15 Nov, 2019

News digest for 11/14/2019

The workflow of Regardie and the interior Ministry of Russia

Remember activist Daria Sosnovskaya, who was punched in the stomach by a law enforcement officer while being detained at a rally?

Who beat the girl, it wasn’t established, and materials of check of Department continue to argue among themselves. This time Rosgvardiya sent Sosnovskaya the answer that on video-not their employee, and someone another (the document is at telegrams-channel Baza). Now all the documents Regardie sent to the interior Ministry. Back where they were.

Tourist logo in Russian, English and Chinese

Metabrend St. Petersburg created Agency SPN Communications, which won the tender for 7 million rubles. The General Director of the Agency Andrey Barannikov explained that the logo depicts a “turquoise Northern sun”, symbolizing ” faith in the genius of man, faith in breakthrough and faith in enlightenment.”

According to the authors of the project, the font trend should be associated with drawbridges, and the slogan “Create great” to position St. Petersburg as a ” city of personalities, where they come to reveal their potential.”

The logo is made in three versions: the name of the city is written in Russian, English and Chinese.

Annual report of the International energy Agency

By 2030, the volume of oil produced by OPEC member countries will fall to 47%. This is stated in the annual report of the International energy Agency. According to the report, this forecast is expected against the background of increased production of shale oil and coal in the United States, which by 2025 will exceed the amount of oil and gas produced in Russia. The IEA notes that the US accounts for 85% of the increase in global oil production by 2030, as well as 30% of the increase in gas production.

All obstacles on the way to the meeting in the “Normandy format” have been eliminated

“The withdrawal of forces and means in the area of the settlements of Zolotoye, Petrovsky and stanitsa Luganskaya became the last steps in this direction. Holding a meeting of the leaders of the “Normandy four” in the near future will accelerate the resolution of all topical issues on the settlement of the conflict, ” -said the press Secretary of the representative of Kiev in the Trilateral contact group Leonid Kuchma Daria olifer.

What language do you speak, have you lived abroad?

During the all-Russian census, which is due to take place in 2020, citizens will be asked what language they speak every day, as well as whether they have lived abroad for more than a year. The relevant questions will be included in the questionnaire, said Advisor to the head of Rosstat Pavel Semenov.

The questionnaires were added, among other things, the questions ” have you Lived more than 12 months in other countries?”, “Where did you live before arriving in Russia?”and” the year of arrival of the return to Russia, ” — said Smelov.

The main stage of the census will be held from 1 to 31 October 2020. The head of Rosstat Pavel Malkov said that it could be the last traditional census, where each citizen is interviewed personally.

In Ugra, they plan to show tourists how oil and gas are produced in the fields.

The so-called oil tours will become one of the directions of the tourist industry of KHMAO, the regional Department of public and external relations reported. The government of KHMAO now faces the task of attracting experienced and reliable tour operators to the region. Since 2019, the center for the promotion of a unique regional tourism product has started working in Ugra.Deputy Governor of Ugra Alexey Zabozlaev noted that tourism for the Khanty-Mansiysk district is a new type of economic activity.

Rostransnadzor obliged “Victory” to change the rules of hand Luggage

Rostransnadzor obliged the airline “Victory” to change the rules of carriage of hand Luggage, according to materials in the system “SPARK-Interfax”. According to the Agency, the airline’s baggage allowance worsens the level of passenger service.

Kurdish forces captured a number of settlements in the Syrian hasakah

Kurdish units from the Democratic forces of Syria (SDF) continue their offensive against Pro-Turkish forces in Northern Syria. They managed to capture several settlements in the province of Hasaka in the direction of the city of Azizia.

Zelensky signed the law to protect the accusers of corruption

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has signed a law that will provide guarantees and protection of the rights of persons who reported a crime related to corruption. This was reported on November 13 on the official website of the Ukrainian President.

On the ground near Donbass mysteriously killed a Russian soldier

According to Novaya Gazeta, this landfill, located near the border with Ukraine, is unofficially considered the main base for training volunteers to be sent to Donbass. The body of the Sergeant was found on June 17 during the next shootings in a kilometer from the firing line.

