19 Nov, 2019

News digest for 11/18/2019

Serbia launched a war of non-recognition against Kosovo

A diplomatic war is unfolding between Serbia and Kosovo over the recognition of the independence of this former Serbian province. As explained to” Kommersant ” sources close to the Serbian leadership, the goal of Serbia — to achieve a reduction in the number of recognitions of Kosovo to 96 countries, which will be less than half of the UN members and will close the country’s path to obtaining observer status in the world organization.

Transfer to Ukraine of three detained ships took place

“On November 18, the transfer to the Ukrainian side of three ships of the Ukrainian Navy, which in November 2018 violated the border of the Russian Federation during the deliberate provocation of Kiev in the Kerch Strait,” – said in a statement on the official website of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia.

They added that it became possible as the Russian authorities have completed the necessary investigative actions in the framework of criminal proceedings. It is noted that the ships are physical evidence in it.

Protests in Iran: burning Bank buildings and disconnected Internet

In Iran, protests broke out against the increase in gasoline prices. The epicenter of the protests was the city in southern Iran – Sirjan. Protests against the increase in gasoline prices were also held in the cities of Mashhad, Shiraz, Birjand, Ahvaz. According to officials, the protesters destroy state property, smash gas stations, etc. the protesters also burned the Bank building.

Also in Iran, there is a massive shutdown of the Internet, as a result of which no more than 7% of the network was available. Thus, it is impossible to speak with full confidence about the picture of what is happening in the Republic.

Russia supplies Iran with electronic intelligence systems

Moscow supplies Tehran with non-offensive weapons, including electronic intelligence systems, Dmitry Shugaev, Director of the Federal service for military-technical cooperation (FSVTS) of Russia, told RIA Novosti on Monday at an exhibition in Dubai.

“The implementation of contracts not subject to UN sanctions for the supply of a complex of repair and diagnostic equipment, radio monitoring equipment, radio intelligence systems, as well as other non-offensive equipment continues,” Shugaev said

The pensioner tripped the guards Medvedev

A resident of the Altai village of Sannikovo Tatiana Kadukina, where Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visited the day before, accused his guards of tripping her up — she herself was not going to fall to her knees in front of him.

“I wasn’t going to fall to my knees. It is the security forces. They didn’t miss. It turned out that I ran forward, and the bandwagon was set. It was like I was on my knees. This is especially tripped to humiliate me much,” said Katukina edition of “Rise”. On the frames of incident laid out in social networks the woman and the Prime Minister are densely surrounded by other participants of a meeting.

Deputies do not want to solve city problems without a salary.

In the Urals, Deputy Alexander Bondarchuk posted a video in social networks, in which he urged the authorities to appoint salaries for city deputies in 100 thousand rubles a month, the only way he can work normally. According to him, deputies don’t want to solve city problems without a salary. Because they need to think not about the people, but about how to feed themselves and their family.

In St. Petersburg, a record rise in the price of travel is expected

It is known that in St. Petersburg from next year tokens on the subway, most likely, will rise in price to 55 rubles, and tickets for the rest of public transport to 50 rubles. Such a rise in price-just 10 points – in the modern history of the city has not been. In early autumn, Smolny said that the price for a ticket will not rise by more than five points.

Countries are demanding compensation for losses due to Brexit.

Fifteen countries, including the US, India and New Zealand, expressed concern about Brexit at the world trade organization (WTO) meeting in Geneva as they will have to share EU import quotas with the UK, and they may not survive in such competition.

France has submitted proposals to the EU to change the procedure of accession to the Union

In a five-page electronic document submitted by France to the EU institutions, it is proposed to make the accession phased, to tighten the conditions for admission of new members, to make the accession process reversible.

France supports the division of accession negotiations into 7 phases, in which the heads of negotiations will be divided into zones. At the same time, chapters 23 and 24 — on human rights and freedoms and on maintaining the rule of law-are key to the entry. At the conclusion of the negotiations on these chapters, the candidate country may participate in the meetings of some EU institutions, but not as a participating country. In the event of a breach by a member state of any of the phases for which negotiations have already been concluded, the negotiation process must begin again.

