16 Nov, 2019

News digest for 11/15/2019

Raising government fees Adjusting government fees

The Trump administration on Friday proposed hiking a range of fees assessed on those pursuing legal immigration and citizenship, as well as for the first time charging those fleeing persecution for seeking protection in the United States.

The rule, which will be published on Thursday and will have a monthlong comment period, would increase citizenship fees more than 60 percent, to $1,170 from $725, for most applicants. For some, the increase would reach 83 percent. The government would also begin charging asylum seekers $50 for applications and $490 for work permits, a move that would make the United States one of four countries to charge people for asylum

Alexander Lukashenko reminds that Belarus is not a weight on Russia’s feet.

“We are constantly reproached :” we almost support Belarus. It will collapse if we do not subsidize it, maintain it.” We need to calculate what it costs us to protect the joint border. Remind them about the air defense system: they have long asked me to do it together. From the Baltic to the Black sea, we are now working for the Russian Federation. It also costs money, and not only money. And we’re still freeloaders.”

Medvedev appointed a new curator of the reform of the garbage industry

Konstantin Rumyantsev became Deputy Minister of natural resources and ecology. The corresponding order is published on the government website today.Now Rumyantsev will reform the treatment of solid municipal waste instead of Vladimir Loginov, who left his post in early November.

Venezuela secretly exports millions of barrels of oil abroad, according to Bloomberg.

According to the Agency, the deliveries go unnoticed due to the fact that Caracas turns off transponders installed on oil tankers that transmit their location. Venezuelan raw materials, in particular, receives “Rosneft”. The Russian company denies its involvement in the supply.

The US has threatened Egypt with sanctions for the purchase of Russian su-35

The Pentagon and the US state Department warned the Egyptian authorities about the likelihood of sanctions in the case of the purchase of Russian su-35 fighters, the wall Street Journal reports. As reported by sources “Kommersant”, Russia and Egypt signed a contract for the supply of” more than two dozen ” su-35 and air weapons to them in the amount of about $2 billion.

“New major arms deals with Russia will, at a minimum, complicate future U.S. and Egyptian defense operations,” the U.S. officials said in a joint letter.

The former official of the Ministry of culture demand to extradite to Russia

As it became known “Kommersant”, the Land court of Vienna refused Spain to extradite the former Director of the Department of property management and investment policy of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation Boris Mazo, accused of embezzlement during the construction of the Hermitage and laundering of these funds. However, the ex-official cannot leave Austria, as Russia has now demanded his extradition.

The Russian President believes that the Russian economy is doing well.

“In Russia, we have been pursuing a balanced macroeconomic policy for many years, taking a responsible attitude to public finances, and maintaining the stability of the banking and credit markets. We strive to strengthen key sectors of the economy. Thanks to this, it was possible to avoid a slide into recession, ” Vladimir Putin announced.

Putin believes that the Russian authorities are trying to create the most comfortable conditions for new investments.

“We are persistently working on simplification of regulatory norms, building modern infrastructure.”

Welfare of pensioners in relation to pension to salary

By 2050, the pension will replace only half of the previous income for Russians earning at the level of the minimum wage, economists predict Ranepa.

According to economists, the replacement rate is now the highest among recipients of minimum wages, the lowest – the highest-paid workers. By 2018, the pension replaced about 74% of the salary of minimum wage recipients, 42% of median salary recipients, 35% of average salary recipients, 22% of high salary recipients.


According to statistics of the Ministry of industry and trade, about 30% of all goods in Russia are counterfeit, surrogate or counterfeit


Car dealer “Rolf” is for sale.

Six months ago against its founder Sergey Petrov opened a case of illegal withdrawal of money from Russia. Petrov, who was abroad at the time, refused to return to Russia. He linked the prosecution to a raider takeover of his business.

Co-founder of Wikipedia launched a social network to fight Facebook

Co-founder of “Wikipedia” Jimmy Wales launched a social network WT: Social, he expects that the platform will be able to compete with Facebook and Twitter due to high-quality content. Wales told the Financial Times.

WT: Social will exist on user donations to do without ads. According to Wales, advertising is the main problem of social networks, which build a business model on it. As a result, users receive low-quality information, “meaningless clickbait”.

Wales sees the success of Netflix and Spotify as proof of users ‘ willingness to pay for content that matters to them.

WT: Social feed is updated based on the chronology of posts. While Facebook generates a feed, for example, taking into account the number of likes and comments (the exact algorithms of issuance, which involve many factors, Facebook does not disclose).

“Soyuzmultfilm” will remove 26 new series ” Well, wait!»