The Chinese economy continues to slow

Statistics on China for October was quite weak:
Industry: 4.7% yoy (5.4% yoy expected) vs 5.8% yoy in September; ten-month growth-5.6% yoy
Retail sales: 7.2% yoy (expected 7.9% yoy) vs 7.8% yoy in September; ten-month growth-8.05% yoy
Investments (January-October): 5.2% yoy (5.4% yoy expected) vs 5.4% yoy in January-September

From Disney + removed an episode of “the Simpsons” with Michael Jackson

The streaming service Disney+, launched on November 12, is missing an episode of the Simpsons animated series “Completely mad dad,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. Disney representatives have not commented on why the episode is removed from the streaming service. Who made the decision to remove the series is still unknown.

The series was released in 1991, it opened the third season of the Simpsons. It featured Michael Jackson as a guest star. He voiced Leon Kompowski, whom Homer Simpson meets in a mental institution. The episode was for many years considered one of the most beloved among fans of the series.

La Pelosa beach in the North-West of Sardinia will be paid

Entrance to the popular La Pelosa beach in Northwest Sardinia will be paid from the summer of 2020, the Express newspaper reported on Wednesday. “The entrance to the beach La Pelosa, famous for white sand and turquoise waters, will be paid from the summer of 2020. In addition, there will be restrictions on entry-up to 1.5 thousand people at most, ” the newspaper writes.As the newspaper notes, the measures will be taken because of the excessive number of visitors that threaten the ecosystem of the beach. First, they will operate in test mode. “The problem with tourists who intentionally or unintentionally cause damage to the beaches, there is not the first year in Sardinia.

“We decided to mythologize this story»

Last night in the center of St. Petersburg, the girl held a rally dedicated to the accused of murder and dismemberment of Professor Oleg Sokolov-with a cry of ” Vive la France “(“Long live France”), she in a paper cocked hat, painted in the colors of the flag of France, jumped into the Sink.

We decided as something to mythologize, to reconstruct this event. Because through some metaphor you can feel pain in a different way. I myself have nothing to do with this story, I’m just a person, and this is such a thing that can not be treated, – said Daria 78.ru.

The state Duma proposed to abandon the floating exchange rate of the ruble

It is noted that the deputies proposed to abandon the floating exchange rate of the ruble, to return the currency corridor, as well as to introduce currency control. In this regard, the parliamentarians want to discuss the state regulation of the ruble.

Rosstat reported on the acceleration of the economy almost doubled

The Russian economy, according to preliminary estimates of Rosstat, grew in the third quarter of the year by 1.7% compared to the same quarter last year. Growth for the nine months of the year was 1.1%, the Department said.

In the first quarter of the year, GDP, according to Rosstat, grew by 0.5% in annual terms, in the second quarter-by 0.9%.

Morales accused the US of organizing a coup in Bolivia

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales has criticized U.S. President Donald trump’s decision to recognize the South American nation’s self-proclaimed government and said the coup in his country has roots in the United States. According to him, he is a political and economic conspiracy.

In Belarus announced the rejection of the Russian air force base

State Secretary of the security Council of Belarus Stanislav Zas, in an interview with the TV channel “Belarus 1” said that his country tried to negotiate with Russia for assistance in the supply of su-30 CM fighter jets.

“In return, we received an offer to deploy a Russian air force base on our territory. But, you must agree, it is not the same: the deployment of an air force base on our land does not solve the problem of developing our own combat aircraft,” RIA Novosti quoted Zasya as saying.

Rostelecom reveals details of Tele2 purchase

The President of “Rostelecom” Mikhail Oseevsky revealed the scheme of consolidation of “T2 RTC Holding” (Tele2 brand), in which the state company now owns 45%. According to Oseevsky, 100% of “T2 RTC Holding” were valued at 240 billion rubles, and the transaction amount for the acquisition of 55% of the operator will be 132 billion rubles.

Now 55% of the company belongs to Tele2 Russia Holding AB, co-owned by VTB (50%), Invintel B. V. Alexey Mordashov (40%) and Bank “Russia” Yuri Kovalchuk (10%). The fact that the state operator consolidates 100% of “T2 RTC Holding”, Oseevsky said in March this year.