North Macedonia should not join the EEU

On November 16, the President of Northern Macedonia Stevo Pendarovski said that his country should not join the EEU, because it contradicts the aspirations of its citizens to join the European Union. At the same time, Pendarovski stressed that the choice in favor of the EU does not contradict the recent call made by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev for Russian companies to increase investment in the economy of this Balkan country.

Which universities have the richest graduates?

If we consider only the ultra-rich people (with a fortune of more than $ 30 million) – then most of the same graduates from Harvard! And if the average wealth of the average ultra-rich graduate – Stanford. And 80% of the top 25 richest universities are, as you might guess, in the United States, it is exactly 20 pieces. 3 more in the UK, 1 in France and 1 in Singapore

Putin approved the project to build a bridge across the Lena river

As “Kommersant” found out, the project of a road bridge across the Lena in the Yakutsk region received the support of the President. Vladimir Putin, according to Kommersant sources, instructed the government to submit proposals, noting that “the situation is ripe for implementation.” According to the current financial model, the cost of a three-kilometer bridge with 11 km of approaches is estimated at 83 billion rubles with VAT, a capital grant of 54 billion rubles and the participation of a private investor is provided. Cars will be able to drive on the bridge for free, all other vehicles will have to pay 1-4 thousand rubles. depending on the category and year of the project. According to analysts, unlike the bridge to Sakhalin, this construction is needed.

Underutilization of fuel at the gas station exceeds the norm by 2-3 times

Underutilization of fuel at gas stations in Russia exceeds the norm by 2-3 times. The actual underflow in the Central Federal district is from 50 to 90 ml per 10 liters of fuel at a rate of 25 ml, the press service of the Ministry of industry and trade told TASS

In Russia proposed to reduce the time of sale of alcohol

A ban on the sale of alcohol after 22: 00 is proposed to be introduced at the Federal level. Regions will be able to impose stricter restrictions up to a complete ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages on certain days, for example, during sporting events.

The Ministry of health supports the initiative. In our opinion, reducing the time of sale of alcohol for one evening hour will be an important factor in reducing the number of crimes committed while intoxicated, approximately 9-14%, especially among young people. – Nikolay Govorin, Russian public figure

Russia has postponed the resumption of air links with Egypt

Russia has decided to postpone the resumption of flights to the resorts of Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada. So far, Egyptian airports do not meet Russian security standards, inspectors who visited them after reconstruction have established.

For 20 minutes hacked Wi-Fi “peregrine Falcon” and received the data of passengers

A hacker under the nickname keklick1337, returning from St. Petersburg to Moscow from a conference on information security, for 20 minutes broke into Wi-Fi in the “peregrine Falcon” and received all the data of passengers. The specialist told about it on the portal “Habr”.

He also learned that “Peregrine Falcon” uses a single server for which he came up with one password. The author of the post said that the company “Russian Railways” protects this data with a free encryption certificate. The hacker promised a couple of months re-checking system of Railways. It turned out that he had previously told the carrier about the “bugs”, but no reaction followed.

Bacteria help the plants to emerge on land

Researchers from the University of Cologne, The Institute of agricultural genomics in Shenzhen and several other research centers analyzed the genomes of algae Spirogloea muscicola and Mesotaenium endlicherianum from the Conjugate class. Their genes were compared with those of other algae and several plant species. As a result, it was possible to find 902 genes that are in “amphibious” algae and plants, but not in ordinary algae. But most importantly, these genes were also found in soil bacteria. In a paper in Cell, the authors write that the genes could have leapfrogged from bacteria to algae, which were the common ancestors of land plants, and these two modern “amphibious” algae

In Buryatia subsidize six air routes

The Federal air transport Agency has approved the list of subsidized routes from Buryatia to 2020. So, from next year from Ulan-Ude flights at reduced prices to Khabarovsk, Blagoveshchensk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Chita and Khuzhir will be organized, writes Vostok-Teleinform with reference to the press service of the head and government of Belarus

In Magdagachi the dam of the reservoir began to leak

The dam holding the water in the reservoir near Magdagachi, is leaking. In the territory of the settlement by the order of the head of local administration entered a state of emergency. The approach and the entrance to the dam were fenced, warning banners were posted. According to the Deputy head of the village administration, now all hope for frosts. Waiting for the cold to “patch” the leak. Repairs are scheduled for spring.

