27 Nov, 2019

News digest for 11/26/2019

Russians would like to leave the country

Leave Russia would like 53% of young people aged 18 to 24 years, these are the results of the survey “Levada center”. This is a record figure since 2009, when 29% of Russians surveyed by Levada of the same age group reported a desire to leave. A sharp increase occurred from may to September 2019 – from 37% to 53%.

On average, 21% of Russians reported their desire to leave Russia to sociologists across all age groups. The main reason why survey participants are thinking about moving — concern for the future of children (45%). In second place — the economic situation and the political situation (40% and 33%, respectively).

Among those who would like to leave, the activities of Russian President Vladimir Putin disapprove 73% — this is more than the national average (54%).

The growth of official unemployment was noted in 60 regions of the Russian Federation

In the whole country, the Ministry of labor recorded an increase in official unemployment — by 1% to 649.58 thousand people. During the reporting period — from 13 to 19 November 2019 — there was an increase in 60 Russian regions.

Recall also that, according to Rosstat, the overall unemployment rate in Russia increased in October 2019 to 4.6% from September 4.5% and after 4.3% in August. At the same time, the total number of unemployed in the country amounted to 3.476 million people at the end of October — the figure increased by 105 thousand people from the data at the end of September.

The gas is uncertain of the owner

Gas without documentation, which will arrive in Ukraine from January 1, will be pumped into underground storage. It will pass as “gas of the uncertain owner”, the Executive Director of the company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Yury Vitrenko declared.

So he answered in a comment on Facebook to the question of what measures will be taken by the Ukrainian side from the beginning of 2020, if there is no new gas contract with Russia.

Additional frequency bands for 5G

The world Radiocommunication conference (WRC) has determined an unprecedented amount of frequencies in the millimeter range under 5G, the Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation reported. Under the fifth generation communication network, WRC chose the frequency bands in the bands 24.25-27.5 GHz, 37-43, 5 GHz and 66-71 GHz.

Hieromonk Spyridon arrested by the court for two months

The rector of the Church of the Holy prophet Elijah of the village of Amurzet of the Jewish Autonomous region, hieromonk Spiridon (in the world-Yuri Abramov), was arrested by the court for two months on suspicion of child molestation. This is reported on the website of the Birobidzhan diocese of the ROC.

The website of the diocese says that hieromonk Spiridon “is exempt from all Church obediences in the Birobidzhan diocese and is banned from the priesthood for the period of investigation.”

Karelian method resettlement from emergency housing

“To move out of the emergency cold house, the first Deputy head of the Kondopoga district administration Yuri Spiridonov advised the couple to agree and decide that when some grandmother dies, living in one of the municipal apartments, then, if there are no relatives, this living space will give Tsvetkov”, — writes “Blueberry”.

Earlier, another Karelian official said that he could shoot four people who complain about the non-working bath in Olonets.

Another country wanted to join the” power of Siberia”

By joining the pipeline, Kazakhstan expects to gasify the facilities of the East Kazakhstan region. Own gas field in this region is small and does not allow to close the needs of the entire region

The most popular way to steal money from Bank cards of Russians

Social engineering has become the most common way for criminals to steal money from Bank cards of residents of the Russian Federation. This year, it accounted for 70% of all card theft.

Criminals make calls from fake numbers, ask future victims to install “protective” SOFTWARE, withdraw and put money into a “safe account” or simply get access to the data of the citizen’s account.

The second major trend in 2019 is unauthorized transactions on the Network or on mobile devices (CNP transactions). At the same time, the intensity of such fraudulent transactions in 2019 fell by 15%, experts say.

Gazprom has started construction of a satellite production Center

Gazprom, with the support of Roscosmos, has begun construction of a modern satellite production center in the Moscow region, the gas company said.

Documents “for official use»

The Ministry of justice refused to provide the Director of the anti-corruption Fund Ivan Zhdanov with copies of documents that allowed the Fund to be included in the register of “foreign agents”. A copy of the answer Zhdanov published on Twitter.

In Department claim that the documents confirming receipt of means from abroad, arrived to the Ministry of justice “from public authorities with a mark “for office use””. The order of the Ministry of justice prohibits the disclosure of other people’s documents with such markings. Where the documents came from, the Department did not specify.

Which countries are most affected by terrorism

According to the Global Terrorism Index, in the first place is Afghanistan, which lost almost 20% of its GDP in 2018 due to terrorism. It is followed by Iraq (3.9%) by a large margin. Russia has 37th place, right after France.

