22 Nov, 2019

News digest for 11/21/2019

U.S. Senate Committee approves nominee for Ambassador to Russia

The us Senate Committee on foreign relations has approved the candidacy of John Sullivan for the post of Ambassador to Russia. Another 14 candidates for foreign policy-related posts were also approved.

“I am very pleased that the consideration of John Sullivan’s nomination has progressed in the Senate,” said Republican Committee Chairman Jim Risch.

Russia returned to Ukraine decommissioned ships

The commander of the naval forces of Ukraine Admiral Igor Voronchenko said that the ships returned by Russia during their stay under arrest removed all equipment, including ” plafonds, sockets and even toilets.” He was quoted by Interfax-Ukraine.

“What we saw is really not enough equipment and partly, and not enough, we talked with the Admiral and some things I can not say, parts of the weapons. I saw the state, there will be an investigation, we will see all the details, ” Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said at a briefing after the meeting in Ochakovo (quoted by Interfax).

The FSB responded to the claims of Ukraine about the” ditched ” Russian ships

Military vessels detained for provocation in the Kerch Strait last November were handed over to Ukraine in normal condition and with serviceable plumbing, as confirmed by the video. This is stated in the statement Of the center for public relations (TSOs) of the FSB of Russia, received by TASS.

The lawyer of the Ukrainian seamen detained last year for violation of the state border of Russia, Nikolay Polozov told why on the ships returned to Kiev there were no weapons, ammunition and electronics.

“All these items are physical evidence, are in the case, together with the ships they are not returned,” he told RBC.

Polozov stressed that the return of these things is possible only after the final verdict.

The anti-corruption Fund filed a lawsuit against Vladimir Putin

The anti-corruption Fund (FBK) and 14 employees of the organization filed a lawsuit against Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Tver court of Moscow. This was reported by the founder of FBK Alexei Navalny.

The lawsuit is filed because of the criminal case of money laundering, initiated against the employees of the FBK. Navalny explained that the Fund considers Putin the organizer of this case. The authors of the lawsuit demand ” to recognize illegal inaction … Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich, expressed in his evasion of the duties of the guarantor of the Constitution, human rights and freedoms and citizen.” The plaintiffs also ask to recognize illegal actions of Putin “to prevent the implementation of (their) constitutional rights” and to oblige the President to take measures to protect these rights.

The state Duma has allowed to recognize any of the people “foreign agents»

The state Duma adopted in the third reading a law that allows you to recognize” foreign agents ” individuals Broadcast the meeting was on the website of the Duma

“This is a set of mirror measures and tools that can be applied in case of the next unfriendly steps to limit the work of our media abroad, “said the first Deputy head of the Committee on information policy Sergei Boyarsky (United Russia).

The Russian human rights Council has no position

The Council for human rights and civil society development under the Russian President has no position on the return of the death penalty, said the head of the HRC and its propagandist Valery Fadeev.

“The HRC has no position. I will not speak out, ” he told reporters.

Earlier, Russian Communists said that they intend to join more decisively in the fight for the return of the death penalty. Deputies of the Communist party faction suggested the state Duma to make such a request to President Vladimir Putin.

Modern Russian statistics

Interfax quote from the discussion at the VTB forum ” Russia is calling!”Maxim Oreshkin and Andrei Kostin.

“We have an official forecast of the government – 1.7% (for 2020), so we will try to do everything so that it was next year at least 2%,” – said the head of the Ministry Maxim Oreshkin.

In response to Oreshkin’s remark, the head of VTB Andrey Kostin jokingly offered “to talk to our statisticians: I think it is quite possible to finish off up to 2%”.

“Open media”: news from the homeland of state Duma speaker Volodin.

A rural school in the Saratov region was forced to ask for money to repair the roof from an American charitable Foundation, because the budget funds for this are not laid. The Fund gave money, but while the roof was repaired, the estimate doubled-and the Americans decided not to give additional money this year, the district authorities intend to finish the repair of the school at the expense of local farmers

The head of the district, where this village is located, does not see anything special in this situation: this Fund has long been helping the village, the tradition is this-just its founder was born in this village a hundred years ago, she told Open media.

The state Duma adopted a law on the pre-installation of Russian software

The state Duma adopted in the third and final reading a bill requiring the installation of Russian software on all gadgets sold in the country. It should come into force on July 1, 2020.in particular, we are talking about smartphones, computers and TVs with Smart-TV function.