The dam on the Gorchaki river was built in 1932. The length of the dam is 600 meters, the area is more than 500 square meters. The need to repair the structure has been brewing for years.

Russians are less likely to repay loans ahead of schedule

In 2019, the share of prematurely repaid loans in the total volume of closed loans was the lowest in at least six years, according to data provided by the National Bureau of credit histories (nbki, consolidates information on loans to more than 98 million borrowers).

Russian clothing sellers are losing buyers

For three years, the Shopping Index of Moscow fashion retailers decreased by 18% — this fall was higher than the average for shopping centers. Now the dynamics have slowed down, but the market should not wait for the growth of sales. According to the expert, the behavior of consumers was influenced by rising prices against the background of declining revenues and active competition from e-commerce.

Pawnshop chain wants to enter the IPO in Russia

The network of pawnshops “Mosgorlombard” intends to conduct a public offering (IPO) on the Moscow stock exchange in the first quarter of 2021, writes RBC with reference to the representative of the company. According to experts interviewed by the publication, this placement may be the first such in Russia.

Finance Ministry: Russian budget surplus exceeded 3 trillion rubles

According to data published by the Ministry of Finance of Russia, the surplus of the Russian budget grew by 3 trillion rubles, which is 2.8% of GDP. The data is relevant for the period from January to October. Experts say that it is necessary to increase the surplus while it is possible. Because due to the dependence on oil and gas revenues, it is impossible to predict further revenue growth

Budget expenditures for this period amounted to 13 trillion rubles, revenues amounted to 16 trillion. The most expendable item of the budget-the social sphere, it took 4 trillion rubles. We spent 2.2 trillion on defense and 1.7 trillion on the national economy.

The Ministry of Finance has identified three principles for financing projects from the NWF

The Russian Finance Ministry has identified three principles for the selection of projects to be financed by the national welfare Fund (NWF). The Agency wants to exclude the adoption of “individual decisions”, to ensure transparency of the process and reduce dependence on oil, the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to the press service of the Ministry.

China’s Central Bank poured 200 billion yuan into the financial system

The people’s Bank of China on Friday extended one-year loans worth 200 billion yuan ($28.6 billion) under the medium-term Lending Facility (MLF). The rate remained unchanged. Last week, the people’s Bank of China cut the interest rate on MLF one-year medium-term loans for the first time since 2016.the Rate was reduced from 3.30% to 3.25%.


Moscow city court judge Dmitry Monekin refused designer Konstantin Konovalov, who sought a criminal case after the police broke his leg before the action on July 27. As the correspondent of “Medusa”, consideration of the appeal (from the beginning of the process to the decision) took judge Monekin about 16 minutes. Earlier in the complaint Konovalov denied Tver court.


Protests in front of the Parliament building in Tbilisi

5.5 thousand people gathered at the protest in front of the Parliament building in Tbilisi. Another 1.5 thousand people took part in a separate action of the opposition party “Alliance of patriots”, Director of the patrol police Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Georgia Vazha Siradze told reporters. According to Reuters, about 20 thousand people participated in the action.

“The Ministry of internal Affairs ensured the action on Rustaveli Avenue. According to our data, up to 5.5 thousand people participated in the action on the prospectus, ” Mr. Siradze said (quoted by RIA Novosti).

In China, Russia is considered a weak country.

Despite the fact that Russia is one of the three world powers because of a strong army and a large territory, the country has several weaknesses. About it writes the Chinese Internet portal Sohu.

The main problems in the situation of Russia include the problem of demography, difficulties in managing a multinational people, weak economic development and a difficult international situation, the newspaper reports.

