18 Nov, 2019

News digest for 11/16-17/2019

Joint Declaration on the outcome of the XI BRICS summit

The heads of state and government of the BRICS member States adopted a joint Declaration following the XI summit of the “five”.

As follows from the text of the Declaration, the BRICS leaders reaffirmed their commitment to the principles of sovereignty, equality and mutual respect, as well as cooperation of sovereign States in the field of maintaining security.

The leaders expressed their commitment to the Paris climate agreement and called on developed Nations to step up their financial and technical assistance to developing countries.

The Declaration addresses the issues of reforming the UN, WTO and IMF and the prospects for financial and economic cooperation between the five countries. The BRICS leaders also expressed concern about a potential arms race in space, calling for agreement on a document regulating activities in this area.

In Altai, the Chinese leased land for 50 years.

As reported by sources. 1000 Chinese soldiers came to Gornoaltaysk to protect Chinese loggers.

The first line of the gas pipeline Eugal

The first line of the Eugal gas pipeline, which will transport gas from Nord stream 2 to the South of the Baltic coast of Germany, has passed a technical inspection and will be launched on January 1, 2020. This is reported by the press service of the project, which is controlled by the operator Gascade

SBU reported on the detention of one of the leaders of the “Islamic state»

The security service of Ukraine told about the detention of” one of the key leaders “of the terrorist organization” Islamic state ” al Bar Shishani.

The UN listed the causes of death of Russians in accidents

The main causes of high mortality of Russians in road accidents are flaws in the education of drivers and pedestrians, driving drunk, using phones and shortcomings in the legal prosecution of violators. This was stated in an interview with RIA Novosti by the President of the International automobile Federation (FIA), special envoy of the UN Secretary General for road safety Jean Todt.

“I see a lot of speeding, I’m aware of cases of alcohol abuse at the wheel and even pedestrians are sometimes a problem,” he said.

Also among the problems, he pointed to the lack of lighting on the roads outside the city and the fact that ” people do not buckle up in all those cases when it should have been done.”

In the Ryazan region crashed the latest unmanned aerial vehicle “Orion”.

Orion is positioned as the first fully developed unmanned aerial vehicle in Russia. With a takeoff weight of about a ton, it is capable of carrying 200 kilograms of payload.

In Brussels introduced a fine of €200 for throwing a cigarette butt

“The public cleanliness service of the city of Brussels is launching a plan to raise awareness among smokers, install city ashtrays, increase the fine from €50 to €200 from January, as well as a project to dispose of cigarette butts by means of pocket ashtrays,” – said in a statement the curator of the city hall of Brussels Zubida Zhellab.

The mayor’s office also noted that only one cigarette butt can contaminate up to 500 liters of water.

“He is slowly but surely polluting and killing the sea,” – said the capital’s authorities.

The rigidity of the measures taken by the city authorities is explained by the fact that almost a third of the garbage collected by utilities on the streets is cigarette butts. At the same time, these wastes take up to 15 years to decompose, they contain many toxic substances (lead, arsenic, nicotine, carcinogens).

Lukashenko goes to the presidential elections in Belarus in 2020

At the same time, the leader of the country noted that he does not intend to hold “blue fingers” for the presidential chair. Alexander Lukashenko added that the election of the Belarusian head, most likely, will be scheduled for the summer. The Belarusian leader stressed that amending the country’s Constitution on the eve of the upcoming elections would be a stupid idea.

“It would be foolish to say that we will change the Constitution by the presidential elections,” Alexander Lukashenko said.

In St. Petersburg, the court for the first time overturned the results of municipal elections at the site.

As Fontanka and Kommersant note, this decision was the first in the city. At the same time, the court’s website says that the claim is partially satisfied. The results of all five winners on the site number 1393 are many times higher than in the neighboring commissions.

