20 Nov, 2020

News digest for 11/19/2020

Bitcoin capitalization has renewed its historical maximum, reaching $ 342 billion. Thus, the first cryptocurrency has overtaken several large companies in market value. First, the coin bypassed the developer of graphics processors NVIDIA, whose capitalization is $ 331 billion.
Then bitcoin overtook the largest US health insurance company UnitedHealth Group, whose market value currently exceeds $ 334 billion. After that, the Mastercard payment system with an indicator of $ 337 billion lost to the digital coin.

The next companies may be the American multinational company Procter & Gamble and the JPMorgan Chase bank, their capitalization is $ 351 billion and $ 354 billion, respectively. To get ahead of them, the coin must rise another 5% at the current price of $ 18,200

Blocking Internet resources for censorship against Russian media

A group of State Duma deputies submitted to the lower house a bill on the possibility of Roskomnadzor to block Internet resources that allow censorship of Russian media. The text of the document is posted in the electronic database of the lower chamber

Roskomnadzor demanded that Google remove restrictions on Solovyov’s YouTube channel

Roskomnadzor sent a letter to Google LLC demanding to lift the restrictions imposed on the YouTube channel of TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov “Solovyov LIVE”, as well as return his videos to the “Trending” section. This was reported on the website of the state institution.

As it became known, since October of this year, the channel’s video materials have not been included in the “Trending” section of YouTube, although earlier this happened on a regular basis, – the statement of Roskomnadzor says.

Excise taxes on products with excess sugar and salt

In Russia, it was proposed to introduce excise taxes on products with a high content of sugar and salt. Izvestia writes about this with reference to letters with the initiative sent by the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, the Russian Union of Taxpayers and the Institute for the Development of the Legal Society to the heads of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Health. We are talking about sugar content over 22.5 g and salt over 2.5 g per 100 g of goods.

Among the products that may be subject to excise taxes are sauces, canned food, ready-made meat products, instant food (pizza, dumplings, fast food) and sweet carbonated drinks.

FBK announced the refusal of the FSB to open a case due to the poisoning of Navalny

The FSB saw no reason to open a criminal case in connection with the alleged poisoning of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The Legal Service of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) reports this on its Telegram channel. FBK’s appeal was considered by the Investigation Department of the Special Service

The State Duma supported the conduct of inspections of electrical wiring in the homes of Russians

Mandatory wiring checks in Russian homes will increase the safety of their homes. Deputy Galina Khovanskaya announced new measures to protect citizens of the OSN. The proposal to conduct a mandatory check of the electrical system of a residential building came from the Public Chamber of Russia. This measure can be financed through regular payments for home maintenance.

Will the Constitutional Court’s decision be a pretext for church restitution?

The legal definition of religious property that is transferred by the authorities to the ownership or use of the church should be revised and expanded. The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation in its ruling says that such property should include not only buildings and premises specially constructed for worship, but also “civil” objects transferred to churches. This is how the court reacted to the complaint of the “alternative Orthodox” – the community of the Sovereign Mother of God Orthodox Church, which 20 years ago received a boiler house from the Tver authorities, renovated it for worship, but was evicted in 2020. Experts disagreed on whether the Constitutional Court’s decision would become a pretext for church restitution or would still not lead to a large-scale transfer of property.

KhMAO authorities plan to develop tourism at oil and gas enterprises

The government of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug (KhMAO) has launched the Industrial Tourism in Ugra project, within the framework of which it is planned to develop tourism at oil and gas enterprises. This was reported by the press service of the department of industry of the district.

Banks began to transfer debts to collectors earlier

According to the National Association of Professional Collection Agencies (NAPCA), banks began to transfer more debts to collectors at an early stage of delay. This is reported by the RBC edition. It is noted that in the period from January to October 2020, the share of loans transferred by banks, where the delay period is less than a year, increased to 59%. Last year the figure was 16 percentage points lower. A third of these loans are less than three months overdue. On the contrary, with regard to the transfer of debt to collectors at later stages, this indicator has decreased.

Global debt by the end of 2020

By the end of 2020, global debt will reach $ 277 trillion, or 365% of global GDP, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This was reported in a survey by the Washington Institute of International Finance.

