8 Nov, 2019

News digest for 11/07/2019

Oil is produced by local authorities for the benefit of local communities.

In areas controlled by the us military in Eastern Syria, local authorities produce oil, the us state Department said. This is reported by Reuters.

“Oil is produced by local authorities for the benefit of local communities. We in the state Department have no instructions from the administration to do anything with the oil fields, ” – said the representative of the us foreign Ministry.

Now about 90% of Syrian oil production is concentrated to the East of the Euphrates river. Most of the fields after the defeat of the “Islamic state” (IG, banned in Russia) went to us allies — Kurdish units in the “Syrian democratic forces”.

In Russia, the fourth consecutive year of population decline

The natural decline of the population in January—August 2019 amounted to 219.2 thousand people, according to the materials of the Department, they drew the attention of RBC. Natural growth was recorded only in 17 subjects of the Russian Federation.

The permanent population as of September 1, 2019 was 146.7 million. Since the beginning of the year, it has decreased by 52.5 thousand people. Migration growth compensated for the natural decline of the population by 76%.

The rocket lost by Israel in Syria was sent to Russia

One of the missiles launched by Israel in the direction of Syria “Sling of David” fell into the hands of the Syrians and was sent to Russia, according to the Chinese newspaper Sina. Two missiles were launched to intercept tactical missiles SS-21 “Point”, recently entered service with the Syrian armed forces.

Russia has a response to Washington’s open skies initiatives

The us withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies will be another blow to The white house on the existing system of international security, but the Kremlin is ready for this, said the Director of the Department for non-proliferation and arms control (DNC) of the Russian foreign Ministry Vladimir Ermakov.

“Significant source of stress” for Americans

The topic of the upcoming election is more tense by nearly 25% for democratic respondents, compared to Republican respondents. The survey was conducted from August 1 to September 3 by the Harris Poll among 3,617 adults in the United States.

In New Zealand, choose the bird of the year

Since 2005, new Zealand has chosen bird of the year to draw attention to rare and endangered species. Over time, the vote, which is overseen by the Royal society for the protection of forests and birds, has become larger. If in 2005 the number of voters was 900 people, by 2015 it had grown to 28 thousand, and in 2018-to 48 thousand.

And they take voting extremely seriously. At times it seems that a little too seriously. In the history of elections there was even a place to talk about foreign intervention – has accused Australians. In 2018, more than 300 votes were cast from an Australian IP address for the kawau, a bird from the cormorant family. The intervention quickly discovered, the votes are reset to zero.

I’m 45 years old, what else can I do in this world

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov demanded to punish Internet users who could ” insult someone’s honor.” As writes November 6, “Russian service BBC”, Kadyrov made such a statement to the regional government at a meeting dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses.

“Those who violate the agreement between people, engaged in gossip, strife, if we do not stop them, killing, jailing, scaring, nothing will happen,” – said the head of Chechnya. He added: “Now everyone will say ‘ Ramzan said to kill’, something else. […] What is the law? The law, the Constitution, democracy – this is the welfare of the population. All the others-swindlers traitors, gossips and schizophrenics-they are all different colors, we have to stop them.”

Kadyrov admitted that he is not ready to “leave the person” who touched someone’s honor, even if ” the laws of all countries will be violated.”

“By the Holy Quran, we will not! I will accept any punishment in this world. Well, go to jail. Well, they will. Well, you’ll die. I am already 45 years old, what else can I do in this world, ” Ramzan Kadyrov summed up.



The Kremlin refused to verify Kadyrov’s words

“Medusa”: on November 5, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov on the air of the Republican television called for cruel punishment of those who-quote- ” violates the agreement between people, engaged in gossip.” In particular, according to the translation of “BBC” and “Present time”, Kadyrov at a government meeting called for “killing, jailing and scaring” such people. Did the Kremlin get acquainted with this speech? How does the Kremlin feel about the fact that the head of the Russian region calls for killings?