Demand for second homes in Moscow fell by a third in a year

“During this year, there was a monthly decline in demand in the segment, expressed in advances made, compared to the same periods of 2018 (except for February). The minimum value of this gap reached in July (-7%), the maximum-in June (-40%). The current September and October fit into this picture – in terms of purchasing activity, they are 25% and 30%, respectively, inferior to the same months of the previous year. At the same time, the number of advance payments last October was 27% more productive than September, “- experts of the company ” Inkom-real Estate”

Almost 90% of middle-income Russians have a loan

89% of middle-income Russian residents regularly use credit cards, according to ROMIR data.

Russia sent a note to Britain because of the statements of General Carter

The Russian Embassy in London asked the foreign Ministry of the United Kingdom to explain the next statements of the head of the British General staff Nicholas Carter about the armed confrontation with Russia.

“The note drew the attention of the British side that General Carter deliberately tried to create the impression among viewers and readers that the policy pursued by Russia could lead to an armed confrontation with the UK,” the Embassy said in a statement.

Us shale giant announces imminent bankruptcy

Quarterly report Chesapeake Energy — the second largest producer of natural gas in the United States. The company’s net loss reached $ 101 million, which exceeded all market expectations. Chesapeake warned the securities and exchange Commission that if oil and gas prices do not rise, the company will default on its bonds early next year.

“In such a situation, we have strong doubts about the ability to continue as an operating company,” – noted in Cesareac.

The company’s stock instantly plunged nearly 30%, to its lowest in 25 years. Now its capitalization is a little more than $ 1.3 billion, forty times less than at the peak of the shale revolution in 2008.

Ukraine has made the arrest of Eurobonds “Gazprom” in Japan

Naftogaz has seized the accounts of GazAsia Capital, which issues Eurobonds of Gazprom in Japanese yen. The accounts were seized because of the Russian company’s debt of $3 billion. Initially, the Stockholm arbitration ordered Gazprom to pay a sum of $4.63 billion for violations of the conditions for gas transit

The number of small loans in microfinance institutions has decreased

The number of small loans (up to 10 thousand rubles) in microfinance institutions in the third quarter decreased by 12.6%. This was reported in a press release of the National Bureau of credit histories (NBCI). In the third quarter of 2019, the total number of loans issued by MFIs amounted to 4.36 million units, which is 5.2% less compared to the same period in 2018.

The Kemerovo (minus 18.2%), Rostov (minus 13.1%) and Novosibirsk (minus 12.6%) regions showed the most serious dynamics of the decline in the number of loans issued compared to the same period in 2018.

At the same time, in a number of regions there was an increase in the issuance of loans to MFIs, including in Moscow (plus 10.7%) and Chelyabinsk (plus 4.1%) regions, in the Perm region (plus 1.4%).

Belarus plans to increase transshipment of oil products through Lithuania

Belarus is going to increase the volume of oil products transshipment through Klaipeda, Sputnik Lithuania reports. The Ambassador of Belarus to Lithuania Mr. Valery Baranovsky last week visited Klaipeda. There he met with the leadership of the local port and discussed the current situation with the transshipment of Belarusian goods.

Russia has become a leading supplier of oil and electricity to China

Russia holds a leading position in the export of crude oil to China, increasing in 2018 the volume of supplies by 27.4%, as well as leading in the export of electricity. This was announced by Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak, who on Wednesday took part in a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President XI Jinping, held at THE BRICs summit.

“Russia has become a leading supplier of crude oil to China-67 million tons of supplies in 2018 worth more than $ 35 billion, an increase by 2017 by 27.4%. Coal exports at the end of 2018 amounted to 27.6 million tons, which is 7.6% more than in 2017. We are also a leader in the export of electricity to China. In 2018, exports of electricity amounted to 3.1 billion kWh” – are Thursday the head of the energy on the Agency’s website.

