10 Dec, 2019

News digest for 12/09/2019

The rise in prices for “new year’s table” overtook inflation by 4 times

Over the year, the cost of a basic set of products for the Christmas table jumped by 16%, analysts estimate “Evotor”. This is 4.4 times faster than the official consumer inflation, which at the end of October was 3.7%, and based on the weekly data of Rosstat by the beginning of December slowed to 3.6%.

In Kotlas more than 10 thousand people came to a rally in defense of Shies

In Kotlas, Arkhangelsk region, a rally in support of Shies activists gathered a record number of participants. According to the organizers, more than 10 thousand people passed through the frame at the entrance — this is a sixth of the city’s population. According to estimates of the Putin administration of the city, only 970 people attended the rally.

The resolution of the meeting included the requirements of the final stop of construction on Shies, the definition of environmental damage caused by construction, the ban on the import of garbage from other regions.

Shaman-warrior Alexander Gabyshev again in path on Moscow!

In 40 degree frost shaman came out of Yakutia with two companions and 4 dogs. His travel ban expired, his goals remained the same.

Elon Musk has won a court case about slander.

The head of SpaceX appeared in court in Los Angeles in a case of defamation against a British diver, whom he called a pedophile. The jury did not consider it libel. They concluded that it was an insult and did not satisfy the claim. After hearing the court’s decision, Elon Musk said that his faith in humanity has been restored.

Employees of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia announced the action

Former and current employees of the Federal penitentiary service appealed to the leadership of the Department and the President of the Russian Federation with the requirement to provide the promised housing. Relevant videos appeared in the community “Union of employees of the Federal penitentiary service” in “Vkontakte”.

Participants of the action claim that they do not receive social payments for the purchase of housing, and are evicted by the leadership of the Federal penitentiary service from departmental apartments. They say that the problem is of a nationwide nature and only high-ranking officials of the Department receive housing.

WADA athletes Committee urged to completely suspend Russians from participation in the Olympics

The Committee, which includes 17 well-known athletes in the past, considers insufficient the proposal of the IOC to allow “clean athletes” from Russia to compete in Japan under neutral flags.

Nine members of the Committee, including its Chairman, Olympic ski champion Becky Scott from Canada, believe that the only correct solution would be a complete ban of Russians to compete at the next two Olympics. In their opinion, otherwise the Russian authorities will continue to engage in manipulation and violate the existing rules.

“Constant and deliberate deception and corruption are an insult not only to those who play fair, but also to those who try to defend their principles»

Russia will appeal to the arbitration for sport in Lausanne to appeal the decision of WADA, said the first Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee on international Affairs Svetlana Zhurova. WADA’s decision on Russia will come into force in 21 days or after an appeal to CAS.

Debt collection from pensions of Russians

The Commission of the government of the Russian Federation on legislative activity should receive two bills of the Ministry of economic development of Russia. The Ministry has prepared two draft laws, one of which provides for the protection of insurance pensions from debt collection, and the second establishes that when collecting debts from wages should remain a living wage.

Electronic contracts of purchase and sale of cars will appear in 2020

The Ministry of communications of Russia together with the Ministry of internal Affairs are developing a free service that allows you to create an electronic contract of sale of the car through the portal of public services. This is reported by “Kommersant” with reference to the Deputy head of the Ministry of communications Maxim Parshin.

More and more Russians want to change the Constitution

FOM conducted a survey on the attitude of Russians to the Constitution. Respondents were asked the question ” Should or should not, in your opinion, revise the Constitution today, make amendments to it?”68% of respondents responded positively to it. Last year, this figure was 66%, and in 2013-44% (from 2014 to 2017, surveys were not conducted).

Those who would like to revise the law were also asked what changes needed to be made. The most popular (6%) were amendments that would improve social policy in the country. The second most popular (5%) were changes that would help improve the standard of living of citizens. Also, people would like to improve the quality of free medicine and education (3% each).

Also, respondents were asked whether the Constitution helps or does not help protect the rights of ordinary citizens (43% answered positively, 47% – negatively); whether they know the basic provisions of the Constitution (46% said they know, 51% — do not know), whether they have read the text of the Basic law (59% said they have read, 40% — not).

