7 Nov, 2019

News digest for 11/06/2019

Ukraine will join NATO, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

According to him, all allies agreed to include the country in the Alliance. He recalled that Montenegro not so long ago — only two years ago — joined NATO, and North Macedonia will join the organization “in a few months”.

“The Baltic States-no one” even in dreams “could not imagine that they will be in NATO,” – said Stoltenberg.

The Secretary General added that NATO will help Ukraine to carry out the necessary reforms to join the Alliance.

Replace Wikipedia with a Large Russian encyclopedia

“Regarding Wikipedia… it is better to replace it with a new Large Russian encyclopedia in electronic form. This will be, in any case, reliable information in a good, modern, by the way, form,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting of the Russian language Council.

So he commented on the statement that students often use unverified sources of information, including “Wikipedia”.

Stanislav Kozlovsky, Executive Director of the Russian Wiki, hopes that Putin’s words do not mean blocking Wikipedia in Russia in favor of an online encyclopedia created by the state

Rosgvardiya offers to save the budget of Russia

The Deputy head of Regardie Oleg Borukaev made for the fact that the officers received the right to shoot down unmanned aerial vehicles over the protected subject matter with the help of weapons and military equipment, reports TASS. Borukaev told the hearing in the state Duma that the device to suppress the radio signal of the drone are from 150 thousand to 200 million rubles, writes “Kommersant”.

“The use of weapons and military equipment — this is what is permitted by law, is a way out of this situation, so as not to burden our budgets, — – said the Deputy head of Rosgvardiya.

The New York Times: 200 mercenaries from pmqs “Wagner” are fighting in Libya»

Over the past six weeks, about 200 Russian mercenaries have arrived in Libya, among them snipers from the Wagner PMCs. The New York Times reports, citing three senior Libyan officials and five Western diplomats monitoring the conflict.

Libyan doctors in recent weeks have faced a new type of injury in fighters who are involved in the country’s long-running armed conflict. These are narrow bullet holes in the head or torso left by bullets that never leave the body. According to the Libyan military, such injuries leave sniper rifles of Russian mercenaries, writes The New York Times in its article about Russia’s participation in the Libyan conflict.

The Russian pension system entered the top 3

Mandatory contributions paid by citizens of the Russian Federation exceed the average level in OECD countries, while the size of pensions is twice as far behind the indicators of other States, and the funded part of the pension, which is managed by non-state pension funds, and does burn in inflation. Such data with reference to OECD statistics leads on Tuesday, the center for macroeconomic research of Sberbank of Russia.

According to the OECD, over the past five years, the average real yield of pension funds in Russia amounted to minus 0.7% per annum. In other words, instead of profit, the NPF received a loss, if we take into account the accumulated inflation.

Of the more than 50 countries covered by the OECD study, Russia was in the top 3 anti-record holders. The result was worse only in Nigeria (minus 1.6%) and Turkey (minus 1.5%).

For comparison, in Australia, on average, pension funds generated about 6.7% of profits each year in real terms; in Canada, 4.7%, in Israel, 4.2%.

At the moment, working citizens of Russia pay 22% of the salary to the pension system – these contributions for employees are transferred by employers, and as a result, the population in the mass does not understand what the real level of the tax burden on income is

If the Berlin wall hadn’t fallen

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told what she would do in retirement, if the Berlin wall did not fall and the German Democratic Republic continued to exist.

“I could fulfill my dream: in the GDR, women aged 60 years retired, I would have received my passport five years ago and would have gone to America,” Merkel told the weekly Spiegel.

In the city hall of Yakutsk worked official without higher education

Yakutsk city court declared illegal the issuance of a second diploma of higher education ex-Deputy head of Yakutsk Vladimir Fedorov.

The reason is the absence of the first diploma of higher education!

Earlier it was revealed that it is “fake”. Nevertheless, it did not prevent to be elected the Deputy three times, and to work as the first Deputy of the head!

“Naftogaz” estimated claims to “Gazprom” in 22 billion dollars

The head of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Andrei KOBOLEV said that Kiev has a claim to “Gazprom” for $ 22 billion and for their zeroing need counter steps from Russia to comparable amounts.