Russian developers may be required to rent a house with furniture

The Association of enterprises of furniture and woodworking industry is preparing a package of proposals that may oblige developers to rent standard housing with furniture. The furniture of the apartment will be included in the cost of the mortgage, and the enterprises of the woodworking industry will receive an additional load.

According to the newspaper “Izvestia” on November 21, the initiative has already been agreed with the Ministry of construction. There is no definite solution yet, but the Ministry confirmed that apartments with furniture in recent years are increasingly popular.

The interior Ministry will create departments to combat drugs on the Internet

The Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation plans to create units to combat drugs on the Internet. This was reported by the acting head of the state Department for drug control of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Kirill Smurov. According to him, the units should appear in the structure of the Department by January 10, 2020.

The budget of the Russian analogue of Wikipedia will be 2 billion rubles

Editor of the “Great Russian encyclopedia” Sergei Kravets said that the cost of “Russian Wikipedia” will be about 2 billion rubles (RIA Novosti). The project of creating an interactive portal is designed for 3 years.

Iranian authorities will ask Russia for a loan of $5 billion

Iranian energy Minister Reza Ardakanian told reporters on Wednesday that he intended to discuss a $5 billion loan to Tehran during his visit to Moscow, Iranian media reported.

Baring Vostok refused to create a new Fund in Russia

Baring Vostok postponed the creation of the sixth Fund of foreign investments in Russian companies, reports the Bell with reference to its press service. Baring Vostok explained the decision with concern about “contradictions in Russian and international arbitration legislation” and uncertainty in the protection of investors ‘ rights. The amount of the planned Fund was not disclosed, says the Bell, the previous volume was about $ 1.3 billion.

The investment Fund Baring Vostok has been operating since 1994, during which time it has invested $ 2.8 billion in 80 projects in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Baring Vostok founder Michael Calvey and several Fund executives were arrested in February 2019 in a fraud case.

Russia will extend the gas supply contract with Moldova. Also at a discount.

The tariff will be beneficial for the Republic, but it will include some allowances to gradually close large debts to the Russian Federation-reports Sputnik Moldova. Since the new year, the price per thousand cubic meters of gas for Moldova is 173 dollars.

We did not have to provide too large discounts, because the current price formula allows you to get a significant discount, — said at a press conference Dmitry Kozak.

Latvia banned nine Russian channels due to EU sanctions

The national Council for electronic media (NSEMI) decided to stop broadcasting nine channels in Latvia, which are part of the largest private media holding in Russia “national Media Group”. As a reason, the NSEMI called the fact that sanctions were imposed against the beneficiary of the media group Yuri Kovalchuk in the EU, LTV reports.

Under restriction TV channels got: “Time: far and near”, “beaver”, “house of cinema”, “house of cinema premium”, “Music of the first”, ” Oh!”, “Let’s go”, “Telekafe” and St. Petersburg-channel Five.

Which apps do we spend the most time on

The head of the DNI Pushilin came to Moscow to discuss Islamic banking

The head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic (DPR) Denis Pushilin arrived in Moscow for the International scientific and practical conference “Economic ecology and environmental strategy” at the invitation of the International Association of Islamic business (iaib). The Association is one of the organizers of the conference, which opened on Monday at the Russian Academy of Sciences. Donetsk will be to develop collaboration with MAIB on Islamic banking has promised the President. With its help, the head of the unrecognized Republic wants to find a way to circumvent the sanctions imposed by the international community on the DPR.

“The main problem of the DPR economy is the need to work through intermediaries. At intermediaries the main part of the income settles. If not for the sanctions, the revenues of the Republic could be much higher, ” Pushilin believes. According to him, the opening of an Islamic Bank in the DPR will help solve this problem and significantly increase the revenues of the Republic

The main customer of the Fund “Inpractice” became “Rosatom»

Fund “Inpractice”, which is headed by the alleged Putin’s daughter Katerina Tikhonova, reported record revenue — nearly half a billion rubles. The work of the Fund is especially appreciated by state-owned companies: previously, the main customer of the research was Rosneft, and now-Rosatom»

Its structure JSC Atomenergoprom in October and November ordered “Innopraktika” for 120 million rubles two experimental design work on the topic “Optimization of extraction systems for separation of lithium isotopes based on macrocyclic polyester ligands.”