Dmitry Peskov: I have not read the original transcript of this meeting of the government, I have not read the printouts and originals of Kadyrov’s statements. Publications “BBC”, with all due respect to this Corporation, considered as the primary source can not and will not.

Echo of Moscow: Will they be checked or not?

Peskov: No, they won’t.

Echo Of Moscow: Thank You.

Peskov: You’re Welcome.

The Committee of soldiers ‘ mothers announced the dismissal of its head.

The Committee of soldiers ‘ mothers of Russia dismissed its Chairman Fleur Salikhovskaya, who had worked in the organization since 1989. In the message of Committee in “Vkontakte” Salikhovskaya is called “our ex-Chairman”.

“Kommersant” wrote that Salikhovskaya, commenting on the murder in a military unit in Transbaikalia, said that ” the Internet should be closed.”

The US has accused Twitter employees of acting in favour of Saudi Arabia.

According to the us justice Department, in 2014-2015, Twitter employees Ahmad Abuammo and Ali Alzabara illegally obtained personal data of users of the social network, among whom were two well-known critics of the Saudi regime. One of them, Omar Abdulaziz, later befriended journalist Jamal Khashoggi, whose murder is blamed on the Saudi authorities.

“Rosatom” will create a quantum computer for 24 billion rubles

By 2024, it is planned to create four types of quantum computers ranging in size from 50 to 100 qubits, said Ruslan Yunusov, who will head the quantum computer project office at Rosatom. The project is estimated at 24 billion rubles, of which 13.3 billion are budgetary funds, and 10.4 billion are extra — budgetary, Ekaterina Solntseva, Director of digitalization at Rosatom, told the newspaper. Other companies are also planning to Finance the project.

According to Yunusov, quantum processors will be produced in Russia from scratch, but some components can be bought abroad, such as lasers or measuring equipment. The computer itself will stand in Russia, it is planned to develop a cloud platform with remote access.

Ambulance doctor beaten for refusing to resuscitate dead man

As reported by NTV, November 3 in the city of Seversk, Tomsk region, the brigade of “ambulance” arrived on the report of a fallen man on the street. The doctor at once recorded death of the man, but the drunk son of the victim began to demand immediate rendering to the father of emergency medical care. He pulled the medic out of the car and began to beat him, and then the relatives of the deceased attacked the ambulance with a baseball bat.

Alexander Yablokov, head of the ambulance service: “as I was told by the injured doctor himself, a day later the son of the deceased man caught him and said that he would be found and beaten. And if he writes a statement to law enforcement agencies, they will kill him.”

Doctors also complain that nearby police officers did not react to the attack. On the fact of the incident, a pre-investigation check is carried out, the question of initiating a criminal case is resolved.

Finnish customs incorrectly calculated duties and taxes

Finnish customs acknowledged that it had used unofficial exchange rates in the calculation of duties and taxes for three years. In total, the cost of goods was incorrectly calculated in 960 thousand cases, and the total amount of incorrectly executed payments amounted to about €11.5 million.

The error as a result was noticed by one of clients who demanded from customs officers to charge to it a duty at the correct rate. Customs will now start making automatic refunds.

Stopping the growth of business activity in the segment of small and medium businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses in Russia in the third quarter of 2019 approached a state of stagnation-the value of the index of business activity of small and medium-sized enterprises (RSBI) fell to 50.9 points, follows from the quarterly study. The biggest impact on this was the decline in revenue — it fell in a third of the surveyed entrepreneurs.

On December congresses of Patriotic youth will spend 150 million rubles.

The authorities will allocate 28 million rubles for the “all-Russian Patriotic forum” in Moscow. Another 125 million rubles will be spent on the volunteer competition in Sochi. The corresponding announcement is posted on the public procurement website. The customer-Rospatriottsentr-is a subsidiary of the Federal Agency for youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh), and the money for the event was allocated in the framework of the state program “Patriotic education of citizens of the Russian Federation for 2016-2020”, adopted by the government in 2015. The main part of the exhibitions at the forum will be devoted to the preparation for the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the victory in world war II.

