14 Nov, 2019

News digest for 11/13/2019

Google collects Americans ‘ medical data

Google has secretly launched a joint project with one of the largest health systems in the United States. The program, called Project Nightingale, collects and processes detailed personal data about the health and treatment of millions of people in 21 States. The goal of “Project Nightingale” is to create an advanced medical search engine as well as artificial intelligence that will offer patients more accurate treatment programs. At the same time, neither the Americans themselves nor their treating doctors were aware of the collection of information about their health, writes the Wall Street Journal, citing project documents available to journalists.

If a trade deal with China will not take place …

“If we do not make a deal, we will significantly increase these duties,” said us President Donald trump.

He did not specify how much the fees would increase, but noted that the increase would be significant.

“This will also be true of other countries that have mistreated us,” the President added.

According to him, China is “dying” to make a deal, but trump said he would sign the agreement only if it would benefit American companies and workers.

“We decide whether we want to make a deal. We are close to that. A significant first stage of the transaction can be realized. This may happen soon, ” the President said.

Film companies to evade the return of subsidies received from the film Fund

On the facts of evasion of film companies from the return of subsidies to the cinema Fund, six criminal cases were initiated, the official representative of the Prosecutor General’s office Alexander Kurennoy told the departmental channel “Ether”.

The cases, said Kurennoy, were initiated by the results of inspections conducted by regional prosecutors on behalf of the Prosecutor General’s office. 13 procedural checks are carried out, he added.

The US is confident that Iran will soon make an atomic bomb

The US believes that Iran is preparing to make a breakthrough on the way to building an atomic bomb, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said. The us official at the same time referred to the decision of the Iranian leadership to launch centrifuges for uranium enrichment at the underground facility Fordo

The revision of credit limits due to accusations of sexism.

Goldman Sachs has proposed a review of credit limits for Apple Card holders following allegations of sexism. This was announced by the Executive Director of the American division of the Bank Cary Halio. She reiterated that Goldman Sachs does not take into account the gender of customers when determining the size of credit limits.

“In fact, we don’t even know the gender and family status of those applying for an Apple Card,” Halio noted.

In early November, programmer David Hansson complained that the credit limit on the Apple Card, which was approved by his wife, was 20 times less than his own.

VTB has leaked a database of its own customers.

The database of VTB depositors, which includes 5 thousand accounts, appeared on the black market. The seller said that the data of 3 thousand customers can be purchased “first hand”, and the remaining 2 thousand through dealers.

Primary information about VTB clients is sold for 10 rubles per line, and secondary – for 6 rubles. It includes the name, home address and index, phone number of the client, in some cases, e – mail, as well as information about the amount of the Deposit, which exceeds 1 million rubles.

Russia and the United States are negotiating the repatriation of terrorists

Moscow and Washington are negotiating the repatriation of Russians who joined the militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic state”. This was reported on the website of the US state Department.

“We are discussing with the Russians. A large number of captured militants and their families from Russia. The Russians have already shown some interest in returning these people, but this is still at an early stage»

700 thousand rubles for illegal criminal prosecution in the “poppy case”.

Tver court of Moscow appointed chemist Olga Zelenina 700 thousand rubles of compensation for illegal criminal prosecution in the “poppy case”. This was reported by the head of the human rights group “Agora” Pavel Chikov. According to him, Zelenina intends to appeal the decision of the court, because he considers the amount of compensation “inadequate”.

“Poppy case” was initiated in 2010. His main defendant was businessman Sergei Shilov; he supplied Russia with confectionery poppy, in which law enforcement agencies found traces of opioids. Shilov was sent to the Penza research Institute of agriculture a letter with a question, is there a more complete cleaning of the Mac, than it was seized from him parties. Olga Zelenina, an employee of the research Institute, replied that it is impossible to completely clear poppy from traces of opium.

Because of this reference letter Zelenin in 2012 was accused of giving a deliberately illegal expert opinion and participation in a criminal community. She spent 42 days in jail, then she was released on her own recognizance. In December 2018, the jury acquitted Zelenina and the other 12 defendants in the ” poppy case»

Russia and China to join forces to build subways around the world

Russian JSC “Mosinzhproekt” and the Chinese company CRCC can create a joint venture for the construction of metro around the world. This was told by the Deputy mayor of the capital on urban policy and construction Marat Khusnullin.

