28 Nov, 2019

News digest for 11/27/2019

The IOC supported the toughest sanctions for manipulation of doping samples of Russians

The international Olympic Committee (IOC) has backed “the toughest sanctions” against those who allegedly manipulated the database of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory.

The IOC condemned those who engaged in “blatant manipulation” of data on doping samples taken from Russian athletes in 2012-2015. The organization noted that the reports of the participants of the investigation prove that the Russian authorities are responsible for the manipulation. The IOC called on the Russian authorities to provide authentic data to the Moscow anti-doping laboratory. The IOC also called on the World anti-doping Agency (WADA) to hand over materials on doping fraud to the Council of Europe and UNESCO.

Does not apply to the European football championship

A representative of the world anti-doping Agency told RIA Novosti that the recommendation of the WADA Committee to suspend Russia from international competitions does not apply to the European football championship.

“The European championship is not a multi-sport event or a world championship, it is a regional / continental tournament in one sport. Therefore, the recommendations of the compliance Committee do not apply to it.”

Turkey has refused to accept NATO’s plan to “defend” against Russia

Ankara demanded that its representative in NATO not to sign the Alliance’s plan to protect Poland and the Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) in the event of a possible attack by Russia.

The sources said that Turkey made this decision because NATO does not officially recognize the Kurdish “people’s self-defense Units” as terrorists. Ankara’s envoy should strictly adhere to this position both during meetings and in private conversations, and should also demand that the Alliance officially recognize the YPG as a terrorist organization.

NATO envoys are seeking official approval by all 29 member States of the Alliance of a military plan to protect Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in the event of a possible attack by Russia. Without Turkey’s approval, NATO may find it harder to quickly strengthen its defenses in the Baltic States and Poland.


In Arkhangelsk, the court fined 2000 rubles activist Shies for what she included the anthem of Russia at the rally. This is reported by the website North.Realities. It turns out that the anthem can only be included at ceremonial events, and the rally is not.


The law for the new corporate governance structure of Yandex.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law providing for the possibility of establishing international funds in special administrative regions (SAR) on Russky island in Primorsky Krai and Oktyabrsky island in the Kaliningrad region. The document was published on the official Internet portal of legal information on Tuesday, November 26.

According to Interfax, the law is necessary for the registration in Russia of the public interest Fund-the Central element of the new structure of corporate governance of Yandex. Now the company will register the Fund in a special administrative zone in the Kaliningrad region.

FlyDubai complained to dispatchers after MAC report

FlyDubai, whose Boeing 737-800 crashed in 2016 in Rostov-on-don, attributed the commander’s actions to ” cognitive distortion.” In particular, he did not receive a warning from dispatchers about wind shear during the approach to re-land. It is assumed that the pilot did not adjust to the new situation after the previous approach.

Recall that the final report of the IAC says that the pilots made a mistake during the flight. The crash occurred at the moment when the plane went to the second round “due to incorrect configuration and errors in piloting.” The aircraft commander subsequently lost control of the flight parameters, which led to the crash.

Farmers ‘ strikes take place in Lithuania

Columns of tractors drove through the streets of many cities of the Baltic Republic. Farmers said they want to draw attention to the problems of agriculture. Farmers oppose the new tax changes, which, in their opinion, have a negative impact on Lithuanian villages. This is reported by the Union of young farmers and youth of Lithuania.

80% of teenagers in the world do not move enough for a healthy lifestyle.



Russian state Duma raises age limit for University rectors

The state Duma introduced a bill that proposes to raise the age limit to 70 years for rectors, Vice-rectors, heads of branches of state and municipal educational institutions of higher education. The authors of the initiative made by the deputies from the faction “United Russia”, as usual, gadzhimet Safaraliev and Yevgeny Marchenko

In the explanatory note, the authors refer to article 37 of the Constitution, according to which everyone “has the right to freely dispose of their abilities to work, choose their occupation and profession.” It is noted that the ability to work of each person does not depend on his age. According to the deputies, the University does not need to change the rector if he “successfully and systematically develops” under the leadership of the previous one.