The largest customer of the Fund last year was traditionally Rosneft: innopraktika received orders from It to develop ” technology for assessing the properties of reservoirs using different-scale data.”

“I think that in this area it is (“Inpractice”) is the sole provider is. We are often forced to enter into a contract with a single supplier, because the corresponding product is produced by a single supplier, “Mikhail Leontiev, a representative of Rosneft, explained to RBC at the time the lack of competition.

In the cities of Russia formed queues for certificates for drivers

In several cities of Russia formed queues for medical examinations after the media reported about the possible rise in price of certificates for motorists. It is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the media of several regions of the country.

The changes will take effect on November 22-the new procedure for mandatory medical examination of drivers and candidates for drivers, approved by the order of the Ministry of health, will work, according to ” Rossiyskaya Gazeta»

Traffic police will be able to deprive the driver’s license without trial

The Ministry of health will exchange with the Ministry of internal Affairs information on the availability of medical admission of drivers to the Department of transport. Thus, the certificates that Russians receive when obtaining a driver’s license can go completely into electronic format. In addition, the traffic police will now receive information about people who have medical contraindications to driving, and then automatically revoke the rights.

Durov advised to remove WhatsApp from smartphones

The founder of telegram messenger Pavel Durov urged WhatsApp users to remove the application from their smartphones after news of the vulnerabilities found in It.

“In may, I predicted that vulnerabilities in WhatsApp would be identified, and serious security problems would follow one after another, as was the case before,” Durov wrote on his Telegram channel

Putin called the technology of shale oil production unpromising

Russian President Vladimir Putin called today’s shale oil production technologies barbaric. According to the head of state, Russia does not intend to use them, as they harm the environment.

In the Kara sea surfaced two lines of the pipeline ” Gazprom»

Two of the four strands of Gazprom’s pipeline have surfaced in the Kara sea. The first line of the underwater crossing over the Baydaratskaya Bay on Yamal surfaced in 2018, and now it became known about the violation of the design position of the fourth line.

Meditation with electrical stimulation was tested on people

Scientists have proposed an “electronic meditation” technique in which conventional meditation practice is combined with transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS). In tDCS, a low-power electric current is sent through the skin to specific areas of the brain. For electronic meditation, tDCS is focused on those areas of the brain that are involved in this process.

The results were promising. Participants were able to easily apply the device twice a day for the duration of the study. Side effects from the therapy were minor, such as tingling at the site of application. Future research will be needed to assess the long-term benefits and side effects of using the device to improve the effect of meditation.

Putin urged to achieve growth of real incomes of Russians

Despite the growth of wages, disposable real incomes of Russians are in place, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at the investment forum “VTB Capital “” Russia is calling!”. Mr Putin called on the government to change the situation

The Vostochny space centre has discovered new embezzlement

The investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the Amur region opened two criminal cases of fraud on a particularly large scale (part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code of Russia) in the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome. This is reported by the newspaper “Kommersant”.

According to the Prosecutor General’s office of the Russian Federation, in 2014-2018, 17 thousand various violations were revealed (embezzlement of budget funds, delay in construction, non-payment of salaries, etc.) during its construction, more than 1 thousand people, including officials, were brought to justice

Russia plans to create a low-cost carrier for flights to the far East

In Russia, they thought about creating a state low-cost carrier that will specialize in the far East. This was told by a member of the Federation Council Committee on economic policy Ivan Abramov, write “Izvestia”.In the Ministry of transport, the idea of senators was generally supported.

Russia’s population continues to decline

During the period from January to September this year, the population of Russia decreased by 43.7 thousand people (0.03%). Such data was published by Rosstat.

Doctors from the United States for the first time introduced the patient into suspended animation

American doctors for the first time introduced a patient into a state of artificial clinical death, quickly cooling him and replacing all his blood with saline, reports New Scientist. Whether the patient survived, doctors do not specify, but promise to publish the results of the tests before the end of 2020.

Doctors have to resort to such extreme measures only in very rare cases – with severe gunshot or knife wounds. The probability that such patients will survive is about 5%.

Medvedev urged to completely abandon shared construction

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that it is necessary to completely abandon the mechanism of shared construction in Russia in the future.

