20 Nov, 2019

News digest for 11/19/2019

Turkey will start a new military operation in the North-East of Syria

Turkey will launch a new military operation in northeastern Syria if the territory is not cleared of those whom Ankara considers terrorists. Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that the US and Russia have not fulfilled the obligations spelled out in the agreements that stopped the operation

“If the result is not achieved, we will do what we must. As when the military operation began, ” the Minister said (quoted by Reuters).

The United States recognized the legitimate Israeli settlements in Palestine

The United States supported Israel’s right to build Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, abandoning the position that they “do not comply with international law.” US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said Washington’s statements about the settlements were inconsistent-President Jimmy Carter felt they did not comply with international law, and President Ronald Reagan said he did not consider them inherently illegal.

“The establishment of Israeli civilian settlements in itself is not contrary to international law,” Mr. Pompeo declared (quoted by Reuters). Thus changed the position taken by the United States under Mr. Carter in 1978.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the U.S. decision “corrects a historic mistake” and urged other countries to take a similar stance.

Gazprom’s proposal is unacceptable for Ukraine

The proposal of the Russian “Gazprom” Ukrainian “Naftogaz” on the extension of the contract is unacceptable, said the head of the Ministry of energy of Ukraine Alexei Orzhel. Gazprom offered to extend the transit contract or to conclude a new one for a period of one year with a mutual waiver of claims.

“The proposal that has now been received is unacceptable for Ukraine, given that it is necessary to abandon arbitration and sign a contract only for one year of use of our GTS,” Mr. Orzhel said on the program “Freedom of speech” on the ICTV channel (quoted by RIA Novosti).

The proposal, in particular, refers to $2.6 billion, which Naftogaz has already won in the Stockholm arbitration. Gazprom is also waiting for Kiev’s position on its readiness to directly buy Russian gas from 2020. The current contracts of Russia and Ukraine for gas transit and supply are completed on January 1, 2020.

Access of bailiffs to credit histories of Russians can expand

The Ministry of justice of Russia has developed a bill obliging Telecom operators and credit bureaus (BCI) to provide information to employees of the Federal bailiff service (FSSP). Now operators refuse to disclose to bailiffs details of negotiations and messages, referring to the secrecy of communication. Requests to the BCI will allow the FSSP to monitor the integrity of the transfer of data collectors on payments of citizens on debts.

France and Britain are not going to conclude a Treaty in the field of start

France and Britain do not consider it necessary to conclude a Treaty with Russia and the United States in the field of strategic offensive weapons, said “RIA Novosti” Russia’s Ambassador to international organizations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov.

“As far as I know, neither China, nor France, nor the UK consider it possible to join real multilateral efforts on nuclear disarmament,” Mr. Ulyanov said.

Further reduction of start is impossible without the involvement of the UK and France, previously said the Director of the Department for non-proliferation and arms control of the Russian foreign Ministry Vladimir Ermakov.

Russia increased the volume of investments in us government securities by $775 million

Russia invested another $775 million in U.S. government securities in September, thus increasing the total investment to $10 billion, according to data from the U.S. Treasury Department. Short — term securities account for about $7 billion, long-term-the remaining $3 billion.

Policy towards Uighurs by the Chinese leadership

The New York Times has published 403 pages of classified documents shedding light on how China’s leadership has shaped its current policy toward Uighurs, who have been subjected to repression in recent years (officially, the authorities consider it a fight against religious extremism). Who exactly provided these documents, the publication does not say, but writes that it is “a representative of the Chinese establishment, who asked to remain anonymous and expressed the hope that the publication will prevent party leaders, including XI Jinping to avoid responsibility for persecution.” The documents show that discontent with the hard line of the Chinese Communist party existed even among its functionaries.


Iranian students come out with slogans for a secular state


The state Duma was obliged to coordinate with the Kremlin contacts with foreigners

The state Duma will have to rearrange its schedule of international contacts in connection with the celebration of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war. The corresponding request to the speaker of the lower house of Parliament Vyacheslav Volodin was addressed by the adviser to the President of Russia, Executive Secretary of the organizing Committee for the preparation and holding of the 75th anniversary Anton Kobyakov. A copy of the letter was read by Open media.