Four countries appealed to Russia with a demand for Ukraine

The foreign Ministers of Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania and Sweden issued a joint appeal to Russia, demanding to respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine and to ensure free navigation and unhindered access to Ukrainian ports in the sea of Azov. The corresponding statement is published on the website of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Zhirinovsky called Ukraine a warmonger

Russia will have to “preemptively destroy” Ukraine if it does not stop being a “warmonger,” LDPR party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky wrote on Twitter. So the politician commented on the situation around the case of the impeachment of Donald trump, initiated after a telephone conversation between the American President and Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky.

“Trump is already angry accusations on Ukraine. Kiev today is Berlin of 1933, the same warmonger, ” Zhirinovsky wrote. He also said that “Kiev has gone mad and is infecting America” and that Russia “cannot tolerate such a policy»

In the US, the first trials of a drug against skin aging

American researchers accidentally discovered a tool that prevents skin aging. For eight months, the scientists conducted an experiment involving 13 people over the age of 40.

The drug rapamycin, which is commonly used to prevent organ rejection after transplant surgery, can also slow the aging of human skin-these are the results of a study conducted at Drexel University (USA) and published in the journal GeroScience

India has put its satellite and 13 us nanosatellites into Earth orbit

The Indian space research organization (ISRO) successfully put its Cartosat-3 remote sensing satellite into Earth orbit on Wednesday morning, as well as 13 commercial nanosatellites from the United States, the Agency said on its Twitter account.

The state Duma proposed to reduce the duration of the new year holidays

Chairman of the state Duma Committee on labor, social policy and veterans Affairs Yaroslav Nilov in an interview with “Газетой.ги” I supported the proposal to make December 31 a holiday and spoke in favor of reducing the new year holidays. He explained that these changes need to be registered in the Labor code.


In Kemerovo put the most expensive Christmas tree in Russia, worth 18 million rubles. It is three times more expensive than the main Christmas tree in the Kremlin.


The number of vacancies in Russia breaks all records

The number of vacancies in domestic companies has reached a record of 1 million, write “Izvestia” with reference to the data of Rosstat. The previous record was observed in 2016. The largest number of vacant jobs recorded in Moscow (170 thousand), the Moscow region (79 thousand) and St. Petersburg (69 thousand).

Among the scarce industries are consulting, insurance, medicine and pharmaceuticals, automotive business and information technology. There is also a shortage of working staff.

Pension reform has not solved the problem of staff shortages

In the Russian labor market there is a shortage of qualified personnel, according to the survey of the international recruitment company Hays. It is most difficult for employers to find suitable personnel for work in the medical, construction and information industries. At the same time, companies do not see an improvement in the situation with personnel after the start of raising the retirement age and are in no hurry to expand the hiring of employees older than 50 years.

Deprived of Cypriot citizenship

Among the Russians who were deprived of Cypriot citizenship, were billionaire Oleg Deripaska and former heads of Eurofinance Mosnarbank Vladimir Stolyarenko and Alexander Bondarenko, held in the case of the arrested head of the banking Department of the FSB Kirill Cherkalin. It is reported by the Bell with reference to the Cypriot edition of Politis.

The representative of Oleg Deripaska told the BBC that the businessman has not received any official notifications about the possible decision of the citizenship of Cyprus

Free lawyer in administrative cases

The Russian government has instructed the Ministry of justice to work on the introduction of the Prosecutor and a free lawyer in the processes of administrative cases. This is stated in the report, which drew the attention of Kommersant and Vedomosti.

In addition, the government instructed the Ministry of justice and law enforcement agencies to discuss the possibility of legislative amendments that would allow such operational search activities as verification procurement and controlled delivery only with the approval of the Prosecutor.

Engineers at Sony have learned to directly transfer finger movements between an experienced pianist and a student using two gloves. One of them contains sensors and records movements, and the second moves fingers with the help of actuators

Equate drug cartels with terrorist organizations

The President of the United States Donald trump announced the intention to declare the drug cartels operating in Mexico as foreign terrorist organizations and take them against military action.

