11 Nov, 2020

News digest for 11/10/2020

Four times a year, two dozen people meet to conduct some kind of ceremony. These meetings were no different from regular office meetings, if not for the unprecedented security measures that participants go through before getting there: biometric scanners, retina and fingerprint scanners are just a few of them. The reason why they are collected is also not the most commonplace: some of them are the custodians of the unique key to the global Internet. Together, their keys form a master key that controls one of the main security measures that underlie the Internet – the Domain Name System (DNS).

Russian Ministry of Finance to offer federal loan bonds at auctions

The Ministry, in particular, issues OFZ series 29020 with a variable coupon with maturity in September 2027 in the amount of 450 billion rubles and OFZ with a constant coupon of series 26236 maturing in May 2028 in the amount of 500 billion rubles.

The start date for the placement of bonds is November 11, respectively, from this date they will be available for offering at the Ministry of Finance auctions.

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation for the five auction days in October and November, the Ministry of Finance placed OFZs for 1.93 trillion rubles, which is 96.5% of the plan to attract on the market in the fourth quarter, which is set at 2 trillion rubles. Since the beginning of the year, the total volume of OFZ placed is 4.77 trillion rubles.

The State Duma approved the new ministers and deputy prime minister proposed by Mishustin.

  • The new head of the Ministry of Transport will be Aeroflot CEO Vitaly Savelyev.
  • The Ministry of Construction will be headed by ex-Minister of Tatarstan Irek Fayzullin.
  • Nikolay Shulginov, General Director of RusHydro, has been appointed to the post of head of the Russian Ministry of Energy.
  • Former Minister for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic, Alexander Kozlov, will become the Minister of Natural Resources.
  • Kozlov’s place in the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East was taken by the head of the Far East Development Fund Alexei Chekunkov.
  • The former head of the Ministry of Energy, Alexander Novak, has been appointed the tenth deputy prime minister.

US Treasury expands sanctions lists for Syria and Hong Kong

According to US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin, six citizens of the SAR were added to the black lists, including two generals and two parliamentarians, and two citizens of Lebanon. At the same time, the sanctions affected 11 enterprises and organizations in Syria, in particular the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources and the National Defense Forces. Also, the US Treasury has added four Chinese citizens to the sanctions lists related to Hong Kong.

Statements on Nagorno-Karabakh

  • The President of the Russian Federation, the President of Azerbaijan and the p-minister of Armenia signed a statement on a complete ceasefire and all hostilities in Karabakh from 00:00 Moscow time;
  • To control the ceasefire and hostilities in the zone of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, a peacekeeping contingent of the Russian Federation is deployed in the amount of 1,960 servicemen, 90 armored personnel carriers, 380 units of automobile and special equipment.
  • Armenia and Azerbaijan stop at their occupied positions. A Russian peacekeeping contingent is deployed along the line of contact in Karabakh and along the corridor connecting Karabakh with Armenia;
  • Internally displaced persons and refugees return to the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh and adjacent areas under the control of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees;
  • The exchange of prisoners of war, other detained persons and bodies of the dead is carried out.
  • All economic and transport links of the region are unblocked. Control over transport communications is carried out, inter alia, with the assistance of the Russian border service.

Golden Mask 2020

  • the best dramatic performance of large form – “Iranian Conference” by Viktor Ryzhakov
  • the best drama performance in small form – “Crime and Punishment” by Konstantin Bogomolov
  • best director – Dmitry Krymov
  • Best ballet – “Artifact Suite” of the Bolshoi Theater
  • Best Opera – “Three Sisters” of the “Ural Opera Ballet” Theater

New restrictions in Moscow from November 13 to January 15:

  • Restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, karaoke, bowling alleys, discos are prohibited from serving visitors from 23.00 to 6.00
  • Students of universities and colleges are switching to remote control, their transport cards will be blocked
  • Takeaway and courier delivery can work around the clock
  • Schoolchildren and students are encouraged to stay at home, minimize travel around the city
  • The maximum number of spectators in theaters, cinema and concert halls should not exceed 25%
  • Special permission from the authorities is required for mass sports events with the participation of spectators
  • Cultural and exhibition events with the viewer are suspended, they are only allowed online
  • Closed institutions for children – children’s camps, entertainment centers, children’s rooms in the mall.