31 million rubles for the organization of the festive new year fireworks in Moscow

As follows from the documents, the contractor will have to organize the launch of fireworks at 13 sites — 11 high-rise and two Park. The launch of the high-altitude fireworks in CAO is due to begin at 00: 00 on January 1. On the other sites-one minute later. The duration of the presentation should be at least five minutes. The relevant tender “MBH media” found on the portal of public procurement

“Pyrotechnic display must consist of at least 7 episodes. Each of them should be characterized by its own rhythm, its diversity and colorfulness of pyrotechnic paintings, ” the document says.

The Ministry of health of Russia announced an increase in the average life expectancy in the country.

“According to the data published by the Federal state statistics service, an increase in life expectancy to 73.6 years on average was registered for 8 months of this year, that is, by 0.7 years compared to the indicator of 2018,” the health Minister Veronika Skvortsova was quoted as saying by the press service of the Ministry of health.

Press release on the outcome of the court session a week before its start

The press service of the Krasnodar Department of the FSB sent journalists a press release on the outcome of the trial of the former head of the regional center for disaster medicine Lyudmila Beshtoeva, although the process is still ongoing. This drew the attention of the publication “Free Media”.

In a press release published by the media, it is said that on October 22, the Krasnodar regional court left Beshtoeva’s sentence unchanged, and she will go to prison for 5 years for fraud of 3 million rubles. At the same time, according to the case card on the court’s website, the process continues — after October 22, a meeting was held on October 30 and another one will be held on November 14.

Russia decided to spend money on the construction of Railways in Cuba.

The joint Russian-Cuban project on the reconstruction of the island’s Railways will bring qualitative changes to the transport infrastructure of Cuba, announced the head of the Federation Council of Russia Valentina Matvienko. She said that the project provides for the replacement of rolling stock, as well as increasing the speed of trains.

The US has proposed to Japan to increase the payment for the maintenance of American troops

The us state Department noted that the allies of the United States should pay more for participation in their defense. At the same time, Washington stated that the us position on the implementation of its military obligations towards Japan remains unshakable.

Under the Treaty, which expires in 2021, Japan pays the US an estimated $2 billion for 54,000 troops to protect the country. This price includes the operation of the American base on the island of Okinawa, as well as the maintenance of ships of the Seventh fleet. The trump administration considered this amount insufficient, and therefore in the summer the us national security adviser John Bolton and Matt Pottinger, who is responsible for the Asian region in the NSC, tried to persuade the Japanese to pay Washington $8 billion.

Lukashenko has called the conditions for the signing of the road maps with Russia

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has said that Minsk will not sign roadmaps on integration with Russia if they contradict Minsk’s independence and sovereignty and if economic issues are not resolved, BelTA reports.

In Kerch began towing Ukrainian ships

Detained last November, Ukrainian boats “Berdyansk”, “Nikopol” and the tug “Yany Kapu” left the Parking lot in the port of Kerch, accompanied by Russian ships, told RIA Novosti a source in the power structures of the Crimea.

In Ukraine, lifted restrictions on the growth of tariffs for heating

The government of Ukraine has decided to lift restrictions on the growth of tariffs for heating in the country, as well as for hot water. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of energy and environment of Ukraine.

Russian inspectors will have a device that detects drugs in the driver’s saliva

Traffic police inspectors may have equipment that detects narcotic and psychotropic substances in human saliva, which is now being tested. It is reported by TASS with reference to the press service of the interior Ministry.

Scientists have warned of a global superinfection epidemic

American experts with undisguised anxiety told the public about the start of the global epidemic of superinfections. In the US, many thousands die each year from serious infections and unexplored bacteria that have been able to adapt to new antibiotics.

The US paid Russia nearly $4 billion to deliver astronauts to the ISS

The United States as of July 2019 spent $3.9 billion to deliver its astronauts by Russian Soyuz spacecraft to the International space station (ISS), according to a report on the website of the National Aeronautics and space administration (NASA).

In Poland, told what they are going to replace Russian gas

In Poland, they believe that they can do without Russian gas after 2022. Warsaw relies on liquefied natural gas and its own production in the North sea. This was stated by the head of the Polish oil and gas company PGNiG Peter Wojniak.

