand new jobs in 2020, ” the Finance Minister said.

Can the universe be looped

In a new paper published in the journal Nature Astronomy, a team of researchers came to a very original conclusion. Scientists say that there is a small probability that the universe is closed and is a kind of loop. The fact is that the team re-analyzed data on cosmic radiation, which is considered the oldest phenomenon in the entire known universe and may still remember the Big Bang. And in these data there was a strange anomaly.

A review of data from the European space Agency experiment revealed significantly more cases of gravitational lensing of microwave light (which constitutes cosmic background radiation) than expected. This is particularly puzzling because scientists currently can’t explain exactly how gravity could bend this microwave light.

Ballistic missile tests in North Korea

Aeroflot complained to the FAS on the growth of tariffs

Aeroflot CEO Vitaly Saveliev asks the head of the FAS Igor Artemyev to strengthen control over the growth of prices for kerosene, airport and ground services at regional Russian airports.

The Ministry of economic development proposed to protect the pensions of Russians from creditors

The Ministry of economic development proposes a legislative ban on collecting debts from insurance pensions of residents of Russia. The relevant draft law, which provides for amendments to the law “on enforcement proceedings” and a number of other laws, is available to Interfax.

Europe has dropped the price of Russian gas to a minimum

The cost of Russian pipeline gas for Europe has fallen to the lowest in the last 15 years. It follows from the comment to the report of “Gazprom” under IFRS. In the third quarter, the average price per thousand cubic meters, including excise duty and customs duties amounted to 169.8 dollars.

He asks for preferences in the supply of gas to “Slavely»

Mikhail Gutseriev, the founder of Safmar group, asked Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak to include in the intergovernmental agreement with Belarus on gas a separate item on the supply of 1 billion cubic meters of gas per year starting from 2020 for his potash project in the Republic — Slavkali, the Kommersant newspaper writes with reference to Gutseriev’s letter

Sudan and South Sudan intend to extend the agreement on oil transportation

Sudan and South Sudan have agreed to extend an oil supply agreement that will allow South Sudan to export its oil through Sudan’s ports until 2022. This is reported by the state news Agency of Sudan SUNA.

According to the Agency, Sudan, which lost most of its oil wealth as a result of South Sudan’s secession in 2011, aims to continue to benefit from South Sudan’s oil exports through pipelines and red sea ports. Landlocked South Sudan depends entirely on oil exports to the North to Finance its state budget.

Solar wind speed slows near Pluto

Measurements taken by the solar wind around Pluto (SWAP) instrument aboard NASA’s New horizons spacecraft provide important new information from the most remote corners of space ever explored. In a paper recently published in the Astrophysical Journal, a team led by the Southwest research Institute shows how the solar wind – a supersonic stream of charged particles blown by the Sun-evolves at increasing distances from the Sun.

“Previously, only the Pioneer 10 and 11 missions and Voyager 1 and 2 explored the outer solar system and the outer heliosphere, but now New Horizons is doing so with more modern scientific instruments,” said Dr. Heather Elliott, a staff member at SwRI, as well as Deputy principal investigator for the SWAP instrument and lead author of the paper. “Our Sun’s influence on the space environment extends far beyond the outer planets and SWAP shows us new aspects of how that environment changes with distance.”

Apple bought Intel’s modem business

Intel has officially completed the sale of most of its smartphone modem business to Apple, Intel said in a statement.

NASA press conference that will ” change our view of the Sun»

On December 4, 2019, NASA will hold a press conference dedicated to the first results of the Agency’s revolutionary mission to “touch” the Sun – “Parker Solar Probe”.

China to build solar power plant in space

China will build a solar power plant in space by 2035, according to China Daily. The power plant will accumulate sunlight and convert it into energy. Then, with the help of microwave radiation, the energy will be transferred to the Earth.

Cats Express emotions through facial expressions

Canadian biologists have told cat owners how to recognize the emotions of a whiskered pet. Cats actively use nonverbal communication to Express their emotions. For example, purring is joy or pleasure, and hissing is anger or resentment. In addition, biologists have noticed that Pets also use the muscles of the head, the opening and closing of the eyes, the twitching of the eyelids, the dilation of the pupils.

The European Commission requires Cyprus to clarify the intention to withdraw the ” Golden passport»

The European Commission demanded from the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus to clarify the circumstances that forced Nicosia to declare its intention to withdraw Cypriot citizenship from 26 owners of the so-called Golden passports received in exchange for investments. This was reported on Monday by the newspaper Cyprus Mail.