Salaries of managers of large construction companies increased by 40%

The average annual salary of top managers of construction and development companies in Russia for the year increased by 39%, reaching 710 thousand dollars, Forbes reported.

Komsomol plant “Amurstal” has 10 days to live

If you do not provide urgent assistance to the famous Komsomolsk metallurgical plant, now called “Amurstal”, in 10 days production will stop, and-for a long time. In connection with the searches, widely disseminated in the media, banks suspended funding, and suppliers-the supply of raw materials, said top managers of LLC “Torex-Khabarovsk” at a meeting in the government, and the first Deputy Chairman for economic Affairs Igor Zolochevsky stressed that at least 3200 employees of the enterprise are under threat of reduction, Corr reports. IA AmurMedia Co Victoria.

Buyers of housing in Russia will be given the opportunity to earn

Developers are now virtually forbidden to Finance the work by means of shareholders (exceptions are made for residential complexes at a high stage of readiness). Home buyers ‘ money is now stored in escrow accounts, which are not available to companies before the house is put into operation.

It is assumed that buyers of housing in new buildings, making money for apartments on such accounts of developers, will receive additional income in the form of accrued interest. After completion of the construction, shareholders will be able to spend the “surplus” for any purpose, including the repair of the purchased apartment and the purchase of furniture.

About 15% of diesel fuel in Russia recognized fake

In Russia, about 15% of fake car diesel, told “Izvestia” in Rosstandart. The biggest share of the substitute — fuel in the winter, where every fourth liter of fake, experts say. The reason is in the lack of production in Russia of such a diesel, they say.

Number of cars of American brands in Russia

According to the analytical Agency “AUTOSTAT”, about 3.3 million cars of American brands are registered in Russia (as of July 1, 2019), which is 7.4% of the total fleet of our country. At the same time, only two brands – Chevrolet and Ford-account for 94% of such cars.

The leader in terms of the fleet of cars from the United States is Moscow, where there are 325.8 thousand units, or every tenth. In second place Moscow region (271,1 thousand pieces), St. Petersburg-in third (191,2 thousand pieces). According to experts of the Agency, these three subjects of the Russian Federation account for almost a quarter (24%) of all cars of American brands. Krasnodar region (135,7 thousand pieces), Sverdlovsk region (111,3 thousand pieces), Rostov region (101,6 thousand pieces), Tatarstan (94,3 thousand pieces), Nizhny Novgorod region (91,9 thousand pieces), Bashkortostan (84,8 thousand pieces) and Chelyabinsk region (83,4 thousand pieces).

In Russia decided to mark the Pets

In Russia, initiate mandatory identification of animals using chips and tattoos. The Ministry of agriculture will submit the draft law “on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation in terms of improving legislation in the field of veterinary medicine” to the state Duma before the end of the year.

Shaking water out of the ears can cause brain damage

Researchers from Cornell University and Virginia Polytechnic University found that when trying to get water out of the ears by jerking their heads sharply, children can damage the brain. The scientists told about this at the 72nd meeting of the Department of hydrodynamics of the American physical society.

Medvedev commented on the possibility of releasing the poor from personal income tax

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev called the topic of possible exemption of the poor from the personal income tax (pit) very sensitive, noting that the idea has been worked out and it has yet to be thought about.

It’s always a delicate story. As soon as this kind of division appears in the tax legislation, a number of people may consider themselves unfairly bypassed. They will say-we are also not rich, but for some reason we decided to take personal income tax, it was saved. This is a very sensitive topic. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

The court allowed authorities to follow people through facial recognition systems

The decision was made on the claim of Muscovite Alena Popova, who demanded to recognize the illegal use of facial recognition technology in the video surveillance system. On November 25, the reasoning part of the court’s decision was published.

The video surveillance system uses facial recognition technology, but does not allow the identification of a person, according to the decision of the Savelovsky court. The Unified data storage center (ECDC) does not have the necessary personal data, including biometric data (iris, height, weight, etc.).)- the system only compares the image coming from video cameras with the photo provided by law enforcement agencies. Algorithms can detect a match only with a certain probability (65%), and personal data is not transferred to the Department.

Therefore, video images can not be considered biometric personal data and do not need to obtain written consent of the person to process them, the court concludes. The police have the full right to process data about citizens and to enter the received information in data banks. Interior Ministry officials use access to the ECCD “for the purpose of carrying out official duties,” the court explains, for example to locate people who are wanted or under administrative supervision.

