12 Nov, 2019

News digest for 11/11/2019

The Sunday Times named the sponsors of “Brexit»

According to the Sunday Times, all the defendants in the list in recent years have provided significant support to the ruling Conservative party of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Only in the list of nine people, but the publication named three:

Alexander Temerko. In the early 1990s, he worked in the Russian defense Ministry and was engaged in social security of servicemen, later he was part of the management of the YUKOS oil company. Over the past seven years, he has donated 1.2 million pounds to the Conservative party.

Lubov Chernukhin. Wife of former Deputy Finance Minister and head of Vnesheconombank Vladimir Chernukhin. It added £ 514,000 to the conservative party coffers in five years. Last year she donated another 450,000 pounds to the party.

Alexander Lebedev. The largest investor and private shareholder of Russia’s Novaya Gazeta also owns the Evening Standard and Independent Newspapers (supported remaining in the EU). British media claim that Lebedev served in the KGB in Soviet times

Payment in cash only

Only 2% of Russians completely abandoned cash and switched to payment by Bank cards, according to the results of a survey of the research laboratory “Levada center” Levada Lab. This is reported by RBC.

The majority of respondents (89%) regularly pay in cash. Debit Bank cards are used by 58% of respondents, credit cards-15%.

Another 13% of respondents said they switched to contactless payments by mobile phone (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay or other). 11% transfer money to the seller by phone number. 6% use electronic wallets QIWI, ” Yandex.Money”, WebMoney.

“Russian post” will reduce the delivery time of parcels to two to eight days

“Russian post” introduces from November 15, new standards for the speed of delivery of parcels to 7800 destinations. As the representative of the state company told “Vedomosti”, depending on the direction of the control delivery time will be from two to eight days. So, for example, delivery from the cities-millionaires to the cities with the population from 100 thousand people and back will be reduced to 2-3 days. In some cities with a population of more than 500 thousand people parcels will come every other day.

Reduction of terms is connected with significant investments in infrastructure, revision of the scheme of routes, reduction of terms of sorting of mailings, the first Deputy General Director on e-Commerce of “Mail of Russia” Alexey Skatin speaks.

In Magnitogorsk, doctors are dissatisfied with low salaries.

Doctors intend to hold a strike and picket. According to the Agency “Verstov info”, employees of medical organizations claim that their salary is not more than 18-25 thousand rubles per month. To get a normal salary, they have to work for several rates.

Russian-speaking IT companies in Silicon valley face challenges

It is noted that several companies have refused to work with startups that have a team in Russia because of the ” risks of state interference in the work of the startup.” For example, GitLab proposed not to accept employees with access to personal data of people from Russia and China. It is noted that the authorities of these two countries can put pressure on people and get data on customers. The company, valued at $2.7 billion and one of the three largest code management platforms, suffered heavy reputational losses.

Construction of unit 2 of the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran.

In November 2014, Russia and Iran signed a contract for the construction of the second and third power units of the Bushehr NPP (the Bushehr-2 project) on a turnkey basis. The launch ceremony of the Bushehr-2 project took place on September 10, 2016. The reactor units of the Russian VVER-1000 project will operate at units 2 and 3. The total capacity of the two new units is 2.1 thousand MW. The cost of the Bushehr-2 project, according to the Iranian side, will be about $ 10 billion, and its implementation is expected to take 10 years. Russia is likely to implement this project with its own money issued to Iran in the form of a loan, which as usual will be written off.

A set of modeling space flight

The next phase of the SIRIUS experiment will last 240 days. During this time, the main stages of the interplanetary expedition will be reproduced, including the flight to the conditional planet from Earth, carrying out orbital research, landing on the studied planet and returning to Earth.

Participants in the experiment will have to reproduce all the work performed in such an expedition, including maintenance, control of the spacecraft and robotic means. During the experiment, physical models and virtual reality technologies will be used.

The General Manager of the project said that the acceptance of applications from those wishing to participate in the experiment will be opened on November 11 and will last until the end of the month. The team of participants will be international, so knowledge of English is a prerequisite.

