5 Nov, 2019

News digest for 11/04/2019

Two-thirds of Russians believe there is hostility between rich and poor

Two-thirds of Russians (76 %) believe that there is a contradiction or hostility between rich and poor in the country. In the absence of dislike believe 10 % of respondents.

70 % believe in hostility between the management and ordinary employees. 10-20 % of respondents indicated that they did not notice such hostility.

Regarding the hostility and contradictions between entrepreneurs and employees, 57 % of respondents indicated that such differences exist. The absence of disagreements of these groups was indicated by 31 %.

Eurasian Union becomes popular»

According to him, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, interest in cooperation with the countries of the Eurasian economic Union is growing. According to him, the EAEU member States: Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have created one of the largest common markets.

“This is almost 184 million consumers. The total GDP of our countries is about 2 trillion us dollars, ” the head of the Cabinet said.

Tehran “in many cases has been able to corner and weaken” Washington

Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said his country was doing everything it could to oppose the United States, and in the four decades since the 1979 Islamic revolution, Tehran has “in many cases been able to corner and weaken” Washington.

“The ban on negotiations is based on solid logic. It blocks enemy infiltration, shows the world the greatness of the Islamic Republic, and destroys the false greatness of the United States in the eyes of the world. Some people think that negotiations will solve the problem. This is one hundred percent wrong, ” Khamenei explained the position of refusing any negotiations, expressed by him earlier.

In Rybinsk solemnly opened a skate Playground

In Rybinsk solemnly opened skate-Playground for 25 million rubles from “Fund support Olympians Russia” — such a the price from-for “special frost-resistant materials”, but so as enjoy this chessboard of winter travmoopasno, then no one its service until spring not will.

Supersonic “Lightning” is almost impossible to shoot down

Engineers of the Dnieper design Bureau “South” presented anti-ship supersonic missile ” Lightning “(“Bliskavka” ) at the military exhibition “Weapons and security-2019”.

According to the developers, such missiles, the speed of which is about 2000 — 2500 kilometers per hour, plan to arm the Ukrainian SU-27 and SU-24M. Other technical characteristics of the missile are not yet given. The creators of new items claim that supersonic “Lightning” is almost impossible to shoot down.

A Federal judge has suspended trump’s rule on health insurance for immigrants.

Donald trump signed an order, according to which from November 3, immigrants without health insurance will be restricted from entering the country. Seven U.S. citizens and one nonprofit filed a Federal lawsuit on Wednesday, claiming it would block nearly two-thirds of all potential legal immigrants

Recall that according to the document, when entering the country an immigrant must have insurance valid for 30 days. In its absence, the entrant must have sufficient financial means to pay for medical expenses.

I did it to help people

The former mayor of Grozny, the second cousin of the head of Chechnya Islam Kadyrov apologized for torturing people with a stun gun. He said this in an interview with a journalist of the TV and radio company “Grozny” Chingiz Akhmadov, broadcast on instagram.

Earlier, the TV company released a story that showed how Kadyrov used a stun gun, beating confessions from people suspected of fraud.

“I have no excuse, I am one hundred percent to blame. I am ready to be punished for my mistakes, but I did it not with malice, not for selfish purposes, but in order to help people who have become victims of scams, ” Kadyrov was quoted as saying by TASS (on the TV company’s website, the broadcast has not yet been published).


In the Altai school in the village of Bolshaya Tikhaya ended teachers! Because of this, the kids do not go to school, and the head of the district says to parents: look for a teacher yourself, we can not find!..


The rules of transportation of funds across the border will change

The rules for moving cash across the border will be changed from 2020. Citizens who are going to go abroad and carrying with them more than $10 thousand in cash, from February 2020 will have to take care not only of the customs Declaration, but also will need to officially confirm the origin of the funds.

If the amount exceeds $10 thousand, and there is no corresponding Declaration, the citizen will be punished by an administrative fine. And if this amount exceeds $30 thousand – he will be criminally liable.

Dmitry Medvedev has compared the prices of Internet services in Russia and the United States

Unlimited Internet in Russia is much cheaper than in a number of countries, and the number of smartphone users in Russia is in the world top 5. This was told by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at the Business investment summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

“We have very affordable unlimited traffic among developed countries — at a cost it is nine times lower than in Japan, 14 times cheaper than in the United States, and 17 times cheaper than in the Republic of Korea,” Medvedev was quoted as saying by TASS.

The majority of Russians are refused travel due to lack of money

According to a study by tutu analysts.for example, 58% of Russian residents postponed the trip because of material problems. 7% of respondents decided to spend the money postponed for rest on payment on a mortgage or other loans. The same number of respondents did not go anywhere on vacation because they have no one to leave a pet with or because it is necessary to provide care for a close relative. 6% did not go because of work, and the other 6% because they did not want to. 5% of respondents refused to travel because there were health problems or accumulated household chores. About 4% did not go anywhere because of the lack of company, and another 2% did not go abroad because of the ban on leaving the country.