In schools of Yakutia will start daily to perform the anthem of the Russian Federation

In schools of Yakutia, from 21 November to begin the daily performance of the anthem of Russia. This order was given by the Minister of education and science of Yakutia Vladimir Egorov. As stated in the decree signed by the head of the Republic, this project is designed to help students ” to shape the trajectory of life, fill it with moral values and meanings.”

The us authorities demanded from the two universities reports on contacts with Russia

The us Department of education has demanded that the two leading universities in the country report on contacts with the authorities of Russia, China, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, according to the document, which drew the attention of RBC.

Ministry of construction of Crimea called the national project “Housing” impossible on the Peninsula

Crimea refused to sign an agreement on the implementation of the regional part of the national project “Housing and urban environment” with the Federal Ministry of construction. The government of Kazakhstan believes that the indicators laid down in the national project for the development of housing, it is impossible to fulfill. The national project provides that over the next six years, almost 6.5 million square meters of housing will be built on the Peninsula. In the Crimea such indicators were considered overstated:

“Achievement of the specified indicator of the Federal project in the territory of the Republic of Crimea is impossible due to a number of reasons”, – quotes RBC Deputy Minister of construction and architecture of the Republic of Crimea Maxim skorin.

The authorities plan to attract 1 trillion for pension savings

The new system will be launched from 2021, the bill of the Ministry of Finance said. According to the KPI project, the volume of voluntary pension contributions of Russians accumulated in the system will increase from 0.96 trillion rubles in 2021 to 1.54 trillion in 2022, to 2.2 trillion in 2023 and to 3 trillion rubles in 2024.

Released the second trailer of the musical “Cats»

The Network has a second trailer for the film “Cats”, which became an adaptation of the Broadway musical of the same name by Andrew Lloyd Webber based on the works of Thomas Eliot.



Rosatom wants to become a world leader in Maritime transport

Rosatom is going to become one of the 15 largest sea carriers in the world. It plans to carry cargo from Southeast Asia to Europe via the Northern sea route, intercepting part of the cargo from the southern route – from Asia to Europe through the Pacific and Indian oceans, the Suez canal, the Mediterranean sea and the Strait of Gibraltar. Freight traffic of the southern route is approximately 1 billion tons per year, including 570 million tons of container cargo

Demand for cash rose to $1.4 billion in September

“After an uncharacteristic fall in August, the net demand of the population for foreign currency in September 2019 in the domestic market, its value returned back to the level of June-July of this year,” the Central Bank noted. Demand increased for both dollars and euros

Rostelecom Board of Directors approves DataLine purchase

The Board of Directors of” Rostelecom “approved the acquisition of a subsidiary of” Rostelecom-data center ” 100% of the second largest number of racks in Russia data center operator (data center) DataLine, follows from the company’s message.

New benefits for investors will appear in Moscow

New benefits for investors may appear in the capital from January 1, 2020. The relevant draft law “on investment tax deduction” was approved by the deputies of the Moscow city Duma in the first reading.

The new investment tax deduction will allow companies to reduce the amount of income tax on the amount of capital investments. At the same time, it will be possible to write off up to 90 percent of such investments. The income tax rate in the city budget will be 12.5 percent for organizations with the status of “Moscow investor” of the first category and 8 percent for firms with the status of “Moscow investor” of the second category.

The tax gap in Russia was one of the smallest in the world

Today in Russia, the tax gap, that is, the difference between the amount that taxpayers theoretically have to pay and the actual amount of payments, is one of the lowest in the world.

“What is very important is that today the principle of automated control over VAT refunds, it does not give the taxpayer large administrative loads. The system is automatic, it just calculates instantly, picking up a huge array of data on invoices that taxpayers provide with their returns, and calculates those who have not paid. And in Russia, it is almost impossible to return the value added tax without paying the entire chain of suppliers of goods or services, ” the head of the Federal tax service explained.

After flooding in Minusinsk recognized unsuitable 42 houses

In the Krasnoyarsk region summed up the first results of the liquidation of the consequences of flooding in the city of Minusinsk. As reported by IA REGNUM on November 19 in the regional government, 42 houses in which 158 people live are recognized as unfit.

The regional Commission decided to allocate funds from the reserve Fund of the regional government for the purchase of housing for minusintsev of 41 flooded houses. Documents for another house are currently being considered.