Oil reserves of the Russian Arctic zone

Reserves in the Russian Arctic are 7.3 billion tons of oil and 55 trillion cubic meters of gas, wrote the head of the Ministry of natural resources Dmitry Kobylkin in an article for the magazine “Energy policy”. Moreover, the Arctic shelf contains approximately 41% of the total oil and gas resources of the Arctic.

“Oil reserves of the Russian Arctic zone are estimated at 7.3 billion tons, condensate — 2.7 billion tons, natural gas-about 55 trillion cubic meters. Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug has the greatest potential. It accounts for about 43.5% of the initial total resources of the Arctic zone”, – stated in the material.

Earlier, TASS clarifies, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev, responsible for the development of the Far East and the Arctic, estimated the reserves of the Arctic shelf of Russia at 17 billion tons of liquid hydrocarbons and 85 trillion cubic meters of gas, adding about the low degree of their study.

The Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank postponed the introduction of negative rates on foreign currency deposits

The Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Russia decided to postpone the discussion on the introduction of negative rates on deposits in euros for legal entities, Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev told reporters. Now banks are prohibited from introducing negative rates.

Migrants demand bigger salaries than Russians

The salary expectations of migrant workers in line positions (for example, in such professions as cashier, loader or driver) have become higher than those of Russians. This was found out by the job search service Worki.

The smallest difference in salary expectations of Russians and foreigners is observed in areas where communication with customers is expected, for example, when responding to vacancies of sellers and administrators-an average of two to four percent. The largest – among drivers-14 percent. If Russians applying for work in this profession are ready to work on average for 47 thousand rubles a month, then guest workers – for 54.5 thousand.

The Ministry of industry and trade proposed to introduce quotas for public procurement of Russian goods

Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, who oversees the defense industry (defense industry) in the government, proposed to the President to legally oblige state customers at both the Federal and regional levels to purchase at least 50% of the volume of products from Russian suppliers, including those purchased as part of the work, two sources close to the government told RBC.

The Central Bank called unacceptable mailing of credit cards by mail

The Bank of Russia called” unacceptable “and” unacceptable “mailing of registered credit cards by mail, reports “Kommersant”. According to the Central Bank, mailing deprives customers of the opportunity to refuse the card. In addition, this method is unsafe and can lead to leakage of personal data.

For departure from the resorts of Egypt tourists will pay

In Egypt, in the coming days will be increased the size of the fee for departure from the country, according to ATOR. According to the Ministry of civil aviation of Egypt, from November 15, 2019, all travelers flying abroad on scheduled and Charter flights will pay a tax of $ 25.

In Thailand, tourists are promised discounts on presentation of a passport

Thailand’s Ministry of tourism and sports has launched the Amazing Thailand Grand Sale Passport Privileges campaign to encourage tourists to spend more money on holiday. The campaign is held for the second time and is timed to the end of the year, when the tourist flow increases. In the period from November 2019 to January 2020, guests of the country are promised discounts of up to 70 % in shopping centers, restaurants, beauty salons. According to the Bangkok Post, you can take advantage of the offer from the partners of the program by presenting a passport.

The international festival of shadow theatres ShadowFest opens in Moscow

From 14 to 24 November in Moscow will be held the international festival of shadow theaters ShadowFest. Groups from Poland, Spain, Italy, Turkey, great Britain and Russia will present their works in one of the oldest and most original genres.

Estonia has decided to restore the oldest lighthouse in the Baltic sea

The Estonian government has decided to allocate 2.1 million euros for the restoration of one of the oldest lighthouses in the Baltic sea, located on the island of Keri (Keri). The island was visited by Prime Minister Juri Ratas( Juri Ratas), Minister of economy and infrastructure Taavi AAS (Taavi Aas) and Director General of the Department of waterways Rene Arikas (Rene Arikas), who inspected the lighthouse and discussed ways of its restoration, told “Interfax” in the press service of the Department.

“We are pleased that we have the opportunity to restore a piece of Estonia’s Maritime history and ensure navigation safety in the Gulf of Finland,” Arikas said.

“Moldfest-2019” : what awaits the audience at the festival

Today, the XI international festival-laboratory of chamber theaters and performances of small forms “Moldfest-2019” starts. Its initiator and organizer is the founder and permanent head of the State youth drama theater “From the street of Roses” Yuri Harmelin.

