21 Nov, 2019

News digest for 11/20/2019

Trump has threatened China with new duties in case of failure of the trade deal

Us President Donald trump said that if a trade deal with Beijing fails to conclude, then duties on exports from China will be raised again, reports “RG”. At the same time, answering journalists ‘questions, trump noted that China is “interested” and needs to ” see what happens next.”

The Central Bank returned to the idea to equalize the Commission for card transfers

As the Director of the financial market development strategy Department of the Central Bank Vladimir Customs told RBC, the regulator wants to discuss this issue again at a working group with the participation of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS). The initiative to equalize the Commission of the Central Bank and the FAS made last year.

The government will create a new body to manage structural reforms

The new governing body, according to Oreshkin’s proposal, should be the sub-Commission on ensuring economic growth and promoting the implementation of structural reforms. It is assumed that the Subcommittee will be headed by Oreshkin himself, a Federal official told RBC (the press service of the Ministry of economic development declined to comment).

The main functions of the sub-Commission on the plan should be the consideration of materials on the implementation of structural reforms (including disagreements in the government on them), the formation of proposals for further necessary measures, the preparation of conclusions on the situation in the economy.

Sberbank announced a new partnership with the payment system American Express.

This is stated in the message of the credit institution. As part of the cooperation, the network for accepting payments using American Express cards will expand. Under the new agreement, American Express cardholders will be able to withdraw cash from Sberbank ATMs throughout Russia. Corporate customers will be able to accept American Express cards for payment online and at points of sale.

VTB will develop Russian wheat exports

VTB plans to continue expansion in the grain market, said in an interview with Reuters, the head of the Bank Andrey Kostin.

“Oil will someday run out, and grain-never. I think that in the next few years, while the business is being built, we will still act as a player in the grain market, ” he said.

In August, Reuters reported that Kostin had asked President Vladimir Putin to help the Bank create a new national grain market leader that would reduce the role of foreign traders and give the state greater control over exports. In his letter, the head of VTB asked the President to instruct the government to prepare a decision on the privatization of the United grain company (UGC, 50% + 1 share belong to Rosimushchestvo, the rest — VTB).

Russian Guild of bakers is expecting growth of prices for bread

The growth of prices for bread and bakery products this year will reach 6.5-7 percent, which is higher than the projected inflation rate (3-3. 3 percent, according to the Ministry of economic development). This was stated in the Russian Guild of bakers and confectioners (Rospik).

According to Rospik, in 2018, rye bread in Russia rose by 5% with an increase in purchase prices for rye by 46%. Since the beginning of 2019, the cost of bread and bakery products has increased by 6.6%, while purchase prices for rye have increased by 8.3%.

More than $800 million passed through the offshore network of Mikhail Abyzov’s companies

An internal report by the Estonian branch of Sweden’s largest Bank, Swedbank, revealed an offshore network built by Mikhail Abyzov, a businessman and ex-Minister now under arrest. Its 70 companies from Belize, Singapore, Cyprus and the British virgin Islands received $ 860 million from 2011 to 2016. These offshore companies had different functions: some owned enterprises in Russia, one company, according to Russian investigative authorities, was used to withdraw funds abroad, and the other was decorated with a luxury Villa in Tuscany. The Bank Manager, who was supposed to monitor the” purity ” of transactions, apparently instead helped to transfer money between offshore companies.

Industrial production in Russia in October increased by 2.6%

Industrial production in Russia in January-October 2019 increased by 2.7% compared to the corresponding period of 2018, according to the materials of Rosstat. At the same time, in October this year, the growth of this indicator amounted to 2.6% in annual terms.

The American TJX Companies bought 25% in the retailer Familia

American TJX Companies bought 25% in Russian off-price retailer Familia for $225 million. TJX will have the right to nominate its candidate to the Board of Directors of Familia, the Russian company said in a statement.

Payments to airlines for rising fuel prices postponed to 2020

The issue of compensation to airlines costs due to rising prices for jet fuel postponed to 2020. This was stated by Deputy Minister of transport of the Russian Federation Alexander Yurchik, the correspondent of IA REGNUM.