In Russia will rise in price medspravki on driver’s license

On November 22, Russia will change the procedure for mandatory medical examination of drivers and candidates for drivers. The corresponding order was published the day before by the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation (more…).

As follows from the document, now future and disenfranchised drivers when visiting a narcologist will be required to take urine for ” use of psychoactive substances.” Within two hours, experts will have to conduct a rapid test to determine the content of opiates, cannabinoids, amphetamine, cocaine, methadone, barbiturate. If the test is positive for at least one of the indicators, additional examination will be required.

Also, motorists will be checked for chronic alcoholism. Drivers will be required to donate blood to determine the carbohydrate-deficient transferrin. This marker will show data for 3-4 weeks. The norm is considered to be below 1.2%. However, the increased numbers may also be an indication of liver disease. But to prove the absence of dependence will have already in the drug dispensary

They broke the law ,” but their wrath is righteous»

Residents of Khasavyurt tried to break down the doors of the local branch of Gazprom due to high tariffs, as well as the lack of gas and heating. This was reported by the Dagestan edition ” Draft»

According to the “draft”, the assault involved about 100 people, mostly women. Employees of the branch of “Gazprom” closed from them in the office. The crowd tried to break down the door with a wooden bench. Police arrived at the scene. On participants of storm made protocols and released them home, declared RBC in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Dagestan. The interior Ministry of Dagestan in instagram said that gathered near the branch of “Gazprom” women broke the law, “but their anger is righteous.”

Moscow is ready to buy electric buses for 106 million rubles each

Earlier, the first Moscow electric bus drove Sobyanin three stops and broke down. Moscow will buy 300 electric buses for 17 billion rubles. The relevant electronic auctions were announced by the city Department of competition policy. The first batches of city buses are due to arrive in January next year. Electric buses are produced by Deripaska and Rostec.

Putin awarded the order of Boris Rotenberg

President Vladimir Putin awarded businessman Boris Rotenberg the order of Alexander Nevsky. The decree was published on the official Internet portal of legal information. The businessman received an award as the General Director of the St. Petersburg society of sports single combats “Fatherland”, for merits in development of physical culture and sports.

The order of Alexander Nevsky is awarded for special personal merits in state building, strengthening the international authority of Russia, the country’s defense, economy, science, education, culture and other socially useful activities.

Top 10 richest companies in Russia have accumulated 3.4 trillion

Rosneft, Gazprom, Russian post And the Moscow renovation Fund were among the largest companies in Russia in terms of cash and equivalents accumulated in accounts at the end of 2018. This is evidenced by the financial statements published by Rosstat and the companies themselves, which were analyzed by RBC


In the suburbs burned 13 mobile video recording systems. Cars, which usually monitor the speed on the roads, were in an unguarded Parking lot in the village of peace.


The maximum amount of maternity benefits in Russia will grow to 322 thousand rubles

“The maximum amount of maternity benefits for 140 days of leave from January 1, 2020 will be 322 190,40 rubles.”, – said the FSS (quoted by TASS). The monthly allowance for child care up to 1.5 years will grow to 28 thousand rubles from 26 thousand in 2019.

Facebook introduced Facebook Pay

Instagram Facebook Pay is a unified online payment system for Facebook, instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. At first, it will work only in the United States. Facebook Pay is not linked to the Libra cryptocurrency, which Visa, Mastercard and PayPal refused to participate in the launch.

Democracy is losing popularity

The journal American Political Science Review published a study by political scientist Christopher Klaasen, which proves that democracy is losing popularity even in those countries where until recently it seemed particularly stable. Indeed, there are more and more democratic countries, and satisfaction with the political system itself, judging by the polls, is declining. Scientists pay attention to how in Western countries there is a growing demand for a populist alternative. And against this background, protests with democratic demands are almost synchronous in countries with relatively little democratic experience or with the so-called hybrid regime: in Chile, Hong Kong, Bolivia (and before that in Russia and Venezuela).

Trump offered Erdogan a $100 billion deal

Us President Donald Trump has offered Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan a trade deal, as well as a” workaround ” to resolve the situation with Ankara’s purchase of Russian s-400 anti-aircraft missile systems. The amount of the offer is $100 billion, according to the media.

How many sites are there on the Internet?

