23 Nov, 2020

News digest for 11/21-22/2020

According to RT, citing data from the Rabota.ru service and the OFD Platform IT company, in 2020, 61% of Russians began to spend more on food. 46% of citizens noted an increase in expenses for housing and communal services, 26% – for medicine, and 25% – for transport. Another 18% of respondents admitted that they began to buy more clothes, 15% give money for loans, credits and mortgages, and 12% – for repairs. Less than 10% of respondents in 2020 increased spending on education (9%), technology (7%), entertainment (5%) and travel (3%).

According to the IT-company “Platform OFD”, from January to October 2020, Russians mostly spent on drugs (the average bill in 2020 increased by 25% compared to 2019), food (19% higher) and gadgets (by 17% higher).

US court granted Russia’s petition in the Yukos case

A federal court in the District of Columbia in Washington granted Russia’s motion to suspend a trial in which former Yukos shareholders are seeking to recover $ 50 billion from the state

Canada deprived Turkey of engines for military equipment

Western countries have deprived Turkey of access to engines for military equipment, in particular for attack reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) Bayraktar TB2, writes director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST) Ruslan Pukhov in the “Independent Military Review”.

Tourists allowed not to comply with curfew

Foreign tourists, including Russians, in Turkey were allowed not to comply with the curfew. Interfax reports. The report notes that restaurants in hotels will also continue their work during curfew. Only guests of the respective tourist complexes will be able to visit these establishments.

Drivers will be able to assemble a first aid kit themselves

“From January 1, 2021, drivers will not be required to buy ready-made car first-aid kits, but will be able to complete them themselves in accordance with the list given in the order of the Russian Ministry of Health,” the Ministry of Health said in a statement on Saturday

At the same time, first-aid kits manufactured and completed before this date can be sold and used until the expiration date of the medical devices included in them, but no later than December 31, 2024.

Ministry of Construction proposed to ban the construction of apartments

The Ministry of Construction plans to legislatively approve the residential status of the apartments that have already been built, but prohibit their construction in the future. This, as reported by RIA Novosti, said the deputy head of the ministry Nikita Stasishin

Images of superheroes removed in the children’s center after Kadyrov’s remark

In Chechnya, after the remarks of the head of the republic Ramzan Kadyrov, the design of the children’s play center in Kurchaloy was changed, where characters from American comics were drawn on the walls, instead of them images of the first president of Chechnya, Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov, and the heroes of the Caucasian war of the late 18th-19th centuries, appeared, RIA Novosti correspondent reports. …

Thailand has changed the requirements for visas for citizens of the Russian Federation

The Thai authorities have simplified the conditions for issuing visas for a number of states, including Russia. Now tourists do not need a bank statement. New rules for entering the hot country were published on November 20.

Russian Railways project to relocate the railway to Sochi

The cost of transferring the railway line from the Black Sea coast to the mountains will amount to 1.4 trillion rubles, according to the Russian Railways’ Southern Cluster project. It is planned to receive funds in the amount of 330 billion rubles from the National Welfare Fund in 2025-2030.

Avtodor expects to raise funds for road construction

The state company Avtodor expects to attract up to 500 billion rubles in the construction of high-speed roads by 2024, said the chairman of the board of the state company Vyacheslav Petushenko. Avtodor currently has 18 projects at the stage of implementation, totaling one trillion rubles.

Almost 2 million foreigners visited Russia in the third quarter of 2020

As explained in the border service of the FSB of the Russian Federation, most of the foreigners who arrived in Russia in the third quarter are citizens of Ukraine. This is 1.1 million visitors. Next, with a large margin, are the Kazakhs (280 thousand), in third place are the residents of Abkhazia (almost 95 thousand). The top ten also includes Uzbekistan (about 38 thousand), the Philippines (31 thousand), Belarus (30 thousand), Turkey (28 thousand), Kyrgyzstan (26 thousand), Armenia (21.5 thousand) and Azerbaijan (18 thousand). At the same time, the number of foreigners who visited Russia for tourist purposes amounted to 4 thousand people.

Russian citizens took over 260 billion rubles a month from banks in October

In general, individual funds in banks over the month decreased by 111 billion rubles. (-0.3%, to 32.556 trillion rubles), and excluding escrow accounts (thanks to the mortgage boom, they grew by 156 billion rubles), citizens took about 267 billion rubles from banks, follows from the bulletin of the Central Bank “On the development of the banking sector RF in October 2020 “.