The administration of Ufa took out a loan for a billion rubles

A billion rubles took the mayor of Ufa in two banks to cover the budget deficit. In 2019, it amounted to 884 million rubles.

The cost of transshipment of goods in the Lugaport terminal was estimated at 17.5 billion rubles

Due to the redistribution of traffic from existing ports on the Baltic sea, the potential cargo base terminal LUGAPORT will be 22 million tons of coal and coke, 8 million tons of grain, up to 7 million tonnes of iron ore raw materials, up to 2 million tons of timber cargo processed and up to 2 million tons of ferrous metals

Gazprom has no plans to produce shale gas

Gazprom considers it inappropriate for the company to produce shale gas even in the long term, Gazprom said in a statement following a meeting of the Board of Directors of the gas holding

Gas production in Azerbaijan increased by 16%

Production of commercial oil decreased by 3.3% to 31.141 million tons. This was reported on Tuesday by the state statistics Committee of the Republic. Gas production, on the contrary, increased year-on-year by 15.9% and amounted to 28.952 billion cubic meters.

Production of liquid hydrocarbons in Norway increased by 17% in October

NPD indicates that the figure was 1% higher than the forecast of the organization. The final data for September say that the volume of production of liquid hydrocarbons in the country was 1.563 million barrels. per day. Including the average daily volume of oil production in Norway in October amounted to 1.519 million barrels. per day.

Us shale oil production to increase

American companies will increase production of shale oil. This writes TASS with reference to the us Department of energy. It’s only about December. This month’s growth will be 0.54 percent

Ukraine will demand compensation from Russia because of the property in the ports of Crimea

The administration of seaports of Ukraine (AMPU) is preparing a demand to the Russian government to pay compensation for losses incurred due to the annexation of Crimea to Russia. This is reported by the press service of the state company

NATO wants to recognize space as a sphere of military activity

According to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, it is expected that Ministers will agree to recognize space as a new operational area along with air, land, sea. At the same time, he stressed that the Alliance “does not plan to place weapons in space, “write ” Izvestia”.

Our approach will be defensive and fully consistent with international law. NATO does not intend to deploy weapons in space. – Jens Stoltenberg, Norwegian politician

Media report that Russia has re-mothballed Tu-22M3 bombers

Russia withdrew from the Soviet storage at the largest military airfield in the far East “Kamenny Ruchey”, near the village of Okhto, Khabarovsk territory, long-range supersonic missile-bombers Tu-22M3, writes the analytical portal Military Watch.

The us Senate passed a bill on the situation in Hong Kong

The Senate of the us Congress unanimously approved the bill “on human rights and democracy in Hong Kong”. The document was sent to the House of representatives, which had previously passed a similar bill. The Senate passed a second bill imposing a ban on the supply of equipment for the Hong Kong police: tear and pepper gas, rubber bullets and tasers.

The Kremlin has rejected the idea to change the system of elections to the state Duma

The administration of the President of the Russian Federation decided not to change the system of elections to the state Duma in favor of increasing the number of single-mandate deputies. Thus, the proportion will remain the same-50% of single-mandate and the same number of spisochnikov (225 people, respectively).

The Iranian authorities said it would ” benefit the Iranian people»

The Iranian authorities have sharply increased the price of gasoline and said that it “will benefit the Iranian people.” Protests began in the country, covering hundreds of settlements. According to the authorities, they were organized by the United States.

Protesters set fire to at least 100 banks and 57 stores. Killed at least 106 people (according to the “BBC”, about 200). The government has completely shut down the Internet — it has not worked for more than 75 hours.

Distribution of world production over the past 250 years

China’s share (more than 20% in 1750) fell to almost zero at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries and has returned to 20% in recent years. The share of Britain, on the contrary, was the maximum 100 years ago; Russia (USSR) – in the 1970s (more than 10% of world production), now dropped to 1-2%.

Britain refused to issue visas to two journalists from Russia

“The Russian foreign Ministry confirmed the refusal of the official authorities of the UK to issue visas for two Russian sobkorov to work in this country,” – said the foreign Ministry.

UAC will make the Yak-130 combat aircraft

“United aircraft Corporation” (UAC) began a deep modernization of the combat training aircraft Yak-130, as a result of which the aircraft will be largely combat. On Sunday, journalists were told by the head of the KLA Yuri Slyusar at the Dubai Airshow 2019.