Mateusz Morawiecki criticized the EU for supporting the ” Nord stream-2»

“As some people bluntly say, Nord stream 2 is a payment for Russian weapons and Russian defense with our European money. It is very disappointing when such a project has such strong support from key EU countries»

Morawiecki also disagreed with French President Emmanuel Macron, who has previously said NATO is “brain dead” and the need for the EU to stop counting on the US. According to the Polish Prime Minister, NATO- “the main Alliance in the world”, and thanks to the support of the United States, Europe, including escaped from the regime of Nazi Germany.

“We very much welcome cooperation with a peaceful and democratic Russia, but Russia is not peaceful and aggressive surrounded by its borders,” Moravetsky concluded.

Germany should not build a “special relationship” with Russia

“We can not make a split among Europeans on the issue of security. In Germany, there can be special ways in the relations with Moscow, and in other issues,” – said the foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas

He noted that Poland and the Baltic States can be sure that Germany takes their security as seriously as its own. It also points to the need for Germany and France to strengthen NATO, of which a “strong and independent” Europe will become part.

“Without the United States, neither Germany nor Europe will be able to defend themselves,” he said and cited Russia’s violation of the Treaty on short-and medium-range missiles (ceased to operate on August 2 after mutual accusations of Moscow and Washington in its non-implementation).

In which countries do people believe that religion plays a very important role in their lives

Catalan protesters block road between Spain and France

Supporters of Catalonia’s independence from Spain blocked traffic on the a-9 motorway, blocking the main road link between France and Spain

Evo Morales announced his resignation as President of Bolivia.

The people, the police and the army dismissed the long-serving President, who first circumvented the two-term limit and then won a strange election victory. The head of the Bolivian electoral Commission-tried to hide and in a farewell letter said that resigned, and crimes against the will of the Bolivian people did not commit. Maria Eugenia choke, however, was found and arrested, along with her Deputy. They intended to flee the country. At the moment 36 people have been arrested for election fraud

The Russian foreign Ministry reacted to the events in Bolivia

The Russian foreign Ministry called on the political forces in Bolivia to come to common sense and responsibility, to settle the situation in the country by constitutional means in order to preserve peace and tranquility.

In a statement, the foreign Ministry indicated that the Bolivian authorities were ready to engage in dialogue with the opposition, but it “unleashed” a wave of violence and did not allow the completion of the presidential mandate of Morales.

Construction on the” East ” will continue in the winter under a protective tent

Construction of objects of the second stage at the Vostochny cosmodrome, including work with concrete, will not be suspended in the winter because of low temperatures, Director of the branch of the Directorate of the fku “Vostochny Cosmodrome” Igor Olenichev told TASS.

To continue the construction of the launch pad for heavy launch vehicles of the Angara family, a tent of 90×35 meters will be deployed on the site of the launch table, which will allow for winter concreting.

Putin on the Vostochny cosmodrome»

A hundred times said was-work transparently! Big money is allocated, the project has a national character. No! Steal hundreds of millions! There have been dozens of criminal cases, courts have been held, people are already in prison. There is no, order there so until now and not managed impose as should

Roscosmos announced four new stations of the satellite communication system

As specified in Roscosmos, after ” Autonomous tests and commissioning of new stations will improve the quality of satellite communication services for data transmission, in particular, will reduce the time of delivery of information to its consumers»

Russians warned about the rise in prices for cellular communication in 2020

In Russia, 2020 may be the year of a sharp rise in mobile prices. This opinion was expressed by analysts interviewed by Izvestia. According to experts, the cost of cellular communication in Russia next year may grow at best by 10%, and at worst-by 25%.

“Beeline”, MTS and Tele2 at the moment do not plan to revise tariffs for cellular communications, TASS reported, citing a statement by representatives of the companies. In the “MegaFon” declined to comment

Russia was among the most drinking countries in the world

The second place was taken by Austria, where every year residents consume 11.8 liters of alcohol. The three of leaders was closed by France with a figure of 11.7 litres per capita. Among the countries where the consumption of alcoholic beverages is high, Russia entered, being on the seventh place of the rating.