Dilapidated houses offered to repair at the expense of citizens

Worn out by more than 70%, but not yet recognized as emergency houses offered to repair at the expense of residents. This initiative was made by the Ministry of construction, write “Izvestia” with reference to the press service of the Ministry.

Russian investors have left the Virgin Hyperloop One project

The Board of Directors of Virgin Hyperloop One, which is developing a high-speed vacuum transport project, was left by representatives of its Russian investors-from the Caspian Venture Capital Fund (founder-businessman Ziyavudin Magomedov, arrested in March 2018 on suspicion of creating a criminal community) and from The Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF). This follows Virgin Hyperloop One data and company submissions to the U.S. securities and exchange Commission

The Bank of Russia fined the savings Bank

The Bank of Russia fined Sberbank for the delay in connecting to the system of fast payments, follows from the speech of the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina in the Federation Council.

“One Bank, which did not comply with the legislation, received an order from us and we imposed a fine on it. We hope that work will be carried out to connect this Bank to the system as soon as possible,” Nabiullina said, noting that 10 of the 11 largest banks in Russia have already joined the SBP.

The head of the Central Bank explained that the SBP will benefit consumers only if all major banks are connected to it, and such a requirement is established by law.

The international monetary Fund has warned EU countries of a new financial crisis.

The document, in which the IMF assesses the economic situation in Europe, indicates that possible sources of future problems are trade protectionism, “chaotic Brexit”, as well as geopolitics.

For example, the IMF points out that the decline in trade and falling production levels can lead to higher prices, including in real estate and other assets. This in turn can weaken the stability of banks. In this situation, the IMF considers it necessary to weaken the fiscal policy of Germany and the Netherlands, which can stimulate economic growth.

New HIV strain detected for first time in nearly 20 years

A team of scientists has discovered a new strain of HIV for the first time in nearly 20 years, reports the Wall Street Journal. It is noted that the previous strain was registered in 2000. The research was conducted by Abbott Laboratories in conjunction with the University of Missouri.

There’s no reason to panic or even worry a little about it. Few people are infected with it. It’s an anomaly. – Anthony Fauci, American scientist

Novosibirsk opposed the installation of the monument to Nicholas the Wonderworker

Representatives of the Novosibirsk city hall organized public discussions on the project to install a monument to Nicholas the Wonderworker near the ascension Cathedral from Chelyuskintsev street.

Of the 22 participants, 18 opposed this initiative, as, in their opinion, the monument will reduce the number of Parking spaces, besides, this Saint is not connected with the history of Novosibirsk, although he is the patron Saint of Russia.

The Russian interior Ministry will develop a mechanism for the arrest and confiscation of cryptocurrencies

Russia plans to develop a legal mechanism for the seizure of virtual assets for their confiscation. Relevant proposals until December 31, 2021 should prepare the interior Ministry together with Rosfinmonitoring, the Prosecutor General’s office, the Investigative Committee, the Ministry of justice, the FSB, the FCS and the FSSP with the participation of the Supreme court, told RBC a source familiar with the instructions of the Board of the interior Ministry on November 1. Information that such a measure is being discussed together with other proposals to combat it crimes, confirmed the representative of the company Group-IB, which specializes in combating cybercrime. The representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs at the time of publication of the material did not answer questions of RBC.

The Ministry of education and science will change the rules of allocation of budget places in universities

The Ministry of science and higher education will develop new rules for the distribution of control figures of admission to universities. The new model is planned to be applied in 2021/22 academic year, the press service of the Ministry reported.

Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier criticized the Minister of science and higher education Mikhail Kotyukov for controversial rules for the allocation of budgetary places in the magistracy

Roskomnadzor proposed to punish the purchase of stolen data

By the spring of 2020, Roskomnadzor will prepare and submit for public discussion amendments on liability for the purchase of stolen personal data. This was reported by the head of the Department Alexander Zharov. reports TASS.