“I don’t want to say what I will do, but they will be declared terrorist groups,” trump said. The President said he had been working on the issue “for the last 90 days.”

The M11 highway was named ” Neva»

Putin took part in the opening of the m-11 Moscow-St. Petersburg Expressway. The head of the Ministry of transport said that there will be no traffic jams at the entrance and exit from the highway.

Basic facts:

  • the track was built from scratch, is a paid double of the highway M-10 “Russia”, which will remain free;
  • it will halve the travel time, the estimated speed-110-130 km / h;
  • the price of travel between the two capitals will be 1820 rubles on weekdays, 2020 on weekends, with the use of a transponder-1331 and 1494 rubles;
  • the cost of construction amounted to 520 billion rubles, it was attended by French and Turkish companies;
  • thanks to the already introduced toll sections the accident rate on the road has decreased twice

Chechen Father frost and snow maiden

The city Duma of Grozny ordered a new year’s performance of Santa Claus and snow Maiden. Requirements to the appearance and behavior of artists “Open media” found in the purchase of festive decoration of the building of the Grozny Parliament for the New year. The maximum price of this state contract is 2.05 million rubles.

“The use of profanity by Santa Claus and snow Maiden, as well as the presence of the smell of tobacco or alcohol emanating from them is unacceptable,” the customers pointed out. In addition, they forbade Santa Claus and snow maiden to use during congratulations fire and / or stabbing objects, as well as animals and insects.

“The appearance of Santa Claus and snow Maiden should visually correspond to the ideas about them. The length of the snow Maiden’s coat should cover her knees, and her make-up (makeup) should not look vulgar, ” stated in the technical task. It also noted that ” Santa Claus and snow maiden must speak Russian and Chechen languages.”

The winner and the only participant of the auction held on November 25 was LLC “Gruzkom”, which offered the maximum price of the contract.

“Base” found at the Deputy Rogozin undeclared real estate in the USA

In 2011, the minor daughter, the first Deputy Director General of “Roscosmos” for the development of the orbital group and promising projects Yuri Urlichich, Diana was issued land in Florida. At the time of purchase, the girl was only 14 years old. For a plot of 817 square meters, the family of the top Manager of Roscosmos paid 150 thousand dollars. Naturally, this site did not get to any Declaration of Yury Urlichich.

Urlichich’s family’s mailing address is 10685 Hazelhurst drive in Houston, the heart of American space exploration.

Sergey Lavrov became an honorary Professor of the diplomatic Academy of Kyrgyzstan.

Rector of the University Chinara Adamkulova gave him the mantle and gave chess. The Russian foreign Minister will take part in a meeting of the Council of foreign Ministers.

Russian special services can kidnap Ukrainians

Former speaker of the General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine Vladislav Voloshin is sure that the danger of his compatriots lies in wait not only in Russia (of course), but also in all CSTO countries. This, recall, Tajikistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan. Also, Russian special services can kidnap Ukrainians in the Baltic States! According to Voloshin, there is a powerful network of Russian intelligence. Counteract it local intelligence agencies can not.

EU to spend around €3 trillion to fight global warming

The new composition of the European Commission headed by former German defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen approved by MEPs and will be able to start work on December 1. As noted by the media, this is the “green” government in the history of the European Union.

The new so-called Green deal of Europe, which von der Leyen spoke about, implies radical reforms that should cost the European Union, according to preliminary calculations, about three trillion euros. Brussels promises to cover only a third of these costs, the rest, according to the plan, will provide the European investment Bank and the countries of the Alliance

The number of potential bankrupts in Russia exceeded 1 million people

The number of borrowers who can declare themselves financially insolvent, exceeded 1 million (1.03 million people), according to the National Bureau of credit histories (NBCI).

In Magnitogorsk, the girl was not hired because of the ” defect of appearance»

Jan was going to get a job at the real estate Agency “Rio-Lux”. However, it did not work, according to the girl, because angiogenesis dysplasia. As a result of this disease, the upper lip looks swollen.