US to increase military contingent in Saudi Arabia

It is noted that the first units have already arrived in Saudi Arabia, the rest will arrive in the coming weeks. Thus, the total number of us military in the Kingdom will be approximately 3 thousand people. Radars and anti-missile systems will also be sent there.

The US intends to ten times increase the number of troops in Poland

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that the United States intends to ten times increase the number of its troops on Polish territory.

Russia has completed the first stage of delivery of t-90S tanks to Iraq

The Federal service for military-technical cooperation announced the completion of the first stage of deliveries of t-90S tanks to Iraq. it is Indicated that the terms of delivery of equipment at the second stage will be agreed additionally.

Russia should prepare documents on the claim of Ukraine

The international court of justice in the Hague ruled that Russia must by December 8 to prepare documents on the claim of Ukraine for violation of the two conventions. International conventions for the suppression of the financing of terrorism (ICSFT) and on the elimination of forms of racial discrimination (CERD).

Ukraine appealed to the international court of justice in January 2017. Kiev noted that Moscow supplies heavy weapons, funds and people to “illegal armed groups”, in particular, the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass. The Ukrainian side also claimed that Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians have a “vulnerable position” in Crimea.

In St. Petersburg, a RAM was slaughtered in the yard of an apartment building.

In one of the districts of St. Petersburg right on the street stabbed a live sheep. This is required by the wedding custom of guests from Azerbaijan. In addition to the guests of the celebration witnesses of the cruel rite were residents of high-rise buildings. They told that at this time nearby mothers with children walked.

Sweden has closed the investigation on the case of Wikileaks founder

Assange was cleared of charges in a case that was investigated in 2010 after several women accused Him of rape and sexual harassment. In may 2017, the case was closed, but later the investigation was resumed. In June 2019, Sweden announced that it would not seek Assange’s extradition.

The first 100 thousand electronic passports will be created in the first half of 2020

“The project will be implemented in two forms – a plastic card with a Russian chip and a mobile application that will accompany the citizen where special confirmation of the legal significance of the actions is not required. This will require the modernization of the IT infrastructure, primarily in the Ministry of internal Affairs, ” Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov said at a working meeting with the President.

Armenia has no plans to join the European Union.

“We are members of the Eurasian economic Union. It is impossible to be both members of the EAEU and members of the EU at the same time.”Pashinyan told Sputnik Armenia

The talks between Medvedev and Rumasa

Russian-Belarusian talks at the level of Prime Ministers have ended. It turned out to agree on 20 of the 31 road maps, while of the 700 measures for the Union integration, only 40 positions remained to be reconciled.

It is expected that decisions on the main issues for Minsk in the field of oil and gas prices have been suspended. Medvedev said that the integration process itself implies a compromise, but in the meantime it is necessary to ” feel the limits of flexibility in each other’s positions.”

“We took about a week to discuss them again, and then this package of documents with different positions of the parties will be submitted to the heads of state,” the Belarusian Prime Minister said.

Imports of breast milk substitutes may be restricted

The Ministry of agriculture will work on the issue of limiting the import of infant formula to Russia, for example, due to quotas. This order was given by Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeev as part of the promotion of localization in Russia of their production — more than 90% of the mixtures are now imported. The measure is premature and threatens to reduce supply, experts warn.

The authorities increase the funding of the Zhirinovsky Institute six times

According to RBC, in amendments to the Federal budget for 2020-2022, the Russian government proposed to increase subsidies to the Institute of world civilizations almost 60 to 353.8 million rubles. The state Duma should consider this document in the second reading on Tuesday, November 19. The founders of the Institute are the LDPR and personally its leader Zhirinovsky.

Pope Francis jokingly compared marriage to prison

“When are you going to jail? Francis asked a young French journalist, who told him he felt confused before the wedding.

After talking with his aides, the Pontiff returned to him with two boxes. As it turned out, they were beads.

“This is to deal with the confusion,” Francis said.

The conversation between the Pontiff and the future groom took place on the way to Thailand, where the head of the Roman Catholic Church arrived today on an Apostolic visit.

Turkey will not resume operations in Syria.

Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Ankara had assured the Russian Ambassador. According to the Minister, the withdrawal of armed groups of Kurds in Northern Syria is almost complete, he said.

He noted that now the most important thing is that the Kurdish interlocutors from the “Syrian democratic forces” were consistent. At the same time, the US is trying to impede the dialogue inside Syria, and some Kurds believe that Washington will provide them with autonomy in Syria.

Developers do not cope with the indicators of the national project on housing commissioning.

Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko proposes to freeze them and recommends setting the figure at 75.7 million square meters. m. instead of the declared in 2019 88 million square meters. m, a year later — 98 million square meters. m. the Draft report of Mr. Mutko has “Kommersant”. The need for change is driven by low GDP growth and high mortgage rates.


“We are in better shape than ever in terms of price and financial stability, and the government has accumulated enough resources to implement the development program. And this is the basis for the much-needed acceleration of economic growth, ” – said in the state Duma, the Chairman of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina


High-speed Railways in China in ten years



In the seaport of Vladivostok arrived special transport

According to the telegram channel “Protest Russia”, in the Parking lot of special storage are more than 20 pieces of special cars TITAN South Korean company JINO Motors.

Cars are equipped with:

Water cannons and water tanks from 6,500 t to 12T, depending on the model. In addition to water, you can use foam, tear gas, paint.

Control system of mixing speed of substances (3,6,9%) from the cabin when firing a water gun.

Air pressure control system and cabin ventilation control system, to protect against external gases.

The system of protection against tire damage, designed for 50 km.

Blade, grilles, armor arrows, grilles to protect the engine.

Other means of protection against physical damage.

Blank sheets of paper as proof of damage from the July 27 rally

The Moscow Prosecutor’s office provided blank sheets of paper as justification for claims against opposition representatives demanding compensation for damage due to the July 27 rally. This is reported by MBH media.

In early November, to attach a pack of clean sheets to the claims against the opposition asked the interior Ministry. The police demand to recover from the founder of FBK Alexei Navalny and unregistered candidates in the Moscow city Duma a total of 10.2 million rubles.

“In Russia, the organized sale of tours to Syria began»

This is done by two tour operators: “Kilimanjaro” and “miracle”. As reported Znak.com, while the flow of tourists is small. About 50 people visited the region. They arrive in Beirut, from there they get to Syria by road. The tour lasts for eight days, during which the Russians were invited to visit Damascus, Aleppo, Hama, Krak des Chevaliers, HOMS, and Palmyra Maaloula. by mobile transport. The tour lasts 8 days. It costs more than a hundred thousand rubles.

The state Duma adopted in the second reading the law on “foreign agents” – individuals.

The bill, which will allow individuals to be equated with “foreign agents”, passed the second reading in the state Duma, Interfax reports.

In the case of adoption of the document, “foreign agents” may be recognized as individuals involved in the creation or simply distributing media materials that were previously also recognized as “foreign agents”. The status of “foreign agents” can also be assigned to a blogger who has been ordered by foreign media to make a report or interview.

The author of the initiative, Chairman of the state Duma Committee on information policy Leonid Levin, said that “if an individual writes or distributes materials about culture, sports or music, such cooperation can hardly bear the risks of inclusion in the lists of foreign agents.” But if a person writes materials related to the socio-political situation, the risks of such inclusion are quite high. In each case, this will be determined by the Ministry of justice together with the foreign Ministry.

In Russian language released “autobiographical novel” Lily Cherie

Lili Cheri (1900-1976), wife of the Hungarian revolutionary of 1919, emigrated with him after the defeat of the Hungarian Soviet Republic in the USSR-and survived the arrest, the camps, the separation first from her husband, then with a young son, the war, the evacuation, the death of the father taken out of Hungary in the siege of Leningrad, the death of her husband in the camp, loneliness and poverty in a foreign country

Billboards with social advertising appeared on the streets of Kaliningrad

“Getting fat means getting old” – such billboards with social advertising appeared on the streets of Kaliningrad on November 1. So the regional Ministry of health decided to draw the attention of Kaliningrad residents to the topic of a healthy lifestyle. The advice “to eat less” budget spent 3.2 million.