McDonald’s President fired over office romance

Company President and CEO of McDonald’s Steve Easterbrook left his position due to an affair with a subordinate. According to the former President of the company, his behavior was a mistake.

“Given the company’s principles, I agree with the Board’s decision that it is time for me to move forward,” he said.

Bank customers complain about calls scammers

Bank customers have faced a massive round-up from fraudsters. Swindlers act according to the former scheme-warn unauthorized transfer from the client’s card and ask to pass identification by phone.

The Russian Embassy condemned the bi-Bi-si in the film about the case Skrobala

According to The Guardian, the film will consist of three parts, it will tell how the residents of Salisbury reacted to the incident. In March 2018, former GRU employee Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were found unconscious in the British city of Salisbury.

“It is regrettable that British journalists, instead of demanding answers from their own authorities to numerous questions about what happened, prefer to work on Salisbury in artistic genres,” -said the press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in response to a question about the attitude to the beginning of filming of the BBC feature film about the incident with the poisoning of the Skripals.

In the Donbass, said the Russian flag

In the area of breeding forces in the village of gold-5 Lugansk region appeared Russian flag. This Agency RBC-Ukraine said a veteran of hostilities in the Donbass, a volunteer with the call sign “Chernobyl”. According to him, the tricolor was hung out during the arrival of state Duma Deputy Alexei Zhuravlev

Malaysia has threatened the EU with the purchase of Russian aircraft

Malaysia is ready to completely switch to the purchase of aircraft in Russia and stop purchasing from Europe in case of refusal of EU countries from importing palm oil. This was announced by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad at a business forum in Bangkok.

“If you reduce or limit our imports, we will take the same measures and will not buy your goods. We will buy Russian planes, not yours, ” the Malaysian Prime Minister announced.

Thus, he commented on the package of measures approved by the European Parliament aimed at preserving the climate. Among the proposed steps is a ban on the use of palm oil for biofuel production. It should be noted that Malaysia is the second producer of this oil in the world after Indonesia.

In Turkey, detained the head of the training camp of ISIS militants*

In Turkey, law enforcement officers detained the head of the training camp of the IG* (“Islamic state”, a terrorist organization banned in Russia), where they trained from 1.5 thousand to 2 thousand foreign fighters a year. This was reported in the interior Ministry, Anadolu reports.

India liquidates last MiG-27 squadron

India has decided to abandon the last squadron of MiG-27 aircraft that the country’s air force has used for the last 35 years. India Today reports that on December 27, these fighters will make their last flight.

The refusal of the aircraft is associated with the adoption of the French Rafale, as well as its fighters, which are created under the Tejas program.

NATO military complained of persecution of their families by the Russians

NATO military personnel serving in the Baltic States have complained about Russians harassing their families. This was reported on November 1 edition “Jyllands-Posten”. According to some information, the wives of the Dutch pilots began to call periods of people who speak English with a perceptible Russian accent.


The United States is almost the only developed country that does not have a comprehensive consumer data protection law and an independent Agency to enforce it.


The US managed to muffle the radars of the Russian S-400.

The Russian side has not yet given any explanation as to why it was not possible to detect American military aircraft in the area of the settlement of Barisha in a timely manner. Experts, in turn, believe that the Russian complexes simply managed to drown out.

“Disabling the S-400 in Syria is extremely unlikely, because it is the most long-range Russian systems in the region. However, regular flights near Russian military bases, it is likely allowed the United States to get information that allows you to drown the radars of these systems, as there is no explanation for what happened anymore, ” – said the expert.

In Turkey neutralized the most wanted terrorist in the country

The Iraqi national intelligence organization and the Turkish armed forces neutralized in the area of Metin in Northern Iraq, the most wanted terrorist in Turkey from among the PKK (“Kurdistan workers party” – banned in Turkey). It is reported by Anadolu Agency.

US occupied oil fields in Northern Syria

In Eastern Syria, the us military, which entered from Iraq, occupied the oil fields of Rumeylan-just a few kilometers from the international highway M-4, which is patrolled by the Syrian army and the military police of the Russian Federation.

The largest producer of “Narzan” is threatened with bankruptcy

The company “S-TRANS” plans to apply to the court for bankruptcy of JSC “Narzan” because of debts for the transportation of goods. Notice of this published on the website of the Unified Federal register of information on the activities of legal entities, drew the attention of RBC.

VimpelCom revenue falls for second quarter in a row

On November 4, VimpelCom reported for the third quarter of 2019: the company’s revenue continues to fall and amounted to 74.7 billion rubles, which is 2.7% less than the result of the same quarter last year

Russian citizens warned about the growth of electricity tariffs

The approval of the Paris climate agreement and the introduction of a carbon tax can cause an increase in payments for both companies and citizens of Russia. This is reported by “Izvestia” with reference to the Institute of problems of natural monopolies, conducting a study of the consequences of ratification of the document commissioned by the state Duma.