The conditions of admission to the shelf of private investors are named

In order for investors to be able to participate in projects on the far Eastern and Arctic continental shelves, they will have to provide guarantees that they have at least 30% of the funds necessary for exploration and development of the shelf area. Then they will be able to claim 74.9% in the offshore development project.

As for the remaining 25.1%, they will belong to the state Corporation, which will be created as a representative of Russian interests in offshore developments. One of its functions will be the organization of electronic auctions for the selection of investors, as well as the issuance of licenses to businessmen.

Astronomers discover 19 galaxies without dark matter

Chinese scientists have discovered 19 dwarf galaxies in the milky Way’s immediate vicinity, within which dark matter is either completely absent or exists in quantities” invisible ” to telescopes.

Elon Musk prepares 100-seat starship for flights to the moon and Mars

The first crewed mission to the Red planet on a 100-seat passenger starship could be accomplished as early as the mid-2020s if development and testing go well, Musk says.

Vladivostok officially became the capital of Primorye

In 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the transfer of the capital of the far Eastern Federal district from Khabarovsk to Vladivostok, but the city still did not have the status of the capital of Primorye.

80 years ago, on November 26, 1939, red Army troops attacked the Soviet border village of Mainila, blaming the Finns. 4 days later the USSR attacked Finland. Finland lost 38 of its 47 tanks in the Winter war. Losses the USSR-1.903 the tank in battles, 1.275 tanks on technical reasons.

Bloomberg showed the largest mining farm in Russia

Bloomerg Agency showed photos located in Bratsk, Russia’s largest mining farm Bitriver. As follows from the publication, the data center Bitriver was opened a year ago near the Bratsk aluminum plant. Among his clients are representatives of a number of countries, including the United States, Japan and China.

Britain begins testing maps ” World»

The implementation of the project to accept European countries cards of the Russian payment system ” Mir “will begin with the UK, reported on November 26 in the Fund “Roscongress”. The pilot project is launched jointly with PayXpert

Sberbank will Finance the first toll road in Moscow

Sberbank approved JSC “New concession company” (NCC) bridge loan for 2 billion rubles to Finance the construction of the first toll road in Moscow: the Northern double of Kutuzovsky Prospekt. This is reported by RBC with reference to the press service of the Bank.

Banks began to transfer debts to collectors more often

Debtors are increasingly faced with professional collectors after six months of arrears, as banks transfer to collectors “young” debts. This is stated in the study of the National Association of professional collection agencies (NAPCA), which was reviewed by Izvestia.

In Russia, January 1, 2020 offer to declare a credit Amnesty

In order to reduce social tensions due to excessive crediting of the population, on January 1, 2020, Russia proposes to declare a credit Amnesty. The corresponding initiative was submitted to the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg by Deputy Andrei Anokhin.

In the conditions of the growing market of consumer credits (loans) payment of any compensations to the organizations-creditors (lenders) is not provided. Write-off of debts under sanctions (penalties, fines, penalties) does not affect the main debt of citizens on loans (loans) and accrued interest for the use of them, – reminds the author of the initiative.

Growth of household spending in Russia on housing and communal services

Average monthly household expenditures in Russia for housing and communal services for the first nine months of 2019 amounted to 3826 rubles, which is 3% more than in the same period last year. This is stated in the study of “savings”, which was published on November 26, the press service of Sberbank.

The most significant growth was recorded in the Belgorod and Kirov regions — by 17.5% and 15.6% in annual terms, respectively, the Ryazan region (13.1% of consumption expenditures). The leaders also included Chukotka AO-12.7%, Jewish AO-12.6%, Kamchatka Krai-12.6%. Adygea (+11.1%), Orenburg oblast (+11%), Krasnoyarsk Krai (+9.7%) and Vologda oblast (+9%). In Moscow for the first nine months of 2019, utility tariffs increased by 5.1%, in St. Petersburg-by 8.3%.

