6 Nov, 2019

News digest for 11/05/2019

U.S. working on arms control agreement

The US wants to conclude with Russia, China and possibly several other countries a major agreement in the field of arms control, said President Donald trump, answering the question of TASS in an interview with reporters at the White house. So he commented on the upcoming expiration of the dsnv.

“We are now working on arms control. We do business with China, we do business with Russia, ” Mr. trump said.

Businessman Parnas is ready to testify in the framework of the impeachment trump

Soviet-born businessman Lev Parnas, a native of Ukraine, is ready to meet requests to testify in the impeachment proceedings against us President Donald trump, Joseph Bondi, a lawyer for Mr Parnas, told Reuters. We are talking about information that is required by investigators from the us Congress. Lev Parnassus is known for his ties to Mr. trump’s personal lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani.

Krasnoyarsk will study the protest potential of young people

In the Krasnoyarsk region will spend 800 thousand rubles to study the protest potential of young people. The contractor will study the causes of the emergence and growth of protest moods and will make a list of measures necessary to reduce protest activity

Ukraine is ready to stop gas transit with Russia

According to Ukrainian energy Minister Oleksiy Orzhel, the volumes of gas in UGS are such that Ukraine can pass the heating season without transportation or gas supplies at all.

“We are ready for the situation, in particular, to stop transportation on Ukrainian territory,” Mr. Orzhel said on the program “Freedom of speech” on ICTV (quoted by “Prime”). The Minister said that Kiev does not exclude the priority of signing a new contract on gas transit.

What part of the net profit of the company with state participation is directed to dividends.

Joint stock companies are a frequent capitalization practice for huge businesses. It is the responsibility of these companies to pay dividends to their shareholders in a timely manner. Russian companies with state participation give a very different percentage of their income. For example, Gazprom and its subsidiaries on average give about 30% of revenues, rosseti from 11 to 50%. Companies such as Rostelecom, Aeroflot and Sberbank from 40 to 90%.

United States is developing a defense against hypersonic weapons

The U.S. missile defense Agency (MDA) has signed $20 million contracts with Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Leidos and L3Harris to develop space sensors capable of tracking hypersonic and ballistic missiles.

The HBTSS program is implemented as part of the U.S. strategic direction to protect against advanced hypersonic “sliding” trajectory weapons developed by China and Russia. At the moment, the United States has only a network of ground, air and sea radars and interceptors that can protect the country from ballistic missiles, such as those in service with North Korea and Iran.

Iran launches new network of centrifuges for uranium enrichment

The head of Iran’s atomic energy Organization, Ali Akbar Salehi, announced that Tehran has launched a new network of 30 advanced IR-6 centrifuges designed to enrich uranium.

“Over the past two months, we have installed 15 new generation centrifuges, which is a very big achievement»

Salehi also noted that Iran’s uranium enrichment capacity has now reached 8660 EPR (units of separation work), and the volume of low-enriched uranium production, which was about 450 g per day before the third phase to reduce compliance with the JCPOA commitments, has jumped tenfold, exceeding 5 thousand g per day.

The Ministry of Finance called a record increase in budget revenues from the increase in VAT

More than two trillion rubles will go to the budget as a result of increasing the VAT rate in 2019, according to the publication owned by Grigory Berezkin RBC with reference to the projections of the Ministry of Finance. The Agency notes that such revenue growth is a record.

Tax deduction for sports

The tax deduction for fitness services may appear in the summer of 2020. This “Izvestia” said the first Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee on economic policy Vladimir Gutenev. The bill, developed by the Ministry of Finance, was submitted to the government.

Leakage of personal data of Alfa-Bank customers

Credit card data of Alfa-Bank and Alfastrahovaniya customers are offered for sale on a specialized website, according to RBC. The seller claims that he has the data of about 3.5 thousand cardholders of the Bank and almost 3 thousand customers “Alfastrahovaniya”. Alfa-Bank acknowledged the leak of data of a small number of people.