The owners of gas stations announced a shortage of diesel in the far East

In Primorsky Krai, the owners of independent gas stations and industrial enterprises can not get the necessary volumes of winter diesel fuel, the head of the Primorsky fuel Union and the General Director of the network of refueling stations “Kit-Service” Vladimir Chirskov told RBC.

Gas tariffs for Russian residents may rise sharply

The Ministry of energy is preparing a draft law, which implies amendments to the Federal law “on privatization of state and municipal property”, clarifying the specifics of the transfer of ownership of gas distribution and gas supply networks.

“Thus, the direct consolidation in the law of the norm on privatization is relevant not only in order to eliminate conflicts in the legislation, but also in the consistent implementation of measures to ensure the proper maintenance and operation of such facilities by persons with the necessary competence,” the Ministry of energy emphasizes.

On the question of “Izvestia”, whether privatization will lead to an increase in gas prices for the population, the Ministry of energy answered in the negative and referred to the FAS, which takes into account the costs of the gas distribution organization for the lease of networks owned by local governments.

“In this regard, according to the Ministry of energy of Russia, the adoption of the bill will not entail an increase in tariffs and final prices for gas for the population,” the Ministry is convinced.

How much does violence cost in the world?

Global Peace Index considers the cost of violence as the sum of the costs of the army and police and security services, the economic costs of murders, robberies and other violent crimes, and suicides. Both direct costs and indirect costs are taken into account (for example: how much could people earn because of injuries forced to be treated and not work).

If you sum it all up, it’s more than $ 14 trillion a year for the third year in a row. In 2012, for example, there were 13 trillion. All the numbers are huge, but it is not only and not so much their size, but the fact that in recent years they are growing and growing.

In Russia the number of people suffering from hypertension is growing

Rosstat published data from which it follows that over the past ten years, the number of patients with hypertension has increased. Thus, in 2008, the number of patients diagnosed with “diseases characterized by high blood pressure” reached 979 thousand. In 2018, there were 1.54 million patients diagnosed with “diseases characterized by high blood pressure” (hypertension).

Housing in the secondary market has risen in price in most major cities of Russia

Low volumes of housing commissioning, a sharp increase in the cost of new buildings and high expectations of apartment owners have led to an increase in prices on the secondary market, even in the absence of demand, writes “Kommersant”. During the year, apartments rose in price in 102 of the 120 major cities of Russia. The leaders were the cities of the Far East and Voronezh. But to sell housing in most cases, the owners still have a discount.

The Deputy sent the creators of the law on family and domestic violence to Brussels

Get out in Brussels and not to impose on society its law on the prevention of domestic violence (SBN) proposed to the authors of the bill Deputy of the state Duma Nikolai Zemtsov December 6 at an extended meeting of the Bureau of the Presidium of the world Russian people’s Council in the Church of Christ the Savior, the correspondent of IA Red Spring.

“Let them go to their Brussels!”- said the Deputy. According to him, in previous years, supranational European norms were imposed on us: “We tortured our legislation with these European laws.”

Addressing the audience, Zemtsov asked: “Maybe it’s time to conduct an audit of all these (brought from the West-approx. IA Red Spring) norms?”. The MP continued his speech by stating that ” we are a traditional society and will create our own traditions.”

North Korea develops medical tourism

The Rodong Sinmun newspaper reported that the North Korean authorities are thinking about options for implementing medical tourism programs, both for citizens and foreigners. Programs involve a combination of medical procedures with sightseeing. Now the number of tourists in the DPRK is growing, mainly travelers from China go to the country.

According to the publication, a wide range of procedures in the best clinics in Pyongyang will be available for medical tourists. For example, operations to remove tumors, dental services, vision restoration. Also for tourists will be opened sanatoriums with thermal and mineral springs.

The French will not buy Russian wine

“Let’s be Frank: the French are quite conservative in terms of consumer habits and convince them to buy Krasnodar wine is almost impossible. And this despite the fact that in the neighborhood are “wine” countries such as Spain and Italy. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the issue of price: imported wine can hardly compete with cheap and high-quality local analog, ” Mikhail Makarov, Russia’s trade representative in France, told RIA Novosti.

Delicacies for officials at Protocol events

The Department of the mayor and the government of Moscow will spend 29.1 million rubles to provide officials with food at Protocol events in 2020. The relevant tender “MBH media” found on the portal of public procurement. At each individual event there will be elite wines and cognacs, seafood Coquille, juliennes, sushi and other delicacies.

