5 Nov, 2020

News digest for 11/04/2020

Poland postpones ban on abortion

The Polish government has postponed the introduction of restrictions on abortion after massive protests by opponents of the ban. This is reported by The Guardian with reference to the head of the Prime Minister’s Office Michal Dvorczyk. The reason for this was the protests of many thousands, which have continued in the country since October 22

In Russia, the size of the minimum fine for traffic violations will increase

In Russia, the size of the minimum fine for violation of traffic rules will increase to 500 rubles. This was announced on November 3 by the Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation Konstantin Chuichenko on the air of one of the federal channels. The increase in the size of fines for traffic rules will occur as part of the amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses.

Member of the Coordination Council of the Belarusian opposition arrested

Denis Gotto, a member of the main composition of the Coordination Council (CC) of the Belarusian opposition, received 25 days of administrative arrest, the CC reported on Tuesday.

The council’s message on Telegram said that Gotto was arrested for violating the procedure for organizing or holding mass events and disobeying a lawful order or demand of an official in the exercise of his official powers (Articles 23.34 and 23.4 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of Belarus). The Coordination Council stressed that “none of the members of the Constitutional Court violated the legislation” of Belarus.

Lukashenka promoted to the rank of KGB and Defense Ministry heads after new protests

At the end of last week, Lukashenko handed the general’s shoulder straps to the new Interior Minister Ivan Kubrakov, the rank of lieutenant general of militia was awarded to presidential aides Yuri Karaev and Alexander Barsukov, the rank of major general of militia to the head of the Minsk militia Mikhail Grib, Tut.by specifies.

The Baltic Sea is recognized as one of the most polluted

The water in the Baltic Sea, as well as in the Curonian Lagoon last year did not correspond to a good chemical status, meanwhile, the concentration of pollution in it did not go beyond the current environmental standards. Such data are contained in the report of the Lithuanian Ministry of Natural Resources.

Russian government declared Ingushetia bankrupt

Ingushetia has been declared bankrupt, and the republic’s financial management will be transferred to the federal Ministry of Finance. This decision was made by the government of the Russian Federation on the basis of data from the Accounts Chamber on the socio-economic indicators of the region.

In fact, the financial authorities of Ingushetia will have to relinquish some of their powers in favor of the RF Ministry of Finance. So, in particular, in Ingushetia cash payments on budget expenditures will be limited, capital investments in a number of projects and the attraction of new loans to cover the state debt, which currently amounted to 3.33 billion rubles, will be suspended, which exceeds the volume of own revenues received by the budget of Ingushetia – 2.65 billion rubles. At the same time, the level of public debt increased by 64% – the republic was in second place in Russia in terms of the highest growth rates of public debt after St. Petersburg.

In China, the digital yuan will be the only digital currency

The People’s Bank of China is preparing a bill that will legally secure the digital yuan as the only digital currency in the PRC. This was reported on October 24 by the online edition asia.nikkei. The bill states that the yuan will circulate in both physical and digital form. The bill also prohibits organizations and individuals from producing or selling currency, coupons, or digital tokens.

Moscow authorities will not cut budget spending

The Moscow government on Tuesday approved and submitted to the Moscow City Duma a draft of the Moscow budget for a three-year period with a deficit in 2021 of 510 billion.Most of it for the first time in more than a decade will be closed by issuing bonds – the maximum volume of these borrowings in 2021 will be 396 billion rubles … The city authorities promise to use this money not for current expenses, but for financing investment projects – for the sake of future growth. Moscow’s current meager amount of debt – only 1% of its annual revenues – allows the capital’s authorities to borrow without compromising budget stability.

Traffic in Moscow shopping centers

The Shopping Index in Moscow at the end of October 2020 decreased by 9.4% compared to September and by 26.7% compared to the same month in 2019, according to Watcom data. The situation is similar in St. Petersburg, where the indicator decreased by 3.5% compared to September and by 26.3% year-on-year.