Ranking of Internet freedom in different countries

Russia in the coming months will deliver Serbia zrpk ” Shell-S»

Russia in accordance with the contract will deliver Serbia anti-aircraft missile and gun systems (zrpk) “Shell-S” in the coming months, said the General Director of “Rosoboronexport” Alexander Mikheev TASS. According to him, ” there are no disruptions.”

Serbian President says no money to buy S-400

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that the Serbian authorities do not plan to purchase the s-400 air defense system in Russia, because they do not have the funds for this purchase.

Russian patrol pelted with stones in Syria

Residents of villages in Kobani in Syria threw stones and shoes Russian and Turkish patrol. It is reported by the North Press Agency. According to the newspaper, residents specially lined up along the patrol route to Express dissatisfaction with the passage of the military in their villages.

Trump approved the expanded military mission of the United States to protect Saudi Arabia

The President of the United States Donald trump endorsed the holding of an extended us military mission to ensure the security of oil fields in Eastern Syria. This was reported by the Associated Press, citing sources.

The white house found no evidence of trump’s guilt in transcripts of interrogations

The white house insists on the innocence of us President Donald trump after the release of transcripts of the interrogation in Congress of us Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland and former US special representative to Ukraine Kurt Volcker in the impeachment proceedings.

On the maintenance of the building of the Church of Christ the Savior

According to Open media, since 2006 the Moscow budget has spent 5.4 billion rubles on the maintenance of the building of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, and under mayor Sergei Sobyanin, funding has grown at times. In the last two years alone, the city has allocated 868 million rubles of budget subsidies to the temple and in addition — 1.7 billion rubles for repairs and improvement.

Despite the growth of state financing, business in the temple complex became even more diverse: there were Muslim fashion boutique, a niece of ex-Senator Umar Dzhabrailov, a salon on detailing sports cars (it is machine polished half-naked girls) and jewelry store, for which you need to pay.

The Moscow city court denied the Prosecutor’s office in a lawsuit about the deprivation of parental rights Prokazov

The Moscow city court denied the Prosecutor’s office in a lawsuit to deprive the parental rights of Olga and Dmitry Prokazov, who, according to prosecutors, took the child to an uncoordinated rally on July 27, reports the correspondent of “Open media” from the court. The Prosecutor’s office tried to prove that the Prokazovs endangered their infant child by walking with him at an uncoordinated rally on July 27. The family denied the charges, saying they stayed away from the protesters and did not take part in the rally.

Ramil Shamsutdinov gave evidence to the military investigation

According to investigators, Ramil Shamsutdinov killed eight people because he was threatened to “lower”, reports https://baza.io, there are also published the testimony of the detainee

“It all started as soon as I came. My phone was stolen, or rather taken away. I didn’t tell my family so they wouldn’t worry. I just hid the SIM card and sometimes inserted into other people’s phones to call and talk to the family. What else was taken? Money…»

“Who to complain to? Funny. There is simply no one to report. Who should I tell if the officers themselves beat me? I thought I’d run, but it’s closed. What was I to do?»

“That day they promised to put me down. So and said, warned, that type will rape. Lieutenant on that day, I said, you know, after the honor — all will be. All the other young ones have been brought down to me, I know. And this evening, then, it was my turn, I had nowhere to go, what should I do?»

U.S. threatens Iran with pressure for decision to resume uranium enrichment

The US condemns Iran’s decision to resume uranium enrichment at an underground facility in Fordo, a state Department spokesman told RIA Novosti.

“Unfortunately, Iran’s continued enrichment of uranium is not surprising. They regularly threaten it, it’s a transparent attempt at nuclear blackmail. We fully support the IAEA in its international verification role in Iran and look forward to the IAEA reporting further developments, ” the state Department spokesman said.

The us foreign Ministry threatened Tehran with “maximum pressure” and urged the world community to follow their example

France eliminated one of the leaders of the militants in Africa

Soldiers of the French army eliminated one of the leaders of the terrorist group associated with “al-Qaeda” (an organization whose activities are prohibited in Russia), which operates in West Africa, said French defense Minister Florence PARLY on his page on Twitter

Britain has extended the training program of the Ukrainian military for three years

British defense Minister Ben Wallace announced the extension of the training program of the Ukrainian military for three years, until March 2023. Founded after the return of Crimea by Russia, the mission has already allowed to train more than 17,500 Ukrainian military.