The middle class was the most indebted in Russia

Most of the Russians with average incomes regularly use credit cards, almost every fourth of this category has a car loan, and every fifth-a loan for urgent needs, according to the study of the holding “ROMIR”, which is available to RIA Novosti.

“Speaking about the creditworthiness of Russians, it is more appropriate to analyze the group with average incomes, since it is the middle income layer that is most credited and vulnerable. Thus, 89% of the middle-income population regularly uses credit cards, 22% of citizens of the same category are burdened with a car loan. Every fifth Russian (20%) with an average income pays a loan for urgent needs, ” the study says.

In Russia the number of those wishing to return the death penalty has grown

The downward trend in the Fall of 2019, the share of Russians who supported the return of the death penalty reached 49%, up from 44% in 2017. This is evidenced by the survey data Levada center (RBC has).

A third of Russians do not get enough sleep because of overwork

Almost half of Russians (47%) do not get enough sleep on working days. A third of them (32%) do not get enough sleep because of overtime or study. The study was conducted by the analytical center NAFI, reports TASS

The reason of poverty of the majority of people is named

The reason capitalism and the global economy as a whole are no longer working in the interests of most people is the unprecedented availability of money for the rich. Ray Dalio, founder of investment management company Bridgewater Associates, said in a detailed message on LinkedIn. According to him, money has become almost free for those who already have it, and for everyone else it is almost inaccessible. This leads to the growth of large fortunes and the gap between rich and poor.

According to Dalio, adequate financing is less and less popular, especially in countries with reserve currencies. Instead, dreams of future profits are bought, in fact. There are no fears about the non-return of money from investors, because in case of failure, they will quietly find new money. Poor people, such as pensioners or welfare recipients, are paying the price for such policies, he said. Since the investments do not generate income, then pension funds can not repay the funds that were promised.

There are several ways out of the situation, the economist noted. You can cut social benefits, you can raise taxes and you can turn on the printing press. None of them will lead to economic recovery

VTB and VEB ProCredit the creation of a coal terminal in the Khabarovsk territory

VTB Bank and the state Corporation VEB. RF will Finance the construction of a coal terminal in the seaport of Vanino in the Khabarovsk territory, the state Corporation said in a statement received by RBC.

The company “Caninetramadol”, VEB.Of the Russian Federation and VTB signed loan agreement within the programme “Factory of project financing”. The volume of funds allocated for the coal cluster will amount to 34 billion rubles.

Quarterly profit of “Rostelecom” rose by 12%

Rostelecom’s net profit in the third quarter of 2019 increased by 12% to RUB 6.4 billion compared to RUB 5.7 billion in the same period last year, according to the company’s IFRS statements.

“Gazprom” announced the terms of a new contract on gas transit with Ukraine

First of all, according to Miller, it is necessary to settle legal disputes between Gazprom and Naftogaz of Ukraine, which means mutual rejection of claims and termination of proceedings. In particular, this applies to antitrust fines.

The second condition, as pointed out by the head of Gazprom, is the readiness of Ukraine to direct purchases of Russian gas from 2020 and the determination of the volume of such purchases.

This is stated in a statement on the website of the Russian gas company.

Russia and Kazakhstan have defined the border between the countries

Russia and Kazakhstan have approved the border between the States, the press service of the presidential administration reports. As noted, the length of the border was 7.5 thousand kilometers, the works on its demarcation (installation of border signs) were performed by 86.7 percent.

Erdogan said the Kurds have not left northeastern Syria

Kurdish armed groups have not yet withdrawn their fighters from the North-East of Syria. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters on Thursday at a press conference in Ankara.

Israel is ready to provide any assistance to the Syrian Kurds

Israel is providing humanitarian aid to the Kurds in Syria and will provide them with any support, the Jerusalem Post reported, citing a statement by Deputy foreign Minister Tzipi Hotoveli.