Material assistance totaling 3 million 157 thousand rubles, according to the Deputy Chairman of the government of the Krasnoyarsk territory Anatoly Tsykalov, received 469 people

Leonid Mikhelson, Russia’s richest man who made his fortune in the Yamal North, will allocate money for restoration work in Venice, which is sinking in the largest flood in 50 years, znak reports.to

Russians donated €1 million to restore Venice

The Italian Embassy in Moscow has collected 1 million euros in donations from Russians to restore Venice after the floods, ANSA news Agency reported, citing Italian Ambassador to Russia Pasquale Terraciano.

Oxford dictionary named word of the year 2019

The Oxford dictionary has chosen the word 2019 expression ” climate emergency “(“climate emergency”). By definition, this is a situation in which urgent action is required to reduce or contain climate change and prevent irreversible damage to the environment.

Ministry of natural resources clarified the rules of development of protected areas

The Ministry of natural resources published for public discussion the draft amendments to the laws “on specially protected natural territories “(SPNA) and “on environmental protection”. In particular, the document clarifies the criteria and procedure for the creation of biosphere polygons. Thus, the Agency proposes to exclude from the legislation the norms allowing to create such sites on the territory of nature reserves, as well as to place capital objects on these landfills.

Museums will start mass messenger-mailing

From December, Russian and foreign tourists will receive newsletters about the museums of the region during their trip. The partnership of Russia with Particles from 1 December to launch such a project. To do this, the tourist will need to get a code in any of the information centers. This password will be tied to his phone. The main messengers will receive information about the museums of the region where the tourist is located. Partnership TCI Russia from December 1 launch such a project

In 2020, the Ministry of economic development will allocate grants for the creation of prefabricated tourist facilities.

This, in turn, is about glamping. They can also be obtained for the creation of new tourist routes or the construction of an accessible tourist environment for the disabled

A total of 54 million rubles will be allocated in 2020. They can get a legal entity, SP, NGOs. The maximum amount of one subsidy is 3 million rubles, but with the condition that the candidate for the grant must Finance 30% of the construction himself.

Cheaper analogue 10 times: the Chinese have made a Range Rover Sport

The Chinese almost completely redrawn the design of the flagship SUVs and almost certainly did so without the approval of the British company, which owns the rights to the design of Range Rover, writes Carscoops.

In China, the cheapest Range Rover costs 1.22 million yuan (173 thousand dollars). And the price of Canticie starts from the mark with 126,800 yuan (about 18 thousand dollars).

Putin called the Chinese economy more efficient than the American

China’s economy has outperformed that of the United States. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin on November 20 at the XI investment forum ” Russia calls!”He expressed confidence that no one in the United States is interested in aggravating relations with Beijing.

China urged Russia to switch to yuan

At the VTB Capital Investment forum held in the Russian capital, ” Russia is calling!”this year there were two high-ranking civil servants from China, who actively urged the Russian Federation to use the yuan as a means of payment, as well as for investment

Ukraine announced the growth of Russian gas transit to the maximum

“Gazprom” has increased gas transit through Ukraine in recent weeks almost to a maximum – up to 294 million cubic meters per day, said the head of the company “Operator of the GTS of Ukraine” Sergey Makogon.

The US has threatened to stop the launch of ” Nord stream-2»

U.S. sanctions against companies involved in laying the Nord stream – 2 gas pipeline could delay its commissioning for more than a year. On Wednesday, November 20, said us Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

Physicists have found new evidence of the fifth force of the Universe

Scientists from the Institute for nuclear research in Hungary said they had found new evidence for the fifth force of the fundamental interaction in the Universe. The phenomenon, which defies standard scientific explanation, was first discovered by physicist Attila Krashnahorkai and his colleagues in 2016.

A photon with a high energy force turns into an electron and a positron, which repel each other at a certain angle. Based on the law of conservation of energy, with increasing energy, the angle between two photon particles should decrease – so the theoretical calculations said. However, Hungarian scientists encountered a process in which there was an excess number of electrons and positrons separated at an angle of 140 degrees.

Google tightened the rules of political advertising

The us company Google has announced tougher rules regarding the placement of political advertising on its platforms

Martin Scorsese’s “the Irishman” final trailer released

Streaming service Netflix has published the final trailer for the film “the Irishman” by American Director Martin Scorsese. The film is based on Charles Brandt’s 2004 book I hear you paint houses. The main roles in the film were played by Robert De Niro, al Pacino and Joe Pesci.