Lithuania received a new batch of LNG from Russia

The tanker delivered 9.5 thousand cubic meters of LNG to Lithuania. This is known from the schedule of the operator company Klaipedos nafta. This is the fourth batch of Russian LNG in November that arrived from the plant in Vysotsk.

Demand tripled supply

Buyers’ demand for real estate in the secondary market of Moscow is three times higher than the volume of liquid supply, according to a study by the real estate company Inkom-Real Estate. Experts warned that in the current situation, sellers may raise housing prices.

Beijing expects US to recognize China’s right to development

Beijing expects to change the attitude of the United States to the active development of China, said the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the state Wang Yi. A number of American politicians do not want to recognize the right of the People’s Republic of China to development, do not want to notice its successes in the economic field, Wang Yi said. this is the main reason for the difficulties faced by China-US relations

UK will increase defense spending

The UK will increase its defense spending by an additional £ 16.5 billion over four years, a record amount in 30 years. This was reported in the government office

The first train with only Japanese cargo in Russia

Freight trains with only Japanese cargoes will leave the Trans-Siberian Railway from Vladivostok to Poland on November 18, Yahoo News Japan reported on November 15. Pilot shipments of scattered freight containers from Japan by rail through Russia began in 2018.

Hydrogen city to appear in UK

The UK government plans to convert thousands of homes to hydrogen heating by 2030. The relevant plans are contained in the Green Industrial Revolution program. The government is investing more than £ 12 billion in the project, and about 250 thousand new jobs will be created.

Artificial intelligence installed on light chip

Australian scientists have created artificial intelligence on a light chip. The program can visualize and process data, train and store information.

Apple to pay forfeit to settle case of slowing down old iPhones

Apple will pay $ 113 million to the United States as part of its settlement of allegations that the company deliberately slowed down older iPhones, thereby misleading consumers, Bloomberg reported. An agreement was reached with the authorities of 33 states and the District of Columbia

A new version of the origin of life on Earth

A team of chemists at the Scripps Research Institute obtained a substance from which the first components for the formation of cell life could be formed on the young Earth.

Three ingredients played the most important role in this: nucleotide threads for storing genetic information, amino acid fragments and lipids that form the walls of intracellular structures. All three components were found to be capable of forming diamidophosphate.

The emergence of oligonucleotides, oligopeptides and basic cellular structures could provoke phosphorylation, which also makes possible the existence of other chemical processes that were considered impossible in conditions that existed on the planet billions of years ago.

The world’s largest processor

SeaMicro’s designers have developed a Cerebras WSE processor with 21.5 × 21.5 cm die sides. The first practice of using servers based on Cerebras WSE has shown that a processor with the size of a whole silicon wafer in computing tasks is 10 thousand times faster than the most productive graphics processors.

Google Pay users will be able to open digital bank accounts

Google plans to add the ability to open bank accounts through its electronic payment system Google Pay, writes MarketWatch. The new feature will allow you to open both checking and savings accounts without monthly fees, minimum balance requirements or overdraft fees. 11 banks and credit organizations will become partners in providing the service.

Apple lowers app store developer fees

Apple announced that it will reduce the fee for placing apps in the App Store for small developers from January 1, 2021: the fee will be halved from 30% to 15%.

The new program will be extended to developers whose applications generate less than $ 1 million in earnings per year. Today it is not yet known who exactly will be affected by this program. However, there is information that the list will be limited

Chrome plugins will display a list of collected data

The Chrome Web Store will open a section where browser extension developers can post lists of the data their products collect and their plans for using that information. Google hopes that the innovation will improve the transparency of privacy policies and strengthen the protection of user data.

Martin Gore’s new album features a monkey

The solo mini-album of the musician and the main author of music and lyrics of the Depeche Mode band Martin Gore, which will be released in early 2021, was designed for the first time in thirty years not by photographer Anton Corbijn, but by a real monkey.