In Russia, the demand for cigarettes fell sharply

From January to October this year, demand for cigarettes fell by five percent. And the platform “Taxcom” recorded a decline of seven percent. At the same time, experts noticed an increase in the demand of Russians for sticks for heating tobacco. Sales growth in this segment was recorded four and a half times compared to January-October last year.

Ministry of health: 98% of premature babies survive in Russia

The number of premature babies in 2018 amounted to 97 thousand people, Deputy Minister of health Oleg Salagay said in Telegram. Of these children, 98% survived.

A third of Russians will be unable to work in ten years

Director of the Institute for socio-economic population problems of RAS Vyacheslav Lokosov, in his report on the demographic situation in the country the scientist says that Russia’s population will decline at least another ten years. At the same time, he noted that the situation with the health of people is complicated

The number of absolutely healthy children for 30 years decreased from 49% to 12%. The reproductive health of the population is deteriorating. According to who, the critical threshold is 15% of childless families. Our society crossed that line in 2016, and now more than 17% of our families are infertile. According to the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova, up to 70% of deaths of men of working age is somehow connected with the use of alcohol, – led statistics doctor of Sciences.

In India called the Rafale is superior to su-30MKI

India will acquire French fighters of the fourth generation Rafale instead of Russian su-30MKI, as the first in their capabilities superior to the second, according to the Economic Times. The Indian edition writes that the ability to long-term barrage Rafale 1.5 times higher than the su-30MKI.

Bolivia severs diplomatic relations with Venezuela

Karen Longaric, foreign Minister of Bolivia’s transitional government, announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Venezuela, reports RT. According to the statement, Longerich, the Venezuelan diplomats will be given a deadline for leaving the country.

Vice President of the United States said about the uselessness of Russian ” Unions»

Russian Soyuz spacecraft will soon become unnecessary, as the United States will send American astronauts to the International space station (ISS) in its own manned spacecraft by March 2020. This statement was made by us Vice President Michael Pence at the Joseph Ames Research center (California).

F-35 fighters worked out leaving the Russian S-400 in Israel

The Israeli air force, together with allies from the United States, conducted a test of countering the Russian s-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile system. This is reported by the portal Breaking Defense. It is noted that the exercises were held in the framework of the war games “Blue flag” at the airport ATC.

In Iran, turned off the Internet by decree of the Supreme national security Council

Protests erupted Friday in several Iranian cities after the government announced a decision to raise gasoline prices by half. Since November 15, Iran has also imposed quotas on retail fuel sales. On the morning of November 16, protests resumed.

The US supports the long-suffering Iranian people as they protest the latest unjust moves by the corrupt regime in power. We condemn the attempt to turn off the Internet. Let them talk! – Morgan Ortagus

Canadian singer Celine Dion has released a track about her bravery

Canadian singer-songwriter Celine Dion has unveiled a new song and video, dubbed “Courage”. The track was included in the new self-titled album of the artist. The video was shot in black and white, directed by Xie Oh.



The white house spoke about the state of trump’s health

White house press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said President Donald trump remains energetic and does not complain about health after an annual medical examination at Walter reed hospital in Maryland.

American tankers tested the Russian t-80U tank

American tankers on military exercises in South Korea tested the Russian tank T-80U and armored combat tracked vehicle BMP-3.

Russia urged the US to return Syria’s oil fields

Russia’s first Deputy envoy to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, called on the US to return the oil fields belonging to Syria to Syria.

“Syria must be immediately freed from the illegal foreign military presence,” he said, according to RIA Novosti.

Japan will develop a radiator to counter aircraft and missiles

It is noted that the emitter is designed to disable the electronic equipment of aircraft and will operate in the frequency range from 3 to 30 gigahertz. It is expected to create several variants of the radiator, designed for ground-based, as well as installation on ships and even aircraft.

The defense Ministry has already received proposals for the development of the radiator from 12 different companies. Funds for the project will be allocated in 2021, and by 2023 it is expected to create a working model.