The media learned about the proposal to privatize shares of Russian Railways

The Ministry of Finance of Russia sharply criticized the policy of Russian Railways, which does not plan to pay dividends in the foreseeable future, the Izvestia newspaper reports, citing a source familiar with the course of a special meeting of the government devoted to the company’s investment program for the next three years.

To resolve the contradictions, the Ministry of Finance proposes to issue 5-10% of Russian Railways shares in free circulation and tie management remuneration to the dynamics of capitalization. We can talk about a package, the cost of which will be 200-400 billion rubles.

In Buryatia built the fifth solar power plant

On December 8, a new solar power plant with a capacity of 15 MW was put into operation in the Khorinsky district of Buryatia. As reported by IA REGNUM in the press service of the government of the Republic, the fifth SES was built in six months and since December has already begun the release of electricity to the unified network.

Russia bypasses the US and catches up with Europe

Electricity prices for industrial consumers in Russia were higher than in the United States and some EU countries, in particular, France. Such calculations are conducted “Community energy consumers” in an attempt to deny the energy presented in the state Duma is evidence that the cost of electricity for industry in Russia is lower than in Europe. According to analysts, Russian business, unlike other countries, pays for reduced tariffs for the population, and also bears costs due to the high cost of capital.


Sberbank of Russia has set a record retail lending

Sberbank in November issued retail customers 323 billion rubles of loans-a record for this year, according to the Bank’s comments to its reporting on Russian standards. The retail portfolio for the month rose by 1.4% to 7.2 trillion rubles, the Bank said.

Sberbank’s net profit in November amounted to 74.7 billion rubles, and for 11 months the Bank earned 814.1 billion rubles.

Collectors will receive from banks 120 billion rubles of debts of residents of the Urals

According to the National Association of professional collection agencies (NAPCA), in the first nine months of 2019, the volume of Bank debt, for the first time transferred to collectors in the Ural Federal District, amounted to 95 billion rubles (annual growth — 30.4%). According to the results of the year, collectors can receive about 120 billion rubles of overdue debts under the Agency scheme (the debt remains on the balance sheet of the credit institution, and collectors carry out collection services on its behalf for the Commission). At the end of 2018, this figure was at the level of 95 billion rubles, analysts told “Kommersant-Ural”.

According to the Association, the number of transferred overdue debts in the UrFO amounted to 1.5 million units, and by the end of the year can reach 2 million units. At the same time, the average amount of transferred debt for the year decreased by 43% and amounted to 61.8 thousand rubles.

In 2019, the structure of debt transferred to collectors has changed significantly. Traditionally, a large share is occupied by consumer loans (70.8%), but compared to last year it decreased by 17%. Significant growth in 2019 showed car loans-at the end of nine months they account for 19.9% against 5.9% in 2018. Credit card debt is 9.1%, up from 6.6% in 2018.

In total in Russia in January—September collectors received from banks in work under the Agency scheme over 453 billion rubles of overdue debts. This is 10% more than in the same period last year.

Bulgarian stream is ready to accept gas from Turkish stream from January 1

The Bulgarian side is ready to provide transit gas supplies to Greece and Northern Macedonia from the Turkish stream pipeline from the beginning of the year. This was stated in an interview published on Monday with the newspaper “24 hours” Executive Director of “Bulgartransgaz” Vladimir Malinov

China will refuse to made abroad of computers

The Chinese authorities ordered three years later to completely abandon the use of public organizations and public institutions of computer equipment and software that were created abroad, the newspaper financial Times, citing sources.

The Finnish government will be headed by the youngest Prime Minister in the world

34-year-old Sanna Marin, who previously served as the country’s Minister of transport and communications, was elected to the post of Prime Minister of Finland.

32 members of the ruling Social democratic party (SDP) leadership voted for Marin out of 61 who participated in the vote. Her rival — the Chairman of the parliamentary faction of the social Democrats Antti Lindt-supported 29 people, reports “Interfax”.

Poroshenko threw eggs on the Maidan

Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was pelted with eggs during an opposition rally that took place on independence square in Central Kiev on the eve of the Normandy four summit. The corresponding video appeared on YouTube.