US House of Representatives adopts resolution on sanctions against Russia over Navalny

The American Congress has recommended to the White House to introduce new sanctions against the Russian Federation. The corresponding resolution has already been adopted by the House of Representatives. The document states the reason for the application of the new sanctions package – the “poisoning” of opposition blogger Alexei Navalny

The parliamentarians also expressed their gratitude to the Cinema for Peace Foundation and the German government for the medical assistance policy, follows from the text of the resolution posted on the Congress website

Germany intends to continue the course of sanctions against Belarus

Berlin does not see any constructive steps on the part of the Belarusian authorities to resolve the political crisis in the country and intends to continue the course of sanctions, said German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas.

Foreign ministers of five countries demanded that China observe Hong Kong’s autonomy

The foreign ministers of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain and the United States have demanded that the Chinese authorities follow their commitments to Hong Kong’s autonomy.

We, as leading members of the international community, expect China to fulfill its international obligations and its duty to the people of Hong Kong, ”reads a joint statement by the foreign ministers of the five countries posted on the website of the US Department of State.

In Moscow, on Red Square, the police detained Santa Claus

Santa Claus was detained on Red Square today. According to a lawyer for “Apology of Protest”, the man opposed the abolition of the trees. His “assistants” were also detained: two girls in elf costumes. After talking with the police, the elves left without a protocol, but Santa Claus was given a protocol on violation of the picket order.

Recall that the Moscow authorities have banned mass events before the New Year. Also, Muscovites were advised to refuse to call animators at home.

Russian authorities to conduct high-speed Internet in the Arctic

In the Arctic part of Russia, they began to build a trans-Arctic main underwater fiber-optic communication line, which will run from Murmansk to Vladivostok. This is reported by Rosmorrechflot, which together with the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and FSUE “Rosmorport” is building the line.

The idea of ​​the project began to be discussed several years ago, and the construction contract was signed in 2019, Alexey Strelchenko, head of the Group of Companies “Management of Advanced Technologies”, the general contractor of the project, told RBC. In the presentation of the project, excerpts from which RBC cites, it is said that 65 billion rubles will be allocated for the creation of the communication line. According to the interlocutors of the publication, the money will be allocated from the state budget.

A deputy in St. Petersburg tore up Putin’s portrait

In St. Petersburg, Yabloko deputy Nikita Yuferev hung a portrait of Alexander Pushkin in the building of the council of the municipal formation Smolninskoye. The administration of the council took it down and hung a portrait of Vladimir Putin. As Fontanka writes, Yuferev dismantled and tore (the portrait), as he was angry. The police arrived at the scene to find out why the photo of the commander-in-chief was torn.

Most young people in Russia never discuss politics

On average across the country, 61% of respondents under the age of 30 never discuss politics with family and friends. 25% do it from time to time and only 14% often. Men are slightly more interested in politics than women, people with higher education are a little more often than people with secondary education, in Moscow a little more often than outside of it (while in the type of settlement only Moscow influences something). Income and age do not inherently affect interest in politics.

KGB of Belarus added the creators of the telegram channel Nexta to the list of terrorists

The State Security Committee of Belarus has included the founder of the Nexta and Nexta Live telegram channels Stepan Putilo and the former editor-in-chief of publications Roman Protasevich to the list of individuals involved in terrorist activities. In total, the list consists of 726 names. Putilo and Protasevich are the only citizens of Belarus in it.

The head of Yaroslavl IK-1 and his deputy were acquitted in the case of torture of a prisoner.

“The court considered insufficient evidence of the prosecution that the management was involved in the commission of this crime,” the victim’s lawyer told RBC. The defense will challenge the court decision.

The remaining 11 defendants in the case received real terms. They were sentenced to imprisonment for terms ranging from 3 years to 4 years in a general regime colony. Six of the accused were released in the courtroom, they served their sentences while in the pre-trial detention center.

The case against the employees of IK-1 was opened in 2018 after Novaya Gazeta published a video showing the torture of prisoner Yevgeny Makarov. The recording itself was made in 2017. According to human rights activists, the prisoner received 865 blows to his legs, heels and back.

In 2018, Novaya Gazeta published another entry from the punishment cell of Yaroslavl IK-1. In the video, the convicts are being chased along the corridor, and the colony officers beat them with truncheons and kicks while shouting “Gophers are running!”, “They are running badly!”