Russia with its weak economic development is doomed to defeat, experts concluded. It is particularly noted that despite the constant expansion of its territory, Russia has never been truly rich. And, finally, now Russia has many opponents in the face of the United States and Western countries. And even Russia’s partners-the Middle East – do not consider Russia a reliable ally, writes Sohu.

Promsvyazbank disclosed quarterly reports

Last week, PJSC “Promsvyazbank”, previously classified part of the monthly reporting, unexpectedly disclosed quarterly reporting. This is reported by “Kommersant”. Promsvyazbank’s net profit under RAS for January-September amounted to 19.1 billion rubles, including 2.7 billion rubles in the III quarter.

Detected viruses for the treatment of alcohol affected liver

The results of scientific research are published in Nature. In Russia, the number of diseases of viral hepatitis has increased Researchers have found that the intestinal bacterium E. faecalis secretes a toxin called cytolysin, which can damage liver cells

Lenovo showed the first laptop with a flexible screen-ThinkPad X1

For now, The ThinkPad X1 with a flexible screen exists as a prototype. ThinkPad X1 with a flexible screen equipped with a 13.3-inch matrix with a resolution of 2K. when you install the laptop in the working position, part of the screen works as a keyboard, and in the open position the device looks more like a large tablet.

Japan is confident in the safety of dumping radioactive water into the ocean

The discharge of contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the ocean is safe and carries a “very minor” risk to human health, Japan’s Ministry of industry, economy and trade said on November 18 in a report to the Japanese government, Kyodo News Agency reported. From one 1600-th to one 40-thousandth of the natural dose of radiation will receive people when dumping Fukushima water in the Pacific ocean, assure the Ministry of industry of Japan.

In Italy began to open shelters for divorced men

“Rossiyskaya Gazeta” with reference to La Repubblica writes that in Italy, increasingly open a shelter for divorced men, where you can live for free for the first year after the divorce. Such boarding houses appeared on the Appenines.

Syrian troops took control of the second largest hydroelectric power plant

Syrian government forces have taken control of the tishrin hydroelectric power plant in Aleppo — the second most powerful hydroelectric power plant in the country. Around the subject today will begin patrolling Russian military police, told journalists the representative of command of forces of the armed forces of the Russian Federation Boris Fomichev.

Union of Belarus and Russia: every year we slip new conditions

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko made harsh statements about the Union with Russia. According to the Belarusian leader, the Russian authorities are constantly putting forward new conditions, and the head of Belarus does not like it:

We get new conditions every year. As a result, we are constantly losing something in the economy. Who needs such an Alliance?

Lukashenka added that he was informing Russian President Putin about his position. As Lukashenka stressed:

No document will be approved and signed by me if it contradicts the Constitution and the fundamental principles of life of our society. And the most important principles are the sovereignty and independence of our state.

The Council of the European Union is ready to sign an agreement on visa facilitation with Belarus.

The Council of the European Union is ready to sign an agreement on visa facilitation with Belarus. The decision was published on November 18 In the official journal of the EU. It was noted that the signing Of the agreement on visa facilitation between the European Union and Belarus is allowed from now on. The procedure will take place upon completion of the text of the agreement. The document will be published together with the official decision on its conclusion

Minsk in early December will name the amount of damage from the supply of dirty oil

Belarus in early December will present the Russian Federation the final amount of damage caused by the supply of low-quality oil. This was stated on Sunday by Deputy Prime Minister Igor Lyashenko.

The Russian defense Ministry filed a lawsuit against the Samara manufacturer of missiles

The Ministry of defense of Russia filed a lawsuit in the Arbitration court of Moscow to recover almost 2.15 billion rubles from the Samara rocket and space center (RCC) “Progress”, specializing in the production of launch vehicles of the Soyuz family and spacecraft remote sensing of the Earth’s surface.

Labor market for pensioners in Russia

The most favorable conditions of the labor market for pensioners in Russia have developed in Moscow, St. Petersburg and a number of regions of the black earth region, less comfortable for pensioners to work in Chechnya, Tuva and Altai, according to a study by RIA Novosti. Magadan region in the ranking scored 29.5 points out of 100 possible.