The Ministry of natural resources has developed rules for the transportation of garbage

The Ministry of natural resources has developed rules for the treatment of solid municipal waste (MSW), which stipulate the requirements for the transportation and disposal of garbage, writes “Kommersant”.

According to the document, the “Russian environmental operator” (REO) is obliged to develop schemes for the transportation and disposal of garbage until March 31, 2020. The document will specify all the details, including the sources of MSW, their number, places of accumulation, as well as landfills and processing and incineration plants. Regional operators and garbage disposal companies will be obliged to follow these requirements, this applies not only to private companies, but also to state authorities. In addition, the document will contain information on agreements between regions on waste disposal, their transfer and volumes.

Turkish Airlines to fly diving equipment to Oman for free

Turkish Airlines will carry diving equipment free of charge on flights to Muscat until 31 December 2020. Each passenger will be able to carry one set for free, which may include: one wetsuit, flippers, mask, empty oxygen tank, regulator, buoyancy compensator vest, flashlight, breathing tube, knife, harpoon, life jacket. Each additional kit will be charged separately.

Ukraine’s public debt fell by $1.13 billion in October

In October 2019, the state and state-guaranteed debt of Ukraine decreased by 1.35% or $1.13 billion, to $81.83 billion, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance.

China has placed four tranches of Eurobonds worth $6 billion

The coupon rate of the 3-year tranche of $ 1.5 billion was 1.875%, the 5-year tranche of $2 billion – 1.950%, the 10-year tranche of $2 billion-2.125%, the 20-year tranche of $500 million-2.750%. During the collection of applications, demand for Chinese sovereign Eurobonds exceeded $20 billion.

The offering was organized by Construction Bank, China International Capital Corporation, BofA Securities, Credit Agricole, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, J. P. Morgan, Mizuho Securities and Standard Chartered.

Thailand plans to launch superfast passenger Express trains by 2023.

High-speed trains will run at a speed of 250 km per hour. To this end, two trains are being developed, each of which will use Chinese high-speed rail technology.

The first is a 252.5 km project from Bangkok to Nakhon Ratchasima, which is expected to open in 2023. Over time, the Terminus of this route will be Nongkhai, bordering Laos.

The second 355 km project will link Nakhon Ratchasima with Nongkhai. It is expected to start operating in 2024.

“Naftogaz” offered “Gazprom” to pay the debt with gas

Ukraine’s Natfogaz has offered Russia’s Gazprom to accept gas as payment for a $ 2.6 billion debt under a Stockholm arbitration ruling. This was written in Facebook Executive Director of the Ukrainian company Yuriy Vitrenko.

Erdogan announced an indefinite operation against the Kurds

Operation “Source of peace”, conducted by the Armed forces of Turkey in Northern Syria, will continue until it reaches its goal. This is stated in the communique following the meeting of the national security Council (NSC) of Turkey, which was held on November 26 in Ankara under the chairmanship of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Anadolu Agency reports.

Trump was invited to the Congress for impeachment hearings

President Donald trump has received an invitation to an impeachment hearing from The house judiciary Committee. Hearings on the constitutional grounds for impeachment are scheduled for December 4.

The authorities of Thai Bangkok began to restore the old klongs (water channels)

“The Bangkok authorities decided to turn the old klongs (water channels of the Central plain in Thailand-if) into tourist attractions and began to restore them. So, in may was renovated King Lord Klong, and now it is constantly riding tourists. Next in line are Khlong Prawet Burirom and Khlong Bang Luang, ” writes the portal the Thaiger

China has tested the latest Intercontinental ballistic missile

China has conducted another flight test of the latest heavy Intercontinental ballistic missile DF-41 (Dongfeng-41), capable of carrying several nuclear warheads, the Washington Times reported, citing the Pentagon.

Scientists discover Smoking-averse brain cells

Canadian scientists have identified brain cells that cause nicotine aversion. The study was conducted on rodents genetically devoid of nicotine receptors. It turned out that the cells that produce dopamine are responsible for aversion to Smoking.