China in October reduced imports of natural gas

China’s imports of natural gas slowed in October 2019, the national development and reform Commission of China (NDRC) reported, the China Daily newspaper reported. China imported 9.34 billion cubic meters of natural gas in October this year, down 5.7% year-on-year. In the first ten months, natural gas imports reached 106.8 billion cubic meters, up 8.4% year-on-year.

In Tanzania, the approbation of tests for self-testing for HIV

More than 17,000 Tanzanians have taken advantage of self-testing HIV tests that have recently become available in pharmacies in the East African country. This is reported by the newspaper Mwananchi with reference to the statement of the Minister of health of Tanzania, made on December 1 on the occasion of International AIDS day.

Air carriers warned about the dangers of flying over Egypt

The European aviation safety Agency (EASA) conducted a risk assessment of flights over the Sinai in Egypt. They were recognized as high, reports ATOR. EASA does not recommend airlines and private pilots to fly over Sinai at an altitude below 6620 m. the Warning is valid until 30 March 2020. EASA carried out the test in preparation for the UK to resume flights from the United Kingdom to Sharm El Sheikh from 19 December

Brain structures responsible for suicidal thoughts found

A group of foreign researchers found in the brain two chains that are responsible for suicidal tendencies. During the new research project, scientists analyzed studies that looked at images of the thinking apparatus of people who suffered from suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

Former Commissioner of the movement “Our” Schlegel explained the move to Germany

Former state Duma Deputy from the faction “United Russia” and Commissioner of the youth movement “Our” Robert Schlegel gave an interview to “Kommersant”, in which he said that he moved to Germany, because he has the right to obtain citizenship of this country, being an ethnic German.

“I am an ethnic German. As an ethnic German, when I move to Germany, my family and I are eligible for citizenship. At the same time, we have the right not to renounce Russian citizenship,” Schlegel said.

The defense Ministry denied the bombing of a refugee camp in Syria

The Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation categorically denied the information of the American newspaper The New York Times about the bombing of the Russian air force in August this year, a refugee camp in Syria. The defense Ministry called this information the next information spreading.

To the disappointment of customers of this fake, forced again to remind you that the transmission of the target coordinates to the pilots of Russian bombers or reports on their implementation of the task is not performed in the open air.- Igor Konashenkov, Russian military

Turkey said the purchase of the S-400 will strengthen NATO’s defense capability

Turkey’s acquisition of Russian s-400 air defense systems will not reduce, but will strengthen NATO’s defense capability, Ismail Safi, a member of the security and foreign policy Council of the Turkish presidential administration, told RIA Novosti.

The us Navy aircraft carrier “Abraham Lincoln” went to the Persian Gulf

He led the carrier strike group after completing a stint at the 5th operations fleet base in Bahrain. The group includes the missile cruiser Leyte Gulf, the missile destroyers Bainbridge, Nitze and Mason.

The group in the Kaliningrad region will strengthen the motorized infantry division

“Next year, the Baltic fleet will form another motorized rifle unit with a location in the Kaliningrad region,” the press service of the Baltic fleet said.

Iran announces mass production of cruise missiles

Iranian Navy chief rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi during a visit to the exhibition of the Navy announced the launch of Iran’s mass production of cruise missiles “JASK” of its own design. Hanzade said that all the submarines of the Iranian army will be equipped with missiles “JASK”.

Apple created the Apple Music Awards

Apple has launched its Apple Music Awards. The main award, the nomination “Artist of the year”, was received by Billie Ailish, her concert at Steve Jobs Theater watch December 5 at 05: 30 GMT.

“Alexander Rodchenko. From the Still Art Foundation collection”

At the exhibition ” Alexander Rodchenko. From the collection of Still Art Foundation”, which will open at the Lumiere brothers center of photography on January 24, 2020, will show the artist’s works of different years: from his first photographic experiences of the mid-20s to the late 30s of the XX century.

“Geo-metric in the culture of the XX-XXI centuries. The centenary of the Bauhaus”

The second part of the exhibition “geo-metric in the culture of the XX-XXI centuries” will start working in Moscow at the State center for contemporary art as part of ROSIZO on December 3. The centenary of the Bauhaus.” In the second part of the project, the curators focused on the coordinates of living space, representing contemporary artists who continue the tradition of geometric culture.