Somewhere 1.7 billion! Interestingly, the rapid growth of the last few years has stopped and we have 3 years as hung on this figure. The world is changing, and people are increasingly moving to social networks (and this is formally all one site, no matter how many groups, bloggers and other things there may be) and messengers.

The founder of the circus company was detained for growing marijuana

According to AFP, the founder of the canadian circus company Cirque du Soleil, 60-year-old Laliberte was detained when he got off his plane in French Polynesia. Then, according to the TV channel Polynesie Premiere, Laliberte was questioned about the sale of drugs in Tahiti. He is due to appear in court on November 13.

The company of canadian entrepreneur Lune Rouge said that guy Laliberte used marijuana exclusively for medical and personal purposes. The billionaire denies any involvement in drug trafficking.

Fines for hooliganism will increase five times

According to the publication, the new version of the code provides for punishment for petty hooliganism in the form of a fine of 3-5 thousand rubles (now 500 rubles and 1 thousand), it is also allowed to assign mandatory work up to 40 hours.

In Greenpeace proposed to ban the use of wet wipes in Russia

Greenpeace made a proposal to ban in Russia the use of ten disposable plastic environmental pollutants, which included wet wipes. This is stated in the letter of the Russian branch of Greenpeac to the head of the Ministry of natural resources Dmitry Kobylkin

Russia will load the superweapon in the mine before the end of the year

The armed forces (armed forces) of Russia on experimental combat duty the first missile system with a hypersonic planning cruise unit “Avangard” will receive in the coming weeks, told TASS a source in the military-industrial complex.

“At the end of November-beginning of December in the Dombarovsky division (Orenburg region), the strategic missile forces [strategic Missile forces] will take up experimental combat duty two missiles equipped with a hypersonic planning cruise unit UR-100N utth from the first regiment of the complexes,” the source said.

2.5 million rubles for” promotion ” Telegram

In Moscow, a 12-year-old teenager gave 2.5 million rubles, which his parents had accumulated, for the promotion of his Telegram channel. Law enforcement officers are investigating the circumstances of the incident. In police with the statement about loss of money the woman addressed.

FAS obliged Booking.com do not demand the best prices from hotels

FAS issued a warning to the site Booking.com because of the imposition of unfavorable conditions on Russian entrepreneurs. We are talking about the exclusion from the agreement with partners (hotels, hostels and hotels) of the provision of the best price

“We believe that the application of conditions of parity, under which the price for any resource – online and offline, including resources other aggregators, tour operators and travel agencies, may not be lower than booking leads to restricting or eliminating competition in the market”, – said on the Agency’s website.

Unified database of Russian citizens threatens to leak information

According to the Federal security service of Russia, the unified database threatens to leak information, including about persons subject to state protection-judges, prosecutors, investigators and employees of law enforcement agencies. In addition, doubts are expressed about the effectiveness of such a database, since a mechanism for integrating data from different departments is not prescribed, and the one “who will be responsible for it”is not selected.

On September 17, the state Duma adopted in the first reading a bill on the creation of a single resource of information about citizens. The Federal database will contain information about the surname, name and patronymic of the citizen, date and place of his birth and death, SNILS, INN, citizenship and family status. The authors of the bill believe that the new system will reduce the number of offenses in obtaining social support measures and in the tax sphere, as well as simplify interdepartmental interaction and increase the availability of public services.

The most popular emoticons in different countries

Off the coast of Israel found a Russian submarine

The Russian submarine entered Israeli territorial waters, but was driven away, Israeli media say. The incident worried the state’s military: they speculated that the submarine may have been gathering intelligence.

Belarus called the condition for integration with Russia

Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Rumas spoke about the conditions for signing roadmaps for integration with the Russian Federation. The Prime Minister said that Minsk would sign the roadmap for the integration of only considering their own interests.

In addition, Rumas noted that to date, Belarus and Russia have not yet agreed on a number of roadmaps. We are talking, in particular, about the documents on gas and oil….