Almost a third of Russians supported the criminal case against FBK Navalny

About a third of Russians support searches in the regional structures of the opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s anti-corruption Fund and criminal cases against FBK employees. This is evidenced by the results of the survey Levada center, write “Vedomosti”. Almost half of the respondents heard about the situation with FBK.

Ukraine demands from Russia to give warships

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine sent a note to Russia demanding to give the Ukrainian warships captured during the incident in the Kerch Strait in November 2018, said the head of the Department Vadim Pristayko.

“I would like to see when we get these ships, whether the consequences of the shelling remained, or whether this delay is due to the fact that they are gradually being repaired. There is no delay on our part here. Our military are ready to arrive at any point and pick up our ships, ” Prystayko explained.


During the existence of the state (48 years), the UAE (United Arab Emirates) has written off debts on loans to its citizens THREE times.


“Aeroflot” against equipping the aircraft with video cameras

Aeroflot opposes the entry into force of the decree of the government of the Russian Federation on equipping new aircraft coming to Russian airlines with video cameras and transmitting equipment, Vedomosti writes.

The government decree was issued in 2018. It obliges Russian airlines to equip new aircraft arriving to them with video cameras and transmitting equipment from 2020: from 2022 — incoming aircraft that were previously in operation, and from 2025-all their aircraft.

The head of the “garbage” state company revealed the size of his salary

General Director of the “Russian environmental operator”, the curator of the garbage reform, Denis Butsaev told RBC about the size of his monthly salary. With allowances, the top Manager receives about 950 thousand rubles per month.

Non-payments of companies for garbage removal in Russia reached 70%

To solve the problem, the head of the “Russian environmental operator” proposes to toughen the responsibility of companies and find “other forms of work with legal entities in terms of concluding contracts”, because ” business does not feel a strong desire to conclude contracts for garbage removal with regional operators»

Almost a third of Russians face daily failures on the Internet

Difficulties with loading pages are regularly experienced by 72% of Russian Internet users, 43% note failures several times a week, 29% have them every day, according to a study by TelecomDaily (there is a “Kommersant”).

Two thirds of Russians are thinking about a radical change of profession

Only 35% of Russians surveyed did not think about changing their professional activities. Men consider this possibility a little more often: the idea to radically change the work occurred to 68% of men and 62% of women.

The major banks refused to accept the prisoner as a payment on the mortgage

The largest Russian banks with a wide regional network refuse to accept maternity capital as a full or partial down payment on a mortgage with state support for families with children.

The Russians began to increasingly turn to the “shadow” of microfinance organizations.

In Rospotrebnadzor said that the Russians began to increasingly turn to the “shadow” of microfinance organizations. This is reported by RIA “Novosti”. Russians began to receive less and less positive response from registered banks.The Department clarified that a number of legal microfinance companies (MFIs) provides high in the price of microloans credited and unemployed citizens

Sakhalin is going to develop medical tourism

At the meeting of the regional investment Council, which was held in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on November 5, a report on the creation of the Pacific medical cluster was announced. The main speaker was the Deputy Chairman of the government of the Sakhalin region Anton Zaitsev, who oversees the issues of medicine in the region. The key strategic objective of the development of health care until 2029 is to ensure that people live long (78+) and that medical tourism becomes one of the priority areas, namely, flows from Asia should be redirected to Sakhalin. Residents of the Sakhalin region often fly to the Asia-Pacific countries for examination and treatment, and the government wants to change this trend.

“And in our opinion, if they have learned to do it, then we should still take advantage of their technology,” – said Zaitsev


Experts from the Institute of biological research in La JOLLA (USA) estimate the capacity of the human brain at least 1 petabyte, that is, a million gigabytes.


Georgian wine exports to Russia increased by 11 in 2019%

The Agency claims that Georgian wine exports to the United States increased by 51%. In just ten months, Georgia exported more than 75.6 million bottles of wine, which is 11% more than last year. The value of exported wine was $195 million (20% more than in 2018).