The Ministry of communications warned about the refusal to allocate free frequencies for 5G

The Ministry of communications can refuse free allocation of frequencies in the range of 4.4-4.9 GHz for the development of 5G, if market participants do not agree on the creation of a joint company. Operators insist these frequencies are not suitable for 5G

Users of Internet companies want to put on the state register

Russian officials told how the system of state registration of Internet users will be arranged, Vedomosti reported. This refers to the obligation of sites to provide data about their audience to a specially authorized state organization. It is noted that those who refuse to do so, intend to prohibit advertising. The relevant amendments to the laws on information and media have been prepared by Roskomnadzor together with media companies.

The domestic violence bill introduced the concept of “harassment»

State Duma deputies have prepared amendments to the bill on domestic violence, one of which clarifies the concept of “persecution”, reports RBC. As stated by Oksana Pushkina, they will be taken into account in the final version of the document.

Among other amendments-a ban on public organizations engaged in the prevention of domestic violence, to inform law enforcement agencies about cases of aggression without the consent of the victim. In addition, it is proposed to introduce protective regulations prohibiting the pursuer to approach the victim.

New list of countries dangerous and safe to travel

In the coming 2020, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Sweden and Greenland are named the safest countries to travel.

There is a high risk of Contracting a viral disease in South Sudan, Guinea, the Central African Republic, Liberia and several other countries. In this regard, South Korea, Australia, Japan, Canada and the United States are much safer.

Serious risks to the personal safety of tourists are present in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan and several areas of Nigeria. Much less problems with this will be for travelers who decide to go to Norway, Slovenia, Switzerland and a number of other countries.

In the state Duma complained about the camera – “traps” in the form of street lights

Because of the incorrect operation of the complexes “Street Falcon”, monitoring compliance with the rules of stopping, drivers who stopped involuntarily — because of an accident or a queue for Parking, said the First Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee on state construction Vyacheslav Lysakov

Complexes instantly fix a stop on the roadside, after which car owners receive a fine of 3 thousand rubles. as specified by “Kommersant”, currently 258 such cameras are used in different parts of Moscow.

Ministry of economic development proposed to subsidize the construction of glamping

The Ministry of economic development is developing a new type of subsidies to support the development of domestic and inbound tourism. We are talking about grants to support public and entrepreneurial initiatives in the field of tourism-a notice on the development of rules for the provision of such subsidies is posted on the portal of draft regulations.

Gazprom Neft’s IFRS profit fell by 20.6% in the third quarter

Revenue in the third quarter amounted to 656 764 billion rubles (- 4.8%). Operating expenses decreased by 0.4% to 537.712 billion rubles. Profit before tax amounted to 134.074 billion rubles against 165.919 billion rubles in the III quarter of 2018 (- 19.2%).

The Russians increased spending on health care, housing and transportation

In 2018, the share of paid services in domestic GDP rose for the first time after four years of recession. According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, now this figure has reached 10.7%. Back in 2016-2017, it did not exceed 10%.

According to Rosstat, most Russians began to spend on paid medical services. Spending on doctors among Russians increased from 6.6 to 7.7%. Also, spending on housing services increased from 6.5 to 7.4%. At the same time, the share of utilities decreased from 21.1% to 20.5%. Rosstat also recorded an increase in spending on transport services. In 2015, they accounted for 18.4%, now-19.9%.

The “Caucasian knot”: Kadyrov called the calls to murder are a part of “our ethics»

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov explained his speech in early November, where he called to kill, imprison and intimidate those who ” hurt the honor.” He spoke on this topic while visiting the Islamic center under construction in Grozny. The translation of Kadyrov’s remarks, shown by the state TV channel “Grozny”, was published by “Caucasian knot”.

“When you say something, angry, try to pervert. According to our ethics, according to ADAT it came out: “I will beat you, I will kill you, I will tear out”… When you speak, make a direct translation… “here you see: Kadyrov this and that”… I also tell my children [this]… in our lexicon it is. It was always to intimidate, to abuse”, — leads edition of the words of Kadyrov.