Almost 60% of Russians are in favor of decisive changes in the country

The share of Russians in favor of decisive changes in the country has grown over the past two years from 42 to 59% – these are the data of a joint study by the Carnegie Moscow center and the Levada center, which was reviewed by Vedomosti.

For minor changes-31%, and 8% no change is needed. According to 53% of respondents, such reforms are possible only if there is a serious change in the political system, and 34% agree to changes with the preservation of the existing system.

The Kremlin commented on the results of a survey of Russians about the desire for change

The desire for change is always present in society. Another matter, someone wants abrupt changes, someone wants consecutive changes, smooth, harmonious. Supporters and such, and such addictions always in society there are. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Crimean authorities accused the company of Tatiana Navka

The state Committee for state registration and cadastre of the Republic of Crimea caught the production cooperative “Galit” in the illegal use of land on The black sea coast. Information about this “Open media” found in the unified register of inspections of the Prosecutor General’s office. The co-owner of the cooperative since November 2018 is the world champion in figure skating and the wife of the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov Tatiana Navka.

The state Duma approved the bill on the return of detox

The state Duma adopted in the first reading a bill on the restoration of the detox system in Russia. This was reported by RIA Novosti. It is noted that now such institutions in the subjects can not help drunken Russians, because “they can not attribute assistance to measures of social assistance and support.”

Humanity faces imminent ” indescribable suffering»

More than 11 thousand scientists from 153 countries have signed a document stating that humanity is waiting for “indescribable suffering” if urgent measures are not taken to reduce carbon emissions. The researchers ‘ work is published in the scientific journal BioScience.

European banks plan to abandon Visa and MasterCard

About 20 European banks are jointly developing a pan-European payment system designed to replace Visa and MasterCard. This was reported by Twitter AFP, citing sources. As it became known, the development was called PEPSI (Pan-European Payment System Initiative).

Bill gates moved in the ranking of the richest people in the world

The richest man in the world is still Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, whose fortune is estimated at 112.4 billion dollars. Chairman and CEO of LVMH holding Bernard Arnault rose to second place in the ranking of the richest people in the world. His fortune was $ 107 billion. Microsoft founder bill gates dropped to the third place ($106.9 billion).

In colleges and universities of Russia will be a new subject

In universities and colleges in the coming years may appear a new discipline-operational efficiency. This subject should teach students to do more in the same time, use technology to improve productivity, and not waste time on useless tasks. The development of this program will be engaged in a working group at the Ministry of economic development, write “Izvestia”.

Rosstat released data on teachers ‘ salaries

The study took into account the salaries that teachers in the regions of Russia received from January to September 2019. On average, teachers are paid 40 thousand rubles a month. The salary of a school teacher in Chukotka exceeds 99 thousand rubles. After Chukotka, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district is in the lead – 97530 rubles, Moscow – 97282, Sakhalin – 86760, Nenets Autonomous district – 79831 and Magadan region-78984.

Teachers in the North Caucasus are paid the least. North Ossetian teachers receive less than 22 thousand rubles every month. Salaries of teachers in Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, Ingushetia and Dagestan range from 22 to 23 thousand rubles.

“There has always been a big gap between average wages in Russia among the regions. It’s not about allowances, but in some features of wage formation: teachers receive wages from the budget, and it is set without fail from the minimum wage, which varies in the regions due to allowances and coefficients, ” explained the Head of the laboratory of PRUE. Plekhanova Elena Egorova

Judges and MPs receive higher pensions

The average size of pensions in Russia amounted to 14 thousand 198 rubles according to data for September 2019. The allowance for retirement increased by 6.1% year-on-year and 0.2% compared to the previous month, according to data from the Federal state statistics service.

After retirement, the Deputy receives an allowance to the insurance pension in the amount of 46.6 thousand rubles in the performance of duties from five to ten years and 63.5 thousand rubles, if he worked in the state Duma for more than 10 years.

Upon reaching retirement age, the Minister of Themis begins to receive life support. This is 80% of the salary of the current judge of the same category. Thus, judges may well receive pensions of 60-70 thousand rubles.

Most Russians have not made savings for future retirement

The majority of residents of large Russian cities-75.5% – do not save money for future retirement, and this pattern of behavior does not change with age, according to the results of a survey conducted by Raiffeisenbank in 14 Russian cities.