Boeing denied the right to issue certificates for the 737 MAX

“The public interest and safety interests of aviation commercial activities require that the FAA retain the authority to issue airworthiness certificates for all 737 MAX series aircraft,” the regulator said in a letter to the aircraft Corporation.

“New era” of electric vehicles and digitalization

Audi AG, part of the Volkswagen group, plans to cut up to 9,5 thousand jobs in Germany in the period up to 2025 as part of the program of optimization of operations, which, as expected, the company will add to its profits about 6 billion euros in the next 10 years.

Antiviral medicine is made the flu virus more resistant

Japanese scientists have discovered that under the influence of the recently appeared antiviral drug baloxavir, the flu virus acquires a new mutation. It makes it resistant to the drug, but does not affect the ability to reproduce and infectivity. This property of baloxavir is unlikely to lead to its disappearance from the market, but perhaps it will cease to be used so widely (it is popular in Japanese families). The study was published in the journal Nature Microbiology.

Telegram founder Pavel Durov summoned to court in the case of cryptocurrency

Billionaire and telegram founder Pavel Durov has been subpoenaed. The case concerns the launch of a new cryptocurrency Gram, according to Forbes. Proceedings initiated by the U.S. securities and exchange Commission, SEC. Judge Kevin Castel signed the order. In addition to Durov, his colleagues, Shyam Parekh (his name was mentioned in letters to investors TON) and Ilya perekopsky, Vice President of Telegram, were summoned to court. Pavel Durov will testify on January 7.

Chinese Geely with Volvo created a new crossover

Chinese brand Lynk & Co, owned by local car giant Geely and Swedish Volvo, is preparing to enter the market a new coupe-crossover with an index of 05. Fresh images of the exterior and interior of the novelty appeared on the eve of the popular Chinese social network Weibo.

The delegation of “United Russia” met in Beijing with XI Jinping

President of the people’s Republic of China XI Jinping on Monday, November 25, received a delegation of the party “United Russia” headed by the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the party Boris Gryzlov. This is reported by RIA “Novosti”.

Russia has developed killer drones

The head of international cooperation and regional policy of the state Corporation “rostec” Viktor Kladov said that in Russia there were killer drones, which are able to track, intercept and neutralize enemy drones with the help of networks.

Georgia is ready to resume air links with Russia

Izvestia newspaper, citing a source in the Russian government, reported that air traffic between Russia and Georgia can be restored in the first half of 2020. It will not be possible to resume it until the New year due to the political crisis in Georgia.

US state Department to impose sanctions against PMCs Wagner

Washington also calls on countries to impose sanctions against Wagner’s private military company (PMCs), according to a briefing for journalists, a transcript of which was distributed by the press service of the state Department.

“For [stability and security in Libya] to become a reality, external actors in the conflict must stop fomenting violence.”..), and Russia’s military intervention prevents this, ” Schenker said. According to him, the resolution of the conflict is hampered by the fighters of Wagner’s PMCs.

S-300 and S-400 in Syria did not reflect the attacks of American F-16

F-16 fighter jets of the US air force carried out several powerful airstrikes on oil production areas in the province of Aleppo. According to sources “Avia.pro”, under attack were the vicinity of the village of El-Bab. It is noteworthy that in this area deployed Russian anti-aircraft missile and gun complex “Armor”, which provides cover controlled by the Russian and Syrian military Manbij. In addition, the area is within range of Russian S-400, as well as Syrian S-300. However, the complexes were not involved in repelling the attack, which caused many questions from experts.

13 French soldiers killed in Mali

In early November, French Armed forces Minister Florence PARLY announced the launch of operation “Bourgou-4” (Bourgou 4) in the zone of convergence of the borders of Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger, aimed at fighting against armed units of Islamists. She said that the troops will act in the framework of operation “Barkhane” (Barkhane). According to the French defense Ministry, the operation involved about 4.5 thousand soldiers.