According to the calculations of experts, the introduction of a carbon levy in the amount of $ 15 per ton of CO2 equivalent will require the taxpayer to pay 3-4% of GDP per year. The main objects of risks scientists called the industry with high energy intensity. These include electricity and heat, aluminum and oil and gas industry, ferrous metallurgy, coal mining, fertilizer and cement production. The Institute explained that these industries are the basis of the Russian economy. According to experts, for them, electricity can increase in price by 40-50%.

China’s debt is 160% of GDP

A credit bubble is inflating in China. The volume of accumulated debt of this country amounted to 160% of GDP, according to the study of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. Bank analysts estimate its size even more — in 253-300% of the gross product of China.

This level can be compared with the indicators of indebtedness of the economies of Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal or Ireland for the period of 2009. At the same time, the people’s Bank of China does not plan to reduce the key interest rate, in October this year it was decided to keep the rate at the same level of 4.2%.

Uzbekistan’s debt to China to exceed $3 billion

Uzbekistan’s public debt to China will exceed $3 billion in early 2020, which is 53% more than in early 2019, Kun reported on November 2. uz with reference to the draft budget of the Republic for citizens for 2020.

Total sells contaminated Russian oil

At a discount exceeding $25 per barrel, a Batch of contaminated oil from Russia with a volume of 720 thousand barrels was sold by France’s Total, Bloomberg reported, citing sources

Baltic chemical complex will use American technologies

The daughter of Rusgazdobycha, the company Baltic chemical complex (BHK) has entered into licensing agreements with the American company with Lummus Technology – daughter McDermott, in the framework of the project of the gas chemical complex in Ust-Luga. This was reported by the press service of the Baltic chemical complex

In 2020, Thailand will introduce a new land tax.

One of the sectors affected is vacant land, TBN reports. Owners of such sites will have to start paying significant taxes for the first time. For many properties, commercial development of office, retail or residential rental space will not be possible due to the location or size of the land

Germany to install one million charging stations for electric vehicles

By 2030, Germany is expected to have about a million charging stations for electric cars. This statement was made by Angela Merkel, the Federal Chancellor of Germany. Now in Germany there are about 20 thousand public charging stations for electric cars

Bulgaria’s Pro-European party wins local elections

Last day in the country elected deputies to municipal authorities and mayors of cities. Yesterday, the second round of local elections was held, but in a number of cities, including Burgas, Stara Zagora and Gabrovo, GERB candidates won in the first round.

Us airlines to triple Boeing 737 MAX demonstration flights

American airlines Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and American Airlines want to conduct demonstration flights of the updated Boeing 737 MAX before the Federal aviation administration issues them official permission.

The Russian estimated moral damage at 100 trillion rubles

As told in the press service of the FSSP, the claim was filed in the Pervomaisky district court of the Orenburg region by one of the debtors in enforcement proceedings. The court found the plaintiff’s claims unfounded and denied the claim in full.

Total market value of Russian public companies

Russia has a huge number of enterprises and companies in various sectors. The total capitalization of all public units at the moment is more than 44 trillion rubles. The largest part from 2008 to 2019 is occupied by representatives of the oil and gas field – more than 60%, followed by metallurgical and mining, as well as financial and banking industries. The smaller part of the structure is occupied by energy and consumer sector.

The Commission against pseudoscience announced violations in six more candidates in the RAS

The Commission on combating falsification of scientific research of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) found violations in the publications of six candidates for members of the Academy, according to its website. The Commission prepared a report on the eve of the elections for corresponding members and academicians of the RAS at the General meeting, which will be held on November 13-15. Previously, violations were found in the publications of 56 scientists.

The Deputy Minister of culture of Udmurtia was arrested for a large bribe

Such a decision was made by the court, having considered the evidence presented by the IC of Russia in the Udmurt Republic of a bribe in a large amount received by an official. As follows from the materials of the FSB, the Deputy Minister demanded a percentage of the contract concluded by one of the local businessmen with the institution subordinated to the Ministry

Major MTV EMA awards went to Billy Ailish and Taylor swift

Popular artists Billy Ailish and Taylor swift won major awards at the MTV Europe Music Awards. American singer Billie Eilish won such nominations as best new artist and best new song- “Bad guy”. American country singer Taylor swift won the award for best video, the award was given to her video for the song ME!
In Tula the exhibition of theatrical costumes of the Alexandrinsky theatre

As part of the year of theatre in Russia, the Alexandrinsky theatre opens an exhibition at the Tver regional art gallery on November 4, where it will present sketches, costumes and props from performances of the XIX – XX centuries devoted to the history of pre-Petrine Russia.