Apple to spend $2.5 billion to fight California housing crisis

American high-tech Corporation Apple has announced its intention to spend $ 2.5 billion to combat the housing crisis in California. Facebook and Google have already allocated funds for this purpose to Rana, but their expenses were much less

Non-payments of the Ministry of defense for energy resources are growing again

The Ministry of defence is not yet able to fully solve the problem of non-payments for electricity and heat. Fsbi “Central housing and communal administration” (CZHKU) of the Ministry of defense, at the beginning of the year reduced debts for energy resources, in the second half of the year again increases them. Estimated energy and retail companies, debt CIKU on 1 September exceeded 6 billion rubles In the establishment of stress that never build up debts “year after year”, and with the current promise to get to the end of December.

SIBUR criticized the initiative of the Ministry of Finance on the tax on raw materials for petrochemicals

The proposal of the Ministry of Finance to introduce a tax on the extraction of minerals (met) for associated petroleum gas (APG) could hit SIBUR — the largest petrochemical company in Eastern Europe (the main shareholders — Leonid Mikhelson and Gennady Timchenko). Now APG is not subject to mineral extraction tax in Russia, but the Ministry of Finance proposes to extend the tax to it as compensation for the loss of budget revenues due to benefits for the Priobskoye field of Rosneft and Gazprom Neft with a total volume of 600 billion rubles. for ten years, it follows from the explanatory note to the draft amendments to the Tax code, published on the portal of legal information disclosure.

“In world practice, there are no examples of taxation of associated petroleum gas, because it is a byproduct of oil production,” — said RBC representative of “SIBUR” in response to a request for this initiative of the Ministry of Finance.

Estonia’s Elenger to buy gas through Lithuanian LNG terminal

Elenger Board member Margus Kaasik stressed that the decision to purchase natural gas through the Klaipeda LNG terminal is a long-planned strategic step for the company.

The US is building two new bases in the oil-rich region of Syria

The United States is building two new military bases in the oil-rich region of Syria, where additional troops and armored vehicles have already been sent, Anadolu writes, citing sources.

The defense Ministry is going to return the concept of military secrecy

“Military secret” as a concept can return to Russian legislation, sources in the defense Ministry told the media. Under this term will fall information about weapons, deployment of troops and mobilization plans. Now this information is a state secret.

In the Soviet Union, the concept of military secrecy was associated with military censorship. Not only the composition of the Workers ‘and peasants’ red Army, military equipment and military budget, but also cartography, civil air fleet, hydrography, meteorology, the Northern Sea route and related data were classified.

Four more countries extended sanctions against Russia

Albania, Norway, Ukraine and Montenegro joined the EU decision to extend sanctions against Russia. This is reported on the website of the EU Council. Restrictive measures have been extended for six months, until March 15, 2020.


The Russian state Duma in the first reading adopted a bill banning the sale of smartphones and computers without Russian software


Ukrainian authorities plan to liquidate more than a third of state enterprises

More than a third of state-owned enterprises in Ukraine are planned to be liquidated “as unnecessary”. This was stated by the Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture Timofey Milovanov in an interview with ” Censor.no.”

The United States has notified the UN about the exit of the Paris climate agreement

The United States has launched the process of withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement. The notification was sent to the United Nations, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said in an official statement.

Delivery dates of Russian SU-30SM to Armenia named

Deliveries of Russian SU-30SM to Armenia will begin in December 2019 or in the first months of 2020. This was announced by Armenian defense Minister David Tonoyan, RIA Novosti reported.

Ships of the Pacific fleet of the Russian Federation arrived in Brunei

The expedition includes the missile cruiser Varyag, the large anti-submarine ship Admiral Panteleev and the sea tanker Pechenga, TASS reported. The ships entered the Brunei port of Muara. The ships ‘ visit to Brunei will end on November 7.

Kaliningrad region will be protected from the air by drones

The group of troops in the Kaliningrad region was replenished with a detachment of drones “Outpost”. In the near future, more modern devices “Orion” and “Corsair” will enter service, write “Izvestia” with reference to the defense Ministry on Tuesday, November 5.

In the United States tested the latest spacecraft Starliner

At the base of white Sands in new Mexico on November 4, the evacuation systems of the newest American spacecraft Starliner were tested, according to NASA, which conducted a live broadcast of the tests.