Tesla has collected 200 thousand pre-orders for the pickup Cybertruck

The number of pre-orders for the electric pickup of the Tesla brand-the new Cybertruck-exceeded the mark of 200 thousand. This was announced in his Twitter account CEO Elon Musk.

Instead of the local radio stations of their cheap Chinese counterparts

The Moscow city military Prosecutor’s office during the inspection revealed fraud in the supply of equipment to the Russian army. According to OTR with reference to the Main military Prosecutor’s office, in 2016, the company “Compass-R” replaced domestic radio stations with cheap Chinese counterparts of the worst quality. This allowed the merchants to steal more than one million rubles. Materials of check are sent to the Ministry of internal Affairs for initiation of criminal case.

The creation of a single provider of TV content was estimated at 50 billion rubles

The creation of a single content provider of 20 public TV channels in the Network will require an additional 50 billion rubles. This is the amount that will cost the replacement of equipment used by subscribers of interactive TV.

Proposals for amendments to the bill were developed by the Association of cable television of Russia, MTS, the National satellite company, The Institute for Internet research, the Association “Internet video”, “er-Telecom holding”, “VimpelCom” and “MegaFon”.

Google to create quantum computer to simulate wormhole

Specialists of the Corporation together with other scientists want to create a model of one of these systems, which will allow to trace the information passing through the wormhole between two black holes

Manturov does not expect a rise in the price of cars in Russia because of the recycling fee

Prices for cars produced in Russia will not grow due to the indexation of the recycling fee from January 1, 2020, a significant rise in the price of imported cars is also not expected, said TASS Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov.

Ribosome Assembly was observed in real time for the first time

Scientists at Stanford University have observed for the first time in real time the Assembly of ribosomes-the molecular mechanisms that synthesize cellular proteins. Until now, the exact mechanism of formation of these cell-critical systems was unknown. It turned out that the ribonucleic acids (RNA), which make up the ribosomes, fold in the right way thanks to special proteins that prevent incorrect folding (folding). The discovery is reported in a press release published on Phys.org.

The ribosome is one of the most important organelles of the cell. It allows you to create proteins from amino acids based on genetic information that provides matrix RNA. This process is called translation.

What does the Central Bank offer to fight ” wage slavery»

Provide the employee with the right to free withdrawal of funds from the Bank card issued within the framework of the salary project to the accounts of the same individual in other banks.

Also, the Bank of Russia proposes to give the opportunity to receive a salary through a system of quick payments by phone number, as thanks to this technology, the employer will not be able to block the employee’s right to choose a Bank, the report said

Russia is among the top five countries for the spread of HIV

Russia is one of the five countries in the world for the spread of HIV infection. This was told by the head of the Federal scientific and methodological center for the prevention and control of AIDS Vadim Pokrovsky. According to him, now more and more patients are detected in older age groups – from 35 to 40 years

Russia has run out of stocks of free IP addresses

Internet Registrar RIPE Network Coordination Centre reported That IPv4 Protocol IP addresses in Europe, Russia and the middle East have run out. The company added that the problem will help solve the transition to the IPv6 network Protocol.

Poland transported 100 tons of gold from the UK

Poland transported 100 tons of gold from the UK, according to the national Bank of the country. For many years, Polish gold was stored in the United Kingdom. In 1939, before the outbreak of world war II, a large amount of gold was taken from Poland to the UK for storage.

In the state Duma were in favor of banning the sale of alcohol in the new year holidays

First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on health of the state Duma Fedot Tumusov supported the intention of the authorities of Bashkiria to limit the sale of alcohol on new year holidays. About this he said “Газете.Ru»

“There is no violation of the law. I think it’s an interesting experience — we need to see how it will work. In Moscow it would be possible to introduce, why not. For example, in Yakutia there is a holiday Ysyakh, in which it is forbidden to sell alcohol at all. Any methods that lead to the fight against alcohol have the right to be”, – said Tumusov.

Tyumen region will allocate a subsidy to the Federal budget

Tyumen region will be the first region in recent history after Moscow, which will send money to the Federal budget. The region will provide 3.4 billion rubles in 2020-2022 as a subsidy for the development of the higher military school subordinated to the Ministry of defense.

According to the budget of the Tyumen region, it is planned to allocate 840 million rubles in 2020, 1.134 billion in 2021 and 1.465 billion in 2022 as a subsidy to the Federal center. This money will return to the Tyumen region together with the expenditure share of the Federal government.