Commanders will be dismissed for bad mood of soldiers

Mood and behavior of soldiers and officers of the Russian army will take under strict control. To do this, a sociological center will be created in each military district, sources in the defense Ministry told Izvestia. If the employees of the new unit reveal in some of the parts of the low level of moral and political condition (MPs) of the personnel, the commanders will be punished up to dismissal

Zelensky instructed to introduce a NATO system for managing troops

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky instructed the Minister of defense of the Republic Andriy Zagorodnyuk to introduce a new system of leadership and management of the defense forces in accordance with NATO standards into the Armed forces by the end of the year. This was reported by the press service of the head of state.

Chinese copy of Russian su-27SK received radar from AFAR

Chinese experts have completed the development of their own radar with an active phased array antenna (AFAR) for the j-11B fighter, which is a modified copy of the Russian su-27SK. According to Defense Aerospace, testing of the new radar on fighters has already begun.

Rural preferential mortgage in Russia will be effective from 2020.

In creating a mortgage product, the Ministry of agriculture of Russia cooperates with two key banks that operate in rural areas-Rosselkhozbank and Sberbank. The product is designed for the construction of individual housing and the first loans are planned to be issued in January next year.

Under this program, the villagers, as well as urban residents who intend to move to live outside the cities, will be able to get a housing loan at the lowest interest rate up to 3% per annum. The maximum term of the mortgage is 25 years, the amount of the loan-3 million rubles, the size of the down payment-10% of the loan value.

The FSB will deal with Chinese tourists in Kamchatka

Chinese enter the territory of Russia through Primorye on electronic visas. They are not legally allowed to leave the region. But Intourists without problems fly to Kamchatka, not caring about the existence of the migration service and the FSB. On the island, their countrymen settle in apartments and arrange excursions. They not only violate the laws, but also deprive Kamchatka hotels and guides of the opportunity to earn money.

In Kamchatka, any campaign must be coordinated with the FSB, since it is a border area. Tour groups that operate within the law do this. The grey Chinese guides are not. As a result, Chinese tourists go anywhere. Often their routes intersect with the halos of wild bears.

US and China agree to phase out duties

“Over the past two weeks, the leading negotiators have held serious, constructive discussions and agreed to phase out additional duties as progress is made on the agreement,” said Chinese Commerce Ministry spokesman Gao Feng. “If China and the US reach an agreement on the first phase [of the trade dispute settlement], then according to the content of the agreement, both sides will have to synchronously and proportionally cancel the existing additional duties, which is an important condition for reaching an agreement,” he added

Elon Musk called the premiere date of the pickup Tesla

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company’s “best development,” an all-electric pickup truck, will be unveiled on November 21 in Los Angeles, near The SpaceX rocket plant

Electric cars can provoke a new environmental crisis

Electric cars are considered one of the key technologies in the fight against global warming. However, the growth of their production may entail a new problem for the environment. A paper on this is published in the journal Nature.

Scientists from the University of Birmingham are calling on electric car manufacturers and world governments to develop a robust battery recycling plan that will provide a solution to the problem as soon as possible. The study authors estimate that only a million electric cars sold during 2017 will produce 250,000 tons of toxic waste from batteries over their lifetime. The problem of their disposal is complicated by the variety of forms, designs and chemical composition of lithium-ion batteries.

US bans Serbia from acquiring Russian air defense systems

Us special envoy to the Western Balkans Matthew Palmer told Macedonian television:

“We hope that our Serbian partners will show caution in transactions of this kind.”

Serbia is in talks to join the European Union. However, without joining NATO and anti-Russian sanctions, the probability of a positive response from Brussels decreases. Against the entry of Serbia into the EU is the President of France Emmanuel macron.