The US has accused Russia of destruction of the drone in Libya

The American command in Africa declared destruction by the Russian systems of air defense of the UAV which disappeared in November near Tripoli .
Sukhoi Superjet with malfunction landed in Sheremetyevo

In Sheremetyevo landed Sukhoi Superjet aircraft with a malfunction of the onboard equipment. This is reported by TASS, citing a source in the emergency services. It is noted that the plane followed from Chelyabinsk to Moscow.

Lidia Mikheeva was elected head of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation.

Previously, she served as Deputy Secretary of the OP of the Russian Federation, she also heads the Research center of private law under the President of the Russian Federation. The position of head of the OP remained vacant since October 21, when the President appointed ex-Secretary of the chamber Valery Fadeev as the new Chairman of the HRC.

Compensation for unlawful prosecution

The former defendant in the “Moscow case” Daniil Konon filed a lawsuit in the Tver court of Moscow for rehabilitation, reports in his telegram channel the head of “Agora” Pavel Chikov. Konon demands from the Ministry of Finance 1,2 million rubles for illegal charge of participation in mass riots.

The state will take control of all transactions with cars in Russia.

The Ministry of communications and the interior intend to launch a new service next year for those who want to buy and sell a car. Users of the public services portal will have to use it.

It is assumed that with the help of the new service, a potential buyer of the car will be able to get acquainted with its history, and then form an electronic contract of sale, which can be certified by a simple electronic signature.


The Resident of Taganrog of the Rostov region faces a fine for repair of a road hole which was formed five years ago. Local authorities did not like that the man covered the pothole with a broken brick


Fraudsters fraudulently received from gullible Russians billions of rubles

Criminals who distribute fraudulent mailings on the network with promises of winnings and payments earned only in the second half of 2019 about seven billion rubles. This was reported by RBC owned by Grigory Berezkin, citing employees of Kaspersky Lab.

It is known that most often criminals act on behalf of large companies or celebrities, allegedly arranging lotteries. Also among popular schemes of deception — the offer to receive pension savings or “put” to the victim “social payments”.

The Moscow city court canceled the arrest of Abyzov’s assets in excess of 1 billion rubles

The Moscow city court overturned the decision to seize more than €13 million, securities and real estate in the case of former Minister for Open government Mikhail Abyzov, accused of fraud.

“The Moscow city court agreed with arguments of protection about illegality of the resolution of Basmanny district court of September 10 about seizure of property on criminal case concerning Abyzov”, – the defender told.

Near Omsk found an unauthorized burial ground

Near the village of Kovalevo there is a fetid animal burial ground from the waste of the local meat processing plant. The corpses of animals were stupidly stored on the ground, here they dug a hole into which the blood of the carcasses was poured. Local residents are afraid for their lives – there is a risk of contamination of groundwater, and they drink water from wells in the neighborhood.

After their complaints, the Rosselkhoznadzor organized an inspection, and the veterinary Department reported that the biological waste was removed and disposed of in accordance with the requirements of the current veterinary legislation, and disinfection was carried out at the place of their detection.

Onf activists did not take the Department at its word and checked the situation near the village. It turned out, some bodies just covered the ground and the other just threw over the ravine.

In Dagestan detained a suspect in the financing of terrorism

The FSB of Russia together with employees of the Investigative Committee and Rosfinmonitoring detained in Dagestan saada Akhmednabiyev, who organized on the territory of a number of subjects of the Russian Federation under the guise of charitable activities to raise money in the interests of international terrorist structures

Five regions of Russia made December 31 a day off

December 31 will be a weekend now not only in the Crimea, Tomsk and Kirov regions, but also in Stavropol and Pskov region.

In Sevastopol, unknown persons smashed the center for children with disabilities

The police of Sevastopol are checking on the statement of the leadership of the public organization “Special children” that unknown people entered the repaired room intended for classes with disabled children, and destroyed it, said the representative of the city Ministry of internal Affairs at the Cabinet meeting on Monday

In the northernmost city of China opened a hotel-Igloo

In the Chinese city of Mohe (Heilongjiang province in the North-East of China, the northernmost city of the country) opened a hotel-Igloo. This was reported by the news Agency “Xinhua”. The hotel is located in Beiji village (translated as Far North).

Mobile communication in Russia will increase in price

Russian citizens ‘ spending on communications services may increase by 17-18% in 2020. This was reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to the study of information and analytical Agency Content Review. Including due to the fact that operators will have to spend on the implementation of the requirements of the “Spring package” and the law on sustainable Runet.