Single picketing is a massive event

In Nizhny Novgorod, a court sentenced the coordinator of the Other Russia party E. Limonov, Yuri Staroverov, to 5 days of arrest. For, attention, the organization of single pickets. According to the court and the police, a solo picketing is a mass event that requires organization!

The Insider: The mother-in-law of the first deputy head of the Putin administration, Alexei Gromov, owns real estate worth half a billion rubles

As the newspaper found out, 84-year-old Anna Lositskaya is the owner of two neighboring apartments in the residential complex “Lavrushinsky 11”. Their total area is 395 square meters, and the approximate market value is 470 million rubles. The woman bought apartments in 2015 from Anatoly Novikov, a former minority shareholder and manager of Video International.

The Insider emphasizes that Lositskaya does not work anywhere and does not do business. The average annual income of Gromov himself over the past 10 years is 8 million rubles; his wife works at the Institute of General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences and receives several times less than him.

The state is wasting money on constant examinations of patients

Television doctor Alexander Myasnikov is convinced that the state is wasting money on constant examinations of patients, because where it is necessary to spend, explains Myasnikov, we no longer have enough

Headache – computed tomography, stabbed in the side – ultrasound. Then we find a cyst, a stone, then we do a puncture, prescribe operations, and then it turns out that we didn’t have to do anything. Findings of unclear clinical significance are simply ruining our medicine

The ex-policeman lost money from the safe deposit box

About 130 million rubles were stolen from the bank cell of Vyacheslav Pevnev, ex-deputy head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Novosibirsk Region. The abduction was reported by the International Anti-Corruption Portal, citing its own sources. The newspaper’s source said that this is the third incident in the bank, when money disappears from the cells.

This fact is being checked both by the bank and by the Novosibirsk police. We emphasize that it is impossible to steal the contents of the cell unnoticed, in no similar case the information about the theft carried out by bank employees or third parties was not confirmed, – said the press service of Alfa-Bank.

BelNPP has suspended electricity generation

Electricity production at the Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant (BelNPP) has been temporarily suspended, a spokesman for the station’s information center said. According to the local portal Tut.by, explosions of several voltage transformers became the reason for the shutdown.

Hubble Telescope Launches Largest Exploration Mission

The Hubble Space Telescope has launched a new research program, ULLYSES. Its goal is to study 300 young stars in the Milky Way and in nearby galaxies. Among them is the Large Magellanic Cloud, according to the NASA website. The program is designed for three years. It will become the largest in the entire 30 years of the telescope’s operation. The data obtained will allow scientists to better understand the processes of birth and evolution of stars.

Roscosmos has opened a section with Rogozin’s songs on its website

Roscosmos has opened on its website a section with songs by the corporation’s CEO Dmitry Rogozin. This became known on November 10. On the page “Songs about Space” there were musical compositions and video clips for songs by Rogozin, his wife Tatyana and other authors

Scammers have come up with a new way to deceive Russians on the Internet

Fraudsters have created and are promoting on social networks a new fake resource, which, under the guise of one of the Russian media, offers Russians to earn hundreds of thousands of rubles on a non-existent Gazprom platform. The site completely copies the style, logo and colors of the popular domestic media holding.