According to the website of public procurement, the customer banners-GBUZ “Center for medical prevention and rehabilitation of the Kaliningrad region”, acting on the orders of the Ministry of health of the region.

The structure of the global public debt

Which country has the largest public debt? That’s right, we all know from TV that the US has! 31% of the world’s public debt, $ 21 trillion.

But if you divide it by GDP-it’s not so scary, for the year Americans earn their debt. But Japan owes 237% of its GDP, which is much more significant. And here, too, there is a but: it owes mainly to its own citizens.

Russia’s public debt is only 0.3% of the world’s public debt, and it is a mere percentage of GDP



Rospotrebnadzor did not find in Segezha excess of standards of pollutants

Studies of samples of air and water in the city of Segezha in Karelia have not shown excess of standards of pollutants, according to the website of the local administration. The inspection was carried out by Rospotrebnadzor.

“These are not all results. We still have no results on precipitation, that is, snow, — said “Open Media” head of the Department for civil DEFENSE and emergency Segezha municipal district Alexander Serov.

Earlier, residents of Segezha complained about the mass death of birds, yellow snow and fog with a pungent smell. The local pulp and paper mill (pulp and paper mill) was blamed for this, but even there the inspection found no anomalies. The causes of environmental problems have not yet been clarified.

United Russia from Yaroslavl city Duma believes that the old-age pension should be canceled

“Liquidate the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation! Completely. Property to sell. Officials to work. Personally, I am for the abolition of the concept of retirement age, and the pension Fund, everyone should determine how much he works, and everyone should determine what and how he will live after retirement, ” wrote on his Facebook page, the Deputy of the Yaroslavl city Duma from the “United Russia” Dmitry Petrovsky and Petrovsky. In his opinion, the pension should be issued only on disability

In Estonia demanded from Russia to return ” the annexed territories»

“Estonia has no territorial claims to Russia. We do not want a single square meter of Russian territory. We just want ours back. Russia annexed about five percent of the territory of Estonia,” wrote Billwas in Facebook.

Thus, the Estonian politician reacted to the words of the Director of the Second European Department of the Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Belyaev about the invalidity of the Tartu peace Treaty of 1920. Earlier, in an interview with RIA “Novosti”, the diplomat said that during the discussion of ratification of the Treaty on borders between the countries, Tallinn put forward territorial claims to the Russian side on the basis of a document that has no legal force.

State agencies will stop accepting Russians by 2024

Federal and regional agencies will stop accepting Russians by 2024 and will transfer these powers to multifunctional centers for the provision of state and municipal services (MFC). The exception will be the so-called fatal cases, which the government will determine later.

In the state Duma proposed to set a minimum price for cigarettes

The authors of the draft law were deputies Sergei Katasonov (LDPR), Airat Farrakhov, Alexei Weller, Abdulmazhid Magramov and Yuri Kobzev (United Russia).

“The single minimum price of tobacco products is calculated based on the minimum value of the excise rate per unit of consumer packaging (pack) of tobacco products and value added tax, at the rates of the relevant taxes applicable at the time of production and (or) importation into the territory of the Russian Federation of tobacco products,” the document says.

Russians wanted to be fined for noise at night

The Federation Council proposed to include in the Russian code of administrative offences (Cao) responsibility for noise at night. This is reported by the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to a letter to the Commission on the development of the document. It is noted that at the moment such a rule is valid in all 85 Russian regions, but it is not fixed in the Federal legislation.

It is proposed to punish violators of silence with a fine of one to three thousand rubles. The authors of the initiative noted that they mean any actions that violate the right to rest in the home of citizens, regardless of the noise level.

The state Duma approved the bill on the pre-installation of Russian software

The state Duma adopted in the second reading a bill on the mandatory pre-installation of Russian software on smartphones, computers and TVs sold in Russia with the “smart TV” function. “For” voted unanimously.

Traffic police supported the idea of issuing a driver’s license to minors

Children, of course, support that in 17 years they all-received the right of management… I think, it is necessary to support children. We will discuss more — this is not the final decision, – said the head of the state traffic Inspectorate Mikhail Chernikov during the all-Russian forum “I choose UID”, which opened in Moscow on Monday.