Avtodor has selected contractors for the Moscow — Kazan route

We held several meetings with investors and potential contractors. From among them, we have collected a pool of contractors — – said the head of the state company Vyacheslav Petushenko TASS

However, the head of Avtodor drew attention to the fact that officially the pool of investors has not yet been formed. This will happen when all agreements are signed, Petushenko said.

Earlier, the head of the state company said that for cars the fare on the highway Moscow-Kazan will be a maximum of 2.5 thousand rubles, for trucks-6-7 thousand rubles

Yemeni rebels destroyed American ” Patriot»

According to the official statement of the Yemeni rebels, as a result of a massive strike by 9 ballistic missiles and 20 kamikaze drones, one of the positional areas of the air defense/missile DEFENSE system “Patriot” was completely destroyed

Russia announced the preparation of” White helmets ” provocations in Idlib

Militants of the terrorist group “Hayat Tahrir al-sham” * (former “Jabhat al-Nusra”*), together with the organization “White helmets” are planning provocations with staged airstrikes and the use of chemical weapons in the de-escalation zone in Idlib, said the Russian defense Ministry.
* Terrorist organizations banned in Russia.

In Russia for the first time made bitcoin in the authorized capital of the organization

While lawmakers are preparing a bill on digital assets, under which cryptocurrencies do not fall, for the first time in Russia it was possible to introduce bitcoin into the authorized capital. The tax authorities registered the changes.

The introduction of bitcoin was accompanied by an independent expert assessment of the owner’s electronic wallet. Cryptocurrency was accepted as a contribution to the authorized capital only from the second time. The information came from the General Director of the organization “Artel” Mikhail Uspensky.

Plans to build the largest industrial Park near Moscow

Concern “Rusich” bought 450 hectares of land in the Domodedovo district of the Moscow region and plans for 15 years to build an industrial Park with an area of 1.5 million square meters. m. Representatives of “Rusich” do not advertise either the seller or the amount of the transaction, but insiders say that the land was sold to the structure of Kazakhstan’s BTA Bank, writes “Kommersant”.

Chairman of the Board of the concern Alexander vanchura said that the construction of warehouses is scheduled to begin in 2020 and negotiations are already underway on placement in the industrial Park with several customers.

European banks withdraw capital from American companies

Washington’s tough policy was marked by the fact that the largest European banks withdrew about $ 280 billion from holding companies in the United States. This is reported by the publication ” Financial Times»

Astronomers have built the most detailed computer model of the Universe

An international team of scientists has built the most detailed large-scale model of the Universe to date. A full year of supercomputer work allowed to calculate with unprecedented accuracy how galaxies arose and developed.

Published a new batch of documents about the Chinese camps for Muslims

According to the text of the 2017 guidelines approved by the Deputy Chairman of the local party Committee, Zhu Hailong, one can get an idea of how the camps for the Muslim population work. Thus, considerable attention is paid to the prevention of escapes from the camps and the preservation of the fact of their existence in secret. In addition, the documents describe methods of indoctrination of Muslims arriving in the camp. The documents also given the order of the day and are governed by a meeting of the inhabitants of the camps with their families. Judging by the content of the documents, the detainees must stay in the camp for at least a year.

Cadets of military schools in the United States banned from using the social network TikTok

Cadet command of the U.S. army has banned cadets of military educational institutions to use the social network TikTok in the performance of official duties.

The Polish air force returned to the operation of MiG-29 fighters

The Polish air force is returning to the operation of MiG-29 fighters, according to the headquarters of the air force command of the country. According to official data, the Polish Armed forces have 30 Soviet MiG-29 fighters, 48 American F-16s and 32 Soviet su-22s.

Russia has transferred to Syria more than 30 zrpk ” Pantsir-S»

Russia has deployed a large number of its air defenses to Syria, capable of repelling a large-scale missile attack of several hundred cruise or ballistic missiles.

“To date, [the Syrian Arab army is armed with] more than 30 anti-aircraft missile and gun complexes (zrpk) “Pantsir-S”. Produces their CPB Tula. These are missile weapons and cannon weapons. The peculiarity of this complex is that it is a modern weapon, ” Khatylev was quoted as saying by the Russian news Agency Politika Segodnya.

Strike on Syria has caused an unknown military aircraft

Strikes near the Syrian city of al-Bab produced warplanes of unknown origin. The settlement is controlled by Pro-Turkish military formations. Local media reported seven missile strikes.