Russia gives Belarus a deferral on a loan of $ 1 billion

We recently agreed with the Russians that we will not pay them a billion dollars this year (they have postponed our debts). We borrowed $ 500 million from them through the Eurasian Bank. I thought we would support mechanical engineering and so on. But nothing of the kind, I still keep and finance the treatment of people from covid all five hundred million. The health of people is the main thing, and you can’t get away from it. Therefore, somewhere you have to be patient, clenching your teeth, – the next year will be very difficult, – his press service quotes Lukashenka’s speech.

FSB accused schoolchildren of terrorism

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the FSB accused 14-year-old schoolchildren from the city of Kansk of creating a terrorist community for chatting with correspondence and plans to jokingly “blow up” the FSB building in the computer game Minecraft. This is reported by the Baza edition in its Telegram channel.

The head of Volgodonsk, suspected of corruption, released from custody

The mayor of Volgodonsk, Viktor Melnikov, was detained after embezzling budget funds. The court decided to release the politician on bail. The official became a defendant in the case of the theft of 16 million rubles allocated for the repair of public highways. However, as it turned out during the investigation, the documents on the work done were signed, but in fact no one was involved in the reconstruction.

Doctors detained in Minsk for disclosing medical information on Bondarenko’s case

The General Prosecutor’s Office of Belarus opened a criminal case against the doctor of the emergency hospital, who revealed the diagnosis of activist Roman Bondarenko, who died from beating by unknown persons in masks. This is reported by the information and news edition monavista.ru.

The case was initiated under part 3 of Article 178 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus, as the disclosure of medical secrets to the Internet resource TUT.by entailed grave consequences. Tensions in society, encouraging citizens to aggression and unlawful actions, creating an atmosphere of mistrust in competent state bodies were recognized as grave consequences.

In Russia, the counter-sanctions were extended until the end of 2021

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree extending certain special economic measures against countries that have imposed sanctions on the Russian Federation until December 31, 2021. The document was published on Saturday on the official portal of legal information

UN adopted resolution condemning human rights violations in Crimea

The UN General Assembly Committee adopted a resolution that was proposed by Kiev. It condemns human rights violations in Crimea. According to the document, no obligations are imposed on the Russian Federation, but the country is called upon to stop violations against the inhabitants of the peninsula. The resolution notes that the authorities of the Russian Federation must respect the right of Crimeans to freedom of opinion and religion.

Recognize the Belarusian OMON as a terrorist organization

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya proposed to recognize the Belarusian OMON and the main department for combating organized crime and corruption as terrorist organizations.

“We are starting the procedure for recognizing these organizations (GUBOPiK and OMON) as extremist or terrorist,” the press service of Tikhanovskaya quotes the former candidate for the presidency of Belarus in the Telegram channel

The President of Moldova said that Crimea is part of Ukraine

Maya Sandu, who was elected President of Moldova, confirmed her position on supporting the territorial integrity of Ukraine. In an interview with Evropeyskaya Pravda, she said that Crimea is part of this country.

Algeria signed a contract to purchase fighters from Russia

Last summer, after the introduction of Russian fighters into mass production, Algeria became the first customer of the Russian Federation. According to the Military Watch from the United States, today the Algerian Air Force has front-line jet aircraft in its arsenal. The Su-57 was purchased as a replacement for the aging MiG-25. The novelty from Russian engineers is the most expensive aircraft in terms of production on the Russian market. The cost of the Su-57 fighter is $ 125 million.

Ukraine and Montenegro joined the sanctions against Belarus

Seven non-EU countries have joined the EU sanctions against Belarus in response to the crackdown on protests against the presidential election results. EU Commissioner for Foreign Policy Josep Borrell says North Macedonia, Albania, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Ukraine have joined the sanctions

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, two schoolchildren were detained on charges of terrorism.

The ninth-graders built the FSB building in the Minecraft computer game and planned to blow it up. According to the Telegram channel Baza, last summer, students pasted leaflets on the streets of Kansk in support of student Azat Miftakhov. After a while, FSB officers came to their house and took them for interrogation. The students’ phones were taken away, in which they found correspondence about plans to blow up a building in the game. The students were detained, they are still in jail.

Sandu spoke about Transnistria:

“I believe that one day there will be a geopolitical opportunity for the reunification of Moldova, and we must be ready for this. But in any case, it must be a peaceful solution.”

“I do not support the options that Dodon and his party proposed. Because, although they did not give clear proposals, they talked about federalization.”

“I am sure that we will find a format for resolving the conflict. And it should include the complete withdrawal of Russian troops from Moldova. We have always talked about this, and we will continue to talk about it.”