For the first time in history, the Laptev Sea is not frozen

Due to global warming, for the first time in the entire history of observations, the marginal sea of ​​the Arctic Ocean, the Laptev Sea, did not freeze. Now in the Laptev Sea the water is as much as five degrees above normal. The entire ecosystem could suffer from such changes. As ice melts, the Arctic reflects less heat and the planet heats up more than usual, experts say

Remote employment by decision of the authorities

State and local authorities will have the right to make decisions on the temporary transfer of workers to remote work in case of emergency. This is stated in the amendment to the bill on the features of teleworking, the text of which is at the disposal of TASS. According to the amendment, the consent of employees for such a transfer is not required

In cases of a natural or man-made disaster, industrial accident, industrial accident, fire, flood, earthquake, epidemic, epizootic, as well as by the decision of the state authority and (or) local self-government bodies and any exceptional cases endangering life or normal living conditions of the entire population or part of it, at the initiative of the employer, the employee can be temporarily transferred to remote work for the period of the specified circumstances, “- indicated in the text

Employers will be required to provide equipment for teleworkers

In Russia, employers will be required to provide employees working remotely with the necessary information security tools and equipment. This is reported by TASS with reference to amendments to the bill on the specifics of remote employment

Pobeda will start operating Aeroflot flights

After the agreement is concluded, Pobeda will be able to operate Aeroflot flights, as well as sell tickets for its flights on the parent airline’s website. The agreement is intended to preserve the load on the flights of the group’s companies, and the low-cost airline is viewed as a supplier of constant passenger traffic. It is assumed that Aeroflot will transfer to Pobeda some of its main flights within Russia and focus on long-haul international routes

S7 announced the resumption of charter flights to France, Italy and Spain

S7 Airlines has been launching charters from Moscow to France, Spain and Italy since mid-November. Only those passengers who are allowed to enter these countries will be able to fly. This is stated in a statement issued by the air carrier on November 10.

USA made a decision on Lukashenka

The State Department is looking for additional leverage for the logical outcome of the situation in Belarus. The corresponding statement was made at a videoconference organized by the Washington Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) by First Under Secretary of State Stephen Bigan

The diplomat noted that the United States, in coordination with Britain and the European Union, expanded sanctions against the Republic of Belarus in order to create a powerful negative stimulus in the economy for the Belarusian leadership.

Gold mining company concealed waste hazard class

The Trevozhnoye Zarevo gold mining company (managing company – Trans-Siberian Gold (TSG), England) failed to hide the hazard class of its waste. According to a court decision, the company paid an additional 138 million rubles for the disposal of toxic waste. Both foreign and Russian ecologists note: openness in environmental work is necessary, then such violations can be suppressed in the bud.

Russia proposed to start massive cuts for GDP growth

The Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-Term Forecasting calculated that in order to implement the government’s plan for an annual GDP growth of 3–3.5%, labor productivity should grow by 4–4.5% every year. This was reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to the head of the “Macroeconomics” department of TsMAKP Dmitry Belousov.

According to the researchers, the increase in productivity in the private manufacturing sector should remain at the level of 5-6% annually. To achieve this goal, you need to carry out massive reductions. If this is not done, the Russian economy will continue to lag 2-2.5 times behind developed countries and 1.5 times behind developing countries in terms of productivity.

Adobe to buy Workfront marketing platform

American Adobe, the world’s largest developer of imaging software, has signed an agreement to purchase the developer of the platform for organizing the work of marketers Workfront for $ 1.5 billion.

The problem of population decline in Russia will not be solved through a national project

The problem of population decline in Russia will not be solved by the national project “Demography” by President Vladimir Putin, even if it is fully implemented on time. This conclusion was reached by the auditors of the Accounts Chamber (JV), headed by Alexey Kudrin.

“Demography” is one of the 12 directions of development described in Putin’s May 2018 decree. The project budget is 3.1 trillion rubles.

Chinese helmets under the guise of their design

The management of the scientific and production association Spetsmaterialy was suspected of supplying more than 40 thousand Chinese protective helmets under the guise of their own design to the NPO “Special Technics and Communications” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the damage amounted to 48 million rubles, a source in law enforcement agencies said

The main customers for the products of NPO Spetsmaterialov JSC are the RF Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB, the Federal Penitentiary Service, the Central Bank, Rosatom enterprises, leading state corporations, banks and transport and infrastructure facilities.