In Brazil, the start of the BRICS summit

The leaders of Russia, Brazil, India, China and South Africa will discuss joint work within the BRICS framework and topical international issues. This time the summit of the “five” will meet in Brazil. The main theme of the summit is ” Economic growth for an innovative future”

The government of Moldova was dismissed

Last week, an initiative was introduced on a vote of no confidence in the government of Moldova. We will note that the President of the country Igor Dodon reported that on Wednesday will begin consultations with deputies about nomination of the candidate for the Prime Minister

Russians offered to let the Internet on the passport

In the state Duma and the Federation Council raised the issue of the introduction of Internet access on the passport. The author of the initiative-the head of the Association of entrepreneurs for the development of business patriotism “Avanti” Rahman Yansukov, reports TASS.

“We propose to introduce on the territory of the Russian Federation mandatory registration for citizens with access to the Internet. Any citizen wishing to use the Internet on the territory of Russia will have to provide an electronic version of the document proving his identity, ” he said

Turkey is conducting a large-scale operation against the PKK

More than two thousand security forces are involved in a new operation against the Kurdistan Workers ‘ party in the South-East of Turkey. This was announced on Wednesday by the Ministry of internal Affairs of Turkey in a statement.

In particular, it is noted that the purpose of operation “Kyran-6” is to prevent the preparation of members of the PKK for the winter, when the organization, recognized as a terrorist organization in Turkey, creates in the country fortifications and infrastructure to continue its illegal activities. The operation takes place in the provinces of van, Shirnyak and Hakkari, 2360 employees of local law enforcement agencies and gendarmerie take part in it.

The US does not intend to refuse to cooperate with the Syrian Kurds

The United States does not plan to stop cooperation with the Syrian Kurds, despite Turkey’s demands, a state Department spokesman said at a November 12 briefing with reporters.

“The President (of the USA of Donald trump — approx. IA REGNUM) there were absolutely public talks with the head of the SDS Mazlum Kobani, we have no intention to complete this cooperation, ” explained the representative of the American foreign Ministry.

50 rockets fired from Gaza towards Israel

At least 50 rockets Palestinian radicals launched at Israel on Tuesday, TASS reported, citing the press service of the Israeli army


Canadian environmentalists conducted a study according to which the appearance of” extra ” 10 trees in the city quarter saves each family of this quarter 10 000 canadian dollars for medical expenses


The sum sufficient for fight against poverty in Russia is named

The head of the accounts chamber Alexei Kudrin in an interview with TASS said that to reduce the number of poor in Russia by 40 percent a year is enough to allocate 200 billion rubles. He said that only under the poverty line live about 20 million Russians, that is, it is necessary to spend 10 thousand rubles per person per year

Russians worried about rising food prices

Russians are particularly concerned about the rise in food prices-25 percent of respondents said it. At the same time, the mood in comparison with the second quarter of 2019 improved slightly — in April-June, 27 percent of Russians surveyed expressed concern about the cost of food

Gazprom canceled the placement of Eurobonds because of the risk of losing money

“Gazprom” canceled the planned placement of Eurobonds in Swiss francs this week because of the risk of losing money in the event of attacks “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, told “Interfax” an informed source. According to him, lawyers involved in the organization of the transaction could not firmly guarantee that the funds raised will not be lost.

The authorities have disclosed the spending of regions on national projects

The level of utilization is 67% under passports of the projects, funding from the consolidated budgets of subjects of the Russian Federation. Expenses of regional budgets for financing of the national projects formed for execution of the may decree of the President, made 731,3 billion rubles

Among the leaders in spending on national projects (in absolute terms) on November 1 were Moscow (82 billion rubles), the Moscow region (60 billion rubles) and St. Petersburg (40 billion rubles), according to the “Electronic budget”. Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district and Sverdlovsk region spent more than 20 billion rubles for the implementation of national projects. The regions with the smallest population have the lowest expenses: the Magadan region (1 billion rubles), the Jewish Autonomous region (0.8 billion rubles) and the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug (0.6 billion rubles).

Russia will reduce the share of the dollar in the national welfare Fund

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation in 2020 will change the currency structure of the national welfare Fund (NWF). This was reported by the journalist Deputy Finance Minister Vladimir Kolychev.

“The share of dollars will be lowered, different currencies are considered, of course all reserve, including the yuan,” he said.

