27 Nov, 2020

News digest for 11/26/2020

After massive protests by motorists, the owners of the bridge across the Pur River in Yamal allowed cars with trailers to cross the river free of charge, and for everyone else they introduced discounts from 5 to 50%. Thus, the maximum fare on the bridge has decreased from 370,370 to 185,180 rubles one way.

According to Interfax, the owners of the bridge officially associate the introduction of discounts with the early commissioning of the bridge, which has resulted in a significant reduction in overhead costs. However, travel discounts are not constantly introduced, but only until 8 pm on February 16, 2021.

The State Duma excluded the right to offline from the draft law on remote control

By the second reading, the bill regulating remote work in Russia had undergone major changes: it excluded the right to go offline, that is, not be in touch with the employer during the rest period, and introduced the possibility of dismissal if the employee did not get in touch for more than two days

Fraudsters have come up with a new scheme to deceive Russians

Fraudsters have come up with a new scheme for deceiving Russians: now they introduce themselves as employees of the credit bureaus, who allegedly discovered an attempt to take out a loan for someone else’s passport, told RIA Novosti in the United Credit Bureau.

When the victim objects that she has not applied for loans, the attacker leads her to believe that someone is trying to get money in her name right now.

After that, fraudsters try to find out from the interlocutor in which credit institutions his personal data are stored. Then the attackers warn that they will pass information about the incident to the listed banks, and their security service will call back

A couple of minutes later, a call comes in, which asks to perform “mirror actions” – to submit an online loan application, report the codes from SMS and perform other actions.

Facebook paid a fine for refusing to localize data of Russians

Facebook has fully paid a fine of RUB 4 million. for violation of the law on the protection of personal data, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the press secretary of the Tagansky court of Moscow Zulfiya Grinchuk.

Averbukh spoke about skaters’ fees in ice shows

Olympic medalist in figure skating, choreographer and producer Ilya Averbukh announced the order of fees for figure skaters for their participation in ice shows. Skaters’ awards range from 100 to 200 thousand rubles, Averbukh said in an interview with journalist Vasily Konov on his YouTube channel KonOff.

What laws come into force in December 2020

On the portal of the State Services, Russians will be informed about the required social services and the benefits they are entitled to.

A complaint about the lack of payments to medical workers will be accepted on the State Services portal

Marking of rare musical instruments for export abroad. It will be valid for 10 years. You can request it at the federal Ministry of Culture

At the end of December, Russians will have the opportunity to conduct remote transactions with the participation of several notaries. This is necessary in cases when, for example, you need to re-register an apartment located in another region.
The new law also establishes the possibility of remotely certifying the correctness of the translation of a document into another language, transferring electronic documents to individuals and legal entities, accepting non-cash money for deposit, issuing an extract from the register of notifications on the pledge of movable property, and more.
And now the notary will be able to identify the client using a unified biometric system, should he suddenly have any doubts.

A law comes into force designed to stop illegal supplies of ethyl alcohol, pharmaceutical substances containing it, and alcohol-based medicines.

The deadline for employees to submit an application for issuing a work book in electronic form or for preserving a paper work book is ending. Those who are unable to apply by December 31st will be able to do so at any time.

The results of coronavirus tests will appear in the personal account on the State Services

The service was launched jointly with Rospotrebnadzor. When taking a test in laboratories integrated with the Rospotrebnadzor information system, users will receive notifications of the results on the State Services.

Renovation of the Russian station in Antarctica will be postponed due to ship breakdown

The delivery of modules for a radical renovation of the Russian scientific station “Vostok” in Antarctica was disrupted due to an unexpected and inexplicable breakdown of the propeller blade of the nuclear-powered lighter carrier “Sevmorput” in the ocean near Angola, the operation was postponed to 2021. Writes about this “Kommersant” with reference to sources in the industry.

Less than a quarter of Russians have a financial cushion in case of dismissal

Less than a quarter (23%) of Russians have a financial cushion in case of dismissal, according to a study by Rabota.ru and SberStrakhovanie. More than half of them have savings that will allow them not to work from six months to a year. Research conducted in November 2020

Among those with a financial cushion, 10% of the respondents indicated that their savings will last no more than a month, 34% – for one to three months, 31% – up to six months. A quarter of the finances will have enough for a year without a job.