In the Altai region introduced emergency mode due to excessive debris

In Biysk introduced a state of emergency due to the deterioration of the sanitary and epidemiological situation, a large amount of garbage in the city. It is reported by “Interfax” with reference to the press center of the city hall. As noted, the emergency was introduced from 00: 00 local time on November 11

Russians approve the introduction of the electronic voting system

The proposal to introduce electronic voting was supported by 49 percent of Russians. The authors of the study noted that the majority of this group were young people from 18 to 24 years. Respondents acknowledged that electronic voting can reduce confidence in the electoral process, but are willing to test the system.

Citizens over 60 and people who said they rarely use the Internet were skeptical of the idea. They are sure that it is necessary to leave only a paper format of elections. Most of them found it difficult to answer how the introduction of electronic voting will affect the election results, writes RBC.

In Russia registered more than 260 thousand self-employed

More than 260 thousand entrepreneurs registered in Russia as self-employed since the beginning of the experiment. This was announced by Finance Minister Anton Siluanov at a meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with the government.

The first Deputy Prime Minister expressed the idea ” from next year to gradually give the right to extend this regime [a special tax regime for the self-employed] to all subjects of the Russian Federation.” Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed with the idea of Finance Minister Anton Siluanov

In Kuzbass miners refused to work because of salary debts

In the Kemerovo region, 53 miners of the Oktyabrsky section (part of the Polysaevskaya criminal code) announced that they would not go to work until they were paid off their wage debts. About this VSE42.Ru according to a source at the enterprise. In September 2019, all miners of the Oktyabrsky mine in total were not paid 13.767 million rubles, the criminal code specified to Interfax.

30% of Russians to pay for the treatment in the hospital

At the initiative of the Federal compulsory medical insurance Fund (FOMS), Izvestia conducted a survey, which found that about 30% of Russians incur additional costs during treatment in a hospital.

Traffic police surround Kazan traffic cameras total control

The capital of Tatarstan will soon be surrounded by a network of traffic cameras, which will provide total control over motorists in non-stop mode. With this organization of surveillance radar detectors, which are installed in cars drivers to determine the presence of cameras, will become useless.

In Kemerovo has launched a second-hand trams from Moscow

In the regional center, Moscow trams were allowed on the line. So far, three out of ten cars received from Moscow are working. The other seven will also be put on the line soon.

We will remind, 30 trams Kuzbass received under the agreement between the Governor of Kuzbass Sergey Tsivilev and the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. By 10 trams went to the cities of Kemerovo and Novokuznetsk. The rest of the transport will be distributed to small towns of the region.

Because of the rise in price of vegetables, Russians began to move to cereals

Fresh vegetables in Russia since 2014 rose by 22%, their sales began to decline, people began to switch to cereals, GfK research showed. About it writes “Kommersant”.

Arms suppliers and buyers owe $13 billion to Rosoboronexport

Rosoboronexport reported total revenue, but it mainly reflected brokerage fees rather than export sales. The company’s revenue in 2018 amounted to 21.5 billion rubles. after 26.2 billion a year earlier.

JPMorgan and Citigroup sell gold

Investors are switching to “risk,” so strategists at the two biggest Wall Street banks no longer see the point in defensive assets like gold and bonds.

JPMorgan strategists reported that they are closing a long position in gold due to the growing demand for risky assets. In addition, they lowered the recommendation on the share of precious metal in the portfolio from “above market” to “below market”.

Strategists at Citigroup yesterday announced the closing of the purchase of this tool.

Optimism of Russian business in the issue of investments has reached a record

The number of private companies in Russia predicting investment growth over the next year exceeded the number of pessimists by 22%, according to a survey by IHS Markit. This is the best result since February 2012

“Mosura” increased net profit

Basic earnings per share in rubles increased by 6.7% – from 2.27 rubles in the third quarter of 2018 to 2.42 rubles for the reporting period of 2019. Net interest income of the trading platform increased by 8.7% due to realized income from the revaluation of the investment portfolio, according to the report of the organization.