The fire chief in the Republic of Khakassia is accused of arson

In Khakassia, the fire chief in the village of Balyksa of the Askiz district is accused of setting fire to six houses. Moreover, he did it, as reported by local media with reference to the victims, to check the readiness of his subordinates.

According to the publication and “Vestey-Khakassia”, a criminal case was opened against Schneider under part 2 of article 167 of the criminal code (intentional destruction of property by arson).

Russia sent humanitarian aid to Donbass.

The column headed to the Russian-Ukrainian border, where it will split into two parts: one will go to Lugansk, the other-to Donetsk. In total, about 600 tons of humanitarian goods with children’s food sets will be delivered to Donbass.

The trailer for the film “Color from other worlds” c Nicolas cage

The network has a trailer for the fantastic horror film “Color from other worlds”, filmed on the eponymous work of Howard Lovecraft. The picture tells the terrible events that happened to a family of American farmers after the fall of a mysterious meteorite



Iron Maiden band will come to Russia

British band Iron Maiden will come to Russia with concerts in 2020. The metallers will perform at the ice Palace in St. Petersburg on June 30 and in Moscow on July 2 at VTB Arena as part of the Legacy of the Beast tour, according to the website of the concert Agency T. C. I.

Michael Jackson socks want to sell at auction

Online auction Gotta Have Rock and Roll put up for auction socks Michael Jackson. They will be sold on November 13, the starting price of the lot is $100 thousand. the thing is iconic for fans of the pop king, so the auction hopes to gain 10 or even 20 times more than the stated price.

A free exhibition about ballet will open in the Passage

To work on each project, the Director attracts talented artists and scenographers. Visitors will see sketches of the people’s artist of Russia Vyacheslav Okunev, artists Andrei sevbo, Yelisey Shepelev, Sergei Illarinov, Nina Shterenberg and others.

Ufa will host the Republican festival of children’s and youth theaters

The Republican festival of children’s and youth theaters will be held in Ufa from 11 to 13 November for the first time. The new project was implemented thanks to the national project “Culture”. The Grand opening of the festival will be held on November 11 At the national youth theatre of Belarus. Mustaya Karima.

Group Morcheeba will perform in Russia

London trio Morcheeba will perform in Moscow. This was reported in a press release received by the editors of “Tape.ru.» The concert will take place on November 10 at the Glavklub Green Concert in Moscow, and on November 9 in St. Petersburg at the MORSE club.

Artists should not “think a lot”.

Actress Julia Snigir on the eve of the release of Pavel Ruminov’s film “Success”, in which she played a rocker, shared her impressions of the filming. About it writes the newspaper “Izvestia”.

According to the actress, she took advantage of Pavel Ruminov’s offer to play the role of a rock musician and ” agreed to open her mouth under the microphone with a guitar in her hands.” As Snigir noted, if she had thought about it, she would have refused this role. According to Snigir, artists should not “think a lot”.

“A smart artist will take on other functions, and he needs to do his acting. Talent often does not intersect with the mind, ” – said the actress.

In Moscow there will be a monument to Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov

Monument to composer, teacher, ethnographer, one of the founders of the national system of music education Michael Ippolitov-Ivanov will open on November 12 at the State musical-pedagogical Institute named after musician and teacher. In 2019-20, the 100th anniversary of the Institute and the 160th anniversary of the birth of its founder will be celebrated. The author of the monument is sculptor Aydin Zeynalov.

The Museum complex of Mikhail Ulyanov will be built in his homeland

The Museum and memorial complex dedicated to Mikhail Ulyanov will appear in the city of Tara in the Omsk region. Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky said that the start of construction is scheduled for 2020.

In Brussels will sell fragments of the Berlin wall

At Europe’s oldest art fair BRAFA will sell five fragments of the Berlin wall. The review will be held for the 65th time in Brussels from January 26 to February 2, 2020. The proceeds will be used for cancer research, the integration of people with disabilities and the preservation of artistic heritage.