Trutnev called for an end to the incisions in gas pipes in the North Caucasus

Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev believes that in the North Caucasus Federal District it is necessary to resolve issues with consumers’ debts for supplied energy resources, put an end to incisions in gas pipes and develop tourism.

Financial reporting requirements have been simplified in Russia

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree to abolish duplicate financial reporting requirements. The current requirements will expire on January 1, 2022, the document says.

First of all, the changes will affect federal state unitary enterprises, operators of electronic platforms in the field of procurement, electricity suppliers and natural monopolies.

System Platon added to the road fund of Russia

The state system Platon has replenished the road fund of Russia by 130 billion rubles for five years of operation. Most of the federal road fees are paid by logistics companies in the Central, Volga and Northwestern Federal Districts. In the past year alone, the state system brought in 32 billion rubles – this amount is almost twice as high as the receipts in the first year of Plato’s work.

The cosmonaut told how Russia bypassed the United States in space

Experiments carried out on the International Space Station were discussed at a press conference by the Patriot media group. Hero of the Russian Federation, pilot-cosmonaut, chairman of the Russian movement of schoolchildren Sergei Ryazansky explained how space research affects the quality of technology on Earth and talked about the most successful experimental cases. The cosmonaut-pilot expressed the hope that the advanced domestic developments will be truly useful for all mankind.

Russian cosmonaut Sergei Ryzhikov took an icon with him to the ISS

According to the newspaper Prizyv, he is a deeply religious person, he took part in the Velikoretsky procession of the cross, opened a church in the village of the Orenburg region where his ancestors lived, and during his pre-flight trip to the United States he served as a psalm-reader in the church of St. After returning to Earth, the cosmonaut plans to transfer the icon to the Transfiguration Cathedral of the Valaam Monastery

SpaceX sets new world record for launches and landings

The launch became the twenty-third launch for the company this year and exactly one hundredth for the Falcon 9 rocket during its entire operation. About nine minutes after liftoff, the first stage of the launch vehicle returned to Earth, making a soft landing on one of SpaceX’s platforms in the Atlantic Ocean.

The interstellar engine passed the first tests

For the first time since the concept of a solar-thermal rocket (jet) engine for interstellar travel, engineers have created a working prototype. While this is a proof-of-concept mindset, it proves that the idea can be put into practice. The prototype was assembled by engineers from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHUAPL).

NASA and ESA launch a new probe to monitor the sea level

NASA and ESA have launched a new satellite, Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich. He will be engaged in monitoring the level of the World Ocean. The new probe will join the old TOPEX / Poseidon and Jason satellites that have been collecting ocean data since 1992

Russia has developed heavy-duty armor for transport

Scientists from Perm and Tomsk have created a material that can provide reliable protection for road and rail transport. The new development consists of oxides of silicon, magnesium, aluminum, titanium, manganese, calcium, sodium, potassium, chromium and vanadium. At the same time, it is noted that their development does not include toxic elements, for example, cobalt oxide or rare carbides.

FDA approves human testing of cancer vaccine

Human trials of a cancer vaccine begin in the United States. The animal research phase has been completed and has shown promising efficacy and safety. To date, the vaccine provides a complete response in 90 percent of animals when combined with a second immunotherapeutic agent. New study published in the journal Oncoimmunology

Russians have created a robot for picking apples

Researchers from the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation and from the Federal Scientific Agroengineering Center VIM with the help of Microsoft were able to create a robot that will help agricultural complexes in harvesting apples. At the same time, the cost of a Russian robot will be seven times lower in comparison with robots developed in the West and other parts of the world, and these robots are already on the world market.

American laboratory approached a controlled thermonuclear reaction

The staff of the US National Ignition Facility (NIF) managed to achieve a plasma energy release of over 60 kilojoules in a series of successive experiments. This is closer than ever to the key threshold at which the fusion response will be self-sustaining.

The nuclear scientists’ progress was reported at a meeting of the American Physical Society’s Division of Plasma Physics. The Sciencemag portal (the news site of the American Association for the Advancement of Science – AAAS) also writes about this, referring to Mark Herrmann, head of the entire program of research of controlled thermonuclear fusion (CTS) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where the NIF complex is located

Japan supported deployment of US missile defense system

Japan’s ruling party has supported the deployment of the sea-based Aegis early warning system. Kyodo news agency reported. This project was proposed as an alternative to the Aegis Ashore ground-based missile defense system.