Kazakhstan raises oil production forecast in 2019

Kazakhstan expects oil production in 2019 at the level of 90.5 million tons, the press service of the Ministry of energy of the Republic reported on Monday

US buys fuel oil from CIS countries

According to the us Department of energy information office, for eight months, imports of fuel oil with sulfur content above 2000 ppm amounted to about 1.7 million barrels, while for the whole of last year exceeded barely a million. The significant increase in purchases in Russia and the CIS countries is due to two reasons

Venezuelan oil again fell in price

The price of Venezuelan oil fell this week from 53.23 to 51.97 dollars. per barrel. This is reported by the Cuban Agency Prensa Latina, citing the Ministry of fuel industry of the Bolivarian Republic of. Thus, the fall was $ 1.26. The Venezuelan government plans to restore oil production at 1.6 million barrels per day.

Poland refused to get closer to Russia

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that the country will not get closer to the Russian side because of its behavior in the world community. He said this in an interview with The Financial Times. According to the Prime Minister of Poland, Russia behaves aggressively

The participants of the second round of the presidential elections of Romania became known

Incumbent Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, and former Prime Minister of the country Viorica of Danila passed to the second round of presidential elections. About it reports News.ro with reference to the Central election Bureau of Romania.

After processing 99% of ballots from more than 18.5 thousand polling stations, Iohannis receives 36.06% of the vote, and Dansile-23.56%.

Cyprus authorities may increase the list of deprived of “gold” passports

The list of 26 holders of “gold” passports, which the Cypriot authorities deprive of citizenship, can be extended. This November 7 in an interview with the Cyprus broadcasting Corporation said the interior Minister of Cyprus Konstantinos Petridiks.

Fukushima to become Japan’s renewable energy hub

The Japanese authorities intend to turn Fukushima Prefecture, affected by the earthquake, tsunami and accident at a nuclear power plant in 2011, into a center of renewable energy. On the lands affected by radiation, solar and wind power plants will be installed, according to Bloomberg.

The film Balagova “Tall” received the main prize of the Geneva film festival

The film of the Russian Director from Kabardino-Balkaria Kantemir Balagov “Dylda” won the main prize of the XXV Geneva international film festival (Geneva International Film Festival). A total of 55 full-length films were presented in the competition.

The US sent an unknown combat vehicle to Alaska

The U.S. military sent an unknown combat vehicle to Alaska a few days ago. Eyewitnesses recorded the loading of her hull. The corresponding photo appeared on the vast social network Twitter. There are assumptions that the new car was sent to the test Center.

Lexus has named the premiere date of its first electric car

The Japanese company Lexus, which produces cars of the “premium” class, announced the debut date of its first production electric car. The premiere of the new product will be held at the international automobile exhibition in Guangzhou on November 22. About this “Motorsports day” learned from the press release the Lexus.

In China, Volkswagen began trial production of electric vehicles

The announcement came two weeks after U.S. electric car maker Tesla also said it had begun trial production at its plant in China, where it plans to produce 500,000 vehicles a year once construction is complete.

Russia and Armenia postpone signing of Memorandum on biological laboratories

Russia and Armenia have postponed the signing of a Memorandum on access of Russian specialists to us-funded laboratories in Armenia. A Russian diplomatic source told RBC about this and a source familiar with the negotiations in Armenia confirmed it. According to the Armenian interlocutor, ” the document is not ready yet.”

Turkey began deporting foreign terrorists on Monday.

Thus, a terrorist from the United States was expelled from this country upon completion of legal procedures, Anadolu Agency reported, citing the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Republic. In addition, documentation is being prepared for the deportation of a terrorist-a native of Germany. Another terrorist will be sent to Denmark during the day.

Thus, three foreign terrorists will be expelled from Turkey in a day. On Thursday, November 14, it is planned to deport seven extremists-immigrants from Germany, held in special centers.

Farmers blocked key roads in Ukraine

On key highways of Ukraine protests of the Ukrainian agrarians against cancellation of the moratorium on sale of the earth began. This is reported by the TV channel “112 Ukraine”. At the moment, protesters blocked the route Kiev-Odessa near the village of Demidovka and Kiev-Chop in the Lviv region.

The lifting of the moratorium on the sale of land, in force since 2001, and the opening of the land market is one of the key points in the requirements of the International monetary Fund (IMF) for further lending to Ukraine.

No party won an absolute majority in the Spanish elections

The Spanish socialist workers ‘ party (PSOE) won a snap General election held in the country on Sunday, but it again failed to gain the majority needed to form a one-party government.