He also added that blood feud does not imply murder, but was introduced “so as not to kill.” “Everything to establish harmony between people,” Kadyrov said.

The cycle of bribes in the interior Ministry in Moscow

On the street of the red Lighthouse in Moscow, five police officers detained a man with a strange bag, and then demanded 700 thousand rubles to hush up the case. The victim collected money and handed over to employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs. The chief of police found out about the case and came up with his plan.

He gathered subordinates and told them that the victim is going to complain to the Investigative Committee of Russia, so he needs to pay 2 million rubles. The police managed to collect only one and a half — they handed them to the chief. All would be well if the chief did not take away from this sum 500 thousand to himself.

The police were caught anyway and now they are being tried under the article “Fraud”. The enterprising leader is also under the control of the UK.

Roscosmos has patented an engine for a space plane

The state Corporation Roscosmos has received a patent for an engine scheme for an aerospace aircraft capable of flying at hypersonic speed and launching missiles, RIA Novosti reported, citing data from Rospatent.

The leaders of the “Normandy four” will meet in Paris

The leaders of the “Normandy four” will meet in Paris on December 9, reported the radio station “Echo of Moscow” with reference to the Agency Blumberg. The German government said that Chancellor Angela Merkel will attend the meeting.

Trump announced a possible “imminent meeting” with Kim Jong UN

Us President Donald trump has urged North Korean leader Kim Jong UN to reach agreements on nuclear disarmament as soon as possible. The head of the White house promised that soon they will see each other.

Mr. Chairman, Joe Biden may be Sleepy and Very Slow, but he is not a “rabid dog.” He is actually somewhat better than that, but I am the only one who can get you where you have to be. You should act quickly, get the deal done. See you soon!- he wrote on Twitter.

Chinese aircraft carrier passed near Taiwan

“On November 17, the second aircraft carrier of our fleet successfully passed through the Taiwan Strait and carried out research tests and routine exercises in the relevant waters of the South China sea, “the PLA Navy spokesman Cheng Dewei was quoted as saying by Xinhua news Agency

Ultra-rich graduates: how many of them and how rich they are



Rostec is in talks to sell a stake in “Techmash»

Rostec is negotiating the sale of a stake in the manufacturer of ammunition and multiple rocket systems “Techmash” and is preparing documents on “high-Precision complexes”, told reporters the head of the state Corporation Sergey Chemezov.

Kim Jong UN personally conducted the exercises of the DPRK airborne forces

The Chairman of the Workers ‘ party of Korea and the state Council of the DPRK Kim Jong UN personally conducted exercises of airborne troops against the backdrop of another deterioration in relations with the United States and South Korea

The US and South Korea decided to postpone military exercises

Pentagon chief mark Esper said Sunday that the United States and South Korea will postpone military exercises scheduled for the end of this month to support the process of mending relations with North Korea, the associated Press reported

India has tested a nuclear capable ballistic missile

The test launch of the Agni-II ballistic missile (Agni-II) took place in India. This “Interfax” told the Command of the strategic forces of the country. It is noted that the launch of a missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead was successful. The missile hit the target.

Submarine “Novorossiysk” went to sea

The crew conducted exercises and training to prepare the submarine for sea, loading ammunition, organization of protection and defense when parked at the mooring wall. In addition, the submariners have worked out the algorithms of actions to control the submarine when surfacing and diving in normal and emergency versions, the press service of the southern military district reports

Air traffic controllers strike in Italy

In Italy, a strike of employees of the state air traffic controller ENAV is taking place, as a result of which more than 700 flights were canceled across the country, Interfax reported, citing the ANSA Agency. The strike, in particular, affected the airports of Rome, Milan, Naples, Venice and Bologna.Italy’s largest carrier Alitalia announced the cancellation of more than 200 flights, also canceled flights Ryanair, easyJet and British Airways.

Issue all visas in one working day

The Saudi foreign Ministry has ordered all visas, including for investors and businessmen, to be issued to Saudi consulates abroad for a period not exceeding one working day, the Kingdom’s foreign Ministry spokesman for consular Affairs, Ambassador Tamim al-Doseri, said in a statement.