The building of the Ministry of economic development in the center of Moscow bought ” Mezhregionrazvitie»

LLC Mezhregionrazvitie won auction for purchase of a complex of buildings of Ministry of economic development of Russia on 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya and 1st Brest street in Moscow, having offered for a lot of 2,8 billion rubles

“Trust” revealed abuse of 122 billion rubles

Bank non-core assets “trust”, which gave troubled assets “Open”, the Bank and PSB, revealed abuse on 122,4 billion rubles For the year instituted 80 criminal cases with loss of 26.7 billion rubles, and another to 95.7 billion is for materials inspections, according to RBC with reference to the Bank.

Criminal cases are mainly initiated under articles of fraud, embezzlement and embezzlement. There are also charges of abuse of office, theft, commercial bribery, intentional bankruptcy, forgery, manufacture or sale of forged documents. There were 14 convictions.

Sakhalin government keeps 41 billion in savings Bank

As of October 1, the Sakhalin region fulfilled its own budget by revenues by 83.7%, and by expenditures-by 58.3%. The surplus of the Treasury, reported the Deputy Chairman of the control and accounting chamber Tatyana Kharchenko, is 38.1 billion rubles.

Balances of the regional budget on October 1 amounted to 46.9 billion rubles. Of these, 41 billion rubles are placed on Bank deposits in commercial banks. Revenues from the placement of temporarily available funds amounted to 1.3 billion rubles — – the auditor reported.

In the Magadan region end stocks of fuel oil for boilers

In the Magadan region, the reserves of fuel oil for boilers will run out in a few weeks. The region risks to remain without heating, reports OTR the statement of the Governor Sergey Nosov. Will pick up to provide heating in the region, about 1.8 billion rubles

“Naftogaz” raised the price of gas for the population of Ukraine by 14.7%

The company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” raised the price of gas for the population in November to 14.7%. This was reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to the press service of the company.

The decline in coal prices is bad for the budget of Khakassia

The decline in world coal prices will have a negative impact on the budget of Khakassia. The authorities of the Republic are preparing for this, the correspondent reports Sibnovosti.ru. since the beginning of the year, coal has fallen by about half.

Erdogan declared inability of Russia and the USA to overcome terrorists

Neither Russia nor the United States have been able to clear Syria of terrorists. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said this at a briefing before flying to Washington, Anadolu Agency reports

According to him, Ankara intends to bring this position to both American leader Donald trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Erdogan will hold talks with the former in the US. With Putin, he intends to talk on the phone on his return.

Coca producers in Bolivia demanded the return of Morales

Coca farmers in Bolivia do not recognize the authority of Janine Agnes and are waiting for the return of former President Evo Morales to the country. This, according to Los Tiempos, said the Vice-President of the Federation of trade unions of Coca producers in Bolivia Andronico Rodriguez.

Hospital benefits for 2020

The maximum amount of temporary disability benefits in 2020 will be 2301,36 rubles per day instead of 2150,68 rubles in 2019, reports “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” on Wednesday, November 13, with reference to the social insurance Fund (FSS).

Tesla to build its first European plant in Berlin

The head of Tesla, American billionaire Elon Musk, announced that the company’s first car Assembly plant in Europe will be built in Berlin. The corresponding recognition was made this week, when Elon Musk received another award of the industry publication in the category “best midsize sedan”, which was recognized by the Tesla Model 3. The company already has three businesses, two of them located in the United States, and the third recently started operating in China to address the saturation of the local market.

Gas from Bulgaria to Serbia on the “Turkish stream” will be allowed in 2020

Gas from Bulgaria to Serbia via the Turkish stream gas pipeline will begin to flow until may 2020. This was announced by Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov on the Serbian channel TV Prva. He noted that five kilometers of the pipeline are laid daily, zaštitnik potrošača reports.

The first teaser trailer for “Crisis on infinite earths»



The audience massively left the performance according to the book of Bogomolov

In the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, the artistic Director of which Konstantin Bogomolov was appointed not so long ago, a performance took place. During the premiere of the musical performance, presented in the form of a monologue based on the Director’s book “so spoke mantis”, an emergency occurred. The audience, without waiting for the end of the action, began to leave their seats EN masse right during the performance, according to the TV Program. There were also cries of ” shame! instead of ” Bravo!»

According to eyewitnesses, the text of the play was too abstruse, difficult to perceive, besides too gloomy, dull, smelling of obvious misanthropy. Most of the guests simply did not understand what was going on and was forced to leave the hall.