As the interlocutor familiar with the organization of celebrations explains, it is a question that all invitations of foreigners to Russia during anniversary celebrations and contacts with them deputies have to coordinate with AP that, in particular, will prevent entry of undesirable persons into the country

The order of sale of “beautiful numbers” is coordinated»

The interior Ministry and the Ministry of economy, as found out “Kommersant”, finally agreed on the concept of a system that will allow citizens to buy the so-called beautiful car numbers. State signs with a memorable combination of symbols will be issued at the approved rates of state duties through the portal of public services. Regions will be allowed to use an increased tariff for certain series, as well as to put numbers up for auction. Under the new rules, when selling a car together with this state registration mark, the new owner will have to pay an increased state duty for the “special” sign once again. If he to do this not wants, GRZ will return in vehicular, and the storeowner grant the usual public a badge of.

Russian emergencies Ministry plane delivered a group of Russian children from Iraq to Moscow

“The special Board of the Ministry of emergency situations from Baghdad to Moscow today delivered 32 children aged from one to three years, previously in prison. Immediately upon arrival in Russia, the children will be taken to the national medical research Center for children’s health of the Ministry of health of Russia, where they will undergo a comprehensive examination,” the report said.

The problem of the presence of children of Russian citizens in Iraq arose due to the fact that some Russians fought in the Middle East on the side of the banned organization in the Russian Federation “Islamic state” (IG). They married, brought wives, had children, many of whom were orphans. In 2017, terrorists began to send them to camps for indoctrination and military training, so that they quickly joined the ranks of militants.

The program of subsidized air transportation in the far Eastern Federal district will be expanded

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on expanding the list of subsidized routes of air transportation of passengers from the Far East and back next year, reports TASS. The list of subsidized destinations in 2020 will be expanded from 152 to 176 routes

Physicists got plastic glass

Scientists have created thin films of glassy aluminum oxide that can be stretched, compressed and bent without cracking at room temperature. These properties make it possible to create non-brittle glasses, but the technology for producing large-scale products from this material does not yet exist, the authors write in the journal Science.

The rating of distrust of the Russian government reached a maximum

Today, almost 46% of respondents disapprove of the activities of the government, and over 47% disapprove of the work of the Prime Minister himself. These are the data of polls VTsIOM, which took place in early November.

For comparison, 27.6% of respondents disapprove of the work of the President of the Russian Federation. And if we trust the data of opinion polls, we can talk about the slow growth of disapproval of the work of government agencies. So, two months ago, the Russian government was not trusted (44.5%) less than today. The level of disapproval of the work of the head of the Cabinet of Ministers Dmitry Medvedev two months ago was about 46%, and disapproval of the work of the President-25.5%.

Who will be able to get maternity capital in 2022

The budget of the Pension Fund of Russia for 2022 includes funds for the payment of maternity capital to families in which the second child will be born before the end of 2021, the press service of the Ministry told RIA Novosti.

Under the current legislation, the second child in the family really should appear before the end of 2021, while the family can dispose of the funds later than this period. So in 2022, the funds are laid on all the same areas that are provided by the program, ” the Fund said.

Race of regions: who is faster …

“The race of regions: Who is more likely to attract investors, tourists and buyers from China?”prepared by the iMARS group. It is reported by RIA Novosti. The results of the study were announced at the panel discussion “Rating of communication readiness of Russian regions to work with China”, held last Monday in the capital.

The top ten also included Primorsky and Krasnoyarsk territories, Novgorod, Rostov, Novosibirsk, Penza and Orenburg regions, Buryatia and Moscow.

In Russia, the number of delinquencies on loans has increased

Every fourth debtor of the Bank has overdue loans for more than three months, all such borrowers have 10 million From January to September, their number increased by 4%, according to a study by the National Association of professional collection agencies (NAPCA)

Annual dividends of Gazprom Neft may exceed 200 billion rubles

By the end of 2019, Gazprom Neft aims to increase dividends to 200 billion rubles. This was announced during the conference call by Deputy General Director of the company for Economics and Finance Alexey Yankevich. According to Yankevich, the company has never approached such a figure.

The owner of Love Republic and Befree put up for sale a controlling stake in the business

Swedish investment company Eastnine-the main owner of Melon Fashion Group (MFG), which operates clothing retailers Befree, Love Republic, Zarina and Sela, has put up for sale a controlling stake in the business. It is reported by the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to sources.

The sum of all contracts for MS-21 is $9 billion

The amount of the portfolio of firm orders for 175 aircraft MS-21, formed by the Corporation “Irkut” (manufacturer MC-21, part of the United aircraft Corporation), is about $9 billion, RBC said a source in the government and confirmed a source close to the UAC. According to a source close to one of the carriers, this amount means only leasing. This price does not include maintenance, insurance, etc. All customers of MS-21 Russian, no foreign customer there.