The trailer for the series “New Dad” with John Malkovich

The new Dad series is scheduled to premiere in January 2020 on HBO. The main roles in the project were played by Jude law, Javier Camara, Cecile De France, K. Georgiou and other actors.



Ural Director Ivan Sosnin has released a new short film

Ural Director Ivan Sosnin released a new short film from the cycle “Ivans, remembering kinship”. And he first shot a movie in Yekaterinburg. In the main roles of Ivan this time played Dmitry Lysenkov and Irina Pegova. And the soundtrack was the song of the group “Cinema”.

“Ecology lesson” is the story of a biology teacher who teaches his students to protect nature. It all begins with stories about separate garbage collection, and then a man actively opposes the construction of a shopping center in a city Park and tries to save it by all means. His colleagues and students support the main character.

Studio Hideo Kojima will create films

BBC One released a report on the final moments of the production of Death Stranding, where Hideo kojima made a loud statement-his Studio Kojima Productions will deal with the films.

The release date of the new spider-Man film has been named

Studio Sony Pictures on his page on Twitter called the release date of the new film about the superhero of the marvel universe. The sequel to the animated film “spider-Man: Across the universes” will be presented on April 8, 2022. The name of the Director and author of the script is still kept secret.

Moscow Planetarium is 90 years old!

“Proletarian, proletarian, come into the planetarium…”- Vladimir Mayakovsky’s poem was a poetic response to the opening of the planetarium in Moscow. No less enthusiastic reaction to the artificially recreated starry sky was observed in the press. Moreover, the planetarium served not only to demonstrate the structure of the solar system, but also as a lecture hall, and in the pre-war period it hosted theatrical productions of Galileo, Giordano Bruno and Copernicus.

Jean-Paul Dubois to receive Goncourt prize

French writer Jean-Paul Dubois won the main literary award of France – Goncourt prize. Today, the Goncourt Academy named the best French-language literary work of the year the book “Not everyone in the world lives the same”. As the President of the Academy Bernard Beer noted, ” Jean-Paul Dubois is a novelist whose work corresponds to the spirit of the time.”

In Michurinsk opened a monument to Vladimir Zeldin

Monument to people’s artist of the USSR Vladimir Zeldin opened in his homeland in the city of Michurinsk, Tambov region. The monument was made according to the project and with the support of Advisor to the head of the Russian military historical society Rostislav Medinsky. The sculptor of the monument is Denis Stritovich.

At the gg Jazz festival, famous musicians held master classes

Within the framework of the festival, interactive master classes were held, the participants of which were about 300 children from educational institutions of culture of Kuban. Igor Butman’s master class was attended by students of Armavir specialized music school for blind and visually impaired children.

Rage Against The Machine announced a reunion

Rock band Rage Against The Machine announced the reunion on Twitter. In 2020, the musicians will give several concerts.

“Melody” released a Songbook for the 90th anniversary of Alexandra Pakhmutova

The vinyl record includes hits of the musician of different periods. The album contains such compositions as “Hope”, “Tenderness”, “Belovezhskaya Pushcha”, “Starfall”, ” the Main thing, guys…”, “Melody”,” and again the battle continues…”, performed by Anna Herman, Muslim Magomayev, Maya Kristalinskaya, Lev Leshchenko, Joseph Kobzon and Valentina Tolkunova.

Yadro bought a Russian startup for the production of microprocessors

Syntacore is developing on the basis of open RISC-V architecture, which in the future can compete with AMD and Intel solutions. Yadro, which is a domestic storage developer and part of “X holding”, acquired 51% in the company Syntacore, engaged in the development of microprocessor cores.

Scientists have admitted that the universe may be a giant loop

Most scientists still believe in the idea of a flat Universe scattered in all directions. However, some experts admit that it can be closed, and when moving in a straight line, the object will return to the starting point. For a more definite conclusion, researchers will need more observations.