The exhibition is based on works by Eric Bulatov, Vladimir Yankilevsky, Sergei Reznikov, Francisco Infante-Arana, Yuri Zlotnikov, Boris Turk, Ilya Kabakov, Dmitry Prigov and other artists.

“Lenkom” will restore two more productions of Mark Zakharov

Now work is underway to restore the famous “Memorial prayer”, which will be shown this season. Another work by Mark Zakharov, which is preparing to return to the stage – “Peer Gynt”.

“This is quite real,” said mark warshawer, ” Because the theater now employs all the artists who were engaged in this production. Unfortunately, we have written off the scenery, but the layout has been preserved, according to which we can restore them,” the current artistic Director explained.

Started a new project “Lyubimovka”

Laboratory “LARK + Lyubimovka” will be held on December 7 in Moscow and on the 11th in St. Petersburg. Two venues will host readings of new plays by contemporary American playwrights. These screenings will be the result of joint work of Russian translators, playwrights, Directors, actors and authors from the United States on literary and stage adaptation of texts.

The project started on December 2 in the capital’s Meyerhold Center and will last until December 6. Laboratory “Lark + Lyubimovka” is a long-term cooperation program of the festival “Lyubimovka” and the center for the development of drama The LARK, in which American playwrights come to Russia, and Russian-to the United States.

Amazon has started offering quantum computing services

Quantum computers are rare and extremely expensive, so Amazon is trying to turn them into an affordable and scalable resource, as is already the case with their AWS cloud computing platform. Previously, GLAS reported a significant growth in the customer base of Amazon Music service

Sony beats Canon and Nikon in Japan’s full-frame camera market

As a result, Sony’s market share in full-frame cameras in Japan increased from 31.6% to 38%, which allowed it to take the first place. Canon dropped to second place as its share for the year fell from 37.8% to 36%. Nikon’s share for the year also decreased — from 29.1% to 24%.

Chemists have grown micellar polymer brushes on silicon and graphene

The chemists grew polymer brushes on a silicon wafer and a sheet of graphene oxide, placing crystals on the surface that caused the filaments to grow. As a result, it was possible to regulate the density, length and chemical properties of micellar brushes, and with the introduction of nanoparticles, scientists have shown the applicability of nanostructures for catalysis and the creation of antibacterial coatings. The paper is published in the journal Science.

Infectious cancer in mussels has spread across the Atlantic

Biologists have found the same type of contagious cancer in several mollusk populations in Northern Europe and South America. These populations belong to different species, and the ancestor of this tumor, apparently, originated in an individual of the third species. Scientists believe that the spread of cancer around the world helped transport-mussels attached to the bottom of ships and crossed the oceans. The study was published in the journal eLife.

Found a way to remove kidney stones without pain

American biologists have discovered a new combination of chemical elements, making components of two already known to medicine drugs that will help facilitate the passage of kidney stones. It is reported that the new formula allows you to relax the walls of the ureters and make the withdrawal of stones from the kidneys much less painful.

Bright object in working memory dilated pupils

British scientists have found that the reaction of the pupil to changes in the brightness of lighting can occur without external stimulation. To do this, they conducted three experiments in which they measured the size of the pupils of participants who needed to remember the direction of the lines on either a dark or light circle. Depending on which circle it was necessary to remember, the size of pupils changed — in the same way as at change of external illumination. The work is published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Daughter of brad pitt and Angelina Jolie officially became a boy

The daughter of Hollywood actors Angelina Jolie and brad pitt Shiloh is undergoing hormone therapy in order to have sex change surgery. This was written the portal instyle.ru referring to foreign publications

Found contributing to the development of cancer protein

In the new work, scientists tried to determine the effect of TBK1 on cancer cells and its role in the development of cancer in vivo. The authors found for the first time that blocking TBK1 in mice dramatically reduced the number and size of tumors that otherwise developed very actively.

Human skin distinguishes between day and night

Scientists at the University of Texas have discovered that the protein TBK1, involved in the immune response, can also suppress the action of immune cells on the tumor, blocking cancer treatment. A paper on this is published in the journal Nature Cell Biology.

The properties of solids have learned to control with the help of sound

It has not been possible to control the exciton properties in the range of temperatures and pressures applicable in real life. This was done by physicists from the Federal Polytechnic school of Lausanne, the Institute of structure and dynamics of matter of the max Planck Society and the University of Le Mans.