The catalog price of one MS-21 without maintenance and insurance is $97.9 million, respectively, the cost of 175 aircraft at the catalog price will be $17.1 billion.

Debts under the salary in Russia are growing

Total wage arrears in Russia for October increased by 83.4 million rubles, or 3.3%, and on November 1 amounted to 2.639 billion rubles, Rosstat reported.

Of the total amount of unpaid wages, debts incurred in 2019 account for 1.375 billion rubles, or 52.1%, in 2018-605.4 million rubles, or 23%, in 2017 and earlier-658 million rubles, or 24.9%.

In Russia there was a discussion: whether to celebrate the day of the end of the Tatar-Mongolian yoke

According to Medusa, politicians of the two regions, Kaluga region and Tatarstan, are actively discussing the idea of celebrating the day of the end of the Tatar-Mongolian yoke in Russia. The holiday is proposed to be appointed on November 11-in honor of the last day of standing on the river Ugra in 1480.

Kaluga Governor Anatoly Artamonov said that the new holiday supports Vladimir Putin.

The idea angered Tatarstan: former President of the Republic Mintimer Shaimiev said that “it is necessary not to engage in revision of history, but to unite in the name of solving current problems for the development of the country”. Members of the Republican state Council added that there were many such “stands”, the date itself is doubtful, and the holiday of the end of the yoke can split the country.

Forbes has chosen the 10 most luxurious yachts of Putin’s friends :

1. Dilbar By Alisher Usmanov. Cost: 35 billion rubles ($550 million)
2. Eclipse By Roman Abramovich. Cost: $ 29 billion rubles ($460 million.)
3. Sailing Yacht A By Andrey Melnichenko. Cost: 27 billion rubles ($425 million)
4.Ocean Victory By Viktor Rashnikov. Cost: 20 billion rubles ($310 million)
5.Motor Yacht A By Andrey Melnichenko. Cost: 16 billion rubles ($255 million)
6. Luna By Farhad Akhmedov. Cost: 15 billion rubles ($230 million)
7.Quantum Blue By Sergei Galitsky. Cost: 15 billion rubles ($225 million)
8. Black Pearl By Oleg Burlakov. Cost: 14 billion rubles ($220 million)
9. Palladium By Mikhail Prokhorov. Cost: 10 billion rubles ($155 million)
10. Madame Gu Andrei Skocha. Cost: 9 billion rubles ($135 million)

Optimism in the Russian industry fell to a minimum of 2016

Index of industrial optimism, which calculates the Institute of economic policy. Gaidar, in November, continued to decline, reaching the worst value since February 2016. This follows from the materials of the Institute, which was reviewed by RBC.

In November (data for November 18), the index fell and approached zero.
In September, there was a rise-the index then rose to about five points.
The worst in recent years was the figure of February 2016 (about minus five to seven points).

The head of Tuva threatened Deripaska court because of coal prices

The head of Tuva Sholban Kara-ool recorded a video appeal to the residents of his Republic. In it, he said he would meet with Oleg Deripaska, the main founder of the Tuvan mining company, to discuss the price of coal.

“And if in Tuva this coal will be sold to us, state employees, for 3000 rubles, it is a violation of the current legislation, and we will sue” ” said Sholban Kara-ool and added that he would try to discuss this issue with Oleg Deripaska, whom he considers a patriot of the country.

According to Kara-ool, the Tuvan mining company, which is a co-owner of the Kaa-Khem coal mine, sells Tuvan coal outside Tuva at a price of a maximum of 1,700 rubles.

More than 40 tons of gold for the first time in 40 years mined on the Kolyma

Kolyma gold miners produced 40.23 tons of gold since the beginning of the year, reaching a record for the region since 1979. On Tuesday, November 19, the press service of the government of the Magadan region. It is expected that by the end of the year this figure can grow to 50 tons.

Norilsk Nickel announced an increase in investment in production and the environment

Norilsk Nickel’s top management is holding a traditional investor Day in London. Representatives of the investment community presented an updated strategy for the development of the mining and metallurgical company. The company plans to increase the amount of funds on production and the environment.