Film Studio “Soyuzmultfilm” will shoot 26 new episodes of the cartoon ” Well, wait!”, which this year turned 50 years old. As reported by the head of “Soyuzmultfilm” Juliana slashcheva, the first of the new series will be released in the early summer of 2020.

Languages in life and on the Internet



The government will reduce spending on education and increase ..

The Russian state Duma approved in the first reading the draft amendments to the Federal budget of 2019. According to the document, the explanatory note and annexes to it, which are posted in the electronic database of the Duma, in the last month of the outgoing year, the government intends to allocate “bonuses” to the police, the Federal guard, the army, two state TV channels, in parallel, cutting spending on social security, health and education.

In total, the latest amendments in the outgoing year budget expenditures will be increased by 238 billion rubles. Two-thirds of this amount – 155.4 billion rubles-the Ministry of Finance will spend under the article “national economy”.

In the Sverdlovsk region is closed trading network ” Megamart»

In the Sverdlovsk region is closed trading network “Megamart”, this is reported by employees of the network, This network will cease to exist in the usual format. It will be replaced by discount stores and supermarkets.

Russia has fulfilled the tasks set in Syria.

This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, reports TASS. According to Putin, Russian interests in the region were to avoid the penetration of a large number of trained and trained militants into Russian territory.

As for the us contribution to the fight against terrorism in Syria, there is a contribution. We must recognize this, including the contribution of President trump. However, before Russia came and took an active part, after all, the international coalition for several years almost stomped on the spot. — Vladimir Putin

Lithuanian President pardons two Russians convicted of espionage

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda pardoned Russians Nikolai Filipchenko and Sergei Moiseenko, previously accused of espionage, reports the website of the head of the Republic of Lithuania.

Officials have figured out how to prevent the rise in price of dairy products

The Ministry of industry and trade and the Ministry of agriculture proposed to combine control systems over the dairy industry-electronic veterinary certificates and labeling. According to officials, the integration will reduce the cost of labeling, which is introduced from June 1, 2020. Previously “URA.RU” it was reported that the prices of dairy products in Russia can grow by 10-12%.

The Russian military landed at the former US base in Syria

Published in the footage, in which the Russian military police takes custody of the airfield in Northern Syria, where there used to be an American military base. This is reported by the TV channel “Zvezda”.

The state Duma found attempts of foreign intervention in 19 regions

More than 50 legal entities from 12 States, including from Europe and the United States, interfered in the internal Affairs of 19 subjects of the Russian Federation, told reporters the head of the state Duma Commission to investigate the facts of interference in the Affairs of the Russian Federation Vasily Piskarev.

Russia will not follow the Chinese way of controlling the Internet

Russia is not going to follow the Chinese way of regulating the Internet, it has neither economic nor technological grounds for this, Deputy Minister of digital development, communications and mass communications Alexei Volin told reporters.

“Firstly, we are not going to follow their path, and secondly, we have no economic or technological grounds for this. And I want to repeat once again – we have the number of users of Runet twice the population of the Russian Federation. Therefore, an attempt to create a Firewall inside Russia will lead to the fact that we will take half of the audience and lose it, ” Volin told reporters on the sidelines of the Russian-Chinese new media forum in Wuxi, China.

Russian banks seek information about the shadow income of borrowers

To change the approach to the calculation of indicators of the debt burden of borrowers offered major Russian banks, reported on November 15, RBC, citing its sources. Under the proposed scheme, banks want to get their customers to voluntarily declare their income, including shadow. At present, there are no precise algorithms for checking information about clients ‘ income in the banking environment. Therefore, the proposed idea is still causing wariness in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the newspaper notes.

The resolution on recognition of the Armenian genocide was blocked in Congress

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham blocked the consideration of the resolution on the recognition of the Armenian genocide in the upper house of Congress. This decision was made by the head of the legal Committee of the chamber after a meeting at the White house with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, writes TG-channel”house of Cards”. As Graham said, senators should not ” embellish or try to rewrite history.” In his opinion, Turkey and Armenia should resolve the problem between themselves.

The US has promised to abandon the Russian “Unions” until the summer of 2020

The United States will stop using Russian Soyuz spacecraft to send astronauts into space in the first half of 2020, U.S. Vice President Michael Pence said on November 14 during a visit to the Ames Research center in California.

Israel said about the new shelling of its territory from the Gaza strip

As reported by IA REGNUM, on November 14, the Palestinian group “Islamic Jihad” agreed to a ceasefire with Israel. However, on the same day, after the armistice was declared, a rocket was fired from Gaza, which was intercepted by the Israeli iron dome air defense system.