XIII Russian film festival “Sputnik over Poland” opens»

The program of the festival “Sputnik over Poland”, which opens in Warsaw, includes two competitions (game and non-game paintings), as well as many parallel sections. The competition contains the most interesting, according to the curators, Russian films over the past two years.

The Lord of the rings series was renewed for a second season

Shooting the first season of the series on “the Lord of the rings” has not yet begun, as it became known that fans of middle-earth can count on its continuation, writes ” Deadline”

Presentation of literary awards “Educator” and ” Educator.Digital ” will be held online

The “Educator” award is awarded for the best popular science book in Russian. “Illuminator.Digital ” is awarded for the project implemented on the Internet on audio and video platforms, as well as in social networks.

“Russian boy” received a special prize at the Seville film festival

Russian film by Alexander Zolotukhin took part in the Seville film festival in the program “New waves”. The films were judged by a jury consisting of Spanish filmmakers. They awarded a special prize to the drama “Russian Boy” with the wording “for a new sound in the cinema.” Presenting the award, the judges explained that they were captivated by the sound design of the picture and the use of music by Sergei Rachmaninoff.

The Project “Pushkin.Youth “opened a set in the” Workshop of collective cinema”

Under his direction, Director and producer Andrei Silvestrov, participants will make short films and video blogs about the Pushkin Museum, which will eventually become part of the collective film. The course will start in December 2019 and end in may 2021. To become a participant, you need to shoot a short video on the theme “the Museum is…” and send it to November 23, along with a story about yourself. Space direction ” Pushkin.Youth ” opened in October in the Lopukhin estate. Now there are courses, lectures, meetings, conferences for young researchers.

Dali’s “magic art” to be shown in Moscow

A large-scale exhibition of works by Salvador Dali “Magic art” will be held in the Moscow Manege from January 21 to March 25, 2020. It will present 180 original works of the artist, some of which will be shown for the first time in Russia.

Billie Eilish has received six Grammy nominations»

The national Academy of recording arts and Sciences announced the list of nominees for the Grammy awards in 2020. American singer Lizzo received the most nominations – eight. Billy Ailish and rapper Lil Nas X appeared in six categories.

Coldplay posted a new song “Daddy” and a video for it

“Daddy” will be included on Coldplay’s new album “Everyday Life”, which is scheduled for release on November 22. The band has previously featured the tracks “Everyday Life”,” Orphans “and” Arabesque ” from this record. The album ” Everyday Life “will consist of two parts —” Sunrise “and” Sunset ” — eight tracks each.


Metronomy will perform in Moscow next summer

The British pop group Metronomy will perform on July 6 at the club “Izvestia Hall” in Moscow, ticket sales will begin on November 20. About this “Billboard Daily” told the organizers of the concert. The musicians will arrive with their latest album, “Metronomy Forever,” which was released in September.

Apple sued over Russian patent on emergency call function

Apple has filed an intellectual property lawsuit against the Federal service for intellectual property to invalidate a Russian patent for a “mobile phone with emergency communication”. This is reported by “Kommersant” with reference to materials on the website of the court. It is specified that this patent was registered in 2013. It is about taking out emergency services on a mobile phone even in a situation where there is no money on the smartphone to make a call and a SIM card.

Sony takes on the development of artificial intelligence

Sony Corporation announced the creation of a division of Sony AI. The new organizational unit with offices in Japan, Europe and the United States will be engaged in basic research and development in the field of artificial intelligence

Presented inexpensive laser projector Xiaomi

Xiaomi has introduced another product for home and office, which was a new laser projector. This is another device that will be released by the partner of the Chinese giant company Fengmi, specializing in the production of projectors

Google mail integrated with Outlook.com

Microsoft has begun to test the integration of Google services in the web version of Outlook mail. About the possibility to connect to your account Gmail, Google Drive (“Google Drive”) and Calendar (“Calendar”) said Twitter user Florian B.

Largest 5G network launched in China

The company “Chinese media group” has launched the country’s first platform working on 5G technology, reports OTP. The fifth generation standard has become the basis for local social networks, it provides increased data transfer speed. All videos on the resource are shown in 4K Ultra HD resolution

Instagram developers want to restore user privacy

The latter, according to the Android Police portal, accused the Ghosty app of violating every conceivable rule, and said that the privacy of Instagram users should be restored. Ghosty is a service for iOS and Android operating systems that allows you to view hidden profiles on Instagram.