Russia approved the start date of labeling of dairy products

For a number of goods, the requirement has been deferred. Since November of this year, the registration of EMU has become mandatory for all finished livestock products. Since July 15 of the current year in the Russian Federation the experiment on marking of a number of types of dairy products began, and since June 1, 2020 marking will become obligatory.

Russians spent almost 700 billion rubles on medical services in 2018

Russians at the end of 2018 spent on paid medical services 678 billion rubles, according to Rosstat. This is 50 billion rubles, or 8% more than in 2017.

In Russia, sugar beet crops will be reduced by 15 percent

Sugar beet crops will be reduced by 15 percent next year in Russia. This decision was made at a meeting held at the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation, which was devoted to the optimization of sugar beet areas and the situation on the sugar market in the country.

Japan sells record amount of us government debt

The only asset class that recorded net capital outflows in September was US government debt. Japan in September sold a record amount of treasuries ($28.9 billion), although a month earlier bought these assets for almost $ 44 billion (a record value since 2013).

Japanese close coal-fired power plants

The Japanese are closing coal-fired power plants, concluding 20-year contracts with suppliers of wood pellets. Suppliers of pellets will receive guaranteed sales of their products for 20 years, because it is expected to conclude long-term contracts under the guarantees of the Japanese government for such a period. Prices and volumes will be fixed in advance.

Turkey would be enough and ” Blue stream»

The decline in Russian gas exports to Europe this year was due to Turkey and the Balkan countries-Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. Turkey at the same time showed the largest reduction in imports — by 34%. According to Gazprom’s quarterly report on RAS, gas supplies on the other side of the Black sea amounted to 11.79 billion cubic meters in the first nine months of this year, while last year they fell just short of 18 billion cubic meters.

With such consumption in Turkey and the Balkans next year, Russian gas will be enough to fully load the existing “Blue stream” with a capacity of 16 billion cubic meters per year and fill only half of one branch of the “Turkish stream” with a capacity of 15.75 billion cubic meters.

VI all-Russian forum of light industry Ministry of industry and trade of Russia

On November 14-15, the VI all-Russian forum of light industry of the Ministry of industry and trade of Russia was held in the Ivanovo region. The key event of the forum was the plenary session ” Difficulties and prospects of development of the light industry in modern conditions, or who will be taken into the future?»

“Over the past three years, we have shown strong growth. The difficulties that we faced during the crisis of 2014-2015 and those that we have today are radically different from each other, ” said Deputy Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Viktor Evtukhov, noting that today the decline in the production index is primarily due to changes in the market

Discussion of the draft law ” on protection of investments and investments»

Sberbank took part in a business meeting to discuss the draft law “on protection and promotion of investments and development of investment activity in the Russian Federation (on the basis and systematization of investment activity in the Russian Federation)”,organized by The state Duma in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

“This most important draft law for the economy has a great potential to stimulate investment, and it should be adopted in the wording that would reflect the interests of all parties. Investors first of all need guarantees that the rules will not change during the game, for example in terms of tax conditions. And I am convinced that the adoption of this law will be able to provide such guarantees, ” – German Gref

Where will people be hardest hit by rising sea levels?

According to calculations published in the journal Nature Communications, about 200 million people now live in the area, which will flood by the end of this century. Of these, 43 million are in China, 32 in Bangladesh and 27 in India.

In Russia, less than 500 thousand people are under threat, the only question remains where the residents of the already crowded China will move when their homes go under water…



Contaminated oil from Druzhba pipeline sold at discount

Shipped in late April — early may in the port of Ust-Luga substandard oil Urals, contaminated because of the emergency in the “Friendship”, sold at a discount of 10-15 dollars per barrel, sources said.

“The discount was about 10-14 dollars per barrel, — said one of them, specifying that most of these parties went to the Asia-Pacific countries.

According to him, the volume of shipped contaminated oil amounted to about 800-900 thousand tons.

In Turkey completed a competitor of the “Turkish stream»

The TRANS-Anatolian gas pipeline (TANAP), which is planned to supply gas to Europe from Azerbaijan bypassing Russia, will be operated on November 30, Turkish daily Sabah reported, citing Turkish Minister of energy and natural resources Fatih Donmez.

The transport capacity of the first phase is up to 16 billion cubic meters of gas per year, of which 6 billion is expected to be supplied to the Turkish market and another 10 billion via the TRANS-Adriatic gas pipeline (TAP) towards Italy.