The cheapest apartments have risen in price in Moscow

The average cost of secondary housing in Moscow continues to increase. At the same time, mainly the cheapest options are becoming more expensive, and high-budget apartments are growing in price more slowly or even getting cheaper. This is stated in the materials of the analytical center “Indicators of the real estate market” (IRN), received by the editorial office of “Lenta.ru”.

On average, a square meter of new real estate in the capital costs 191.15 thousand rubles, experts calculated. In October, this figure rose by 2.4 percent. Dollar prices against the background of the weakening ruble fell by 0.9 percent, to 2.5 thousand dollars per square

Which pensioners will be increased their pension

It became known that in Russia some pensioners will have their pensions increase to 30 thousand rubles from 2021. We are talking about military personnel. It is known that the deputies adopted in the first reading a draft law on the preservation of the reduction coefficient when calculating pensions for the military and categories of citizens equated to them.

The Ministry of Finance decided not to index pensions for working pensioners

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation did not support the indexation of pensions for working pensioners. This was stated by the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov, writes RIA Novosti

A pension is compensation for lost earnings, and if a pensioner who receives a pension is still working, then the earnings have not been lost, maybe he is a small amount of this earnings, but in general he receives both earnings and a pension, ” he said.

Russians on the advice of Putin have ceased to be afraid of the collapse of the ruble

The majority of Russians (56 percent) have ceased to fear the collapse of the ruble, because the weakening of the national currency does not affect their financial situation in any way. Such a study was published by the online platform Webbankir, writes the Prime agency.

The collapse of the ruble in recent months should not affect stability and is primarily associated with external negative circumstances and the situation on world markets. This was announced earlier by the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

The Russian government plans to support the automotive industry

To support the Russian car industry in 2021, 17.5 billion rubles will be allocated from the budget, the press service of the Ministry of Industry and Trade reported. The money will be allocated for preferential leasing and car loans, as well as for other purposes. The draft law on the budget for supporting the industry provides for less than 15 billion rubles.

These funds will go to programs of concessional car loans, concessional leasing and affordable rent, subsidies for gas-engine equipment ahead of government purchases of vehicles and grants from the FRP for the localization of the production of automotive components, the press service of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of TASS reported.

Cartel conspiracy on the medical equipment market in Ulyanovsk

At the end of 2019, the OFAS in the Ulyanovsk region considered the appeal, according to which MedTechCentre LLC and IE Ivanov N.B. “Took concerted action.” The purpose of these actions is to maintain a high price at the auction for the maintenance of medical equipment in the amount of more than 0.9 million rubles in the period from February 2018 to February 2020. Based on the results of the consideration of the case, the cartel conspiracy was proved

Sibur financial statements for the III quarter of 2020

Sibur’s net loss according to international financial reporting standards (IFRS) amounted to RUB 20.147 billion in the third quarter of 2020. compared to net profit of RUB 25.548 billion. for the same period, the company said.

Bats have the ability to predict the future

Scientists from Johns Hopkins University reported that bats can build prey patterns on the fly based on echolocation signals. The research is published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Experts explained that the animals predict the flight path of the hunting object.

Human brain was able to connect to the computer

Synchron is developing a brain-computer interface that will allow the machine to communicate with the organ through the vessels, avoiding direct contact. It is believed that implants must be placed on the surface or inside the brain in order to communicate with a computer, but this can damage it.

Mineral suitable for making energy saving batteries

Petersburg scientists discovered a new mineral in Kamchatka, which has already received the name “petrovite” – after the outstanding minearologist Thomas Petrov. The discovery may contribute to the creation of new, cheap batteries, according to the press service of St. Petersburg State University.

Since the discovered mineral is rare, experts expect the compound to be synthesized in a laboratory. Then it will be possible to start industrial production.