The group “Alice” will present a new album on November 16

Rock band “Alice” will present the new album “Posolon” on November 16 at a concert in Adrenaline Stadium in Moscow. This is stated in the message received in “Izvestia”. The album was recorded with funds raised by a crowdfunding campaign.

Billy Ailish releases new track “Everything i wanted»

Billie Eilish (Billie Eilish) announced that this week will release a new track. It will be called “Everything i wanted” and will be released today! The singer stated that it will be a slightly different sound of her music than what fans are used to.

Tusk called Russia a” strategic problem ” of Europe

European Council (EU) President Donald Tusk says Russia is Europe’s ” strategic problem.” So Mr. Tusk reacted to the statement of French President Emmanuel Macron on the need to resume dialogue with Russia.

In Russia, created a rocket “YARS” to be based in the car

“Barguzin” resembles the composition of a freight train. There are almost no differences between them. Its carriages can accommodate three Intercontinental ballistic missiles with 30 warheads with a capacity of 550 kilotons each.

In Russia, they want to ban debtors to participate in elections

Anton Orlov, President of the Institute for the study of contemporary politics, sent a letter (a copy is available to RT) to the CEC with a proposal to ban candidates sought by bailiffs from participating in the elections.

“Ignoring the requirements of bailiffs debtor can not leave the territory of the Russian Federation, but can participate in the elections,” – quotes the letter Orlov RT.

Kolomoisky said the possibility of reconciling with Russia for $100 billion

The West, Kolomoisky noted, is simply using Ukraine to weaken Russia, and is ready to wage this war “to the last Ukrainian.” Restoration of relations with Russia, which is able to replace loans from the IMF, according to the businessman, is necessary for the survival of the Ukrainian economy.

“Give five, ten years, and the blood will be forgotten. We will take $100 billion from the Russians. I think they would love to give them to us today. What is the fastest way to solve problems and restore relationships? Only money, ” – said Kolomoisky.

Russia is going to build up submarine forces in the Baltic sea

“The main command is discussing the construction of a series of diesel-electric submarines project 636.3 for the Baltic fleet,” – said the source TASS. He added that ” the appearance of carrier submarines on the BF “Calibers” will significantly strengthen the strike potential of Russia in the Baltic sea.”

Russian spy ship went to the shores of America

The Russian “amber” was spotted in the Caribbean and is now suspected of espionage. According to Forbes magazine, citing intelligence from open sources, the ship left Deer Bay about a month ago and then disappeared from open surveillance. Found it already near America. The amber lay off the coast of Trinidad and Tobago for several days and then sailed into the ocean on Sunday morning. It is still unknown where he went next.

In the United States, Russian experts are suspected of installing listening devices on underwater communications. As you know, on the “Amber” there are special deep-sea inhabited and Autonomous underwater vehicles with remote control, which can dive to a depth of about 6 thousand meters. In particular, we are talking about the apparatus “World”. The ship’s equipment allows access to any underwater cable placed on the ocean floor.

Motorola showed a RAZR clamshell with a flexible screen

Motorola has officially unveiled a new smartphone Motorola Razr-restart of the legendary “clamshell” of the last decade. The main feature of the modern interpretation of the super-popular mid-zero tube is a flexible 6.2-inch OLED screen with an aspect ratio of 21:9, which folds in half when closed.

Apple introduced a 16-inch MacBook Pro with the new keyboard

The company published on its website information about its new model and revealed its main characteristics as well as features. In the US, the novelty is already available for order at a price of 2399 dollars. You can order a laptop in gray or silver color.

Owners of Android smartphones complained about the updated WhatsApp

Android smartphone users who have updated the WhatsApp application are complaining massively about the messenger. As it turned out, many users are faced with the fact that WhatsApp was abnormally fast to discharge the battery and greatly increase the power consumption of the smartphone

Roscosmos will spend 17 million rubles on Christmas gifts

The state Corporation Roscosmos has planned to buy sets with space food, as well as mugs, capes and Lotto. In particular, 500 pieces of fleece capes with stars will be purchased, a thousand people will receive bags filled with tubes of borscht, buckwheat, pea soup, potatoes with fish, cottage cheese and juice. The Corporation also ordered 1 thousand gift sets for playing bingo, 800 chargers for smartphones, 1.5 thousand Christmas toys in the form of moonwalkers and 800 mugs with lids, Interfax reports.