Huawei reacted to the us license extension

Huawei said in a statement that the temporary extension is absolutely unimportant, as it does not affect the company’s practical activities and will not change the fact that it constantly experiences unfair treatment of itself. …

The US has extended for three months a temporary permit allowing interaction with Huawei and its divisions. License of the Ministry of Commerce of the United States expired on Monday, which organizations are doing business with a Chinese company that could face American sanctions.

Apple will hold an event in December

Apple announced a press event on December 2. As noted in Cupertino, it will be dedicated to ” honoring the favorite apps and games of 2019.”

Yahoo Japan and Line Corp. agreed to merge

A diversified Japanese holding company Softbank has announced (.pdf) on the merger of Its z Holdings division (formerly known as Yahoo Japan) with Line Corp, a division of South Korean Internet search engine Naver.

British scientists have created tangible holograms

Scientists from the University of Sussex in the UK were able to create holograms that can not only see, but also hear and touch. In their development, they used ultrasonic sensors to generate sound waves that control a polystyrene ball.

The Prado Museum is celebrating the bicentennial: what he is known for

On November 19, 2019, The Prado national Museum in Madrid turns two hundred years old. This event, in particular, decided to celebrate Google, dedicating one of the largest museums in Spain image on the main page of its search engine.

HBO revealed the first trailer for the series “Avenue 5” with Hugh Laurie

HBO has revealed the first teaser trailer for the Comedy sci-Fi drama ” Avenue 5.” The series was directed by the satirical film “Death of Stalin” Armando Iannucci. The main role in the series about the space crew was played by Hugh Laurie



The Pushkin Museum opened an exhibition for lovers of photography

What interested photographers a century and a half ago, what effect was achieved – on daguerreotypes and autochrome, whether a frame from a simple Polaroid can become a work of art. The pictures were brought to Moscow from museums in Russia, France and Austria. The authors are classics, their photos are not just a fixation of the fact, but the creation of their reality with secret codes and allusions.

“Here we are talking about the first image of reality, which captured the daguerreotype, the first image, which autochrome gave to humanity and the first instant shots, which are now not such a miracle, which was in that historical time,” said the curator of the exhibition ” Daguerreotype, autochrome, Polaroid. 1/1 ” Olga Averyanova
Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss to perform in Moscow

On November 23, at the Music Media Dome, he will present his new one-and-a-half-hour program “X”. The concert will be held in English, but on the official website of the show you can book special headphones, with which you can listen to simultaneous translation into Russian. At the concert, the famous Scottish comedian will also make a special guest — stand-up comedian from the UK Kai Humphries.

In France, awarded the first Cannes film festival

The awards of the first international Cannes film festival, which failed in 1939 due to the outbreak of world war II, were presented in France. The ceremony took place in new Orleans – the hometown of the Minister of education of France, Jean ze, who was the initiator of the first festival.

Charlotte Bronte manuscript sold under the hammer for 780 thousand euros

The auction sold a teenage manuscript of the writer Charlotte Bronte, which she produced at the age of 14. The unique manuscript went for 780 thousand euros. The manuscript is a miniature book called “Magazine for young people” page sizes 35 by 61 millimeters.

The handwritten book contains three stories. Despite its small size, the book has a leather cover and fits in a special case. The buyer was the society of the Bronte sisters, which specifically for this purpose held a fundraiser among fans of the writer’s work. Charlotte Bronte is a bright representative of English romanticism and realism. One of the most famous novels of the writer – “Jane Eyre”.

Paul McCartney to perform at 50th Glastonbury music festival

Member of the Beatles Paul McCartney will perform at the 50th anniversary music festival in Glastonbury in the summer of 2020. This was announced by the musician himself on his page in “Twitter”.

100 years since the birth of Italian film Director Gillo Pontecorvo

Gilberto Pontecorvo was born in sevra Italy in a very wealthy family. He had received an excellent education and was going to follow his brothers, who were engaged in physics and Microbiology, to devote himself to science.

However, in the late 30s, as the son of a Jew, he had to flee to France, where Pontecorvo began writing for Italian Newspapers and became involved in creative circles, including cinematography. After the war, Pontecorvo left journalism to pursue film.

The exhibition “Alexander Deineka/Samokhvalov” opened in Saint-Petersburg

The exhibition of Alexander Deineki and Alexander Samokhvalov opened in the St. Petersburg Manege. Both artists are familiar to the public on the canvases in the style of socialist realism.