Bust of Fyodor Dostoevsky installed in Copenhagen

The official opening ceremony of the bust of the great Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky took place in Copenhagen at the cultural center “Assistens”. This was reported by the head of Rossotrudnichestvo in Denmark Artem Markaryan.

The opening ceremony was attended by Russian Ambassador to Denmark Vladimir Barbin, Copenhagen mayor Ninna Hediger Olsen, as well as the author of the monument, academician of the Russian Academy of arts Andrey Tyrtyshnikov.

Forgotten in the train violin XVIII century returned to the owner

The musician reported the lost violin to the transport police, after which officers found on CCTV footage of a man getting off the train with a violin case. After that, Morris asked through the press to return the violin to him, and on the same day he received a message on Twitter from a man who said that he had the instrument.

Morrison, accompanied by police, met the man in the supermarket car Park. The person who found the violin apologized several times for not taking it to the police immediately. It is a violin by the master David Tecler of 1709. Experts estimate it at 320 thousand dollars.

Exhibition ” Theatre.RUS “opened in the” New Arena”

Exhibition ” Theatre.RUS”, dedicated to the history of the Russian theater and bringing together more than 2 thousand exhibits, as well as a large-scale program of lectures, workshops and performances, opened in the exhibition hall “New Manege”.

Gaming smartphone ASUS ROG Phone II is released in Russia

In Russia, buyers are offered a version of Asus ROG Phone II with 12 gigabytes of RAM and 512 gigabytes of flash memory. The recommended retail price is 69 990 rubles. Pre-orders are accepted until November 15. Pre-order promised a gift-gaming headset Asus ROG Cetra, a separate cost of which is 6 790 rubles.

Engineers have created a vest to control robots

Engineers from MIT and the University of Illinois at Erabana-Champaign have created a robot that can be controlled with a special vest. Thanks to this technology, a small two-legged HERMES can move synchronously with the operator.

Vests are created in pairs and put on both the robot and the operator. This development forces the machine to repeat all human actions. However, the key mechanism of HERMES not only makes the robot move with him in unison, but also gives the person immediately feel what forces and how they affect the robot. Experts believe that such a system will allow the use of robots to eliminate accidents at work and in other man-made disasters. Thus robots can replace rescuers….

On Earth discovered absolutely lifeless place

Life usually has the ability to adapt to any, even the most extreme conditions. But there is a place on Earth where no one can survive. It is about the Danakil desert in Ethiopia. The Dallol geothermal complex is covered by lakes of crater origin with hyperacid, hypersaline water colored in a variety of colors.

For 10 years from meadows of Germany two thirds of insects disappeared

After taking a series of consecutive measurements of insect biomass, researchers from Germany found a radical decline in ten years. For forests, the loss amounted to about forty percent, and in the meadows disappeared two-thirds of the insects

There is no connection between aggression and rock music

Experts explained that people who prefer to listen to an aggressive genre of music, like punk rock or alternative, are not prone to aggression in everyday life.

American cargo spacecraft Cygnus went to the ISS

The us spacecraft Cygnus launched to the International space station with 3.7 tons of cargo. As reported by the us space Agency on Saturday, November 2, the Cygnus spacecraft will deliver almost four tons of cargo to the ISS

New details of NASA’s “interstellar” mission have become known

The Interstellar Probe concept, commissioned by NASA’s heliophysics Department, was first unveiled in the summer of 2018, and engineers have now revealed some new details of the project. As far as is known, the creators of the project plan to use a 770-kilogram apparatus, which will be able to start on Board a super-heavy rocket SLS. To give the probe additional acceleration, a gravitational maneuver around the Sun or Jupiter can be used, which will accelerate it to a speed of more than 160 thousand kilometers per hour.

On the flight to another star, the developers do not expect, de facto Interstellar Probe will be a mission to study the boundaries of the Solar system and its immediate surroundings.

Record-breaking small black hole discovered

The 3.3-solar-mass black hole was spotted near the giant star 2MASS J05215658+4359220. The authors of the study do not rule out that the object may not be a black hole, but a neutron star. In this case, their discovery is no less surprising.

Chinese lunar Rover “Yutu-2” passed 319 m on the reverse side of the moon

The Chinese station, which landed on the far side of the moon in January 2019, stops activity during the lunar night due to a lack of solar energy. This moonlit night was the 11th for Chang’e-4. The station will continue to operate after the end of the lunar night, equal to 354 earth hours. All instruments on the lunar Rover and lander are working properly. Scientists during the rest of the device should develop a further route of the lunar Rover.

The US air force is developing a space solar energy transmission system

The United States air force is funding the creation of a space system that will transmit to the location of the us army expeditionary force electricity collected in orbit. This is reported on the website of the Research laboratory of the US Air force (AFRL).