The first serial su-57 will go to the VKS before the end of the year

Russia’s aerospace forces will receive the first production su-57 fighter before the end of this year, Deputy defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko said, RIA Novosti reported.

The first production aircraft su-57 is almost ready to be sent to the troops. By the end of the year, it will already be delivered to the VKS. Next year we expect another such aircraft, and then there will be a multiple increase in production. – Alexey Krivoruchko, Russian economist

Libya’s interior Minister accused Russia of fomenting conflict in the country

Fathi Bashaga, the Minister of the government of national accord (PNC) sitting in Tripoli, said that Russia was fueling the conflict in the country for its own interests. In his opinion, the settlement is harmed by Russian snipers from Wagner’s PMCs

The Russians are intervening to add fuel to the conflict and inflate it, not to try to resolve it, ” he said.

Bashaga believes that in this way the Russian side intends to consolidate its influence in Libya, which has oil fields, reports Bloomberg.

Us fighter jets to link up with secret space drone

Fifth-generation fighters F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II will be able to exchange information with reusable unmanned spacecraft X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV), reports Military.com.

The most expensive us air force aircraft at the cost of an hour of flight

The record holder for the cost of operation is the Boeing E-4B “Nightwatch” (NEACP), which is a flying command post. This aircraft is often referred to as the”doomsday aircraft”. The cost of an hour of his flight is 159,5 thousand us dollars.

The second place with indicators in 130,1 thousand dollars per hour of flight is a low-visibility bomber B-2 Spirit, which began to be operated in the US air force in 1997.

In the third position with the cost of an hour of flight of almost 101 thousand dollars, the C-5 Galaxy plane. It is a strategic military transport with a maximum take-off weight of 379.6 tons. For the first time in the air, this aircraft rose in 1970.

The cost of an hour of operation of fighters of the 5th generation F-22 Raptor-58 thousand dollars per hour of flight, F-35A Lightning II-67,5 thousand dollars.

Turkey announced the disruption of Israel’s plans

Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Turkey’s military operation “Source of peace” in northeastern Syria prevented the creation of a” terrorist state ” that Israel and a group of countries in the middle East region were allegedly counting on.

The Russian aerospace forces announced the beginning of modernization of air defense systems

To finalize the Russian air defense systems in accordance with modern challenges began in the VKS of the Russian Federation, November 9, the radio station “Echo of Moscow”. Deputy commander-in-chief of the Aerospace forces Lieutenant General Yuri Grekhov reported on the necessary modernization of equipment.

India has put on the border with Pakistan 100 thousand soldiers

The Indian authorities explain their decision by the desire to prevent the penetration of terrorists from the territory of a neighboring state. In addition, according to estimates of the Ministry of defense of the country, Pakistan put on the border with India in the area of 80 thousand of its soldiers, heavy artillery and so on

Viewers in the United States chose the best film of the year

The people’s Choice Awards, the winners of which are chosen by audience voting, in the category “best film of the year” received the blockbuster “the Avengers: Finale”, reports THR. The award ceremony was held in Los Angeles for the 45th time.

Robert Downey Jr. was named best film actor, and Zendea (“spider — Man: away from home”) was named best actress.

In the category “family film”the audience chose “Aladdin”. Best TV series and best drama series was “Very strange things” and the Comedy show was ” the big Bang Theory.”

The star of the action film was named Tom Holland (“spider-Man): Away from home”), and the star of the animated film was Beyonce (“the lion King”).

Cole Sprouse (“Riverdale”) won best actor and Millie Bobby brown (“Very strange things”) won best actress.

Jennifer aniston received the Icon Award.

Nalchik will host a theater festival

From 17 to 22 November in Nalchik will host the international theater festival “southern scene”, according to the Ministry of culture of the CBD.

New album by country rapper Yelawolf

American country rapper Yelawolf released his sixth Studio album (and second this year) “Ghetto Cowboy”. The album includes 14 tracks.

From November 14 at the box office — “Sin” Andrei Konchalovsky



WhatsApp massively blocks users

The last few weeks have brought with them a slew of reports of permanent blockages on WhatsApp. The reason for this was that they were all members of groups that, according to the official WhatsApp commentary, had “malicious” names.