The electronic brain has learned to “forget” information

Physicists from Russia have created a device that can forget memories and unclaimed information as the human brain. It is a kind of digital analogue of synapses. So far, Russian physicists have not found a practical application of the memristor, but in the future this device will help in creating a new type of neurocomputer with brain functionality. The researchers shared their findings in the scientific publication ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

Reuters: police used water cannons to disperse protesters in Tbilisi

Georgian police on Tuesday night used water cannons to disperse protesters outside the Parliament in Tbilisi. This was reported by Reuters. The leader of the New Georgia party Georgy Vashadze told reporters about the detention of several people, including an opposition politician.

South Korea sent North Korea a protest after the start artillery exercises

The Republic of Korea protested to the DPRK because of the exercises of the coastal artillery, the Ministry of defense informs. Defense Ministry spokeswoman Choi Hyun-soo said North Korea had been notified in writing and verbally protested during a regular communication session.

Ex-defendant in the case of protests in Moscow filed a lawsuit

Lawyer Alan Gamazov, who represents Alexei minyailo, a former defendant in the case of mass riots during the protests last summer in Moscow, announced the filing of a lawsuit in connection with illegal detention. The volunteer asks to collect 1.5 million rubles from the Ministry of Finance as compensation, the head of the human rights group “Agora” Pavel Chikov said in a statement.

The Ministry of culture partially refused to hire the film ” Dow»

The Ministry of culture of Russia refused to issue a rolling certificate to some parts of the film by Ilya Khrzhanovsky “Dau”, reports” Interfax ” with reference to the press service of the Department.

On the official website of Department on November 25 it is reported that the decision is made “according to subparagraph” in ” point 18 of Rules (issue, refusal in issue and a withdrawal of the rolling certificate on the film-a comment.ed.), providing for the refusal to issue a rental license if the film contains materials that promote pornography.”

American Music Awards 2019: list of winners

Tonight at the Microsoft theater in Los Angeles hosted the annual American Music Awards 2019, the winners of which are chosen by the audience through voting on the official website theamas.com

All about Russian design will tell

On November 28, the main premiere of the BeatWeekend 2019 festival — the documentary “33 words about design” – will be released on the big screens in Novosibirsk. Novosibirsk residents have the opportunity not only to see the picture, but also to discuss it with designers living literally next door.



In honor of the 100th anniversary of actor Andrei Petrov will release a stamp

On November 27, a postcard with a stamp dedicated to the film and theater actor Andrei Petrov went into circulation. He was born in Saratov on December 19, 1919. He served in the Central theater of the red army, having previously graduated from acting courses here.

Kanye West Opera made available online

American rapper Kanye West’s Opera “Nebuchadnezzar” has become available online. The production, which premiered on November 24, appeared on the streaming service Tidal.

Pink Floyd released a Remix of the song Sorrow

Legendary British rock band Pink Floyd released a Remix of the song Sorrow from their 1987 album a Momentary Lapse of Reason. The release is timed to coincide with the upcoming release of a giant box set called the Later Years of 16 discs, according to Billboard Daily.

“Grandfather” of all comics sold at auction

The very first published marvel comic sold at auction in Dallas for 1 million 200 thousand dollars. The comic strip “the Big Bang” was released in 1939 and is well preserved. Once it could be bought for 10 cents on the street.

The comic is about a human torch-Android created by a scientist named Phineas Horton. The torch-man does not want people to use him for their own selfish purposes, and escapes to freedom. The organizers of the auction called the publication the “grandfather” of all Marvel comics, without which there would be no modern characters and stories.

The festival of books for children and parents

VI all-Russian children’s book festival will be held in the Russian state children’s library from November 29 to December 1. According to tradition, the Festival will announce a list of the best Russian children’s books of 2019, which will be compiled by leading experts in children’s literature. And parents are waiting for lectures by famous teachers and psychologists and popularizers of science, who will tell how to pick up the PIN code of motivation of the child and make friends with the child with the help of the book.

Yuri Annenkov at the exhibition in Moscow

The works of Yuri Annenkov from the Pompidou Center in Paris will be brought to Russia for the first time. Exhibition ” Yuri Annenkov. Revolution behind the door ” will open in the Metropolitan Museum of Russian impressionism on February 13.

The Stanislavsky prize was presented in Moscow

Director Roman Viktyuk and artistic Director of the Moscow satire theatre Alexander Shirvindt, who celebrated his 85th anniversary in 2019, were awarded in the nomination “for contribution to the development of the Russian theatre”.

The award “for contribution to the development of world theater” was awarded to the famous British actress Judi Dench and playwright Tom Stoppard.

In the nomination” Theatre pedagogy “with the wording” for invaluable contribution to the development of the Russian acting school and the development of modern theater, as well as the education of a galaxy of young talented actors ” the award was awarded to Dmitry Brusnikin posthumously.