The amount of cash in Russians for ten months

In the period from January to October of this year, the volume of cash in Russian citizens increased to 12.1 trillion rubles. Experts emphasized that Russians began to trust less financial institutions

Raising the retirement age did not lead to an increase in the budget

The Accounts Chamber said that raising the retirement age did not affect the increase in the budget. On the contrary, the Pension Fund has a deficit of 183 billion rubles. The pension reform was aimed at reducing the dependence of the Pension Fund on the budget and at ensuring the growth of pensions. However, not all pensioners received the annual increase.

As the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov noted, there are no positive changes expected from the reform in the budget. Nevertheless, because of her, the number of pensioners in Russia has decreased by 500 thousand people.

Russian National Welfare Fund

The volume of the National Welfare Fund (NWF) in October decreased by 434 billion rubles and as of November 1 amounted to about 13.3 trillion rubles, according to the website of the Ministry of Finance. As of October 1, the volume of the NWF amounted to 13.73 trillion rubles.

McDonald’s will test its own plant-based burger

McDonald’s will expand the menu with a plant-based burger of its own production McPlant and test it in several markets in 2021, writes CNBC, citing the company. McDonald’s vegan meat recipe has not yet been disclosed.

Samsung has bypassed Apple in the supply of smartphones in the United States

For the first time since 2017, Samsung has shipped more smartphones to the US market than Apple. For the third quarter of 2020, the American manufacturer shipped 30.2% of devices, while its Korean competitor – 33.7%.

Apple Watch can be used to fight nightmares

Specialists from the US Department of Health and Human Services (FDA) studied the operation of the Nightware application, created specifically for this watch. The principle of operation is to track a person’s sleep by collecting data on body movement and heart rate regularity. The app is able to understand when a person has a nightmare. At this moment, it instructs the watch to vibrate. This action should ward off negative urges from the sleeper. The therapy has been tested on 70 patients. The effect was achieved – sleep improved.

Hydrogen peroxide proved to be effective against cell aging

Cell aging in the human body is an inevitable process, but it can be slowed down. According to scientists from Sweden, ordinary hydrogen peroxide will cope with the role of the elixir of youth.

Experts have conducted experiments on yeast cells. As a result, it was possible to find out that hydrogen peroxide, of course, at a low concentration, affects the Tsa1 enzyme, which inhibits cell division and ensures their reliable protection in a stressful situation, which slows down cell aging.

China signed an agreement with an American company for the supply of liquefied gas

The Chinese company Foran Energy Group and the American Cheniere Energy signed a long-term agreement on the supply of liquefied gas to China. US reduced gas supplies to China will begin in 2021. The deal was signed in Shanghai during the annual trade fair. Gas prices will be tied to the American Henry Hub benchmark.

And the studio can’t do anything about it

In the just received a new premiere date (July 15, 2022) of the third part of “Fantastic Beasts”, as we already know, Johnny Depp will not appear, who lost the libel court and was fired shortly after by the WB studio

But Depp will still receive the full fee – over $ 10,000,000. Those were the terms of his contract, standard for Hollywood stars of this magnitude, ScreenRant explained. And the studio can’t do anything about it

Vin Diesel will star in the sequel to Bloodshot

Despite the fact that the film did not pay off in the box office, I consider it a success that many people watched it. It has become very popular with viewers and many are waiting for the sequel. Of course, the box office was affected by the pandemic. It came out just at the moment when cinemas in many countries of the world were already closing. I want to say that there will be a continuation of the film, and we are already preparing for filming. What’s more, Vin Diesel again starred in the film, ”said Dan Mintz, president of DMG Entertainment, in an interview with CBR.

New Star Wars series will affect the geography of the universe

Disney + ‘s new Star Wars series will air the same episodes as The Mandalorian. This was stated by the author of the project, Leslie Hadland. She also revealed some details of the future picture.

So, she clarified that the political and economic aspects of a distant, distant galaxy may well be included in the project. In many ways, Hadland wanted to study the universe from a geographic perspective. A plan was created for the characters to travel from one place to another in the style of Indiana Jones.