Russia’s first piano Museum to open in Rybinsk in December

His piano collection was moved to the city by the famous Moscow collector and restorer of musical instruments Alexey Stavitsky, who became the Director of the Museum. There will be not only an exhibition of musical instruments, but also a platform for chamber concerts. The Museum occupies two halls. One of them is devoted to ancient instruments from Germany, France, great Britain and Austria, the second-to domestic Grand pianos and pianos. There are 7 dozens of instruments in the collection. The oldest of them is 180 years old, it was produced in the 1840s by the Moscow factory “Eberg”. In the near future, the Museum will also have a table-like piano from 1805.

Firm “Melody” released records for the 50th anniversary of the group ” Flowers»

Firm “Melody” has released a Deluxe edition of “Forward into the unknown” to the 50th anniversary of the group “Flowers” and the 20th anniversary of the Theater Stas Namin. The company’s press service told TASS on Tuesday.

Vyacheslav Butusov presented the new album ” Alleluia»

On November 15, 2019, Soviet and Russian musician Vyacheslav Butusov presented the debut album of his new project “Order of glory”. The record was released by the First music publishing house and was called “Alleluia”.

Modern ideas about the Universe have been recognized as erroneous

Cosmologists from the United States and Spain recognized that there is a problem of mismatch of data on the rate of expansion of the Universe, which were obtained using different methods of calculation. To explain this, it is necessary to change the existing cosmological model.

Engineers have invented a virtual test site for aircraft

Engineers of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University of Peter the Great (Spbpu) have developed a virtual test site “Wing”, with which you can check the aircraft on the bird-and hail resistance, said the media center of the University.

In addition, the polygon allows to conduct virtual tests for static strength of structural elements (to identify the most stressed parts), fatigue life, as well as to monitor the growth of possible cracks in the most loaded and critical places of structures. For these types of tests, virtual test benches “Static strength”, “Survivability” and “Resource”were developed. To test the aerodynamic efficiency of the aircraft, a special stand “gas Dynamics”was developed.

“VKontakte” will appear dislikes

Users of the most popular Russian social network will be able to Express their negative attitude to a particular comment. This was recently told by the representatives of “Vkontakte” in a release highlighting the upcoming innovations that will be tested this year. However, the dislike can be put only under the comment you do not like, for the post such an opportunity is not yet provided.

It is specified that the possibility of even automatic hiding of comments that received the maximum number of negative marks is considered. That is, now every user comment will have two buttons to rate.

Future athletes plan to calculate using a genetic test

Scientists are working to create a genetic test that could find sports talent in children. One of the developers, Ildus Akhmetov, an employee of Liverpool University, told TASS about this. John Moores and the Federal scientific and clinical center of physical and chemical medicine of the FMBA of Russia.

“The main theme is to identify the hereditary condition of sports talent and the development of such a test, which will allow in the future to determine in which sports a child can be successful. The second direction is focused on active athletes who need help in choosing the most effective training methods, ” Akhmetov said.

In the United States created a perfectly slippery coating for toilets

Chemists from the University of Pennsylvania have created two types of sprays that make the inner surface of the toilet perfectly slippery. This reduces the water consumption for using the toilet almost ten times. The description and possible applications of this material scientists published in the scientific journal Nature Sustainability.

Artificial intelligence has deciphered the ancient texts

Experts from DeepMind and the University of Oxford presented an algorithm from DeepMind, which is able to restore fragments of ancient Greek texts. The computer was able to make fewer errors than experts in the field of ancient Greek epigraphy.

The cure for cancer was able to inhibit metabolic syndrome

Italian mathematicians and biologists have established that the anti-cancer drug ibrutinib can be used to restore the body’s sensitivity to insulin and suppress other consequences of metabolic syndrome — metabolic disorders. To find out this scientists helped experiments on fish.

Scientists from the United States have found a way to treat down syndrome

Scientists have found that the ability to learn and memory deficit are dependent on the protein that is produced in the hippocampus. This part of the brain is responsible for memory and intellectual abilities of a person.

“Protein synthesis is necessary for higher cognitive functions, so when expression levels decrease, memory formation pathology occurs,” said Peter Walter, who participated in the study.

Experts conducted a series of tests on laboratory mice. They were able to block RNA-activated protein kinase to correct violations of protein production. This led to increased synthesis of the substance

China to complete space station construction in 2022

China will have its own orbital station in 2022, according to the information service of the mobile application “Russia-China: the main thing”. It will be collected in space from modules launched separately from the Earth – the first will go into orbit in 2020