Three hotbeds of tension in Africa

In Uganda, there is a fierce standoff ahead of the January presidential elections. Yoweri Museveni, 76, is set to serve a sixth term. The authorities’ attempt to arrest the opposition leader Kyagulanya resulted in mass protests and clashes, dozens of people died.

In Western Sahara, the aggravation of the conflict, which has been dragging on for decades. Opposing the Moroccan administration and for independence, the Polisario front announced its withdrawal from the ceasefire agreements and became active in the territory controlled by Morocco (80% of the country).

In Ethiopia, an armed confrontation between the central government and the rebels in the Tigray border region. The reason was the refusal of the federal authorities to hold elections postponed due to the coronavirus in the state. Tens of thousands became refugees. It was reported that the rebels even fired rockets at the capital of neighboring Eritrea. Experts fear that the conflict could affect the entire Horn of Africa.

Dad liked erotic photo on Instagram

The Vatican is dealing with the appearance of a “papal” husky under an erotic photo on Instagram. The pontiff’s account liked the model a week ago, but removed it a day later. There is a version that one of the employees responsible for maintaining the account decided to put the like, who forgot to re-login to his own page.

Akhmat Kadyrov instead of Captain America.

A few days ago, the head of the republic demanded to remove images of Marvel characters from the walls and replace them with “real heroes”. An investor in a children’s center in Kurchaloy, commenting on Ramzan Kadyrov’s demand, told Rise that he considers it inappropriate to place portraits of politicians in the institution.

However, the leadership of the center still had to fulfill the order of the head of Chechnya. Now Akhmat Kadyrov is depicted on the walls, as well as participants in the Caucasian War who fought against the Russian Empire – Baysangur Benoevsky, Beibulat Taimiev and Sheikh Mansur

Xi Jinping proposed to create an international health codes mechanism

At the G20 summit, Chinese leader Xi Jinping proposed creating an international mechanism of mutually recognized “health codes” with PCR test data. In China itself, such a system in the format of QR codes has been operating since spring. The code contains data about the tests and which areas the person visited. Depending on the epidemic situation in these places, the code is assigned a certain color (green, orange and red). Access to various institutions is possible if the “health code” is green.

Former chief physician of Russia Onishchenko was wary of the idea of ​​”health codes”, as it involves the collection of bio-data about a person – the most important component of the country’s biological security.

“It is not circulation that is already controlled here, but biological data, so this requires additional study. As they say, the devil is hidden in the details. You need to carefully look at what will be put there,” he told RIA Novosti

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia will create a biometric database

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia will create a database of biometric data of Russians, foreigners and stateless persons. It will store genome data, facial images and fingerprints. Later, phonoscopic information, that is, voice recordings, should appear in the database. According to the ministry, a centralized bank of biometric data is needed to carry out procedures for identifying individuals and unidentified bodies.

Deputies donated a car to doctors, which was under arrest

State Duma deputies Maxim Shchablykin and Alexander Kaminsky presented the chief doctor of the city of Shakhtinsk with the keys to Lada Largus’s car for an emergency hospital. At the ceremony, Shchablykin said: “The machine is not new, but working. Use it! ” However, later it turned out that the car was not donated, but under a lease for a year. Moreover, he was seized because he belonged to a bankrupt enterprise. Shchablykin in an interview with “Podyom” said that what happened was a mistake, and the car belonged to the “partner”.

“The car with registration problems was returned to the donor partner. Another car was handed over to the Shakhty ambulance hospital. I personally apologized to the head physician. The car was handed over and by the end of the year it will be re-registered as the property of an emergency hospital. The only mistake: consent to the application of names, but the goal was to attract attention to similar actions! “

The Ministry of Finance of Russia advised residents of the regions to play the game “Happiness is not in money.”

Thus, the department is going to increase the level of financial literacy of the population. The ministry has issued a compilation of materials that should be distributed to the public. The game comes with a video tutorial and a design layout that needs to be printed on a printer.

“The game reflects modern reality: current professions and event background, popular types of leisure and education that occur with the player’s character. The players’ task is to be the first to reach the agreed level of happiness for the characters,” the agency’s website says.

The game is designed for schoolchildren of 9-13 years old and should help “to work out the skill of defining life goals and ways to achieve them using financial instruments.” In addition to her, the package of materials includes manuals for managing a personal budget, a set “Financial safety cushion and family budget management” and a brochure on how to avoid accidental debts for retirees.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus detained the administrator of several telegram channels

Employees of the GUBOPiK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained a 33-year-old resident of Minsk, who is the administrator of the telegram channels “Maya Kraina Belarus”, “Belarus 24”, “Basta”, “Belarus Brain Brain” and “Elekhtarat”.