Russian Railways gave hackers the data of their clients

RZD allowed data to be compromised by over 1.36 million participants in its RZD bonus program. For the file with the copy of the database, the site administrator did not find a place safer than the root directory of the program server. Now the 2.4 GB database has spread widely across the internet. The database contains full names, logins, passwords, email addresses of users, IP addresses and operating systems of their devices and other information. In addition to the database, the hackers received the administrator’s login and password, the path to the database dump, and the RSA private key.

Russian Railways commented that the points on the accounts of their clients are safe, and after the break-in, “protective measures” were taken (which are not specified).

Scientists have discovered a new species of stingray

A Russian-Japanese group of researchers, which includes the chief researcher of the All-Russian Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (VNIRO) and the Biological Institute of Tomsk State University (TSU), Aleksey Orlov, has discovered a new species of rays, the press service of TSU reports.

“A previously unknown representative of cartilaginous fish was caught in the region of the central Kuriles. Due to its external features, it was named” Bathyraja sexoculata “-” six-eyed stingray. “The official name was given by the place of catch -” Simushir stingray. “It is assumed that this species lives locally and only in the waters of Russia The find is described in an article published in the international scientific journal “Zootaxa”, – said in a press release.

Scientists have noticed the rapid melting of glaciers in China

The rate of glacier melting in northwest China has doubled. And by the middle of the century they may disappear. This was reported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

“When I first came here in 2005, the glacier was near the point where the river bends. But now, 15 years later, the entire glacier has decreased by more than 150 meters. The speed with which this glacier is shrinking is truly shocking. This is happening too quickly, ”said Qin Xiang, director of the Glaciology and Ecology Monitoring Station of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Nanoparticles helped deliver the drug directly to the brain

The treatment of neurodegenerative diseases – slowly progressive, hereditary or acquired ailments of the nervous system, the most famous of which are Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, as well as dementia – are greatly hampered by the presence of a blood-brain barrier between the circulatory system and the central nervous system, which prevents the effective delivery of drugs to the brain.

This is what the new work of scientists from the National Institute for Scientific Research (Canada) is devoted to, whose working hypothesis was that some surface parameters and the size of nanoparticles can contribute to overcoming the blood-brain barrier and their capture by neurons. The research is published in the Journal of Controlled Release.

Created a program code to determine the stability of black holes

Roman Konoplya, an employee of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Gravity and Cosmology of the RUDN University, together with colleagues from the University of Silesia in Opava studied stability in the Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet theory. In it, a black hole is described by the Einstein equation with an additional, fourth, term …. The scientific article was published in Physics of the Dark Universe …

Genetic predisposition protects the immune system from aging

Genetic predisposition, which plays a role in the development of the heart of the embryo, is also important for the human immune system. This is evidenced by a recent study by the University of Bonn (Germany).

When a gene is not sufficiently active, the immune defense system undergoes characteristic changes, as a result of which it loses its effectiveness. Doctors talk about the aging of the immune system, as this effect is often seen in older people. The study is published in the journal Nature Immunology, writes MedicalXpress.

American scientists have developed antibodies for weight loss

Scientists from the United States, led by Punit Arora, have proposed to use the long-acting antibody BFKB8488A to combat obesity. A single injection of this drug can improve metabolism and reduce weight

ESA funded oxygen production project on the Moon

British firm Metalysis has signed a contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop an oxygen production system on the Moon. The development process will also produce aluminum, iron and other metal powders for further use in the construction of a base on the moon.

Lukashenka threatened to liquidate private enterprises without trade unions

Earlier, at a meeting with the chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus Mikhail Orda, according to Sputnik Belarus, Lukashenko recalled his demand to create trade union organizations at all private enterprises in the country and said that this issue must be resolved by the end of the year.

Unless by the end of the year private enterprises create trade union organizations according to your requirements, these private enterprises will be liquidated. You must make these proposals, we will not joke, “Lukashenka said at the meeting. His words are quoted on its website by the state-run publication SB Belarus today.”

He appointed his brother instead of a nephew

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, has replaced the head of his administration. Khas-Magomed Kadyrov has been appointed to this position, Chechnya reports today. The new head is the fourth cousin of the head of the republic