On June 25, Japan decided to abandon the deployment of the American Aegis Ashore missile defense systems in Yamaguchi and Akita prefectures.

In California, scammers stole $ 1 billion

In the US, in the state of California, tens of thousands of prisoners were tricked into receiving unemployment benefits in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the total amount of funds stolen from the budget was $ 1 billion. This became known to the information and news portal monavista.ru

Italy asks EU for debt relief

The country’s public debt exceeded 100% of GDP last year, having increased this year to 120% of the gross domestic product. The initiative to completely write off Italy’s debt to the European Central Bank was made by the Deputy Foreign Minister R. Frakkaro.

Tesla to launch large-scale battery production in Europe

The head of Tesla Inc, Elon Musk, said he intends to establish the production of batteries at the plant of the American company near Berlin. Deutsche Welle writes about it. As the entrepreneur is confident, it will become the largest in the world

In Turkey, will relocate families of Syrian militants to Karabakh

Turkey offers two associations of Syrian mercenary jihadists to move to Nagorno-Karabakh. We are talking only about families of Turkmen origin, since Ankara considers these lands to be their ancestral territories. This is reported by the French edition of AgoraVox.

For the first time in five years, an increase in bread sales has been recorded in Russia.

This was reported by Kommersant with reference to the forecast of the analytical company BusinesStat. It is specified that such changes in the bread market may be associated with an increase in demand for essential goods due to a drop in citizens’ incomes during the crisis.

Kyrgyzstan proposed to deprive the Russian language of the status of the state

Member of the Constitutional Council of Kyrgyzstan Sadirdin Toraliev proposed to deprive Russian of the official status, kp.ru reports. The public figure explained that young people stopped speaking their native language, therefore it is necessary to create conditions for the development of the Kyrgyz language.

The cleaning lady was offered to nominate to the State Duma

They wanted to make the cleaning lady Marina Udgodskaya a deputy of the State Duma, who won the election of the head of the Povalikhinsky settlement of the Kostroma region. According to the press service of the Party of Pensioners, the organization invited her to nominate herself in the upcoming elections. The elections of the State Duma deputies of the VIII convocation will be held on September 19, 2021.

Belarus is ready to walk the path together with Russia

Alexander Lukashenko, at a meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister on Thursday, November 26, assessed the relationship between Russia and Belarus. He noted that Belarus is ready to overcome the problems existing in the modern world, together with Russia – from the coronavirus pandemic to the claims of the United States.

Tikhanovskaya promised to annul Lukashenka’s agreement with Russia

Former presidential candidate of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya promised, if she comes to power in Belarus, to annul all agreements and transactions of the republic, concluded by the head of state Alexander Lukashenko after the August 9 elections.

Penalties for reposting about foreign agents

The co-authors of the bill submitted to the State Duma amendments to Article 13.15 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation “Abuse of Freedom of the Mass Information”. If they are accepted, users of social networks will be fined for mentioning the organizations of foreign agents. The fine will be up to 2.5 thousand rubles.

So, if self-organization is mentioned without information that it is recognized as a foreign agent, then officials will be fined from 4 to 5 thousand rubles, and legal entities – from 40 to 50 thousand rubles, writes “Open Media”.

Lavrov accused the West of organizing riots in Russia and Belarus

Western countries use technologies for organizing riots in the Russian Federation and Belarus, from their officials almost ultimatums are heard to the two countries, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

In the West, documents on promoting democracy are being adopted, this already exists in Russia, now they have already submitted the same document in the US Congress and in the Republic of Belarus. Therefore, we take it calmly, we have a Union State, we have something to defend ourselves with, how to defend our independence.

German government: Navalny was poisoned with poison not included in the OPCW list

The German government claims that there are several items in the Navalny case with traces of the Novichok poisonous substance. RIA Novosti reports. German representatives say they do not know who and at what moment managed to smuggle a bottle with traces of Novichok to Berlin from Omsk

Participants of pickets against domestic violence detained in Moscow

Participants of the action stood with posters “The law should protect, but not the rapist, but the victim” and “People who decriminalized violence, resign,” writes MBH-Media. Five people were detained near the Arbatskaya metro station. The remaining participants of the action moved to the Novokuznetskaya metro station. Six more people were detained there, reports OVD-Info.