November 9, 2019 will mark the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. In 2019, 133 galleries from 14 countries will take part in the fair. They will show archaeology, classical and modern art. Russia will be represented by modernist art and design of the Soviet period. According to the organizers, the fair is eclectic, which is a platform for international exchange.

Tarkovsky’s script for the film “Mirror” will be sold at auction

A rare script for the film “Mirror” by Andrei Tarkovsky, which in the first version was called “White, white day” will be put up for auction in December. In addition, rare letters from the prison of the Soviet Director Sergei Parajanov, author of the films “Shadows of forgotten ancestors” and “the Color of pomegranate”will be put up for sale. The initial price of Tarkovsky’s script will be 630 thousand rubles. Each of Parajanov’s letters was estimated at 325 thousand.

National portrait gallery in London closes for renovation

The national portrait gallery in London is closing for a major renovation that will cost 35 million pounds, according to Artgid. This is expected to take three years.

More than 300 works of art will be donated to galleries across the UK during the refurbishment, which will be the largest since the Museum opened in 1896.

WhatsApp has launched a new privacy feature

In the blog of WhatsApp it is noted that users will be given more powers to control invitations to groups. So, it will be impossible to add a new participant to the chat without his consent.

To use this update, you must activate this feature. In the messenger settings, you need to go to the “Privacy/Privacy” section, and then “Groups”. Next, you should choose one of several options for the order of adding to groups – whether all users can do it, or only your contacts.

In retail stores completely sold out smartphones ” Yandex.Phone»

Retailers completely sold out smartphones ” Yandex.Phone”, writes “Kommersant” with reference to the press service of “Yandex”. Ads on the implementation of the smartphone ceased to be placed on ” Yandex.Market ” from last week. “Yandex” is discussing various options for the development of the direction, but the release of a new version of the smartphone is not yet ready to announce.

China has started to develop 6G technology

China has officially launched research into sixth-generation (6G) telecommunications technology, state media reported Thursday.

Mirrorless full frame camera Leica SL2

German photographic brand Leica presented a full-frame mirrorless camera SL2. The basis of the camera is a 35-millimeter sensor with a resolution of 47.3 MP without AF. There is an electronic shutter with a speed of up to 1 / 40000 s. the focus system has 225 points of contrast type.

The Leica Maestro processor is responsible for high-quality photo processing. The buffer memory capacity is 4 GB for 78 RAW images (DNG, 14 bits) or more than 100 in JPG. There are also two LCD screens: a 3.2 “touch screen with a resolution of 2.1 million pixels, as well as an additional monochrome 1.28” 128×128 pixels located at the top of the case.

There will be a new kind of ads on YouTube

Video hosting YouTube launches a new advertising format. This was reported in the official blog of Google. This will be a carousel of products offered, which you can click on and immediately go to the site to make a purchase. Ads will appear between videos on the main page of the service or at the top of the search results page

Crispr cancer therapy trials launched in US

In the United States, clinical trials of CRISPR-variant CAR-T therapy are underway. It is considered promising for the fight against cancer. According to today News Ufa, several patients were injected with edited cells

Infectious cancer in mussels has spread across the Atlantic

Biologists have found the same type of contagious cancer in several mollusk populations in Northern Europe and South America. These populations belong to different species, and the ancestor of this tumor, apparently, originated in an individual of the third species. Scientists believe that the spread of cancer around the world helped transport-mussels attached to the bottom of ships and crossed the oceans. The study was published in the journal eLife.

In the US robots have been taught to navigate the terrain

In the US, robots have been taught to navigate the terrain, the system consists of a lidar, a computing unit based on a Quad-core Intel Core i7 processor and optoelectronic cameras.

Krasnoyarsk physicists received a new type of superconductors

Scientists of the Krasnoyarsk scientific center have synthesized a one-and-a-half type of superconductors that can be used in radio electronics, as well as as particle detectors on accelerators. This is reported by the press service of the Krasnoyarsk scientific center of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Russian scientists have discovered the connection of black holes with the microcosm

A group of researchers from Skoltech led by Professor Anatoly Dymarsky came to the conclusion that the behavior of black holes and quantum gravity in General can be explained by ordinary quantum mechanics. At the same time, the issue requires further study.