In Russia started selling affordable push-button phone F+ F255

Russians who consider themselves fans of push-button mobile phones and do not want to switch to smartphones with a touchscreen, can now buy an affordable novelty — the market has a push-button device F+ F255, the cost of which is within one thousand rubles.

Russia has developed a system for the exchange of secret data

Specialists of the holding “Roselectronics” have developed a system for the transmission of confidential data over public networks. It will upgrade telephone lines and IP networks, according to the company’s website.

Aston Martin and Honor to release smartphone

Details about the Honor V30 Aston Martin Edition yet, but similar collector’s editions of smartphones released earlier, suggest the presence of a special design of the rear panel and increased memory capacity of the device.

Top Apple Executive: kids with Google laptops won’t succeed

Apple marketing Director Phil Schiller in an interview with CNET about the new 16-inch MacBook Pro laptop criticized the laptop from Google Chomebook. In his opinion, children who use a laptop from Google to study will not succeed.

“The Chromebook got into school classrooms because, let’s be honest, it’s just cheap and suitable for mandatory testing. If all you want is to test children’s knowledge, then maybe a cheap laptop will do. But with him, they will not succeed, ” Schiller said.

NASA has published almost a thousand applications in the public domain

The American space Agency NASA has published an updated catalog of its own software 2019-2020 years. This is the fourth build in which hundreds of software packages are available to the public. They are offered free of charge. All software is available on the official website of the Agency.

All of these applications and tools were reportedly developed to support NASA missions, but they can be used in academic research, engineering, and other settings. They can also be used in business processes.

It is noted that the only restrictions for applications may be territorial. Some programs are permitted to be used only in the United States or only for U.S. government purposes.

Scientists have created a calculator of biological age

The developers of the online service “age Calculator” offer Network users to find out their biological age and the degree of deterioration of the body. To obtain information, the user only needs to enter several indicators from the General blood test and publicly available biochemical markers.

The novelty was developed by scientists of the national research Nizhny Novgorod state University. N. I. Lobachevsky under the leadership of the leading European gerontologist Claudio Francesca.

The ancestor of modern orangutans was a 3-meter monkey

Researchers were able to extract genetic information from the remains of a giant Primate that lived about 1.9 million years ago, and find out that it is a distant ancestor of modern orangutans

The connection between antimatter and dark matter is investigated

This unique experiment was conducted at the European organization for nuclear research (CERN), according to an article published in the journal Nature. Dark matter is thought to make up 85% of the mass in the Universe.

Physicists have endowed photons with mass and magnetic moment

Scientists have created a system in which light behaves like electrons in a solid. To do this, they investigated electromagnetic oscillations in an optical resonator filled with a liquid crystal. When the external electric field was switched on, the light acquired an effective mass and spin. The resulting system is suitable for modeling the condensed state of matter, since the interaction properties in this case can be controlled, the authors write in the journal Science.

A “short sleep gene” that protects against memory impairment has been discovered

Scientists at the Institute of southern California have discovered a unique gene in a father and son who slept an average of 5.5 and 4.3 hours a night, feeling well-rested. At the same time, they did not experience any negative physical and cognitive effects, which are a mandatory part of sleep deprivation.

When combined, two strains of bacteria cause severe illness

Scientific experts at the University of Maryland and the University of Texas (USA) found that two strains of flesh-eating bacteria that cause serious infection of soft tissues are able to interact with each other, forming an even more dangerous and deadly infection, the publication informs Phys.org

Three-dimensional screen with tactile response

British and Japanese engineers have created a three-dimensional display, working on the basis of acoustic levitation. For the output of the image, it is responsible for a small ball, moved around the working area by ultrasonic emitters, and illuminated by a high-speed projector. In addition, the device can play sounds, as well as create a tactile response when the user puts his finger to the display, the authors of the article in Nature.