According to Chernikov, the idea of the Department is that the child studied traffic rules not three months, but much longer. With up to 14 years of age as young inspectors of movement, and then in the youth automotive services, reports RIA Novosti.

Smart toys open the gates to cyber threats

It turned out that the soft toys of the company “CloudPets”, connected to a smartphone and allowing a child to communicate through the toy with parents who are at work or in another city, are vulnerable to hackers. Internet criminals were able to access 820 thousand such toys and steal personal data, photos, voice recordings of children and their parents. There is at least one known case where hackers used this loophole to demand a ransom.

According to statistics, the global market for smart toys in 2018 earned five billion dollars. Smart toys are called, which use various sensors, cameras, microphones, voice and facial recognition systems, GPS and other wonders of modern electronics.

Gazprom: both lines of the Turkish stream were filled with gas

The total capacity of both threads will be 31.5 billion cubic meters. Experts have filled with gas both threads of the export gas pipeline “Turkish stream”, through which energy will be delivered from Anapa through the Black sea to Turkey, and then-to the countries of southern and South-Eastern Europe

The Russian Academy of education has identified the disadvantages of school education.

The Russian Academy of education (RAO) conducted an examination of Federal educational standards. In total, about 500 comments were made during the audit. Academics have identified several particularly important shortcomings.

Experts noted that the standards are not aimed at the development of personality and intelligence of the child. The rules are more focused on student control.

Psychological care does not work well in schools. Schools do not take measures for the prevention of suicide, aggressive behavior. If events are held, it is without taking into account the personality and age of the child.

The management of schools does not pay attention to teachers, writes RBC. Because of emotional burnout or professional deformation, the best specialists often leave.

Academicians also believe that the school is not supposed to promote a healthy lifestyle. Spiritual and moral development is slow. The President’s instructions to reduce extracurricular workload are not being fulfilled. Textbooks in the school curriculum are outdated and do not correspond to the level of technological development of Russia.

Rosturizm has allocated funds to finalize the tourist brand of Russia

Russia will have a new tourist brand for 3.8 million rubles. The last Rostourism decided not to use. The representative of the Federal tourism Agency explained to RBC that the concept of the tourist brand of Russia, which won in 2018 in the final of the open all-Russian competition “Tourist brand of Russia”, will be taken as a basis, and Plenum Agency will finalize the visual and semantic identification of the brand.

In Russia, the value of a fair trial, freedom of speech and Assembly has increased

Compared to the previous survey conducted by the Levada center in 2017, Russians are more likely to talk about the importance of certain civil rights.

The right to life (an increase from 72% to 78%),
medical care (as it was-70%)
fair trial (64% vs. 50%),
social protection (62% vs. 57%),
freedom of speech (58% vs. 34%)
peaceful Assembly (28% vs. 13%),
freely receive information (39% vs. 25%),
to participate in public and political life of the country (30% vs. 16%),
inviolability of property (57% vs. 46%),
on vacation (52% vs. 39%),
possession of the property (50% vs. 40%),
family creation and marriage equality (43% vs. 28%),
the choice of place of residence (42% vs. 29%),
freedom of religion (40% vs. 22%)

The UN has identified the world’s least developed countries

The list includes 47 States. Among them-more than 30 African countries. In addition, the Report also referred to Asian and island States.

Thus, among the African countries-Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, CAR, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Madagascar, Mali, Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, Zambia and others. The group with island States included Oceania Kiribati, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands.

“The third group – Asian countries-included Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Yemen and Bhutan, – the Report said.

Announced ultra-wide 43-inch monitor Philips 439P9H

Philips partner MMD has announced a unique ultra-wide monitor. Philips 439P9H has a diagonal of 43 inches and a curved screen. The new monitor uses a unique technology DisplayHDR 400, which makes the picture quality is simply magnificent.

“Ghost ships”: China tested new GPS data spoofing technology

According to the head of the radio navigation laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin, an expert on hacking GPS Todd Humphries, if earlier navigation services received simply false data about the location of ships, now repeaters on several ships transmit different positions, which form strange ring-shaped patterns on the map.