Soon WhatsApp will have a new feature

WhatsApp developers are testing a new feature that will automatically delete user messages after a certain period of time. This is reported by the portal WABetaInfo. The option “Delete messages” appeared in the beta version of messenger 2.19.348 for the Android operating system.

The construction of the world’s first line of serial printing of OLED panels has been completed

JOLED announced that it has completed the construction of the world’s first production line designed for mass production of OLED panels by inkjet printing. The company is located in the city of Nomi in Ishikawa Prefecture. It should start production next year.

A virtual cat appeared in the Museum of cosmonautics

The free mobile application of the cosmonautics Museum is called “Vaska and Zvezdochka”, as reported on the official website of the mayor of Moscow. Virtual cat will help visitors to the institution to navigate among the exhibits. To do this you need to use your smartphone

The crows demonstrated a mind at the level of a 7-year-old

An international team of researchers has concluded that new Caledonian crows are capable of sacrificing short-term gain in the name of a time-delayed reward. Birds successfully passed a cognitive test and proved that they can control themselves almost as well as children, writes Naked Science.

Bad dreams were good for the nervous system

Bad dreams not only negatively affect a person. There is in them and the benefits. This conclusion was made by scientists at the University of Geneva, working in collaboration with experts from the University of Wisconsin (USA), who analyzed the dreams of a number of people and determined which areas of the brain were activated when they experienced fear in their dreams. During the experiment, the researchers found that the stronger the fear experienced in sleep, the less anxiety experienced by study participants in waking conditions. It is reported by Medical Xpress.
For the first time in history biologists have measured the pulse of a blue whale

American biologists have measured the heartbeat of a blue whale, using a device that managed to attach to a representative of the animal world. According to preliminary calculations, during the dive, the heart rate is 4-8 beats per minute. Surfacing increases the pulse rate almost 6 times from previous indicators.

Survive in the cold helped mutations in genes

In the Far North, winter temperatures fall to minus 50 degrees Celsius, sometimes reaching a record 70. Severe frosts, and with them the dark polar night last for six months. At the same time, people who reached 45 thousand years ago, these harsh places, eventually faced with a limited choice of food-except for the meat of deer and marine animals there was almost nothing.

To survive in such conditions, as scientists from the Washington and Arizona universities (USA) and the Institute of Cytology and genetics of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, indigenous Siberians were helped by mutations in genes responsible for lipid metabolism — the process of splitting, transportation and accumulation of fats in the body. These are changes in the gene perlipin (PLIN1), membrane-associated phospholipase A2 (PLA2G2A) and angiopoietin-like protein 3 (ANGPTL8).

Human neurons have been successfully implanted in the mouse brain

Experts were interested in whether human neurons can function in the body of another mammal, and on what principle they will develop. As it turned out, nerve cells developed at the same rate that they would have grown in humans, that is, a few months, not weeks.

Roscosmos will install telescopes on the moon to track dangerous comets

Alexander Bloshenko, Executive Director of the state enterprise Roscosmos for promising programs, said that in the near future several telescopes will be installed on the earth satellite. This will increase the efficiency of the detection system of meteorites and comets dangerous for the planet.

Elon musk accused of capture of the Earth’s orbit

Director of the French space company Arianespace Stephane Israel (Stéphane Israël) criticized the company Elon Musk (Elon Musk) SpaceX for what it is trying to “colonize” low earth orbit.

It is about launching a constellation Of starlink satellites to provide the inhabitants of the Earth with access to the Internet. The composition of this group should include more than 40 thousand vehicles. The head of Arianespace is worried about such plans. He believes that the development of near-earth space should be sustainable, not owned by only one company. This could lead to the “monopolization of the space sector”.

Scientists have been able to explain the transfer of energy from inside the Sun to its atmosphere

Scientists have previously speculated that solar plasma jets, called spicules firing from within, were responsible for the heating effect, but have never before been able to directly observe this process. New observations show that as the magnetic fields on the Sun’s surface change and rearrange, spicules form.

The energy of the magnetic field is converted into kinetic and thermal energy, which is then transferred to the spicules pushing up through the chromosphere to the outer layer of the Sun’s atmosphere. The findings were published in the journal Science.

The most common form of carbon in the Universe

Today, C60 is one of the most complex molecules identified in these cosmic cradles. It consists of 60 carbon atoms assembled in the shape of a football, and has the greatest possible symmetry in molecular physics