In Europe announced the creation of an interceptor hypersonic missiles

The TWISTER project provides for the creation of a land-and sea-based anti-missile capable of intercepting existing and prospective air targets including maneuvering medium-range ballistic missiles, hypersonic and supersonic cruise missiles, hypersonic gliding units, as well as combat aircraft of the new generation.

The British aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales arrived in the home port

The newest British aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales arrived on Saturday at its home port of Portsmouth, where it will be officially incorporated into the United Kingdom Navy by the end of the year. This was reported by the Press Association, according to which thousands of people watched the event.

Poland will not renew the contract with Gazprom»

Polish energy concern PGNiG filed a statement to Gazprom about its desire to complete the contract for the supply of Russian gas to the Republic on December 31, 2022, reports TASS with reference to the company’s message.

Saudi Aramco will place 1.5% of its shares on the stock exchange

Saudi Aramco, the state-owned Saudi oil company, will place a 1.5% stake in Tadawul. About it on November 17 reports TASS with reference to materials of the company. The price range of the shares will be 30-32 reais apiece, in accordance with the fixed rate of the dollar is $8-8. 53 per share.

Russia’s international reserves fell by $ 1.8 billion

The Central Bank of Russia reported that the country’s international reserves fell by $1.8 billion for the week, reports TASS. It is clarified that on November 8, 2019, this figure amounted to $541.1 billion, which is 0.3% lower than a week earlier.

Sistema to sell stake in Detsky Mir»

Sistema and the Russian-Chinese investment Fund (RKIF, established By the Russian direct investment Fund and China Investment Corporation) will sell at least 150 million shares (20% of the authorized capital) of Detsky Mir PJSC, the parties to the transaction said.

The first trailer of the cartoon ” how to train a dragon: Homecoming»

The network has a short teaser of the Christmas special episode of the cartoon “How to train a dragon: Homecoming”, which will unfold 10 years after the final of the third picture. The film will tell about the young generation of Vikings and dragons on the eve of snoggletog.


South Korea to strengthen investor protection measures

South Korea’s financial markets Commission (FCS) has announced new investor protection measures. It is reported by the South Korean news Agency Yonhap

The Ministry of Finance compensates benefits to oil workers at the expense of the Russians

The text of the bill is posted in the electronic database of the state Duma. Fees should partially compensate for the shortage of taxes from oil and gas enterprises. It is assumed that at the end of the year the budget will receive 456 billion rubles less than expected a year ago, and 398 billion less than planned after the July adjustment. The situation has developed after the introduction of tax breaks for oil companies and the fall in gas prices in Europe.

According to the adjustments of the Ministry of Finance, the Federal tax service should collect an additional 98.5 billion rubles of VAT, 56.5 billion of income tax. VAT charges are expected to be increased by improving the quality of administration. As for fines, the plan for fees increased by almost 9 billion rubles compared to July — up to 76 billion 700 million.

New temples will appear in residential areas

Smolny approved the transfer of three land plots in the Moscow district, Kupchina and Peterhof to the Russian Orthodox Church for the construction of churches. Earlier, Metropolitan Varsonofy of St. Petersburg and Ladoga stated that there are not enough churches in the sleeping areas of the city.

The tenth season of winter passenger navigation opens in Moscow

“The season of winter passenger navigation on the Moscow river starts on November 14. To transport Muscovites and guests of the capital in the cold season will be ten all-season ice-class ships with a reinforced hull, ” – reported on the website of the mayor of the capital

Nordwind launches charters from Russia to Thailand

Nordwind airlines reported that more than 12 thousand Russian tourists will be transported to the Thai airport of Surat Thani province. This airport is convenient in particular because of the possibility to easily reach the hotel Samui, Koh Pagano and Koh Tao. The new Charter program starts on December 27. To finish flights gather on April 22. 32 flights are organized. Boeing 777-200ER liners were put on the route. The information became known on November 13 from the local khaosodenglish news Agency. The newspaper cites comments by the Governor of the province of Witchwood located.