Smartphone Oppo Reno 10x Zoom will receive a special version

Smartphone Reno 10x Zoom company Oppo, will receive a special version with 12 GB of RAM. The mobile device will be released in an exclusive color scheme Ocean Blue. The novelty will first be released on sale in Malaysia, on the terms it will happen on November 30. Next, in December, the smartphone will be available in other countries of the world. The device has a 60x digital zoom and the possibility of extremely fast charging VOOC Flash Charge 3.0, which distinguishes it from other similar devices.

A new version of the legendary clamshell Nokia 2720 Flip is presented

The clamshell received 4 GB of RAM and 512 MB of flash memory. The Nokia 2720 Flip runs on a single-chip Snapdragon 205 system. The battery capacity is 1500 mAh, the manufacturer assures that this will last for 6.6 hours of talk time and up to 28 days of standby time.

Bill gates invested in the most powerful solar power plant

Thanks to artificial intelligence technology and mirrors to reflect sunlight, the Helicogen power plant generates an amount of heat above 1000 ℃, which is almost one-fifth the temperature of the Sun’s surface

According to CNN, this energy will be enough for the production of cement, steel, glass and other products of heavy industry. In this way, solar power can replace fossil fuels in plants that today produce 75% of the world’s carbon emissions.

The number of gamers in India has overtaken the entire US population

Glackstein refers to research being done by Xbox to launch its Project xCloud service. They showed that in India, more than 300 million people play games, which in General exceeds the population of the United States

Found a way to watch “closed” profiles in Instagram

Ghosty-gives the user the ability to view “closed” profiles of other people. But it is worth mentioning that the application does not give access to all private profiles, but only to those that are in its own database. Here’s how it works: you download Ghosty, go to it by entering the data of your Instagram account, after which the application copies the database it has absolutely all the information from your profile, the profiles of people to whom you already have a subscription, and also those to whom they subscribe.

Instagram Facebook has been available on Google Play for about six months and only recently the search giant removed it from there at the request of Facebook, which owns Instagram. But the network still has the ability to download the file with the application, so anyone can try out its features.

Half of the human brain was as good as the whole

Despite the removal of one of the hemispheres of the brain, a person remains quite capable due to the fact that neural connections become stronger, scientists from the California Institute of technology found.

The study involved six adults who had half their brains removed as children in the treatment of epilepsy. It turned out that over time, the brain is able to reorganize and come back to normal. Despite the severity of the surgeries, many people have retained or regained speech and thinking skills.

Components of organic life found in meteorites

Ribose and other other biologically important sugars have been found in two carbon-rich meteorites: NWA 801 (CR2 type) and Murchison (CM2 type). Especially interesting here is ribose, because it is the most important component of RNA, ribonucleic acid. In most modern living organisms, RNA plays the role of a messenger molecule that copies the genetic “instructions” of DNA and delivers them to “molecular factories” in cells called ribosomes.

Lead author of the study, Yoshihiro. Furukawa, from Tohoku University, notes that other important building blocks of organic life, such as amino acids (which make up proteins) and nucleic bases (which make up DNA and RNA), have previously been found in meteorites. However, sugars have long been the missing link in the set of organic elements necessary for the emergence of life — but now this gap is closed.

In the United States invented an innovative way to edit DNA

American scientists have developed a universal method of editing DNA, called “primed editing Method”. It allows you to correct all kinds of mutations, and its functioning is more reliable than the previously used CRISPR/Cas9, able to correct only some of them.

CRISPR-blood cured the first patients with hereditary diseases

In 2019, CRISPR Therapeutics and Vertex began the first trials of genetically edited cells to fight hereditary blood diseases. Today, the leaders of the experiments announced the first evidence of success: one of the patients who had beta-thalassemia, ceased to require constant blood transfusions, and the other-with sickle cell anemia-ceased to suffer from blockage of blood vessels. Next year, the companies promise to show data on crispr-therapy of blood cancers.

In the cartilage of adults found signs of regeneration

American researchers have found traces of tissue renewal in the joints of the legs in humans. They measured the age of extracellular proteins in articular cartilage and noticed that the farther a joint is from the spine, the more young, newly formed proteins there are. In addition, in the renewing tissue, the scientists found increased expression of microRNAs, which are found in animals capable of regeneration — for example, axolotls. The study was published in the journal Science Advances.