Orenburg region will have its own Symphony orchestra

The Symphony orchestra is planned to be organized on the basis of the Chamber. The regional Philharmonic society has already received funds to update the instrumental base in the framework of the national project “Culture”. The choice of musicians fell on the German company Laubach. It produces instruments from expensive wood, which ensures high quality sound and long service life. The Philharmonic also plans to purchase new wind instruments and pianos – digital and acoustic.

Vocalist Rammstein will perform in Krasnodar with a solo project

Vocalist, composer, Rammstein frontman till Lindemann and musician, founder of Swedish bands Pain and Hypocrisy Peter Tagtgren created the metal project LINDEMANN. In the spring they will present in Russia a new album ” F & M”

The Exhibition “Biography. Model for Assembly” in the Moscow Museum of modern art

“Biography. Model for Assembly ” – an exhibition-discussion that allows you to reflect on the nature of narcissism in creativity and the search by artists for their own individuality, will be open until the second of February. Each author is represented in a separate room of the Moscow Museum of modern art, which creates a sense of literary chapters.

November 13 – world Kindness day!

The date of November 13 was set in 1998 on the occasion of the opening in Tokyo of the 1st conference of the world kindness movement. Of course, one day a year is not enough. But according to psychologists, even so you can convince people that doing good is easy, and the result of such good deeds and deeds is enormous.

Chagall’s painting will be auctioned in Moscow with a starting price of 1 ruble

Marc Chagall’s painting “the bell Tower of the Cathedral in Chambon-sur-Lac” will be auctioned by “litfond” on November 16. The starting price of the lot is one ruble, the final cost can be 10-15 million rubles. This was reported by TASS the head of the “literary Fund” Sergei Burmistrov. The authenticity of the work is confirmed by the certificate of the Marc Chagall Committee. The painting was created while working on illustrations for the fables of Lafontaine.

Monument to Ippolitov-Ivanov installed in Moscow

A monument to the composer, conductor, outstanding teacher Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov was opened in Moscow at the building of the State musical and pedagogical Institute named after him.

The ceremony is timed to the 160th anniversary of the Maestro’s birth, as well as the 100th anniversary of the Institute. As part of the anniversary celebrations, a concert is planned in the Great hall of the Moscow Conservatory and a production of Ippolitov-Ivanov’s Opera “Asya” on the stage of the Helikon-Opera theater, TASS reports.

Russian Museum opens exhibition ” Dmitry Kaminker”

November 14 in the marble Palace opens the anniversary exhibition of the famous St. Petersburg sculptor Dmitry Davidovich Kaminker. The exhibition features 12 works from the collection of the Russian Museum and about 60-from the artist’s Studio.

Nikolay Karakhan’s first exhibition in Russia

The first Russian exhibition of works by Nikolai Karakhan opens on November 12 at the State Museum of the East. The exhibition for the 120th anniversary of the artist’s birth presents 120 paintings and drawings, as well as rare archival documents.

13 November 1990, day, when in Internet emerged the most the first page

British scientist Tim Berners-Lee is considered the founding father of the Internet. While working at the European organization for nuclear research (CERN), he proposed the very concept of the “world wide web” and invented a way to access hypertext data, the principles of which lie in modern Internet access. He published the world’s first web page. It contained information about what the World Wide Web technology is.

It is noteworthy that to create it, a scientist from the UK used a regular personal computer NeXT-the model of the company, which was founded by Steve jobs after leaving Apple.

YouTube will shut down accounts that do not bring profit

The new version of the terms of use of the service States that the owners of the hosting can delete existing accounts as part of the ” commercial inexpediency of further provision of access.” Simply put, if these accounts do not bring money to the company

Mozilla, Fastly, Intel and Red Hat have formed an Alliance to increase the security of the byte code

Mozilla, Fastly, Intel and Red Hat have announced the formation of an Alliance to develop And improve the security of webassembly-based applications. It’s called the Bytecode Alliance. This initiative is expected to provide a high level of bytecode security on embedded platforms and “Internet of things” systems.

Smart watch Apple watch 6 will have better protection from water

The new” smart ” watch Apple Watch 6 will receive a MicroLED screen and a water-proof case. The device can be used for diving and water skiing. The novelty will provide high performance, the ability to connect to Wi Fi and stable signal reception.