In “Naftogaz” criticized Russia’s offer of a discount on gas

Russia’s proposal to reduce the price of gas by 20-25% Ukrainian “Naftogaz” does not consider as a discount.According to him, the Executive Director of the company Yuri Vitrenko, gas from Russia “and so should be 20-25% cheaper” than gas from Europe, as in the case of direct supplies, Gazprom does not pay for its transportation to Europe.

The Chinese market is oversaturated with gas supply

The Chinese gas market may face oversupply in the short term, given that weakening demand is expected to continue next year, top managers of China’s largest gas suppliers say. China’s gas demand growth could be less than 10% next year for the first time since 2016.

In China conducted tests apparatus for landing on Mars

Experts of the Chinese national space administration (CNSA) conducted on Thursday, North of the capital of China, a test of the apparatus for landing on the surface of Mars. It was carried out at a special site near Huailai city in Hebei province in the presence of officials and journalists.

Exhibition “Soyuzmultfilm” is waiting for visitors in St. Petersburg

The main characters of the exhibition will be loved by all Crocodile Gene and Cheburashka, Bremen town musicians, Winnie the Pooh and his friends, bear Umka, of course, the Wolf and the Hare from ” well, wait!”, as well as the characters of the first issue of the almanac “Merry-go-round”.

Nicolas cage will play Nicolas cage in the film about Nicolas cage

The main character Nicolas cage will play himself Nicolas cage. The film will have two characters-the modern cage and the “1990 version”. In the story, cage is desperate to get a role in the new Quentin Tarantino film.

Disney has begun warning about racism in its cartoons

The recent launch of Disney’s own streaming service was marked by an innovation: Disney+ began warning viewers about elements of “racism” in its classic cartoons. Which is classified as ” outdated cultural views.”

Robert Downey Jr. to return to Marvel film universe

In his recent interview, Jeff Goldblum (Jeff Goldblum), who plays in the film universe of the Grandmaster, announced the beginning of work on the series. He said that in one of the episodes Grandmaster will meet with Iron Man, who was voiced by Robert.

Grand Prix of the VGIK international film festival

The international student festival of VGIK, which was attended by 35 film schools from 30 countries, ended. Grand Prix received the film from France “Hand in hand” Louise Courvoisier. This was reported to TASS in the press service of the festival. Student films from the UK, Germany, France, Israel, Norway and other countries took part in the competition.

In the nomination “the Best short feature film” the victory was won by Stanislav Svetlov’s film “Tiger among the birches”. Along with the screening, the VGIK hosted an international theater competition, which included performances by Russian and foreign theater troupes.

Artistic Director of BDT Andrey Mighty launched the project ” Coursework”

Students of the Director’s course of Andrei Moguchy got a unique opportunity to show their works at different venues Of the Bolshoi drama theater named after Georgy Tovstonogov (BDT) in the new project of their master – “Coursework”. A series of such premieres was opened on the rehearsal stage of the BDT by Anton Morozov’s performance “I was in the house and waited for the rain to come”. Three more premieres will be held before the end of November.

Have groups Marselle released a new album “2008»

The band Marselle, recreated by Levan Gorozia (L’one) and Igor Kestelnik (Nel), presented a new album, which was called “2008”. The name was chosen not by chance: in 2008, the group released its debut album ” Mars “(they recently released it on digital platforms).

Group “mummy Troll” showed “Shoots” in the magical forest

The premiere of the song and video “Shoots” by “mummy Troll” took place on November 14, 2019. The video was directed by Bjorn Tagemose.



Garik Sukachev presented a new album ” 246»

Work on the new record went on for three years. The recording of the album was attended by musicians not only from Russia, but also from the UK, France and other countries. The new compositions sound and unusual musical instruments.

British band Pet Shop Boys has released a new song

The premiere of a new song by British Synthpop Duo Pet Shop Boys, which was called “Burning the Heather”. It is reported that this song will be included in the new album “Hotspot”, which is expected to be released in late January 2020.

Yuri Vizbor’s 85th birthday was celebrated with the release of his tribute

Moroz Records released a tribute “Vizbor 85 Trubute”for the 85th anniversary of Yuri Vizbor’s birth. The album, which included 14 tracks, was released on November 15, 2019.