“The period of issuance of all visas, including visas for investors and entrepreneurs, in the representations of the Kingdom abroad should not exceed one working day under normal circumstances from the date of submission of the passport and completion of all required procedures,” said ad-Doseri

Beijing invites to the annual open-air festival of music and art.

The Great Wall Forest Festival is held on weekends between may and September in The new great wall Valley in Yanqing County in Beijing. This year, in addition to musical and dance performances, performances, acrobatic shows, children’s musicals, tent parties and folk-themed events are planned. Great Wall Forest Festival will be held on may 26 and 27 in Shuiguan Great Wall Park (Yanqing, Beijing). The cost of tickets from 200 to 430 yuan.

Sofia Rotaru returns to Russia to work

Ukrainian singer Sofia Rotaru will come to Moscow to shoot the music award “Song of the year” , and will perform at the festival “legends retro FM”. This is reported by “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

In addition, the artist is considering proposals for performances at new year’s corporate events in the Russian capital. It is claimed that the fee Rotaru for one concert is from 50 to 60 thousand dollars (3.1-3.8 million rubles). Now she is studying several proposals.

At the end of 2018 Sofia Rotaru refused to perform at the “Song of the year” because of martial law declared in Ukraine. According to some reports, the singer made this decision so as not to inflame the situation and not to provoke radical compatriots. At the same time it abolished all the corporate parties in Russia.

Sophie Di Martino will play in the series about Loki

British actress Sophie di Martino has joined the cast of the marvel and Disney+series Loki. It is assumed that Di Martino will play a female incarnation of the God of cunning and deception. The role of Loki in traditional guise, as always, will perform Tom Hiddleston.

Koh Samui has announced an International regatta

The popular tourist island of Koh Samui has announced one of the most popular events of the summer season – the International regatta. About 500 athletes and 40 yachts from 22 countries will participate in the yacht competitions. The international Regatta will be held in Samui from may 26 to June 2 at Chaweng Beach

Tom hardy has started shooting the sequel to “Venoma”

Hardy himself hinted at venom’s clash with Carnage several times, posting illustrations of the two symbiotes on Instagram. Marcel wrote the screenplay for venom 2 with hardy. Andy Serkis takes the Director’s chair of the sequel.

The tenth season of “American horror story” will be the last

The tenth season of the series “American horror story” may be the last. This was reported by the Creator of the show Ryan Murphy. The reason for stopping the production of the series may be the completion of the contract with the FX channel in 2020

Named a winner of Russian Event Awards

Novgorod festival of medieval music, martial arts and crafts “Knyazhya Bratchina” became the winner of the national award in the field of event tourism Russian Event Awards.

Exhibition “Circulation of Marc Chagall” in the Metropolitan gallery ” Rosa Azora”

A unique edition of Gogol’s poem “Dead souls” with illustrations by Chagall became the center of the exhibition “Editions of Marc Chagall”. Book illustration occupied an important place in the creative life of the artist.

Painting by Sandro Botticelli “Madonna della Loggia” exhibited in the Hermitage

Together with Botticelli’s painting, a Greek icon belonging to the same iconographic type is presented in Leonardo’s hall.

Children’s theatre of dance of Boris Eifman was opened in St. Petersburg

The Boris Eifman children’s theatre includes a comprehensive school, rehearsal rooms, artistic rooms, technical and domestic premises, a large hall and an auditorium with 500 seats.

A-ha will present their debut album

Norwegian band A-ha will play songs from their debut album “Hunting High And Low” at Crocus City Hall on November 22 as part of a world tour. The tour coincided with the 35th anniversary of the release of the band’s most famous song “Take On Me”, released on October 19, 1984.

Dolphin released a new album ” Edge»

Russian poet and musician Andrei Lysikov, better known under the pseudonym Dolphin, released a new album “Edge”. It is the eleventh Studio album in the musician’s discography. The musician notes that the title of the album reflects his current state of mind.