Accounts chamber: from the programs of capital repairs, the deterioration of housing in the regions has only grown

The results of the audit chamber (SP) analysis of the implementation of regional programs of capital repairs of housing in 2018-2019 showed that they do not cope with their tasks, according to a statement on the website of the Department.

The problem is caused by the fact that in most regions the minimum contribution to the overhaul is almost twice lower than the economically justified amount. The reason is that subjects establish it taking into account availability for citizens at the level of the income existing at them. – Svetlana Orlova, politician

The authorities proposed to extend the experience of renovation to the far East

The government introduced a new national program for the development of the Far East. Among its tasks are attracting 11.5 trillion in investments, population growth, mortgages at 2% and housing renovation. This is a “March-forward” plan, the head of the Ministry of regional Development admits

The national program sets goals:

  • stop the migration outflow and increase the population to 8.3 million people;
  • create 450 thousand new jobs by 2035;
  • increase the total fertility rate from 1.7 to 2.07;
  • increase the volume of housing construction by 1.6 times, up to 3.9 million square meters per year;
  • to create a regional airline on the basis of aircrafts of local production.

Aeroflot will introduce fuel duty on flights of the Far East

“Aeroflot” introduces a fuel surcharge on flights between Moscow and the cities of the Far East, according to the airline’s website. The increase in the cost of tickets from January 1, 2020 concerns the comfort and business classes. The fee will be 6.3 thousand and 8.4 thousand rubles respectively

Sugar refineries in Russia, predicted the bankruptcy

Many Russian sugar factories were threatened with bankruptcy in the medium term due to falling product prices. This conclusion was reached by the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS), RIA Novosti reported.

The Russian government has allocated a billion rubles for mortgage benefits for large families

The government allocated 1 billion rubles for the implementation of the program to support large families. The corresponding order is published on the official portal of legal information.

RUSAL halts production in Kamensk-Uralsky

LLC RUSAL Silicon Ural located in Kamensk-Uralsky will temporarily suspend work because of unprofitability of production. This was the result of lower prices for silicon, reports “Interfax”. At the moment the company employs 250 people

German Stada bought the rights to “Cardiomagnil” and 19 other drugs

As follows from the message of the German company, the deal will be closed in the first quarter of 2020, the volume of investments will be $660 million. the Parties also plan to conclude an agreement on production and supply within the acquired portfolio, in which Takeda will continue to supply products to Stada.

In Omsk roads to Putin’s arrival washed with boiling water

Omsk continues to prepare for the reception of high-ranking guests in the framework of the XVI Forum of interregional cooperation between Russia and Kazakhstan. In particular, on November 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Kazakh President Kasym-Jomart Tokayev are scheduled to meet in Omsk.

“In some places on the dividing strip formed ice, traffic on the roads has become more dangerous,” – reports Ом1.ги

Putin demanded that the interior Ministry work to strengthen public confidence in the police.

“The efficiency of the entire law enforcement system is largely judged by the level of training and quality of the police and other structures of the Ministry of internal Affairs. The leadership of the Ministry of internal Affairs needs not only to improve key reporting indicators, but also to work to strengthen public confidence in their service, ” the President said at a meeting with senior officers and prosecutors

1.3 billion tons of food products are emitted annually in the world

According to UN economists, 1.3 billion tons of food is thrown out annually in the world — almost a third of all food produced by agriculture. These are mostly expired products.

In Germany, there was a movement for the use of such completely edible “waste”. About 3000 catering companies put on a special website a constantly updated list of dishes and products that can be bought cheaper due to the expiring shelf life. Since 2016, thus saved 16 million servings of food.

Veon cut revenue in Russia

At the end of the third quarter, Veon’s total revenue in Russia decreased by 2.7% to 74.6 billion rubles compared to the same period last year. The decrease is due to a decrease in revenue in the mobile segment, it decreased by 1.9% year – on-year, to 58.3 billion rubles.

The Ministry of Finance reported an increase in the volume of the national welfare Fund

The volume of the national welfare Fund (NWF) for October increased by 0.3%, or 21.926 billion rubles and amounted to 7.949 trillion rubles, follows from the materials of the Ministry of Finance of Russia.

“As of November 1, 2019, the volume of NWF amounted to 7,949,611. 2 million rubles, which is equivalent to 124,458.9 million dollars. USA”, – said in a statement.