People with disabilities registered before 2005 will have to get housing by 2025

Vladimir Putin instructed the government, by December 25, to develop a schedule for the implementation of measures aimed at completing by this year the fulfillment of obligations to provide housing for such people with disabilities

Will stay in Germany while Lukashenko remains in power

Nobel laureate Svetlana Aleksievich intends to stay in Germany as long as Alexander Lukashenko remains in power. She stated this in an interview with the German magazine Der Spiegel.

Until Alexander Lukashenko leaves. What he’s doing is a disaster. Since the rigged elections in August, 27,000 people have been arrested: scientists, professors, normal people, workers, students. This applies to all segments of the population. Lukashenko destroys the country

Turkey is strongly committed to European integration

Turkey is committed to European integration and strives to build its future with Europe. This was announced on Saturday by President Tayyip Erdogan, addressing members of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) via videoconference.

Turkey is still full of determination for European integration and strives to build its future together with Europe. In addition, Ankara seeks to deepen cooperation with all friendly countries and allies. Turkey is also ready to actively use its close allied relations with the United States to solve all regional and global problems, Anadolu quotes him.

A Just Russia has removed the bankruptcy filing of the pension system

Fair Russia has removed the message about the collapse of the pension reform from its website, but will definitely return it back after “revision,” a party spokesman told Open Media.

The release on the pension reform was withdrawn from party resources for revision, because the information presented in it requires additional clarifications, he explained.

What kind of revision was required, the interlocutor of OM did not specify. But he assured that this “does not in any way affect the party’s assessment of the existing pension policy”

In Chelyabinsk, the newest infectious diseases hospital was flooded

In the infectious diseases hospital near Chelyabinsk, which was opened last week, there was a flood. The press service of the regional Ministry of Health confirmed the information about the flood and said that the consequences of the emergency were practically eliminated

The situation is predictable in principle – from the point of view of the new building, it happens that the treatment process has not been stopped, the resuscitation is working, ”said Vice Governor Irina Gekht.

The infectious diseases hospital in Malaya Sosnovka was opened on November 11. It was built in 2.5 months. The construction and equipment of the hospital spent 2.5 billion rubles.

Bundestag rejects initiative to support Nord Stream 2

The Bundestag overwhelmingly rejected the AfD initiative to support Nord Stream 2. 556 members of parliament opposed, for 83 deputies. The information is transmitted by the TASS resource.

The AfD statement is based on the need to complete the construction of the gas pipeline. To do this, they suggested using all available means. It also contains an appeal to the authorities to ensure the implementation of Nord Stream 2

US sent strategic bombers to the Middle East

The B-52H Stratofortress crews from Squadron 5, stationed at the Maino Air Force Base in North Dakota, quickly flew to the Middle East on November 21 to contain aggression and confirm the support of US partners and allies, the press service of the Central US Armed Forces Command

Confrontation in Belarus is moved to courtyards

“March against fascism” is being held in Minsk. Taking into account the experience of previous protest actions, the participants decided to gather in small groups at their place of residence and go to the common gathering point by different routes. This complicates the process of detentions. Security forces use flash bangs to disperse protesters

Germany introduced mandatory quotas for women in company management

The German government has decided to introduce mandatory quotas for women in the top management of companies, regardless of their form of ownership, RBC reports with reference to German publications. There must now be at least one woman for every two men in a reign

Biggest extinction on Earth due to heavy rain

On Earth, 223 million years ago, the climate changed dramatically. Initially, it was rather dry, but then it rained sharply, which provoked the extinction of the living world. The rainstorm lasted several million years, Science Advances reports.

This era was called the Karnian Pluvial episode. During this time, about a third of all species of marine life became extinct. The same thing happened with those who lived on land. In connection with the climate change, new inhabitants of our planet have appeared. These include plankton, coral reefs, lizards, crocodiles, turtles and frogs. The Triassic extinction triggered evolutionary upheavals and ushered in the era of the dinosaurs. At the same time, the ancestors of some modern species were formed.

Negative online reviews boosted product sales

Russian researchers built a mathematical model and found that negative reviews on the Internet only increase product sales. Therefore, sellers should probably not delete them. Briefly about the work of scientists writes the publication Indicator

UK to lift restrictions on coronavirus for several days

Restrictions due to coronavirus will be lifted in the UK during the Christmas holidays. This was reported on November 22 by The Times, citing a source close to the country’s government. No exact dates have been announced yet.