Program for hacking smartphones ordered Novosibirsk police

Novosibirsk police will buy the program ” Mobile criminalist (detective version)”. Its capabilities will help solve crimes with access to smartphones.

The program can extract files, contacts, accounts and passwords, analyze the interaction between the owner of the smartphone and its surroundings. And also unlock the gadget screen. Basically, it is designed to work with Android-smartphones, writes ” Taiga-info»

Scientists have developed a new gel against forest fires

Researchers at Stanford University have developed a new gel structure that should protect plants from forest fires. This gel stays longer on the surface of plants. According to Naked Science, the substance was tested on grass and shrub species Adenostoma fasciculatum

The neural network repeated Copernicus’s discovery

Physicists have developed a neural network that can analyze the results of experiments and find mathematical patterns in them. Artificial intelligence was able to explain why Mars sometimes moves “backwards” in orbit, which was a big mystery to astronomers before the discovery of the heliocentric system of the world by Nicholas Copernicus.

In other words, she re-made a discovery that led to one of the most important paradigm shifts in the history of science — commented on the results of the experiment physicist from the University of Toronto Mario Krenn.

The level of anxiety depends on the quality of sleep

According to Nature Human Behavior, the results of research by a group of scientists at the University of California at Berkeley suggest that poor sleep quality is directly related to levels of stress and anxiety

“Lack of deep sleep increases vulnerability to stress and anxiety… It was found that after a night without sleep, the prefrontal cortex, responsible for the manifestation of anxiety, functioned with failures. Also, poor sleep contributed to an increase in stress levels by 30%, ” according to research..

Corals were able to regenerate

Biologists have found that 38 percent of the colonies of coral Cladocora caespitosa “resurrected” – they regenerated after they were already considered dead. As reported in Science Advances, new, smaller polyps grow in dead calcareous skeletons, and the colony is very slow to recover.

The puffer fish poison helps her deal with stress

Masafumi Amano and his colleagues from the universities of Kitasato and Nagasaki decided to test how the lack of poison affects the development and condition of Takifugu fish. To do this, within a month, the toxin was added to the usual diet of captive fry.

In a paper published in the journal Toxicon, scientists report that such fish grew on average six percent longer and 24 percent more massive than those contained in the feed without poison. In addition, they were less aggressive and did not often engage in fights, less often damaging each other.
Scientists have obtained the minimum possible ice crystal

In a paper published in the journal PNAS, the scientists report that the minimum number of molecules from which a crystal embryo begins to form is about 90 to 150 pieces. Such a cluster of water molecules — a “nanocaple” – will have a diameter of only about two nanometers, a million times smaller than the snowflake that will grow out of it.

Homo erectus knew how to store food for future use

This is the conclusion of scientists from the University of tel Aviv, who studied the bones of animals once killed by ancient people. This happened about 400 thousand years ago, and now these bones were found in the cave Kesem near tel Aviv.

NASA deciphered an unusual signal from deep space

According to the Astrophysical Journal Letters, the signal was recorded on the International space station in late summer. According to scientists from the United States, the cause of this phenomenon was the release of energy, which was triggered by a thermonuclear explosion on the pulsar SAX J1808. 4-3658 in the constellation Sagittarius….

NASA presented the first electric aircraft

The national Aeronautics and space administration (NASA) has unveiled an all-electric x-57 Maxwell experimental aircraft. Its test flight is scheduled for 2020, reports Reuters. The electric plane has been worked on since 2015.

With “unearthly” soil removed the first harvest

Soil samples modeling the soils of Mars and the moon, enriched with organic additives and tried to grow on them terrestrial plants-tomatoes, rye, peas, watercress, arugula, radish, quinoa, chives, spinach, leeks. For control, these same crops were planted in the earth’s soil.

The experiment showed that the volume of food grown in groups with “Martian” and terrestrial soil was almost equal. The performance on the lunar regolith simulation was more modest, but the scientists recognized them as satisfactory as well. Some “plants from the red planet” were even given the seeds.

“We were delighted when we saw that the first tomatoes grown on the soil of Mars turned red. This meant that the next step towards a sustainable closed agricultural ecosystem was taken, ” lead author Viger Wamelink was quoted as saying by the online publication Naked Science.