Since 2016, 50-60% of Kaliningrad furniture companies have died

Compensatory solutions after the abolition of customs duties in 2016 in the Kaliningrad region were not available to all business representatives. As a result, about half of Kaliningrad furniture companies actually stopped their work. This was stated by the head of the Association of Kaliningrad furniture makers Mikhail Meister in the program “Prick with an umbrella” on the radio “Silver rain”.

“I then (on the eve of the abolition of customs duties in April 2016-approx. “New Kaliningrad”) said that 50-60% of furniture companies, if they do not introduce the right compensation solutions for those working here, will die. And so they died, ” Meister said.

Turkey expects to receive fighter jets from the United States

It is premature to talk about the purchase of Russian fighter jets by Turkey, Ankara still expects to receive American f-35 aircraft, Turkish defense Minister Hulusi Akar said on Monday

The suspect in the murder of khangoshvili worked in the special forces of the FSB

The suspect in the murder of former Chechen field commander, Georgian citizen Zelimkhan khangoshvili in Berlin Vadim Krasikov served in the special forces unit of the FSB “Vympel”, reports Der Spiegel. Journalists came to such conclusion after studying details of murder of the businessman in 2007.

Ericsson to pay US $1 billion in corruption case

Ericsson has entered into an agreement with the U.S. justice Department to settle charges related to violations of the anti-corruption law. Total payments will amount to $1.06 billion, – quotes the company TASS.

Japanese-American command and staff exercises began in the North of Tokyo

Sino-American command post exercise “Yamazakura” began on Monday at a military base in Asaka, North of Tokyo. They will last until December 16, Kyodo news Agency reported. During the exercises on the computers played a reflection of a complex attack from an imaginary enemy.

Shoigu announced the strengthening of the air part of the nuclear triad of Russia

Russia has significantly strengthened the air part of the nuclear triad (strategic armed forces) by creating new aircraft and updating the existing fleet of long-range aviation. This was on a conference call in the defense Ministry said the head of the Department Sergei Shoigu, reports “RIA Novosti”.

At Vnukovo airport police found the loss of evidence

On November 19, during an official check at Vnukovo airport, police found evidence missing from the storage room in terminal D. We are talking about 105 kg of drugs that were seized almost five years ago from flight attendant Vladimir Sapov

The seized substances were supposed to be stored at Vnukovo airport, but disappeared somewhere. According to one version, they were destroyed on the basis of the verdict of the Moscow city court in 2015, but the audit found that the court could not give permission to destroy evidence — as one of the participants in the case is on the run. In addition, the police were unable to document the destruction of drugs

To lift as icons of and instead them cram down naughty children

Rector of the Annunciation Church hieromonk Tikhon during the sermon chastised parents for disobedient children who run around in the temple. Suggested to remove icons and instead of them… to hang up these children. Let them be like, ” that’s the way they dangle their legs like devils with horns.”.. The diocese has not commented on the scandal.

Parishioners leaked the audio to the Network, and the famous theologian and philosopher Andrei Kuraev told his subscribers in LJ that hieromonk Tikhon (Tikhomirov) is gay in General. So it’s no wonder he hates little children and women so much…

The representative of the DPRK called trump impatient and old

The Chairman of the DPRK Committee for peace in the Asia-Pacific region, Kim Yong Chol named the President of the United States Donald trump’s old and impatient. This was reported on Monday by the Korean Central Telegraph Agency (KCNA).

Ukrainian Navy formed a new division in the sea of Azov

The naval forces (Navy) of Ukraine formed a new division of surface forces in the sea of Azov. This is reported by the publication “Ukrainian militarist portal” with reference to the statement of the commander of the Navy Igor Voronchenko.

According to Interfax-Ukraine, the division currently includes a search and rescue vessel “Donbass”, a sea tug” Korets”, small armored artillery boats” Lubny “and”Kremenchug”.

Poland and Ukraine agreed on joint exploration and production of gas

Poland and Ukraine have agreed on joint search and production of gas in the Ukrainian territory, the ceremony of the agreement between the Polish concern PGNiG and the company “Energy resources of Ukraine” is held in Warsaw.