Almost half of Huawei’s staff is engaged in research and development

Xu Wenwei, Director of Huawei’s Institute for strategic studies, said at a news conference that the number of employees in Huawei’s research and development Department reaches 80,000 worldwide. Interestingly, they make up about 45% of Huawei’s entire staff.

The first step towards digitalization in the livestock industry has been made.

The authorities of Yakutia have begun the introduction of a satellite tracking system for domestic horses in the farms of residents of the Republic, reported on Tuesday on the website of the government of the Republic

“Samsung” stops the development of processors

Samsung will replace its processor cores in future chipsets with licensed versions from ARM. Huawei and Qualcomm use a similar approach in the production of chipsets. The Korean company is also working with AMD to develop new GPUs for mobile devices.

Apple and Valve are working together to develop AR-helmet

Apple and Valve will jointly try to finish what they started. Insiders do not yet have data on technical features, but inform that the presentation of the device will take place no earlier than the second half of 2020, while producing an AR-helmet will begin at the beginning of the year.

Microsoft has developed a new Office app for Android

A new office app for all devices is already available in the Play Market. The Office program is currently in beta, so it does not yet have all the functionality conceived. In the future, the addition should replace four old products from Microsoft for mobile devices, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Office Lens. The Android user will be able to carry out all the manipulations with documents on his smartphone and synchronize data between different devices. However, to use this feature, you must have an account in One Drive.

Google buys Fitbit for two billion dollars

The competition in the market of smart electronic accessories is intensifying. After rumors emerged a couple of days ago, Google confirmed the conclusion of an agreement to buy Fitbit for $ 2.1 billion. Thus, another well-known brand will follow Nest, Waze and YouTube under the aegis of Alphabet.

In Russia you can now rent an iPhone

Russians can now rent iPhone smartphones, as well as American users. In the United States, this practice has been used for a long time. For a monthly fee of 3940 rubles per month in Russia, you can use the models iPhone XS, XS Max, iPhone 11, 11 Pro and Pro Max, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

The Dell UP2720Q monitor has a colorimeter built in

Dell has announced the delivery of the Dell up2720q monitor, designed to meet the needs of those who need accurate color reproduction. The UP2720Q is said to be the world’s first 27-inch 4K monitor with a built-in colorimeter

Rare mutation saved woman from hereditary Alzheimer’s disease

Scientists from the United States have described a unique medical case that may point to new ways to fight Alzheimer’s disease. A resident of Medellin (Colombia) escaped the disease, although many generations of her relatives suffered from a hereditary form of early dementia.

Scientists have found that the cause of cognitive impairment is a genetic mutation E280A. in its carriers, the first symptoms appeared on average at the age of 44 years, according to Nature Medicine.

Birds were first found to have complex multilevel communities

Maintaining developed and dynamic social relationships is considered an extremely difficult task, which is only possible for animals with large brains, such as primates, dolphins or elephants. However, observations by biologists at the max Planck Institute for animal behavior of the German Society showed that feathered Guinea fowls form communities with unexpectedly complex, multilevel relationships that seemed inaccessible to creatures with small “bird” brains. This Damien Farine (Damien Farine) and his colleagues write in an article published in the journal Current Biology.

The new system identifies a person by the” bioacoustic profile ” of the body

Each acoustic signal has unique characteristics. Among other things, they are determined by the characteristics of the environment through which the sound wave passes. This is also the case when acoustic vibrations move through the human body. The characteristic profile of the wave depends on the individual characteristics of the body, the size and ratio of tissues of different densities.

Scientists at the South Korean electronics and telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) in Daejeon suggest using this profile as another identity identification tool. They presented such a system in an article published in the journal IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics.

Voyager 2 has sent data from interstellar space

The American interplanetary spacecraft Voyager 2 sent data to Earth from interstellar space. This is reported on the website of NASA. The scientific journal Nature Astronomy describes what data specialists received during the passage of the apparatus through the heliosphere.

China has successfully put three satellites into orbit

All the satellites were in orbit. The Chinese rocket brought out satellites of three different projects: the Sudan research satellite, the Gaofen-7 remote sensing spacecraft and the Tianyi-15 spacecraft»