The 13th Asian Oscars will be held in Brisbane

The Asia-Pacific Academy awards will be presented in Brisbane for the 13th time.

“Sin city” will turn into a series

The film franchise “sin City” based on Noir comics by Frank Miller will get a second life. Legendary entered into an agreement with Miller to shoot the series based on his graphic works.

Google experiment brought down thousands of Chrome browsers around the world

Google Corporation without any warning conducted an experimental update of the Chrome browser. According to the Verge, the experiment led to a failure in “thousands” of corporate networks around the world. Problems with the browser began on Wednesday, November 13.

In WhatsApp dark mode will appear

WhatsApp messenger will soon have a dark mode. The first signs of such a design in the application have already appeared: they are activated if the user puts the entire smartphone in dark mode, writes Gizchina.

By 2023, Apple plans to release augmented reality glasses

Some sources report that Apple plans to release an augmented reality headset and AR-glasses. New items will be released presumably in 2022-2023

Xiaomi has released wireless charging for smartphones and coffee

Xiaomi has introduced a new device-a Cup with heating and wireless charging capacity of 10 watts. It is noted that it is completely safe to wash and clean. In this case, the stand can be used not only to heat the mug, but also for wireless charging of smartphones with support for such technology, including the production of Xiaomi, Huawei, Apple and Samsung.

LG’s sprawling smartphone doubles display area

LG has proposed another version of the design of the smartphone, equipped with a flexible display. Information about the development, according to the resource LetsGoDigital, published on the website of the world intellectual Property organization (WIPO).
Github will create a repository of information in case of the end of the world

The github brand, recently bought by the us Corporation Microsoft can transfer several thousand software repositories and send them to the Svalbard mine for storage in case of the end of the world

Austrian scientists have developed an effective analogue of batteries

Austrian chemists have managed to develop a material consisting of the finest iron, aluminum, tungsten and vanadium alloy material that is deposited on a silicon crystal, according to the journal Nature, which has the highest level of efficiency in converting heat into electricity. In the future, it may make unnecessary batteries and wires in electronics.

Xiaomi is preparing a low-cost curved 29-inch monitor for gamers

Xiaomi entered the monitor market relatively recently-exactly a month ago, but did it, as usual, with an emphasis on an excellent balance of features and price: the flagship 34-inch model was about half the price of analogues from more well-known monitor manufacturers.

Characteristics of the successor of the Nikon D750 SLR camera

The new camera will be released with a 24 MP sensor and the ability to shoot in 4K and Full HD. The device will be equipped with two connectors for memory cards UHS-II SD. The device will be released with touch control, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapters. The novelty features a camera without energy-consuming display and sensitivity adjustment. It is assumed that the successor to the Nikon D750 mirror manufacturers will officially present in the first quarter of 2020. There is no reliable information about the price of the device today. Insiders say the camera will get the d790 mark. The manufacturer does not provide official information about the new camera.

Scientists have uncovered the mystery of the mummies of sacred birds of Ancient Egypt

Previously, scientists assumed that mummified birds found in catacombs and graves were grown specifically for ceremonies on peculiar farms. Experts took for research cells 14 mummies age roughly in 2,500 thousands of years and compared their mitochondrial DNA with 26 caught in different parts of Africa birds. As a result, it turned out that the genetic diversity of animals is very similar, which means that buried in ancient ibises were not bred artificially. Such a result suggests that in Ancient Egypt, sacred birds for ritual burial caught in the wild.

In the” New Jerusalem ” opened an exhibition of works by Marc Chagall

Works by Russian and French artist Marc Chagall exhibited in the Museum complex “New Jerusalem”. The exhibition was called “Chagall: between heaven and earth”. 239 works of avant-garde brought from three countries to show everyone.