The state Duma proposed to introduce lessons in schools against corruption

Vasily Piskarev head of the state Duma Committee on security and anti-corruption “If it is possible to form such moral principles in our citizens from a young age, they will certainly become a support for the implementation of the laws that we are adopting today.”

The ubiquitous us presence in the region must continue

The Minister of defense of the United States mark Esper and the head of the military Department of Singapore N. Hen signed an agreement granting American warships and aircraft the right to use airfields and naval bases of the state for another 15 years-until 2035, writes the newspaper the Straits Times. The previous version of the Treaty had been in force since 1990.

Most ASEAN countries, and Singapore in the first place, note that the widespread presence of the United States in the region should continue. – said the head of the military Department of Singapore

Belarus intends to hold joint exercises with NATO

Chief of the General staff of the Armed forces of Belarus Oleg Belokonev has not ruled out joint exercises with NATO, Interfax reports, citing the publication ” Nasha Niva

“Belarus is ready for joint exercises with NATO, there are even talks on possible formats. But this is with the condition that NATO will understand that our strategic ally is Russia, ” Belokonev said.

Published the first trailer for the film ” Wonder Woman: 1984»

The Network has the first official trailer for the new superhero film “Wonder Woman: 1984” starring Gal Gadot. The video was posted on the official Warner Bros. channel. The premiere of the film in Russia will take place on June 4, 2020.



The virtual “Museum of the missing paintings” rediscovering lost masterpieces

The presentation was held at the Museum of modern history of Russia. Almost 20 works of masters of Russian art – from ancient icons to paintings of the XIX-XX centuries, can now be seen with the help of virtual reality glasses.

“In its history, humanity has lost hundreds of thousands of paintings, icons, masterpieces of architecture. We used Russian and international registers, old catalogues of Rosokhrankultura, database of the Ministry of internal Affairs. We found some works in the catalogues in black and white and returned their color using a neural network – – said the Deputy editor of MIA “Russia today” Natalia Loseva. – It is important for us not just to show the lost masterpieces, but to tell the story of their disappearance. Therefore, it is journalistic research, performance and digital revival at the same time.”

“Multimedia art Museum” presents the exhibition ” Wu Guoyun. No place.”

Chinese photographer Wu Guoyun dedicated a project called “there are no Places” to bike sharing, which captured China in just a couple of years and turned the most environmentally friendly mode of transport into a threat to the environment. Wu Guoyong visited more than 50 natural Bicycle cemeteries and captured them on photos and videos.

The “Leningrad” has released a new album

Rostov rap group “Caste” has released an album, which was called ” about the flaw is clear.” This is the fourth disc in the discography of artists.

“Thirteen new songs from us, four accomplished and remarkable men, Russians who know the place of their Russian and a bunch of other jokes. The song wasn’t stupid (except for a couple). The songs are ironic, sad, tragic. But both touching and poignant!”- the musicians report in their instagram

The group “spleen” presented the track of the new mini-album

The St. Petersburg group “spleen” presented a track from the new album. This is reported on the official page of the musicians.

Liam Payne released their debut album

One Direction member Liam Payne released his debut album, LP1, on December 6, 2019. The album was released on Capitol Records and features 17 tracks, including collaborations with Rita Ora, Jay Balvin, Jonas blue, Lennon Stella, a Boogie wit da Hoodie, Cheat Codes, Quavo and Zedd, as well as the previously released single “All I Want (For Christmas)”.

Orel will host the festival of scientific cinema

From 10 to 21 December in the OSU building at the address: eagle, Naugorskoe highway, 40 viewers will be able to see five films about the flora and fauna of the Earth, the structure of the Universe, artificial intelligence. These films will be broadcast as part of the FUNK project.

WhatsApp has a new feature

The reminder function appeared in the messenger WhatsApp, according to the website whatsapp.any.do It is available on a paid subscription, you can test it for free for a week. To create a task you need to send a message to the bot Any.do with time reminder.

Scientists have invented a blood glucose meter without punctures on the skin

Scientists from the Moscow region have created a device that allows you to measure the level of glucose in the blood without punctures on the skin. This is great news for diabetics who constantly have to monitor their sugar levels.

Google abandons its Google Glass project

Google reported that they refuse to provide support for smart glasses. It is known that the Corporation has released the latest update for the Glass Explorer Edition device, which now needs to be installed in manual mode.