Systems of the British fighter will be tested on a passenger plane

The developers of the promising British fighter of the new generation Tempest will conduct tests of its onboard systems on a modified Boeing 757 passenger aircraft. According to Aviation Week, British maintenance operator 2Excel Aviation has already received such an aircraft for its repair and conversion into a flying laboratory.

Remains of polar feathered dinosaurs found in Australia

An international team of scientists analyzed a collection of 10 fossil feathers found in Australia. The remains, which belonged to small feathered dinosaurs and primitive birds, were “buried” in thin silt deposits that accumulated at the bottom of a shallow lake once located beyond the Southern Arctic circle. The age of the find is estimated at 118 million years, according to the press service of Uppsala University (Sweden).

Siberian scientists have developed a cheap sorbent to detect zinc in water

SFU scientists have developed an inexpensive sorbent based on silicon. With it, you can quickly detect zinc in drinking water (wells, rivers, any natural sources) and clean the water. In ultraviolet light, the sorbent encountered with zinc glows green

European researchers are testing a new fuel

Experiments with fuel based on metal chips show that such raw materials can successfully replace traditional hydrocarbon fuel that does not meet modern environmental standards. Metal fuel, as scientists believe, will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“Metal powders are the fuel of the future. Now we are only experimenting with such fuel, but it is already clear that it has enormous potential, ” say scientists from the European space Agency

The skin keeps track of time even without the help of the brain

The researchers said that the skin is able to “understand” the difference between night and day even without the help of the brain. Previously, it was believed that the human body learns about the change of time of day only from the brain. Experts have conducted more than one study before coming to such conclusions.

Power lines make bees aggressive

In a paper published in the journal PLOS One, scientists report that common Apis mellifera honeybees in the laboratory were exposed to electromagnetic fields similar to those near the earth’s surface near power lines and became more aggressive to each other.

For wound healing has created a “sprayer»

A team of researchers from the United States has developed a portable device that can safely apply bandages and drugs directly to biological tissues. The researchers ‘ paper is published in the Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology.

“When spray — painted, the compressed gas causes the particles to head toward the surface, creating a thin film of material,” says one of the authors of the paper, lane Houston, a graduate mechanical engineer at the Montana Institute of Technology. — Thanks to this, the device is very easy to use. It can be directed to any surface and it will easily and quickly apply a thin layer of biocompatible polymer to it.”

On Mars there were unexplained emissions of oxygen

The Curiosity Rover has recorded unexplained fluctuations in oxygen in the atmosphere of the red planet. The measurements were made inside the Gale crater-an impact crater with a diameter of 154 kilometers, reports The Independent. Earlier, scientists found methane emissions on Mars.

Japan has prepared two projects to send cargo ships to the moon

Japanese heavy machinery Corporation Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has presented the Japanese government with two options for sending cargo spacecraft to the international station, which can begin work in orbit of the moon after 2025, Kyodo news Agency reported.

The solar system has completed another galactic year

The full revolution around the center of the milky way galaxy was made by the Sun together with the planets of the Solar system. Thus, as say astronomers, has passed a host galactic year, and lasts he about 250 million years

The new Rover was tested in a vacuum chamber

After testing in the vacuum chamber, as follows Space.com with reference to NASA, the device was returned to The spacecraft Assembly Facility of NASA’s jet propulsion Laboratory, where the Agency’s engineers began new tests of the Rover.

Discovered ultra-fast star, thrown from the center of our galaxy

Astronomers have discovered a superfast star traveling at 6 million kilometers per hour that was ejected by a supermassive black hole at the center of the milky Way five million years ago. The discovery is described in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Elon Musk prepares 100-seat starship for flights to the moon and Mars

NASA is spending about $ 450 million per mission to launch the space Shuttle, however, the CEO of SpaceX said that its booster can do it 200 times cheaper, writes the Daily Mail. Elon Musk said a 100-seat passenger spacecraft would require $900,000 in fuel, while for NASA, fuel would cost about $1.3 million.

“If you still take into account the operating costs, it is possible that each launch will cost about two million dollars from the budget of SpaceX,” Musk said at Los Angeles air force base. — It’s much smaller than even a tiny rocket.”

China successfully launched Jilin-1 satellite»

China has successfully launched the Jilin-1 earth remote sensing satellite into space. The device has already entered earth orbit, reports TASS with reference to the national Corporation of aerospace science and industry