Scientists have found a way to program the brain

A team of scientists has conducted new experiments with monkeys. The animals were asked to choose different drinks separately. The selection process was disrupted by the application of a higher current, which made the monkey inclined to choose another option over the previous one. According to the researchers, the results of the experiment prove that the impulses processed by the neurons of the orbitofrontal cortex are not only key to decision-making, but they can also be controlled.

Neuroscientist and Nature Scientist Camillo Padoa-Schioppa of the University of Washington in St. Louis noted that the findings could help find new treatments for drug addiction, eating disorders, depression – in short, those conditions associated with poor decision making.

Night bees found in Australia

Australian scientists have discovered a new species of bees in the rainforest that work at night and collect nectar. Experts decided to study this subspecies of bees in more detail. As a result, scientists have found the difference between night and day bees – these are the eyes. In nocturnal species, both categories of eyes are significantly larger than in daytime ones. Thanks to this, they can see perfectly in the dark.

Scientists have found out why the craving for learning new things decreases with age

Scientists from the University of Massachusetts have found that over time, special neural connections die in the human brain, which are responsible for assessing the possible consequences of an action.

For example, a person may face a dilemma: either stay in a high-paying job, or forget about their personal life. Special neural connections track the pros and cons of each decision and make a motivated conclusion. In older people, as well as in some diseases, these chains of neurons do not work.

Fish can sense texture with their fins, as primates can with their fingers.

The fins of fish are not only a means of transportation, but also a sense organ that can perceive textures of objects in the same way as our own fingers. This is the conclusion reached by biologists from the University of Chicago, Adam Hardy and Melina Hale, whose article was published in the Journal of Experimental Biology.

Experiments with the fins of sea gobies have shown that they react differently to touching objects of different textures, distinguishing fine sand from pebbles

US notifies UN of withdrawal from Paris climate agreement

On November 4, 2020, the United States completed the withdrawal process from the Paris Agreement. US President Donald Trump explained the decision by the fact that the agreement “introduces unnecessary restrictions that would lead to the bankruptcy of American companies.”

HMD Global will reissue two more phones from Nokia

The Nokia 6300 4G and Nokia 8000 4G phones will be republished by HMD Global, Gizmochina reported on November 3. According to the announcement, HMD Global has the rights to manufacture and release phones under the Nokia brand and is reprinting popular phones of the past decade.

Opposition of Belarus published the text of amendments to the constitution

The opposition published the text of the amendments with comments from their lawyers. Thus, according to the conclusions of the lawyers advising the Council, the new amendments will deprive Belarusians of the right to strike as a way of expressing a political position. Previously, this right was enshrined in the Constitution in the third part of Article 41.

Responsible for the fight against corruption, was detained in Moscow while receiving a bribe

In Moscow, when receiving a bribe in the amount of 10 million rubles, they detained Boris Gumenyuk, a former colonel of the “B” department (to combat embezzlement in the budgetary sphere) of the GUEBiPK Ministry of Internal Affairs. The special operation was carried out by the FSB, writes Kommersant. According to the newspaper, the ex-policeman promised to end the criminal prosecution against the owner of the company “RTK Logistics” Olga Yanchevskaya for money, accused of tax evasion.

Roskosmos postponed launches of Sphere satellites for a year

Spacecraft launches of the Sphere multifunctional satellite system will begin in 2024, and not from 2023, as previously assumed, said Sergei Prokhorov, director of the department for promising programs and the Sphere project of the state corporation Roscosmos. The Sphere project was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2018. The system will consist of more than 500 satellites and will be deployed from 2023 to 2028.

For the first time, a rally in support of Sergei Furgal did not take place in Khabarovsk

In Khabarovsk, for the first time in 116 days since the arrest of former governor Sergei Furgal, no action in his support took place. During the last rally on November 2, the rally was dispersed by the police.

Two Pussy Riot members detained in Moscow

Pussy Riot participants Maria Alekhina and Rita Flores were detained in the area of ​​Nakhimovsky Prospekt in Moscow. The reason for the detention, Alekhina said, was not explained to them and was “rudely pushed into a white van without identification marks.”