S-300 air defense crews to take up duty in Tajikistan

On December 1, calculations of anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 of the Central military district will take up experimental combat duty in Tajikistan, writes RIA Novosti with reference to the commander of the Central military DISTRICT, Colonel-General Alexander Lapin.

Two American boats of the “island” type are included in the Ukrainian Navy

Two American boats of the type “island” (Island), transferred to the United States Ukraine in 2018, became part of the Naval forces of Ukraine. This was reported in Facebook Deputy mayor of Odessa Andrey Kotlyar.

Defense Ministry introduces new combat training control system

In the Russian army in landfills, shooting ranges and simulators in place of the camera that allows you to monitor the progress of training and exercises. As it became known, in the form of an experiment, such complexes have already appeared in the Central and Western districts. From 2020, the new system will be introduced in other districts.

“Soldiers and officers now know that Big brother is watching them,” military expert Vladislav Shurygin said of the innovation.

In the state Duma proposed new rules for the division of property of spouses

The state Duma received a bill clarifying the procedure for the division of property in divorces. He also proposes to restore order in the inheritance, repayment of loans and bankruptcy of former spouses

Notaries called the most forged documents in Russia

The most forged documents, which are regularly identified by notaries, are powers of attorney. RT was told about this in the Federal notary chamber (FNP). Thus, in large cities, fake powers of attorney account for 55% to 65% of the total number of fakes detected by notaries.

How much of the state’s GDP is spent on science in universities?

In unconditional leaders Switzerland and Denmark-more than 0.7% of GDP (and it is a lot!), followed by other Scandinavian countries, Austria, Australia.

In the US, only 0.2% of GDP is spent on science at universities, three times less than in Switzerland.

And in Russia, by the way – 0.06%, three times less than in the United States, and even less than in China (there 0.1%)



Flood victims still have not received assistance from the state

As the onf survey showed, winter has come to Tulun, and local residents affected by flooding have not yet received assistance from the state. It is reported that problems with obtaining compensation and new housing arose in 90% of the victims. And 70% do not even know what kind of help from the state they are entitled to. This information is posted on the website of the regional government, but in the flooded area there is no Internet and cellular communication, according to “Izvestia”. Publisher Znak reports that officials have already received their recycling bonuses during the flood.

The most expensive Christmas tree in Russia

The administration of Kemerovo for the New year will decorate the main city square with a Christmas tree, which is three times more expensive than the Kremlin Christmas tree, discovered “Open media”. Artificial spruce with led lights and balls will cost the budget almost 18 million rubles, according to documents on the website of public procurement.

The cost of installing a “live” fir tree on the Kremlin’s Cathedral square, which is considered the main Christmas tree of the country, in 2018 amounted to about 6 million — the price has not changed since 2016. The contract for 2019 has not yet been published.

Medvedev banned daily rent of apartments

The decree prohibits the use of residential premises for the provision of hotel services. In addition, it is impossible to place industrial enterprises in apartments and conduct missionary activities, unless otherwise provided by the law “on freedom of conscience and religious associations”.

The Ministry of health explained the reduction of Junior medical staff in hospitals

The reduction in the number of Junior medical personnel in Russian hospitals may be due to the re-certification of nurses, the number of which may decrease by several thousand by the end of the year. On November 14, “Izvestia” told the press service of the Ministry of health of Russia.

Experts told how much you need to store receipts for housing and communal services

Experts told why it is necessary to store receipts for payment of housing and communal services. It makes no sense to print these documents specially. But it is necessary to store checks on the computer.

Checks are recommended to keep in case of technical failures in Bank transfers or calculations of utility companies. If the funds were debited from the card, but did not arrive at the account of the desired organization, you will have to prove the fact of payment. The Statute of limitations on debts for housing and communal services is three years. Receipts — both paper and electronic-should be stored no less than this period. But experts advise to add at least a few more months.

The Ministry of health announced from 2020 total iodization of bread in Russia

The use of iodized salt in the production of bakery products, in the formulation of which there is edible salt, is planned to be made mandatory in 2020, reports RNS with reference to the bill developed by the Ministry of health.

Putin proposed to conduct calculations between the BRICS countries in rubles

Russian President Vladimir Putin made a proposal to actively use the ruble for operations between the BRICS countries. This is reported by RIA “Novosti”. He noted that the Russian ruble is ” fully and freely convertible into any world currency.”

Leo Dodin awarded the French Order of art and literature

The ceremony of awarding the French Order of art and literature to the Russian Director people’s artist of Russia Lev Dodin took place at the VIII St. Petersburg international cultural forum. The award was presented by French Ambassador to Russia Sylvie Bermann. According to her, Dodin has a reputation as a brilliant artist of the Academy of arts of Russia, the author of more than 70 theatrical productions, including 15 operas. Accepting the order, the Director said that he was extremely proud to receive the award of a great, culturocentric country.