Scientists have found out whether deja vu predicts the future

Ann Cleary from the University of Colorado presented to the scientific community a new theory that reveals the reasons not only for the feeling of repetition of the event, that is, deja vu, but also the “ability” to predict the near future, writes Science Daily.

Recorded associated with cancer of the elusive protein

Scientists have seen for the first time how the protein MYC, which plays a major role in the development of cancer, binds to another protein and controls important functions in the cell. The discovery may contribute to the development of new drugs that disrupt MYC function in tumor cells.

NASA recorded a sharp shrinkage of the atmosphere over the Amazon

NASA has recorded a significant decrease in the volume of water in the lower atmosphere over the Amazon. According to scientists, the cause of such a sharp shrinkage were powerful emissions of carbon dioxide due to human activity.

Presented new solar panels ” sunflowers»

Researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles and Arizona state University have created a biomimetic multidirectional solar energy tracker, or simply SunBOT. These tiny structures of heat-sensitive material are able to bend in the direction of light energy sources to absorb it as efficiently as possible.

Astronomers have measured the speed of the galactic wind for the first time

For the first time, astrophysicists at the University of California, San Diego have been able to observe the galactic wind, a massive outflow of gas stretching hundreds of thousands of light-years. The galaxy in which this phenomenon was observed is designated as SDSS J211824. 06+001729.4.

To communicate with Mars, scientists have created a device weighing 132 grams

LaRa will give the opportunity to communicate with the Earth on the radio waves. By measuring the Doppler effect-the difference in the frequencies of waves emitted on the way (Earth-Mars) and on the way back (Mars-Earth). LaRa has UCLouvain antennas: receiving, two transmitting and one backup. The weight of receiving antennas does not exceed 132 grams, and emitting 162 grams. They fit in the palm of your hand. Antennas are characterized by high sensitivity. They have the ability to pick up a radio signal from any direction

Developed magic glove for astronauts

Adjusting the pressure in the glove did not give the desired result, so scientists went a completely different way and created a real magic glove. “Smart glove” allows you to control the technique with gestures.H

New Toyota RAV4 began to collect in Russia

Toyota spent 4.8 billion rubles on modernization. In total, more than 30 billion rubles have been invested in the plant since its opening. During the preparation of the conveyor for the new generation crossover, Toyota Motor LLC signed contracts with new Russian local suppliers.

Sales of the updated SUV Nissan Terra started

Dealers of the Japanese automobile brand Nissan began selling the updated SUV Terra. Manufacturers are confident that the new frame SUV will be able to become one of the most popular among all cars of the brand

Revealed prices and interior crossover Aston Martin DBX

According to the publication speedme.ru, in Moscow has already held a private show Aston Martin DBX, but due to the fact that the model debuts on November 20, journalists are prohibited from publishing pictures of the production model. It is known that Aston Martin DBX received a number of components and assemblies of Daimler. The cost of new items in Europe starts from 193,5 thousand euros (13,6 million rubles), which makes Aston Martin DBX slightly cheaper Lamborghini Urus and slightly more expensive Bentley Bentayga with a V8 engine.

Showed a rear wheel drive variation of the new Audi R8 V10 RWD

A new rear-wheel-drive variation of the Audi R8 V10 RWD will hit the European market early next year. So, in Germany, the cost of the coupe will be from 144 thousand euros (10.1 million rubles), and Spyder – 157 thousand euros (11.09 million rubles).

In China presented electric cars startup Neuron EV

California-based startup Neuron unveiled innovative electric prototypes of the T/ONE minivan and TORQ truck at the China Import Expo in China. Both cars have a futuristic design and are built on a modular platform for electric vehicles.