China places 3 issues of Eurobonds with maturity of 7, 12 and 20 years

This is the first placement of bonds in Euro by the Chinese Ministry of Finance since 2004.All 3 issues will have a fixed interest rate. Demand for securities from investors exceeded 10 billion euros, with the bulk of demand coming from seven-and 12-year securities.

Seven-year bonds are placed at a yield of 45-50 basis points above the average market swaps, 12 – year-60-65 points, 20-year-75-80 points. Proceeds from the placement will be used by the Chinese authorities for national purposes, the prospectus notes.

Consultants of the Chinese Ministry of Finance in the process of arranging the placement are Bank of China, Bank of Communications, China International Capital Corp., Bank of America Securities and Citigroup.

Chevron’s net profit for 9 months 2019 decreased by 14%

The company’s total revenue decreased by 11% For the 9 months of 2019, the net profit of the second largest American oil and gas Corporation Chevron, attributable to the parent organization, decreased in annual terms by 14%, amounting to $9.534 billion, the company said.

Rosgeologia is in talks with South Africa

The national South African oil company and Russia’s Rosgeologia are discussing a $ 359 million deal. It is reported that this will allow the Russian Federation to conduct research of promising oil and gas fields on the shelf of South Africa.

Cyprus will take away the” Golden ” passports issued for investments

Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades promised to revoke the passports of the Republic, if it turns out that citizenship for investment was granted “by mistake”, reports the Associated Press

In total, under the program “citizenship in exchange for investment” Cyprus has issued four thousand passports. It is known that they received and the Russians. For example, Cypriot passports have Dmitry Rybolovlev, Oleg Deripaska.

The Cyprus citizenship program has been in effect since 2013. To get a “Golden” passport, you need to invest 2 million euros in the country, for example, to buy real estate for this amount. Over six years, the program has brought the island 7 billion euros. And the money helped the state recover from the financial crisis.

Series “Saboteur” renewed for a third season

The TV series “Saboteur” is renewed for a third season 12 years after the completion of the second. The premiere of the new part is scheduled for 2020. The start of filming was announced by the performer of one of the main roles Kirill Pletnev in his Instagram.

Several key doctors left the Sverdlovsk Oncology center

The local Ministry of health said that nothing supernatural happened, it is a ” standard situation.”

The doctors themselves do not say what caused their dismissal. In the hospital, too, officially does not comment on the situation, but it is believed that professionals could not find a common language with the new administration of the medical institution, – write local media.

Tropical fish found in Primorsky Krai

A very unusual fish was recently discovered by local residents on the shore near the spit of Nazimov in the South of the Khasansky district of Primorsky Krai, RIA “Vostok-Media” reports.

The visitor from the tropics was a mirror Sunbird (zenopsis nebulosus). This species is distributed in the tropical waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans, off Australia, Japan, California, Peru. Apparently, this specimen could not withstand the cold snap and died.

On the commander equip the ecological path near the rookery of seals

Commander reserve continues to equip a single excursion trail on the cognitive route “North-Western rookery of marine mammals”, reported RAI “KAMCHATKA-INFORM” in the reserve. Here opened staircase, leading from the lower viewing platforms in side the upper on steep slope.

Colin Farrell to play villain in new Batman movie

American actor Colin Farrell is in talks to play the penguin villain in the film” Batman ” based on DC comics, directed by Matt Reeves.


The Grand opening of the Hermitage-Siberia Center will be held in Omsk on November 6. It will be attended by the head of The state Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky.

For the first time in Omsk, the Hermitage presents such a large – scale project-more than 400 works from its collection. In addition to armament items from the Arsenal Department, two halls of the Hermitage-Siberia Center feature paintings, graphics, archaeological artifacts, monuments of decorative and applied art, medals and coins.

Chagall paintings from three countries in the New Jerusalem

An exhibition of paintings by Marc Chagall will open in New Jerusalem near Moscow.The exhibition “Chagall: between heaven and earth” collected 239 works of the artist from museums and private collections in Russia, France and Belarus. The exhibition is built on two parallel lines-thematic and chronological. The Museum will feature paintings and drawings by Chagall of the first quarter of the XX century, the second quarter of the XX century, associated with a trip to Jerusalem, and works of the second half of the XX century. The exhibition includes a catalogue, including articles about the life and work of the artist, his biography, previously unpublished letters of Mark and Bella Chagall. The exhibition will be open until March 8

A new trailer for the movie ” Bad guys forever»

The production company, Sony Pictures Entertainment released a new trailer for “Bad boys 3” film Directors Adil El Arbi and Bilal fall. The main roles in the action film will perform will Smith and Martin Lawrence, who played in the first two parts.