Twitter warned users to delete inactive accounts

Twitter has warned of the imminent removal of all accounts that no one has accessed in the past six months. The emails, which are sent to users, indicate that in order to avoid this, you need to log into your account before December 11, reports The Verge.

Released the latest trailer for the movie “Get knives»

Studio Lionsgate Films published the last before the release of the film “Get knives” in the rental trailer. The film is directed by Ryan Johnson, known as one of the authors of the series “breaking bad”. In “Get knives” will be a story about the murder of writer Harlan Trombey



Russian antique salon opens in Gostiny Dvor in Moscow

Organizers assure that here it is possible to see and buy cloths of such known masters as Ivan Shishkin, Vasily Polenov, Ilya Repin, Konstantin Somov, Zinaida Serebryakova, Alexander Deyneka, sculptures of Paolo Trubetskoy, Evgeny Lansere, jewelry of Carl Faberge firm and houses Bolin.

Production of the film ” Skywalker. Sunrise ” completed

The channel reminded subscribers that the first film of the space Saga “Star wars” was released about 42 years ago. Earlier IA REGNUM reported that the network has a new frame of the upcoming film, which showed fans of the universe of elite Sith soldiers.

German film festival

Screenings of the XVIII German film Festival will begin in Moscow on November 27. According to the organizers of the show, its through motive — the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.

Will open the program “dream Factory” Martin Schreyer-a classic love story in the scenery of the oldest European film Studio Babelsberg in Potsdam, which in the late forties turned into a conveyor socialist utopia.

As part of the festival, the Moscow school of new cinema will host two seminars by German playwright and producer Laila Stiller.

“Textile heritage: tangible and intangible”

Museum experts, historians, art critics, textile industry workers will gather on November 29 at the Museum of Moscow to discuss the problems of studying, preserving and developing the capital’s manufactories and objects of Russian weaving art. Admission to the conference is free; registration is required on the Museum’s website.

Moscow Museum is preparing an exhibition about family values

The exhibition “Heirlooms”, covering 150 years of history of the family Institute, will be held in the Museum of Moscow from December 26, 2019 to March 15, 2020.

The exhibition will show how the family has changed since the XIX century. How it went from the traditional Patriarchal model to the Soviet one, when the family was considered one of the components of society. Each section reflects a certain stage in the formation of the family: meeting-wedding-birth and upbringing of children. Special attention is paid to the dowry as an integral attribute of marriage since the birth of the traditions of marriage.

Painting “Spherical Suprematism” sold for $6.3 million

Russian Russian avant-garde artist Ivan klun’s painting entitled “Spherical Suprematism” was sold in London for $6.3 million, according to the auction house Sotheby’s, which takes part in the traditional autumn week of trading in Russian art.

Earlier, the painting was in the collection of the famous collector of works of Russian avant-gardists George Kostaki. In 60 years, he acquired a number of works of the artist from his daughter Seraphim. “Spherical Suprematism” – one of the few paintings that he managed to take out of the USSR in 1977, on its reverse side stamped on the export of the Soviet Union.

The network has a trailer for “Crisis on infinite earths” in the DC universe

The first episode titled “Supergirl” will be released on December 8. On Monday, November 25, it became known that the network has a trailer for “Crisis on infinite earths” in the DC universe. The video was posted on the CW Network’s YouTube channel



Scientists have observed the magnetic field surrounding the galaxy for the first time

Experts of the max Planck Institute of radio astronomy in Germany with the support of an international group of scientists using the radio telescope VLA (Very Large Array), located in new Mexico (USA), found an alternating magnetic field in the halo of the galaxy NGC 4631.

The computers of Russians were infected with a hidden cryptocurrency miner Monero

According to the anti-virus company ESET, the cryptomining module CoinMiner.Stantinko is carefully compiled, so it is difficult to detect on the device. It is also able to communicate with the mining pool through a proxy, the IP addresses of which are found in the description of the videos on YouTube. The module analyzes the processes that are running on the computer and finds the SOFTWARE responsible for security. Computers came under the attack of cryptomaterial lose a lot of resources. Avoiding suspicion, the cryptomining module can stop working for a while.