The exhibition “The happy fall” at the Museum of Vadim Sidur

The title of the anniversary exhibition “the happiest autumn” refers to the only collection of poems by Siddur. While the focus of the curators was the genre of the gravestones, therefore by a suitable epigraph for the exhibition could serve as a line from the book “the Sky is crying / the Third day do not go out / In of Windows look / Eyes I can’t believe / Dead Summer”.

The artist, deprived at home of the possibility of public demonstration of creativity, creating tombstones, could communicate with the outside world and earn a living. Among the participants of the exhibition are artists Yuri Palmin, Vladislav Efimov, Mikhail Maksimov, composer Vladimir Gorlinsky, historian and museologist Anna kotomina. Their works in combination with archival documents offer a special perspective of the perception of Vadim Sidur’s heritage and the essence of the Museum as a connecting or disconnecting organism.

2020-the year of Germany in Russia

2020 will be the year of Germany in Russia. This was announced by German Ambassador to Russia Geza Andreas von Geir at the reception of foreign delegations at the VIII International cultural forum in St. Petersburg. According to him, the forum starts in the summer.

“We will present a large program of events across the country. These events will show the diversity of cultural and social life in Germany, ” the diplomat said.

Rostec sold small arms sights to Italy

Holding “Schwabe” (included in rostec) supplied optical sights for the civilian and sporting firearms in Italy, reported in a press-service of the holding

Keanu Reeves appeared in the trailer for the new “Spongebob»

Keanu Reeves ‘face appeared in the trailer for The spongebob cartoon Spongebob on the run, published on Paramount Pictures’ Youtube channel. The famous actor appears before Spongebob and Patrick in the form of a tumbleweed. In the footage his face appears inside the plant



The award “patron of The year” was received by Mikhail Abramov

Became known winner of a special award “Patron of the year”-2019, write the media. Such was the businessman and philanthropist Mikhail Abramov, who founded the Museum of Russian icons. He died in a helicopter crash in Greece last summer.

Tver will host a concert to help restore the rotunda of the Botanical garden

Pianist and composer Evgeny Sokolovsky will perform at the Charity concert “Renaissance Time”, which will be held in the Tver Academic Philharmonic on November 16. Funds from the concert will be used to restore the historic pavilion-rotunda in the Tver Botanical garden.

Kandinsky prize awarded in Moscow

In the nomination” Project of the year “the award was received by Evgeny Antufyev for the project” when art becomes part of the landscape. Parts I, II and III»

Winner in the nomination ” Young artist. Project of the year” began Albina Mokryakov with the project “Kaegha»

In the nomination ” Scientific work. The history and theory of modern art “was awarded to Andrei Khlobystin for the book” Schizorevolution. Essays of St. Petersburg culture”.

On the portal of public services there is an opportunity to pay through Google Pay

Google Pay on the portal of public services on the portal of public services there is an opportunity to pay through the Google Pay service. CNews was informed by the press service of the Ministry of communications. Before that, the site could pay with a Bank card, electronic money, Apple Pay or money from a mobile account.

Microsoft told CNews about the new strategy in Russia

As Microsoft told CNews, Kristina Tikhonova, who headed the company’s Russian office in early 2019, has developed and is implementing a new strategy with several key areas. One of them is to help Russian companies to solve the issues of digital transformation. The second is participation in the development of the Russian it ecosystem through strategic coalitions, focus on industrial solutions and assistance to Russian partners in global promotion. Third, support for Russian startups. And the fourth is to promote the growth of the number of highly qualified it personnel.

Transformation of the partner ecosystem is one of the priorities of the new strategy. Along with traditional partners — distributors and integrators — Microsoft in Russia began to develop strategic partnerships of a new type, primarily with Telecom operators. Among the partners of the new type, the company also named consulting agencies such as Accenture, PwC, Ernst & Young.

Yandex.Cloud launched in Russia managed service MongoDB

MongoDB and Yandex.The cloud introduced Managed Service for MongoDB based on version 4.2, which supports ACID transactions at the shard cluster level. Now Yandex customers.The clouds will be able to use MongoDB as a managed service based on the current version 4.2, previously unavailable in Russia.

Yandex advertisers have the opportunity to be placed in Likee

BIGO Technology, the Creator of social platforms Likee and imo, has agreed to cooperate with the”Yandex Advertising network”. Now direct advertisers have more opportunities to communicate with a young and engaged audience, the IT company said.