Any phone released already with a spy feature

The cores of ARM processors, which are absolutely in any phone, as well as in tablets, smart TVs, Internet of things devices and household appliances, can be used for surveillance — information security experts told Izvestia about this.

Russia has created an unmanned tractor KAMAZ

Russian truck manufacturer KAMAZ has announced the completion of a major international project to create a robotic tractor. The unmanned vehicle was created jointly with the company “VIST Group” and the Kazakh University ” Nazarbayev»

The company “VIST Group” for safe driving and scanning the environment, the car was equipped with lidars, radars and positioning system of world manufacturers Continental, Quanergy, Trimble. Kazakh developers have added a computer vision system, with which the car can recognize various objects-people, animals, road fences, markings, as well as independently rebuild the route taking into account the detour of these obstacles

Xiaomi’s new outdoor smart surveillance camera will cost $30

Xiaomi has presented a project of a new “smart” surveillance camera — the device Xiaobai N1 Smart Outdoor Camera PTZ Edition on the crowdfunding platform Youpin. The gadget has an all-weather design (IP66 standard): it is protected from water, dust and dirt
Intel silently added brand new processors to the site

A couple of weeks ago, Intel introduced a new Tremont microarchitecture designed to create energy-efficient processors. Special details were not disclosed to us, but this architecture formed the basis of the new “atomic” Intel processors.

Scientists were able to hack iPhone and smart speakers with a laser

Researchers at the University of Michigan have found a way to hack the iPhone and some smart speakers. The device was accessed via a laser pointer. Specialists directed laser beams at a smartphone or a speaker, and those, in turn, took them for voice commands.

Magna will make electric cars more powerful and affordable

Canadian-Austrian auto parts maker Magna is working on an electric motor eight times more powerful and 50% cheaper than those installed on electric cars today. Under this project the Department of energy of the US government has allocated a grant

GitLab discusses the ban on hiring specialists from China and Russia.

Eric Johnson, Vice President of engineering at GitLab, explains that the reason for the discussion was the concern of corporate clients, who are concerned about the geopolitical situation in these two countries.

It should be clarified that we are talking about employees who provide technical support to such clients: these are Support specialists, sre in the field of infrastructure, SecOps and Anti-Abuse in the Security Department. The fact is that these support staff have full access to company data. Johnson writes that corporate clients fear that employees from Russia and China can steal data, and intelligence agencies can force them to cooperate and disclose trade secrets.

Apple will create a smartphone with a display wrapped around the case

Late last month, the U.S. patent and trademark Office released an updated patent from Apple describing a smartphone whose display is wrapped around the case. For the first time this device was patented by Apple in March 2013

The polymer material was forced to bend towards the light source

American scientists at the University of California forced the polymer material to bend behind a beam of light. Researchers have developed materials that are sensitive to light. In addition, they deform depending on intensity, temperature and other external factors

Effects of sleepless nights on the prefrontal cortex

American socialists in the field of psychology conducted a study aimed at studying the effect of sleepless nights on anxiety levels. It was found that increased anxiety after a sleepless night is accompanied by a decrease in the activity of the medial prefrontal cortex and a weakening of the connection between it and the brain.

Experiments have confirmed the possibility of life in ” black smokers»

Representatives of the University of California at Los Angeles conducted an experiment in which they recreated the hot alkaline environment in these “vents”. It turned out that in such conditions successfully formed protocells-an important basic building block for the origin of life, according to Nature Ecology & Evolution.

“There are many competing theories as to where and how life began. Underwater hydrothermal vents are among the most promising places, ” said lead author Nick lane.

An unusual way to overcome nicotine addiction

Experts conducted a study and learned that the drug for the treatment of type 2 diabetes will help smokers in the fight against the habit. As experts have found, it helps during withdrawal after giving up tobacco products.

Created glue that can “peel off” under the influence of a magnetic field

British scientists with the participation of engineers of one of the technology companies have created a glue that, when hit by a magnetic field, begins to melt and destroy the compound formed by it.