Action of solidarity “Zero ppm” was held in Belarus

It is intended to support the anesthesiologist Artyom Sorokin and the journalist Katerina Borisevich, who are accused of divulging medical secrets. Sorokin provided Borisevich with information for an article that Roman Bondarenko, a resident of Minsk who died of injuries after the conflict due to white-red-white ribbons, had zero ppm of alcohol in his blood. The authorities claim that traces of alcohol were found in Bondarenko’s body.

French Senate calls on government to recognize Nagorno-Karabakh

The French Senate approved a resolution calling on the government to recognize the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. Armenia calls the resolution a “historic decision”, Azerbaijan – “a piece of paper”

Turkish Foreign Ministry condemns French Senate resolution

The resolution of the French Senate calling to recognize Nagorno-Karabakh is divorced from reality and restricts the possibility of France’s participation in solving the problem, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said. The ministry rejects claims against the Turkish authorities that their “expansionist policy” poses a threat both to France and the entire European Union.

Disney announced the layoff of employees

Disney will lay off 32,000 employees in the first half of 2021. The cuts will mainly affect theme parks in the US and elsewhere in the world.

But definitely, this is not us

Kommersant FM: Recent opinion polls show that less than a quarter of Russians have a financial safety cushion. According to other sources, bread sales have grown for the first time in five years. According to experts, this is due to the crisis, people are saving on food and switching to cheaper and more nutritious food. It is clear that the situation is difficult due to the pandemic, and yet, what could the Kremlin advise people who have entered the austerity regime, and is there an understanding of how long they will have to live like this?

Dmitry Peskov: Well, it is obvious that certain groups of people have decreased income. As for linking this with an increase in bread consumption, I do not know how fair such conclusions are and how much it is all interconnected. Probably, this is not for us to judge, but for specialists <…>

Kommersant FM: What kind of specialists do you mean, who are better off giving advice to Russians?

Dmitry Peskov: It depends on what you mean in your question. If you mean a grocery set, then these are some specialists. If you mean a set of other things that citizens consume, these are other specialists. But it’s definitely not us.

In France, teenagers were charged with the murder of teacher Samuel Pati.

Three teenagers were charged with complicity in murder: they, according to the investigation, helped the alleged killer identify the teacher. They received several hundred euros for their help.

Another schoolgirl was accused of false denunciation. She and her father, who had also previously become a defendant in the case, reported Party’s discrimination to the police. Before showing the cartoons of Muhammad, Pati allegedly asked Muslim students to leave the audience.

The State Duma of Russia approved the reduction of medical expenses in 2021

In 2021, the federal budget will allocate 1.129 trillion rubles for these purposes – 135 billion rubles, or 11% less than in the current one. In the 2022 budget, medical expenses increase (by 5 billion rubles, and then decrease again in 2023 – by 34 billion rubles, to 1.1 trillion.

Penalize pictures from city cameras

Moscow authorities insist on their right to fine violators of the self-isolation regime in automatic mode using images from city video cameras. The rayon courts canceled these fines en masse (considering that the Administrative Code does not allow this), but the city officials began to appeal these decisions in the Moscow City Court, Open Media found.

Share of hidden government procurement at defense enterprises

The number of defense companies that do not disclose information about their suppliers in public procurement is growing exponentially. As the authors of the Transparency report, which Open Media got acquainted with, calculated, if in 2017 the defense industry hid government purchases for 9 million rubles, then in 2019 – already for 4 billion.

The defense industry was allowed to hide information in connection with the sanctions, and now the total share of secret deals has reached 80%. Uralvagonzavod became the leader in terms of hidden purchases – 1.4 billion rubles, which were distributed by the enterprise, were in the shadow

Only there were no students

In Yakutia, the rector of the Arctic State Agrotechnological University was detained for teaching “dead souls” for 4 years. The rector received 250 million rubles from the state for the education of 136 students, allegedly enrolled in the “budget”. Only there weren’t any students. Where did the money go – the investigation finds out.