“Google Maps” will get social opportunities

The popular service “Google Maps” is reportedly becoming a kind of analogue of Google+. The app has long had the ability to post photos, share comments and reviews about places visited. Now you can track posts of active users, add your own routes with recommendations of attractions and institutions. This feature is called “Local experts”. Other users will be able to use the already paved route and walk on it.

The new feature is expected to be tested first in Tokyo, Delhi, London, new York, Mexico city, Osaka, San Francisco, Sao Paulo and Bangkok. The date of the full launch promise to tell later. A pre-registration in the community of “Local experts” is available now on the official website.

Xiaomi Mi TV 5 will add video calls

Recently it became known that the new xiaomi Mi TV 5 line will receive the function of user recognition by voice. Now there are reports that the new TVs will soon make it possible to make video calls

Physicists have proposed a crystal in continuous time

Physicists at ITMO University have theoretically predicted a” true ” time crystal that exists in continuous time. Until now, it was believed that such crystals can not be created. To circumvent the ban on the creation of such crystals, scientists had to sacrifice the locality of interactions between parts of the system-roughly speaking, the proposed time crystal can be created only on the basis of a system in which each atom is directly connected to all other atoms (and not just with its closest neighbors). However, the absence of locality does not mean that the proposed model cannot be implemented in practice. The article is published in Physical Review Letters, the Preprint of the work is posted on arXiv.org.

The new experiment proved that there is no objective reality

Physicist Eugene Wigner slightly complicated the famous thought experiment of Erwin Schrodinger: in a box with a radioactive element, a Geiger counter and a deadly poison, a live cat is locked. The probability that a radioactive element will decay is 50%. If this happens, the counter will set the hammer in motion, it will break the vial of poison and kill the cat. That is, until the box is opened, the cat should be considered both alive and dead at the same time.

Now physicists have conducted a similar thought experiment in the real world for the first time. They used a quantum computer and three pairs of entangled photons. The first pair is a coin, and the other two are used for their “toss”, or rather-to measure the polarization. Each “coin” together with the” tossing “photon is isolated from the rest of the particles, and the two” friends “are isolated from all the other” participants ” of the experiment. The amount of data collected from six photons showed that bell’s inequality is violated. This means that each of the observers of the quantum phenomenon can have their own observations, and they may differ from each other, but they are equally true.

SpaceX’s starship prototype explodes during testing

A prototype of SpaceX’s Starship Mk1 exploded during tests at a test site in the us state of Texas. The incident occurred during the test for the maximum filling of fuel tanks Starship Mk1 cryogenic liquid, notes ” Interfax»

The ants took into account the density of the colony to prevent traffic jams in oncoming streams

To avoid traffic jams when moving through two oncoming streams, Argentine ants (Linepithema humile) adapt their behavior depending on density. To find out, scientists from the United States, Australia and France conducted a series of experiments in which they monitored the movement of ant colonies with different numbers of individuals on bridges with different widths, and then evaluated the flow of movement as a linear function of their density. It turned out that when the critical density (eight individuals per square centimeter) is reached, the flow does not decline, but remains constant. Using a variety of strategies (from increasing speed to stopping traffic altogether) allows ants to avoid traffic jams even when both streams are 80 percent busy, the scientists write in the journal eLife.

Injection of algae will help the body produce oxygen in the light

A team of neuroscientists from the University of Munich Ludwig and Maximilian Hans Straka (Hans Straka) is looking for methods of urgent support for cells that have lost the flow of sufficient amounts of oxygen – for example, neurons as a result of a stroke. Scientists have found a new unusual approach almost by accident:

“At first, it sounds ridiculous,” said one of the authors of the work. – But if it works, why not?”

At the annual meeting of the society of neuroscience in Chicago, scientists reported on experiments with the injection of algae cells into the vessels of tadpoles of the common spur frog. Algae were used as eukaryotic-Chlamydomonas Chlamydomonas reinhardtii – and prokaryotic – cyanobacteria Synechocystis. With enough light passing through the translucent body of tadpoles, they began to actively photosynthesize and release oxygen, at the same time giving the vessels of the animal an unusual green color.