Previously, the computer network Stantinko engaged in advertising fraud. In five years, the botnet managed to spread to about 500 thousand computers in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Xiaomi introduced a low-cost “smart” lamp with a voice assistant

The Chinese company Xiaomi introduced the” smart ” lamp Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S. this desktop accessory is distinguished by the presence of a built-in voice assistant. The novelty has become a kind of successor to the previously released model Mi Smart LED, moreover, it looks almost no different from the first version.

In Russia decided to create a quantum computer for 24 billion rubles

The company “Rosatom” has begun to develop a domestic quantum computer, write “Vedomosti”. It is reported that in the next four years it is planned to create four types of the latest computing devices at 50-100 qubits each.

UAZ plans to improve the quality of its cars

Automobile brand UAZ told about the beginning of testing a new production management system, which is integrated into smartphones in the form of a mobile application. This system is designed to simplify the process of manufacturing machines and accelerate the implementation of multiple complex tasks. Also, the overall quality of products will be increased.

Xiaomi showed a smart children’s watch for 28 dollars

The novelty was called MiTu children’s watch 2S. in the official store of the smart watch can be bought for $ 28. Xiaomi MiTu children’s watch 2S received a color screen with a diagonal of 1.3 inches and a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels

A device that allows the blind to see photos

Inventors have created a device that allows the blind to see photos with their fingers. Video of the new gadget was published in Twitter edition of Digital Trends. In the company Slack openly admitted that the device is vulnerable to hacking

Facebook will pay users to participate in surveys

Viewpoints is an application where users are asked to complete various tasks. At the same time, even before the person is busy with the passage, the company will tell him how exactly the information collected during the survey will be used

Huawei introduced the MateBook D 15 and MateBook D 14 laptops

Huawei introduced two new laptops MateBook D 15 and MateBook D 14. These devices are based on Intel and AMD processors, but the OS is only Windows, not Linux. Both models can already be pre-ordered in China, and sales in China will begin on December 3. The timing of entry into the world market is not specified.

Visionox revealed a twisting display for smartphones

When folded, the thickness of the prototype is 13.3 mm. also, a prototype of a smartphone with very narrow frames was shown, where the side and upper frames are only 0.7 mm thick, and the bottom 1.5 mm. According to the manufacturer, the display in the prototype occupies 96.57% of the area of the front panel of the device.

An error in the HPE SSD firmware causes all data to be lost

HPE has informed its customers that there is a bug in the firmware of some of its SAS SSDS that results in failure when the service life reaches 32,768 hours. If the SSD is turned on permanently, this means 3 years, 270 days and 8 hours of use.

Xiaomi introduced a kitchen set

Donlim (and this is the name of the new product from Xiaomi) is a full-fledged kitchen appliance. In fact, the company released two devices under the guise of one: a toaster and an electric stove. For the stove also comes with useful kitchen appliances, which now do not need to buy separately. It’s about the pot and pan. As for the toaster, it offers the user six degrees of roasting toast. Donlim will sell for $ 50 in China.

Scientists have discovered genes “turn off” obesity in animals in hibernation

Scientists from the University of Utah have found” off ” obesity in animals in hibernation genes that prevent them from getting fat. The authors hope that in the future the discovery will help fight human diseases, such as cancer, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease, according to the journal Cell Reports.

The brain can store information in completely different ways

The activity of the brain in processing information depends on how it was obtained in the learning process. This was found by British scientists in an experiment in which participants had to memorize sequences that were either associated with a particular reward or not. The presence of different independent pathways can ensure the normal functioning of the processes of memory and memory work even in the case of violations of some brain structures, according to the article published in the journal Nature Communications.

Scientists have developed a robot gardener

As indicated, the robot uses algorithms that allow it to determine what the perfect Bush should look like and how the roses should be trimmed. As the researchers point out, in the future, the technologies developed in the framework of this project can be used in robotic lawnmowers Bosch.