Russian VRT500 helicopter will be equipped with canadian engines

Design Bureau “BP-Technologies “holding” Russian Helicopters ” (part of the state Corporation rostec) and Pratt & Whitney Canada signed on Sunday in the framework of the international Airshow Dubai Airshow contract to equip the latest Russian light helicopter VRT500 canadian gas turbine engines PW207V, the press service of the holding.

Blind people feel pain more acutely

Researchers from Canada asked the question-how does the perception of pain and odors in the blind. In their work, the scientists used genetically modified mice, blind from birth. And conducted with them as tests on pain threshold sensitivity to various stimuli (von Frey test for tactile sensitivity, formalin test-reaction to pain caused by tissue damage formalin, test “twitching tail” – tail-flick test and others), and tests on olfactory sensitivity (sensitivity of smells and search for hidden food).

MRI of experimental mice showed that the volume of several olfactory structures (olfactory bulbs, anterior olfactory nucleus, auxiliary olfactory bulb, pyriform cortex, orbitofrontal cortex) and amygdala were increased in blind mice compared to sighted mice. In addition, evaluation of animal behavior in tests shows that blind mice exhibit pain hypersensitivity to chemical, mechanical, cold and thermal stimuli compared to sighted mice. In addition, pain-related activity in the amygdala was found to be increased in blind animals compared to sighted ones according to functional magnetic resonance imaging.

The strong bend helped soften the multilayer graphene

Scientists from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA) determined how much energy is required to bend multilayer graphene and found that a strong bend softened the material. The study is published in the scientific journal Nature Materials.

“What we found is a model for explaining all the disagreements by showing how they are all connected to each other through different degrees of bending,” notes Professor Arend van der Sande, who participated in the study.

Experts told what determines the success in learning a foreign language

German scientists have found that the best person perceives a foreign language, which is more familiar to him in morphology and phonetics. Thus, the researchers concluded that in the study of foreign languages, success depends on its similarity to the native, writes the journal Cognition.

Protein responsible for brain activity can prolong human life

Scientists from Harvard University found that inhibiting the activity of the brain protein extended the life of people. Experts analyzed samples of brain tissue of people who died between the ages of 60 and 100 years. As a result, scientists have found that has lived a long life of people has been reduced the expression of genes. The study is published in the scientific journal Science Advances.

The new study is believed to help researchers develop new treatments for diseases associated with unhealthy nervous system activity, including Alzheimer’s disease and bipolar affective disorder.

Blue LEDs can accelerate brain aging

Scientific experts conducted a study that showed that artificial blue light negatively affects the lifespan of flies. Experts have suggested that the same effect gadgets have on people, but these results need to be tested in subsequent studies.

In the Egyptian sarcophagus found the oldest version of the map of the afterlife

The inscriptions in the sarcophagus, found in the necropolis of Upper Egypt, were the oldest known copy of the “Book of two ways”, according to the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology. This work was a map of the afterlife and a detailed description of the travels of the dead through it.

Scientists have discovered an “impossible” compound of hexavalent plutonium

The experiment, conducted by scientists, led to unexpected results. So, the researchers wanted to synthesize particles of plutonium dioxide (PuO2). However, during the work, a new “impossible” compound of hexavalent plutonium was obtained.

A new previously unknown infecting virus was found in the human body

Researchers at the University of medical Sciences Karl Landsteiner managed to open a previously unknown medicine virus-bacteriophage, which lives in the human body, informs the publication Fontiers in Microbiology.

Long-term space flights can be very dangerous for the health of astronauts.

A long stay in space can cause a reverse blood flow in astronauts, an international team of scientists has found after a thorough study. This is reported in an article published in the journal JAMA Network Open.

Problems with blood supply in space occur because the lack of habitual gravity disrupts the distribution of fluids in the body and affects blood flow. Scientists have not figured out how to solve this problem in the future. Currently, vacuum suits are already used to facilitate the flow of blood in the lower extremities, but in conditions of long-term stay in space, such devices are not enough.

The study was attended by scientist Irina Alferova from the Institute of biomedical problems (Imbi) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, leading the group of medical support of the Moscow MCC. The study was conducted on 11 astronauts, who on average were on the ISS for about six months.