Three unknown Nokia smartphones have been certified in Europe

In Europe, three unknown smartphones produced under the Nokia brand were certified at once. The devices appeared in THE EAEU database, although they have not yet been officially presented by HMD Global.

Air Race E has announced the world’s first electric racing aircraft

On Sunday, November 17, the world’s first electric racing aircraft White Lightning was presented at the Airbus-supported air race tournament in Dubai as part of the Dubai Air Show.

“Yandex” decided to hold a buyback of shares worth up to $300 million

Yandex’s Board of Directors approved a buyback of the company’s shares worth up to $300 million, the company said. We are talking about class a shares of the Netherlands Yandex N. V.

HP rejected Xerox’s offer to buy

HP Inc’s Board of Directors unanimously rejected Xerox Holdings Corp’s offer to buy the printer and personal computer maker. The letter, posted on HP’s website and addressed to Xerox chief Executive John Vicentin, said the offer “materially undervalues HP and is not in the best interests of its shareholders.”

Xerox last week made an offer to buy HP for $33 billion, or $22 per share – $17 in cash and 0.137 Xerox shares per HP paper. Xerox has a market value of $8.4 billion, while HP is valued at just under $30 billion.

Xiaomi to release e-book Mi Reader

Xiaomi will release an e-book Mi Reader. It will support most text formats and sync with your smartphone. The Mi Reader will have an HD screen with a pixel density of 212 ppi. The device will receive a Quad-core processor, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of flash memory. The weight of the book is 178 g. Xiaomi Mi Reader will be available for pre-order on November 20. The cost of new items-about $ 80.

Monitor NEC MultiSync PA311D 4K format costs $ 3000

NEC has introduced an expensive professional monitor MultiSync PA311D, sales of which will begin this month. The novelty uses a high quality IPS matrix with a size of 31.1 inches diagonally

The world’s second spacecraft has gone beyond the Solar system

Voyager 1 now has a satellite in the star Kingdom. The Voyager 2 spacecraft entered the interstellar environment, reports phys.org It became the second man-made object to escape the influence of our Sun after Voyager 1 exited the Solar system in 2012

Kazakhstan to launch production of space satellites in 2020

The construction of the Assembly and testing complex of spacecraft has been completed in Nur Sultan. In 2020, it is planned to launch the production and design of satellites on its basis.

“This is the beginning of a great way of Kazakhstan as a full member of the world space community”, – quotes 365info.kz. words of Minister of digital development, innovation and aerospace industry of Kazakhstan Askar Zhumagaliyev

NASA’s new rocket is equipped with all four engines

NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) super-heavy rocket, designed to send missions to the moon, is now fully equipped with RS-25 engines for the first unmanned flight under the Artemis (Artemis) program. With this rocket, NASA plans to send astronauts to the surface of the moon in 2024.



Virgin Galactic has begun training space tourists

To prepare future space tourists, the company has developed an “astronaut training Program” that all potential Virgin Galactic customers will have to undergo. Training includes special instruction, training, as well as recommendations on nutrition and exercise.

Russians are most often interested in Kia and Hyundai, but buy Lada

This is evidenced by a joint study of Google Russia and the analytical company Ipsos. By the number of requests considered for the purchase of cars (new and used) with a large margin leading Hyundai and KIA. Behind them in descending order of interest are Nissan, Volkswagen, Toyota, Renault, Ford, Audi, Skoda and LADA. However, interest in a particular brand or model, analysts say, does not guarantee its further purchase.

According to the well-known auto expert Sergei Ifanov, the desires of Russians did not have time to rebuild their wallet, and a personal car due to more than double the price increase in recent years has returned to the luxury category. That is why most continue to look at expensive foreign cars, but still buys LADA.

Volvo has introduced an electric version of the XC40

Volvo has introduced the xc40 Recharge. It is capable of traveling more than 400 kilometers on a single charge on a WLTP cycle, and it takes 40 minutes to charge up to 80 percent, according to a press release from the company. Sales of XC40 Recharge will begin at the end of 2020 at a price of about 50 thousand dollars.